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What follows may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is advised. Of Stories. Stories of mysteries. Of Curiosities. Join. Anju through Gilligan. For the strange. The unexpected. As. The LID and wash asleep you're inside. The box. ODDITIES WE WANNA. Start this episode by welcoming all of our new subscribers people that have recently joined us. We we saw a big influx. Of. Of Subscriptions downloads this past week, I think mostly due to the fact that Dan Lindsay from scared to death podcast talked about. US. Yeah. A few people mention that we appreciate you so much giving us a shot and sticking around hopefully, and when you tell somebody about the box of oddities and they start listening that's the best way for us to grow the podcast because ultimately our goal is to be able to do this full-time. Just this is all we want to concentrate on I. mean that's all we concentrate on now. But yeah, it's become problematic actually but we would really love to just give you guys all kinds of added value and content as we continue to grow. So thanks for hanging out with US and again big thanks to Dan Lindsay for the shoutout. So I'm just going to get right into it. Here we go on Friday November twenty, second nineteen, sixty, three, thirty fifth president of the United States was assassinated John. F Kennedy. Of course, we've been tied for generations that it was a lone wolf attack. This is what they teach us in history class that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Though. This is certainly plausible. We'll never know Oswald story other than he claimed to be a patsy because he was oft in the parking garage within days of the Kennedy assassination by by Jack Ruby this was before any serious interrogation could be done. Jack Ruby admitted to reporters that there were more people involved in the assassination. When he said quote, the people that had so much to gain and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I'm in will never let the true facts come above board to the world one reporter then asked, Ruby, are these people in Very High Positions Jack? And then Ruby just simply said firmly yes. Now we've all heard all the conspiracy theories are certainly most of them but I came across a few things that I had not heard before and you know I'm preity obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. It's a problem. There was a bunch of stuff that happened that's documented in police reports prior to the assassination that would lead one to believe that there's more to it than we know in other words. About thirteen different people predicted that this was going to happen Oh. Really. Yes and I don't mean like psychic predictions. These are people that made reports to the police. Department, based on information that they had. Claiming that they had heard that Kennedy was going to be assassinated and nobody really did anything about it. Sanchez thing I'm not going to go through all thirteen of them but here are a few and this is according to an article in medium by Jail Pattison. He's kind of a lifelong student of JFK assassination bit of an expert on November ninth nine, hundred, sixty, three, a guy named Joseph a milteer who was a segregationist JFK hater he had ties to other people who hated JFK JFK as well as ties to those suspected of bombing, the Birmingham Alabama Church that killed four children he was. Connected to white supremacist groups of the time, and he was recorded by the Miami Police Department unbeknownst to him while he was speaking with an informant, a guy named William Somerset and this was in Somerset's third floor Miami apartment. So Somerset was in and Most people don't realize that that mid nineties hit by snow was based on a early sixties hit by Oswald. So here's the thing. I'm going to play you a clip of the audio. This is this is the actual audio from the police surveillance. Okay. So the audio is really kind of hard to hear in some places. So here's the transcription Somerset's says I think Kennedy is coming here November eighteenth or something like that to make some kind of speech I don't know what it is, but I imagine it'll be on TV milteer says you can bet your bottom dollar he's going to have a lot to say about the Cubans there are so many of them. Here somerset well, he'll have a thousand bodyguards don't worry about that milteer. The more bodyguards he has the easier it is to get to him Somerset Watt milteer the more bodyguards. He has the more easier it is to get to him somerset. Well, how the hell do you figure would be the best way to get to him milteer from an office building with a high powered rifle in the conversation continued Somerset said. Do you think he knows he's a marked man milteer says I'm sure he does yes somerset are they really going to try to kill him milteer? Oh yes it's in the Working Somerset. Then continued hitting this Kennedy I'll tell you is going to be a hard proposition if the secret service covers all the office buildings milteer said, the secret service is not suspecting the assassination then talked about how could conceal the weapon and again remember this is this is before the assassination took place. He said, you wouldn't even have to take a gun up there