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NFL players this week. We've got an injury apocalypse. Going on right now in fantasy football and and so yeah. It's Kinda depressing midway through the fancy place. We've got a bunch of guys that are potentially not gonna be able to play this week so Doing better than them. Everyone is hurt. Craig Craig are you okay. I'm good maybe get called up to a team who needs me. What team which you WANNA play for? I would love to get out there at Janus. Oh Yeah Oh Yeah I. Thank you better chance of catching if you play for the other team. You're probably right right to this Jameis. Winston threw an interception on his first pass of the game for the third time. This season season unbelievable. How has that ever happened before? I don't know but I assume not just I assume that's it's not a thing. Oh my God. That was the quintessential Jamus performance of all time. I think yeah four touchdowns. Three picks is like perfect. Almost five five hundred yards passing such classic. He's so good but so terrible. It's hilarious brutal loss for the colts but also just a brutal week for fantasy football in general also we're going to get into the mash unit. That is the wasteland of what is left of everyone's fantasy team God speed and God bless. You've the people in the fancy. Is he playoffs but first let's just get into the week fourteen in general dickey. What just kind of made you go what this week? So the biggest thing was drew brees absolutely Louis. fricken went off against the forty niners this week. Six total touchdowns against one of the best or at least supposed to be one of the best defense in the NFL. I was actually talking about a mind and before about this on Saturday he was. What like waffling about starting breeze? You know because it just on paper it looks like a bad matchup. And it's one of those things. Danny you've talked about this. Where do you dance with the dance with whoever brought you there? You know Or do you Kinda just stream and hope for the best and play. The percentages play the match ups and all that ultimately he decided to go with brees. Thank God I think I kind of helped talk him into that because I think at one point is just like he's a frigging future hall of Famer. Just go with them. You know your your other option I think is other option ocean with Jacoby reset or something like that and I was just like just go with brees and he did six touchdowns forty point one. Pr Points for breeze. That is the third third third best fantasy day of breezes career which is pretty incredible to think about considering like how many huge massive games resigned over his career. Five Five Thousand Yard seasons. He's now four leader by yardage and like three touchdowns from being the all time leader by touchdowns just wanted to briefly touch on that as context tax third-best fantasy day of drew brees career According to the pro football reference search that I did it was just an incredible incredible performance. Meanwhile Alvin Kamara has having the worst season of his career on a per game basis the only gave the bowl latavius Murray more. Everything would be fine. Kemar at six fantasy points points in a game where breed touchdowns hold on. I got a stat for you. I saw this. From my my Buddy Ryan McDowell. I believe he said there. There were twelve players in that game that scored more points. Then Alvin Kamara. Sorry no fourteen players in the new wing of the New Orleans in San Francisco game scored more fantasy points in Alvin Kamara well and what's bazaars. Kamar is playing on seventy two percent of the snaps this year in the last two years. He's only fifty one percent yeah. He hasn't scored score a touchdown since week three obviously he's got a floor with pr but man he's just been frustrating. The exact antithesis of Alvin Kamara this week or this in the whole year. Honestly Austin Yeah kind of blew my mind charges running back Austin had two hundred thirteen yards on twelve touches and I when I saw his stat. Line my honest to God. The thought that came through my head was how the fuck does that happen. Because he had eight carries for one hundred one yards and they had four catches for one hundred twelve yards and receiving touchdown. He's the third player in NFL history with one hundred or more rushing yards and one hundred or more receiving. It's in the same game on fewer than fifteen touches. We all remember when Ollie Matson for the Chicago. Cardinals did it in nineteen. I'm fifty four. Amazing burst he had all remember that. And then Herschel Walker did it for the cowboys in Nineteen eighty-six Austin Echo for the chargers in two thousand nineteen. Was the rb you too. Before Gordon came back and now he is the RB. Five cheese dudes really amazing but honestly the thing that really just my my favorite part of my favorite thing. That has happened ever like the best. Our I've had since I started looking at football professionally was the hour that we all thought thought the chiefs might have to forfeit their game against the Patriots because they sent