Miracle on the Hudson Survivor Dave Sanderson and Motivational Speaking (#66)


He was in the back of the room. She is probably I tell I tell you very elderly promise, you say eighty plus years old, but she made her way up to the front and interrupted were who I was talking just game interrupted the conversation, which Canley down south where I live. That's that's the do Yosso, but she grabbed my arm. I let my left arm looked to be a question. There is a God. And I don't believe in miracles, but you are physical evidence that there is a God. And he does miracles said. Thank you. Thank you walked away. And I've never seen her at our church again. But I looked at these two men needs to Mets are crying right front. I've never seen to crawl like this public. You know, I grew up with men don't cry mullet. Register your man up. But also these cry that got them emotionally and ministers in the back. And he witnesses thing I look at him. Like, man what's going on here? But also came to happen to me impacted somebody now have a different calling. And that's what started me on this this journey that I'm on now. From cave. Drawings to family histories, two stories around the fire, humans crave. Order among chaos connection amid isolation. So we tell stories our mission at the storytellers network is to bring the art of story to the masses. Whether you're in marketing, you're an entrepreneur, or you're developing your own personal brand telling your story effectively can make the difference between celebrating milestones and collecting unemployment. The storytellers network strives to help storytellers tell their stories so you can learn from the best now your host the inbound evangelist himself, Dan Moyle, welcome storytellers to the podcast. I appreciate you being here listening, Dan, while I'm your host that I am such a firm believer in the power of story. And how it connects us how a move people and this season we're talking to inspirational storytellers, and I'm so excited. Have an amazing storyteller. Coming up on the show real quick before. I get to his story. A quick reminder. Our website. Site has great resources available for you, the storytellers network dot com. There's contact information for me if you wanna chat that our resources and how to tell great stories from park Howell, Donald Miller hub spot other folks out there their past episodes, all their the storytellers network dot com. And if you wanna subscribe in your new you can simply text the word storytellers two three one nine nine six and you'll get a response back on how to subscribe either on apple podcasts through Google store or even through Spotify as well. Although that's only on site. Anyway, there you go free one nine nine six just text the word storytellers. Okay. So today's guest asks are you ready for new focus at a powerful purpose? And that just gives me fight up to say on it. He's an inspirational survivor speaker and author and thoughts on leadership have made him an internationally sought out speaker, again international right around the world. He's just a fantastic guy had up to me, Dave. And he has fantastic. Now. Here's where starts back in on January fifteen two thousand nine Dave. Anderson was one of the last passengers off that plane that crashed into the Hudson river best known as the miracle on the Hudson, of course, and considered to be one of the most successful ditching an atheist in history. His book moments matter details, the lessons that he learned from that miraculous landing outta take a potentially tragic experience. What he what Dave calls your own personal plane crash turn it into an opportunity to survive and create your own flight plan. Does this presentation all over the place? He's built a career as a motivational speaker mentor and author as at averages over one hundred speeches a year for major corporations around the world. So without further ado, let's get today's story. Thanks for taking time today. Dave to speak with the storyteller network listeners. Dan. Thank you side with union. Your audience. So I had the privilege of meeting you at one of the podcast ads, and we have friends in common. I've heard your story. But but for those who aren't familiar? I wanna get your story just a minute. But but first we're in this inspirational storyteller season. Do you consider yourself a storyteller? Dave, I do think why asked classify myself way in classified as inspirational storyteller on leadership. So that's. Leadership purpose sort like the underneath a secondary. So that's how I tie across from us. Oh, so you tell stories from the stage, you tell stories on audio on video on social you everywhere. So. Because you know, everybody has a different modality, they resigned. So I got hit everybody out. He makes I next make people's I can absolutely now where do you think starts views a storyteller? Does this go way back to when you were a child does this to start professionally for you where did that start to become a storyteller for they really started got involved sales, and I learned not early but probably five six years into as a lot of personal development in the best sample of people around and got to be trained within I told great stories. So I started telling stories probably my second sales position it start taking me that direction. But I wasn't really more about business sort of melted into something different after the earth along Hudson debt, so so grey segue in your intro mention the miracle on the Hudson, and how that impacted you. So how does that like let's go back to that? What happened? How does that impact? You how does that become part of your journey? So. As the changed. My wife hundred degrees. In reason, why tell us this. I was not supposed to be on that plane. So I think I was supposed