Top Chef: All-Stars L.A. | Season 17, Episode 1 Recap: Its Like They Never Left!


Unpack your yes say. Welcome to the top. Scheffer HAP- podcast. My name is Haley strong. And we're here to talk about the premier and Gosh. I can't do this alone. I mean I would if I could but I can't. They won't let me do that kind of thing anymore around here so I'm joined by an excellent panel of judges first up. We have the number one fan fennel. Kurt Clark. How's it going? I'm doing well next. We have the Kentucky King Antonio Massaro Making his first appearance of the season. Happy to be here. Thank you Haley under reported I like fennel and of course. We have our favourite bread. Babe Emily Fox A. Hey how are you and then Josh is here to. I'm meter. Hey have a title. Princeton came up with your own title. I just did Prince Pizza like a title on. Just add the lowly. I Dunno hosts Haley wholesale is good for no no mixmaster Mike. This week He asked to. He must have some reason. We're all warranty teamed. Right better things to do to have a really good not be on a podcast right now. I Face Valley three times this week. I can't make it because yeah hey excuse generation ability really trying time. We're not going to be able to get out of anything anymore. Full commitment yet. And that's not the only thing that's committed. We have fifteen fifteen fifteen committed to being on top chef. All Stars is one thing and that's the show. Thank you so I'm really good at this. Can you tell although while fourteen now with a with a wisp of the stash there it goes Joseph a real heartbreaker for the house this week with the with the premier surprise? Who expected to go home? I I don't that's something that crossed my mind that like any of these people would be going home. I think I just assume that fifteen would make it to the end. Yeah but to see Joe go I like I was. I was really surprised and a little side but not as sad as I would have been with some people even with Leeann who he was up against like in in that moment where the bottom three are Leeann. Joe and Brian Malarkey. Who if you listened to the top chef free? The podcast was almost my team. If not for the fact that I bullied Kerr Clark into taking Brian Malarkey. So he would have a briny sandwich as his team. That could have been the whole the whole House the whole team Hitler on the bottom and when it was very clear that it was going to be between Leeann Joe and I was losing somebody. I wanted it to be Joe. I WOULD HAVE BEEN HEARTBROKEN TO LOSE. Leeann as the first one as I know uncle. Tony Oh you probably would have been raging about that as well given. Leeann story on the most recent appearance of top chef. She had definitely she deserved a better shake. That said both Lennon Joe were bottom in the quickfire and bottom in the elimination challenge. Show have felt tragic in a way because of the way her story ended in. Denver. But it also wouldn't have felt not deserved. I mean it would have felt very deserved considering what we saw. Hopefully that she. Hopefully she can get her head back in the game from this. I think starting out poorly on the quickfire really hurt both of these two chefs and obviously everyone season super talented. So it's going to be rough every time we lose somebody. Yeah I think especially with these kind of in the east in the bottom two and me with my goldfish memory of past seasons. They're still fresh. I still remember these two and even then like I'll always remember Liam even if Shannon been recently on agent species back but I think that was even harder the harder part. Was that the people who are still relatively fresh in my mind so it was like wait. What's going already that Iran Nice? Yeah it was great premier. Though I mean I really enjoyed these. These opening challenges. I thought it was. Maybe like I'd love to get everybody's take on. Did it feel like we were just kind of like really thrown into the action typically like? Was there not enough or play in the lead up to the episode where we just sort of start at the observatory. There's this epic walk through like anchor. What what what's the Cambodian temple for the returning all stars or something like that Beautiful Watch? The observator and there wasn't a lot of ceremony. It was almost like okay. Who who went home in sixteenth place? I don't remember. Let's just start with this episode. Yeah they should have. We should have solved the Black Dahlia murder. First Time like Guatemala. Ask Hike up the hill to the surgery and that had to do the challenge climbed the Hollywood sign. Yeah really an with now poisoning once again. It's no good. There's actually a funny story about the Griffith Park Observatory in the Hollywood sign. That was recently on the ninety nine percent invisible. Podcast where people that live in the neighborhood for people using the trail to get to the Hollywood sign to actually hike up their lives. Used to be fine and then youtube happened and influencers happened and people started making videos about this is exactly how you hike to the Hollywood sign so then. Their neighborhood became a nightmare and they actually petition. Google and other mapping services to not include if you search like Hollywood sign their neighborhood in the trail head and they switched it to the Griffith Park. Observatory is the official location. And if you look at the Griffith Park Observatory you can see in the scenes. The Hollywood sign in the background. And it's pretty damn small so it's hilarious that Jewish couple of years ago and we went up to the greatest Victorian. I took a picture of the Hollywood sign in the distance and it was in the distance so old but they start their psychotic. La ICONOGRAPHY ICONIC ICONOGRAPHY. Let's just use the word twice again. I- CONIC ICONOGRAPHY times bath. I'm not going to that during the no. I'm not going to do that. But they start with the Meson and everything I liked that it was like a good reintroduction of where everybody is at in their careers. Ethan right of like who is going to be strong at this. Who's still pretty fresh in this department versus like just a restaurant tour and hasn't had to get their hands. I like the fact that we're sort of revisiting people that are known quantities like Angelo for example who was always like super right and then he's like Oh wait I have a soccer cypress. Signed like let's talk about how I used to be. You know a completely different person but I really mellowed out and I'm doing this as a father at somebody you know really has affected his craft but cares more about other people you know. There are certain storylines that I really appreciate sort of picking back up again that I haven't thought about necessarily really like that and we. We talked Louis last week. About what you do. We think that Angela is going to be getting the John. T SAR treatment in terms of a shift in his approach. I think we kind of got a little bit of that with this. You know the the softer side of the family man And you know somebody who might have had their edge dulled that Donald did. This sharpness isn't necessarily there. But they're now maybe not a knife so much as there are some other less sharp implement inch spirits. Spoon is still useful as sharp knife is kind of useless. Dangerous actually looking there. Yeah Yeah I trust you so yeah so yeah. I think a spoon is a spoon. A dull knife is just used so he's turned from the knife into a little bit of. I don't know where to rescue me from this metaphor. I think you're having a great time with no we go to someone like Lisa who I you know is from one of the earliest seasons. I frankly had to look her up because I was like. Don't remember you off the top of my head. God Yeah you were pretty little role in what season for I think about going from a nice maybe a sport like she's got a little bit of an edge but she also was like I've maternal. I Like I've worked my way up here. I am again and watch out every insurance. You Have Lisa on your team if I if I'm remembering correctly from the auto two-pronged question two prongs of Cirque is is a Hayfield team and be Harry feeling specifically about about Lisa being back. I thought it was good. Good episode for Lisa for sure. We saw the flashback to her having some beef with Dale and just her attitude has changed she took being picked last in stride. She delivered a good dish in the elimination challenge. So thumbs up for Lisa for sure. It was interesting to me that when Tom in there. In what very little foreplay they had little pecks on the cheeks were happening before the Museum Plaza Rela-. Tom said that I must have said you missed the best part. Time said which if you would never do this again. They're only three people who raise their hands. Wh Thompson which you said you have said he would never do this again. And Only Stephanie. Jamie and Joe. Sasso didn't raise their hands so LISA was not one of those people. She must have had at some point some negative experiences associated with our top chef time but. I just really watched that season this week and I feel like she did have a pretty