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What are the Phoenix lights?


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We'd like to do a check in at the beginning of the every show. Nowadays les feeling good feeling great. How are you pretty good. <hes> not too bad not too great kind of middle of the road. I don't know i never feel like i have anything to add at this the juncture of the show i feel like i'm just like a blank slate well. I'll give you something i'd do. It finally went to go see a movie. After all these years of not seeing movies i got to see see the new tarantino film really wanted to go with you guys once once upon a time in hollywood i had my daughter and not kid friendly film as it is not no certainly why not but in this film there is a small part for a certain kurt russell who shows up in another tarantino movie and he has a a really interesting connection today's topic he does yes which will come to the forefront assumed as always as you listen along if the spirit so moves you give us a call and let us know your thoughts. You can reach us directly. We are one eight three three as st d._w._i. K. and if if you are feeling particularly charitable why not leave us a review on your podcast platform of choice do it we we <hes> we enjoy it and every review <hes> every time we get a nice review our our uber boss appears in an obsidian mirror and grants us one more day of life yeah then he says no get back out there in gives them more ridesharing stuff. 'cause i'm the uber boss. Yes exactly exactly exactly today. We are diving into a phenomenon that many of our fellow listeners have asked about over the course of years years in years and years this has shown up and we've looked at it a little bit in the past but now we're diving face first full into the deep water of the phoenix lights to some people the entire phoenix lights phenomenon is a cynical way of grabbing cash some publicity and you know in some respects effects that is true to others. It's one of the most well documented u._f._o. Sightings in recent history due primarily to the video footage available and as well well is the thousands of witnesses on the ground and a few in the air at the time so today's question is what happened. Where does the truth fall between in these two rather divisive views tanzer that we have to travel back in time so here are the facts we have to go back to march march thirteenth nineteen ninety seven around eight pm a little after that in arizona specifically in phoenix arizona and the surrounding rounding towns mostly north of that now on this day numerous reports all kinds of residents from all across his area start art describing to <hes> to police 'cause they're making nine one one calls. They're making reports this all over the place of these mysterious lights that are in the sky but here's the deal if you if you went through and cataloged every single one of the reports that occurred that night. You're going to hear a lot of different stories about what was actually really seen. Some people describe seeing this strange v-shaped formation or sometimes. It's they called it a boomerang and it just looks like you you know like if you're looking at geese says they're migrating or something flying the flying v yes it similar to that with six lights sometimes more sometimes fewer usually six or fewer that were actually observed and other people amidst. These thousands of witnesses claimed that they saw hovering lights meaning lights that moved in discrete groups or lights that appeared to fade after they had passed the observers and again. Most of these observers are stationary canary. They are on the ground they do not. They're not looking through various instruments. They're watching with the naked eye so they'll have a hard time guessing the altitude yes we we see a large range in what how people believe. These things are right yeah so let's let's trace the events because we're fortunate in that this happened so recently nineteen ninety-seven there's a wealth of technology that wasn't available in say the fifties or the thirties according to the national channel u._f._o. Reporting center which is one of the only organizations that keeps an official record of these sightings <hes>. They received their first call on their u._f._o. Hotline that night eight from a retired cop in paldon arizona. That's a small town a couple of hours north of phoenix and then after that initial report the hotline blew wop people were calling all over the place from location south of paldon and that indicated to the reporting center that the aircraft or were the u._f._o. Whatever you wanna call it was heading in a southeastern direction and some of the specifics from the reports are a little bit different but u. U. s. a. today a few months. After the fact in the summer of ninety seven reported that they there were several key observations here they are dr one. The craft was enormous witnesses described it sometimes as a mile wide to it made no noise and three it moves slowly over arizona sonal often stopping to hover in a single location and now that is generally with the reports that describe it as one in in craft essentially that's flying together and all those lights or just represented attached to that crap right like on its belly and so now we enter into a a tricky situation. Yes true according to researcher tony ortega. There were actually two separate