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Hello? Brandi, Are You There? w/ Guest Heather McDonald


It's getting closer. I know. Are you excited? It's happening, Brandon. I are going to be live at drag on in L A on Saturday, may twenty fifth at two thirty plus we're giving you a chance to come. See us life for free. We're giving away two free tickets to drag on to one lucky listener. This is what you have to do. You have to follow a straw media on Instagram. You have to follow brandy Glanville on Instagram and you have to follow me on Instagram at stylus, Salvador. And if you really want to take it DM straw, hut media, and we will choose one listener and give you two tickets to drag on, on may twenty fifth if I know we're going to be there live. Yeah. Li- I mean like live drank a little kind of life. I'll be drunk show. We'll be like I'll be live. No, we're going to find. Yeah, I can't wait till your tickets. Strut media. From straw at media. This red Glenn Bill on the Phil. John, welcome to brandy Glanville unfiltered. And today, I'm going to be so unfiltered, that I'm going to be actually not unheard actually because I just forgot. I have no excuses, I forgot about our podcast time, because I have mold poisoning, and my brain is foggy, and it's fucked. And my landlords gonna be fucked her or the fucking giant saw with, like rigid, edges on it real quick. And it's a girl, and she's a fucking. So that's fun to maybe I am unfiltered still because I'm here, calling someone a cont, but Salvador has his first, we're pop and Salvador's cherry, it salvia. First time one on one with amazingly funny. Amazingly, wonderful woman had the MacDonald, we all know that the last time her massage other, we had to make up because they had a little. A fight at a restaurant, where I made her cry. It was super Saad, and really do think she's areas and I love her, and I just wish I could have remembered, an sounds horrible. But I'm just I'm not myself right now on the road to recovery. Trying to figure it out. So let's, let's hear southeast first time with the amazing and gorgeous and funny, McDonald. Oh my God. Guys, welcome to unfiltered. We're missing. Somebody Jessie are. She's MIA brandies MIA, but have my wonderful friend here, comedian and actress and writer at the McDonald, Todd casts are like the rest of the world. Yes. Kevin mcdonald. Yes. It's me or drew Barrymore. I'm for of course. Thank you. Thank you. I'm really sad that because my show, which was horrible and tragic scarsdale diet. Noses CarShield, what was it Santa Clarita Didymus forgot nobody watched? It was on net with the realtor who ate human flesh of clients that didn't close escrow drew, I also I also loved your you line at WalMart. How? Well, it had flower cosmetics. Ever. And after my husband and I constantly and coupled dots take something from my good friend goop on serves manure Gwyneth. But it's. We just decided to be best friends, obviously, because we're ex wife and has been an I, I fix my daughter said, like, where would you like to lend our Kuzmic empire in? They said WalMart and doing that, but I'm also doing Alana crock. So you're wear. Yes, yes, you're crock girl. My daughter's are, and they're like, little fashion. He says, and they're my best friends. Oh my God. I love him as INC's just so much. She does too much is it flower? Cosmetic set WalMart. It's a flower home interiors God good for them love. How many actresses are just not actresses anymore? No. Why would you fuck it fuck like the with the first one that started it? Just get Alba. Yes, she was kind of the first one and get into that whole thing. She's got her whole line at her healthy line at. The baby whatnot. Right. I want to say it's like hope or whatever it is. And she started at, and then Gwen is Paltrow did of cold. Den Kate Hudson has her father letting six and you don't want. Why not like so what instead you can be groped by Harvey Weinstein? And like hope that someone's going to see your film at Sundance or beg to be in something and being there. Like, I've got my Oscar, I don't give a shit. Remember back in the day, though, like who started like their celebrity clothing lines like Jacqueline Smith for K mart. Yes. Oh my. No. What that when the Kardashians when Kris Jenner started the Sears line that, she said that is what she always dreamed of she'd look, Jaclyn Smith. And she's like one day, I think she was at Sears. I think Jacqueline Smith with that Sears actually originally, because that was when they got the crash online at Sears. Kris Jenner was, like, I always in mired what chocolate. Smith did. And I said, one day, I'd love to have a line at Sears and Lucas net. Look at us now that's some and now Sears is closed. But you're right. She was one of the first Jacqueline's I just remember going to KMart with my mom, she would by Jacqueline Smith all the time. And then when I was with Ross. Yes, we had a Jacqueline Smith for KMart. Christmas tree. That's great. Well, what's it like a pre lit or the realit- like the fake snow, the white fake, snow, bright, prehistory, very gay trade? Very but you knew what that look for Christmas is. So in now like it used to be like growing up, you know, I remember my mom was like, no, it's really tacky like fake. Tree gotta have a real tree. And the and the flopping flocking flagging ways really tacky. But now it's like that is so in an also the themed trees like a have your little kid are in a mixture of stunned. I have not done that because I still have kids, and I feel like do whatever you want that person. But then I go into someone's home that's really done. And I'm like, yeah. It's time to check all your ugly, ornaments and just do a themed free that matches the decor of your house. Be completely gay. Speaking of case. Kardashians, did you go to the Christmas party now? Well, we got we both got nixed the same year. Remember, number those fun times we used to have. Yes. Just watching it. Very different level. And we're not on that level anymore, not on eating