just take it up in pieces all those guns come knocked down and you can just take him apart. He then milteer revealed the plan for a Patsy he said quote hell they'll pick up someone within hours if anything like that would happen just the throw the public off no date of the assassination was discussed. No, no city was talked about. But because this conversation between these two guys took place in Miami and JFK was due to visit Miami nine days later on the eighteenth of November, nineteen, sixty three measures were taken. Insecurity was upgraded for the president's visit in Miami Miami. According to page two, thirty, three of the white. House Select Committee on assassinations report warnings of the Joseph milteer threat were dispatched to Miami Atlanta Indianapolis Nashville Philadelphia and Washington but was totally ignored by the secret service personnel in planning the trip to Dallas for some reason. Just. Geographically. It was further away. We don't know. Well, assassins don't go outside a two hundred mile range. So we know that is that the rule. The assassin's creed. The report further pointed out that quote to threats to assassinate President Kennedy with high-powered rifles, both of which occurred in early. November. Nineteen three were not relayed to the Dallas region yet. So on November twenty second nineteen, sixty, three when Kennedy was assassinated. Where was Joseph? milteer? Well, there's a photograph of a crowd standing on Houston Street in Dealey Plaza, watching the presidential. Palace by on its way to taking Kennedy through the kills zone in that crowd. Joseph milteer is standing really waiting to watch it happen. ooh. That seems. Case vicious. So the day after the assassination milteer and Somerset met again, they got back together this time it was in. Jacksonville Florida according to Robert J Grodin in his book, the killing of a president which I've read a good book. I like the movie better that at this meeting milteer expressed his pleasure with the success. Now of the assassination, he shook Somerset's hand and he said well I told you. So it happened just like I said, didn't it? It happened from a window with a high powered rifle that was done the way it was supposed to be done now. How is this on record and yet it's actually you can read the police report. was there no follow up on what? What? Why All taken care of it's all wrapped up as well as well. It was killed now you don't have to worry about it anymore. Take Care of nothing to see here you can read a transcript of the Miami. Recording of the Joseph Milteer William Somerset conversations. And also in those conversations, he talks about upcoming event to kill Martin Luther King Junior. Oh my gosh. So when did this become public information a couple years ago when they had that big release of JFK stuff, it's always been out there. It's been in the Miami Police Department files for some reason, the Warren Commission did not include this in their report. So weird here's another example of something. Weird. About ten o'clock in the morning of November twenty second nineteen, sixty three, a phone call was received by operators in Oxnard California which served approximately twelve thousand residents in the southern California town. This call was very odd the original operator who answered the call Doris Bliss summoned the operator gene shores to pick up the line because she suspected something was wrong after hearing a fuzzy sound and whispering on the line. The strange call lasted about ten to fifteen minutes was accompanied by several very strange statements uttered by an unknown female. But the most shocking was when she whispered the president is going to be held at ten ten. What in the operators looked at the clock on the wall, it read Teno seven and then ten await fifteen hundred miles away in Dallas JFK presidential motorcade was due to enter Dealey Plaza at twelve ten PM central time. Which is ten ten am Pacific Time according to Mandeville blog the motorcade was scheduled to enter Dealey Plaza at twelve ten PM followed by a twelve fifteen pm arrival at the trade mart where the president was scheduled to deliver a speech. But what happened was the motorcade was delayed. This person called back in amended her prediction to account for the twenty minute delay. Now, saying to the operators, the president is going to die at ten thirty. At exactly twelve thirty, PM Central Ten, thirty am Pacific in Oxnard California. The shots rang out in Dealey Plaza and Kennedy was killed to this day. The unknown female caller has never been identified. Wow I mean and that's that's a pretty important piece of information to have to share. It sounds like if it was whispered, it was something that she wasn't supposed to be sharing a report was filed but nobody took it seriously. Wow. Now, this came, of course from a private citizen but a US Army Ordinance Cryptographic Code Operator Private First Class Eugene Dinkins was stationed in Metz France when he intercepted into coded not one but two messages regarding an upcoming assassination of President Kennedy. The first message he intercepted was in October of sixty three. The second was on November second of sixty three, just three weeks before after reporting this, he discovered the army was going