harsh edit and you know obviously she said those things she but they really played her up to be a big complainer and this was when they used to have reunions and that was that was a point in the reunion was like she told the story about how someone came out. Tour was a big fan of the show but like because of what she'd seen on TV. She didn't know she'd be nicer nine. And that was probably not the only instance of that happening too Lisa so I could understand why she wouldn't want to come back to this shit show like she had a rough go around the first time and I don't think she really got a lot of credit. Remember that final of being Stephanie. Lisa and Richard but Richard came stirred in that like he blew that I know so. That was pretty clear right like he was in the Front Area. Maschera and like there was like no dancing around that at all that like lays just liquid nitrogen. Lisa genuinely almost one that season. It was pretty close at that final dinner like Stephanie. Just edged her out and I don't think people who have haven't seen that season well remember that she was. She wasn't a contender throughout the season. But she wasn't the end what's interesting in terms of bat sliding doors component to it because internal you ended up with with Lisa as the last person on your team and I think we spent a lot of preview show being Alisa Lake once. We got there like this is like really and we're talking about like a universe where you know. Stephanie is art is like a really well known chef girl and the goat in. Chicago is one of great restaurants in America. Hopefully not would back to continue. What is the world where we'RE LISA? Fernandez is the winner of that season like what? What does the restaurant history with by from from there and I think as we were talking about like who has some of the best redemption stories potentially on the table as we're reminded of this history and I think that the episode did a pretty good job of rearticulating that history? I think the deck is set release. It may be have a very different story. Didn't expect we'd spend this much time at the top of the talking about Lisa but my reasoning in putting her where I put her on. The list was just that I don't think they would bring her back to this. All-stars loaded version of this season. Unless they know that she was really going to bring something to the table and they were interested in seeing a story like that comeback. So were right there certainly in this episode and I think as you guys are observing. We're getting that about a lot of different chefs and we're getting a lot of it right from the top. I laughed a lot. One of my other team members. I Kevin talking about PF tes. He's not the best place to turn these artichokes because he has people for that Shit. Yeah that was really funny. He was great. He was great. This episode is very worried for him at the elimination challenge. It seemed like everyone was like. Oh that looks great. But it just kind of abolish it seemed to be so pumped about what he'd put out there and I was. I was very worried both for you. Antonio they know your big Kevin Hi but for all of us thought that really provided a lot of energy not to jump too far ahead but I think it was interesting during the once. We determined you. The bottom team was like the bottom at didn't keep people from the standing off the side of the judge's comments we hear about them too. But then Tom was like Angelo Kevin. I still have to call you out for some stuff interest. I thought I was completely fair and I'm glad Tom did that. Because I do feel like those people need to know the constructive criticism that had for them and I feel that way drag race to like. I want everyone to be judged because I everyone to know what they're doing right and what they're doing and so. I really appreciate that Tom did say. Hey guys like you guys left up to like. You're lucky you had some great team members because could've been you. Should they as a survivor as well like after all right before you go Wendall? You're too mean this week. Michelle you need to be less. Wishy washy like Jeff really be able to insert himself in the Self Allot doesn't it? It's funny so I got to interview chef Kalicki. Oh for one of the sexiest chefs. According to that competition and I buy it I buy. It was great great to talk to in the midst of everything going on and that he had some really thoughtful things to say about where we are culturally right now in the midst of all things. Cronin. I know we don't want to go on it too much but we did also managed to find a way to talk about top chef. You know the reason we were. We were actually his own. And he had said like the thing about top. Chef is when you have a new lineup of contestants. It's pretty easy to like just like really judge them based on what's going on on the show you don't have report with them. You don't know them very well. With an all star seasoning. Be a little difficult to be brutally honest and we just had to keep the conversation going but I did want to give the SAS to some of these people in this episode so I appreciated that where where even with faster was clearly going south for him episode. Oh Joe's back it's like we never left. He's bathing pasta. And you live and a half minutes free summaries exactly so I appreciated that It didn't seem like they were pulling their punches. At least in the edit like I thought that the way that they were treating everybody felt pretty pretty barren and I'm fully on board with what you guys are saying getting a chance to like kind of it's not even like sniping at people who aren't in the bottom three. The rules of the game are if you're on a team and it's a team based challenge in the people who are losing People who are or limitation. But that shouldn't mean that the people who sucked on other teams that are not elimination. Shouldn't get some broadsides exactly and I started getting the feeling that from that sense of familiarity some of the Kalicki oh SAS that we typically only get in last chance is creeping its way into the Show proper and I don't necessarily hate that. I like the fact that there's a little bit more of that that familiarity. We don't have to sit through a few early rounds of still trying to figure out who you are through your cooking. These chefs are and of note. So I think that's going to be potentially allow other things to through. I still would have liked an initial quickfire initial elimination challenge to do something again. That highlighted who this person is as a chef You know that's the thing we've kind of complained about in past seasons That Happening as early as we'd like. I definitely think I would have liked that. I did appreciate the extent to which they used flashbacks to aid somebody with my mom skills with me as well. Yeah yeah so that that was really nice though so I don't the only thing that by person who noticed the change in the font of the ironic that was bugging me so much I every time I would positive pas the show to to capture the name of the dish. It'd be like this. It was weird rating on the subtitle. Everything in Comic Sans Wings Choice in Tony. I'm glad you noticed about the right away and I thought oh top chefs trying to be updating their look. I'm not sure that I felt like a refresh was needed. It definitely jumped out for sure because certain things become iconic right. They become exactly with the show. You're used to show using a certain type of style or font and it's interesting when they change it but top chef is always experimented and look to branch out one of the things. Josh from your interview that stood out to me in that regard. I went ahead and checked it out is. There's an hour Tom. Colegio web show at opinion content time. Do you watch it. I watched it too. Yeah he's playing grab ass and make an extreme but if you're not aware of it so there's a new digital series. All season called what time do where time is taking one of the challenges from the episode for a spin. And he's he's giving you like all of the the sticking points in the warnings right upfront. Like not doing it the same time. The circumstances are different. We're hearing a kitchen not at the beach. Just wants to really get like literally. There's like thirty seconds of the show of the five and a half minute show is devoted to like curtailing. All of the Internet. Hate that. He knows that he's going to get going to be effective. And and he's he's Co hosting it with me Lou from last season. And they have a really fun dynamic. Where they're just like sloshing. Rose a tonio that you watch and I was GONNA ask You. You were triggered by the way new seemingly was saying oysters. Instead of always like she was saying moisture's season they were saying washers and lady one so a little bit. I don't even remember what her name was Mrs Ari Kelsey. You should watch it though. It was a fun episode Break Wall and there's like camera people all over the place and people are just like sniping and grabbing clams to go is really. What are you taking clams to go? Say it again not five times best