Miracle Healers Pt. 4: U.S.A.


Due to the graphic nature of this colts crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of sexual coercion and abuse. That some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen mary. Elizabeth carreira didn't know where else to turn in her thirties. She felt so lost. She ran a successful counseling practice but believed she was unable to really help her patients plus her marriage was on the verge of divorce leaving her lonely and depressed so mary turned her old grad school. Classmate jon d miller he always seemed to have a solution for everything and he seemed to have a fix for her current problems too. He invited mary to his house to try new tool he developed. he'll people. Mary arrived at his home in kittery. A small town in maine after some small talk. John handed mary his revolutionary instrument. A plane four inch plastic rod. He instructed her to hold onto it for five minutes. Mary didn't expect much but she follow john's directions. Her hands grip the gadget and soon she felt a wave of calm wash over her. Mary wasn't happy but she wasn't sad. Either she was just fine and she considered that to be a miracle realizing this was the solution she had longed for. Mary soon left her entire life behind. She poured all her money and work into john's radical new technology together. They co founded a nonprofit named the gentle wind project after mary. More people joined the movement believing that john's instruments could save them but instead the devices lord them into a dangerous cult in which john would control every single facet of their lives. Hi i'm greg pulsing and i'm vanessa. Richardson and this is called a spotify. Original from podcast. This is the final episode in our special. about miracle. healers around the world. You can find all episodes of colts and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify over every. Listen to podcasts. For our last episode of miracle healers were taking a deep dive into the gentle wind project. A nonprofit that created so-called healing instruments in the nineteen eighties and nineties but by the early two thousands it had grown into a manipulative cult. That stole money from its members and allowed its co founder to sexually abuse his female followers. We have all that and more coming up. Stay with us. This episode is brought to you by fan duel sportsbook. Don't just watch college basketball. Get in the action and shoot your shot with the fan. Sports book app. There's more ways to play the bracket all tournament. Long new users. Get your i bet. Risk free of one thousand dollars. Sign up with code upsets on the fan duel sportsbook app and make your first deposit today. Twenty one plus and presents in virginia. I online real money wager. Only for one thousand dollar risk-free bet refund issued us non-withdrawal site credit that expires in. Fourteen days restrictions. 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The soviet union a rough brazilian neighborhood and a remote village in tanzania in each country their respective governments systems failed the people so they turned to faith healers but this problem doesn't only occur in small countries or crumbling empires some faith healing movement. Took hold right here in the united states just like the other movements. We've covered john d. miller's faith healing cult the gentle wind project was in some ways a response to the failures of american social services and as the organization developed it took on a distinctly american character. John miller himself is a bit of an enigma. And what we do know about his early life comes from the colts co-founder and first follower. Mary elizabeth carrero according to mary as a young adult in the nineteen sixties. John worked as an auto mechanic. The gig taught him that every problem had a solution. If something wasn't working correctly all it took was some sweat and tools to fix it soon. He started applying that philosophy to a new area psychology. That's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode please note. Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks greg. John was particularly fond of psychiatrist. Eric byrnes transactional analysis theory. The theory organized all social interactions into what burn called three ego states parent. Adult and child each state had its own way of relating to the world and others burn. Wanted to simplify human behavior down to predictable patterns and games that people unknowingly play with each other. But john miller moved beyond this echinacea view of psychology. To some extent he became interested in using spiritual methods to create positive outcomes in human behavior and experience. His goal seemed to be to cure difficult and undesirable feelings. It was an ambitious concept. And john didn't know how to get there yet but he hoped that one day he could in one thousand nine hundred seventy two. John was enrolled at the university of connecticut for a master's degree in social work where he dove headlong into developing his new theory. It's likely that he was a bit of an outcast at the university. Most of the professors and students in the program didn't agree with john's ideology. The coursework focused on providing emotional support and effective coping mechanisms for patients. Not on erasing their underlying traumas. John was all alone in his approach until he met a kindred spirit in his twenty three year old classmate mary elizabeth caro- mary had worked with drug addicted teenagers and a counseling program but she became frustrated. That job focused on talking out problems and did little to address the source of the issues. She thought studying social work but provide more