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BONUS: 4 Things With Amy Brown - Hillary Scott on these 4 things: Music. Family. Faith. Gratitude.


Hey it's amy thanks for checking out the bobby bones show podcast and since you're here I wanted to hop on and tell you about my podcast. It's called four things with Amy Brown where each week I talk about four things typically like family lifestyle gratitude and health and I recently had Hillary Scott from lady antebellum on and I did all four things her we talked music family faith gratitude. She also told me her favourite lady a song and we talked about how we both have a heart for Haiti. Specifically my life speaks and Netflix. So check it out. Here's my episode of four things with Amy Brown with Hillary Scott from lady antebellum. I'm joy gas up little over yourself. Life Ain't always pretty. He was pretty beautiful old little mouth. uh-huh with Amy Brown. Okay so this is exciting. Hillary Scott from lady antebellum sitting down with me for four thing and the stuff that we're going to cover today is music family faith and gratitude. I love the Celtics and Hillary Scott. Obviously you know she's a singer. She's a songwriter. She's the wife she's a mom. Your friend your all the things they. She's adorable doorbell precious and has good style like you. You have your own clothing line. Yes which I'm super jealous. I know that we're not supposed to be Dallas. I'm supportive at the the same time. Here thank you. I wish you the best but you get to go on the home shopping network. Yeah that's like a dream. It is so fun I mean so totally different than a show. Oh you know interview anything I mean I it's live. It's like live live and I just get to talk about all of these amazing pieces that I've designed and why why I love them and what my inspiration was and so it's just a whole nother creative outlet for me that I am loving and your line is Boho Chic. It's I try total. My Damn Yeah thank you. It's amazing and yeah. It's one of my does bucket list things like either. QVC Jason Home. Yeah Home Shopping Network same thing thank but just go on there and I don't know sell something it has to call in and be like. Hey Cindy and Charlotte like. How's it going on? Yeah and then. She's like like I want to buy five of those Boho sweaters and the other thing too is you can see like the ticker of how many are selling many or selling. There are some things so like just the adrenaline rush of that. You're like oh they're really loving the jacket. Oh my gosh. They're really loving that top. And so it gives you immediate get feedback which is really cool. I love it. It's awesome okay so clothing line. I know where I I also envy that you can sing like Oh also. There's so many things about you I covet and I'm not supposed to but I'm let's get into the music I I'm curious I try to think of like when I think of Lady Antebellum I think of when the bobby bones show I moved to Nashville. y'All y'all had downtown was fairly new and obviously I knew y'all even we were pop because before we can country pop in Austin and we played need you now. Oh ooh on our top forty station and in plus I love country. Music says very familiar to what did but right when we got here downtown came out and we were obsessed with it and we made our own own office video. I'm sure you never saw it. It's on Youtube. I have we. I can't remember somebody. We had a coffee pot. I think maybe had the coffee pot with a drumstick we tapped it and we filmed all around the office and we would sing and we sang like. I'm pretty sure it was our vocals. I probably need to go back and watch it too but I was you. Oh my Gosh I don't know why don't take me downtown anywhere better to be which I'll play the real Alan here. This is probably a better. Okay here we go. Yeah lucky this is a jam so you know when you have big life life moments you forever associate it with that and so for me is when I hear downtown. I picture our first few months. Josh and Mike being welcomed into country music and US making that fun video trying to probably be like hey probably trying to get y'all's attention like oh I wonder if they'll ever see it tweet us back. I don't know if y'all did that. Somebody from your camp tweeted us. Good job showed up to them. So that's one of my favorite ladies song. I'm curious like what what what is your favorite song. y'All ever recorded man. That's a really hard question. I mean I like so many of them for different reasons. But if I had to pick one that I just truly am still so proud of lyrically melodic. -Ly like the connection to the crowd even to this day when we perform it live. It would be ironed you you are. I remember one. Yeah we we were at that with Tom. Douglas and he is just a prolific. Songwriter Just amazing poet so it I mean he's just a deep well of wisdom and really amazing lyrics and so we wrote with him that day and and he had this poem. I run from. Hey Iran from prejudiced. I run from all of these things and for us as artists we were. I was twenty when the band started and we released our first album when I was twenty anyone and you know in my early twenties but really wanting to say some big things and this was a message song that Charles and David and I were really passionate about so I run to you. Yeah okay well then I guess I know what you're not gonNA eliminate so we play this fun game with artists and times like we did it with Dirks Finley on the bobby bones show recently and it. It kind of seems bad. It's like one of your songs but it's kind of fun to play. Also which one would you eliminate and I only brings up now because I run to. who was on a list that we had to Belem so we have bartender need you now? You look good and I run to you. Oh Man Alad pick a different one. What would you do if I if I could eliminate one and I think it's just because it's it was our second single and we've been seeing it for thirteen years? It would be looking for a good time okay. I loved the video. I love shooting the video. It was really fun but that's just one that that out of all of the songs we've ever recorded. It's just not my favorite. Yeah I know we appreciate the honesty. I mean. You'd like some artists. Sometimes you ask. Is there a song you get tired of playing and then you either either get these two answers one. That's like no. That song made my career. I'm grateful for it. I will continue to play at the rest of my life Smiley face. That's how I feel about need you now for sure like it is is one of those that I never get tired of. We will never be that band. WHO's like no? We're not gonNA play that right here. You hear stories like other other bands that are like okay. We won't sing this song unless you pay us this much more because we played it so many times and I'm like that's crazy like honor the song and what it brought to your career and so we we really try to do that every