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welcome to the sporting life with Jeremy Shaab. Over the next hour ESPN's tissue. Thompson describes the dark side of the Super Bowl ticket resale market the average bit. Provoke Bill will pass between three to three different people before it ever gets to the fan. Sometimes it'll be as many fixed brokers will touch that ticket before you ever have a shot to buy it. We'll take the action plus one week after a controversial championship weekend and the NFL former head coach dick for meal wants to air his frustrations coaching, but Bali that happens to you. But when it happens in a championship playoff game, it magnifies the importance and the voice of Monday night football. Joe Tessie tour explains why he takes his job. So seriously, I come from an American neighborhood connected in New York, my fame emigrated to this country. My mother came to this country, speak English, and I grew up with grandparents or talian speaking. But the one way that my family, mostly assimilated to this country was with sports and sports television. This is the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Here's Jeremy shop. Welcome to another edition of the sporting life nearly twenty years ago. The St Louis Rams were known as the greatest show on turf lead on the field by the hall of fame quarterback. Kurt Warner and on the sidelines by the great coach dick for meal. He joins us later in the show will also be joined by arguably the greatest lacrosse player who has ever lived Lyle Thompson. But before we get to Lyle Thompson and dick for meal and Joe Tessa tours. Also, joining us we're gonna talk Super Bowl tickets with another Thompson, mice team colleague, tissue Thompson tissue. Thank you for joining us for having me tissue. Now, if you are a fan of either let's say the patriots or the Rams right now at you want to go see the Super Bowl in Atlanta next weekend. How tough is it to get a ticket treaty easy to get a ticket? I've been watching ticket prices all week. And generally speaking. Most years. The worst time to buy is in the twenty four hours out to the NF AFC championship, which of course, was on Sunday. So Sunday to Monday prices were pretty high not the highest anyone's ever seen him. But still the Super Bowl is always the most expensive ticket for get in price. You know, the cheapest ticket you can possibly get the prices have just been dropping dropping dropping. They look like a relative bargain. I mean, if you think two thousand dollars is a relative bargain, but they're pretty cheap compared to say last year and the year before that. So those those fans are luck. But the real fans who truly luck or the fans in Atlanta. Folks who live in Atlanta, probably have the best opportunity to see a Super Bowl because they can wait. They can watch ticket prices, and they can buy when they think that they've bottomed out. It's always nice to be the home team. Erm started the home city when it comes to buying these tickets, which speaking with my colleague tissue Thompson about sidelines east sixty tissue has a new piece that will be on e sixty this Sunday morning. Also piece for ESPN dot com about the perils the hazards of buying Super Bowl tickets in the resale market, it's a real caveat emptor, very eye-opening, and you've been reporting this story since last Super Bowl and before that explained to be the mechanics of how it works. If you're trying to buy a Super Bowl ticket from a broker. Well, I think it all starts with how the NFL distributes the ticket. So unlike a typical football game where in theory, you can go to the box. Office and buy a ticket straight from the Denver Broncos box office. I've actually done that as part of our reporting I just walked up to the box office. And I bought a ticket that day. You can't do that with the Super Bowl. Did you go to the game? Did I go to the Broncos game? I went in to do some work. I was working that was mostly checking ticket prices. I've been checking out ticket prices now for about a year and a half. Do you wanna know about tickets? I can probably tell you an awful lot about last hour know about no, I'm kidding. No. I mean, it's our whole our whole. Approach has been if I'm difficult fan. How do I get the best deal? How do I get the best seats for the best deal without getting ripped on? Right because everybody feels like it's a it's treacherous territory. My really getting the getting the tickets for the price that they really should be right in the Super Bowl is a really tricky situation because the tickets are never available to the to the average fan it face value. You can't buy them at the box office. What you've got to go to the secondary market. And what are the things I think some people are surprised by you can go to any major secondary sites with dope hubs. You took our NFL ticket exchange, which is run by TicketMaster. You can all of those places plus brokers who are in the businesses sewing you Super Bowl tickets. We'll so how to heck do they get their hands on those tickets? Well, we were able to follow a round eight ticket brokers. He was Mike Littman. He works out of Miami. He