The Sutton-Taylor Feud Pt. 1


Do to the graphic nature of this families crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder sexual assault and violence that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. September twentieth. Eighteen sixty seven a young boy, James Brown shivered inside his family's barn, and DeWitt county, Texas. He wants through the wooden slats as his paw. Neil argued with a stranger in the yard from what he could gather hall accused the stranger of stealing the horse from the family farm, but jeans, couldn't hear exactly, what was going on the rain, muffled everything, and he didn't dare try and move closer. Ho I told him to stay put until the stranger left behind James. His mother tugged at him trying to keep them from watching the stranger seated on a horse had an ugly. Hateful face. He spat in Neil's direction this made Neil furious. And he charged forward attempting to pull the stranger down from his mount. But the stranger just kicked him sending him flying into the mud James cringed at the site of his father being treated, so callously, he had never seen as Paul this angry before mustering. What dignity? He had left Neil rose to his feet wiping. The mud from his pants James continue to watch from the barn as Neil slips curled into a snarl. Andy spat out some fresh hateful comment in the stranger's direction, then things moved so fast that it felt like a dream, the stranger yanked. His six gun from his holster shooting Neil, right between the eyes inside the barn James's mother pulled him from his vantage point holding him to our breast. She cradled him. Whispering. We'll kill them all every member of the Taylor gang. Hi, I'm Laney Hobbs, and this is crimes of passion a park cast original and the legal definition a crime of passion is of violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences. But in this show, we explore passionate crimes. How does a marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim, or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships into deadly results? Not all crimes of passion are romantic, in nature. Sometimes they are born of passionate hatred, such is the case with the Sutton Taylor, feud of Texas, and onslaught of violence between two factions that lasted from eighteen sixty seven to eighteen seventy six as a Taylor cattle rustling clan grew in power. They exhibited in a rational disdain for the new. A union government and its recently freed black citizens. This would drive them to attack law enforcement, led by deputy sheriff Bill Sutton, and spark a war, that would leave many dead on both sides at par cast. We are grateful for you. Our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at park, cast and Twitter at parkas network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help. We also now have merchandise had depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information. Throughout the eighteen sixties, the Taylor, gang slowly grew to dominate the cattle business in southern Texas. They did not come by the success. Honestly, this was a vast land in which families live thirty miles apart, but the cattle numbered in the thousands, and so it was difficult for ranchers to keep track of their livestock, or beads, men, like the Taylor, gang took advantage of this rebranding, other families cattle and folding them into their own heard their patriarch creed Taylor. Got rich off of this practice his many, sons, and nephews acted as an extension of his oil carrying out the thefts and driving the cattle north to be sold in Kansas. If any civilians complained or attempted to stop them from taking what they wanted the boys made sure they didn't live to see the sunrise. As a reward creed promise them legal protection, this meant that family members with more psychotic tendencies went unchecked. Family lawyer in state Senator bolivar Prejean, always made sure that if they were arrested the didn't stand jail long the gang had hundreds of members but there were four that stood out to start. There was creeds nephew buck Taylor book was an Torius outlaw wanted in multiple counties for cattle theft and murder his hatred for the black Friedman. Knew. No bounds at twenty seven years old. He had already killed many, perhaps, his most despicable pastime was terrorizing the local black school threatening the teacher with death if he educated black students in April eighteen sixty seven buck road onto the property of a black sharecropper, a poor farmer who was. Already being exploited by white landowners. He threatened the man and when he tried to run buck road him down and repeatedly shot him in the head until all that was left was mush some in the community actually demanded Justice for the crime Crete, simply summoned family lawyer bolivar Prejean, who got buck off on a self defense plea next. There was Henry Kelly creeds nephew by marriage. According to the research of historian, James, m Smallwood Henry had a pension for terrorizing the Freedman's bureau of Levada county. The Friedman's bureau was a nationwide institution, put in place to look after the civil rights of the recently emancipated black population in January, eighteen sixty seven Henry, tried to stab a black soldier to death and a town called Hallett's Ville, when the soldier escaped to the offices of the Freedman's bureau, Henry, and his men, surrounded the building and. Attempted to rape a young black girl in plain sight of those within trying to flush them out with or. The rape of black women was used as a tool of terrorism before and after the civil war, racial, and sexual violence is story in Danielle McGuire wrote that this was used to uphold white patriarchal power, but was also deployed as a justification for lynching black men who challenged the southern status quo. An essence, if a black man had consensual sex with a white woman. It was rape. But if a white man, raped a black woman, he was simply exercising, his right. As a member of the quote unquote, dominant race, as Henry flaunted, this diabolical, double