night. And and it's still the biggest live moment of the I mean it's the biggest crowd moment of the show. Yeah it's just it is an I love that and it's one of the ones that connect with the crowd like Garth Brooks. He said many times on the show that like. He's GonNa play the hits if you come to this concert. He knows what you're there for. Yes and he's there there to put on a good show and make you happy and bobby one time went to. Rem's like site private rem thing and he was so pumped about it because he's a big Fan yes pretty sure it was rem. Don't quote me uh-huh Ninety nine percent sure if it wasn't sorry. Rem You're listening so and he got there and he was like front row and it was like super awesome and they played whole new album. Not even one that you would know. I mean it was great because the new stuff like sure fine but it was all brand new. It hadn't even played which I get it. If you're at some album releasing sure but a bone in you said exactly how I feel. It's like when I mean we are entertainers truly I mean yes. We're artists but when you you do a live tour you like you know your room you've got to read the room you we're entertainers and so we. We need to to do our part in that and make sure that they hear the songs that they want to here. Yeah this is this is my. This is my song I would want to hear you saying and I just need you and your family for it and I will thank you. ooh Turn this up for a second So beautiful I mean and I know that that's a special free the so it's something that's a totally different project than Lady Luck you've got laid within you sing with your family too and so that song also too you for those. That don't know I mean I know the meaning behind it or where it came from so it makes it even more special but I want you to share with people may not not no absolute kind of where you were at the time that you wrote that song and recorded it and then what it's done for you because I know that it's done so much for people that have listened to it. 'cause music is therapy it is and so let's talk a little bit about. They will absolutely thank you for saying that They will is a song wrong that so several years ago. The My band mates and I decided we were. We've been a band for nine years. We're GONNA take a little bit of just a a little sabbatical And Charles had some songs that he wanted to record. And I've been really just because I grew up in a musical household. Both my parents saying and write songs and have been in touring. They were both in Ribas band. I have always dreamed of doing a record with them and so through. The loss of my grandfather to leukemia My Dad kind of had this idea of making this album that we could share as a family to those who really walked us through that and when he shared that I deal with me. I said well if we do this I want the world to be able to hear it and and I wasn't really sure about as I was going to write for it. You know singing songs about my faith and belief in God and love for him It's I get really emotional. And it's it's a part of me that's just extremely raw invulnerable and so I wasn't sure if I was going to write and then Not knowing that you know in the process of making this album That my husband and I would miscarry are second pregnancy so my daughter Isaiah six and she was born in two thousand thirteen and then we had a miscarriage in two thousand fifteen when we were recording this album and so I went into ah to the writing room with burning homes and emily wise band in the middle of of walking through this miscarriage. And just I had you know had been praying through the the the whole journey just really such a low point of just you ask yourself like whether it's pregnancy loss or infertility. It's like what what have I done. Is there something I could have done different or you know you. Just you have a tendency to really beat yourself up sometimes about it and and I as as I was praying through it The largest kept giving me that phrase that sentence that will be done and so every time I would really try to go to pray prey to talk to him about how is feeling it would just come over me like they will be done and so I shared that story with them In the writing room that day. And that's that's where we he wrote the song Yeah and it's really I mean. It's one of those experiences that I I'm just so thankful for the journey. Even the parts that have been the most heartbreaking And for this song you know just seeing the beauty from ashes you know I really I have an to a point that I. It's hard to even fathom the number of emails and tweets and DMZ and all of the you know the ways people have contacted me sharing stories with me and meet and greets about their own journey through whether it be pregnancy loss or just grieving. Someone That they lost or just going through a hard time like anytime wherever in that place of like asking questions like I'm so confused I thought I was on the path that you put me on and just asking those questions that I really feel are fair to ask and and those are where you know if you really press in your. Our faith deepened through them. And so Yeah just to see to see and hear the stories has been the most humbling and beautiful thing. Yeah and I think you being able to put that into words into such a beautiful song and then for people to hear that it can help them in that process of surrender. Oh I hope so because it is so hard to just let let it go in surrender and be like okay. I will be done whatever and so so. Yeah in music and you have that gift like it's I I can't I can't I can't sing. I try to journal talk about how journaling so important but I can. I'm intimidated by because I can't. I haven't been able to put my thoughts to paper that you are an advocate saying you. I encourage you to put your thoughts to paper but I mean I know her and has their different strengths. And whatever but I mean for those of you that can put a song out there like that and be so vulnerable and share your story and then it be a song of healing to other people and help them get through it and you know music is therapy. It's over saying you a you know. A second ago is that it in therapy is a whole thing in itself. Music can't be your only form. It can be a part of healing for people that can be like step one. Yes even just hearing song like opens it it breaks. Open your heart in a different way For sure and yeah I think therapy could be another of a fifth thing. I know it's four things but for you. We can talk therapy music therapy because it's important. I think people people. There's there's a stigma surrounded by in but I mean if if a song contest you emotionally can open you up then if you WANNA dig a little deeper yes you can dig deeper and see okay. What's what's up under under there? Yes and you know yeah. I'm big fan of therapy. Me To go yes me too. You've done onsite yes right. I said