anymore. We're just yeah. Kind, what just like I love watching them like scoop is MAC and cheese into a thing and just go down for the first time Caitlyn game. Yes. As we were just all thrilled. Can I just tell you think this might have been the last time I was there or the second to last, I think it might have his second to last for me to kaitlin arrived in a long red gown? And so was quick, Chris wearing a long ride gal. And you know who else is wearing a long red ground? Kim me. And it was the first time in all mayors are going to their party, because I've been going for over ten years. But I'm like you know what I had access to like a place. That would give me a free dress for the night. And I'm like, I'm going along red going along, which was always a challenge. Because I'd always go to the four o'clock mass at Saint mel's. So then I will long. Right, dress. But then I keep like a coat on the whole mask, because I'm like not going to have like a keyhole tit out at Cameleon, right? And so I like have a jacket on. And then had and so Peter was, like you gotta get a picture with the two of them. And I just couldn't bring myself I would have been but I had one with each of them, but not a threesome thought would have been God, that would have been worth ten thousand likes us thing that would just skyrocket. Sleek us weekly placement better deal. But I just saw Caitlyn. Do you follow Caitlyn on Instagram? I do. But it kind of hides in my feet for some reason. Oh, I look it up. Sometimes you're in it. I'm in it obsessed with Caitlin. And her girlfriend, so FIA you're like forty weeks deep in the Instagram. Do you go in I so? K caitlin. Was there and he had the social influence or this big package that I guess, Kylie sent just the social influencers eyebrow line. Right. That's kind of. Chi chi. So free to do my hyper good to have a daughter in the beauty business. Just like amazing. It's just the whole thing is amazing. You happy that, that she's happy. I love it. But I'm also fascinated by young. I'm just fascinated. And that does not make anybody about person for being fascinated by it because so she is with this girl, so FIA, right? Who is also a trans woman. And but he's like, forty five years younger than her literally like Caitlin is sixty eight sixty nine years old, this girl, graduated from Pepperdine like a year ago. Wow. And they're what they say life partner. So I had you g gorgeous song and jersey gorgeous had met them at some award ceremony. Some good work, and so g g and her girlfriend. Nets Getty or fiancee, rather the four them went to Sherwood in West Lake Sherwood country club k where Caitlyn has been a member forever. Right. And they did this video of them. Little do a little parody of. Like housewives golfing, and so I'm like, gee-gee. Like, what is their deal? Are they romantic is like a grandmother daughter mother? Mommy. What is is it just like we both care about the same charities, like what is wrong? She's like, well, you'll have to ask them. Get the fuck outta here. Iga. So she Sofia said their life partners, really. So they're not married. I don't know. But does that mean they're sexually active or they're just they just live together and they'd be commitment to each other? They're going this journey together, but at two different stages of their life, and they just and I think like Sophia clearly like loves the, the like connection, right? The shin going to the fashion shows and now Caitlyn. Finally gets to do when you look back at it. You're like, oh, my God Caitlin was just surrounded by glam squad every day yet. Never got to participate on how horrible right ever got to participate. She's like I mean just imagine if you it's like someone who loves sweets, but then was a diabetic and they had to work at a bakery, every day. That they wanted it. They deserved it. But they knew if they ate that cake, they could go in, like whatever shock it, but. Yes. She just had to watch everybody get their eyebrows done in their hair color. And she would just have to be like, going golf friend, my polo gotta get my poll on. So I'm so happy that she's just love and light live. Her bed flav. I mean, really it's, and it's you know, so it's like, and then she probably really loves that. So it didn't have to wait that long. That's what's great. It's like people are discovering what they should be earlier on in life. Speaking of Caitlyn, do you drag race? I don't want you to every week. I am familiar with some of it. But I'm not watching it every week. I'm sorry. No, no only because they have a challenge, where they do this natch game, which you've done that I was a judge on the statute, that's my favorite because that really shows, you know, because some of the girls are just gorgeous dress, and put themselves together, and some of them can really do the lip synching. Well, but with the snatch game. That's like now you're full entertainer, because you can do an incredible impression. So that's. What I loved about that someone did Kaitlyn. Really? That's interesting. How do that. And I heard that I think it was actually like they had a trance contestant on for all stars. Okay. But I heard like the two previous seasons people had been wanting to Caitlyn but they want it to be offensive until they had that trans consent contestant on, and they're like so, so, so the drag queens are men, who dress in drag. Okay. So this person was a man who would actually was living as a trans woman who then dressed. A man who was on a previous season of drag race and did drag. And it's like I think I'm more. I, I don't think I'm just gay. So then that person started to actually transition transition and then she came back doing drag, but it's kind of breaking the rules or no no rules. No rules. There's no rules. There's no rules. Okay. That's good. Yeah. I just thought. Like I was kind of the point of drag was a little bit that like care. This guy could walk around be a guy, but then could transform himself so much with makeup and hair. And, and, you know, movement that isn't that an art form? So if you're really kind of living as a woman now and you have the plastic surgery of a of a woman helping you well, let me ask you. And, and this is not just asking questions. Okay. 