to be on that plane for reason, I was on the five o'clock flight night changed. My flight about three hours before the scheduled takeoff time that flight so number one wants to be on their second. I wasn't paying attention. And I tell people like, I was typical heavy travel. I know everything I don't want to pay attention, anybody Leamy low and all of a sudden, you realize something does go wrong in all the team, very important leadership. Coach very important in all these things. I talked about was mayor outlays moments of cards start start playing into how pornos things in my life were. And is that kind of the moment where you became more of a motivational speaker or like daddy always talked about leadership when you were getting out of sales. Or is that the moment that defined where you are right now. I think that moment open my eyes, my is a number of different things. And you know, what you spiritually physically emotionally changed in open is different levels. Because no, I wasn't really really grieving go speak onto this world. I'm doing right now. But fortunately for me, I I got up to speak at my turf that following Sunday. That was for miss breakfast was candidates Toby only forty or fifty guys eat pancake. So it's not that big of a deal on Sunday invited half Charlotte and five six hundred people show up Austin I had to deliver in was at sales right in sales. I you know, I was always I got my time stays I had to deliver so deliver. So I have nothing to say fourthly from me after. That squeaky couple of people talking. So was there for extended about time, which I tell what's mazing. Thanks come together because Norway allergist on non left on a church, but I stayed talk to people in the lady came up and said something change the entire direction on knew that I had a different calling. But I didn't know how to do it on a so forcefully from me. I had great coaches and great metrics all my life in one of those victims with somebody Tony Robbins your chance to travel with over ten years ahead of security for so for for me out surrounding master storyteller. Who gave me coaching on how to do it in the business? Sign of how to do. Likewise. Now. What did? So can you wouldn't she say that you are open to hearing changed everything for you? Well, Kelly I wasn't even open it talking to her. She was in the back of the room. She is probably I tell us tell very elderly promise eighty plus years old, but she made her way up to the front and interrupted who I was talking to this game interrupted the conversation. Canley down south where I live. That's not something you do Yosso to grab my arm. My left arm. Left arm. It looked to be his question. There is a God. And I don't believe in miracles, but you are physical evidence that there is a God. And he does miracles. Thank you. Thank you walked away. And I've never seen her at our church again. But I looked at these two men needs to match are crying right front. I've never seen to cry like this public. I grew up with men don't cry it right through man up. But all of a sudden these cry that got to them emotionally and ministers in the back, and he witnessed this thing. And I look at him like man what's going on here. But also came to happen to me impacted somebody now have a different calling. And that's what started me on this this journey that I'm on now. Absolutely. So so you want us really open a hearing it. But you heard it it impacted you. So you released wise enough to do that. And then you mentioned going back to your mentors. And having those of you how important as a storyteller is it to be ready to be coached. I think. You have to have an open mind because one thing you learn when you go into this world, whether storytelling speaking, whatever writing books, whatever you wanna call it. You know, you don't know everything at one thing. I'm I was very forcible back when I first got into my first job out at college. I asked somebody took me under his wing who who basically start business at nineteen twenty nine it grew into a multi million dollar business, and he could swing and he was basically coaching mentor me for thirteen years because you know, one thing I did I in bags smart things. I did you think, you know, everything? That's I mean, that's the thing come out how Dr feelgood you comedy something. You get your first job. You're on your pathway, man. I had superman. So you figure out you're not superman. You know, nothing basically, no experience, and you basically a lot of book smart, but not street smarts force it for me. I people always took under their wing one of the truly believed as people come into your life at the time in your life. Or reason a purpose? And maybe you're not ready for that person. Say off son don't show up one that show up that happened to me is happening many times in my life, which I'm very bus or do. Absolutely. And then, and then I would assume you feel a little bit of a calling to give that same to others and pull them under your wing a little bit. Is that a great place to kind of have that community and grow yourself as well to be a mentor. Most definitely Kaley. I've always mentored kids air nary Neffa consistently. But something happened last summer that changed that let the fire ignited the fire. So here's the back story that so my my my first mentor Bill while I was never took the under swing nineteen Eighty-three. Call me to office, my mom just passed away. And you know, being the eldest son. My dad was a mess. I people are listening for this for parent the pass it away, the other parent not ready force on how to deal with it. So the children have to Dale you handle it. Handle the business side of it. I and my sister my sister, and I were doing so I was businessmen the whole time. So I got back. I call Bill told him