#969 - Art Student Turns Creative Process Into Thriving Business


School is brought to you by emotion hosting the same service i use for several of my websites sooner or later your hustle is going to need a website and you'll need reliable web host after trying a lot of different companies doing a lot of different things over the years i now use emotion and they have an amazing deal for a limited time. You can get a complete hosted account with with everything you need. Starting at three dollars and ninety nine cents a month again starting at just three dollars and ninety nine cents a month. Check it out of school dot com slash website. That's side-hustle russell school. Dot com slash website <music> talk today about something important walking to school crisco about that's something important is the fact that mental health affects your whole life. They want it to or not. What i mean is. You can't say well. I struggle with an anxiety disorder but not during my work day or i have panic attacks but i just go to the bathroom and hide for a while minutes okay. The thing is if you don't deal with the root problem. You'll always be fixing situational issues that don't end up bringing you real resolution. Why am i talking about this as well as i said it's important but also i really appreciate it. The person in today's story being open about her process so it doesn't relate this person was chicago art student who discovered a love of natural dyes and went on to create a thriving business so we're going to talk about her business. Of course she turns this creative process into this business. She's she's doing really well and she was able to go full time with it but also along the way she encountered some challenges some issues with anxiety and depression which i mentioned from time to time on the program is something that i deal with and in her case she said it took a long time but i finally got the help i need it and if i were to do anything differently i would seek out help sooner i am so much stronger and decisive iso- because of it all right so as i said mental health effects your whole life whether you want it to or not so if you're having any kind of struggle it's important to get help. I've done that myself and i also wish i'd done it sooner. In addition to helping my life in general it's also helped my business just being able to focus more on wellness to take care of myself so without further ado upbringing that story of an introverted chicago art student who creates a thriving business right after the shot out to our sponsor stay tuned sottile school is brought to this week by our longtime partnership station. What's up ship station. We appreciate you guys looking out for us and for many of our listeners and listeners when you're selling something online getting your orders out can be a real pain time consuming expensive. Somebody carriers to choose from. How do you know you're making the best choice. That's why you need ship station dot com the fastest easiest and most affordable way to manage and ship your orders right now. Our listeners can try ship station pre for sixty days when you use promo code hustle sixty days. There's absolutely no risk you can start your free trial without even entering your credit card info visit ship station dot com click the microphone at the top of the homepage anti hyphen hustle. That's ship station dot com and enter promo code hustle ship ship station dot com make ship happened a while attending the school of the art institute of chicago lydia cresco to a class on natural dyes picking. It would add a skill to her portfolio little chino. It would become her specialty. The first time lydia experienced die process her hands understood just how to use it felt like an extension of herself and our interest increased even more once. She learned the chemistry behind the art. Lydia kept playing with di formulas in her spare time and made many silk scarves in the process for school had a studio sale so lee decide to try selling your scarves to make a little money to put back into her art. Though scarfs sold out lydia realize might have something here and started a brand called armagh and defiance why that name well. It may have been destiny. Lydia worked with dies because her name literally means maker of purple cloth. When she was learning about making dies she tended to produce purple. Purple is considered difficult to formulate malate. This led her to the hebrew word argument which refers to the color range crimson or purple and defiance is the name of the town where she visited her grandparents and developed her law of nature. Let graduated during a time when there weren't many jobs. She settled on working in a gallery not a dream job. It helped pay the bills during during this time. Lydia told her then boyfriend now husband that she desperately needed to keep working with those dies soon. After she came home one evening to find all their bedroom furniture moved into the living room. He had converted their only bedroom into her own art studio. So lydia immediately got to work. She received a grant of fifteen hundred dollars to help her continue in her artistic growth growth and she used those funds for started costs. She bought a domain name set up. A website continued her textile education in order to grow argument and defiance she applied to be in many pop up markets. At first she was rejected but she kept applying and was eventually accepted to the does mark in chicago where her scarves sold out once again