going to be a give me a regular. I wasn't sure if that was because there's no last chance kitchen. I didn't know if that was the one. That's GonNa be the season long thing. Yeah Yeah I say cool. I'll check it out so it was it was. It was really really Tom in new a funny dynamic that they both seem like halfway to waste. Good that's my favorite kind of content. It was good. It was good versus all the way to waste. That's even better when you're all the way said you don't always have that. Nice treeline going kind of like us. We listen to this thinking that we're all the way wasted but it's eleven. Am like we're we're like mugs. What's in everyone's for yourself? I believe that's not a joke. It's quarantine baby a free for all top. Chef puck Jacob working. We'll be right back after these messages. And take that fork right out because we're back to want to go next. Should we took. We can talk about Meson. Pulse really raised. Thanks very traditional right. Felt a little different. Because once five people were finished around they got hidden and start on the quickfire challenge and then they had to use the ingredient they prepared. I don't know if that was mentioned the show. But it's something. I picked up when they're presenting dishes. I thought I thought it was gonNA just one that they prepare. But they all had artichokes and so I think I think they each had to use all three reince but a so all three. I thought they just had to use what they had prepared. That's what I don't like. The first people used orange like the first team used orange or almonds. In the second people use almonds everybody used artichokes the green team. Everyone work on test anyway. That doesn't matter. So the first thing was to turn artichokes than supremes more inches than cracks moments. I know personally I wouldn't be able to any of that was probably hand off now. Lost active as the chef of the crew. How we're going to call you a chef and make the artichoke saying we actually had a classical weeks ago where we try to teach people how to do it. And that was not very successful. I have supremacy citrus. Before it's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it but it does a little practice and then cracking any kind of not other GonNa Walnut. I have to do that at twenty twenty. Almost they all seem really scared to do the almonds. But then I thought that the show is Kinda Yada Yada through. The fear is just sort of like suddenly white people just like all running out of time. We don't have time to your montage of the of the A- and now calling it a fear montage. I'm mark mark cracking. They were on a roller coaster. I'm not I did laugh. Rewatching the episode because they did have the fear montage about how people were going to crack the almonds in John Carroll is the last head talking head in there and she says hopefully. I won't get to the almonds. And of course she was the last person there. So that was really really. When I heard that talking head I was like sorry here doing this survey trying to use. What was it? The wind and the wind key the skipper using the flat of the knife to try to crack. Like you might say garlic but the good on them. None of the crackers and probably give happened. Just use my teeth. At a certain point and crowded teeth them open sanitary but it gets the job done. Did anyone asked me to be sanitary in the May Not J. quickfire nutty clean fire. I think we all I think we all love them plus relay. We've talked about it a lot on this podcast in the past. Do you think though because one of the key things that's happening with the artichokes especially is Brian Ville Taj. You just can't stop saying shack. Do we need to a penalty of some sort for premature checks? I wondering if it was because he was just very nervous and he was trying to leave the competition. There's actually is short of what I was thinking. He was asking for a bell. Yeah he wanted to go. Deep is really an was not having the premature checks and Jen was not happy either. I do wonder if if that is worth implementing because I think otherwise maybe you can like does everybody have to pause down during Sam's back and puts her hands up is there. Is there a street? Strategic Utility to the unchecked check right. Can you wake if you're if you're causing everybody stopdown? You're really tired and you get to catch your breath. I don't know I don't know how to game thing but I don't last long. Here's what you do I mean there's there's there's there's an escape room solution to this as there is for everything. I've done escape rooms. You can ask for a hint but then you have to wait five or ten minutes Before you actually ask for another one so able will you ask for the check? You have to wait. Probably in this case maybe thirty seconds to a minute would be reasonable is given what they had to do with this particular task. That's essentially a solution there but it would've been less amusing if they'd had instituted that so. I'm not upset. A moves bushing. If yes I gives you guys know that. Did you guys know that Jamie gave his immunity? I heard a room did you. Did you know that Brian lost to his brother? These are in fact not under reported things they are not. Yeah but we do. We do hit a lot of these highlights from people seasons in the really pretty well edited in terms of how we sampled throughout people's stories while they're doing. These applause are doing the relay and seeing that we get a lot of introductions. I think we're seeing From an added standpoint Stephanie Mesnier being presented as feeling like underdogs that they feel like they have they were going to be underestimated in the competition offer. Various reasons maybe in terms of the time of their careers or just what they were like on the season so we see these clear stories starting to emerge as we talked about with. Brian. James. That's coming out as well and we have jen carols very memorable interaction with Tom at the judges table and all stars so she could. She does though. And this is something we got tweets about. She does refer to her last time on the show as all stars seemingly saying that her appearance on top chef last chance kitchen is not Canon. I know you all are probably thrilled with this. That was a web so not a show my last appearance on the web so didn't go so it doesn't roll off the tongue and she's not even acknowledged can you. Can you acknowledge it? Can you remind me I? I would have said that the last time we've seen John Carroll was on all-stars previous but she was on last chance. Josh she don't watch I last hands kidding up. I'm GonNa Watch last chance kitchen this season. I have no choice. None of us have any choices anymore. So I'm watching L. C. K. Marzio in the air catch Marcel. Jen No he was on Roxy. Utah was brothers season. It was topped shift. Yes it was. Yeah so they started instead of having to wait for last cancer last chance kitchen last-chance chicken to last chance chicken is the last game. Yes Sir God. Having to wait for it to populate with chefs in the game they started out with four alumni and was a gen or was it Marcel. Who is the very first person to eliminate from last? Angeles and I can't remember. I think it was John. Okay so so yeah. It didn't go well there but I'm glad she's bagging and as much as I was saying before then I kind of miss the. Let's let's kick off the first episode with a dish that tells us about join. You think the means I'm plus. Relay is a good opportunity to kind of push the action into the background to use that. Same time to talk a little bit more about the the chefs history. So I think it was a good use of the time I think about it Josh. A question for you since you hate last chance kitchen so much but there are people on this season you would have liked to have seen. Would you have been would have been okay if we did that again? With last chance kitchen starting with four people who weren't on the main show but let's say Marjorie was on there for example. I know you're GonNa say just put her on the main. Show your question then. You could not do that and you had to. I mean would you rather have that than nothing at all? Yeah because then at least we can get Marjorie. No no no I wouldn't. I wouldn't at all right. I think. Especially in an all-star season. It's asking an awful lot when just when you're dealing with top CHEF DENVER and you're you're telling people hey you don't actually have to show up to all the priests off. You don't have to do all this. We're going to run all these last chance. Kitchens real quick you can take a break and if you get back into the competition then you're going to need however much time after that fine. I'm that's maybe an easier solution than asking these people to do that. For an all star seasons. It just doesn't seem as fair in that realm and I'm not sure that they're going to continue to do they haven't done so. I think right going forward. We're not going to do that every single time. We have done it In other seasons though where we brought in returning players we did it of obviously with Jim Carey and others in