guidance on how to fix those problems so mary was just as disappointed as john was with yukon. Social work program. She was ready to drop out of school within her first month until she met john finally married upon someone else who shared her perspective. She connected with johns theory that everyone could be fixed. Suddenly john's philosophy had its first follower. After mary graduated with her master's in social work she briefly worked at a mental health center. But once again she quickly grew disillusioned with the work. She felt helpless in only providing emotional support to patients. She wanted to treat the root of their problems and find a cure for emotional pain so she after one year and opened her own counseling center in mary's book she wrote. I was tired of doing something that made me feel bad and working at the mental health center made me feel bad every day. From my perspective the system itself was lacking as we previously discussed in this special faith healers often arise when a country's institutions fail the people for john and mary it was social services in the us disappointed them and spurred them to create their own solution. At first marian. John separate private practices but kept in touch. Mary and her husband lived in massachusetts. She enjoyed the freedom of counseling her own clients and providing them with potential solutions and soon a personal experience. Inspired her to pick a specialty. When was twenty nine. She gave birth to a son after being in labor for thirty hours. The arduous process wasn't the perfect birth sheet imagined. She and her husband were tired and overwhelmed after award in her book says she felt like a failure which is unfortunately a common feeling among new mothers according to the massachusetts general hospital center for women's mental health fifty to eighty five percent of new mothers have post-partum blues also known as the baby blues. These women experienced tearfulness anxiety or irritability for up to two weeks. In the late nineteen seventies postpartum psychiatric disorders. Were not as widely understood as they are now but mary realized that she'd gone through an uncomfortable aspect of parenthood that no one talked about soon. She began counseling her friends who were also new parents but once again. Mary felt like she wasn't doing enough. She wanted to fix their emotional issues. Not just talk them. Through adding to mary's frustration was her own crumbling personal life in the early nineteen eighty s. She and her husband grew apart and eventually separated. The split caused mary to feel what she termed a crushing kind of sorrow. She wished for a way to soothe her clients and herself. More than ever feeling helpless. Mary turn to john just like she did in grad school. And that's when he invited mary to come to kittery maine to try out his plastic healing rods. John embedded a mixture of herbs and homeopathic formulas into each rod which was supposedly meant to heal anyone who held onto it. Mary gripped the device for five minutes and change the course of her life. She later wrote that. The tool helped her to stop being paralyzed by my own sadness. After that moment. Mary was convinced that the rod had healing powers. Although there's no scientific evidence that john's device had healing properties it offered mary certainty during a period of upheaval in her life which she found to be comforting in the book. Cults in our midst clinical psychologist margaret dollars. Singer wrote people at a loss to make sense of the mayhem around them. Look for direction and become more approachable and vulnerable to the manipulations and exploitations of these skillful con artists. We don't know of. John sincerely believed as rods. Were magical or people trying to manipulate. Mary either way. She was vulnerable to his suggestions. And because of that mary was hooked. She started using the rod with their own patients. Mary claimed many of our clients felt remarkably better after holding a rod. The way she saw the device wasn't just effective. It was a miracle cure in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the thirty four year old. Mary closed her own practice in massachusetts and cashed out her retirement fund to join forces with john. She left her son with ex husband to move in with john carroll in kittery maine while it was a bizarre turn of events. Mary asserted that she made these decisions independently. She and john just happened to be on the same healing mission. John and mary named their new nonprofit but gentle wind project or the gwp. The name came from the chinese nation tool the king which contains sixty four symbols called hexagrams hexagrams. Fifty seven is known as the gentle or gentle penetration and it represents a subtle wind following another subtle wind. It is a symbol of submission and modest success in once undertakings. According to mary they picked this hexa graham because it encompassed their principal belief. People didn't heal through hard work but from gentle observation. It's unclear how exactly this related to the healing rods and that wasn't the only confusing doctrine john and mary came up with the duo drew from an eccentric mix of concepts to make their own franken philosophy borrowing from eastern medical principles. Albert einstein's photon theory and supernatural ideas of electromagnetism ultimately. John and mary came to view human consciousness as an electrical system which stored emotional hurt their pseudoscientific instruments aimed to expel that hurt by healing the human energy field thereby raising the person's capacity to handle stress. The outlandish rationale was just wild enough to work in late. Nineteen eighty-six until the early nineteen nineties. John and mary changed the name of their organization to the gentle wind school. They taught their beliefs and treated people with their healing rods in a group environment at some point during these years. Mary even recruited her younger sister and other women to help develop their technology. The new recruits moved into john's house to which turned into gwp headquarters. But john and. Mary believed they had miracle cure and they wanted to share it with his many followers as possible and to do that. The pair needed to expand. Gwp beyond johns home and across the globe. Next the gentlemen. 