has been in the business this duper bowl tickets for over two decades now, and he this is what he specializes in. And he spends all year working with players and sponsors of the Super Bowl people who have access to those tickets. His first distributed by the NFL, and he you know, creates relationships with them. So that if they do not get into the Super Bowl, he can then buy the tickets off of those players and. Various people with access. He was the first one to really open to, but we do confirm what NFL under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. A player any player in the NFL right now can get two tickets to Super Bowl if they are actually plea on the team that's going to the game. They can get fifteen tickets to the Super Bowl, and they can buy those tickets face value. Keep us based on either there's a hundred and fifty dollars. They were selling those tickets, and we were there when one player was trying to a still his tickets to Littmann last year for about twenty seven hundred dollars. So they're they're trying to turn to three time profit or not profit. But they're trying to get three times face value on them Littman turn that guy down because it wasn't worth that much. But that's not what they're any forces three times. And they limit takes that ticket and flips it, and he tries to make some profit off with it selling it, not just not just a fan of us are selling to other kids brokers. Because I think that's very eye. Opening Whitman says that the average Super Bowl ticket will pass between two to three different people before it ever gets to the fan. Sometimes it'll be as many as six to seven different brokers will touch that ticket before you ever have a shot to buy it. And they'll take a piece of the action why they flip it from one person to another to another. We're speaking with tissue. Thompson of e sixty and outside the lines my colleague who's new story about the Super Bowl. Ticket market is stagnating. You can see on sixty on Sunday morning one week before the Super Bowl to be played in Atlanta. There's also a dot com story, which is titled OT L how the wild world how wild world of Super Bowl ticket brokering can burn regular fats. And as you report in the story. There's nothing per se illegal going on here. There's nothing no illegal about this market. And there's nothing illegal alternately not about not being able to deliver the tickets that are promised as long as you pay him. Back. Right. Well, I mean, there's two schools of thought out there. They're in the business and says this is a free market. And if that's what the price of tickets are going for then you, you know, you should be able to make the money you can make right? But there is a school of thought of wait a second it works until fans. Don't get what they were promised. What his what they thought? You know, they pay over thousands of dollars for tickets. And then maybe they don't get tickets. Right. And what we what we really wrap their heads around the articles this act this concept called tickets speculation. And the Super Bowl is in like any major sporting event, you're gonna run into something called ticket speculation essentially what it is brokers and people who are trying to sell tickets at a prophet. He's leader sporting events are gambling six months in advance. Based on where the game is going to be for what kind of prices, they think they can get for the tickets. So to us. Is the year that we really focus in on which is twenty fifteen which was the Seattle Seahawks versus the New England Patriots in Arizona. The game was in Arizona, so broker six months before that game before they knew who was actually going to play in that game thought based on previous Super Bowls where the location is irresolvable that was a warm place. People could golf they really do other things that just Huber they thought, well, we can get our hands on those tickets probably for fifteen hundred dollars for people like, you know, players sponsors. Because folks that we could flip them for about three thousand dollars bake, you know, fifteen hundred dollars profit double their money. Well once the Seahawks won that game. And they realized that they were going to the Super Bowl. There was the man it was a perfect storm. It was a whisker of venue with a fanatic west coast team. That was so so that would be there and a lot of could just drive machine. So people were just driving down. They're hoping to get their hands on tickets. Well, anyone who had bought tickets for three thousand dollars? Well. Those tickets were worth three thousand dollars. Now, they were upwards of ten thousand dollars because the band was so high so brokers who had promised three thousand dollars seven thousand dollars in the hole. Right. So when a two scenarios happened brokers either very quickly said to their clients. I'm sorry. We can't deliver these tickets. Here's a full refund. Some brokers either through like five hundred dollars or a thousand bucks say apologize for you know, basically, you're not gonna get to Super Bowl. But they at least were affront about it. And they were honest about it. There are other