Bobby Lynn did that too. It is in life changing and I did an individual Joel in intensive in kind of four day thing quickly for those are listening. It's a really it's like adult therapy camp. Mom You go away depending on how long but bobby talk dirt on the Bobby Vinton show a little bit. He went away for four or five days. And you know cell phone. Yeah no connection. It's really intense. So you just just digging into all the things because for me. I feel like I got thirties and couldn't outrun. You know work cut me busy. Getting married. Having starting a family only traveling around. It's like you can keep yourself busy and distracted for so long until that all becomes like your routine and then once that hit me when I got got into my thirties it was like okay. I'm seeing some patterns here. I'm seeing some ways in which that I'm unable to grow through or not able to forgive or whatever the situation may be. I can't outrun my junk anymore. You know and that's where onsite came in and really helped me break through to that next is level of of really embracing who I am with no shame and with no guilt and just giving me me the tools to to be able to move forward and live a healthier life and be a healthier version of me and take care of myself better and the the people around me and put boundaries down and you know all these different things and it is it. I mean I love onsite was life changing for me But finding dining just a therapist dot you trust and can talk to. Everyone needs it and don't wait for a crisis to do it. Oh if if y'all hear anything essay today don't wait for a crisis to go because how you like if you go and get prepared and get educated and you get to know yourself better. You'll oh handle a crisis. Better be navigate that trauma. Yeah and I think it's not always accessible to everybody but I wonder I mean 'cause you may not always be able to go to therapy or whatever but maybe just having like friends that you can really confide in or books that you can get your hands on and just be prepared absolutely lutely but I feel like for some people it starts with the music die like that can tug. It's so crazy. How powerful instruments and voices yes? I mean storytelling. Some of the moments. Most of the moments are feel the closest to God. It's with music like listening to music. Worship Music offing actor by bombed. I thought I'm I'm fine. I can go to Church on fine I get to church. They play some song that makes me and I'm like Oh sitting down balling crying because you can't eat it just touches. Are you in such a way. We were like okay. Maybe I'm not ready for praise and worship time. Oh but I mean but then there's a there's a time for it but it's crazy how it just be a content. You do you have places. Where are you go and do you have cry places in my house my closet? Oh your car okay. I'm that I'm you might pass me on the road someday and I'm just like tears streaming down my face. I feel like that's where I have my quiet time lying when I'm driving I'll listen to music or less. No podcast or you just kind of in the quiet and that's where I think I must focus is so on something you know driving down the road getting somewhere safely but my mind can kind of really think Deeper into things and because At home right now I mean you know having two children at home like we have three Barry. It's a lively incredible home but it's not very quiet having the car to be a place of quiet as nice. Yeah allow that car closet. Everybody just find your space especially if you have a hectic family. Which family is what we're going to get into neck and second okay so family wise? It's almost like two family. You have your lady a family and then you've got your family family so there's David Charles and then there's you know your husband and your three kids and so how do you find that that balance it. That's a great question you know I. I think you're always searching for the balance and I think when you have children and every few months they're growing and changing and their needs are different. You kinda have to just. It's an ever evolving thing thing but I will say I mean full transparency. I feel like I'm a perforated page. Like if you look at me as in my I'm a perforated page being being pulled by both arms from a courier a family careers pulling in the left arm families pulling the right arm and end so I've learned with my personality. Finality like to to not feel like both arms are not about to not get split in half. I have to find things that in tools. That help me Ground and helped me prioritize and not feel spread too thin and so that's been what this last season has been for me like with bringing two new babies into the house and and at once and they're the same age twins is just crazy and it's awesome and then at the same time like shortly after for having twins. We started working on music and signed with a new record label and went on Tour and went to Vegas for the residency. So I mean there's just been a lot going on at once over this past year and so figuring out that no is is an okay word to say sometimes Probably probably more times than typically A. Yes oh I'm very much like yes like if you're okay with me I'm okay. What are you on any agreement to Yeah so very much like a true too. I have a hard three wing achiever like love to you. Know Love My career in love getting to do that and and being ambitious that way but but yeah to my core Emma to So being able to so some of the tools to help keep you grounded balance so it'd be be knowing that's okay to say. No yes there are some other things you do to stay grounded knowing that it's that it's okay to just say what I need some times most times. You know that the the best gift I can give others is knowing what I need a meant whether it's to your husband anybody or to Charles. Yeah and then just being able to to be fully present when I am in each place you know. My family hasn't toward with US nearly as much as I thought they would this past year because I realized it's like for me to be able to be fully present and do my job to the best of my ability and above that what was best for my girls and my husband was for them to be in a home routine eighteen so being the parent that leaves you know a few days a week has been Has Been An interesting transition. You know my husband and I were in the band together for seven years. He was our drummer and so we went from being together every single day in our work environment to now you know. I'm hopping in and out of town town. And he's fulltime data at home so yeah and he is incredible at it. I mean now. Is that something. And I'm speaking. Total like Surya types here. This is just know people. If you're listening. Don't email me mad. It's not me speaking. This is me speaking for like a stereotype because for my husband for him to. I didn't know if this was something that has been a struggle