events on the night of march thirteenth. I we have the mysterious v in question configuration of lights that so many people across the state witnessed that was seen over prescott at about eight fifteen p._m. And then travels south to phoenix about thirty then and it passed over tucson finally at eight forty five. That's two hundred miles in thirty minutes which means the v. was moving at about four hundred miles per hour our and remember what ben said earlier. These people are generally stationary on the ground in there observing going in that direction so it you know we're it actually was above whatever location it was in that timespan give or take it's give or take you know miles but still that's a big deal when this parts wild because you had a huge disparity in whether or not people were seeing it up high or down low literally some early eye witnesses perceived eve than it was high in the sky and then you had other swearing that it was a low moving almost a hovercraft kind of the hovering very low and slow bull yeah some people describe it as being right above their homes as it was going across and that's been depicted over the years as that other people have seen as well above above the mountains even because there are several large mountains especially in the phoenix arizona area <hes> kind of to the northeast and people were describing it as coming coming over those. There's a huge mountain. I think it's called squaw peak right near the center of phoenix and people come right over top top of that mountain as well and we'll get into more of the specifics later. It's just just think about how fascinating that would be to actually observe that short and as we'll find this is not uncommon for the residents of phoenix arizona. Here's the second event that happens on the same night march thirteenth news news of that eight thirty p._m. Citing that you just described no traveled very quickly and so more people were outside with video cameras. When the the second an unrelated event happened at about ten pm in the sky southwest of phoenix string of lights appeared in the heavens and slowly lowly sank until they disappeared behind the nearby astray mountain range so given that there were two different events. One of the big questions is we're people can fleeting the reports. Did these two separate events happen so closely together in a chronological sense that later later people are saying well. I saw something weird to on the same night so logically. It's the same thing i can see that yeah. It makes light also that would that would account for the the disparity in <hes> in height yeah well now what twenty two years later yet plus we are are how much has been in conflated just historically now at this point after that initial day of report. It's weird and we'll see that mainstream media had a an unusual role to play in this but let's see what uncle sam said initially lots of people freaked out. They contact military bases in arizona and they said all right. What's what's going on. What's what's all the hubbub bub and the military bases every single one said ou nothing unusual here what are you what do you beefed up about. <hes> or whatever you know that's that's military jargon a guest and later these military bases and the government would change their story since a little bit of foreshadowing. This is where we can see a little bit of that telephone game. You're alluding to matt and how quickly things got out of hand so he said the event happened. Let's call it mid march. It did not become national news or even general knowledge until june eighteenth nineteen ninety-seven when u._s._a. Today put out a story worry with the headline skies phone lines light up arizona on their front page. Misinformation was already spreading like wildfire. Many people weren't sure exactly what they saw. Some time had passed that means they were in a suggestive state and we have a pretty accurate <hes> reenactment reenactment of how those kind of question answer sessions can go so who wants to be the researcher who wants to be the witness researcher sure. Would you say it looks like a craft how well i don't know it happened so fast. Perhaps it had a rough rough shape the triangle boomerang. I guess so maybe boom cut bread. That's all it takes. The witness saw boomerang thing yeah exactly because now we have now. We have a witness who is very clearly not trying to trick anybody not out to get any money money or the o._b. On t._v. or whatever they're they're honestly thinking well. I i yeah. I guess it could have been a boomerang breath or something like that. I thought that was very well. Acted can point out really quick. I really miss headlines like skies phones light up zona. It's just good economy of language. The british are great at it very good. The i i gotta send you those compendiums of brilliant headlines that are like <hes> well. Some of them very dirty puns but i'll send it along. The question here now becomes what actually happened up there twenty two years ago phoenix arizona nineteen ninety seven. We'll tell you after a word from our sponsors this risotto of stuff. They don't want you to know is brought to you by a._d._t. Real protection from a._d._t. Is personalized home security with a system that fits. Your unique needs the the eighty h._d. Video doorbell. Lets you know who's at your front door from virtually anywhere right from the a._d._t. App on your phone the a._d._t. App also lets you customize the lighting reading in your home with smart lights plus helped secure your home with smart locks and checking on your home with h._d. Indoor and outdoor cameras you can even get professionally monitored carbon monoxide in smoke detectors. 