'cause I always feel like guess questions. People think it's like offensive. How am I going to learn unless they ask us? So all the people on ripples drag race. Do not have breast implants. Right. So if they're going to do it, they do a prosthetic or couplet or whatever she Chesapeake. There's trespasser cutlet or whatever. Okay. So now when this person comes on now, does, she have breast implants belief, she's fully there, yet? Okay. You know what I mean? Like top surgery. Okay. Bottom surgery. Okay. Yeah. So I think so did she do the voice and everything perfect? Yeah. L my God. Heather, it was hilarious good. I don't think there's anything wrong with, with that your e. That's what an impression is. If comes out exactly how you hear it. And that's you know, and it's not until we judge people like old that's racist or you can only be the your race. I'm like, then that's taking away the art because the art is of an a person who does impressions. I do is that you, you have a thing, like hearing, some people can pick up languages or music, and some people coming pick up, cadence and voices and they can pick that up of an Asian person, and I'm not Asian, right? So I'm attracted to this character or this personality, and I want to emulate that person and impersonate that person that should not be seen as a, a racist thing, sometimes it can be done racist. But if you really do it. So close to who they are because you're just mimicking, the exactly then it shouldn't be. But there's no rules that the thing, people want to write a nasty thing about you right sensitive to all that now can be sensitive to it. I don't UP sensitive show, who cares. Also your huge ninety day fiance fan. We go back to kaitlin though. And this is hilarious. Okay. So I was tried if my mom as yours is not here. Right. So we're part of the dead, mom, whatever. Right. Happy mother's saying, you know. Yes. Like I let me try to find a photo of the two of us I didn't before mother's day. So I went back to the year that she had passed and a little before that. And to try to find some photos of us together, and it came across one of myself Chelsea, and Kris Jenner, Courtney and Kim. I saw that. And, and I was just like, so I asked my sister, you know, he's young. And I'm like I mean, I just throw it up there just to see, like, just to get a little like stir. Let people, I'm not gonna say anything, which I said, I'm like, let's just say legends like I'm a lead like freen funny lead, and she's alleged, you know, whatever so I do legend. And so people were like I thought you were Caitlyn for a moment. I completely look like Caitlin in this photo around at Heather retile taller than all of them and Palin. Basic, totally stole my hairstyle completely sold my hair, my hair, like this for so long. It's exact same color, the same length. It's also sim- similar to Cindy Crawford, Ed Wood Caitlyn. We used to tell people before she completely transitioned. But what shared that she was, but he do? Not a cute dress, either as because we were filming a show. So it wasn't my choice at rose. But anyway. Caitlyn used to say I look like Cindy Crawford and she has been mistaken for Cindy Crawford and Cindy Crawford has been mistaken for Caitlyn at Malibu parties. Many time really with plastics everybody's looking like everybody like everybody with their filler face. I'm like, how is your thing on your iphone even working like you're open your daddy looks the same? Right. And it's like so it's not hard to all of a sudden morph into right somebody Crawford if you kind of already look like her, and now you both, you're getting her cheeks, and you're getting her. But yeah, that was funny. I was like, and what killed me is when I read the book a Caitlyn's book, which, of course, I read her name that she will tell you cather other. She was going to be you. She was going to be other. Would you have died? You're like, Yup. In you or loved it. I know I know what saying to get more people to make Heather hip again. Sixty eight is not the Heather, I want one like an eight year old Heather running around, right? Because a lot of us are over forty. That's the that's the Aira were certainly going to like next. We're going to be Gladys. Like we need to get young Heather's on the playground road. Get then the next originally. So that's my Charito. We've heard of it. It's called Heather's for Heather's. Keeping Heather's hot for generations to come. We young attractive pregnant women who are giving birth to girls to name their daughter, Heather, beautiful, beautiful 'cause it's really changing the world, but it's not going anywhere. Unfortunately, are they gonna be Heather houses, and Heather sorority? Yes, but no one's doing it. And I said, so now I'm downgrading to just a middle name. Think about considerable middle name Heather school for girls like Oprah. You could be like Jean Heather Jackie had whatever analii Heather, but just something something young. But yeah, but I I always thought it was really rude that. Caitlyn chose Caitlyn. When her son Brody note, Brandon Brody has been dating Caitlin. That's Roger ten years. And now they're married. So she is Caitlin Jenner to. That's right. I totally. But they've been together for like eight years, and I was like, really you're gonna choose that name like, that's where like I it was shady. No, I think Caitlyn selfish, I think she has been selfish her whole life. She's, I think she's a good parent and I think she loves her family, but I think she's very about herself. And I don't think it occur to her, or about me. Ended Rhody Mercedes thing like dude, like Kayla's kind of Well, I, I did a see. I didn't do a K like is that good enough? I'm doing me, boys. Right. Right. And so hilarious. But I I don't know good good for them. So your future ninety fiancee fan. Huge