Raising the (veep) stakes: Abrams looks to make history as world focuses on pandemic


Welcome to the lead for the press. I'm carried in. There is a phrase that if you are a political journalist either gets your adrenalin flowing or makes you just Kinda roll. Your eyes and that phrase is veepstakes. No it's not a trendy. New pandemic friendly protein veepstakes refers to the race the injury the ups and downs of every four years however presidential nominee tries to choose the perfect running mate this story unfolds in the summertime which gives political journalists to think to obsess about over. What would normally be a time with a slower news cycle? And I'm not exaggerating when I say political journalists obsess over the story those who end up on the VP. Shortlist are likely to find journalists. Just camped out on their driveways literally and following every single thing that they ever say and even racing around airports trying to figure out if the person they're following is boarding a plane to go meet the nominee and that all seems a little silly right now. Right were glued to our TV screens at our phones looking instead for news about corona virus and the staggering unemployment numbers and were worried about our own friends family neighbors and communities somehow yeah the palace intrigue around Vice Presidential Stakes is hard to get really excited about now. That does not mean that it's not important. Joe Biden's campaign is all about turning the page on Donald Trump and voters are going to want to see what kind of leaders he would surround himself with and it has lost no one including the former vice president. He's seventy seven making it all the more important who he picks to be a heartbeat away from the presidency now. Usually everyone tries to play it. Pretty Coy and cool about this. Vp staff but Biden has already broken with tradition by making a big cluj that he wants to pick a woman for the second in command job. That's a promise that he seems pretty committed to sticking to so at least it makes the speculation a little easier. You can rule out most of the men who would otherwise be on that shortlist other folks who normally try to play it pretty cool about the. Vp stuff are the folks who might be in line for the job. Normally it goes a little bit like this person is viewed as a vice presidential contender. They get asked about it. They say really nice things about whoever the nominee is and then they say I would be honored to be considered but right now. I'm laser focused on helping my constituents in my home state. Yeah just normally the way people have done this in the past looking like your actually angling for the job even if you actually really really are. His always been considered a little bit unseemly. But that's the past. We live in strange times a new generation of political figures. Maybe aren't as interested in those kind of old rules. Enter Stacey Abrams Abrahams has never been shy about her ambitions. Kind of her whole thing is knowing her values speaking her mind not being afraid to own who she is particularly as a woman of color so when she has been asked about this whole vice presidential thing recently she's explicitly said yeah she would be a great running mate she says and she's pretty explicitly made her case for why she's the best person out there. Abrahams has been very vocal about something else that others have also said that Biden would be making a big mistake if he didn't pick not just a woman but a woman of Color Biden is coming under real pressure from some particularly in the black community about how he should do just that and Abrahams said this week explicitly. She would have quote concerns if he doesn't pick a woman of color in normal times. That's the kind of comment that would launch a thousand hot takes on twitter and on the web and it's mostly gone under the radar because again. Everyone has more urgent things to think about right now. Either Way Biden says he hopes to have his vetting team in place by May first and hopefully by the time. The decision is getting closer. We'll be that much closer to digging out of this crisis because new cycle that's a little speculative and a little Iro Lee and just normal. Gosh that sounds kind of Nice these days. That's a live for us if you'd like to your free audiobook briefing. You can always tell us on your favorite podcast APP. Hey It's Chris as my podcast. Wise is happening. I'll be talking with author. Rebecca. Solnit about the remarkable communities that get built amidst disaster. There are people organizing in most communities across the country and doing other forms of it in other countries to figure out. How do we take care of each other in the context of not being able to physically be with each other in ordinary ways? And it's just extraordinary. Seeing both the intensity of this desire to help people you may never meet in the creativity in figuring out how to do it and that is a really important part of who human beings are in times like this that I think is always dormant latent within us it. It's as though it finds fertile soil to grow on in these moments this week on. Why is this happening? Cirque for wise is happening wherever? You're listening right now and subscribe.

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