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Yes checkpoint check for real because a lot of times when you were thinking about these kinds of things you have one or two witnesses right or you know a small handful of witnesses and you have to just by critical by the by the way of thinking about these things critical you have to question the veracity of a witness statement right sure in this case you still have to do that to an extent but you have so many people seeing it that we can confirm that something was in the sky something occurred and there was video documentation and and and <hes> <hes> photography there are a lot of photographs of that night now here is where we bring in our friend kurt russell. Look oh okay so on a talk. Show british talk show years ago. I think it was around the time that guardians of the galaxy one or two was coming out. I can't remember he was into okay so i wanted to but he was really prominent too. Well guardians of the galaxy was occurring. Kurt russell is on british talk show he's sitting next to chris chris pratt and the <hes> the presenter brings up the phoenix lights. He's just starts telling the story of the phoenix lights and kurt russell answers. It wasn't even a question or anything. Kurt russell just responds by saying. I know exactly what that was because i was the pilot that that actually <hes> called this in when he was coming into the airport and he tells a story about how he was taking his son. He had just gotten his pilot's license. He was taking his son oliver to go see a friend out in phoenix and he was flying out there and as he's approaching <hes> to land he sees these six slights and he makes a report and describes him. He's as well yes. They're unidentified. They're six lights. You don't have them on your radar. Will then that's odd. I'm just letting you know and then he lands and goes about his day but a fairly odd that someone is prominent as kurt russell ends up being you know a pretty major witness to to this phenomenon as confirmable in any way it is he. He is talked about it. He actually named the <hes>. What is it the call not the call sign but the tower our or it's the the tail number. Whatever of lane halls out exactly what it was like. That's so cool so he said he saw the plane and mm could even see the tail. No he knew because he was the pilot. Oh no his plane okay okay. That makes sense. I mean to me. It's not that weird because this is this. This is post big trouble in little china where everything changed for him and he just flying around and just seeing u._f._o.'s. I mean you staring into the abyss man so technically. It's absolutely true for several months. The phoenix lights were her in arguably regardless of how you feel about quote unquote aliens they were u._f._o.'s. People had multiple often contradictory ideas about about what could have been up there. Some of these ideas were more plausible than others some much more plausible than others but the point is no one was completely sure u._f._o. Hit the scene very quickly and when they investigated this story they've found wildly varying descriptions of the lights. Especially this is again again. Important as time wound on descriptions included things that you had mentioned earlier matt huge boomerang shaped aircraft luminous globes one one of my favorites spinning disco balls <hes> maybe those guys were already out partying with some hallucinogens or something in which case they added amazing night. It reminds minds me of descriptions of chariots of fire in in ancient writings of having our understanding of technology in current time attempting to explain what we're seeing that as technology of a further advance time yeah. That's just at least the image i get. I'm not saying that's what i think. It is eric von daniken yes. I love to drop that name. It's true furthermore ufologists believe still that the story goes much deeper than the two events that were reported. They often also insist the events ride. They're related or the same phenomenon at the attempt to separate. These events is <hes> either misguided or purposely misleading. You have researchers say that before the lights were seen over phoenix. They were spotted near henderson nevada and then and afterwards they were spied in mexico and then they also say some people had strange reactions to the light and countering temporary amnesia or or reacting in an oddly unemotional way like the they saw the lights. They stopped the car. No one said anything as they watched them in silence and then when it was over instead of going holy smokes what was that they sent her well. Denny's close at ten so g back on the road. <hes> i just want to point out really fast that henderson nevada is very close to las vegas. It's on the outskirts in its to the north west of phoenix great so like if you're imagining that line of travel down from generally las vegas. It's that same direction that it was reported earlier. That's perfect. We need to orient ourselves dell's geographically. Let's bring in the professionals <hes> the the professional non-governmental u._f._o. Observers let's let's let's introduce mathon