their Equipment Jersey. Can you imagine the whole episode would have been a fantasy court about. What do we do now? This `have me you more joy than anything else I can remember quite some time like they sit. Is this thing Adam schefter kind of had this rapport. ESPN with the headline was like really underplayed. It and it was like there's some equipment that's been misplace thirty. Five players bags were sent to New Jersey. They were not taking off the plane they would have. There's not just helmets lying around. They would've forfeited and then it goes on traffic. They're taking the Massachusetts Turnpike to Foxborough on Game Day. There's like four states of Patriots fans that how do they not 'cause like a traffic collision. How would you not have just like wanted to block traffic like it was a protest and you just got him a win? The Patriots would be eleven into of their fans were dedicated enough Connecticut corridor to block traffic. It's hard to organize that kind of thing on the fly though need organization. That's what the whole twenty for centuries but decentralisation decay this is about aching initiative man. Yeah that was pretty hilarious. I couldn't believe that Maybe the Patriots have enough help winning. Who knows and maybe they could have forfeited their luggage and each agreed to play two hand touch in twenty years? All right so so that was fun honestly. A lot of the week was not fun because so many people got hurt. We kind of took our usual format. For how do these episodes and we just throw it away in the garbage because the whole this whole episode is going to be the next man up. Its whole thing. We should promise me that the title Creek. What do you think about that? I like it. Wow you're producing thing now as well. It's got a nice air mystique about it. We're GONNA position by position with all the people who got hurt and you can place them with Lamar More Jackson of the Baltimore. Ravens apparently hit a quad injury against the buffalo bills. Probably GonNA play but we don't know for sure because it's Thursday night football the ravens are playing against against the jets. So it's a quick turnaround. You never know with quick turnaround. His backup is Robert from the third. Patrick mahomes against the Patriots this week. He had a hand injury he was invisible pain during the game. mm-hmm afterward he said that it was not feeling great. And then Andy. Reid said it was bruised up pretty good but there was no break so luckily no fractured in his hand. So unfortunately for James Winston James Winston does have a fracture in his hand. He played through it. There is a slight cracking his thumb. According to Bruce Arians so Winston Patrick mahomes Lamar Jackson all heard all play through it all likely to keep playing through. It having said that if you do need a quarterback streamer one of these guys does end up missing. Who would you add yes? Oh there's three guys kind of at the top of my list this week Ryan. Tannehill is absolutely at the top of it. Forty eight percent own in Yahoo League's going up against Houston this week in in the last five weeks. He is second. Only to Lamar Jackson and fantasy points per game ESPN stats and invoice all this today. Since naming Ryan Tannehill L. starting quarterback in week seven. Titans have the second most offensive touchdowns are scoring the second most points per game. Thirty one point four in the NFL he is completely transformed. Their offense running running tons of play action The run game is even taken off. Aj Brown as we saw this week is just been able to explode in this offense tannehill in hasn't really shown any signs of slowing down so I'm pretty confident with him going forward. You know I think the system is just perfect for him. He's shown kind of the confidence to push it downfield and all that I like him going forward. And what's impressive is he. Hasn't even throwing the ball more than twenty seven times in the last four games. Yes it's been. He's been essentially a gay manager. I know that kind of has negative connotations but yeah they're not asking him to throw it like forty times a game. Yeah they've been winning big. Yeah he's very very efficient with when he does so and they're making these big big chunk plays like multiple times a game I well. Let's assume everyone in your league doesn't live under a rock and Ryan Tannehill already owned. Who else would you add them? Dare car is still out there. And forty five percent of the League's. He's gone against Jacksonville this week. Obviously you know. He's he's a up and down player. He did not you know He. He did not great last week in. especially you know that was kind of The way that it finished with him throwing the ball out of bounds on a fourth down goal. Currently is a bad tasting. But going up against Jacksonville. This week jags have lost lost in massive blowouts four weeks in a row. Now it just seems to me like they're mailing the rest of this season in so that kind of looks to me like a good matchup for car He scored twenty fantasy points points last week. He's not an ideal