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Terms apply see sportsbook fan duel dot com for terms and restrictions. gambling problem. Call one eight hundred gambler now back to the story by nineteen eighty-seven the gentle wind project had outgrown. Johnny miller's home in kittery maine several devotees had already moved into his house including thirty eight year. old mary carrero and four other women. This was in addition to his own wife. Carol john's therapeutic devices were attracting more followers so to keep up with the growth. He decided to expand property. He applied for a building renovation permit but the town turned him down. Kittery officials were suspicious of the application. John house had several unrelated women and himself living together in a single family residence. The small town likely thought it sounded like an illegal business or a textbook cult. Mary and the other followers were outraged. They thought the government was trying to sabotage their work as they sought. They offered free aid to people real help. That people couldn't get from american social services. They were stepping in where the system had failed the refusal. Only stoke the group's desire for a building permit. Mary consulted with a lawyer. Who made a wild suggestion. Mary and the other women should legally change their surnames to miller to match john and his wife it was a creepy idea and one that could ironically solidified. Gwp as an actual cult. The lawyer thought having matching surnames would make the town consider them a family for the permits. So mary and the other. Two women became miller's their determination to become a so called family was eerily familiar other notorious connor have also labeled themselves of family for example the manson family the nineteen sixties and the children of god later known as the family in the nineteen seventies high control groups like cults instill an us versus them mentality in their members. This likely help. Gwp band together. As they recruited more followers and evolved into something more sinister. John and his group family spent years researching and perfecting. There's supposed healing rods and by the mid nineteen nineties. John and. Mary felt like they had enough. Understanding to create a more advanced technology. It was a revolutionary instrument that someone could hold in the palm of their hand a small acrylic disk and a precious stone covered with clear plastic. Dome it looked like a cross between a hockey puck a snow globe and a paperweight. John and mary promised the apparatus would rid a person of past harms and restore energetic balance with that as a pitch. Mary hit the road in the fall of nineteen ninety five. She traveled around the country leading seminars and hotel conference rooms and marketing the tool as a miracle cure in the nineteen nineties. This wasn't entirely out of the ordinary alternative. Medicine was on the rise across the united states. A nineteen ninety-three study published in the new england journal of medicine found that one in three americans used an unconventional therapy within a year's time but unlike other new age solutions. Gwp seemed especially preoccupied with money. Particularly nineteen ninety-five when the organization hit financial trouble. Apparently all that research and development wasn't cheap and according to gwp for the past decade. They've been offering their healings for free with the occasional donation so to supplement their income in the mid nineties. The group began up selling with increasingly expensive healing tools. They started by distributing free trauma cards which were supposedly magical pieces of paper. According to the called just holding the card would heal a person spirit if seminar ten dis wanted more. Gwp offered personality cards for purchase. It's unclear how much they cost but the group claimed the cards identified specific traits. That person possessed kind of like a cosmopolitan magazine quiz beyond those cards. Mary tried to convince people to buy their healing discs and rods. Which cost between four hundred dollars and a whopping twenty thousand dollars according to gwp however all healings were offered for free. The prices were merely suggested donations aiming to distribute as many of these expensive tools as possible. Mary made outlandish promises. she suggested. they could cure everything from serious illness. To drug addiction even swore they provided salvation and how people evolve into a higher state of being in a new twist. Gwp began to claim that john had already reached his higher state within the called. John had exalted status to his followers. He was the person most connected to the higher realm the spirit world. John's linked to that dimension supposedly harness the energy used to power the instruments to keep their healing tools. Functional group family had to protect john at all costs. For that reason. John stay out of the limelight. He sent mary and the group family to do his bidding presumably at election mary. Seminars newsletters heavily. Recruited new members like a