because they got involved in this right boy. Do they ever so <hes> you know how much i love a good acronyms so move on or the mutual u._f._o. Network is a a u._s. Based nonprofit organization that we have talked about many times on this show. <hes> made up of civilian volunteers who study alleged u._f._o. Sightings mathon is not not officially persuaded that this was an extraterrestrial event at all and i would think the first ones to be like you know yes. We need more confirmed u._f._o. Accounts <hes> so i'd love to hear what their arguments and here it is thus quote. Do we have evidence that it was an extra terrestrial event move on said in the form of their investigator gym man <hes> we have evidence that it was an extremely bizarre events but we can't put a label on it other than that. It was an anomaly man. Then added that arizona move on investigated the gated three hundred and twenty-five cases of reported u._f._o.'s last year and the majority were explained twelve were filed away as unknown and that would be last year that would be twenty eight one thing you know move on is is not a perfect organization as its fair share of critics <hes> especially given some of the political infighting and allegations of racism within the ranks but when it comes to their analyses of these different different reports they are from what we can tell again. Paul matt knoll and myself we are not members of move on but it seems like they would rather or no the truth so if they investigate something and they have a plausible whether balloon explanation then they'll take if it seems true and that's respectable we we were at a guy. Wasn't that long ago we're at mu fawn meeting. Not i don't even know what it was. Was it twenty eighteen or twenty seventeen. One of those years a twenty twenty eighteen time moves so strangely now but <hes> what we saw in that meeting were individual investigators coming up and giving the reports about all the research done on specific sightings and it was fascinating to see how much care was put in by you know each individual member like who knows exactly what they put in but at least the people we witnessed of the effort. Is there yet and it seemed a very productive meeting i was i enjoyed it a there. Were of course maybe a couple of more eccentric people yeah but that can happen almost in any free public gathering. I mean we were there. Yahu we were there was one who is thinking about and i have a question for any you have in the in the listening audience today. How do you feel about people who seem quote unquote. Chew eccentric for meeting do think it is important that they have a space to speak or do you think i think they <hes> discredit the overall investigations. I don't know i don't have a i have a a badger in this bag or a horse in this race but <hes> would be interested to hear what people have to say especially if you have attended many such conferences or meetings so that's not where the conspiracy theories. He's and some people say no of course these aren't aliens. This is just a cash grab by people wanna build the credulous. It's it's much worse. These are these are manmade events but they're not made by the government you recognize they've made by by a different government a deeper government at deep state something we would call a new world order. Some fringe researchers active in in w. o. Oh research believed that the second event was sort of a red herring they claim the military at fort huachuca south of tucson corona actually dropped flares in those created the second with the lights and the did this to confuse confuse people and hide evidence of a psychological warfare test that created indistinct shapes in the night sky. You'll love this met via some sort of holographic projection device whoa we're getting into blue beam territory here watch out. That is my favorite. Will you know the other thing is they would've known that there would be a lot of people out looking at the sky because there was a weather phenomenon is a space weather phenomena that was going on. There is going to be a meteor shower hale bopp right yeah in a comment and it's you know if they were going to do some kind of psychological research wjr it would have been a great night to choose that is true that is true and then we bring in the the heaven's gate strand to this web <hes> that is the that is the religious movement often called a cult <hes> that was convinced they would be able to leave their capurro forms news and travel to their religions paradise via. The hale bopp comet <hes> if they took their own lives which is unfortunately what happened. Maybe story story all its own so add that to the mix. Maybe that's where the psychological warfare aspect is kind of coming into play but the issue here for new world order stuff is still one of motivation why go to all this trouble. If you are a very powerful shadowy paragovernmental kabul. What would you have to gain by pulling a stunt like like this is just bragging rights. Walk up and kinda you know <hes> swing your business round at the bilderberg conference god so weird i can imagine i mean if i really put on my tinfoil hat. Just <hes> to to see i can imagine it being test to see how the public is going to react to a mass scale <hes> vision in the sky like this no matter what people are seeing right if there so i guess the motivation would be if we were to fake an alien invasion of some sort how would