the past so I think they will do but I. I'm it makes sense to me why they didn't do it here. I'm kind of enjoying the fact that we're doing this. A little bit of a free for all and in the spirit of that. They'd be fun to go around the horn like row out the name of a person that really surprised them in this up. So maybe someone we haven't we haven't talked about yet. And since I'm throwing out the idea I'll I'll go first and Antonia. You'd you had said in your in your your draft assessment that you had sent to me paraphrasing right now. That Melissa would be somebody who you can imagine what go really really far but would probably say the least and I thought we actually got a really good amount of screen time from from Melissa and with somebody who. I really really enjoyed in this episode. I think that she opt in this one episode of all stars in a way that she'd never really did in in Boston. She's a libra queen. Josh alienated definitely stand a Libra Queen. So that's sort of contact very interesting to get from Melissa outside really of anything other than just giving her more from a personal standpoint that we really didn't get as much from her in the past or until she got much later into her season so very interesting that she stepped up and she certainly stood out in terms of the dishes that she cooked so that I think they're really good one to highlight. I emily who stood out for you. I was really pleasantly surprised to watch Brian Bowl Taj again. Like oh I'm pleasantly surprised. No odds privatize area just like like especially when they're like like got a little color on the beach. I very uncomfortable. No but I kind of love that about you and my brother. Eric jumped out of a plane. He did it afterwards. But it's nice to see I don't know he's sort of an og in a lot of ways but strangely like wall to me so even though he's like very matter of fact I'm excited to see where he goes with everything and it's cool that like you know he supports Eric. Who's on my team and sort of a mentor for him. So I I agree with Eric. And what he said about you know impeding that was a storyline. That surprised me because I had forgotten that and I think that that's a cool dynamic to have on. The show is the teacher and his student in In the ring together I think really the was it surprising to anyone else that that was. Brian First quickfire win. I know people that we didn't really jumped out but it certainly was surprising to me that it was his first quickfire winning then I remembered he was on the scene with Michael Votazione Kevin and John Carroll so that is a loaded season where. It's not surprising that he didn't necessarily win a quickfire but he certainly jumped out here. He and Kevin made a dish that I think really pop for the judges with what they did in the quickfire that even those Aso's Pasta was dry and there were some issues there which emily. I have another question just from a prep standpoint. Is there ever any world where that Sasso Pasta would have been good? Doesn't it fundamentally half to rest for it to be delivered in a certain way for? Yeah that's just like overwhelming on his art. You know like you need to actually let us rats big. We found the Hashtag for the piping. The only time that we've ever seen a successful thing and I'm kind of like crossing. Scream Sierra but like Michael Cure lello years ago on. What was it. Asa IRON CHEF IRON CHEF IRON CHEF. Yeah Pasta and everyone was like risky move. Hurrell view it pulls it off. That's like the only time I've ever seen anybody in a competition setting like this. Where like he managed to like nail it so like Sasso coming in. I don't know if he's levels early E-e-e-e-no but just I don't know why you would do that as your initial I without being like hold on we actually have an. It was surprising because I think one of the fundamental construction of the quickfire meant that this red team came in. They had no idea how long it would take the other teams to come in so there was no clock on the wall and they walked into that kitchen. They thought maybe we could have an hour. Maybe we could have twenty minutes. I don't I don't think they knew but it just seemed like once they see the blue team come in and they realize oh they're only five minutes behind us that probably means the team's only going to be five minutes behind them depending on how long it takes to break those nuts open baby then. I don't know I don't know why he he still went through with it. I mean there's really not a lot of time to pivot but you just the laws of science and nature are going to change by virtue of them. Being in the top chef kitchen I agree completely opened. That'd be cool. There's no plus Josh. Has that power a full insulated kitchen? That is just like operating on a rule system. Totally separate reality next season please. Top Chef Alternate Universe Haley. Who jumped out to you? That we have highlighted yet or somebody that you WanNa talk about that. We haven't spent time with. Is it going to be any no? It's not although I think. Incredible episode ten out of ten on her. I Love I love having her there she just brings a beautiful brightness to the show that I just jumping we get a lot BA. No the person I want to highlight is somebody who I love but I forgot how much I love her. And I'm Stephanie. She had a pretty incredible episode. I completely understand her. Fear going to competition because she doesn't have a restaurant she's probably the only personal chef there and it's just a different style Than a restaurant chef. You don't move quite as quick. But Stephanie just held her own and I love I just I feel like I get her things -iety she has used fuel her and she just did super well. She played a cool. She did a great job. I Love Her. I hope she goes super far. She also brought back ghost. Nick by flashback and I was just like dragging your boy Curtis Clark freakiness guy triggered by that. You're willing to know. I hope she does well and is vindicated so that people will leave nickelodeon block. It'll be like well. She should have wanted to begin with her over. Yeah there's no good Jamie and get hate from that side of the Melissa. Melissa even said what was what was what was Jamie. Do we get. This is game so no no. No I think new. I'll be. The nick apologised the person WHO's present. I will say that. That's nie-nieto surprise me on several fronts Could you tell us? Ryan the top chef judges panel got some deleted content. Make it onto the podcast over the over the week that was a really blessed content that perhaps paraphrase for us so I did. I was correct in that I did have any draft team last season and then the quick comment is in terms of like your wife. I'm choosing at this moment to talk about. Her is surprised me a little bit. How timid she seemed at the beginning of this episode at that. I flashed back to last season remember. She was kind of the same way then but then she quickly accelerated into being like just by episode. Two or three much more forceful in just in. I think she's still binding her feet and that's what I anticipate for her. But I don't know if it's the top chef version of the Mandela effect. Is the the the the Padma fact or something but I- legit thought that it was Nina calcium finale last season lassie? Everybody everybody on the PODCAST was talking about. She went out twelve. And I'm like no did dwell. Okay got their research wrong. I'm saying no no I was like I literally wrote notes incentive. I know I ain't never I remember reading stuff about the dog named Tofu but I don't remember the placement of Jacqueline I. I don't think the used by the peripheral stuff than the hard data which is like the story of my life. But that's what you want to hear from the tabular cuts but yeah that that was something that and honestly amused by but I still stand by graphic. She's she's a joy in openness. She loses some of the the first episode jitters and gets back to you know how she was just in the fouling couple episodes of initial season. He's not here but Mike Bloom. He detects me one. Take that he has from the episode and it fits alongside what we're saying here and I think could be a good segue into talking about the elimination. Challenge is a his only real. Take that he has represented one. Is that Brian Malarkey. What an absolute hot mess. And I am so here for him this season and I got a issue a mea culpa because I just broad brushed Brian Malarkey as oh he's just another one of my favorite boring white shoots. Put Him on your team. Kurtz and the the the Double Brian Sich Brian Malarkey. Not Boring at all. I guess I have no memory of him on top shape whatsoever. He really is just kind of like a Tasmanian Devil of disaster. Well he within that disaster liking like a controller like he's just like really really really wild and highly entertaining the why I liked his bed. Commentary it is not fair to put these full grown adult in bunk beds doing it. Why are we doing here? Still I sleep in a bunk bed and I live alone so no no. I'm kidding shit. I feel like this is audio. We are recording. We need