about this in he stored tell that I need to talk to you. Call to his office in one of the first things said to me said, hey, we'll let you know. I've got lung cancer. Now's as where tell me he's probably not gonna be around much longer. And he did he last five or six months, but he went to desk, it opened his desk up also pulled out something and came over sat next to me in his little thin there. So I wanna give you this. These were notes that he wrote his mentor basically gave him he wrote nineteen twenty nine about the prisoner principles success in business, and these were notes that he built his business on a million dollar movie theater business in the southeast. And he said, I'll ask is this is I wanna give this to you. Don't let it die with you. Please pass it on. So, of course, smart guys. I put it in the journal. Don't look at it. Right. I. You know, all of a sudden last summer opened at all families notes like, okay, here's calling now I wanna take this. I'm passes notes on our given from back in the twenties at least ten people this year teach teach ten people ten people or magnified out. So that's doing now is finding tippy we really want to learn these lessons I had to learn in mentor. These people for the next twelve months, if those people wanna show up it will show up in my life supposed to show up. And that's that's amazing sharing them personally. Like that. Have you thought about then to in this super connected world and everybody can have a book? And I mean, you already have a book about putting those in something like that. Then as well. Or is it really more of a personal action that you wanna make well that is that is in the game plan. Dan. I'm glad you said that 'cause that's the game plan about wanna take Tim people through this. I I wanna really because I think you'll learn much misery somebody in teaching the principles as you do just hold him on yourself. So I'll be rumors myself teach these people I will be this into a book. I know there's a book here. Tell you. There's nothing earth shattering around what he gave me. But the way he put it together. Nineteen twenty nine he got these his mentor, and I never I never knew as mentors. That's our passed away a long time ago. He got this nineteen twenty nine. I don't people. What what really fired me once I start looking at these summers. He got this nineteen twenty nine right beginning of depression. Right right for we went into a World War. He's starting a business. And I mean, these lessons he took heat build a business in the middle of depression to automate business, which is still here. I know he passed it on his family. But I know what how that's going to David. It's amazing story about this taking the basics and really mercy yourself in your basics. That's that's why I feel passionate about now. And what a cool way to frame it too in that story of his mentor. Baabda him who brought him to you know, you're passing along the digital cool story. So which which kind of leads me to Dexing you called Tony Robbins, a master storyteller. What makes someone a master storyteller in your eyes? I believe somebody who I think got story. But I think you got get people not talking about this. We start talking. So I'll go back, then we'll go forward. I talked about modalities people reside in either visual auditory, kinesthetic modality, most of the time. So I'm talking about Gus tore no factory eating tasting smell which smelling strongest modality. You have fuel resign us three modality. So I think great storytellers wanted could we've in each modality each story in a way that touches people, which we wanna focus if he were here in the way, they want to be absorbed formation. I think the greatest storytellers been around are able to do that. And that's really focused on now is proving that skill set is is we story to wait at touches visualizes for people. They can hear auditory mode. Likewise. And how often do you work on that crap? Now, the storyteller are you constantly researching working out is it a four hour day thing like how do you do that? So I had to approve on how I do it. And I have done over twelve hundred talks around the world. I've got I know I know sort might content, and I'm always adding content. That's another thing too, which gives me energy to be over deliver it, but what I do this. Why really I know back when I hear myself talk, and I record my try recording. I'm looking for the words saying, so sometimes I mentioned three from O'Dowd. It's just ways I talked about touching visualize in hearing. Right. Those three modalities, but for those some of those words may say, no, maybe this next talk. I wanna be around baby yours, I wanna talk more make more of a kinesthetic talk about touching feeling right? Instead of a visual talk when I talk in the younger people. So they can see it in things like that. So that's how I started. Playing on one. I do is. How do I use the words seen? Tony do this on state. He's a master at it. He is a certain worse. Certain people certain way because he knows how he can connect with him in the modality. So also what I hear you say they're picked up on knowing your audience. That's gotta be pretty vital. Right. I agree. I think you know, what I'm trying to now people who asked me speak. I have now I don't get a lot probably get now thirty forty percent of times I asked him for basically breakdown of the female to male, you know, generational breakdown. So I know so our frame this this talk in my story away that I know that words I wanna use. And I know what I'm going to show some of the things I show now. I mean, I have you seen me speak. It's audit. I actually put something also the people actually hear what was said that day from the ferry when I got ferry. So all of a sudden you're in the