Do Man United Stand a Chance?


Welcome into less. Addition of ESPN c down Thomas John by Craig Burley, Stevie Neko, Anne Frank Leboeuf still with us hanging in there. Sorry. The show or flex on Spurs one victory over Brighton. But we're gonna start haven't we without big match tomorrow majesty United taking on Manchester City knighted, it's all about talk for for city. It's about the tides of before we get the views the boys in the studio. Let's go to Manchester and welcome in Mark Ogden. Motley start with United Shelley. What's the rhetoric that's been coming out from Old Trafford from social over the last twenty four hours considering what happened against Everton? Been basically socio has been saying that the needed performance is no hiding places he said today, there's no hiding place in the game against months after the performance at Everton. It was so bad in every department. It was just objects. It was the worst performance explosion left almost six years ago. Now, so. United have to obviously the downside is back a win. Then it makes it easier for little to the title of the mind to go to start thinking about themselves. They can still get in the top four qualify for the Champions League. And I think it's massively important that United now porna- poems themselves with the funds and forget about who wins the league. Because sits your little does doesn't really matter. It's it's not good use of money United. So. Got themselves. Mark is that a real thing? Fans genuinely genuinely hugging city win tomorrow because of Liverpool that seems ridiculous considering the situation United during going into this. Absolutely. I mean. Dementia. So my life and the one that will tell you is that there's only one rival to that matters them. Let's Liverpool city until until recently until shape and saw the club didn't really register that they've never been a real threat to the United over the years. It's always been been Liverpool now, and again, it was asked even once again, it was lead months it you'd never really really mattered United until recently. It was all about cities with a joke. You know, they were left up by United. But now, it's changed. But it's a deep-seated rivalry live. It goes by over centuries all about the most successful club in England and the United States club. So that's why United funded rather sits in the league. Excuse me. I mean to be honest. It doesn't really matter what the fines is about what the players need to be honest. It's. Struggling to the top six right as taught for Champions League. And that's the most important thing for less club going forward. Not what mine says the city Liverpool. Do the other side of the coin about as Mark source Garcia and winning the performance? It probably said the after the Wofford game home, it probably said that after the west time game at home. Definitely said after the term partial unloading games what they expected to lose. And then he's hovering again, even though they won the what for the west. I'm game. The performances were object. No the performance against EV was a bedroom is absolutely abysmal. Now. Even if United author game tomorrow, it would still take a mind Chester city, really poor performance till low them to get into of that's home, bigger difference. That's how big the reds between these two gourds socials on really have two days with with the team since the fee against Everton. How much can do realistically in that time to get this side ready for this match tomorrow? Tactically, probably nothing, but this game for them is not about tactic should begin some some face by getting some pray. But unfortunately, Vermont Jess United the last team, they won't phase Chesa city. I hit all this talk of sociology wanting to performance when was the last time we got up performance against the proper team. We're going to start seeing that getting a ni- elite did against PS, gene, an Americo arms and getting through is a performance that really the performance. I can't imagine her munch issue aided when this game against my tests that city are you expecting a reaction. There's got to be some the reaction. Yeah. It's not the performance that they need is a pride like Stevie said, a reaction as men the have to go on on the field, you know, as wires because of course, and Craig say said it at the end of expansion between the two team there is a big gap of of quality. And it's not only the performance only. The price is not only being warrior is on a baby calling the goal of food ball to win that game. So it could be the lose could be an excuse for the fancying that they don't want live up to it. But. You have to face the reality of the quality of non quality of the of the Manchester United squad comparing to what we knew in in the history of football. They are they really need to react during the summertime to find a better a better team because mention ated is not anymore mentioned saying Aidid again yesterday done