player at this point. But if you're looking for a stream I do Kinda like him. The other guy that has been very very impressive or last few weeks rookie. He drew lock the broncos going up against Kansas City. Kansas City's defense is actually pretty decent over the last few weeks but Lock has been very very impressive. I mean he's just throwing he's he's throwing the ball with aggressiveness. He's ICAN really you know huck headings got a cannon and they've been decently aggressive with him in terms of the play calling pushing the ball downfield Rick Scan Garoppolo is his scheme has some Scana some Shanahan flavor. Lots of booed action They've done a really good job of scheming. Guys is open space kind of like forty. Niners do the broncos actually had a one hundred and seventy eight yards after the catch against Houston. So there's that sort of forty niners offensive flavor. In in the broncos offense this year drew lock has been pretty good fit for that so going up against Kansas City. This week is he's a guy that you could think stream and feel pretty good about drew through lucky in a forty eight yard pass to no offense that was inches from being a pick six the other way so game inches people I I'm telling demand Robert Griffin the third against the jets. This is obviously contingent on Lamar's out but if Lamar's out you could do worse than rg three because it's still looked the Ravens Offenses as well oiled machine. Obviously it's better with Lamar Jackson but if rg three is literally seventy five percents of activists Lamar. He's better than anyone else. WHO'S GONNA be? I think the key though is going to be the weather because this is you know you never know whether it's GonNa be like so. We're actually luckily do whether it was going to be like. Hey Google what. What does the weather forecast for Baltimore on Thursday evening just forecast in Baltimore? Thursday evening is thirty three and partly cloudy if you could do worse. It's all zero percent own. Take a fun at least have. Rg three percent owned ear. Braver your braverman than I haven't done it yet. I would love to see you. Yeah let's let's see if he'll do it let's see if Lamar's out all right. Let's let's get. Let's go to the real meat here. Decay yeah even more injuries at wide receiver and these guys are unlikely to play this week. Mike Evans for the Tampa Bay buccaneers. He had a sixty one yard touchdown catches only catch of the game but as he crossed the goal line pulled up with a hamstring. Injury weirs touchdown celebration. I've ever seen because really mad bad because he knew exactly what had happened to him. He left the game. Bruce Arians said afterward quote. It's not good. I'll be shocked if Mike is back before the last week. Great Nocco for Mike Evans Owners shod paramount and OJ. Howard are back again low volume that can shift to OJ Howard I cannot believe per shot permanents relevant again Odell Beckham did not get hurt on Sunday but we learned that he had to sports hernia all year and then afterward Baker Mayfield that his post press conference kind of implied that the browns are not hailed it properly early and then speaker Paul just on twitter for saying that out loud so whatever the point. Is that if you've been really hesitant to bench Beckham because you don't want him to go off on your bench you now have a formal excuse use and also a reminder that just because someone doesn't questionable next to the name and now me recommending him last week is completely absolve. You can weaken void that that get amnesty information so yeah. Speaking of Elsie. Receivers Digit Sharpen Jacksonville. He had nine cashiers for seventy five yards. Had your back shoulder cash that you promised amazing call decay. I catch. I think to also had a ankle injury which decay you did not promise in the fourth quarter Doug Marrone Jaguars head coach which described shark as week to week. I mean considering. He is the breakout player. In this offense and the star of the show other than Gardner Menchu and there's three weeks left in the Jaguars has nothing to play for for. Might not come back at all. That would not be surprising right behind. Him Is Dede Westbrook and Chris Comedy who have been playing okay. Jaguars offense has been trash fire. But maybe there's a lot of volume to go round constructs mccray Calvin Ridley on the Atlanta Falcons five catches for seventy six yards. Falcons Be Carolina Forty Two twenty but really was carted off with abdominal pain. This was because scary. He's out for the season. So that's a bump for Julio Jones and often hooper's volume we'll have to see more to pick up that slack really leads the team touchdowns and then there's Russell Gauge Age. Great Justin Hardin just an hardy. Excuse me and Obama Day Zachariah. who had the longest touchdowns from scrimmage this season and that was also his first catch of his season career mayor? Probably Unbeliev what are we to start only one more catching all of us not bad beautiful. And then Devante Parker and Albert Wilson for the dolphins both suffered concussions this week at a combined