middle of the game. They're hearing on the stuff going on like. I'm getting somebody in different modality in all of a sudden you see them connecting. So he's things out working all the time. My story. That's let's rationing. We we have to keep working out our craft matter where we are in it in order to continue to improve and reach different audience, whatever. So that's good encouragement. So thank you for sharing that they've why do you think that stories can move the way they do? And how do you get to that point where you're moving people? I mean, obviously like we've talked about. But also just why did they move like they do. I think people I think best which can connect quickly. So you have a relationship without person in one of the things I learned is even when you're a big room of thousand plus people, I've gotta be or connect with these personnel. Rue. So I think when you're connecting with somebody. Whether it's once again, whether you're looking at them, whether you're speaking of the when you go up on your walk around. Sometimes I'll go up to somebody Pat on the shoulder without connecting the connection. Now, they got that feeling wasn't have that feeling with many telling the story there. They're in story with me, see one of those I have to take people inside with me. So I I think I was one of the people who can actually take you inside a situation, which you you may have never ever Omay never ever experience can do that lack. She actually live wet mate through my story. Now got something with you. And I give people moved emotionally. And once you get moved emotionally people. Now, you have that connection that connection pretty much for life, less less. You do something that destroys that connection. And and I've heard other interviews and heard from people maybe you can reference this little there's just a little bit story and emotion or what moved us our brain fires so much Mattingly. But when we get an emotional connection that makes it change for us. And so that's more powerful than just facts and figures is that kinda why what you do is. So world changing. I think think the people he's now sale if an accurate because I was sales people by actually it back. It up logically. Ryan, that's basic stuff. But yes, when you're speaking people by that story emotionally, I know sudden they come around while I understand that could happen because there's nowhere else away. Johnson got him emotionally 'cause you're going down to rivers like one going river while there's no other place to go. So now, they're backing logic. So yes, you have to touch emotionally, you know, many emotion right motion is about your life. So that so meeting is your life after meeting something on Sunday, bring emotional son, they can build that into their life. So let's take a little bit of a tangent. I wanna get out of here. Speaking of emotion. Meaning I wanna hear little bit more about your story on the Hudson. What I hope that nobody listings ever in a plane crash or a rough landing because it was a landing you survive. It's good. But what what was that? Like, I mean. And then my my secondary question to that. Then I'll get to is gonna talk about how what you did afterwards. Because that to me is even more amazing. But what was it like going into the river like that? So they mean like last moment. Yeah. I don't talk about that a lot of. I'm really asked about it. I tell them because I tell people is that last moment, which was probably one of the most emotional parts for me. Because once you put your head down. Yeah. You're gone over the bridge, your sixty seconds away from either dying in cripple or coming back. There's basically three options right survive survive injured or you're not. I mean, it's pretty much those are auctions. You put your head down. I tell you what happened to me. I contrast that with some other people's going to Matic life experiences. That's why they're my Ted talk on it is that you see the movie of your life before your eyes. I mean, you put your head down say get you give it up because one thing they realize when you're going down, you have no control on the control your mind. I mean, you find a plane you Troy by else's emotion, which control your mind. So I saw the movie of my life passing for my is when all the way back to when I was a kid play little league baseball. You know, the McCain that we took to go see monuments. I'll say things with vivid in clarity had seen for forty fifty years. So what I did what my the only guy this, right? Is this just me? So I had a lady who I knows the friend of mine who survived the earthquake in Haiti she was basically in rubble for five plus hours, ROY confined, a counter, I asked her how what was that like for you your role? I had my with aphid pretty quick yours was extended. She goes. I really don't movie what happened in my life. I clearly like, wow. This really happens. What people are sort of going out is they get clarity about purpose of what's going on. I think that's what happened to me. That's why so emotional for me. His also my purpose really was no realize coming into play. And then you seemingly immediately put that purpose to work. So as everybody's getting off the plane. You didn't just escape I understand you actually helped others, right? Yeah. Kaelin we very can't. It wasn't my game plan now. Now. I'm a business guy plans together, you strategies, Tony's strategies right on how about strategy that was my strategy. But when I got the I'll heard something in my head change, my strategy was my mother, and my mother had passed away like mentioned back in nineteen ninety seven. But I heard her say something in my head that sort of sort triggered me. Like if you do the right thing, God, we'll take care of you. And you know, why don't people