multi level marketing scheme it was disturbing combination of new age therapy and capitalism reportedly gwp followers were given sales quotas that they were expected to meet and no matter how much money the devotees brought in. It's likely that the gwp leaders pressured them to sell more and draw in more new members. Among those captivated followers were judy. Garvey and jim burgen. The married couple owned an independent publishing house. Bergen garvey publishers. Judy and jim got to know mary when they began publishing her books and they enjoyed her insights thought of her as a respected writer and social worker at home. The couple was at a loss when it came to their kids behavior so they sought mary's advice about their eldest son. Judy and jim expected mary to talk about the problems like a therapist instead. She immediately convinced them to use a more spiritual method of healing. Mary did a soul reading for the couple using a lock of their son's hair. She then mailed. Judy and jim a tape-recorded message that she claimed to have channeled from a higher power called the teacher. The cassette tapes mystified. Judy and jim because the information was eerily accurate the sole reading seem to give real insight into their children's issues jin later wrote i for one like others who tried. This service was flattered and curious here at last was some source that knew the real me and seemed to care. Just what i thought was missing in my life. Gwp asserted that this information came from the spirit world and the only person who could receive and decode messages from that realm. Where leaders like mary and john. D miller impressed by all of this. Judy and jim started attending. Gwp lectures and events nearly every weekend. They became instrument keepers the first level of gwp membership though. Judy and jim joined. Gwp on this bottom level would eventually grow to thousands of members around the world based on the colts own estimates as instruments keepers. Judy and jim received invitations to advanced conferences where they could buy supposedly upgraded more expensive tools. Judy accepted many these invitations even taking several trips to kittery to try out new devices. Judy and jim were hooked and they didn't stay in. Gwp's bottom rung for long soon. The couple moved up to the next level placing themselves among a smaller group of people who were deeply devoted to the cause. They did exactly as mary wants. Did they moved to be closer to kittery maine leaving behind their professional careers and selling many of their possessions. Duty and jim willfully donated money to gwp and even gave the organization several loans. The couple lent out the cash slowly not even realizing the total amount was creeping up to two hundred five thousand dollars in the meantime. The cult continued growing. John's group family bought property. In durham new hampshire and melbourne beach florida. So that along with the headquarters in maine cult owned three houses while some people lived in the group dwellings. Others like judy and jim lived in their own homes with their kids at least at first but no matter where their residents was all members time was devoted to doing. Gwp work as part of their healing. They all took on positive activities. Such as house construction gardening and fixing cars. Gwp leaders claimed this work has followers discover unexpected hobbies in reality. It sounds like john made his devotees do his household chores further. John and mary expected members to conform to certain expectations. John allegedly ordered his supporters to have short hair where beige clothing and root for the boston. Celtics basketball team among other things of course the organization's demands soon became less superficial and more manipulative. Mary us channel readings as a way to convince members to abandon all of the things they loved. Most for instance once. Mary seemed to be done with writing and publishing books. She told judy and jim to abandon their publishing company. Mary said jim soul wanted to build things like the other members. If he didn't do that he'd become ill. It wasn't clear what mary wanted. Jim to construct but he was still alarmed after the conversation. Jim reluctantly sold the publishing business. It seemed like cutting ties with the outside. World was the main requirement for moving up in the organization members were expected to take commands from. Gwp leadership without question if anyone refused. They were ostracized. Unbeknownst to many supporters there were also monetary benefits to being in the inner circle. John group family. Gwp's top level seemed to live with all expenses. Paid by the nonprofit they had boats. Bmw's and corvettes. Additionally each leader received an annual salary. Which according to judy. And jim later report ranged from fifty thousand dollars to three hundred thousand dollars clearly. Gwp was profiting off the hard earned money of its members but the lower level believers had no idea occasionally gwp's top brass let obedient female followers visit and spend time with john at one point judy opportunity. Mary specifically invited her to participate in a ritual called energy work to judy. This was everything she'd been working toward she would be in the presence of the revered john and help create the healing instruments. She could finally watch john's sacred lifeforce in action. Judy walked into john. Durham's home hoping to be enlightened instead. The ritual was more perverse than she ever expected as it turned out. Energy work was the codename for john's group. sex activities. Judy and several other female followers were encouraged to have intercourse with. John told that it was part of a spiritual