brokers to stroke people along who kept saying over you get your tickets to get your tickets and get your tickets. Those people didn't came down to Cemex and for anyone. He's under the new Super Bowl. It is incredibly expensive experience hotels that are not one hundred fifty dollars or a thousand bucks at night lights are like two or three hundred dollars or thousand bucks just to get to the town. You know, and then the food is ridiculous of the taxes. Are it's just. Very very expensive. If you can get an Uber. I mean, I guess the lesson ultimately tissue from your from your story your reporting here of last year and a half is that in less. You've got the tickets in hand. Don't know. You've got nothing is guaranteed. What Bill eating? That's typically funny that they don't have the tickets in their hands yet because they can't get reception or rowers seat. So that's my biggest piece of advice much tougher on just a general area. Like, it's in the stadium. Yeah, that's three hundred somewhere of you know, thirty year if you see that, but it doesn't necessarily mean a speculative. It's just me. I would want to know at least a section at this point to shoot. Thompson a terrific story and very important to anyone who happens to be considering at this point going to the game next week. The story can be seen as I said Sunday morning on E sixty. I think we're on at nine eastern time on ESPN two this week and also tissue story. Free SPN dot com is online tissue. Thank you so much as always for joining us. Thanks for having me. This is the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We're joined now in this segment by someone who can be called plausibly with implausibly the greatest ever in his sport. He is by many measures, the greatest lacrosse player, ever, we're pleased to welcome to the sporting life. Lyle Thompson Lyle, thank you for joining us. Actually, I haven't been Lyle. The sport of lacrosse has grown so much in the last couple of decades. But there was a period of time when its popularity was essentially limited to a few geographic areas, primarily the area around Baltimore, Maryland, Long Island, New York and upstate New York. Your from upstate New York. Can you tell us about your first exposure to the game? Yeah. For me. I grew up on the reservation, just south a surface, central New York, and and for for men and for a lot of a lot of people going up on the dog or exhibition. It's it's really it's really tradition. It's the game has passed down. So right from what I was born. I was giving a traditional one at stake from my father in, you know, all through so all my family lines. We we've all played the game lacrosse, so I've had a stick in my hand with the Dell was born and you were twice honored when you were at Albany in college. Jr. As the national player of the year. The winner of the two are in trophy, your brother won the two art and trophy Albany is well you scored at least one hundred points in your final three seasons at Albany. You were the first overall selection in the drafts of both of the major lacrosse leagues. Your your credentials are impeccable. But what observers of the game same with anything else is how much you and your brothers and your cousin changed the game. How did you guys change the game? I'm looking at it from from my my point of view. Honestly, I think would just brought him aspect to the game where we're kind of brought some fun back into the game. It's a it's a creative game. And that's what we were always taught us kids. And I think that was a point in time where the game was was became really structured in in your coats away where you were supposed to play the game of certain way. And and me and. My brothers. And we've we've always played the game in a lot of native Americans. We've always played the game whether really free style and it allowed for more creativity. But also outside of the game. It just brought a lot more awareness to who we are. And where this game has wears game was originated because at one point. It was you know, known as the rich white preppy sport. When when you know, we've been playing this game for for hundreds of years, and I think when when me miles and tie started to blow up at Albany. That's what people were seeing in in. Our story was was starting to be told in that story was about native American people and in where the game comes from. So it was it was important for us. We're speaking with Lyle Thompson, are you bleed the greatest lacrosse player ever and still very much in the prime of his career number one overall pick in both major lacrosse leagues in two thousand fifteen now. As for the Chesapeake Bay hawks in major league, lacrosse and the Georgia swarm in the national lacrosse league. Why is it important for you for there to be greater recognition of the legacy of native Americans in lacrosse and their ownership of the origins of the game. I mean, I think I think what I'm what I'm beginning to realize as as I continue to grow as a person. And I've been lacrosse player is I wanna I wanna I want native Americans to be recognized even more than just lacrosse because then lacrosse, you know, it's