the human beings on the the ground react and how would we how would we propagate it most effectively so these are questions that currently do not have answers. Everyone can agree on <hes>. We would like to point out our blue beam episode. If you want to learn more about that is a fascinating story and it's one of those that feels a little bit less impossible each time you think about it especially given the recent breakthroughs in imaging technology but let's so far we have been talking primarily about motivations or <hes> explanations that exist assist in the heavens. We're going to pause for word from our sponsor and then return with a bit of a more. Let's call it an earthly explanation warning in this episode of stuff. They don't want you to know is brought to you by westin hotels and resorts looked we travel a lot and we can tell you from experience that not all hotels are created equal at westin hotels and resorts. They have a single goal to help you travel well in fact. They'd say that it's more than just a goal. It's their entire reason for being there. Range of wellness offerings has been curated with one thing in mind you at western you'll find nutritious food on their new eat well menu on demand workout gear with their fitness gear lending and restorative night's sleep with their heavenly beds not to mention so so much more because when you you eat well move well and sleep well you rise no matter where in the world you travel welcome to westin and welcome to wellness explorer western dot com a member of marriott bond boy would back and while we're back. Let's go back to tony. Ortega who mentioned earlier ortega who is a journalist. Jason is is reported this for some local papers believes the he is arrived at solid explanations for both of the events over arizona that had evening i that infamous v formation the one that happened in around eight thirty right so ortega spoke with a young man who had had a ten inch dob sonian telescope. This kid was named mitch stanley. He spotted the v. from his backyard and he was able to see close. Oh snuff that he could discern it was a formation of airplanes used a magnification of sixty x that more or less puts him sixty times closer to the avi than people who are viewing it unaided and he said he could see each light in the sky was actually a double with one light under each square ish wing the planes he's look small in his scope and that suggests they were flying at a very high altitude which comes into play later but he did not know what type of plane they were. There was no doubt he he said that these were definitely planes. He doubled down on that and if you look at some of the video footage that was captured on that night in nineteen ninety-seven it looks like people are talking about this big black v writer the boomerang it looks in some of those videos like there is blacked out sky with a light in the center center of it and that occurs six individual times kind of in a formation in again. There are numerous videos that you can see on line of this to me to my eyes. That's what it it looks like. I can imagine if it really were six individual planes with the wings going out in the way they do in that v formation. They're are going to overlap enough where the you know the blackout sky behind those wings. It's gonna look like it's connected <hes> and if you've got highly experienced pilots it's particularly those who are in a military flying in formation. It's going to be so rigid and flying you know with with such regularity with that formation that i can imagine agenda as it's going overhead or something you would visualize the entire thing as one. Oh yeah totally. I could see that i just want to put that out there <hes> well what about the second of it or take a has an explanation for that too right yeah. It's true <hes> this was seen as a string of flares dropped by the maryland air national guard over the north attack military range and ortega rights on this one <hes> the problem developed later when people conflated reports of the two sightings likely mentioned earlier for with the mini people who had seen the earlier the pass directly over their heads. The explanation of the flares made absolutely no sense whatsoever. News organizations didn't differentiate between the two events or the report on the stanley identification. That's perfect because that that's one of the key pieces in this story so u._s._a. Today right and and <hes> a couple of other outlets they just report this stuff hit the u._f._o. Englehard and don't differentiate between the things <hes> that doesn't mean that they're guilty of purposely trying to mislead people just to the point. We mentioned earlier. You're asking people what happened after the fact act and it's very plausible for them to assume the same thing was occurring the military and government as we mentioned the originally said nope nothing to see here move move along mosey on down out of the way they later came forward and change their story. See phoenix has two air force bases aces pretty near the city and to some weekly eventually broke the news that the maryland air national guard was in arizona winter training and the ad a squad of eighteen hidden fighters over the gunnery range that night these fighters had dropped flares and arizona national guard <hes> p._r. Officer officer public information officer p._e._o. The captain eileen benz had determined that the