to require him to undergo psychological evaluation. Yeah. So rather than passing the information along and they said, you're crazy we're gonNA deal. In, was arrested on November thirteenth nineteen, sixty three after because he went awol. And after his arrest, he was sent to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. But not before I being held at the Psychiatric Hospital Hospital and Dinkins attempt to thwart it wasn't even didn't even earn a mention. Wow. In the Warren report yet there are military records that back this up you can research more about drinking and his attempt to to warn of the Kennedy assassination all of that stuff all those public records are available online, but he wasn't the only one. There was another code operator, another plot interception not much known about this Guy David Christianson but very much like Eugene Duncan Christianson was code operator for the military in one, thousand, nine, sixty three, and he happened upon information that he was not supposed to know. He intercepted a communication sometime in October of one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, three, regarding the plot to kill JFK and just like Dinkins was ignored and his sanity was called into question which I'm sorry. If you're rather than investigating or rather than going, you know this is something interesting that we should look into. The extreme of then going you need to seek medical attention and putting you away essentially. Me Feel like that was an effort to shut that down rather than assist the person or look into the information shutdown. Yeah. It's weird down now, a highly decorated veteran of the Korean War Richard Case Nagel was a US intelligence operative for the CIA and discovered that there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK and that Lee Harvey Oswald was marked to be the Patsy Nagel was tasked with attempting to foil the assassination plot up to and including killing the patsy but. Instead because he wanted to remove himself from all involvement in the conspiracy chose to purposefully get himself arrested by firing a gun near a bank and El Paso Texas. Sorry. What. So he he knew that this was going to happen and was supposed to stop it like how I don't understand I'm just putting pieces together here. But so these guys decode these messages and reported to their authorities. Their sanity was called into question but that information went on to other people. And Nagel was one of these people that was tasked to try to prevent this from happening. So he didn't WanNa get involved he was tasked with preventing it from happening then someone obviously must have taken the communications seriously so them why would you put the military personnels sanity into question that doesn't make any sense because the government isn't thinking with one mind here and the assassination was being carried out by some rogue element of the government. This is how the this particular version of the conspiracy. Plays out then there's the story of Lillian Spangler who on the first of November in nineteen sixty three was working at a gift shop in Miami called the Parrot jungle a customer came in that she believed was of Cuban descent and while she was talking with him, the man's conversation turned political and he made comments about shooting Kennedy between the is. The man said, his friend Lee was a sharpshooter and that he served in the military and that he spoke Russian and he lived in Texas or Mexico, he wasn't sure records don't list Oswald as sharp shooter necessarily but he did serve in the Marines and he did speak Russian and he did live in Texas after the assassination of Kennedy. The Parrot jungle mystery man was finally identified as hey Antonio Martinez Soto in although he admitted to having conversations with Mrs. Spangler Perr. Jungle he claimed that in regards to those things that he talked about she simply must have misunder stood him eventually the authorities told. Ms Spangler to just forget about the incident and don't talk to anybody about it. The Warren Commission didn't find that important enough to include in their. In their report although it was important enough for them to mention that Jack Ruby's mother wore dentures for some reason. Wow. Okay. Well, that's and then there's this twenty five minutes before the shots were fired in Dealey Plaza. A senior reporter of the Cambridge News in England received a telephone call from a man who said quote. Call, the American, embassy in London for some really big news, and then the he then hung up again, this was about less than half an hour before Kennedy was assassinated him. The incident was reported the FBI followed up on it the FBI information dated November Twenty Six nineteen, sixty three is available I'm looking at a copy of it right now I'm not gonna read it because it's really long boring and dry, but it does establish that this did happen and that it was reported to law enforcement. And then finally on the evening before the assassination and this is more hearsay, a party was being held. At oil tycoon Clint, Murchison's House in Dallas among those in attendance were vice president. Lyndon Johnson. J. Edgar Hoover the head of the FBI and Johnson's mistress Madeleine Duncan That's fine. Johnson. came