Tuesday 4/30/19 - ISU Campus Legend: Ricky From University Liquor


I today is Tuesday April thirtieth Chicago dog walk campus legends week the very last day we had to wrap around variety here because I had about the hardest man to track down in the world Ricky from university liquors, Ricky what's going on. Nothing. Was when holler you nothing, man. I'd sorta got your heart attract island Obama like I've been trying to reach you last. I come in last week. You said you got three interviews, but I'm happy to be here. What's going on here? Just a busy guy. Oh, Eddie that very very busy night. Inauguration KENDALL is yes, very busy. So you're name's Ricky Dicky anybody called me. But my real name, Laura Kolya, what is that against external more time. My limp. Requiem. Chrissy Lau rocky lot. Or seek law. Why do they call you Ricky? How'd you? Little bits. Everybody called Vicky easy. Yeah. So it's short, and it's easier for people to know. But how did you land on Ricky? Why not why not all right, but my plus Lipper start on odd. So you everybody called me Rikki. Everybody says Ricky Ricardo sometime to okay, what's going. So why are you so popular I signed? I got all these interviews that you told me three last weekend. Yeah. I gotta last three two three in local campus. This Lynn narrowly. Everybody's everybody's come here and make dope and everything. I time talking all the time. I talk, and I tell everybody see you tomorrow everybody load that you know. Yeah. That's my slogan anyway, and I'm gonna get to that later, but from start I'm yes, I haven't from media, and I mourn he added on ROY on the United States on one thousand nine hundred nine and I mourn, Illinois on two thousand three two thousand three. Yeah. And I moved here on Bloomington normal two thousand seven so almost I'm tall ears in business. So where were you into? Three thousand three goals, cog, the four Chicago. Where were you? Oh, and they say on the small town to okay. This was a little bit cowed. Not like too much crowd. I like countryside more. Okay. Call kids those old enough to. So I move on campus. Town hall is town how how do you like living in a college town? Oh, I load that men. Yeah. I like that. Yes. Why businesses better? And I like Baker good business with all over young people everywhere everyday. And and just you just like it all better top to bottom. The people are friendlier. Offending easy. What is so you had a liquor store in Chicago, though. Oh, yes, I working with my friend. Also, this is your own place. That's by one place. So we got we got into the ownership game. Yes. How is that? How you doing that? I'm doing that right now. Yes. I have my load that business. Yes. So from here two thousand seven to two thousand nineteen obvious. Yes. A little more slowly as you used to have another place burned down. Right. No. That's one down. This. One burned down does happen on elliptic sort circuit on no cooler nighttime in this fight to you woke up the next day. Fire department normal believe Snoqualmie everybody says. A fighting how lifted fired him when he near store, and I don't hear and men lift day for me or you devastated. Tie the stuff day. Yeah. Stump day. How long did it take the rebel this big thing? Nine months almost nine months. So what did you do for nine months? Nine months this. I bought some. Look at that cry and go back home. Oh, what are you gonna do? No business or anyway back to India. No, no, no, stay here, we stayed here. So what would you do to be one activity that you golf like I said, did you may not know, I not do any activity. Just keep I keep my own bike. I go on temple time to give a lot of all numbers. All right. I got to get in touch with the big man upstairs makes sense. That makes a lot of sense when Trayvon helped me to to build up right away to. Yes. Have you ever wanted to move back or do you think you're here for good? Now. I'm here to good now. Yes. Okay. How many people work here? I heard one eight three people working years. How is that? Who's who employees of any good Daniela? Great. Yeah. Employee. He's minutes long long time with me too. Okay. So this is just a friend. Yeah. Just kind of friend. Yeah. And then your wife yet, and my wife, what's it like working with your wife twenty four seventy five. Ricky K. I love my wife, so no complaint at all. Yeah. No complaint. Locum Flynn is not even a little bit. It's a guy, you know, this thing, you know, take a vacation, and I'm very retired on thirty years. So there's no complainant. All very well. I know how to I'm fine. Yeah. Back to your catchphrase is tomorrow. Yes. Hey, I don't know somehow click on my mind, and I tell everybody see you tomorrow, if I sometimes forget to tell customer