flares were dropped at get this ten pm over the north attack range thirty miles southwest of phoenix at a pretty high altitude fifteen thousand feet so they would be falling in the air for a long time time another thing happen. Local governments came forward then incumbent arizona governor fife symington. I love that name. Fife symington thought people were being too uptight about this and taking it too seriously so he arranged a joke press conference inference. He had a lot of u._f._o. Jokes in his speech he even at one of his poor aids. Come up on stage in alien costume and he wins like alright. Everybody calm down you know let's just have a good time out here in arizona but then later on as the years pass he pulled total one eighty oh yeah he he told the story about how oh i actually saw something on that night. I was mentioning that there is a thing called squawk peak there near the middle of phoenix. He's the guy at least from the reporting that i read. He's he's the person who said yes. I saw something come over squaw peak and it was like that v formation it was the lights like that and that's right in the middle of phoenix the phoenix area <hes> and he apologized and he was just like hey my bed. The the lights are a great mystery. Three that couldn't have been flares because it was too symmetrical according to his own eyewitness account of it even though he made fun of it interesting <hes> preaching preaching to the converted. I guess interesting well ultimately what it sounds like is a politician that was afraid of ridicule because we do know that there was a i believe a city council member who brought it up in a meeting and then for the next months and months and months she just made fun of relentlessly that our office this and in public rights rates and this remains a divisive topic for people in the area or u._f._o. Allergists versus the skeptics today you know skeptics for their part are quick to point out with a few notable exceptions. The majority of witnesses were watching again with with the naked eye stationary positions on the ground so they can be easily fooled into inaccurate estimates of very important factors like size altitude and dan speed but <hes> for the u._f. Allah gist there is one big advantage at least in terms of rhetoric and argument. They can say well. It wouldn't be the first time that the government did something sketchy and then lied about it absolutely true. <hes> you know the the only the only comeback you have for that is to say that doesn't mean that this is one of those cases right <hes> just because a car has driven through bedford massachusetts doesn't mean that all cars drive through bedford massachusetts true furniture. I'm phrasing on an awkward way but but it's interesting and now brings us to the conclusion we have to ask what do what do you think let's walk through it. Let's say in the let's is just speculate here. Let's say that the the most out there conspiracy theories are correct that in march of nineteen ninety eighty seven extraterrestrials or extra dimensional entities or time travelers whatever came to the phoenix arizona area and did a flyover lyon over thousands of people sought. Why would they do that. They didn't know where they were. They were lost. They were trying to find hollywood. They saw the lights of of las vegas and they made a pass over las vegas because they saw the pyramid down there. The luxor and they're like oh well. This is obviously you know. This is the the ancient shape. They've paid homage to us a wait a second. What's going on down there. They did a scan. They realized he was people. You know just throwing their money into slot machines and they went. Oh jeez. That's not we're supposed to be. Let's keep going down the path here. They went over phoenix and they were like they kept going qassari everybody in phoenix and they finally they made it <hes> down down mexico way and they just stayed. They stayed there because they really liked it. I mean we've all been there right in the state of mind into mexico state of mind okay. That's one idea okay okay. Let's see what if it was u._s. Military craft why now would they do this well. Currently this seems to be the most solid explanation but there's one big gap in the story one. That rightly bothers a lot of people. We don't know for sure where the craft originated. Nobody requested the radar information from on the f._a._a. Federal aviation administration within two weeks the records for this kind of stuff are usually deleted within that two week span dan so we'll never know exactly where those planes came from outside of you know these statements of journalists and statements from the military the mystery remains. I've got something to point out here with the whole explanation of the military craft being a ten fighters. Do you guys know what in a ten and fighter is nola. You're you're familiar with that now. It's they're generally referred to as a warthog yeah have you. Have you ever heard one of these. You've heard them in military movies movies. I've been yes. I was picturing. I'm assuming ben. Have you actually witnessed one of those yeah so. I wonder if we can play a quick sound for you if we can find one if we did find one it's going to be right here. In the eighteen. Warthog is allowed to jet fighter plane so look it up in your time if you have a moment yeah imagine six of those flying in formation even if they're at high