again, it's it's growing in that area. But it's just important to me because that's why I come from. I see a lot of the struggles. I see a lot of our our our community struggles and lacrosse has been a vehicle for for a lot of us. And I know it's been a huge huge part of me and my brothers lives, and we want we wanted to same for the next generation. So that's why. Important to us. We're speaking with Lyle Thompson, the legendary all-time great lacrosse tack men who now plays professionally here in the US of loud there. There was an ugly incident in the last several days involving you in Philadelphia's you were playing and the arena announcer for the home team in Philadelphia. A guy named shawnee hill said something he said the words talking about you, and in you wear your hair in a long braid as a way of honoring your heritage. He said to the whole crowd. Let's nip the ponytail as way of going after you, what were you thinking in the moment when you heard him say, those things could be honest. I didn't hear him say the words I was I was carrying a ball down. You know, usually when you're on the floor. You don't hear them? So he that. But once you step off the floor decks when you hear my whole team her they I wouldn't say they reacted to it. But they they definitely within the team they reacted to it. But there were some other incidents during the game that you know, similar insurance. Honestly worse than that from the fans. Yep. From the fence, and that's that's the part of that kinda dot to me, which I wish I hadn't. But did but yeah that that. That's what happened against Filadelfia. It's been about five days. Now six days since the incident were speaking here on a Friday. It was the previous Saturday. How are you processing it? What is it like for you to kind of endure that kind of racism, honestly, you know, the only way I can gossip it only I can handle it is in a positive way. That's something sports is time. It's just across really has caught me. And I do think there's there's good from some be interested. It's it's kinda it's really opened my eyes up about how educated people are about my people about every American people. But also in an eye opener for me to be able to to look at the next generation and to be able to have control, and and making sure that, you know, incidents like this don't happen to them. And and to be honest at the youth level, they're happening a lot more. And that's what I. I want to be part of that sort of wanna be able to take part in. And you know, like, I said, I think I think there is good. That's gotta come from this. And and those are the things, you know, I wanna focus on. Well, it's been a pleasure Lyle having you here on the sporting life. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. And congratulations on another outstanding season Lyle Thompson is widely regarded as one of the best players ever in the ancient sport of cross Lyle. Thanks so much again for being here on the show. Thank guy. These these the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We had the distinct honor of being joined by a man who knows exactly what is it stake in what it takes to coach in the big game. Dick for meal won a Super Bowl as the head coach of the Saint Louis Rams. He also lost a Super Bowl as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. He's one of the iconic head coaches in pro football history, dick, it's a pleasure to welcome you to the sporting life. Thank you back to me with you. So take we've got the Rams there. Now, of course, the LA Rams when you want a Super Bowl, they were the Saint Louis Rams and had previously been the LA. Rams. I'm assuming though that you're still a Rams guy. Even though you subsequently coached the chiefs that that you're pulling for the Rams against the patriots. Oh, I certainly have. Yeah. You know, I still have friends there. And the owner, of course, STAN Kroenke on forty three percent of the St Louis Rams what I coached him. So I have a real reason to maintain that relationship with that organization. What do you think about this matchup? Well, I think it's going to be very. Just you know, it's always tough history tells you the New England Bella check and Brady very very tough to beat in big games kind of be done. Sure. The Rams can be it. But they're going to have to play extremely well and make very few mistakes. Don't get mad coach from your fficials. Speaking van calls from the officials who were speaking with dick remedial, the former Rams chiefs and eagles head coach. What happened at the end of regulation in the saints Rams game the NFC title game, the non call on the past interference. How do you process? What happened? What are your thoughts about about the non call? Well, you know, it shouldn't happen. But we have to remember that officials are human beings. They're not robots. They are gonna make mistakes. But I think we've got to come up with a way that we correct? That game changing mistake before it costs a team a chance to go ahead and be a championship game. You know? And maybe they allow one evaluation pertain per game in in in a replay. And go that way, but subjects got to be