out from behind closed door meeting in one of these rooms in the house and he told Madeleine quote those fucking Kennedy's will never embarrassed me again that's no threat. That's a promise. My Gosh. As all vehicles turned onto ELM street Johnson sitting in the rear passenger seat next to his wife and senator. Ralph. Yarborough. Is said to have duct just as or before the first shots were fired and if you go back and you look at photographic evidence, he is the only one ducking Oh really came nobody else is. He claimed he was shoved down by his secret service guy. He said quote I startled by a sharper port or explosion, but I had no time to speculate as to its origin because agent youngblood turned in a flash immediately after the first explosion hitting me on the shoulder. And shouting to all of us in the back seat to get down, I was pushed down by agent young blood almost in the same moment in which he hit or pushed me he vaulted over the back seat and sat on me. I was bent over under the weight of agent young leads body toward Mrs Johnson Senator Yarborough however, Senator Yarborough, who has also writing backseat with Johnson came forward and said this it just didn't happen that way. It was a small car Johnson was a big man tall. His knees were up against his Chin as it was there was no room for that to happen. Yarborough recalled that. Both Johnson young blood ducked down as the shooting began and that young blood never left the front seat. Yarborough said Youngblood held a small walkie talkie over the back of the car seat and that he and Johnson both put their to the device. He added quote they had it turned down real low I couldn't hear what they were listening to. Well, that does seem suspicious. There are a lot of unanswered questions when I think about the JFK assassination one of the things that I have a really hard time with is that there are three rows of seats in that car and that doesn't make any gosh darn sense. and. So when I picture it, I'm like Bob where was Lyndon Johnson even sitting and then I have to go like Oh yeah. It's a stupid looking car. Well, he was in a in the car behind he was the second car in the motorcade he was behind the car sitting in front of JFK. Then that was governor Conley Conley. Oh my bad my bad. Yeah. It was the driver in his wife and then JFK and Jackie okay I believe that makes more sense in the front i. mean it's still the car doesn't show. Looks Dumb. So the deeper you dig in into this the more the unanswered questions accumulate you can't. We're never gonNA frigging no, no one's ever going to know it certainly does sound suspicious though that's what I said I know but we can't go on together with suspicious minds. The Gospel according to the book of Elvis. Now, that thing in the middle. We've all heard the term. Grammar Nazi. Someone who directs a person when they misuse a word The Greatest Grammar. Nazi. Ever was probably the ancient Greek fallacious. If. Somebody misused word. Page after page after page explaining why that person was grammatically incorrect. The ladies became so obsessed with this. He rarely eight. Any. Eventually died of malnutrition. The box of oddities with cat and Jeff Rogin off. The. Only podcast that one shot a man for storing too loud and wound up in New York, sports writer. The Bucks of holidays we've received a lot of really nice messages over the last week or so some talking about how they found us because of scared to death some saying guys thank you because I love scared to death. So that's nice knowing that it's going both ways and then some just saying, Hey, you guys should talk about more spooky stuff We got those message from kills. On instagram cat and Jeff throw my name is Kelly I've been following you guys for a while now African love your show so much. It's gotten me through some lonely times. So thank you. I was messaging you to give you an idea for a topic I'm learning about in my criminology and psych unit course I'm not going to tell you what the topics are because I'm gonNA use them but. Just. So cool that you're in a criminology and sight course I am jealous and I want very much to to be involved in that I just think it's so cool like it's such a cool thing to to be studying if you guys ever come to, Australia. I'll be at your show front and center please stay safe and Sane and keep flying that freak flag Thank you so much keells and yes, we very much would like to go to Australia. Thank you. Again it never ceases to amaze us how many educated people listen to this silly little podcast. And we don't get corrected more than we do. It reminds me of this email that we got from heather. She said can't just talked about taxes. I was born and raised Pennsylvania Dutch and I have had potatoes on warts when I was little as cat was talking about it, I thought to myself oh. So that doesn't work. Then quickly shamed myself disregarding all the Info I learned getting my biology degree. No, I'm sorry. Sorry. No. Of course, it works. Hey, our our bodies and our minds are an amazing things and you know the placebo effect is a real thing and so if you believe that it works sometimes it frigging cannon I don't know why my dad used to heal people's warts with pennies. Remember you telling me that that's weird. I know anyway what