that when say Aaron possession and the to fill box push on and the white guys can talk when the EFI lose SETI if United watch what Tottenham dead, which was the ball LA an over the top to expose on south weekend. It was the poor and Johnstone's. I don't know what the half paranoia beef say because it could change. But that's that's an achilles heel mess of honorability that when the laughs are two against one or two against hers, feel bucks per, Sean. When airings in particular was Logan and behind and son was running in caused them all saucy problems. That's the only way I can see sorry. United exp-. Using the reality. This game is the Manchester say Manchester City, put the effort and the commitment and that they have done over the last eighteen twenty four months then again because if you to shades, given all, but then comes down to ability, and if we're talking about ability, Manchester City on a different planet to Manchester. Nice not one player with I'm trying to think of top of my head. No, one player one player moment the United into the SETI site. Yes. The moment. Now. That's true. That's true. Not one even Puncak could. Indeed, what wouldn't have them. Anyone? Neil set aside at the moment agree, Mark new paint optimistic picture for United fans going into this game tomorrow. No. It's difficult because. Guy say if once we eleven really find any United plays in eleven and pope assert it would it make it for me pumpers. A massive luxury play. And I think is great when it's going well as it was in the Wilco FRANZ surrounded by great pleasure to plame self. If you saw any by mediocre players, he becomes a mediocre play himself. He's not saw a play that lifted seem to high level. He almost gets direct down by the teams inadequacies, and I don't think the United can rely on any game now. So this one because I think he's again that he goes missing anywhere missing in the new come last week you admission Avidsson you look around the United team. There aren't many places you can say he will turn up and give you give you a shift. I mean, always Marcus rush. But to give a hundred percent Heaney's plays around into perform. So yes, there will be a reaction. Yes. The can't be as bad as you. I remember on the David Moyes five years ago. United actually Hammett. Ulta for Liverpool thought economies about as again in the next home game was Hamad again, three nil. So, you know, there's no guarantee that unites Muhammad Samoan, I this thing that sits turn up, and I think they will turn then it could be real uncomfortable knife United and just a reminder of the record when the teams that will track. You're not alone. One once the loss seven meetings against you can seating seventeen thousand in process, and whatever happens more history will be made because never in the Premier League era have Manchester United being less fancied by the bookies match at Old Trafford thirteen to two they are to win at home match the city big favorites probably into this high nine to four on drew me while four to one we talked about the city in how very much. Destinies in the hands going. Oh, new Honda simple. As I good place to be if they get the way and the result goes to form the running for them as candidate candidacy. You know, bumbling themselves safe done at Joseph. So it's tricky because the way they play less try and play some good food. We'll which has absolutely perfect for Setif because it'll be an open game. That's how Rhode just wants to play in Britain. I think the might be safe, but the time to get the last game because depending on the count of scenario. The one thing has the Brian is not fair. But then again of a set in the show named the team a look at the Celebes. Yeah. And so as as much of an issue as the broin that was always some the almost equally as good to come off the bench is over tomorrow city win. The question. Women the Gulf Coast never talk about. Then saints him of a conviction tomorrow. Well, yeah. I. I don't see a way the month. You lose any games. Right. Then drop drop points. I just don't see anybody getting in the way. And that means that they went all the games they won the title. It's simple as on view agree. I'm inclined to agree. I do think that the left again at the had might be a bit of a banana skin because I think less team that you wouldn't really wanna play any time because they have plenty can turn upon the day. People are Jamie era threat, and is the one gay for me. I think city mostly put I think if faint hope for Liverpool do Liverpool probably win the league distinct sits it just don't stop at the moment away from the game. It's interesting Marla keeper reporting in tomorrow's newspaper that poor porous told his teammates that he will be leaving in the summer United. Then would use that money, of course, to reinforce the squad. What are you hearing in Manchester? Well, the word from United remains has always been that pope is not for sale with does the