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Canoe Brewpub - Victoria, British Columbia


This episode of the cascading of your podcast has been made possible by the trail arrived. Thursday leaving inspired at the BBC trail dot CA Welcome to the Caskey bure podcast. My name is Aaron Gas Gedeon in this podcast series. I highlight the breweries of Cascadia a region that has a strong presence in the international scene. Cascadia is a bio region in the Pacific northwest and the North American continent. It's made of the. Us states of Washington Oregon is Canadian province of British Columbia. If this is your first time here welcome. I hope you enjoy this episode and I hope you hit. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. That way you'll never miss an episode. I'm in the provincial. Capital of Victoria not too far away from friends of the podcast swans brew pub and spinnakers both of which are other historic breweries in the city. But my guest today opened in Nineteen ninety-six Canoe Group is located in an historic hundred year. Old Building close to Victoria waterfront by the Johnson Street Bridge in recent years. They've had some major renovations done to the space with a few more. On the way I sat down with their brew Master Collier come the Brew Master. It can Uber Ankle beautiful building. This is a massive space kind of tucked away in the back. But you could see your tanks going on on there. So what's the size of the house? the proposes a twenty heavily. Brew House With Five. From addition vessels and seven right tanks and we We actually pour off the right tax. We don't use kegs here. The very cool. I'm so then the question. How beer find you Beer found me. My background is in Restaurant Management and the restaurant is working at the mistaken. Give me two weeks off and I volunteered for the Victoria BUREAUC- society in their first year of working. I came down here and was leading. An event chatted with the general manager here and then ended up getting a job for the summer as a server and bartender and then decided I wanted to go to bring school so I went over to quant. Limbering program over Langley did the inaugural first two years of the program. So I've a diploma and bring bring operations and then came back. Jose a part time here as well as a server on the patio inside in the dining hall that stuff and then slowly decided. I wanted to work my way. Just fulltime into the back end all right cool and so. How long have you been the head? Brewer then took over as head brew here in May So previously I was here for about two and a half years under Daniel Murphy. Who had been here for seven or eight years and then previous to him was sean who everybody knows. Owns owns of his Hungary so Daniela didn't look like he was gonNA leave. So I actually went over. Twelve Oaks Berea over and sandwich for about eight months and I was heading up head brewer there and then the opportunity sewed up to for me to come back here and take over operations here which I just couldn't pass up. It was an opportunity of like them. All right cool and so it's a massive space. I mean generally speaking normal nights. I mean you're somewhat you know full reasonable comfortable crowds by what what kind of styles do a beers do you produce to fit in with that crowd that comes here to enjoy your? Your philosophy is praising Beers at our Fresh don't don't bog you down too much I like to live a fit west lifestyle. I'm out hiking running. I'm I'm working out. I don't want to be hung over the next day I want. I won't even be have a beer after work and then get home. And maybe gopher runners coming So I like Lower Alcohol Refreshing Bright Beers though but lots of vibrancy to them lots of flavor. And that's my kind of take on it. We we produce a vast array of Beers we have from Hellas to a wit beer and then we have an ip a All the way to a ball quarter wintertime. So I don't think we really hone in on one region specific but because of the people coming into a brew pub we've learned over the years Kind of looking for a lot of people from Seattle and Portland All across Canada. Lots of tourists is our kind of our big Jam. Here she patio outside and Kinda cater to them. What are they gonna be ordering and also trying to create some fun beers in the summer This summer I did some some colorful beers at a purple Blueberry Beer I did a a peaked I Kettle Sour here today. Boys and Barry Kettle. Sorry it was really cool pink color just having fun in the summer to to really shines on the patio right and and do you have any cat. Scans at all that you work with. No casque engines. No are setup is We don't have a seller that's chilled at all So unlike spinnakers they have all their setup over there. We literally just have those seven break tanks. That are all hooked up to the tops. We have three different bars that we bore from to help with alleviating distress of the servers and allowing them to really Give exceptional service to the guests but Yes I'm stuck with the seven break tanks for the moments working on maybe increasing our bod tank volume or tank fascinating and then. Hopefully we'll be able to offer more Smart options to dance like how. How much of an expansion are you talking I would love to do like so if we have seven break. Thanks now I'd love to do like six or seven half of those size so we're turning over the options that are in them a little more frequently but It also gives us maybe six or seven new lines on the draft lines. I'm in conversation with Kyle York of Canoe Brew Pub. I just want to thank the BC. L. Trail really quick and Victoria is a real