Customers Go Nuts Over Grape Nuts Shortage


Business wars daily is supported by microsoft teams. Microsoft teams is helping priority. Bicycles transformed the way. They work after closing their new york city showroom. They started doing virtual visits on teams. Now people from all over the world can come into their showroom learn more at microsoft dot com slash teams from wonder david brown and this is business wars daily. On this tuesday february sixteenth throughout the pandemic we've been discussing shortages ranging from toilet paper to patio heaters. But here's one that's oddly specific grape nuts. That's right the post brand cereal equivalent of tom. Brady in other words. You either love it or you hate it. His missing from many grocery store shelves despite their name grape made from either grapes nor nuts instead. They're hard little balls of malted barley flour whole grain wheat flour salt and dried. Yeast tastes like a mouth full of gravel. That is according to one wall street journal report but whether you eat them with milk or sprinkled over ice or yogurt these tough little nuggets have softened enough to keep the brand going for more than one hundred years but like so many products during the pandemic a combination of supply chain and manufacturing issues have made them tough to come by. Since late last year they're manufactured using proprietary process. That is tough to replicate. The company said in a statement. Usa today and what happens when bran loyalists get wind of a shortage. You know what happens. They start hoarding. Grape nuts fans took to social media and read it to bemoan the loss of their favourite breakfast food and there's even a secondary grape nuts market. You can find boxes on ebay for prices ranging between fifteen and two hundred bucks a piece. It's sister product rape nuts. Flakes is a little easier to find but still facing shortages in some areas post said in a facebook comment that it made changes to its production lineup to ensure that cereals in highest demand were being manufactured i so for those seeking alternatives with sky. High boost of fiber grape nuts provides. The pickings are slim but kellogg's has some options for you. All brand buds are a good alternative. Even though judges in one tampa bay tribune taste test said they looked like quote rabbit pellets Last month kelloggs also introduced a revamped version of its raisin bran cereal with toasted oats added for more fiber in the uk. The company's all brand probiotic odi clusters are marketed as an aide to gut health just before the pandemic the outlook for cereal sales with soft but being cooped up in the house spurred demand for packaged comfort food. Suddenly people were looking for convenience and feel good brands breakfast. Cereal checks. both boxes in the pandemic's early days breakfast cereal sales surge. Nearly thirty percent over the year before but these ebbs and flows of affection have little to do with the loyalist to want their morning mouth workout in a bowl. Fear not says post. There are no plans to stop manufacturing grape nuts and it should be back on store shelves by spring. So you won't have to wait too much longer until it's crunch time from wondering this is business wards daily. I'm your host. David brown written by gwen and produced by jessica. Your moscow edited by emma courtland. Our executive producers are jenny lower beckmann and marshall created by earn on lopez or wondering. Microsoft teams is helping priority bicycles reinvent. The way they work when the pandemic hit the bike shop had to close their new york city showroom. They've found a way to reopen by doing virtual visits on teams. Now the team can meet with two or three times the of customers than they could before and people from all over the world can visit their showroom learn more about their story and others at microsoft dot com slash teams.

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