Kennedy the kind of the public word. I think privately I think the look at it and realized that if they can get the money back campa Graham more maybe hundred forty million pound, which I have what is worth with the current market nothing. It's because you've got to kind of what he gives to this team deal the team rand Paul populace didata gonna sociability Ron Paul Papa. Well, you need special place to play Paul graphic. Is this play that can could have load a maker profit uninstall again because I just think as I said Popa is a good place is a talent. And he scored logo this medal of this book when United needy most he's not there for United rebuild any. He plays the rely upon plays your less ability more and more kind of commitments that same because the ones I've never seen Popa. We sacrifice yourself. A team is quite selfish players is not a team player. And if you building seeing you need team players, and I think I think Popa the moment is that right? From the United so publicly say not for. So by think privately business might get done is that fair. Yeah. It's complicated. With Paul listen to Mark in a I think Bob as may be the best player in maybe the guy was most quality in the squad. So what kind of message do you send to the fans when you decide to sell your best player? But the same time as Mark said every time United wanted him to be the top player for big gains, he disappeared. So it's complicated for the club. And I think the. They should think of selling. It's interesting figure a hundred and forty never mentioned. Never say ram Ajay comparing to how much they sold is. I think they're going to lose money. I think he's going to be what sixty sixty five seventy would you? Trust them a big club. Yeah. Yeah. Event. Paul Paul was knighted in the wrong era. Po poll was perfect for some of the teams psoriatic Todd that are super dominant right and had people that keen and gags and Beckham and grafters and they're impose goals, and he could go into PC's and every now and again the Doug amount. Like, you're not club. Excellent. That's called the other side of the coin as is alleged to go places like Advantis where the super dominant, and the is all these guys around them, those bets in pieces all said he hasn't got luxury in this team. Good enough. So he has to have other faucets. These games surely United have to the positive approach and say, okay, we know that this guy Paul who's meant to be a main man when he should run with players. He produces how about we go and get please next when play with them get you get rid of Popo number one, you send the Romesh funds. But how are they going to try the top talent euro to a team this getting rid of the best player, but we were talking about this. If you're not coming right, and you going to be because monumental going to have to spend Bank to get good players. Should have you that good? He's going to be late seventy eighty million. Why are you going to mind United? Half a dozen teens gold on United even if even if poker stays while to. Majesty in Europa league again, which which could be a part for the money because. Oh, yeah. Because you sure intend that you keep in a guy like Paul Bo a World War. I think is if it's not willing to say where you're going to do if he wants to live. Can you keep him another question? I don't believe he wants to go. Right. I'm not sure that listen this guy couldn't wait to get him on Chechen aided. This do you think is really going to Chuck and see how come off. I'm going somewhere else. The prime is you trust what the French newspaper Lee. Keep said you now. Lever by the way, there's another. There's another site today is star. As much as much as the money in the talisman is poker behind this. As an issue is far from the only issue that solves got in my hob-. There is more way more pieces of this jigsaw puzzle to fakes than just what's going home with Popo loads, and you know. Maybe there are definitely areas of the team that soaks down these events the central Valencia even wingers Plainville buzz for years now. I mean, this club a club nothing against them. But Mata one, and it was never mind. United put it in one hundred years. So all these signs of commend all these guys are no Herrera's APS G. And who the hell is not move. I no. But he's going to all these guys have come in just such a downgrade on will the club wear over the years of the success of the end of Saddam. To try and quote together. Again, as is going to be a long long job. Find a word on this side with you when it comes to start of next season. What did you say we'll poke Manchester United player? I think he will be now I think he'd be going. I think I think the guys are sending will leave Manchester think ill leave the click things he'll he'll stay too long is giving United three years. Now, he's not really much. What? Zero Palade Cup. I think you'll be gone. So yeah, I think the bit of people you look at the defense guy say