for three catches in thirty three yards not great but the dolphins played the giants this week so weirdly more relevant. Then you would think because it's an amazing match up and I mean the dolphins got no one left at pass catcher after it's really just Isaiah Ford who's a seventh round or two thousand seventeen but had ninety two the yards in this game and then there's also Allen her technically still exists with five cats sixty eight yards. So Wow devante. Parker Albert Wilson Calvin Ridley Digit Shark. Mike Evans it. Also excuse to bench. Odell Beckham junior dig with all that said. Where God's Green Earth do fantasy owners turned receivers this week from streaming waivers mytalk top guy in not to steal from Craig? Aj Brown the titans. Twenty six percent owned going up against the WHO go up against this week. Texans okay. The Texan sorry He had a monster game on Sunday. Five catches hundred fifty three yards. Two touchdowns added a thirteen yard rush. Thirty three point six P. P. R. points joints. He's just gradually gotten better. And better in this offense and like we talked about last week. You know just tannehill has been amazingly efficient and his offense and and we just kind of our writing the titans train so I like Brown the most. And then it's kind of just a mishmash of other guys I think. Russell gauge the Falcons Nine percent-owned is an interesting potential ad. deontay Johnson of the steelers twelve owned going up against Buffalo. This week I think he's pretty pretty damaging to I mean he looks like a star in that game against the cardinals last week. Obviously that's the cardinals. But he had six catches sixty yards. Touchdown receiving added Sixteen Yard Rush. She she had an eighty five yard punt return touchdowns or twenty five point six. Pr Points these. You know anybody in the steelers. Passing game is a little bit boomer bus with dodges at quarterback and they you just low volume passing game but both he and James Washington are big plays kind of waiting to happen so I kinda like Johnson. Johnson was sealers going. Forward to all right. So you're gonNA aged brown than Russell. Gauged deontay Johnson and then the Jaguars Crew Chris Conley Craig what he thinks anyone you at add anyone missing. Yeah the only guy I would slip into this list here Zach. Pascal who still only thirty five percent owned. He's the receiver on the colts. He's been filling in well T. Y.. Hilton has been out with a calf injury since he wasn't hurt and he came back one game then he left again. It doesn't look like he's going to play for the rest of the year in the last two weeks. Pascal had nineteen targets twelve catches to yards the yards and a touchdown Playing the saints this week in the saints have been burned by wide receivers have given up the third most fantasy points just obviously had that huge shootout against the niners where everybody had a good game except Alvin Kamara but What do you guys think about the Marshon? Lattimore thing Evans Silva I think said that. No it wasn't until the someone on Rota world said that Zach Pascal might get shattered by Marshon. Lattimore does that scare you guys should but I mean look at last I mean. Do Samuel the and Emmanuel Sanders had huge games. Yeah and I think I actually saw this. I'd have to confirm but I'm pretty sure I saw that. They shadow Deebo with lattimore and then had Emmanuel Sanders They kinda like considered Emmanuel Sanders. The number two and so. Do still played really well over. One hundred yards. Yeah so yeah. I don't know if it necessarily Weiner's offense though means very different things than the Indianapolis Colts offense the Jacoby percents not drew brees and uh nothing about any of that team is similar. So it does Gardner Menchu or duck. Hodges like really making that much more confident than Jacoby. resetting the colts. Yes because I I don't mind. Because the raiders have been shredded terrible teams all year. Like the raiders. have been just absolutely worked by bad teams. I guess I just see this this as I liked Jacoby and I like the shootout potential of this game more than I like. Duck hodges playing in Pittsburgh in December as well as Gartner Menchu who has been terrible in the past month he and you run into the same. Yes I agree that Pascal's higher than them. Sorry you run into the same problem with Deontay Johnson as you do with Pascal in the sense Wednesday against Buffalo depending on who. Today's white gets matched up against. Is You know kind of a big deal. I don't know who that they would choose is kind of the steelers number one with James Washington or Johnson Johnson but Yeah like white is a shutdown corner to and so. That's that's a factor here. I just think when in your streaming and we talked about this before the show like beggars can't necessarily be choosers like to me. I think I chase volume the most when it comes streaming and I think You know based on what we saw last week John. John is a good option but Pascal has been getting a lot of volume so I think I might maybe would lean that way to cool all right next one