is I was getting a little overwhelmed by it too much. It's too many hours of commitment to many spinoffs. It's ninety days how ninety days happily after ninety days what now ninety days pillow talk where the former ninety days, people just sit on bed far. I don't wanna watch that, right? So I have only now focused on just colty and LaRussa and I still like Nicola gnaws on. What about Pedro family until everyone likes him? But I feel they're so fake now still love him. I'm fascinated by pay and Chantal Santelli. She, they're very attractive, she's very pretty and Sarah, Cologne. Actually, does the best impression of Chantal really doesn't like now. Does the best one, I think I was on flight with her, and she started doing this. It was like family, family tall. Like she started that sets great because I, she there, the couple, I skip really because I feel like I feel like it's fake. They're getting a spin up. I feel like it's it's feeling to be. But I'm glad maybe I'm wrong my wrong. Do you think it's fake? I don't think it's fake. I think he's a little nuts. Yeah. And I think she's just like what about the couple that Hawaiian Cutler? He's not Hawaiian because from some other like we're place like Don Hawaiian, but the guy who seems very slow and he got the Mormon girl pregnant, and now they're pregnant again. And he's like to. I don't remember that God, he's like Hawaiian or something. What about the Russian guy that it feel like he's going to be a murderer the Russian? He's like, no, that's like and she's pregnant. And he's just like, what I can't work, we're going to move. Now, if your dad brings up the fact that he pays for this place. She was like, well, I'm pregnant, and I do work. Can we not move to, like, I feel like he's going like murder her in her sleep? Like he's that I grow to me. He so Agra, right. And then like his job was being about so at a bar in Ireland. I mean you have to be like just a big agro deck. You're dealing with the most alcohol country at a pub and your Russian. Did you see the scene where they're trying to make them all sexy like, and he was like the pool? Boy, clean out the pool in their free house was shortlisted. You see that scene now, but I do feel like least he was good looking, like at least not that Middle East. Like you had a body that you could be attracted to one of her like for anti has the penguin man on earth. And they live like in a storage facility, right there killing cameo. All my doing cameos, you know about Kamiar doing Cami, they do all, they all do cameras. I think people definitely order them like ironically for people like all the Vander pump, a cast they love to send them to each other. It's like joke. Oh my God. That's hilarious. I didn't know they were doing cameos. Yeah. But I like colty in LaRussa says she, you know, got in trouble for hitting colty. Right. And she's like, well, you know, the colty and. Upset because he called the police. And now I have to go with the Davey to the courthouse e and I see my attorney and he still hand and then I see the helicopters. I think is the icy coming from me. She's yeah, she's they're, they're already broken up, though. What about Russ than Powell which though Radi girl? You don't think she's pretty. I mean I think she's first season. She reminded me of our audience data from big brother the Miss Universe. And then I think it's kind of weathered a little is her face real or fake. I think it's real. Yeah, I know. I, I like, but I thought, you know, she came like two hours late to her baby shower, and they're like, Columbians do there late. I'm like oh, then Orissa Brazilian their feisty. And they fight. I'm like, we're kind of being really prejudiced hurts other countries. Right. Yeah. Was she laid or did, like just the center to the nail place a little bit late knowing than she would laid because everybody knows your nails take a long time. 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Randy g and enter brandy, g eighty it's like receiving eight meals eight meals for free again for eighty dollars off your first month of hellofresh. Go to hellofresh dot com slash brandy eighty and enter brandy eighty hellofresh. You guys can try it for discount. The college scandal. Like the latest on that because I think, Felicity happen is going to have to do some time, she's going to go to prison. Yeah. But only for like a few months, like maybe the prosecutors only asking for four. So I feel like it might even be like to. But I think she's going to have to do some time, and then Laurie Laughlin who didn't admit to it. She didn't do the plea deal because the only by doing the plea tail she'd done so much bad choice. She would have had to for sure done sometime, so she is gambling trying out the whole thing, but there's no way she's gonna get out of the whole thing when these people like this, we've already proven that no. Anyways, did something wrong. You weren't trapped into it. So the last thing I read is that a live ya? The daughter has moved out of the house. She was just at a nightclub last night, and she has her own attorney, and supposedly that attorney saying, don't talk, like don't talk to your own because you might have to testify against your mom to save yourself. Right. Because they may try to say that she. She was in on it. That whole family annoys me. Yeah. Right. They just seem so privileged. Yes, they are. And she was carrying a yoga mat in this one photo. And I'm like, well, I hope whatever prison. She has has a nice body studio duty. Oh, yeah. With your Lululemon. Yeah. With her little. Yeah. I don't know. I always wonder for them, it seemed like they were both in on it like both mom and dad were in. But I I know of a couple like like twice removed. Couple, I don't know them personally. But like front of a front, where the Dan and the child had no clue. In the mom did at all, and she's been indicted to. And it's like what do marriage like if you were an I think, you know, so William, H Macy, -plicitly happens husband, has been spared, but