practice. Mary who according to john and judy often arranged these events asserted that this was how gentle wind harnessed the power for new healing instruments. Apparently the spirit world demanded it in some sense. The women act as if they were now married to john. Some even believed that they were in love with him. This is reminiscent of how. John's group of female followers changed their surnames to miller. Unfortunately this sexual abuse gave john. The highest level of control seen in colts in nineteen ninety seven study published in the cultic studies journal sociologist. Union knowledge wrote enforcing sexual. Submission may be considered the final step in the objectification of the individual as a cult. Member lalas also adds one sexual control is in place. No part of life is left untouched by the cult leaders influence once judy was indoctrinated into energy work. Mary instructed her to follow certain rules. Judy was no longer allowed to have sex with her husband. Jim she was banned from telling him or anyone else. About the ritual. Other men weren't allowed to be involved. John was the only man evolved enough to handle it. Plus it's likely that judy needed to remain available to have intercourse with john at any time under the guise of producing a new instrument if she didn't show up when john beckoned judy could lose her high level. Gwp status and get kicked out for good but little did marry her. John know judy would soon use this knowledge to ruin. Gwp forever up next. Judy and jim bring down the gentle wind project. This episode is brought to you by the followers house of prayer. A neutral crime. Podcast from uc p audio. It's twenty twenty and anna young aka mother. Anna awaits her fate in a florida courtroom thirty years earlier. 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Gwp directive and didn't ask too many questions reflecting back years later. Jim wrote that it felt like their relationship was now being directed by a higher spiritual source. That knew what our souls needed to change but as time went on the secrecy created a major chasm in their relationship within a year. The couple separated though remained married. Judy moved out and into the third floor. Attic of. John's house. After the split judy and gm shares custody of their sons. When jim visited the house in new hampshire to pick up the kids he described the environment as chaotic. He later wrote any normally functioning. Person would have considered this environment to be inappropriate and insane and removed his children from such a disturbing influence. But not me in my controlled mind. This was the place to be at first. Jim tried to prove to judy that he was still committed to the group so he could see his family more often soon though. Jim felt defeated. Gwp had stolen his wife. Money and business away from him dejected. An utterly alone. Jim finally left the cult and then he did what any lonely person with internet access might do research. Jim looked up literature about high control. Groups and attended anti-cult conferences at first. He was in denial that. Gwp fell into such a category but then it finally dawned on him. Jim and judy had spent years in a faith healing cult and he needed to get judy out of their. Meanwhile judy started coming to her. Own realizations in the fall of nineteen ninety nine she volunteered. Gwp's main office in kittery maine. It was a privileged position only given to a handful of people while working at the headquarters. Judy did menial. Office work like answering phones and arranging mary's conferences. She also had to sell members on more expensive upgraded healing instruments inside the office likely privy to financial information like tax returns and donation records and came to an important realization. She was asked to leave her volunteer job and a few years later. Judy declared that john and mary had borrowed two hundred five thousand dollars from her and jim over the past decade she knew about the loans but she was surprised that the total was so much and judy soon realized john and mary had no intention of paying her back for judy. This was probably the last straw. Gwp had made her give up her publishing company her marriage and had forced to endure john's sexual assaults. Those were all things she couldn't reverse. But judy may have seen the six-figure unpaid loan and realized that that was something she could get back. It's unclear how exactly judy left the organization. She likely asked questions about where her money went. Which led the leadership to kick her out of gwp. This didn't discourage judy though. She continued to demand her money back after leaving. Gwp she reconciled with. Jim and they presented a united front. Judy told her husband about john's energy work and sexual assaults which the organisation made her keep a secret together. They broke the news to their children. That w p the family they had known for over a decade was a cult. The children had always been skeptical of the group. According to jim they responded. We told you so. You should have listened to us. Judy and jim felt guilty. That they exposed their children to such an organization for so long. They realized they had become absentee parents. Pudding called before their sons in two thousand and three john and mary finally repaid the couple's two hundred five thousand dollar loan but it did little to quell their former followers. Ir judy and jim decided to get the word out about what. Gwp done to them later that year they aired their grievances on a newly launched website wind of changes dot org on the site garvey and bergin detailed their experiences in. Gwp soon other former members came forward. To many anti-cult