to take my my Webcam in my room so prove that this is not the I'm not. I'm not opposed as long as it does have a full sized bed and I have a trundle that I sleep. Yeah and we cover. And we sleeps in trundle. I Tucker and I say you got everything you got your water in the in the crevice underneath badge see. I've got everything I've got. My Book is okay and I guess are lightly on the forehead and then I pushed the trundle underneath. And you know she. She wakes up earlier than I do so just that she has to knock after about two hours and then I get up and I run is. I didn't think it was interesting that just ask so. Obviously it seemed like He. I'm the team captain. That should be calling the shots. Here's Brian taking over. Everything and I was like well. You're kind of the draft leaders. I don't know if necessarily the CHEF leader but more probably did JOE. Sasso is the leader. And we should even I kurt with our with our Swiss cheese brains as it pertains to top chef history. I think we've watched enough to know that like the discordant team typically does not do well. There are exceptions to the rule but like if there is if there is a difficulty at the leadership level things are not going to go. It was interesting to see. I don't think we see much. Luckily we scored this episode. I'm just thinking back. I think it was luckily more technical issues that landed teams in trouble than team harmony issues. Or do we say that didn't feel tremendously contentious. If anything all the teams were like. Yeah put out great food and then later on we're like Oh maybe. They had a couple of lines from Brian Right. Where our about Brian? Where Leeann and Joe? Both had confessionals where they're like well. We're starting to share some ideas and Brian. Just Kinda says. Do this do that do this do that. And both those two are sort of remarked on it but that did not seem to be a story on that they were presenting the the the two people on his team struggled because of him. If anything Brian's dish was really was really well executed in in some respects on he was safe and it didn't seem like US mistakes or his problems where the reason that the other two chefs had problems even though that was slightly presented at least on the show but when it comes to team discord the person that I think I just want to spare a couple words for because I don't know if you guys know this but there were some team Gordon. The previous season and Jamie actually gave up his immunity and went home for it. Can you wait what was no Jamie? Give up his immunity and went home for it because there's some team discord where he felt like he was the leader. He felt he should be responsible. Jamie I thought. He had had immunity at that the time he gave it up. Which is crazy. I don't know why you would ever do that. And then he ended up going home for a reverse. Nicholas if you will But the situation here I think Jamie had a really good episode. You picked really well and I love his line after they won hibiscus. And I'm so glad I picked you guys and it was really genuine. I thought very charming and he he stood out. He had this idea for a sauce for his muscles to put some of the actual char from the embers there. In the SAUSA- that was really well received muscles. Were a little dry. But you know so remind when I wake up in the morning so we're all good but other than that you know. I thought it really a pretty good episode for Jamie. This first episode had some good content and another person. I think. Pick near the end of drafts. Probably across the country people. Doing these top chef drafts. Probably had Jamie along with Melissa along with Lisa Stephanie. A little lower on their boards on I think a good episode in different ways for all of those people so a very good start to the season across the board. We're getting content from everybody out there which is really hard to do. I was fifteen massive talents on the show and finding a little way to have each of them stand out in their own way well executed premier for sure. Yeah I actually like if someone was not maybe like the least represented person in the episode for me. Was Joseph Esta. I would agree with that. Yeah I feel like somebody's upset. We didn't get much from so that's interesting Well we're losing to stash shave that sweet tooth Mar- Oh Mario death. Oh my God should. Should we transition to talking about the elimination challenge? Been hinting at it. The the the winning team from the quickfire the red team each of those five got some you know handpick their their team of three and it was at least the last thing like I think Antonio yesterday she wasn't salty at all. Or maybe emily sorry goldfish brain already. But yeah and I think the big twist here they had to do a progressive three course meal on the beach using only fires the only implement which which really pleased. Angelo fire represents their life in this show. That's a different show widow or was it was a bryner Angela. That was most. I know Brian says he has. The urban would is one of his restaurants. And he's he doesn't like Electricity Milwaukee Larkin Big Fan of the of the fire. He was super psyched. I think that's a big part of why he he took such a such a stranglehold over the team. With 'em in with Leeann stranglehold I've been stronghold the challenge. Take him to the beach. The show off the great expanse of Los Angeles by start with the start of the top observatory the Observatory. And then go out go. Further West. The Pacific Ocean and at the beach life was this was fun. Landed see and a little bit of air as well. Joe's has some highway numbers in there. Josh somebody help me out here please. Relative ten it's a that's only goes along the coast. Yeah Joe Yeah. It was good. It was a good challenge. I liked it. Why did you think is a good idea to make flap Red Buddy? All there's not as much top chef not top flat and that's a different show Bravo. Tv DOT COM. That I would sign up for. I mean I wouldn't be bad at it. It just seems that you know I agree with you. Flat breads seemed like Asec for what's going on here especially when it's like this like they're saying like yeah it's it's opened fire and that's like what you're cooking with but also this is a seafood. Chan when you when you have flat. Bread bread can be a vehicle for seafood but like men is GonNa be good talking to the principal pizza here so like Mississippi. Really up my alley. I was raising his hand while I was going to ask you about that. Do you think there's a world where he could do like a frank pepe as like a White Clam Pie in? That does well as the open flame. Just kind of taking about it I when he was sort of over eating clam pilots. Yes yeah I I I mean now. We're skimming through the elimination. But I think that's fine. We can just talk all this stuff through. I think there's no order here. Aranda. I duNNo. Maybe people aren't going to like it. I'm having a really good time. Gamblers analysts in any way. Whatever I think sastre talks about it right like his issue is editing. He can't edit himself he doesn't know how to do it. But like was just too convoluted and I think internal you're absolutely right. I think that there is a very tried and true way of doing a seafood pizza at like you can riff on to a certain degree but the look any further away than the master. The Frank Pepe style clam pie that is emulated. Nationwide from from various different different established mall. See to shining from SITA's shining. That's Joe Antonio. There is a place near you that you'd sent me a screen shot of a menu that that was like That's like a new haven style pizza place in Cincinnati Right. I mean it's everywhere and just that's why I saw what he would be interested to do. Was something like that was a good flavor profiles like you know fire roasted clams ache and who doesn't like. Bacon you know it's very buttery is lemony if you do it right. It's got Parsley Parsley Dope. All these things tag parsley dope very together so well and like that is something that like. You're not you're not tempted to like put more stuff with black red by the construction of the malar squad. The way that they presented all their stuff made it seem like they wanted everything so mix and mingle together. I'm red was going to be like some sort of like scooby vessel for everything else. Yeah I'm not speaking from experience here but you can get in trouble in high school for convincing classmates that Parsley as dope actually oregano worse. A lot better Yeah you're right. I class mates remember we to do remember when we had high schools due to leave her house. Soon or else we definitely gonNA cry on the PODCAST. Let's say I'll cry during the commercial break? I I definitely thought of you. Josh with that White Clam. I thought that reminds me of Josh. No I saw I saw nicknamed White Clam I've thought about. There's a world where where he does this well and it actually pops but it just seemed like you overloaded it and it also seemed like there was a general construction issue with how they served. Everything like you're putting it all on one