the singer guy said, no, he was in the living room when we were talking about. So I think he was aware of it, but they just had no evidence on him. Like there was no phone call. There was no Email, but he was aware of it. And if you that's why he's supporting her if you weren't aware of it. Oh my God. How would you be at your spouse? Yes, you just be like so, like, if Peter did that. Well, he said it to the minute came out. He goes, that's something you would totally not. You wouldn't now. Absolutely. You know what I'm? The opposite plow. Parents know plow versus helicopter parrot Ray wokv it. They're these people are still parents. Were they clear the path for their kid get through? I'm creating a new saying called Makassar way parent. I just put my kid in island give a shit. I don't care survive Brandon's doing his science project, and it looks like shit. Just turn it into day. You know what? It's like things are not lying. It's wonky and I said, here's your glue. Here's your thing, do it yourself. Oh, you're going to help them. No, I won't have glue it down. So it's like not me. And if you're dealing with a boy worse, if they're straight, they really don't care about details out aesthetically science fair. You know, those boards boards in the thing and a girl can be a castaway child and be just fine. Right. He'll get like four point whatever gay kid can do just fine dealing with the boy like mine. It's like you know, he wants to do well, but it's not gonna look that great. And we have to go tomorrow. And I'm listening to be like. Well, that's what you do when you're castaway parent like I'm not I'm not sleeping with singer, to get my kid into school. I'm not giving thousands of dollars right doing his own work. It's also good lesson as you say for the child because. Oh, maybe I should pay more attention to what I'm doing, but yeah, also like with my kid, I'm like, no, I didn't know that you were assignments behind. Why would I know that my mom never knew? I'm not going on grade link every day and the computer. Now I got through seventh grade. Do it yourself responsibility. Yeah. So I'm like get ready to repeat seventh grade. And then he started a freak out and he's got all this work to redo my God. That's kind. But now, I think for. You know, but I think like when he goes to high school. He's not gonna go to private high school, which will save us a lot of money. Did you remember the blindside? Yes. Remember how they just had like, Kathy Bates, like moving I think I have like a Kathy. I'm gonna start researching it now. Because still has another year, but I'm just going to be like Brandon. Let's get ourselves a Kathy Bates not like just to go to college that woman went to college with him. She's like got an apartment. She was like this is nice. That's the right way for a rich person to do it. I'm not taking anything from anybody. I'm just rich enough to like, have some extra help because I don't have the time to do it for by the support. Yeah. So I'm like you don't have someone. That's like, hey, sitting do your work, right. You know, you need me like in fourth grade, like he was all about California history. And I had to like explain it like I did like a play. And then I learned something like, oh, this is where Cohen came from. Hey, maybe college with you go to the dorm issue. Maybe I'll read all these books like you know it's just the missions. All. Let's just relive it. But yeah, I think it is a lot of where it is hard. And it is so competitive. And so, then people with means can have tutors and can have someone help them with the essay and that's one level of privilege that they can do that, or that they have the desire to do it. And then there's the other level, that's just straight up cheating, and paying, which is what we're talking about, which is really bad. It's crazy this right in the globe. Very, very good magazine credible source. And I'm scared to mention this on my podcast, but also that you could sit here. Well, this is not the first time people said, but people are such Obama fans trying. They're gonna come after. But I do think it's all suspicious that their daughters at Harvard. Really? Yes, I do. And trysts seeing. I never I never even thought of that, now, people righted. But, you know if I was Trump, I'd say you wanna see my tax return. Let's see me as a CTO SAT score. Interesting just like I don't know she could be smart enough, obviously being the president's daughter. I would want her in my school, too, but she was taking tennis lessons. And so was Michelle with the guy that is indicted the tennis coach at harder. Harvard accepted two point five million dollars. Bribes over the years shit now, I don't think she would even need to be bribed. I'm saying, does she have the grades the work because she also took a gap year which I think is very suspicious of someone that's, like a super economic person wasn't she interning CA or something? Weinstein interning at the Miramax. I think she's a good girl. I don't mind that she likes to drink and party. Didn't. College. Yeah, it is a little suspicious. I used to feel that too, when I was that go to SC and walk around, and I was like, why is still this attractive, if there have to have a four point seven, and that's prejudice on my part? But most four point seven don't look like via Jane. That's what I'm saying. You know. So I think it's been going on for a long time. I think it's going to be go real deep, Heather winter. You're gonna get your own panel show it so that you can be on it. You're just working for yourself, you know, because honestly, I feel like you deserve it. You know, have you knows what TV is anymore? Really? Like with the streaming and whatnot. Like I love being on TV I think it should be on TV because I do funny faces. And I do the impression that I can act and all that. But it's like so hard. And I'm doing so well with juicy scoop that I'm like, why would I bust my ass to make like not even as much money unless someone's coming right for me? Like if someone