Voice in Canada - Ellen Asks What Did People do Before Alexa?


Hey there it's Terry Fisher here with your flash briefing on Sunday and today is Super Super Bowl Day also on Sundays though I like to answer a question from the audience. So here's a special question coming to you today. Courtesy of Ellen Degeneres Ellen asks what do you think people did before Lexi and I think to find out the answer to this one. You're going to have to work a little bit harder. You're either going to have to go to youtube a tube and do a quick little search and search for Ellen Amazon A. L. E. X. or watch the super bowl today because Amazon has created a pretty cool and pretty funny commercial that Stars Ellen Degeneres and Porsche and they are asking that very question. What do you think people did before Lexi so either give it a search? It's available right now or stay tuned to the role and you're going to see it's a great commercial so enjoy have a great day. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Brief cast dot F._M..

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