altitude you're going to hear them. In a lot of these reports were silent craft. Well also we have to. We have to point out that there are people who have problems with that report to the idea that they were silent true because as loud as something is you get high enough in the air. It's going to be beyond the bounds of human hearing. Sometimes you're right. You're right. You're right and again. We don't know we can't accurately the judge the the altitude right and we all we also cannot confirm whether or not it was the quote unquote a ten warthog citing or or the flare sighting because the flares would be nice and silent right. Oh nice very good point. We hope you enjoy this episode. We're we're presenting resenting what we found to be the facts as well as what we found to be the <hes> the more controversial claims as always your decision is your own. We don't want to tell you what to think but we darn sure want to hear what you think about it. <hes> and <hes> there is one interesting thing i found. I thought might be useful to some of us. Listening in the phoenix area there is a phoenix lights festival aliens or or not. It seems like one heck of a party since twenty fifteen. It's given the valley's electronic dance music scene a signature event to call its own. I've i've looked at some pictures from the party and while you probably won't meet legit extra terrestrial. You're gonna have some interesting encounters some eccentric individuals. We'll make their way to you. You'll have some memorable events that's right and you'll never see me there. Just because i could cost dance. Oh man you have to dance very phil collins about it. <hes> furthermore regardless of what you think mundane or something more phoenix lights captured the imaginations of millions of people over the past more than two decades including a ton of people in hollywood not not just kurt russell. Oh sure i mean the phenomenon was a key plot point. <hes> for the hugely influential found footage horror film phoenix next forgotten which at this point has been forgotten largely. I died. It was not aware of it in the first guy. I have not seen it. I've seen inherently came the last year. I've seen trailers for it it. I mean honestly it looks like a blur which movie based on the phoenix lights being the main occurrence in that's why people will try and figure out what's going on. Allan footage films are so tricky blair which was great chronicle great. If you remember that one yep <hes> that's it's where the kids get distracted tele kinetic powers from <hes> object from space. I actually haven't seen that one in. It's been on my watchlist for we're. I don't even know how many years and i'd be really interested to see what you think because they do pretty well found footage but this one last note u._f._o. Sightings as i mentioned earlier are fairly common in the phoenix area and there are reports of strange lights in the desert sky multiple times every single year but it goes a little bit further according to the washington post arizona has the highest number of u._f._o. Sightings per capita in the entire united did states of america so if there's anything <hes> where if there's any situation where something like the phoenix lights would occur again. It would be arizona. I wanna if you're really interested in this stuff. We recommend looking up someone named lynn qatari. She made a documentary about the subject actually wrote a book. You can find a lot of links in other reporting if you search for <unk> for her lynn kutai again <hes> k i t t. e. I i believe yes. It's interesting stuff. I don't know we'd love to know what you think so find us talk to us on facebook. We are at conspiracy stuff and we have a page. They're called. Here's where it gets crazy. Where you can talk about this episode in any other episode you can give suggestions shins. <hes> were future topics anything you want us to talk about. He do a thing for so. We really appreciate it. If you'd go to whatever podcast platform a choice that you consume this show oh on and leave us a nice review <hes> especially apple podcasts because that's a big helpful way for people to discover the show you can also find us on on our personal in scrums or twitter. I am at them bullet on instagram and f._m. Bullying h. s. w. on twitter and you can find me on instagram at at how nicole brown and just a remember something here in my notes that i just didn't even look at that <hes> phoenix city councilwoman or former the phoenix city council woman. Her name was francis bar would and she was she was the first public official to actually discuss the phoenix lights in a public setting where where she literally were just like hey <hes> so what was that thing in what what is it in the council people around her were making fun of her and all those things anyway you can look it up. You can learn more go ahead and do you want to do any of that stuff. Well you can also can you. Can you call a number. We have numbered only yes. It is warning three s t._d. W._i._c._k. Oh you don't like using phones maybe exist in some sort of cloud of since she and <hes> goo goo can exist in cloud for him <hes> then you could probably probably still find your way into writing an email. There must be a way we are conspiracy at iheartradio dot com <music> <hes> stuff. They don't want you to know is a production of iheartradio's. 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