or is your husband was kind of a no brainer. Like no problem to stay home or was like well okay. I guess this makes sense cents. Because you're an amazing earned this band and you've got to go on tour and it's like that's the life you can't really just you know. Say Okay pause no thank you too so you know because I'm trying to picture there may be some girls listening. They're women listening. They're in a similar situation and their husbands are like no like I. I work man like I'm the bread and the butter like it's in such a society thing that luckily starting to get broken. Because I feel like even for you as a career woman and a mom like there's probably a lot of times you get the question of you know and I was asking okay. How do you balance your to families like David Charles and then your family family? So it's like you know when you're juggling that but I feel like me as a career. Mom sometimes it's like well. How do you do it all but I mean? Nobody's asking my husband. He does it all right. Good point yeah I I mean he's with the kids just as much as I am and we split and he's working and I'm working and we have. We have a nanny and she's like our third arm. Oh my God I don't even that word. It's a struggle to even say. I never thought I would have a nanny. Because that's just I always thought when I grew up because of how I grew up that I was going to stay at home. Mom Yes but I didn't know it was going to have the creative I have that would enable me to kind of have my hand in a lot of different things and be the best you for everybody. Yeah by doing that and making that decision I think you know for my husband Into to kind of answer your question I feel like every relationship is its own guest Hersher And and I think you as long as you're being honest with yourself in each other like you'll find your rhythm in what works for your family but for us before I met my husband when when he was a little boy he remembers at eight years old thinking. About how excited he was to be a dad. Oh then over the course of his early he you know teens into college like he has memories of thinking like if I ever if my family ever looked like you know in such. That's your way that I would need to stay home and raise our kids like I would be okay with that. So I firmly believe by God's grace he kind of started working on his heart heart in totally unannounced to him or me that we would be married. You know and be in the situation that we're in and so he you know he's a unique incredible kind of person to have noticed and recognized that about himself from a very very early age and I thank thank the Lord every single day that he's that way because there are a lot of men who are like no way. I love my work. I love what I'm doing. I love providing in in this way for our family but can I tell you like the ways in which that my husband is providing providing on a daily basis. Yeah are the this like like I kind of envisioned them. Like seeds being planted that that we won't really see them grow fully until our girls are older like I. I had had this epiphany a couple of weeks ago like my girls are getting their dad. Every day for the most formative years of their life like zero to five. My oldest is now six and I just can't imagine the how strong they're going to be women when they get older how it's GonNa the direct their path wherever they go wherever life takes them and I realized that there will be another season of their life where they're going to like it'll be like like mom. How do I get through? You know. Fill in the blank and I am very present and I'm home several days a week. But they're getting their daddy every day MHM and it's so sweet and you you have two ways of looking at it either your you get a total like washed over with mom guilt or you can look at it and go. There's a reason why this is the situation and there's A. There's a really beautiful reason why and I can't wait to see how it unfolds and that's confusing to look at it because goodness I mean he. First of all is way more patient than I am on a daily basis and and just is the best and so they're really really really so blessed to have him as a daddy. Shoutout Chris Chris Yeah. They're probably totally listening. Yes while you're hanging out. No Oh I yeah I'm yeah I think I'M GONNA make my husband. Let's not that not because he needs he needs to do that. We both have have figured out. We both are having our careers but why it's still both of us. We grew up in that mentality. I did too So it's that Steph where you get to hear how other people are starting to do it. Different Yeah Yeah and then also hear their perspective of like you were saying. There's two ways you can look at it. And and then and then the blessing. That could be my gosh then. I have the blessing way about other because we do. We have a lot of help you know. We have a nanny for. I don't like that word either. By the way I always varies like my little girl's best friends And we we have someone who tours with us when we travel and then we have for my twins. They do kind of a little school in our basement of like five days a week and so we have someone when every day for their little school day in her name is courtney and cheese amazing and And so we have a ton of help and support and and I am so thankful for that and I did so. This is only the third podcast. I've ever done. Oh and the two other ones were with any downs Engine hat maker And when I spoke with Jin she told me something. That was so incredible and it was. You know we're always going to be the moon to our kids as MOMS like in. It's okay for them to have stars. Yeah like other people in the moon the stars you can't be both right after pick and we're all OH in pick because we're mom so we're going to be the moon you know and so to get okay with that and it took me a little bit but now my girls are just these the beautiful kind of like beings that have all of the influence of like these amazing hearts that have poured into them since they were born. And I I love that. My my daughter is Lee. Wouldn't be who she is without the the women who have who've you know hugged her through and and walked us through Our travels in our crazy life life all their little stars. Yeah I love that. We kind of have a a Haiti connection in through Mike. And missy Wilson so shout out to my life speaks in a Netflix Haiti. And so when you so mike was your youth pastor. Yes yes so. He used to be the A Youth Pastor at Two Rivers Baptist Church over kind of near opera in because I grew up here Nashville. Yeah and I've known him since I was fourteen seniors old. One of my best friends in high school went to that Church and it was actually a really close to the church that I grew up in. But I would always go to youth events there and Mike and missy were there was right when like their oldest son was just a toddler. And we've known each