you got for me Yeah. We're traveling to the mountain province in the Philippines to cigar. Because maybe lack of transportation and maybe because of a lack of guides very few conquistadors came to CICADA during the Spanish era and a Spanish mission wasn't founded there until eighty two. So as a result this is one of the few places in the Philippines that has preserved its indigenous culture with very little Spanish influence. So many really interesting things that go on in this part of the world in. SUGATA specifically, they've got an underground river there's Ponga's falls there's Marlboro Mountain. Multiple caves filled with incredible. What's the word I'm looking for strategic and also the hanging coffins of Echo Valley. So leaving from the center of Sagada, a twenty minute walk will get you to this incredible religious site. It is where the native Igarashi would bury their dead the top of Echo Valley. It's gorgeous spot with a beautiful view. The hanging coffins are about twenty minutes downhill track from from their Echo Valley's name is appropriate because when you stand at the top of Echo Valley You shout. It's very echoey. Holy Shit. Look those coffins carbons. Yeah. Though you are discouraged from shouting most tourists, do it anyway but it is part of a religious sure place. So you don't have a hootenanny in a cemetery. Though we have picnic data many. So the hanging coffins, it is believed that the trouble folk in that region believed that putting their dead in steep crevices made their loved ones nearer to the gods. The coffins are made of hollowed out log normally carved by the elderly. Before they die, each cadaver was then smoked throughout a five day pre burial feast to avoid fast easy comp. Okay. So like the they smoked it like a side of beef. Yes. Kinda like dehydrated them you WanNa make sure that they were doing this during a feast. Yeah. Okay. There are a lot of times where they combine eating and preparing. Your I would I would be hesitant if I were there to go. Something smells delicious. Hanging the coffins on high elevated cliffs is the traditional way of burying qualified individuals. Now, what makes them qualified isn't exactly known it is known that you have to have been married and had grandchildren. That's all I know really kind of a low bar. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. What about if you're just kind of on the cusp would they be willing to hang you from a cliff without a coffin maybe like if you had a domestic partnership but not a marriage white. He had a grandchild fetus, but it hadn't shot out the. Yeah, they just hang you like it'd be like like some really grotesque feeder. You know it's interesting not sure about the details as I said a little iffy. The INS and outs what it means to be qualified So the The coffins are hung in place through use of projecting beams, basically, the hammer these beams into the limestone hill side, and then set the coffins on top of the beams. Another reason that they believe that this became a traditional way of burying their dead was to protect the bodies from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, and also to keep the corpses away from wild animals. Now, I've heard that when you're burying things, it's good to put a layer of hot sauce on top of the the soil that you're covering the dead with to keep animals from keep animals from. So this saves them a lot of hot sauce, which is nice. I think you can never have too much alongside these coffins. You'll often see chairs strapped to the side of the mountain and this is part of the tradition. oftentimes, the bodies will be placed in the chairs on the. Mountainside. Part of the burial. In one case, according to a traveler's blog, there was a chair strapped to the side of the limestone hillside. There was a full grown adult in the chair. Knees had been forced up to the Chin covered in a white cloth and bound using rope elders believed that placing the body in that fetal position symbolized the start of a new life. So you come into the world in. A fetal position and you come out of the world in a fetal position. That's interesting. Again, according to this travelers blog while the body is being carried to the final resting place whether it be a chair or a hanging coffin, it's considered good luck. If the dead's blood is sprinkled onto you, it's like getting shit on by bird. They say it's good luck. In this case, it's your loved ones inside uses. It means that you'll enjoy bountiful harvests and much success in life, and because of that everyone tries to touch the body for good luck while they're in the process of how did that tradition come into being there was some point where a guy got some help. He was preparing a body and the guy got blood all over and he's like Oh my God. In the a senior guy said, no, no, that's fine. That's that's good. Luck. You know. so He'd continue and finish the job, and so it just got passed on from from master to apprentice or maybe they found that the person who got blood on them actually did have good luck and so they associated that with that incident of of getting blood. On them put two and two together also tradition. Of while in the midst of this funeral process, there is a feast involved in the the I was GonNa say policy but