offers me, something great. I would love it. I miss it. Love getting my her makeup done when I'm do the panel of Wendy. I love it that Chelsea lately five and I miss the daily the daily stuff of it and having fun with other people and being. I've always said, because I tested for a lot of daytime stuff. I know that right after Chelsea. And it was always like, I remember one, they're like, get along with Lisa rented. I'm like, totally oh, but there's no way the two of you can both be on it. I'm like, what they didn't want to white women. Don't you? So they were trying to do a panel. But what works with a panel is chemistry? And yes, there should be a variety of people, but there should also be a chemistry there. So I think we're some of these shows failed and didn't make it is. Because at that time, like three or four years ago. They were so set on having a diverse panel real. Yeah. But the real realism diverse catering to an audience that is somewhat African American so you know, I get that. But, like what about what about catering to an audience that just wants actual funny stuff in the morning? Yes. What if you just had all comedians on in the morning what if you made it, why does it only have to be coffee funny? Why does it only have to be Kelly, Ripa fund? It's like your experience with Hollywood today live. Why couldn't be funnier like right? Can't be really funny. And then when I was up for it. They were like we don't know if we want it to be this funny. Right. And you're like what kind of be entertaining? Why can't it be funny? Like, I think that was, I think that was one of the reasons they didn't want me the other thing is in reading the view book. Have you read major punch with that the other thing that got me in trouble when I was trying on Hollywood today live is that I would forget that I had that thing in my in my you know, and I would do some of the things that in reading that there were certain producers, that in view that didn't like like rosy. Because when she came back, she's a writer producer, you wanna fuck and fix the show. Right. And she would like go, why don't we do this? Why don't we do that? And then that threatens the producers job. Like you writer producer. Yeah. Yeah. I was like, when I was on it. I was remember, I was like why you know, if I got on the show, let's Salvador was feel peace for Salvador makes over Peter. Thinking of all these fun things to like it Hance show. Yeah. And then I was like they're probably like this is gonna either make us look bad that we didn't think of it. Right. And you know, it's like and you think why wouldn't you want the more help, you know, when you ever watch like a? Like, you know, any kind of crime or police show. Right. They're always trying to solve a murder, and then they get mad that the F B I wants to help. It's like why wouldn't you want the help? What you want the hell right? Right. I don't get that. An ego thing. It is the job EKO thing. And that's what's like what is so annoying about television and what's so great about my life. Now is that no one can tell me what to talk about what not to talk about if I wanna possibly say, what I want to say I may someone might here and get their feelings hurt whatever but it's not like I'm going to lose the sponsor for NBC or I can do whatever I want. There's not one person that's like, hey, we're gonna have to have you cut that part out there. Same thing with my stand up. So it's just kind of like, really great to have that the free and not that we're not have someone that's threatened. Because I gave too many ideas like even with Chelsea lately. I just remember going, you know what, you know, just doesn't like to show and she's not happy with Thomas. Why don't we what do we do this? And this and one of the executives have that's not your job. Just forget it when people do. And that's. When I created this character that just worked at the DMV collected. You want to use all the tools, and you're now my son will go mom, stop going above and beyond that your problem, and I am above and beyond person, and I wanna make it the best. Yes. And then I remember one time we were doing this really dumb idea. I catch and it was mean. And it was parenting fashioned police and it and it was causing a lot of money to do it. We're getting close to doing it. And I was like, I really don't think this is a good idea for sketch. I think it's gonna piss off the people on E that we're parroting. I think it's gonna piss off e I don't think it's up funny. It's costing fifty thousand dollars and some of the people were like we don't care about wasting ease money. And I'm like I am in the wrong fucking business. Well, I do care about wasting someone's. Why are we going to do a bit long set? It's going to take all this manpower, and then no one's going to see it. I'm trying to prevent we spend this money on something L. Right. Or give me a bonus. But yeah, yeah, so it's kinda like God. You know what? I don't know I'd still would love to have show just because I'd like that exposure, and I have a love for more people to see it, and it would be so fun to do because I'm basically like doing a whole show by myself right now. So it would be really fun to just have more manpower, and more fun things to do. But who knows like a team? And I feel like just you have to come to me. Yeah. Say a team and you just be collaborative with them every day something. Yeah. Yeah. That I missed in. That's fun. But then I don't like, you know, it's also great just to be like, okay. Yeah. So that's why like with my pockets having people come on. Because at least I see some other people not Peter. My sister. She's like so cute. Yeah. There's, there's that part of working on a TV show that, then you miss when you kind of do your own thing. Like if you noticed that when you meet YouTubers and stuff, they are a little off the are because they've spent so much time just by themselves on the laptop all day long. Right. And they don't leave their house and how all their material there and