lydia then began selling wholesale two boutiques across the country she traveled to sell it markets in cities wherever she thought people would buy our products and she stayed an extra day to make contact with local boutiques these efforts letter to her first profitable year and now argument in defiance in sixty peaks across the u._s. and canada but let's not get ahead of ourselves because all this time she was working that regular job at a gallery one day she learned that the building the gallery was in was being foreclosed on she believed that if she didn't panic and instead pushed a little harder she could turn her brand into her full time job or closure takes awhile so lydia us the time to expand their product line increase sales else after her job ended she was able to go all in with armagh and defiance so as i alluded to in the beginning. Let's look at some challenges that are a bit different than what we normally normally consider as the only employees in the business. Lydia is responsible for decisions. If something needs improvement she is the only one who can see the issue and figure out how to solve it and miss can be overwhelming it comes with some freedom of course but it can also be overwhelming and as the business was taking off also struggling with depression anxiety. She knew if she was going to continue to be successful assessable and keep going she would need to get help dealing with some past emotional trauma so she got that help. She began seeing a therapist and gained some coping skills as well as some insight into yourself and here's something else being an introvert which by the way i am too as well shut outdoor introverts out there. Lydia originally thought working on her own ideal situation asian but she began to notice that after attending chicago meet ups with other artisan entrepreneurs she felt energized for the coming days and as she puts it there is so much failure our decision making an isolation and entrepreneurship. It was nice to see other women and hear their stories of success and failure helped me understand that i'm not alone and what i do. It's worthwhile to years ago moved with her husband to saint louis where argument in defiance is now housed in the local arts center there. She's able to connect with the other artisans every day et. She still gets plenty of time but also finds that our mental health is much better. Working alongside brent's one of the newer products. She's known for his a cozy sweatshirt with a modern tie-dye effect. Lydia cuts sows and dies each piece by hand in the winter of two thousand nineteen her cozy sweatshirts sold so well that she couldn't keep them in stock and she's now worked with brands including target west. Elm urban outfitters last year argument and defines grossed seventy nine thousand dollars with a profit of thirty five thousand dollars. What are your plans to continue making cozy apparel and sharing her art. Your local workshops also because it's her fulltime job. She started a new side hustle writing essays about the creative process and so as a business note. I i love her website the website for argument and defines. It's just a stellar example. I think for anyone doing being textiles or or really any kind of commerce but textiles clothing etc in particular. She's got a great about section. She's got great section highlighting press. She's got a little how to wear videos in case you're like. I want to buy this cape or this big scarf. It looks really cool. But how do you actually wear it. There's a video that shows you how to do it. She's got a sale section action for items that that had some kind of minor problem or blemish with them and she's got a wholesale section where you can log in if you have an approved account to purchase wholesale so so i just think this is the kind of thing that can really take off further and it's great that she was able to gross eighty thousand dollars worth it last year but i think i can probably be a lot more so maybe in the future. We'll get an update from her about that also just getting back to this point of seeking help you know at the at the beginning. I share this quote of hers. It took a long time but i finally got the help help. I need it. If i were to do anything differently seek out help sooner. I'm stronger more decisive because of it so same situation for me also something else she said. Is you ask for help. If you need it the miskin kinda help right. It's not necessarily just these issues that i'm talking about. She said there's no shame and asking for help. I don't care if it's emotional health financial or just someone to put a price tag on your items before an event. This is not a sprint so make sure you're not running yourself into the crowds. Thank you so much. I appreciate you being so transparent with our listeners hope that many of them will come and check out your shop online and perhaps locally for those in the greater saint louis area okay friends listeners. Thank you so much as well hope you enjoyed it. Inspiration is good but inspiration with action is so much better. I really enjoy making the show for you. I feel very grateful for the chance to do it every day. Come check out those show notes at school. Dot com slash nine six nine. Another story is coming up tomorrow and i hope you'll join me once again sure to subscribe to tell your friends. It's completely free. My name is christina about and this is exciting <music> <music> from the project.

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