other since then and so then over the course of the last several years years we've gotten closer and closer. He married my husband and I I went to Haiti with with MRI for the first time. I'm in March of two thousand eleven and have never been the same sense. Also that was the year after the earthquake. Yes yeah it was very It it was I. It was an interesting first trip because it was a trip that I got to see several different parts of Haiti and a lot of people. So you don't realize like there's beautiful mountains in it's cool up at the top and then there's desert there's all of these extreme is beautiful beaches the the most beautiful some of the most beautiful beaches ever seen or they're like it's such a country of extremes An extreme beauty in extreme poverty early. I'm extremely wealth. Yes it took me probably. I've been going for five years and it wasn't until my third you're going. I realized there is a little bit of a First World Haiti. Yes there is. There's up at the top. Yeah these go up the mountain you go. You realize that. And I'm like Oh McGinnis is just but you're right it's so extreme so exchange like you know we're we live in a place where yes we have extreme poverty liberty and we have an extreme wealth. We also have a little things in between yes and there. It's like you assume it's all just poverty but no there's people that are highly educated speak five languages make tons tons of money but they're just completely separate from what's going on down yet there but okay so back to your expand I it just changed my life. I feel like I came. I'm back from that trip and I've been like Gosh almost ten times now since then I love it. There is one the most beautiful. The village of Netflix Have I. I love them like they're my family. You know and and we when they hurt. I hurt even no I. I can't be there as much as as I would love to be And it's just a really the organization itself is. It's just speak up for those. They can't speak for themselves. And and that's what my life speaks is about. It's about giving those of us who have who don't have a voice in with a very emphasis on special needs but I think everybody in that country. There's a special need like truly and I think that the more that we can do for them and and shine light on and raise awareness for this beautiful nation. The the off it seems like God's put it on your heart Orascom go to Haiti and you come back and you're like okay Haiti's forever part of my heart. Yeah and it's like forever. I don't know that that happens to everybody that goes but it's like if you go and it happens to you know I feel like I know exactly what you're saying because that's what happened to me and like God just kind of like I wasn't going to be able to forget no way. This place assert these people and no now have two kids from there and that's forever their home that's where their moms are. Yes yeah and so. That's something that that will always be a part of my heart and I loved that we have already stemmed. I knew we should get with Mike and be like let's do this. And we are four things Lying or anything a SPA which means hope in Haitian Creole. Last Christmas. We supported an. I don't know when we'll do it. But each year we do different items that support various causes and last Christmas. It was my life speaks until everyone's doing their Christmas shopping and supporting them. And there's just so cool like after Christmas kind of raft. Like the day after Christmas we were able to send them a huge check in. Just because you know when you've gone the difference it's GonNa make you know the impact that they're making and in the mid like how again even emphasis on special needs but they create little Michelson has come on the podcast so four two if you haven't heard that episode so goals but they create I love how God has moved through them because they don't want it to be like an orphanage and they want it to be like a homestead there's house moms how yes so we have Yeah their families their Haitian families. It's a couple sometimes. They have their own biological children as well. Well we have the first house. Family could not have their own children and they brought in this beautiful like it's just this beautiful integrated family family. Some of the children have special. Needs some of them don't And it's it's all just really wanting to cultivate like that we it's it's a bigger kind kind of how God sees adopted into into his kingdom into his love like that's how we should view everybody and so that's such a perfect picture sure of that because he accepts and loves us all and and that's what we tried to do there and it's just awesome to watch these siblings and watch these families families just thrive and and enjoy each other but fight like a family and you know just all of it everything that a family is in the other things that I'm so proud of that. My life speaks part of his We've got a medical clinic now That has been running for several years that I mean they see thousands of people in the surrounding running villages to and and so we have a pregnant MOMS program like prenatal program which is amazing to see how many more healthy babies are being born in our village and surrounding surrounding areas others. I mean it's hard to think of it here because we have such access to medical care giving birth everyday. Seems like no big deal but there there's a high mortality right. Yes absolutely and and just watching them feel good through their pregnancy. I went to Haiti when I was five months pregnant with Eisley easily and it was awesome. I got to sit in with with those women in a meeting about just taking care of themselves and we were like bumping bumps you know oh just having you can feel like you're so far away from where you came from and be like we're all the same like look at us we're all like my ankles are swollen. Your ankles small Land Haiti angles gets yes not about the humidity and what just happened to me. So yeah see if you're pregnant. That's just feeling like we're all the same like no matter what you know and and I've loved more than anything watching gene. This village just thrive and my life speaks does an amazing job of of having head over feet more Haitian employees than Americans who are doing doing incredible work. They're taking care of each other and All of you know the community center and all of the spaces that my speaks hold their and Netflix A.. And Yeah it's it's amazing to see the ripple effect and I'm so proud to be part of it And I think that while we're talking about Haiti right now but you can apply this probably in anywhere in your life that we're all the same. Yes yes and that in. You don't have to travel to Haiti to be used or to feel like you're loving. Your neighbor like can so do it. That's something we try to emphasize here too. Is You can do it in your own community. Yes on your street yes moreover