I guess it's probably not a policy per se There's no laminated sheet to on the Cork Board in the in the kitchen that says, this is the policy but Part of the process is that you feast while you're you're doing this funeral and but you don't wash your hands in between handling the body and the food it's understood that that's something that you don't do you while you keep those clamming hemmings. I'm going to go ahead and skip the buffet line here. Yeah. Good. Thank you. So we've talked about the. So we've talked about some of the other traditional burial styles in the Philippines. them the the Zombie Walk. Think it was called the Tin Julian. Funeral. Where people dress the dead up in their finest clothes, they sit him in a chair, the give him a cigarette or to the dead will sit out for a couple of weeks and then they'll re bury them in and this isn't just before the the initial burial they do it every. So often they go and dig him up and put a fresh dress on grandma and that, and then packer pipe full of the becky there several ways that. The this kind of process is represented in the Philippines. There are three different stages of burial. So there's your initial burial. There's when you're being dug up and reburied for whichever spiritual moment you're having, and then there's your final burial and often times that will include what's called a funeral jug, and sometimes that's involving taking other people's body parts and putting them in your jug to complete your body. You know it's like a really morbid swear jar it's. It's in no way like that. I thought it was more like a Mr Potato head but. Either way it's incredibly fascinating and even though we're making light of this and it is so strange from our point of view It's something that these people hold very dear and it is though a lot of the people in this region will now be buried in a more Western style cemetery. There are still those who opt to be buried this way and so there are hanging coffins that are centuries old, and then every once in a while, you'll spot one that's from. Lake ninety-six. Really Yeah that's incredible like I said there is a long standing tradition of culture and indigenous influence that they really do try to hold onto and I think that's incredible that whole Mr Potato. Head thing got me thinking. Is there a way maybe that I could incorporate that into my funeral always looking for something you know unique in novel like like maybe have my nose replaced with Mr Potato heads and then just put is a little pipe in my mouth something like that. Big Glasses and A. Moustache that'd be great and you can go. Wow. Wow. Wow. No I won't because I'll be dead but you could do that for me Oh yes absolutely. I'll lift your glasses up and down and I'll go. Wow. Wow. Wow you when you're dead weight GONNA, write that in. Final wishes and demands. Perfect. All right. Listen. You are going to have a boring sad day just like everyone I know. I, want there to be something at my funeral. It involves a massive display of pyrotechnics. or I'm coming back and I'm going to haunt your ass. Knowing our neighbors pyrotechnics are inevitable. That's true. Any WHO's all? Can we talk about these face masks? Yes. All right. So we gotta Gifty in the mail from Yvonne, and this is magical. Made me a little weepy actually and I don't really. Anyway, they are beautiful, very festive face masks and she says his message she got them at the historic downtown, San Antonio Market, square and She talked about how we wanted to go to do a live show in Texas. But because of Covid we you know everything just right to a standstill. So she sent us a little bit of San Antonio by way of these masks and also some fiesta medals that apparently there is like a big San Antonio. Fiesta. Normally in April and local companies make fiesta metals that people collect you know and that's kind of like that, yeah there s to metal includes Joe, fiesta who appears to be riding a PINATA. Like a wrecking ball. So we got ourselves, some San Antonio Fiesta, metals, and beautiful masks, and we just we thank you so much for thinking of us and sending us a little bit of San Antonio and we love you love the masks and we really need to get some. Thank you cards to send out to people that send us stuff because we we really do appreciate you taking the time to do that. That's really sweet anyway I. Guess That's it. So we will see you next time. Wrapping, out rate the heck up y'all as we say, main rates straight over there eight straight over there bob. All right we'll see you next time until then he flying that flag. proudly. Beautiful Freak. Let it be known that the box of oddities belongs to eat. And it's is in your hands, henceforth the box of oddities commits to the telling of. Stories of the strange the bazaar. The unexpected we wish to offer our deeply-felt gratitude and appreciation for your patronage. The box of auditees dot com on theses at this book Dot Com slash box with of these podcast on twitter at box of days instagram at box oddities podcast I'll be right twenty, twenty, all rights reserved. To three or four Gimme a level. Seventeen thirty two does that date have any significance? Maybe. Not For you but. Now. That was my senior prom.

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