customer telling me leaky, see you tomorrow. You forget to tell me, and they love it anybody load that. All from unload, then that's great. I got something going there. Because I think that's big thing. Everyone who told me they'll you gotta see Ricky university. Liquors? Hey said every time he says see you tomorrow. He knows your name. He knows your order. Yes. I know most all customer pace to pace and by the name, everything the other places ain't doing that. I'll tell you that that anybody not friendly. But what about me, though, what about budget liquors? You guys got a big rivalry maybe going back there. I don't make any complain about that. But you have to ask someone not me. Okay. You got no problem. You don't go there. And you know, I pay a nurse sides. But he's good guy though. He's all you know, all the good guy. I'm not competition with local liquor store on anybody. Do whatever my business. I being my business. Yeah. Worry about yourself. I about myself. I don't I don't care what people are doing. But my business. Good and everybody loved me. So maybe this is good. That's a good out yet. Do you ever hit the bars you ever go? Maybe get some cheese Kurds at pup. Tune. No, I don't have time to boy in. Working nighttime. Usually, I'm here all the time. What time do you stop serving alcohol? Sunday to Thursday block and Friday said Rueben forty five so you really don't. Arcus time you need to shut down one day year. You win the wife just hit the bar. So yeah, this too, but hang out with all the kids go out there and one day, I hope to stay with my family, though, you know, me at my home. Is there any days off laser it takes them? They all no booze on Sunday Sunday. No, I am not working Sunday. But my story is open on Sunday. Oh, it is open though. Because he's gotta get beer for the bare chest got to watch the NFL. They gotta watch the game. That's right, Ricky, that's good art. Let's move into this general liquor store questions. Okay. Have you ever had a kid who was too drunk to buy booze? Not happen. All the time in my store. Never happened though. All kids that are nice. And when he by self he said, okay, we not gone wrong and Ricky store because he's my sweaters. Have you not school up him? No, that's not come and whatever come he's going to be friend. So he said stale double to is the I still engaged and he style excite to. That's nice so customers with nice with me. All I should unlisted student everybody. Nice with me give respect give respect back. Yes. Everyone likes to respect story to believe. That's important. That's important. But why do you know, you get like the glazed is over someone stumbling knocking into the Admiral Nelson or some and many talk I know that because then longtime enough to business when people talking I know there's. Look like. Yeah. About the fake ID's. A lot of people walked painting Feek ID, alcohol and Feek. I read. I tell everybody stealing trouble fleas don't buy on fake ID easy to tell. Yes. Easy to tell. And. Starting of the year commode couple eighty but after he everybody knows you not give sell feet eighties. So everybody stopped and he not coming. My store for pick ID because that's big the syllabus week the first week. Yes, kids they get Brady. Yeah. Think I'm gonna new spot. I got this. Yeah. Yeah. I Emerson stars. Everybody knew for us to anyway. So through I I'm everybody tight but a couple of weeks late. No this mill no fun. So it's funny to bidding fake ID. He was caught in lawns for eleven fifty an hour at the park district over the summer and save fake ID. I think he's gonna pull a faster on you. Then. No way. There's no way. What about booze he stopped selling at two AM? Right. Oh, no, one forty five one forty five Friday and said that little is that the Larr two on one forty five. Yeah. How long? Yeah. Someone walks in at one forty six they turned Ricky. I'll give you my shoes. Those still we say, Nope. Saudi no, no Saudi. What's the best thing that offered a Rolex watch? So some big time Nick shot. Barrington kid, anybody not offer that anybody. I closed only five minute utterly. Everybody knows Dicky close five minute utterly. I don't want to give anybody trouble. That smart. So one thirty time I close one forty five time, I closed one forty keep yourself Shaq. Yeah. So I like that Ricky, and he crazy moment off the top of your head. Nope. Fifty moment homecoming game not played this a crazy day full sailing noted thing, but everybody nice all the time that time too because come out all stolen and everybody and everybody likes that too. Again, back to back. Okay. Yeah. So there's nothing but the craziest day of the year, you would say his homecoming homecoming very good day. Okay. So that the big