done. It's just a shame. It happened. You know, we've all if you go ch in the national football like it happens to you. But. When it happened in a championship playoff game. It's magnifies the importance, you know, rather than New Orleans being a Super Bowl team and their fans celebrating and going to a Super Bowl they're out of it. And it goes to the Rams now would the Rams have won the game already. Anyway, maybe but it didn't look like it. De legitimize for you the Super Bowl that's taking place. Well, you know, the two great football teams are playing and you know, Kansas City Chiefs without a penalty here or there probably would have won the game. But I think coaches live with those things and also the season, but they're magnified in playoff games, you know, and they become much more critical because there's more at stake in a playoff game. You know, it's sudden death if you if an official blows a call in the six game this season, you're still got ten games to play. But when it went to sudden-death, it really isn't magnified mistake. We speaking with dick for meal, the former NFL head coach the Super Bowl winning head coach one of the most famous final moments of Super Bowl. Of course. When the Rams prevented the titans from scoring. What do you remember thinking as that was unfolding before your eyes now almost twenty years ago? Well. I remember talking to my offensive coordinator my headset from sideline about getting prepared. Now. In case we go into overtime. It's the first series of downs thoughts in your head and all that kind of stuff because it didn't look very good. And you could feel the momentum on the field that Tennessee had gained. And and our defensive lineman were wearing down from rushing the passer and then trying to tackling the quarterback and not getting down. And then the great all pro running back for reference for yards at a time. So I was thinking ahead in case they scored and when they didn't when they didn't. Well, you know, it's it's a great feeling having been there and lost one. Which is a terrible feeling and having been there on one one. Which is a great feeling. I know the difference. Okay. Now, it takes the same thing to get there and loses that does to get there and win, you know, the teams in fact, my eagle team did works five years to get there. And then we didn't win it. Whether Rams took three years to get there and win it. So exhilaration. It's a humbling feeling as well. It really is. Because all of a sudden, you start encompassing. All the feelings of all the people involved starting with your own family coaching staff, your players, but on to your city your ownership. It's a it's a come together moment. Believe me who speaking with great dig for meal about the Super Bowl past and present. And this remarkable patriots run since the beginning of the century. And so much has been said about it so much has been written about it. The genius Bill. Bella check the genius of Tom Brady. Did you ever think in this day and age with the way that the league has been built upon a foundation a perpetuating parody that we would see such consistent excellence ever from a franchise. The way we have seen for the last seventeen eighteen years. I wouldn't have bet on it. Tough to do. You know? I just. Yeah. That's why you have to respect so much. What they have done starting with the ownership. And then right? There's a leadership. Belching drive the bus, you know. Whereas do it, you know, he doesn't call offense. He plays. He doesn't call the defensive signals. He makes all the decisions on a year round basis. Put him in a situation he sets the tone. You know, his mantra, you know, do the redo your job and he holds people responsible for doing their job. And they all know if they don't they're going to be there. So I mean, it's an amazing job of leadership. I think that they're going now to they're nights Super Bowl in this era under Bella check in with Brady a quarterback franchise had been to two Super Bowls previously in the eighties and the nineties. What does it say to you? I find it interesting that they've won five Super Bowls. They've lost three Super Bowls in this era in all of the games have been tight. You would have thought that just by virtue of the odds? The one of these games would have been a blow out and they've all been close games. What? What does it? What does that tell you about the patriots? And the way this team has been built, you know. I'm just echoing what already said it just shows outstanding leadership on a year round basis. You know, at shows outstanding ability to evaluate what has to be done after winning it last year or losing last year evaluating what kind of people can fill the void of those that are leaving or those that we wanna leave. You know, I nobody has been as successful. You know, Pittsburgh Steelers won four of 'em. You know, Bill lauch one three of them. They did real well but nobody's done. What Bella check is done in some of those people didn't stay in the league low for a long time after they started winning games. They retired. They went on Bill has stayed in. And obviously Brady has stayed with him, and he