literally your next door neighbor right. I mean it can be the smallest thing that can go so far and and I just think if we all you know and Yeah I get the N. seasons where I just feel like I'm so tunnel vision and I forget to look around me but it but if we could find just a moment every day to look around and realize okay. Everything I'm dealing with other people are carrying just as many burdens around. As as I am we just see. I can't see them. I know what mine are. What yours are I don't know you know and and if we could just give ourselves give ourselves in each other just a little more grace gotta the grace? That's where that comes in 'cause even sometimes when you know when I react to certain way to my kids if I'm snappy or whatever for kind of not sometimes it's deserved but sometimes this an example where I know immediately after check my check myself stuff and check my heart and be like okay. What something's going on with you can be self aware but also says unusual? I've to get myself grace okay. I'm doing a lot right now. So this doesn't justify justify how I just acted but then it helps me put myself in check but then it makes me also think of maybe when sometimes at the store someone's snippy to me like oh it probably really isn't really me. Yes like they've got a lot going on so I need to like. Yeah just have grace are than what something I can do to make their day better or something absolutely and then similar to their your second in Haiti like the ripple effect like it can happen here too everywhere. Yes Oh yeah. Oh that's awesome with Amy Hazel. Let's get into one of our favorite things here to talk about. Which is gratitude? Yes because has no gratitude. There's just so much in it I mean right now I feel like it's the thing because a lot of people are realizing K.. Bats what's going to bring you happiness us and we have a lot of experts. You've been telling us that like for a neighbor ow. I was about shoutout. Yes sir out to her yes she the best the best so yeah something that we have guests do at times share four things that they're thankful for big or small and it helps us just kind of get a sneak he can to your life and what you're thankful for and then hopefully encourage people to maybe practice some gratitude today so listen he okay. My four things are I am so unlivable thankful unbelievably thankful for For just my faith my relationship with God and knowing that he see how he sees me and also you know how he sees all of us getting back to the grace piece. It's like the grace that's extended Ed from him That we should extend ourselves and others so that would be number one. I am so grateful for my husband. especially in this season that we're in right now of just endless patience and understanding and blood sweat and tears. I mean he's just he is amazing I am very very thankful for my family My Mom my dad my little sister And when I say husband I mean my family with him to my daughter's Eisley emory in Betsy and then my my immediate family. My Mom my dad my baby sister Riley Um and then lastly would be just my lady a family like getting to walk. Walk this career with people that I love and respect and who just really help. Spur me on to to be e-eh better version of myself and And what lady has the platform that it's given us. It's hard to pick for those. It'd be my four I know. And they're all all very like and if you can't tell this about me like relationships are hands down the most important thing to me. I appreciate so much the comforts of of this life in that that we are feel so blessed to have but but it is so much more about the people you get to live life with. Yeah for sure how. How long have you been with Charles Dave thirteen years. Okay so thirteen that. Yeah that's how long I've been with Bobby. Oh my gosh. Yeah he's like my husband my guess brother of it the the right term. I mean you've got to work so yeah And then you've you've been married for how long it'll be eight years in Janey mass so C. similar to me to one relationship started before the other and then it's like do you feel like you learned a lot about Out Marriage through working with a man so consumed every single day occasion. I still learning in. It's obvious about to you say it's communication because well for body. Communication is very. He feels like he communicates just fine but listen. He's not listening he I would. I would argue that. Yeah and so for me. I don't feel like he communicates that great at times but but that also could be on me on how I'm because I'm always trying to like I think of my brain just always goes like well if you call somebody and they don't answer to do wrong. The story we're going to make up in our head Burnett rows. Yes yes but I'm telling myself head and the narrative is all wrong and then I create this whole thing of Oh it must have been when I did this and I can't believe it did that. which spirals into so I kind of do that so really? That's communication issue on my end. But I feel like baby. Bobby's form of unification. It's just a little bit more blunt and kind of their in short short to the point. But but you still have to work on that relationship like that's not my love. Language is words of affirmation s which he does not pass out like Candy Right which I'm not asking. It means a lot more when you say it every few years so sure that field so it's so interesting interesting because not love you not says I love you like something like a compliment like yeah. Hey you're doing a great job. Yeah really honestly. I would probably perform better if you did. Tell me that every day is this like. That's my lovely. Yes so what were you gonNA say. Oh I was just GonNa say that. It's it's interesting because Charles and David both very different realities analogies like Charles is very you know like just not as talk like I'm not GonNa have as many heart to hearts with Charles's I will with Dave like it's it's just because their personalities are different and so it's been an interesting to learn how to navigate through because you know I'm friends with both of them. It's not like I'm just is friends with the two of them at once. Like I'm friends with them individually and then we are obviously a band of three. But it's just been neat to navigate that together of just the ways in which we connect and and and sometimes you know it does feel like it's fewer words from Charles in unlinked ear words from Dave but but it all kind of round out I feel like yeah but with both of them. You got two guys to prepare you for your man. Yes your main taught me a lot. They did and how to how to communicate because my husband wanted man of many many words like he's kind of quiet and so but it does it does it just teaches you the the different types of people that are close in your life and how you have to navigate each one differently. Yeah and intentional about it What is