displays that last week in Barcelona for those plays played in Bosnia twenty eleven when you not tell the Champions League the hair young small Jones, and you know, smaller Jones of infinitely a decade the improved abroad same not allowed. So this has been going on well before Ferguson retired. It's been going on for ten years. Now that the the the poor investment the poll recruitment, set your signing Zo, right avid, silver, Sergio Koyo unites signing Gabrielle with San Michael Owen Babai. Tony Valencia replacement Aldo. That's why the problem started. It's a ten year thing, and it's like alongside from the slump Popa will in Itis next season your opinion. I don't think so I don't think so I think he's willing to live. I think if we keep say that is because maybe they heard something and maybe. But I think there is it's easy to to to send a message. If you want days and everything that maybe these you willing to to get Papa he's may be forcing the exit tomorrow. Of course, the big match, and we'll be here right off with a bring your own their reaction visual. Join us. To word for it. But in the end a Christian Erickson late goal was enough to give Spurs away in our home against Brighton. A little bit of breathing room between them and the chase impact free points, Chelsea four of awesome. Or of course in action tomorrow as you mentioned playing city the joke. Dumb Spurs just. Yeah. I mean a lot suppression possession. But you know, I've always said that when you team Brighton who are fighting for the very survival as they are bottling mccown, then you're going to face a team with a rearguard action. So they got the job that an end as say no pictures from scorecard, and so three points, and they're not really I think really comfortable position Ericsson proven to be the difference on a eleven. I really really love him is is a different player. I mean, we were we can talk sometimes about Manchester in eighteen and the position of pug, Bob, also Chelsea with is there is one guy who can make the difference for for his team is is he can find the magical pass Oregon Skogoe like he just did a today and he's a fantastic player. And I'm so I think I think it's just going firms that Tottenham is maybe a out of the full teams the best team. Yeah. So far the book sending a big favorites we see the remaining fixtures. Well, why not? Seeing him for a while. Stevie Spurs row. Ryan's suggests that fine. No problem for them. Correct. Who's the other one jail yesterday? I still in Chelsea, I don't I don't trust arsenal away from almost who said. And my goodness Mancha. She ain't going when another game the season. I'm not quite sure. Well, Chelsea couldn't being Burnley's. I should bomb layer one of those days that that will upset anything. They did a nice game with to ship PC's. No surprise. But. It's probably more through default. The Chelsea I'm gonna get through because I just don't trust us. So among chess United the only thing he wants to to to to deal with Shaikha. You don't because check I think is gonna finish of fourth. Yes. And easy only one. So you want to back him up. Backing anyone. I'm just asking the question when do you go they'll because we Swedes CV, change his mind. That you don't touch the late. Right. I think if mine say if money United List just to say which most expect hopping that they're going to have to beat Yale whole. Yeah. To to stunned any John's realistically and Stevie said at the moment, there's no sign that even if he gives him a kick up bauxite from no to allow jokes game. There's no sign that. It's going to be chilly actually said that it gives a kick out the bucks eight at half-time against them. But wall that win for more since lighting for talking go through our hives on YouTube channel VAT fat content available. There is picture you Frank coupling. Now. That's normal. Yeah. You only have legends. Well, that's it. You view in the meal. Which did you play for Goto bright? Bosso then once closest to being champions of Spain out very to victory away against holidays. Twelve points ahead of athletic at the moment action later in the wake Balser of goals to win league. And also the champion's that through the semi final on Liverpool. They'll favorites to advance through the funnel in Madrid. Your thoughts about semi who. Go through your boss. Well, I've just my my heart. I always been when I was younger a big fan of Liverpool without you know, with Kevin Keegan era, we St. Kinney dietitian all those players. The football was fantastic. And I think it's maybe the Liverpool year maybe winning the the Premier League and also the chimpanzees league and they have a fantastic team. And I think they can trouble wanna differently about not message. Of course, the guy is different. But, but you know, the three Frontino Manny familial and Masella of also some tricks to to change maybe the school. You're the only one I think he said the ions we're going against the events. I