has lost anything. In fact, I think he's gotten better speaking with dick for meal and more important dick when you're are you going to be at the game? Or are you going to be watching it on TV? I'm going to be watching it on TV. And and what kind of wine will you be drinking? I'll be drinking for meal Rosedale block one hundred percent cabernet you can buy online by building for meal lines. And and of course, correct me if I'm wrong, you're a finalist for the hall of fame this year. So I'm not a finalist. I've been nominated here. But I have never made the finals. So but you were not among the finalists. Oh, no. How do you wrap your head around that? I I don't understand why you're not in the hall of fame. Well, thank you. That's a nice Cup on that. I don't vote. Okay. And obviously there's people that do folks don't think I belong here. So I'm not there. I don't lose it actually what we're I really don't if it happens. Great. If it doesn't I got out of my career National Football League my relationships with my owners, and my players so more than I ever dissipated getting out of my career. So I'm very appreciative of that and respectful of it. If if it ends up putting us in the hall of fame wonderful is going to be a lot of people that will go along with me. Oh, my. All my coaches. You know, they were all big part of it on looking forward to trying some of that one hundred percent cabernet sauvignon. Great things about it. Dick through meal, the legendary pro football head coach coach if the chiefs the Rams and the eagles, it's been a pleasure. Thank you so much for joining us here in the sporting life. You take care. Go rams. This is the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We're joined now by the voice of Monday night, football and boxing on ESPN, one of the greats in the business, our old friend Joe Tessa to our Joe thank you for being with us. Jeremy is always a pleasure to be with you, my friend. Joe the assignment this week is the Pro Bowl. I I I I'm not going to diminish the event or anything like that. It's it's but I've kind of lost track. I mean it move from Hawaii years ago, it's an Orlando now it's before the Super Bowl. How are you preparing for this game a lot of socializing in the lobby bar that we're prepared? It's it's a fun week for all of us who live the weekly grind of the NFL, which obviously is in honor and a realty part of this league. And you know, where it stands on the sports landscape and our country of all the eyeballs and awareness, and but it also comes with the, hyper attentiveness in scrutiny. And then you get a week where we all can breathe for a moment and everybody gathers and everybody who is celebrating a successful year. And it's nice to socialize. It's nice to be together in a less pressure packed environment. And the catch up with all these guys. And you know, the one thing I will tell you is it does mean. So now, listen, I know players who just got done playing in the championship game or dealing with injuries and you'll get replacements, but for those who are here. And there are superstars here. It means a lot and this brotherhood and celebrating the game and going out there and doing your thing. And then especially for some that we had like even on the AFC side. Consider what's been overcome this year and to get back to moments like this of overcoming injury. I mean, we've got one of the great comeback stories of all with Andrew luck with the AFC and Shawn Watson baking his first Pro Bowl coming back from the tourneys yell. So we're thrilled to be here. So a lot of fun to hang with the guys and some great storylines attached to the week. When is the game the game is Sunday at three o'clock on ESPN and ABC's. So now that we have the promo a lot of the way please suit in germ. You know, what I think I will. I think I will. It's it's been a while. I concede. We're speaking with the grow. We're speaking with the great Joe tests the tour, and you just completed your first season as the play by play voice on Monday night football. What was that experience? Like, I it's one of the the big chairs the big microphones in our industry. Oh, it was a thrill, and it was a thrill because of who I was surrounded with I was surrounded with in our business, and at our place, we have so many talented people that, you know, our viewers just don't know. But when you talk about a crew and the complete staff of upwards of a hundred eighty traveling with this army this but talion of TV production on Monday night football. They are the best of the best and they're so wonderful to work with. And then I'm so proud of our two rookies who are in the booth and and poor Lisa Saulters with all her Emmys and all. Experience having to put up with the three of us. But I can't imagine she was complaining about it all year for for booger McFarland to watch his assent in the last four years ago who act Jeremy I was sitting there auditioning booger McFarland, and when we were starting out the SEC network and watching what he is turned into to this this man, which is such a joyfulness, and and also irreverence and strong opinions, and and willing to share and be