plate at the table and say dishes were really thin sauces and they mixed with that flat bread and that didn't go well. My mental image of it was like this flat. Bread was almost like creased or folded in such a way that directly funneled sauce onto college. Liens Titian like there was like a huge family style issue with on a lasting. And this and don't get me started the foul. No coincidence meat is completely quit since that like looking at our spreadsheet of all the dishes the two dishes with the longest names are also the bottom two. I think that's a little hints of the chefs or interesting. Yeah okay but yeah I mean like Orleans. Fish burned shit and she Christmas stuff on top and no one will know him off and saying you know. I'm so familiar higher. So it's surprising that she wasn't like Oh yeah. Let me brush little oil grill prior to run my fish down which any issue ever cook is super delicate with in like come on like a frying. And if it's anywhere you able slip that properly and you always need something. Well Yeah and then following that the basic chemistry of the oil directly on the fire right. Yeah it just seemed it seemed to me and I think this is what you hear from a lot of people that have been on the show. People that have been on this podcast. That have talked about it just in your own head so quickly on top chef you can get in that top chef kitchen you can screw up a quickfire and then you can start chasing. You can really start second guessing yourself. You start making rookie mistakes clearly. Those are things that Leeann knows in terms of the oil on the fire terms of seasoning. The Grill. Like these are things that she knows. And yet you could second guess yourself on our own Jessica lease here from reality. Tv wrap ups and so many podcasts. That we've all done with her in the past talks about this as a quote five whole challenge when she talks about the amazing race and that is when a contestant is presented with something that they are really skilled at. And that's the that's the challenge and yet it can really causing the second guessing. You've had hockey players on the amazing race. Go Out and fail to get hockey bugs in that. When other people were hockey players did really well? So you can just really get in your own head because it's just so big of a target and it seems so perfect for you to do that. You can really screw it up and I can imagine very easily how to do that and I could also imagine how easy would be to do that. With a panel of judges they had at this table. Jamie referred to it as finale panel amy. Emily did anything jump out to you. About any of these specific judges were really people that off. You finally got into Zaire on if you are somebody who had to literally present the dish you just under such duress right like it's hot outside. You're working over a flame and you're talking about California with Z. And you look at all of those judges. I mean I would have probably passed out like you have Nancy Silver Pent- you have like everybody who is known for that particular styles for the most part in Silverton. A dangerous person be flat bread to bring your flat bread game. Some of the very best pizza in Los Angeles Schumer Rusty with seafood. Yeah the Jeremiah Tower. You have our Samuel Burke Samuel said. Can we take a minute about? How amazing he until you're is going. I've worked with them. In past Samuelson became wine. And he's so lovely America's Samuelson like look like somebody that like James Bond meets for information like quarter of the way into a movie. He had like just incredible. Hat is wide open so showing some chest you just was like loving the beach life. Marcus Danielsson best dressed of the episode. And it's not even close. He's got a new project at our Harlem Project. That's out that I really have been wanting to check out. I downloaded the audio book. And I just haven't been able to get through to a point where I can listen to it yet but I find that fascinating and your loved him on. The show definitely loves the LITTLE JUST. He just looked fantastic. Hey did you have any comments on? Marcus samuelsen's attire at the table. I just love everything about him yet. He's those who want more markets like he and Nancy. I believe argue regular judges on was the. What's the what's the tournament show again? The champions which I always wanted to call the German Tournament of champions by maybe shot onto was so. That's the he's he's a delight on there as well He's a delayed on every single thing. He's ever been one of my favorite episodes markle. Martin Mark Team. You'll send content is. There is a couple years ago and I don't remember the name of it and I think there was only like three or four episodes and it's when celebrities went and the kitchens of famous chefs and cook with Mindy killing went to Red Racer and cut with Marc Samuelson. Think like Alyson Hannigan. Christopher Beller something cooked with one of the bill cosby Oh brothers anyways magical show can remind me what that's called no idea but I do remember Marino. I'm saying it to the void. The Void Way Samuelson. I believe was the first one out of the next iron chef competition spoiler alert. I have not seen that. This is like from a decade ago at this point so martyrism star place. Where past star plates is that the name of the show Star Place Star play? It looks Antonio googling in the background I think in trying to reach into the ether goodling divine dash it. We all loved Marcus Danielsson but I thought Jeremiah Tower was a dick when he totally into swim home. That was shitty. That was that was a park me now and then and even the people at the table gale and Pama. Where like? It's a long way to Hawaii. Okay don't be a Dick Cook and four feet of snow all pregnant. Let's not exactly back your knives in swim. Nobody likes knee Lou. But Gosh it. I must gale and gale. Welcome back Dale and I loved that. They gave her a moment where the White Gail. Welcome back because everyone at home it was like. Oh my God this is something that that shift Kalicki. Oh talked about in the interview. We did where he is like. Not I'm glad gaels well He. He didn't say that specifically but he did say that. Like yeah top chef coming back right now is is well timed. Because it's at a time where people really need reminders. Like how vital the restaurant industry is and how vital food industry is and everything like that as we're in such danger of losing so much right now but it's not just that it's the fact that there's so many familiar faces now on our TV right now as we're in a place where we're seeing less and less of our familiar faces just in our life. It's a half people in our home. Who WE WE RECOGNIZE? Even just on television is really soothing. Thing and I felt that way to a certain degree about many of the contestants but as we've discussed like there are some that are just a little over my head in my memory but like Galas family. You know like to see gale back. It's great. It's a great to see her back on the show and I'm so stoked that we're going to. We're going to have her here. You know hopefully every single week. It'd be nice if it felt like the band is back together and he was doing the. What would tom do show? And she's great on it so your new content. We got it. I know Joshua Hailey to evaluate marcus. Samuelsson Sartorial Choices Haley. Would you like to comment on Gregory's a leather jacket? Gregory does something to me is. Sexiest shaft is well deserved. I E I big Fan of his style. I love his tortoiseshell glass is he he's I don't know something about that guy. You know something about that guy. I really enjoyed the fact that I always struck me as someone from another planet and I thought the same thing about Angelo in the fact that those two are butting our buddies now and they're like cooking next to each other in the museum plus they're doing their prep. They just seem like good friends. I can't ask for much more than these two goof-balls Yukking it up all season long. I hope they're both around a while for them to do that so i. I really enjoyed the leather jacket. What a look. He's just a confessional. Look what's what's on. The bottom is what I want to know where where is it. Is it like Is it like a rock? Look in this season of fish net tights. I WanNa know if maybe like Ross Style. Leather pants pants powder on to make sure he can get them on lack something else. I wanted to pace abuser challenge. Water has created a paste. Something it sounds like something. Tom Might say Tom also said when the sun is shining on the top of your feet? It's always a beautiful day. Can We unpack that? A little bit is that the case is that true when the sun is shining on the tops of your fees you under no tops longer than the indeed. I think the if I can unpack that I believe you're saying if it's sunny out and you're in a position where you can be walking around somewhere barefoot than odds are you're having a good day or if you're stranded on a deserted island and you don't have shoes and you've got no hope of rescue even if it's a beautiful day outside