start thinking about that? I didn't think about this at the moment very candid. This is not what I thought about the moment years laters. My mother never told me what to do. She always made me make a decision, and my mother always there's policy that consequences negative cuts, which it's every decision. I talked to my kids. So I think my mother was saying, okay. This is your this. Is it you you make decision? You don't you can go out and nothing else will be said about it. Or you could use something different. I decided do go help people. So I make my way towards the back of the plane got behind everybody start making my way out like everybody else in all of a sudden, I'm looking at the right? The first shot that I have is on the right side to now I'm outta here. But when I got the door, I started getting down like everybody else on the wings the picture people way. There's no room on the way is already filled up. So you look at the boat. There's no room on the boat. So also undecided plane waste three to reward for seven minutes. Hold onto this lifeboat. If he will keep asking why did you hold on lifeboats will what people kept on hold on hold on. Because what happened was on the lifeboat floating out into the river because of the current and they like high, and they have at you. Everybody's listening who reads the Laura brochure plight no-one recessing, I do now. But no reason is actually tended to the plane, but they didn't know that. So that's why hold onto the lifeboat for seven minutes waste, even the water. That's how I became when the last people out client if not the last passenger has got to some of her was the last personnel. The plane. So I guess the question, maybe people are listening are ready to ask wanna hear do you? And captain solemn bigger. Do you? Sully have lunch now. We have a couple of days together. But he's so busy right now. Like, I am wrong going different directions. We all have different missions right now. So I have been at the honor of being a medium of actress speaking stage with him which was great to do. But I don't see too much more control our different ways Asher. So, you know, I have storytellers of all different walks of life all different things. What I what I love about. This season is talking to speakers in particular. How do you approach what you do as a speaker with story? Do you have a framework like I wanna tell these three stories in these three lessons. You just tell stories how how do you go about that framework? There's two things that I do. And this is started with forfeit when I to be with Tony. But we were talking Tony Robin talking. You know? You know, the thing he told me need is totally about taking this to heart is no never take a note on stay. You gotta know it's gotta come from the heart. So, you know, you never takes note on stage. I've never taken note onstage. So would I do they answer your second question is this? I wanna know the audience, I wonder the makeup if I don't know what I get to earliest. I could see it also. Okay. This audience looking for leadership or teamwork or they wanna say about maybe as a face talk. So all of a sudden now thinking, okay, I've got all these different stories. I could tell I've only got forty five to sixty minutes, which ones do our. Wow. The most impacted than I threw a rack with the pure rain. Right. This went out. This went out. This went out. How do I put it together are putting together a sequence in myself in the proper state to go for it? So all comes down when I walk in there. More get that that pre pre listed. Where's the audience was was this conference about right, which is confidence about it? Just means about that. I'm pulling the stuff out there. I've got this. When this week I like thirty stories I can pull away. But all depends. Outcome of the audience is that's why I connect now. How do you maintain that catalogue of stories? So well, so that you remember them nowhere to weave them in and stuff. So I of course, back nine years ago. I still write stories down. Right. But what I started doing with each one little card. I've got one here right here. It's like this triggered words. So it's like old lady right on with store told you about the ladies old lady, right or Red Cross. So triggered the word. So I've learned how that learned being a winner. Tony for all those years is how to really make those connections right building get information quickly because of you can get that quickly. You can impact people. So. Okay. So have these trigger words was what I'm gonna do my block do this do this. Now, the trigger words it all set store goes in my brain cave. Nasa story, yours yours going. So I have triggers every one of my stories which helped me. Very quickly. Go like, a it's like a computer. Right. But it in right? This is goes out. So it's all each of the three stores four stories, depending on how much time I got twenty minutes eagle story, you know. You know, pretty much again. So I got sixty three to four stores, right? So sounds kind of. Sounds maybe maybe simplistic or common sense. But it's a matter of of practicing and knowing them and being purposeful. I mean, right definitely. Yeah. I think it was doing that subliminally until I did my tedtalk more had to be gentle. 