they make good money and their creative, and sometimes they meet each other. Right. Or they pretend that they're dating each other for drama. I don't that whole thing's amazing, the Trish in the candy bars and her boyfriend. I can't even but it's, it's interesting. You know, it's like, yeah, so it's going to work at home, but you have to get leave your home to get it. I get it. Would you ever do celebrity big brother used said, no? With Sarah earlier. Did I say no? I think you should I think you'd be great. I don't think I'd say no because I just want to I want people to know who I am. I would three weeks long I wouldn't be heartbroken if I like lost right to leave in a couple of weeks, just the exposure of being on a show that big, I think, for someone who cares that there's a dog. I think that for me that would that would be just stupid to miss out on, but I do think it's one of the more challenging celebrity type things to do for sure. Just being trapped. No TV. No. Not knowing what time it is, the mind, fucks clocks, the not fresh air. Oh, the fresher. I heard his whole the worst part that whole thing. But I definitely think it's just it's good for to just remind people who you are. So I would do it. Did you watch the latest season with Dina? Lohan. I did. I watched some of it. Well, you know, I never watched it until Ross. Did it right? Never watched it until it was celebrity, I think it should remain celebrity always. But I'm not a huge fan. So I know people do like seeing regular people. But to me, I find the celebrities the only interesting type because the regular one is three months long that the commitment. Yeah. Oh my God. And I'm like, I can't even watch it because it's so long. Yeah, I interviewed a girl. What's her name, crystal? I feel so bad. I didn't really watch it but she's this beautiful girl. And she lived in Raleigh. So I was doing a live g scooping Raleigh and. And so I wasn't that familiar with the show, but just to hear her story it was. Unbelievably hard for months, months, and they'd they'd like fuck with their sleep on purpose though, do their confessionals at, like three Yemen. They don't know what time it is. And then we have a challenge. That's what they do to cult people to really. They deprive them of sleep, and they fuck up their time and till you're just like, yeah, like, then, you're like, okay, discombobulated s you'd be great on it. Well, I told my agent, but he, I don't think he knows that. He's still my agent. I haven't heard from it so long. But I'll remind that when would they do it pine? Next January is when the celebrity one is look at you on it on it really gonna get you on it, really. I like I love seeing like my friends basically because yes there twenty four hour live streamed. So the people in the morning just like do their makeup and wake up, and like make breakfast like Joey Lawrence is in the kitchen. Funny to see that there with a camera showing as weird hairline. Everywhere except like the toilet. But right. It's just kind of funny to see how they like interact with each other. And like they're having a breakdown for months. One thing is like you do have to try to win. But I mean really you're getting paid anything. Right. But do you really want stay and win? I'd be like, and then sometimes when people want to leave have to beg to leave. Remember that one key player something bay on this my girlfriend. Well. I didn't blame them like I want to get out member. My breast milk is the pleaded with that doesn't sound like a good player, then they won't pick me if they hear that I want to get kicked out, or they just say, I don't think I'll win, but American will love me so you can get America's favorite. I don't know that I'll win. But America will love me. There you go. Okay. There you go. Well, not physically good at anything like that same. And I'm not good like putting things together. Mike, but America will love you, but America will love me. I'll make it real entertaining. And then you'll win some money terror. Right. And then you'll probably replace someone on the talk. Oh, really? Well Marie osmond's killing it. I feel bad about Carney Wilson. Did you hear what happened? No Arnie Wilson has guest hosted like eight thousand times. And then they're like, our new guest host is Riyaz Mond who made that decision. I I don't really understand it Carney, Wilson had to get on Instagram and play the game of like I love Riyaz, but I'm grateful for every time I come on the talk. I hear you what I appreciate it. But I'm not sad. I'm not bitter. I'm just so blessed to walk on that stage, one ever though, have me, and I'm like, okay. I know you wanna come back on. But, like, come on. Right. Gotta be pissed you have to be, and Riyaz -ment is a real delight of matter, should've talk show for like. Little bit. And I was on it, and she's really nice and I and I guess they probably did a full study of who's actually watching the talk, and maybe it is people pushing sixty that are Christian based, and sixty year old white women. I don't know. Yeah, I just thought it was, it seemed really strange very they like, e who's, like this, cool rabbi and she's like, has, like French husband, or something has a house of there in your and then like Marie Osmond. Yeah. But Yuli Chen gets to stay on the on the big brother. I she will not. She will not leave it. She's in it. I may never get on that. Because of that, really, I don't think she's a fan of other Donald. No, no. She's, she's pretty cool. She's heard things. I ought Titian for the talk, and I was like rub up to her because SC at the same time and I go Julie didn't just love going to USC game. She's like, actually there. I never attended any US the football game. I was in the journalism school. I was like, oh, Jesus. All right. To bucket of laughs over there. That's funny. That's just like no her. She's kind of a bad ass behind the scenes like into funny, and like, really, I'm glad that she to keep that job. I think that she had to leave the talk daily because of the