probably alarming that you're stuck on a deserted island well. Let's get Tom's feet. Brian's face some Sun Block Gregory is the winner of the challenge. The charred salmon grilled peaches and the Joey dressing. I would like to eat it. That's the comment. That's just that's my assessment of the win. I would like to eat it. It sounded delicious. It looks delicious. I'm a big fan of the of the savory with sweet salty and the sweet nice treat so salmon grilled peach. Good call much better. Maximum than when the sun is shining on the top of your feet. That's always a beautiful day. I like salty and sweet so it was a nice treat or whatever you said. Hey I like the flavor profile. Gosh the way you just put it together is is in good off opium sweet now. I thought one of the kind of ingenious things that Gregory did. He had chart ingredients grilled ingredients and roasted ingredients. So you use that fire in a lot of different ways. There were other chefs of course. Who are accused of not using the fire enough or for not using what was what was there to prep their dish. Some people seem like they got away with it like Tom. Leases each and I can't for the life of me at least on the I watched through and really not paying attention is trying to figure out where the fire wasn't that she go anywhere near the girl for that but but it didn't seem to matter because it was a really well executed dish but for others. He was digging that. Like oh all you did for the fire and this was just one thing come on. It's not there but in Gregory's not only was the flavor profile Ace's by. He had char grilled andrus ingredients. I thought that was really savvy thing for him to do in a really really just a well thought out a use of what was given to them in the challenge. So full marks all the way around for sure. We'll marcus has all the way around. We'll marcus all the way around. And he did. He did a lot. So that's very and that's talking about like you know it was Melissa. Who put the Ridichio like right into? The embers was fire and that seemed to go over well with the judges to so interesting use of fire. I guess it's like I think it's like the seafood was supposed to be the star of this challenge. Maybe the fire judges were. This is your limitation versus Orca. Point that you have to. That's why we didn't get much talk about Lisa's severe J. Or some of the other essential raw gradients but I was really impressed by not just Melissa's choice to do that but also the the paid out in the end the she actually got kudos and I was glad to see that twin huts fireworks out for roaming. That's Melissa twelve overwhelming now so very calm. Put the libra. Yeah Yeah earlier Queen we stand we stand. We have no choice but to Stan Jason Choice. There is really no question that it was GonNa be the fastest squad on the bottom here right like there was on a now like every team seemed to have like one thing just like judy scrooge off but it felt like this was just like a car wreck in every way. Editing just led me to believe like these people are just not in for a great time when it comes to the judging panel. I thought maybe some of drama was gone because I think that they were like the way the second or the third team to serve and they did so badly that like everybody else even though they have like some things against them as they were going in the judges table like none of them were bad enough to surpass the Zastava squad so it was like it was pretty clear to me. I was pretty depressed for the rest of the episodes. Like both Joe and Leeann were the ones that sucked on losing someone share. I didn't I don't like to lose. That lamb wasn't obviously Kevin and Angel. Oh Bingo my team was a little concerned because both of them in their in their teams did not seem to deliver a but it. It really was clear that the red team across the board had more issues and so they were going to end up on the bottom so it was pretty clear. Like you're saying Josh. Who was yeah more gravity and who wasn't and it was also clear that the. Brian was probably going to be safe that his dish was at least liked enough compared to the other two that he probably wasn't going to go home. It wasn't a team captain. They weren't assigning any real responsibility to the team. Captains they often do anyway and so there was never any question that was going to be one of these two. I did have some question as to which it was which one of the two was going to be would they? Would they send Leeann Home? For what was called a rookie. Mistakes in the ocean. Grower in the Ocean Center back home like a ship in a bottle like a message in a bottle. I thought maybe that it would be heard on a side because five Fisher who is going to be land what what really jumped out to. You is the Haley. Why do you think they decided what they decided? Ultimately I don't know I think it was an execution error on Joe's part where he just put a bunch of soggy ingredients on a flat bread. And it's just that's hard to overlook I don't know I feel like you can make an argument for either of them going home because they got so little from Joe in the episode. I thought well like we've gotten some Leeann content. She must be the one going home. That was just not the case. I I love Leanna. Didn't want her to go home but I thought she made bigger mistakes than Joe. Did I think maybe the moment that Joe described his word? His food ingredients glue to hold stuff took the top. Tom Com hit the brakes. That as okay never described food is Google. I also think that like when you look at the professional shot of everyone's dish individually. I the second time around Joe's and was like all like that it's just laden with Ailey. There's just like layer completely all over that thing it's a glue. Yeah like I was like no boy at this is this is GonNa work out with the. Ao is awful sounding term. I can't and it sounded like it was the liquids from the Helmet and and the Savita that potentially co-mingled combing your take into account like you know what's what's what are the. What are the other two dishes? How are they gonNA dishes negatively impact? Mine if so let's we're going to have to potentially change something in my hands so now now knock. Antonio Kevin Being your boy and his dish not being. Well received the UNPACK. That a little bit. Did you have any any thoughts on what he had made? It seem like everybody agreed that it looked inviting but it just didn't coalesce first of all. It's a crime that he wasn't considered one of the sexiest chefs. I'm going to have to talk to somebody about but second of all secondly or however be a Roman numeral two yeah he drafted Jen Carroll specifically in his talking head saying you draft. If you WANNA see food challenge this. She knows what she's doing and he's right about that. She tells him a little worried. Your swordfish is going to dry out and then he hammers the shit out of it so I don't know it seemed like his compositions the way. He described his dish which is always a note about Kevin the way he talks about food just something that really pop during his season. The Padma has talked about just a lot throughout the aftermath of his season. How much she enjoys hearing Kevin. Talk about his food the way he introduces dish. The way it looks at all sounds great. It just fails to come together in part because the centerpiece was hammered. I and that's the no he gets Look I don't think this is going to continue to be a problem for Kevin. I think he knows what he's doing. But this was not ultimately the best. Start for him and it was disappointing. I think no one was more disappointed than cabinet. I'm sure I did have a huge laugh at his line. About the judges table The resurrected Christ. We'll be back to judge. Your food like that level of panel was really funny so not the best premiere episode for Kevin But on the other hand he and Brian did win the quickfire with their for their team so ups and downs and the team that he picked and chose. I think they'd really pretty well without him. So seems like he's got his his his alignment in the right place and I think he'll be good going for Arnav any anything else we got. How about the House that they're living in the Hollywood hills and we talked about the bunk beds. You and she's so. Why is this person could have their own bedroom? Minutes could be sleeping out on the patio some believable house on his evil. How THEY'RE TRYING TO TORONTO? Yeah Campbell A PATIO. That tux underneath the patio stacked patios. That goes out on all the way down all the way to the to the orderly. Patios from Laurel Canyon all the way to the. How about the top chef kitchen? Brian remarked on what an upgrade from his season. But I think this is an upgrade. Even from recent seasons looks good looks good. It looks like they've got everything they possibly need for more fryer space. So there's like a big food. There's like the ride challenge. Quick Fry challenge. Do we attribute that to the fact that it's L. A. And they have four space preventing out expert at the Taylor. Maybe maybe definitely a good possibility