activists joined the movement including famous colts specialist and deep programmer rick. Ross and soon. The site landed on john and mary's radar in a book. She wrote years later. Mary called wind of changes cyber smear campaign that spread lies about gwp. the organization also addressed. Judean jim site by making alterations on their own website. During the cyber war by december of two thousand three. John and mary had edited the gwp website. To include a rambling. Two thousand word warning at one point in the text they boldly assert that. Gwp's eleven fulltime employees didn't make it a cult. They claimed if having eleven loyal members was called like than maybe the red cross large corporations and local car dealers must be called to their rant ended with a vow for revenge. John and mary wrote. We will confront the filth distortions and lies head on and fight the originators and purveyors of this completely groundless material with every legal means available to us. The tirade wasn't only directed at judy and jim. Around this time. The maine and new hampshire justice department's caught wind of gwp buyers of the healing instruments. Started to complain that the devices didn't work. It was enough for main assistant. Attorney general caroline silsbee to take on the case in two thousand and three. She demanded that turnover twenty thousand documents. The walls were closing in. John and mary were about to lose everything. They built over the past two decades. They had to fight back and their first battle was against judy. Gym's website john marion. Gwp filed a defamation lawsuit. Against judy and jim hoping to get the site taken down. But judy and jim refused. The couple filed their own counterclaims represented by harvard's berkman clinical program in cyber law the lawsuit at arguments dragged on until it was too late by that point. The wind up changes website. Had already done its damage. Gwp's business and reputation had plummeted once again. John and mary were in financial trouble. Then in the summer of two thousand six. The state of maine charged. Gwp with violating the fair trade practices. Act the attorney. General admonish john and mary for claiming the devices provided health benefits without any scientific evidence a few months later. Gwp's lawyers quit saying they hadn't been paid by the end of that year. Gwp reached a settlement. With judy and jim and dropped their suit. Gwp was dissolved. And judy and jim didn't have to close down their site. They received an undisclosed dollar amount as compensation john mary and gwp were gone for good or so. Everyone thought but like russian healer on a totally kashperovsky once did the millers rose from the ashes of their failed cult a year later in two thousand seven they reemerged under the name family systems research group then john and mary founded each ching systems and art works which is still operational today in two thousand eighteen. Mary died of a stroke at age. Sixty nine however another group family wife. Shelley miller appears to be helping john lead the organization into the modern era itching. Gift shop still sells the same instruments as gwp once did however they no longer claim to heal physical illnesses instead. The devices are vaguely intended to provide balance. Destiny card readings zoom seminars are also offered. The millers seemed to have partially learned from their past mistakes. Most of the sites pages display a disclaimer that the tools and information aren't fda approved. No one has seemed to notice. John miller's resurgence. It's likely because each ing isn't the only vendor offering balance and relaxation today. the new age marketplaces filled collectible. Crystals intention candles essential oils and so much more. These so-called solutions have become a million dollar industry in the united states but most of today's businesses are more marketing scheme than cult. According to a two thousand seventeen study by the public religion research institute many americans define themselves as spiritual but not religious within this group many new age believers no longer commit to one faith instead. They browse the spiritual supermarket for elements. They like to form their own. Faith system spirituality can be a fun way to express yourself but people have to be vigilant new age. Quick victims are big moneymakers. And as we've seen dangerous faith. Healing cults are often driven by greed when a country's institutions fail its citizens. They try to build their own solutions. But we need to make sure that these new solutions are grounded in facts and science too often. Desperate people are taken advantage of by snake. Oil salesman with grand baseless claims medical research can move slowly and treatment can be expensive or inaccessible but in most cases. There's no quick fix to solve this problem. And it seems there's no such thing as a miracle cure and for those who claim to have one. We should be wary if it sounds too good to be true it probably is off. Thanks again for tuning into colts. We'll be back next tuesday with a new episode. You can find all episodes of cults and all others spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify. We'll see you next time. Colts is a spotify original. From par cast executive producers include max ron cutler sound designed by anthony val with production assistance by ron shapiro. Carly madden and bruce. Kato vich this episode of colts was written by mallory. Kara with writing assistance by robert tyler. Walker and kate gallagher fact checking by claire cronin and research by brian patriots and chelsea would cults stars. Greg colson and vanessa richardson.

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