up. Yeah I mean the tight end apocalypse Mark Andrews tight end for the Ravens. A contusion between five jets play. They're playing the jets on Thursday football so we do not know if Mark Andrews I will play There's hidden her nick boil behind Mark Andrews. They both had touchdowns last week. Jared Cook on the saints. He had two touchdowns in sixty four yards in the first quarter and then he left with a concussion. We don't know if he's going to be able to play this week His pack uptight and also caught a touchdown on their next possession and then in addition to those due Noah Fan on the Broncos had his big day maybe the biggest of as a as a as a professional then had a foot injury. It's not one hundred percent considered series. But we don't know the extent of it Ryan Griffin on the jets who is five touchdowns this year had an ankle. Injury and then Vance McDowell vents. McDonald's on the steelers also had a concussion so an already thin group is then even more. So what do you do. What does anyone do at that position? Typically it's tough because all of these guys may be back next week. Take A in terms of what you're doing with your fancy post but if you have waivers on Tuesday or whatever you have to kind of make a decision now you have to kind of go in and and try and claim one of these guys to me. There's a few really good streaming options this week at tight end that make it worth rostering them. Even if you're not going to end up playing on the end and My top guy this week tyler. Higby of the rams. He's only twenty percent of Yahoo League's going up against Dallas He's been a massive part of this passing passing game for the past two weeks and I mean don't look now but the the rams really looked like the rams of old last night against the seahawks and I'm recording Monday afternoon soon so I'm talking about Sunday night. Football against the SEAHAWKS. They just kinda moved the ball at will against a team that had been playing pretty well on defense and has played them many many times times over the last three years. So it's not like it was just like a new thing for the seahawks. The Rams really just moved ball it will I think he's been a big part of that And it's been you know he's been a big part of the offense because Gerald Everett has been out. I don't think Everett's be returning this week. Unlikely Anyway he has not. He didn't play at all in practice last last week. So that Kinda tells me. He's not close to returning So to me higby is the top at. He had over one hundred yards in the last two games. He the ad a seven catches one hundred yards a touchdown in week. Thirteen twenty three point seven. Pr Points he had never been over one hundred yards in his career to go a fifth of his total career receiving yards at the last two weeks. Yeah I mean he's been sort of the de facto number two in this offense the he's been there number six offense lineman he's been a blocker for his whole career. Yeah and then he's just been the rams six linemen and now he's just running around with Gerald levert her. So Sean McVeigh said after the game that he was gonNA stay a part of their offense. He's obviously proven that he can do it. And also the running more like two two tight end sets the for the lack of blocking Anne Cooper Cup has come off the field as a result of that actually like Robert Woods has really league taken over the receiving bone like a security blanket. Roll that Cooper Cup kind of had the first half of the season now bobby trees now because Robert Woods I think he he had four hundred and thirty or so yards with thirty something catches in the first half the season and the last four weeks he has the same numbers yet in the first eight weeks. Plus it's his first receiving touchdown came against the seahawks Sunday night. Even though he's been such a touchdown magnet for Jared Goff last year and so I think woods can start scoring again. Maybe at the expense expensive cop and it's not really numbers or an actually coming from anyone. I think woods is really taking a lot of cups roles. And then he has to. Its He'd be solid not to mention Brandin. Brandin cooks has completely disappeared in the off. Right right yeah that is also. Yeah hippies the first rams tight end in the Super Bowl era to have consecutive games with at least one hundred receiving yards. What Yeah it's it's insane and he? He's blocked ninety seven percent of the rams of the rams runs since becoming a full-time player. When ev it run out and girly has had great games in both both of those because of that it seems like all right so other than hey be looking at it? Ted In Thomas of the panthers he has taken over for the injured. Greg Holson Olson left the game two weeks ago with a concussion. It's unclear what exactly the panthers plan is going. Forward if they're going to try and in Russia and back and get him back or you know with them kind of firing their head. Coach and having a transitional period to end the season. Maybe they're just GonNa Kinda see what they have with at the end Thomas and some other guys at the position. I don't