'cause if you need probably talked to you this debts, you got eight minutes, right? Your storyteller man, you could tell stories all day long. So you got eighteen minutes to get to get your message out. Right. It was impact cameras are on your five hundred people are looking at you can't step dot in by the way will clock down eighteen minutes. One seconds. You lost? Right. You don't get the video. Right. You don't get the goal right ignore gets on as they say, right, Jerry. Maguire would say so that taught me how to tell people how much did you train for that? So I said, well, you know, I was put over two hundred hours of training at all. Because I own I wanna make sure it's perfect. Right. But then you get there and all of a sudden health breaking excuse my language, right? So they're not send you got regroup. But I think that Ted talk taught me how to really do this intentionally how to do it. Do you think that that those TED talks are kind of the top echelon currently of speaking? I think people speaker look like that. But after experiencing one, I don't think so I think it's great training. It's great exposure. Right. It's a great venue. I mean, and I do another one. I would if I had I had to build time in the train for. That's the thing about it. I think the great storytellers are. People are notorious Dona tedtalk, but his judge. You know, basically was I saw Ted talk. Tony this went for it. Right. So I think people look at that you can get on that big one one big stage. But I really think it's every defense that you get somebody for people how you have more impact doing those. Visit one TED talks. Sure. What do you think Dave is one of your biggest challenges with storytelling? I think the biggest challenge probably have is. I don't wanna get stale. I think you know, one thing I've always remembered than I've learned this for years and years everybody that front of probably I seen me. So I've got bring it. I've got bring it. And sometimes that's been. Yeah. Somebody of two or three times. Right. So when I do not God June events where may have two or three thoughts do redcross fits, right? So what I do those make sure on that stale for them is at bring out different story out bring another one outright just sort of little variety because you're there six human needs the second big second even need people have variety. So I wanna give people a certain they're going to get certain certain, but also give variety. So when I do make sure that I don't get that. I get stale is not bring some the new stories. It may even tell a different perspective. Like the story. I told you earlier about knowing down that last moment, right? I may tell the whole different perspective from a family perspective, though, set of my personal perspective. It's almost like a like a musician. They may play the same song in it again. But there's variations and stuff just to get a little bit of Riecke. I guess right. Listen to interview the other day thinks ride alongs, right? James core, John hill. Josh by what tiny dancer billion times? Right. He's playing over. And they asked for that question said he puts himself in that mode. It's like. Nineteen seventy four when I play for the first time. Also, he see is. I think it was a cool. Great store. You see there is a rollback like okay, go back into the brain put himself in the state of. I wrote this nineteen seventy four like the first time. I've learned about watching these great people. He's great entertainers how they do it. The palm cardinals of the world right now play these songs back in the USSR billions of times, though, brings it. Right. So there's a strategy behind it always modern the best. So when things Tony tov his model the best. So I always as always rejected that top one percent of any any area. I wanna get better. Add speaking financing, mostly I find that top person top ten people. I'll go for. Each bay keeping the strategies so again being open to improvement is important than never ending improvement penna. Dan, prove it do you also read quite a bit. Like a lot of you know, we hear all these the top CEO's read one book every day or something. Crazy, right? Do you read a lot too? Well, I used to read more, but I had to get a different strategy because it's how busy I am now. So I downloaded book week. And I listen, I listen to at least one book a week cash. Yes. I'm getting one book. I may not have time to read it. But when I'm putting ears are said, right? I'm hearing it. And also in brain also things try to right through the week while her this in this book Novak now I can use that. Yeah. Which leads me to the other question. I was thinking about for you technology. We talk about the different modalities in which we learn different platforms. We all consume from what I've seen from you. Dave over the last couple of years is using all these different all the different media. Let's vailable. Alexa, briefs using podcasting using Facebook live using videos now, I'm going to say this politically correct as I can you're probably in your fifties. Don't think of somebody at that age. Let's say early read that's all the kids stuff. Right. How do you attack that in try to stay relevant and engage with the newest technologies and not feel overwhelmed. Greg question is because I put myself round people around him who millennials gen Xers. I'll put myself on this kinda people intentionally. I mean, I've met a lady last year Spokane story speaking candidate group of five. Eight hundred plus women grin on his for me. Love it. Women are great daughters for me. But there's a lady who's there who is speaking. Right. After me is she was she's a number one social media expert in Canada, basically started out at Silicon Valley now sticking to Canada. And all of a sudden, she's like thirty five right? And so became connected with her start connecting these people right at that age. So they can keep you keep me fresh. I'm coming out some new technology out here pretty soon, which pretty excited about it. Even did this for my tedtalk brought out the video scribe, which no one ever heard about when I talked to a guy who's basically in the twenties lives in Utah who figured out technology, and I kept you teach me technology in. I used it in my tedtalk. And now he's it every time. It goes up is putting yourself