your love language? Do you know I'm worried about formation and I am physical touch. Oh okay like a hand on like hand on my hand or like the. I like nothing better than Chris. Rapid like putting his arm around me when you know on the couch or walking through the mall or yeah very much word for sure. Yeah it's crazy. How like one little thing can just like mean but to somebody else might not do anything? Yeah 'cause I can either giving gifts. Oh Yeah what's yours that you do. I love giving gifts like there's nothing that makes me happier than than giving someone a gifted that they are. They can tell that they really love or just giving up my time in a way that they really need like like when a friend calls me when they have a newborn baby to come help like oh my gosh I will stop everything and go and try to do all the things. That's just my personality. So that's kind of more active service to I guess but but I love giving gifts not receiving them and then Words of affirmation. I need to work on for sure. I try but yeah I feel like I've gotten better at it since doing a lot of inner work just because I know I need them Obviously the most important thing I need from language language perspective so trying to better of really seeing seeing others making them feel known in acknowledging what they're doing. Yeah R Charleston Dave. Do you know they're what you have to also definitely both words of affirmation like Charles is a really good note yet. Hit like just an encouragement encouragement. I think you know I think Charles are so tall today. Did you grow niche in the definitely both words affirmation. Yeah so what is is next for y'all for lady a so the record comes out in November. CMA's and then two days later ocean comes out so we have a lot of fun Exciting things planned around the release of that Different release events and a couple of trips here and there and then we are gearing up for a tour next year so we'll be announcing that Soon and other than that. It's like gearing up for the holidays. I mean it's fall now I can't believe of it. I'm so thankful for all things cooler weather and Pumpkin okay Do you know so we did a four things fall sweat shirt that was like a limited thing and we put pumpkin spice is one of the four things pistole. Yes like it was like you know fall leaves cozy sweaters sweater time Pumpkin spice and whatever. Yeah we got so many because it was. That was the four things you couldn't. Sometimes you can customize but these you could not and we got so many emails from people that didn't like pumpkin spice as like a surreal. I didn't yeah. No that's right. I know this morning. I mean we're in Nashville. A lot of you may not be but if it's cool outside this morning and I was like bring it. Thank you Lord Art Son Amazing Okay. Well then we'll look forward to November the album yes and twenty twenty twenty four yet And between between that it'll be happy Thanksgiving Merry Christmas happy New Year and we're off well. I've always adored hillary from lady antebellum but now I feel like I love her even more and that's the thing like she's always on the bobby bones show but with Charles and David by her side so so to sit down with just Hillary Scott and dig a little deeper with her like that was super bowl and I just feel like she's totally awesome like love her. So if y'all exit is it too and then something cool you can do is take a screen shot and put it on instagram or twitter and tag us and let us know that you liked it and let others know that you liked it and maybe it's something that they should listen to I'm radio way me. Hillary is Hillary Scott La and. Yeah especially Hillary now if you enjoyed it because you know she's our guest and we want to make our guests you know. Let them know that they're appreciated for coming on and taking time out of their day to open up and share with us. So Hillary you're amazing and and hopefully we can take that trip to Haiti one day before I get into the email. Shoutout I want to talk about the customized four four things pouches. Now that's something that we've always done customize totes but are cute little pouches with Zipper. That's something we were getting requests left. And right please. Can we customize these so we made a bunch of blanks. We didn't make that many. They're still limited at this point and there's not that many left so that's why I'm giving you a heads up if you didn't know that we put them out last week we did. And it's a lot of fun to see what people are putting on their as their little title four things for the cute little pouch and someone is awesome and they put all the small things as their four things which is so clever and so cute you and of course a lot of people were thinking. was that in reference to the song to like all the small things and then we're also trying to come up with a cute little girl. Power went I mean. That's not a stock one. But it's so cute and Y'all we love it so much that whoever came up with that were thinking about making it a stock one. So that's available. There's also when we're everything is like a girl power one like E. Fear Stream big. Stay strong girl. Power and other people are putting like on. There's like keys phone Mascara chapstick. So it's almost like a little checklist. Do you have all your stuff and your cute little zip pouch before you walk out the door another another one. Says puffs bars fruit stripes and crackers. So that could may be a little bag for a kid to have their little snacks in. And then there's another one. That says sanitizer Tasers sunscreen but cream and stinky bags. So I'm assuming that might be for like a baby possibly Bley another cute. One is cleanser moisturizer sunscreen and lip balm and so anyway you get to put your favorite four things on it. So I'm just reading these out so y'all get an idea and for me. I'm such a visual persons of. You're listening to this and you don't know what our little four things products are then. GO TO RADIO DOT COM. You'll see link there to shop SPA which this is a line that we created to sin support to Haiti and we're currently supporting project Meta I share in central Plateau and their education program and Haiti's just got some craziness going on right now. I mean you heard Hillary talking about her heart for Haiti and we just. There's so many great organizations down there right now and a lot of them are suffering. Because of the civil unrest and an prices are skyrocketing with things and there's fuel shortages and people rioting and it's just it's just crazy like think about your day like you the stuff stuff that they're having to worry about their like just doesn't even cross our minds here in America and we're waking up going work. I mean everybody has stuff going on their life life. I'm not saying that maybe some of you listening right now are in a really rocky place but just for me. I know sometimes