know exactly what's going to happen. But if Olson alix Olson continues miss time in Thomas is a very very good streamer i. We had ten targets in that loss. To the Falcons last week. Five catches for seven yards and a touchdown we talked about it last week. He came in late in the season last year when when Olesen was missing time and he got a ton of targets and that offense. He's he's a very very athletic player. It's been kind of strange. That hasn't been a part of the offense at all this season. But he's is clearly talented and now he's getting the volume that it needs to be a fantasy producer in this tight end position which is just a wasteland at this point. Thomas is a startling guy for me you you know whether or not you have a solid option at Titan. It's awesome his out. I'm maybe putting Thomas in above my starter one percent. Yeah so I like him a lot the other guys. OJ Howard we talked about earlier. With the buccaneers with Evans out. I think his role is going to grow. He said eleven point one eleven point three points in the last two weeks. He's kind out of established himself showing some consistency using the coaches doghouse. For most of the season with these little mistakes drops and fumbles and things like that but he's clearly a talented talented player going up against Detroit. This week I like those. I like those three particular as streamers for this week so you would actually go higby be in Thomas and then Howard even though Evans's out you don't like Oj Howard's role to expand beyond Ian. Thomas Yeah as I like that most Higby has been just massive massive part of their passing game like like. I said he's like their defacto number to this point and then he and Thomas to me is just getting tons of volume so Yeah I liked. I like them in that order. Haig Thomas and Howard and if you God forbid you can't get any of those three and you have to pick up the backup to either chaired cook. Josh Josh. L. In New Orleans or Nick Boiler Hers Baltimore if you have to pick one of those three who would be I guess hearst because again that's dependent on if Andrews doesn't in play but I like her just because the ravens funnel so much of their passing game through the tight end position more than any other team in the NFL tight ends get volume in that offense and so when you're streaming you WANNA chase volume. You don't want to chase some random hope of a touchdown. You WanNA chase targets targets. And so I think he hers who was a first round pick by the way I think could be a bigger part of that passing game You Know Game Plan and everything if Andrews's Andrews's out I saw a stat the just today that he he ran twenty something miles an hour twenty miles an hour In the game last week and that was the fastest. Assist anyone on the team had run all year which is extremely extremely hard to believe all right. Let's get into some running backs running back news as we. Josh Jacobs misses first escape procreate with a shoulder injury the Jaguars and then guys in Washington he had another knee. Injury Mc L.. Sprain obviously guys Miss Twenty two thousand acl Tehran and then he just returned a week. Eleven after Tears meniscus and we won Rashad Penny our beloved bells fells Rashad Penny. So bad shot up into Rhode Bells for sharp penny has a likely season ending injury. He is in fact out for the season. And then both scarborough who had just been kind of Taken over in Detroit and was kind of lovable and he has a rib injury late in the fourth early in the fourth quarter didn't return. We don't know if he's going to play. And then there's just Derrick Henry who is is probably fine but he's playing through a hamstring injury that flared up a bit. You never know with instruments so D K if you have to replace a running back this week. Where you're looking at? I would probably add Adrian. Peterson Peterson Hold on actually I think so. Mostert is not necessarily the remastered. Sorry Remo sturt that's how you pronounce it. I've been told we've we've kinda messed around with this. All Year regime oester 49ers. He's fifty one percent owned If he's still in your league absolutely go pick him up because he he's now he's the number one running back for the second most heavy running offense in the NFL he needs to be owned one hundred percent six exactly. So we're he mustered number one on my my list of top running back. Add slash dreamers is number one ad this week period. Yeah I would say after that. A couple of guys come to mind. Adrian Peterson percent. I think is a good ad if you're looking to replace guys or if you just need an extra flex option he's roster and thirty nine percent of Yahoo Leagues. He's been running pretty well of late hundred seventy five yards ars in two touchdowns in thirty three carries over the last two over the last two weeks. He gets Philly next week which is not a great match and then he gets the giants in week sixteen and we know what well we need to know about the giants Defense Dantonio about the giants defense. What China and we've seen? The redskins are absolutely dedicated indicated to the