box, you're like, recreating, the breaking Bates all around and money in the front room. Again, some time to you see we take me over that. You see me on dairy, everybody laughing and everybody's outing to come on is is here on game two. They put you on the Jumbotron acts fantastic the kids crying love to cheer on that time that was better than the game. I bet you that's I think thirteen. Rickie ever have a kid who never left. This guy comes in every year. And you know, it seems like seven years go by it's like, hey kid is now responsible for me to sell it to you anymore. Go hit the books ho studied go to the library. You got a kid who just been here forever? Now that kind of thing happened though, when I look sometime, I del cute. Bit bit come to aid tickled easy. I mean, find on everything don't give them to mom and dad. Mr. need to do you watch the bachelor. No, there's the guy who was on the bachelor win here. He was kind of emotional kind of you know, cry. You know, maybe, you know, very emotional guy. Was he emotional in the store like he was picking cherry Burnitz or sweet tea Burnitz, and he would just cry. That's not happening. Some time in people grid yet and laughter leaving. And last time. You see me dust? I'm mount of bills and boys crises Ricky, I miss you all the time. What can I do? Without you, the poison crying, boys. Could I can go claim to and mom says dick Lisi, then coming homecoming company time Siri give lease buy. You. Gotta look what does that mean? To you. Go. Nice that's night. And everybody before lives as I live my second home today. Yes. Ricky, that's amazing. What about you know, Francis Ellis these guy, he's a blogger? He wrote some harsh words on university. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Illiinois state university. He was very mean, very disrespects. What did you think about that? His nice guy, though, not a bad. God don't kind of a dick for doing that. But he's nice with me all the time complaining about in the know he's good though. Okay. And what about E Schnitt? Do you know her early state Schnitt head? But she's nice do Junkin in love New York City. Yes. There we go, you know, see brookies shit out. He knows Vince. Joe fuck those guys. Those guys are out. Those guys are out. Those guys are problem. Right. Back to the schools show as well as homecoming. Do they still do around the world here? Oh, yeah. There's been on the wall here two years. What's that? Everybody stopped Woodley morning and everybody requests to Vicki open. Ten o'clock every day around the world beard and everything is can you open a half hour Livni's? And I do that too for students to everybody entered that though, but that's got to be such a weird day. Instead of kids are buying. You know, keystone light kids are buying Beck's for for the Germany. Yeah. You know, it's like science so much Becks. To the different kind of day. Right. Yeah. Different kind and nobody ended their they alert day everybody entered different than maybe. Any problems anyone come in the store and try to take money or no that's not happen anytime with me that makes me feel really that has to be a scary situation. Yeah. And not police and issue police with us all the time. He couple realm all the time every day. So we safe to their big time police time, I mean, listen ice, you police to help us a lot. Yeah. They mean business. I'm yeah. What's the most popular item? Most popular car. That's it. And Gordon's over the school. They get the school, but not golden golden out of market. Now does everybody does all people ring? I don't know. Doc on eight now car taco. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I've never heard live with tonight on all flavor whites. Another kind of. That's the mode new one. So keep it in the bud nurse everybody load that anybody low Ed middle Nilsson. Cherry flavor, Admiral Nelson cherry that's a new one, right? That's an one or one. But everybody low that they make a different different kind drinks. And everyday. The shelves. Yes. Playing up to self every day. Yeah. Look at that Ricky we're coming towards the end here. Is there anything you want people to know, maybe someone who graduated to get a message out there. You know? Wait and tell everybody I miss you. I love you. And I like to see you back when you coming in town, at least please stop by tuck to me I'd like to see you guys. Okay. Thank you very much for past business to very go ready to campus sludge. How's that? Feel very good, man. If I student go back and come back and see me I love that man. Yes. I like him Ricky, thanks so much for doing open liberty. Thank you. Art. Everybody will catch you next time.

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