complaining about something silly and then I think about my friends down in Haiti. And I'm like okay. Yeah I'm have life so bad right now. I mean. I was frustrated because you know the highway. This last weekend was closed. My Dad's place and it took me forty minutes to get there instead of seventeen seventeen and then I was like oh well some of my friends in Haiti can't even drive on the roads right now for fear that they might you know get kidnapped or something so yeah roadblocks. They're different than roadblocks here. So that's my point on my customized for things pouch I have to pop net flicks pimp. I've been joy and Macho so yeah you really can put whatever you want. I made one for stuff shira and it has her things like. She loves NETFLIX and Popcorn and bracelets bracelets and reading so I put that on her little bag and you really can't just put whatever you want. RADIO DOT COM again or shop S. SPA on Instagram These shot forward. There's so many different ways to like. Search the Hashtag four things which some stuff for this podcast might come up or suffer our products and then you can like like get ideas from people because we know it's hard to think of things so that's why I kind of spent a minute talking about these and then again. If you're visual like me you definitely want to see it. And they make great gifts and I don't know once we run out of these. We sold out of our fall sweat shirts so those are done and like once we sell out of these. I don't know that we'll do customized pouches through Christmas Times. If you've got gifts maybe try to get ahead to knock those out now. Because I don't think that we have the capacity to really do customized zip pouches an customized coach which are so popular as Christmas gifts. Some people even use them for stockings like they hang them from the you know the fireplace and it's so cute like moms. That have done that every Christmas. We're like oh my gosh such a good idea idea. So that's another thing speaking of that. It's it's basically October so I know I am not someone that gets ahead. So if you're like like me and you procrastinate. Let's not do that this year. Let's get Christmas shopping done and I feel like through this podcast and through a spa and four things in the shop for like we probably could get a Lotta your Christmas shopping done and you can feel good about it because it all gives back to something but I mean the gift receiver. Ver- will appreciate that side of the gift as well that you gave them something thoughtful and if it's a four that's also customized just for them and also it's giving back to Haiti so it's a win win gift and I know it's a struggle. Sometimes thinking of someone's favourite for things are narrowing down. But if you just sit down one day and like set set a timer and be like you know what this is. What dedicating time to I'M GONNA knock this out and then I'm GonNa go online order and then boom Christmas shopping done at least for some of the women in in your life like mothers daughters girlfriends? Whatever Group of friends you have like customized? It's easy and then you're going to be the one running around the last week of Christmas miss trying to find a gift. And here's the thing. We do get emails that last week before Christmas of people saying Oh my gosh I need to order a tote and we we it breaks our heart lake. We hate saying oh no. It's too late like we can't make it because they're custom gotta go the perner gotTa have a printer got shipped out in the Christmas. This time shipping so all this to say let's just get ahead. Let's do it together speaking to myself too because I- totes as gifts as well and I need to sit down and think of people in my life that I wanna make coats for. Okay so let me get to the email shout out now and this comes from Nicole. Hey Amy I absolutely love your podcast fast and you really hit home when you talked about stress and the glass. I WANNA share this analogy that I love and I hope that you get something out of it like I did okay so so this is me talking now not Nicole. But on last week's episode I had a like a something from the thought catalog about stress and holding onto it. And how if you carry it around eventually is just going to explode and not be great So she sharing something that's similar. That's going to help us and I really liked it so here we go. This is Nicole talking again. You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm making you spill your coffee everywhere. Why did you spilled spilled the coffee will because someone bumped into me wrong answer you spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup? Had there been T- in the Cup you would have spilled the tea T- whatever's inside. The Cup is what will spill out therefore when life comes along and shakes you which will happen. Whatever is inside you will come out out? It's easy to fake it until you get rattled so we have to ask ourselves. What's in my cup when life gets tough? What spills over joy gratefulness peace and humility or is it anger? Bitterness harsh words and reactions live provides the cup. You choose how to fill it today. Let's work towards filling our cups with gratitude forgiveness joy words of affirmation and kindness gentleness and love for others today. My Cup up is full of gratitude and Phil. That's what Nicole had to share and I left at eleven analogy too so I know that this week. I've been a little bit stressed stressed out so if you bumped into me I don't know my reaction also I got my pms warning on my clue. APP sends me a message on my phone. That like you know dark times are upon us warning so I feel like if you bumped into me this week you might get a little bit alike. Irritability like I'd be irritable and angry and quick and snap but so this is a good reminder for me to to make sure that if you heard about them to me you WanNa get any of that. You'll get peace calm humility gratefulness joy. So thank you Nicole Kohl for this email and I appreciate anybody emails. You can send notes to four things with Amy Brown at Jamal Dot Com and next week we will see all with Daniel Walker she. He is a cookbook author and much more many more things she does a lot. She's the MOM and entrepreneur has lots of things spinning a wife and similar to Hillary. Korea has a lot to share and she actually is when a Hillary's really great friends and she was staying with Hilary so she came in recorded it with me after Hillary left. So I've already got that Don and I can guarantee you. It's good and She against all grains is how you may know her because she had to give up grains because of an autoimmune immune disease that she has so she's going to talk a little bit about that civil talk food faith family and then of course gratitude. Okay casserole Rolf always pretty pretty beautiful little mouth. mm-hmm kick with Amy Brown.

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