daily, and you can't it would just be too hard. She'd be stepping over land mines, it would be authentic. But I didn't think that she should have the other show taken away, because she did nothing wrong. And if she chooses to stay with her husband, because she one thing is he did do those awful things before he married her. There was not one account that happened after marrying her. So I respect her as a woman who may go, you know what I did change this man. He was a player. He he was. Maybe she doesn't want to believe the more aggressive stuff. But, you know that type of thing, but once he was with me. He was really well behaved, and we've had this great marriage, and I'm not leaving. And I love him. He's a father make kids that women should support as well. That's her right to be truly, like take the role of wife thoroughly, and she kind of has good argument that unlike Weinstein who is a pig from getting to end. His wife was like thing was the fuck outta here creator of Marquette was his wife. Gina chairman. Yeah. Which who's gorgeous? And I'm like, oh, I'm sure she fell in love with him for all the right reasons. She was one that went for it and kept going for it and got the fashion house. And this was her re this one was like this is my ticket out. I don't even think she was that sad about it. That's true. But she still designing. Yeah. She got it. She people thought she was like a gold digger. And then she got she was, and then she got to be free. And now, people want to support because she left the pig, because she in the end totally came out on top. She was on project runway for a while the judge, and they're like we have to Regina, John. She's a big deal in Mt world. Right. So she disappeared for a little bit. And then she yeah, people, you're right. People were worrying her on the carpets to support like this woman. Well, I'm sorry, that brandy couldn't join us, and that I carried her show with you, as a Christian, even though we haven't had the greatest history throws excited to get in it with her. Yeah, it would have been good. But we wish her the best. Yeah, you're a delight. I am until I delight show as juicy scoop, if they have not discovered it yet, please do. It's every Tuesday and Thursday. Of course you subscribe, for like every other podcasts. But also, I do really great STAN. Yup. Live shows as well as occasional juicy scoop. So I hope that they get into it and love it, lots of housewives talk and fun, stuff like that as well. We're gonna find you on social at Heather MC, Donald's, spelled like the hamburgers. Another thing I'm going to be working on is convincing McDonald's. Hey, who should we happy spokesperson have it someone named McDonald's is funny? I love McDonald's. I've been supporting the dolls for years. I like that. They have a whole new menu. They have plenty of healthy choices. You could make it your way like AAA and I would like to get the word out. You should do that. You know, Rawson windy, something McDonald's, Rawson, windy Williams, Russ ARA. Yeah. They did something with McDonald's. What did they do? They like went to McDonald's in LA, and they were working the drive through window as a pup promotion pop up. I want a full blown you want, like an ad you want, like billboard? I am the spokesperson for McDonald's hamburglar. You know. I don't think those people are around anymore. I think they got rid of all all the characters. No that kept Ronald but they got rid of the robber. That's the hamburglar burglar like conduct. Got. But yes. So that's my new goal on big brother is to become the Heather McDonald spokesperson for McDonald's. God bless because it's feld just like McDonald. Right. There's another Heather, Heather, MAC, Donald who's a conservative writer and once in a while, I gets a mean tweets about her, and that's not me, not, I'm, Heather MC. Donald comedian on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook is Heather McDonald comedy. Well, thank you for coming mice face is no Lincoln. No, I what I signed up for Lynton many years ago. And I don't know my password I still get emails about it. So if you're someone that has waiting for my response, you'll never get it because because I know how to respond and I'm not. And I'm not working at an office. So. On that note, you can never reach Heather on Lincoln Manley. On instagram? Yes. Thank you. I think Saavedra did a great job. I am very proud of him and I have a feeling that there's a little pissed off at me. But you know what? I love you there, and I will continue to watch you on keeping up with the Kardashians, and that all the housewives shows because your friends with everyone, and I will continue to laugh at your jokes, and I'm just fucking sorry, but it is what it I honestly. I'm sorry. I'm not going to make excuses for myself because I don't have any but. But you guys were great. And I think it's. So this is my haiku for the day, and I'm going to. What am I do with it to? I'm going to dedicate. It Heather McDonald. I'm sorry. I missed it. I promised to kiss it your Astrum now on. Yuppie. Leka triscuit. Like. Thanks for listening to brandy Glanville unfiltered download new episodes every week. And if you haven't already subscribe, and be sure to leave us a rating and review, and while you're at it check out some of the other great shows available on straw media. Hi, mike. This week. We heard this interesting podcast. Let's talk about or of my dad wrote a porno, an erotic novel about Belinda Blumenthal, the sales manager as sales sales at steals putts and pans. And it's really Belinda, her using her body to seal the deal to land the clients to get the accounts. This is the flagship feminism if I've ever heard it, it's wild. Download new episodes of. So I heard this interesting podcast every week from straw media on apple podcasts or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. And don't forget to subscribe, share and leave us rating. And V view PD, please, we really like it.

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