historical hub for BC craft beer and the best way to discover what else you can find his by visiting the BC L. Trail Dot ca the BC L. trail showcases many parts of the province and on the website you'll find recommended itineraries for each region a comprehensive list of every craft brewery NBC a calendar of beer events at a blog with lots of great stories the regional L. trails include local breweries pubs and restaurants along with other activities. The area has to offer so whether you're planning a weekend trip or just being a tourist in your own backyard let the BC L. Trail. Guide you to your next adventure arrived. Thirsty leave inspired that the BC L. Trail dot ca and. Thanks again guys for supporting this episode Alley. Jump back into conversation with canoe. Group Hubs Brew Master. Kyle York so summertime. Obviously busy tourists But like you said fit west coast lifestyle if somebody was coming to visit Victoria. What are some of your favorite things to do when you're in Victoria? E Super One of my favorite places visited Victoria. The cliff views over the ocean is just gorgeous and then you can just run a cost Run around the coast trail there Do a lot of hiking. Mount Finlayson biking The galloping use I live out in Langford With what about fifteen twenty minutes out of Victoria So I liked bike in It's about a twenty kilometer. Bike ride bike into work by come back home. It's it's just phenomenal so much to do and you can do it year round. I'm just a little bit of a Western comes. Cold weather. Yesterday was blowing a gale. Did you bike? Yesterday I did not so far from here. What's what's The craziest beer style that you've managed to pull off in this pub? Do you have much room for experimentation like apart from that like blueberry beer. You mentioned The Kendall Sauer was the first soured beer. We had done here I kept it as a kettle. Sauer to keep all of that activity like Contained in the Industry Kennel. We don't have a lot of space swivel brick with a little wood and Being a brew pub. We're putting out a big volume beer that is sitting in a break tank for a extended length of time. Sometimes so I don't want to go crazy and start Accidentally Sour anything. We don't have a lot of space to have backup hoses and backup equipment and stuff like that. So we don't have a separate area to do a souring facility also have anywhere to hold barrels so Maybe in the future there's options to Maybe grab another space somewhere that we can do some barrel aging stuff and have all of us our stuff there maybe a little like separate packaging line or something but for now bringing scattered. Showers is as far as I'm GonNa go and I'd like to keep them just slightly tart something Nason. The Patio adds a little bit of a Christmas and attorneys to To that sunshine and so then who's inspiring you to make better beers and stuff like a bell around Victoria and the province and whatnot do do you get the check out. Many other beers. Yeah will Being victorious such a small place we know each other like we all know each other eight so I'm seeing finishes putting out. Swans is putting out. There are two closest phillips they just opened the East Room was about a year ago thing And honestly it revitalizes my interest in them They've been putting us in small bat stuff. That's believable job and kind of what they're doing Obviously Checking on instagram seeing. What the really hip Vancouver market's doing and Just trying to keep up and we know that we're in a little bubble here so we're a couple of years behind Vancouver which is probably a couple of years behind Portland or something like that. So seeing what's coming up through the pipeline is really useful and And then kind of Catering a recipe is Is the plant. And what beats him advice that he could give In an inspiring a brewer to make better beer Think just give people to taste your beer taking constructive criticism You can't learn anything if if you ever right every time me. And I'm I'm presenting my beers to the management team ear and our staff and I get better feedback just going to the guests that are sitting at the tables and be like. Hey what do you think can and good sometimes bad Usually it's usually it's good. I'M NOT GONNA lie but Taking that feedback in and changing it in your next recipe. The bonus of being group of is We're not packaging a lot of stuff so consistency wise. I get to play with recipes from batch to batch to batch and construction Always honing in always changing just slightly to to really dial in everything that I have where I wanted to taste like so cool. Well thanks for your time really appreciate it thanks. What's your big thank you to. Kyle really appreciate his time. And it's such a beautiful space and I'm looking forward. See The further developments. That happened works and You know what I'm GonNa hit that Patti on the summer I love going to Victoria. And I'm definitely going to be back on the patio in the summertime. Big thanks again. It'd be sale trail for making this episode possible. Check out everything they have including previous episodes of this podcast on their website at BC L. Trail dot CA. If you WANNA follow this podcast along on social media can we're at facebook dot com forward slash Cascadia and beer on twitter at Cascadia and beer and on instagram a- Cascadia and beer podcast for more episodes of this podcast series. Subscribe and your favorite podcast APP or hit the website Cascadia dot beer. Thank you so much again for your time. I really do appreciate it and until next time. Remember support your local.

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