so authentic with his style. And and his unique background the way he comes across and then to have generational -ly an eleven time Pro Bowl where and a sure thing pro football hall of Famer who could have still been on the field, and for Jason witness at you know, what I understand that that chair opens up about once a decade in it's very very special. And I want to take on that challenge. I couldn't be more proud of these guys a rookie in calling games. To step off knowing how scrutinize Monday night football has been. I mean, that's a site business now of critiquing Monday night football that goes back to the days of when you and I were watching the three ultra celebrities in the booth of the seventies and people were putting bricks to the TV with Howard, and your nad was part of that whole scene covering the NFL back then and and the scene with Meredith and Gifford Cosell, but this has been going on for years because it's the standalone game at the end of it all when everybody's attention is on it. And for those guys to take on that challenge and to grow into learn and to develop and where we finished up the year. You know, I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it into see their, growth and development, and their joyfulness and friendship and respect for each other. And how much they work at it in care for it. And it's going to be the start just a very very very wrong brotherhood together with. These two, and I think they make a dynamic parent. I'm we're very excited about the future with them. I'm assuming though Joe that there were times when you were sitting there, and you know, the world is watching it's the biggest show on cable television. And you've got Lisa and booger and Jason there, and you were you were a little bit nostalgic. I mean, it was it was going through your mind. Like, I wish I was back at one of those small casinos Jeremy in teddy. And you know, it was it was like a five five fight card, usually featuring one D S, you know, great fighter. It you. You you kind of missed it you missed it a little bit. I mean, it's been about fifteen years, of course. Especially when you watch those. The ratings role in at twenty six billion off of a wildcard game your style GIC for flights and in you know, a back road casino in Oklahoma smoke filled with with somebody. They can you you know, how passionate I am about the fight game. And vizier has has been an incredible experience in my career. Because obviously now that ESPN has gone into the boxing business with top rank at the highest level of you know, here we are owning and operating the two pound for pound best fighters in the world's careers on our network with the silly woman Tanko and Crawford and this crop of incredible prospects and contenders. My year of Monday night football the NFL playoffs. The Pro Bowl we're going to call the Super Bowl the English version of the Super Bowl internationally for the first time with an Monday night football asked to do that. So and then you balance world title phase should be awesome down that with these role title place. I feel. Very very great till very very blessed that the two sports I most passionate about is where I can put my energy, and and try to you know, play my craft here in a positive way for people here. And and you know, it is special, and it's it's it's a little maybe perhaps more special for me. And I've told the story a few times, Jeremy, but as you know, you know, I come from an Italian American neighborhoods in Schenectady New York of a big family, my family to this country. And my mother came to this country, couldn't speak English. And you know, I grew up with grandparents who are talian speaking. But the one way that that my family, mostly assimilated to this country was with sports and sports television. And I used to make my my grandfather, my non-english-speaking grandfather laugh by doing a Cosell impersonation because he loved boxing, and he loves football, and I put on the fedora, and I make them laugh as a little kid of impersonating Cosell and all these years later to be in that boot, it's just it's very reflective at time. For me. And you know, I it it does hit me in the chest a little bit. You know? It's always a pleasure. It's great to catch up. Congratulations on a terrific year. Calling Monday night football looking forward to the Pro Bowl seriously, three o'clock Sunday from Orlando have fun down. There. You need you need a little bit of relaxation. Thanks for being here on the sporting life. Jeremy I'm gonna put the invitation out there right now April twentieth. You should be sitting ringside for bud Crawford. Amir Khan for the welterweight championship of the world on ESPN did yourself there. If you can give me a ticket. I'm in. We have laser doing that, my friend. Thanks you. All right. Thanks for having joined us, I'm Jeremy shop, and this has been the sporting life on ESPN radio. Join us every Saturday and every Sunday morning. We're on at six eastern time next week. We'll be previewing the Super Bowl. These these the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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