there. The prizes also bickered two hundred twenty five thousand so maybe they just amped up everything. We've got our typical Brooke Williamson commercial in the US airings of this show but instead of just Brooke we have a whole family. Now Brooks whole family was in the commercial so everything is super size. Now great our weekly dose of oil is always a blast reaching Brooke. If she wants to talk about any of this stuff kitchen this episode probably is it probably would have been a challenge involving either seafood or fire or both. Yeah Yeah I lamps. Although if it was usually it's not necessarily of twists which twist with the person got wrong. So maybe it was joe and it hit the flat bread challenger compose a flat bread. That has a liquid elements to make a flopper SMOOTHIE. Exactly make a flat bread. Spiritual a fly ball. It would probably be. It would probably be something with edit yourself. I think I mean considering. That's the not wearing pants and greedy and flat bread or for whatever our US ten and who has the best one with the most ingredients? I mean it would probably be something to that effect. I would imagine we had a lot of herbs and I know Kurt You. This is not going to be under reported year. You can't stand the fennel there were there. Were a lot of dishes with fennel to me. This is you think this is going to be constant throughout the season. It was going to be fennel panic for you own it. It's it's just it's one of the stand is that I don't know if somebody on the top chef staff is like you know backed by big fennel seems to be enacted fennel my high school nickname is I think for. I think he even appeared as early as quick so I think we saw at least three dishes. That included canal. Either in the onscreen description are in the verbal description of the chefs gave. So I'm on final. Watch right now and just check in on. Okay do you. Did you take the end of the episode? Padma saying Oh you had a rough day. Ask Your next challenge starts now. Is that a joke or not. I don't think so. I think I think they're going right. Sounds like they're going right into their. It wasn't your next thing. She used the phrase. I believe elimination challenge. It sounds like they're going right into another elimination challenge. I don't know if that if that is true. Essentially that means there is no quickfire restaurant wars episode to God. Can you imagine what a nightmare before people they wouldn't that fourteen seventy seven so big of a team ivy pretty upset about that but thanks challenge remove just ask does bunk bed symbols. Brung bed. Turn it into a trendall an allen wrench. I think I think it's a toss McHugh. Toss them right into the next challenge. Feels like a very all-stars type of season type of move like not even just top just like reality which is see. Now Choose Land Next Josh. Air We get your triumvirate. Oh my God. I'm ready for it. I'm ready for it. No so we'll see. I think that that's that's a pretty action packed episode to look imported that Ross right into it then purposely avoiding the previews for the next I did. They are infamous for spoiling stuff site. I'm dumb so well. I'm not watching them. I'm avoiding the previews. I do think that they can often reveal too much so steering clear. Go ahead go ahead. I'm going to ask you if you got the full episode I did. I watched it in a place that I do believe because I sat a series reporting for it on my Dvr. It was only one hour. So I don't think it would have been the full episodes so I I think I want to go back and watch it for a third time and see what was missing for mckinney and the Canadian report would be would be great to have a standing standing updates rexes. I'll say what I do. I do miss that moment. In every podcast where he'll be is like what's making this up. Really what do you think about this? E Don't know it wasn't aired here caught at the border but also the air top chef our airs at ten PM Eastern here which is an hour later than it air for you guys so like. I don't know I think last year halfway through the season it switched okay in that. It's such a late show ten PM. I don't know what we're going to ten. Pm Pacific so. I have to avoid spoilers enlists like I find other means to watch. If you're in Canada get the hey you APP. Because they have the full episodes of top chef as aired in the states on the great big fan not sponsored. Hey you please call me honking my nose which signals that. Perhaps it's time to wrap up watched it on the video talk just to Mention Fun Meredith. Surprisingly having a good time with this guy considering we haven't seen anybody else for a really long time cats cat content here or I on on instagram. Got Your quarantine cats on loss. You looked at coordinates on the James Gordon Dean at some point emily. We really do have to watch. Cats probably do some sort of something that anyway I don't. I don't think I've got anything else. Contributes top chef land fun? This is great. What a what a good way to spend our Saturday morning thing. I thought this was good. Yeah I think so. And if you want more rambling content from US working people find you on the Internet. I am at Kirk Clark with to seize on all of your major and minor social media platforms. It'd be if you WANNA share with what beers you're drinking technically. Aren't there where we where we get that recording. Tell me what you're GonNa say occurred Clark is that to seize with one or two mighty. Yeah that's right. My best to work on the Internet at a scene Massaro with Tuesdays and one R. O. Joshua a Matt Round Tower like run. 'em We were you. I'm Josh. That's my job. Emily where can people don't man slain Haley's role so sorry you Haley For those of you who do not follow the at mlive which is like an Omelet. But within the E. And it's just going to ask and you can find me on twitter and Instagram as strong underscore. Yesterday I made some to Ingredient Eagles. So that's can you? Can you talk about that? A little bit different gradients Bagel. I'm actually not a big bag person. I know that's blasphemy. I think that's my hottest food tape because I find him to thicken to dance so I wanted to try these out and I thought they were pretty good because I could make them as soon as I want. What is your say Bagel Bagel Bagel? So it's technically to ingredient Bagel. But it's not 'cause I had to make my own self rising flour. Mix It with Greek yogurt. I didn't have that Iceland. Excuse Yogurt aramark go to work. And I had some trader Joe's everything but Bagel season ain't astute on their supernatural stuff. Yeah so Yeah that's my team asking questions but that my blog is strong takes out. Ca The rotating cooking right now. Because what do you got? What are you doing? I did the local foods for my groceries. I got some of their their their daily area lemon Rosemary chicken breasts but I die. Sit Up and he ended up with some buffalo cauliflower in Iraq. With some blue cheese crumbles SARACHO was Tasty it's probably GonNa be my lunch today. I've got some more of that. Extremely my thing on the tonio made anything good over there. Last thing I made was some vodka sauce tonic. Drink Vodka as much as I make it in suggests acceptable emily. I saw some incredible homemade pizza. On your end of what's going on there. We have like a thing. That's called like pizza box that you put on top of your gas range. We were going to buy it for the people our building we were gonNA have because we have a grill as part of the news and we thought it was like a real top pizza box and we got the wrong one and it was. It was like a gas stove. Top eats boxing. We're happy accident so we've got to share it so emily Joe. What was the? What's the recipe from a book? Confirm Masculine so affiliate chef that note. I E tap are really. It was really really good and we topped it with. I just crushed tomatoes. Put that down. We put some shaved Parmesan on directly on the sauce. We had some Mozzarella that we had pirata that we crumbled up like a Mozzarella and put that on there. We had some sliced garlic that emily sliced with a razor blade. Because that's the way I saw that it was a little terrified. I'M NOT GONNA lie that she wants and now all the joint locked up so I figured we put. We put some leftover Parmesan sprinkled on the cross before we did bake. So there'd be a little bit cheesy crust of bread but some good some of that good ego and slid it in and ate it. Sorry that part-time awful related in and it was really good until then the quarantine be show is quite hardy accident anyways. That's what we made. I just want to add. Please do not add me about the way say Bagel okay. Let's not do that. What you live your life. Haley this dry Canadian accent. I can't go today. I can't get on my roof flake. I don't know what you want from me. A BAGEL BAGEL ladle fine. We're all fine. We're adults here. So yeah if you want to let us know what you've been quarantine cooking all food things Look at the time I guess. Now you can hack your knives and head on out what they say right.

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