around the people you want to be like, so I still do basketball stats at the high school girl being say what you all graduated because it gives me around the youth. What's going on in that technology world? Right. I see what they're doing. Also like, okay. Where can I use? Something that connected. The millennials. That's a market for me or even the jen's ears. Whatever have to recall right now post millennial. Yeah. I don't know. I think MTV called them the builders or something like just weird anyway. But that's how I stay on top of the technology in our put myself around people. So my team when we're thing I've got a baby we were on my chain. I've got a genetic zero team and got millennial. So I've got off the different really did do this day. And so I talked to any Brad solace in Brad is when foremost authorities on generational strategies. Even I heard speak in Michigan. Michigan NIU out speaking after I suppress great stuff. Teach me stay tollways. You're gonna have somebody every level on your team. So that's why I now millennial my team she about fireball. She can do fifty things at one time. Right. I working trying to get a PowerPoint up. She's like. So that's how I do it. Michigan went to make my way over to you. Because I'm in Michigan. So. That's awesome. Man. I'm I'm just loving this. What? So so you're someone who motivates and inspires others. Who who or what story has really changed things for you over the years, or maybe a few or whatever like is there anybody particular who or a life changing story that has impacted you greatly. I think that's a great question. I hear stories all the time. And they impact the, someway, but it really came from something that I start sharing in and it came from a year and a half ago and came randomly don't work came from by started telling the story in. Here's the story. I'm sitting exactly what I'm right now. My wife in the house my wife about an office about seventy five feet. So I needed a piece of quiet have a main cater Bankin, and she called me. She got a call for our neighbors down the street, the two elderly, ladies, and she said, well, you know, they. Need some helping TV on? Can you go down on busy on a pretty good TV's on? Of course, you're gonna do whatever you can't for your neighbors. I tell you anything dri neighbor, right? Having a challenge. And so down the street help you with TV, though, big the pretty good TV's. I'm really gonna get to you. But I Don five minutes may might have much. You said we stay for milking cookies, so. Yeah. Love Milken cookies. Right. We don't like milk and cookies, especially from two older, ladies, you could probably Bank. Right. I mean all in. Yeah. So they're getting another cat. Their books. Right toffee day. See these books I opened his one book in the book is pictures of concentration camps. Now. I love World War Two history. Listen to a watch any show on off watch it anything. So they come back smoking cookies. Hey, wouldn't you get this is a mazing picture? She was they both said we were there they rolled up their sleeves show. These numbers down. There are lesser bowl. All I said, let me record story. We never stepped seventy eight years dole. Right. They're not going to be around. They have passed on. They were gonna be around much longer. I only was it. We will let you record it. But what tell you story? I heard his story about being in a concentration camp in surviving. I said that story right? There's also realizing these people he's two ladies survive when the most horrific situations in the history of the world. The knowing survivor thrive said how can I use this to help? Other people are going through these experiences. Nelson S story right there. I'd have said that stored outs. People running the stage knew when to tell me to Matic life experience. How can it yet not say like extra connecting people have gone through these experiences right while that one story this came? Clean my mind. The federal state for no reason now opened up a whole different world from it. I think that story back. It's a long way of answering. A question dancers law stories that I hear in. I've heard stories like that. If impacted me that story right there when I started the first time, I didn't know I was gonna play will set is opened up a whole different avenue for me. Yes. Of as always impacting talent. Absolutely. An it feels like part of the lesson there too. Is that? Stories connect us, which is kind of a common sense thing. But like picturing people flooding, the stage to tell you their story 'cause they they need that outlet connects us just like that's an incredible humanity thing right there. Yeah. Sorta Kauai connected that up like, you know, if I can do this is tells you if you're having a challenging day or you've had a really really started. When I spoke after hurricane urban, this is where I I smoke down at Florida speaking, hurricane Mariah dramatic life experience out connecting the DASA my story in that. I was with the Red Cross. But the what have you coming up with say? Yeah, we've lost this. We lost this, man. I never I never had anything like that. And also realizing there's always somebody worse out. There has something is survived. Something worse. One of I can give you that contrast for stage. The, you know, why yet you're having a bad day, Dan. Yeah. You've got a real bad day. Right. But you know, what he's survive something that no fix me people survive. Right. Let's let's talk connect you with that. Let me connect with people. I knew on if you. Contrast think you having a bad day. Let me tell you what bad. They really is. Man up or woman up and get your get your thing going, right? So that's opened up to me to help people. So I'm technology side of things you're on multiple platforms. You're on a stage. You're on digital. You're in podcast. You're at your everywhere. Right. Do you have a favorite platform? Was speaking stage is definitely my favorite. 