mean, sometimes you can be we'll be lucky. None of it. I think I think I actually is a fantastic team. I think he's going to be complicated for Tottenham. I XE foam is a favorite of the competition right now to win the whole thing because because the against by immune. Real madrid? And you've been to the bookies agreement here, they concept, right? I act so Spurs as the who would advance to the final. Welcomes extra time last thing before we bid adieu, can you? You know, you ado, ado, do what do we do, you know, the most worrying thing how long have you been here? Frankie four days. That month for you holiest. Benke said since over here, I know becoming more often from now on. Do you know what I love you guys? But he's doesn't seem to be the same from you, not replicates. I don't feel good back to you have ridge life. You know when we leave. Right. Stevie united. I wanna play. I. A phony, you know, Mark say on on the show L the. Shitty. They would rather mandated fundra Glavas city. One in Liverpool actually Liverpool funds of the same. They would rather have won the league United rarely. Oh. What's your favorite type of pastor favorite source and penny would pest though is my personal favorite? Vic-? Yeah. Yeah. Last night here. Penny a monthly China. Oh, kill cheval. Sorry. Oh. Any? Don't realize you're having the taste. What's place yet? Penny. Ship was any a monthly Chana? Listen to that all day Nixon. Oh favorite pasta? Pastor boston. Pasta where? Cheddar cheese on great. Illiberal? And then the chair the. Parmigiana never blended hair. By the way, we stinks. Told you parmesan. Stinks said a very sensitive smell. So when you're out in, and they waited comes up and says would you like parmesan and your pasta eagle stay? Logical. Great genova. We were empowered holiday good to the rest of you know, you don't. Couple of years ago. Monon hides another Bianca and one of the restaurants in San German and French fries. Been charged where on the side. No on the top. The. Air into restaurant steep. Couple of colleagues, we all depending on. Viagra and Marcus said all of an extra portion of fries went the world for it is go. I wanna told us before it just. Cod. Drop them in box office like oh, slushing food how much more would my subscriptions ESPN. Plus after Bates a keep Francona. He's excellent. Rooms where we are talking about it. The. That Craig is trying to put that down on the why Franken pup stories with Craig about pup stories in you know, the different. I was a professional football player. Go to pub-, right. Not. TV? I know coach your goal. The first time we went to I think east of west of London we went to play golf every most of the team we finish the eighteen holes. And then we went to clubhouse and house paint of beer, and it was competing, and I don't know last six seven eight busy. Yeah. I discovered another culture. Yes. L crazy. I was I wasn't Meiring them because out can this toot up though, it was six seven possible final question fee Frank because you've got to catch who do you think would win a match FRANZ ninety eight of France two thousand nineteen. I'm so offended that you even question after the flight. No, well, now really is difficult to compare generation. But don't forget that the coach of the two thousand eighteen team was our captain. I'm sure would make sure that we can win it would put pug, but number six. Yeah. I would I would say up passing. I would say the Ninety-Eight difficult to answer. Because offense anybody that? I think we do. Better technique say tactically better than them. Okay. I think the team spirit is the thing. You would move Examen. Hold on to fill bucks listeners Terim tastic. Yeah. Lottum blow, and then mouse, and you and then he ended show Petit the show man as he done done, the only one choice. F up front. Maybe what Steve but you had a beautiful season. And and it's true didn't score huge school running the workup. But we have the young two young players trees again children wreak. So we didn't have. But we're Tyrian re do, you know when we went to Glasgow to range us. He didn't do very well now and the here is would. Yeah. Yeah. No World Cup. It wasn't complicated. I flew was very complicated for him because psychologically when here you win the World Cup. And you don't go any goals when you had chances to score it is hard. And is it good? Nobody sells swimming pool in Brittany. Yeah. And it's very good for don't want to him because he has a very good career in Auxerre. And is a is a good person and any hard for the couldn't complain about these his composure and his commitment to two hours. I'd say we've done Frank. It's being the pleasure. We will be back tomorrow though. Because of course, it's just United against Manchester City will be looking back came all the matches. Go would you believe we'll be talking about also? Yeah. Final seventy five. What I say. Exciting.

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