Ron. I mean they'll count hander. Interim head coach is an old school. You know offensive line coach. They're gonNA feed. Adrian Peterson with guys out. So He's absolutely and get the volume He'd be number two on my list. I put number three Dondra Washington. The raiders going forward. If Josh Jacobs who has a you reported what is it broken shoulder or something broken Shoulder Blade. He might not play going forward. We're we're still unclear. It's Monday night. We're not sure exactly actly. What his status is but he's been playing through it over? The last few weeks wasn't able to go this week and if they shut him down Gender Washington becomes lead back. Thirty dominated carries for the raiders. Last week he's only owned in six percent of Yahoo Leagues yet. Fourteen carries fifty three yards and score six catches for forty three yards. Twenty one point point six. Pr Point so if he's a star going forward that's a huge huge gift for the fantasy playoffs and then finally Patrick layered of the dolphins going up against the giants. This week he is. I wouldn't say an explosive runner buddies reliable pass catcher so NPR leagues especially. He has value Just because he's getting a large amount the passing game action in that in that often so That'd be my list so it'd be Moster Adrian Peterson De'andre Washington and Patrick Leonard. Wrap all that up. Let's say your quarterback situation set you can add. Would you rank most their number one Zach Paschal receiver for the colts number two. And then maybe in Thomas title number three like how would you order that. Let's say you need all the positions equally. Like how would you compare most thirty in Thomas and all those guys you love. I would say where he moster would be my number one ad I think. Hey be she is up there as long as Gerald ever out. I would add higby Ian Thomas and then I'd say I go to the streamers. We talked about our receiver. Aj Brown Zach Paskal And Adrian Peterson I think are all going to get starters. Reps in the volume is what you're chasing in this case. And so yeah Moster Higby Thomas Thomas. Aj Brown and then rg three. Obviously Robert Griffin all right. Let's get to sleep or stream of the week which picking one fantasy flex Alexa running back. Receiver tight end owned less than forty percent of leagues. The guy the most points that we can get the person who picked him the win and dude. This was devas- this is now a moot category. It's over baby. Craig's got a runaway. Going on right. Now this was heartbreaking because as soon as I started doing great things in that game outscoring scoring Alvin Kamara by like three times I was like wow I feel so smart. I'm doing great and then. Aj Brown who we pick for our fender lineup. Turn around and screwed be thirty. Three point right six points to touch on one hundred fifty yards I think. Aj Brown was top three or four total points for for all players this week. So Welton all done Cravo Craig Is Pretty Good Week for picking for the sleeper stream of the week. My Guy Anthony Miller had a touchdown. I mean. He didn't do as well as your guys. But three catches is forty two yards of scores of all of our guys double digit points. So good about it. I can't believe stare at two touchdowns I lost not over this con- begrudging congratulations. Congratulations to Craig. So this puts the score at five two two two two. Yeah Craig's literally. Both days combined Craig- Craig's like the regular James Holt's hour of sleep or stream of the week. He's just dominating. This has to be the crazy football. podcast he goes picking this week. Let's get this I'm I'm GonNa go the aforementioned higby of the rams we don't need to get into it anymore. He's just been a massacre. That passing game so yeah. I'm going to be the rams. I'm wrong with Chris Conley. I just think that the Jaguars are going to be able to take a couple of shots on five like I think there will be five. Twenty passing five plays of twenty plus passing passing yards in this game and I think Chris Conley gets two or three of them. And one goes for a touchdown. All right going Chris Conley I like it although I wanNA give shadow to Isaiah Ford who. I'm not picking because we have no. It is devante Parker Album Wilson. Play this week but if both Parker will serve out Isaiah Ford against the giants is intriguing. They go. I'm going with Zach. Pascal thirty five percent announced plans saints getting a lot of targets. I like his chances. You're like the Patriots Week. Seventeen play four. But you're just going for in any way exactly all right. Fantasy court is finished. Quilt is finished. Record is not in session this week because of the rash of injuries there was a request for a stay in. That request was granted so oh that motion we will have finished court next week. Maybe we'll double up to make up for it. Courts are backlogged these days. So it's okay. Thank you too Craig. Thank you to decay everyone who was hurt. We hope all of you get better. Everyone in the Finnish clubs. We wish you the best of luck the.

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