'cause I impact a lot of people personally, but Kelly that that technology is mentioned moment ago is lobby now. Go around the world. That's changed. A lot of things for me. Because now I can get these brave these one or two minutes things out continent thoughts out if people from Australia England or Israel or now contacting where where on stage on with that group of east Lansing Michigan on classing Michigan. But if I could do that now me global is. So I think that that's probably gonna be my favorites. But the video is also becoming a very 'cause now visit video of I do the correct way. I can get around the world that way like what if you see me it can't touch me. But they could see me relate to me. So I think those are probably like two favorite and videos. So it almost it almost feels like you said a Dave you can't touch me. But you can see me almost feels base if face impersonal, it's probably one of the most personal. But I also think like I love podcast because I'm in somebody's head almost if you're wearing ear buds. I'm in your head. So it's just so it's so cool to see if. Different technologies. I even still like Twitter for stuff on Twitter little bit because it's is all the time. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So I I think I started with that. I think it's a great tool. But now, it's so overused. His I gonna help people Twitter all the time child. I. About. I'll get one. I'm watching my Red Wings, or if I want to talk about something else kind of inch. But yeah, I actually love Instagram right now. That's where I love spending my time place, right? Yeah. Which is so cool to see. Everybody's perspective. See their stories, there is absolutely awesome. But then I appreciate your time. And this has been an absolute blast as I said if you're in Michigan next time, I'm going to keep an eye out on your schedule. It will be Michigan either September October. Never let let you know. Once you have anybody out. There you go to schedule area contact to come here to speak now pajama personal guest list. I'll make an half an hour land in. If you wanna check it out. Check me out website find that Dave Sanderson speaks dot com. That way, you know, where they hadn't checked by daily fresh briefing us, Dave Sanderson the classified enough. Stay connected with me that way fantastic. I'll link in the show notes now before I let you go. If you somebody said to you, Dave you're done telling stories, you gotta find something else to do. What would your last story? Be that you'd wanna share. I think the last story would be is. You know, that's a great question. I mean, I haven't been asked that question. The last story be so the faith aspect, but on the. I would probably say that what the church with a lady that would probably be right up there. But when I got got to do a podcast in Taiwan, and it was for Radio Free China. Now, tell this story out saying because this story sort of helping sore start playing out here. I do this podcast is interviewing in Taiwan for Radio Free China. Right. Any translated into Mandarin. So now, I'm in the largest languages in the world. Right. So behind the evening of it. You do your thing. He come home. Right. But later that year in speaking along, especially churches at that time. I was home with the churches the Sunday before Pentecost as the first week. Get a navy base somewhere around there in all of a sudden my minister who who knew what I was doing. I didn't find this out to later. His daughter was on a mission or a sub cut trip to Beijing. I heard my interview in Nandrin. And called her a somebody from your church is over here talk. It. I didn't know this 'til after two here. He is in the middle of the sermon. He started rock and roll. Right. I'm there doing thing start focusing in also east tells the story about Jesus last words, this is story. I would tell these last his last words the cycles of the mount mount rise apostles. There you go around the world today s Mary in the world. The Holy Spirit will feel you. He says as Dave Sanderson's doing. And also my daughter's like, hey, dad, you will waking up they wait. Now. Everybody's looking at me. Now. Right. Also, I realized that's what's happening is my message is now going around the world. And this may be the mission. I put on earth for right is the share maybe total faith perspective. But if you believe strong enough, whatever you believe in things do come true. I think that'd be the last story. I would tell awesome tegray started out on. Awesome. Like, I said, we'll linked everything the show notes. Dave, thanks for your time today. Matt really appreciate it. Thank you for having me today. All right. So cool. What guy? Thank you so much for coming on the storytellers network podcast. Really do appreciate it as I said. And thank you for listening. If you want to connect with Dave as I mentioned all the links and the show notes check him out buys book, watches tedtalk. It's all there. Just a great guy a genuine good, dude. Who wants to spread a good word? So can't with Dave. And if you enjoyed our episode you somebody else needs to hear it consider sharing it all over social media. Text Email it just tell somebody share it with others. So that others can get some inspiration from Dave Sanderson. So there you go. And if you want to share your story with me, just go to the contact page on the storytellers network dot com. It contact Dan, send me an Email. We can have ourselves conversation too. There. You have it. That's the network on next time. Here's the telling our stories having. Cheers.

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