standard in front of the Freedman's bureau, he likely hoped that it would demoralize those within and drive them out into the street. Thankfully, the girl's mother was able to rescue, her, neither Buckner Henry were creed Taylor's direct descendants. However, that dubious honor belonged to hey. As and Doboy Taylor. Creeds thirty something sons Hayes was the brains of the Taylor, gang operations. If one would dare to bestow, one of the Taylor's would such an honor Doboy was more of an idiot tag along. A Houston daily. Telegraph article from eighteen sixty six detailed one of Hayes earliest crimes. Hayes was drinking at a saloon in south Texas, relaxing after a long cattle drive has brother and other family friends were present the piano music could barely be heard over the ruckus. They were making as Hayes clamped his brother on the back and forced him to down another shot. His attention was drawn up to the bar, or he was infuriated to see two black union soldiers ordering whiskey. Hayes got up from his chair. Stumbling over to the bar with the soldiers back still turn to him. He grout stand aside. They shook their heads refusing to leave. They had as much right to be here as anyone hearing this and Hayes into an uncontrollable, rage. He had been raised his whole life to view black people as inferior the idea. That to people of color could be meet soldiers and have a thorny over him already made him angry. But that was just an abstract until now in this situation, real black, people were refusing to obey him, and it drove him wild Leeds, Beckett university psychology. Lecturer, Steve Taylor wrote that racism is born out of feelings of inadequacy his studies show that racism allows individuals to gain a sense of security or belonging as a way of protecting oneself against the threat of mortality, growing up on the frontier. Hayes was constantly reminded of his own mortality, and he felt little security or belonging in his father's doggy dog organization though, he had been in charge of operations for nearly a decade at this point, his father's callous attitude. Didn't make him feel loved or valued and indeed creed continue. You'd to produce heirs well into his old age as if he saw children, as just one more employees to add to his business, the authority that these black soldiers in the bar represented caused all of these anxieties to surge forth inside of Hayes needless to say he drew his gun firing on both soldiers. He killed one and seriously wounded the other his gang. Hop to their feet drawing their own guns on the surrounding bar patrons protecting their leader from retribution. They walked out into the street mounting their horses, and writing off into the plains. Once back at the ranch, creed Taylor. Berated, rated his full sun. He had murdered a union soldier in plain sight. They sat at the ranch house contemplating their options. Hayes couldn't stay here. It would be the first place law hunted. For him. Yes, they could try to just get him quitted by. Jury. But all it would take was one pro union witness to send Hayes to the gallows. No, he needed to escape to somewhere, the law couldn't follow creed sent Hayes to Mexico, even that plan failed to stymie Hayes is foolish streak. He didn't know anyone in Mexico. He didn't know how to get around. He didn't even speak the language and he hated Mexican people as much as he hated black people board and missing his friends. He crossed back over the border within a few weeks. The two Taylor brothers their cousin buck and their cousin in law. Henry were, but a few of the vicious members of the Taylor, gang Liu criminal organization numbered in the hundreds and its members were responsible for hundreds if not thousands of deaths across the state of Texas of both black and white citizens though. The murders are actionable by today's. As law enforcement standards, the largely racist and rebel sympathising government of the state turned a blind eye. But eventually Hayes went too far even by eighteen sixty standards in November eighteen sixty seven Hayes Doboy and gang member. Randolph Spencer patronized a general store on the premises of fort Mason and central Texas as hey stepped out into the chilly frost coated courtyard of the fort. He felt good about being alive truly. His was a life of complete freedom. Each day, he went where he wanted took what he wanted and killed, whomever. He wanted. The only limits were how far his horse could carry him any given day, life wasn't adventure, if he didn't think too hard, about his actions and thinking was never a problem for him Hayes brook from his musings, when he saw a black man in uniform standing next to him revolver drawn and pointed right at him. It was all Hayes could do to keep himself from trying to rip the soldiers is out of his skull, then in there, but he didn't want to take a bullet to the chest. The man began to speak he claimed to be a sergeant an officer and therefore he had the authority to arrest. Wanted felons. He knew who the Taylor brothers were, he knew what they had been doing to black people across the state, and he wouldn't let them hurt another soul as a scene unfolded other soldiers from across the yard took notice walk. Toward them. Doboy and Spencer, immediately drew their guns holding them on the approaching soldiers. It was a standoff, but only for a second as Hayes, seized the moment and rapidly, drew his firearm striking the sergeant over his head with the butt of his gun, just then major eight Thompson. The highest ranking officer at the fort emerged from the store with his gun drawn ready to arrest the three outlaws. They didn't give him a chance quickly turning their guns on him and opening fire. One bullet struck him in the jaw and sent him to his death. Just as quickly, the Taylor gang trained their guns back on the other soldiers, the desperados, then mounted their horses and made a break for it, though. Not before Hayes with a smile shot, the black sergeant twice killing him word soon. Reached a wit county, the Taylor family seat of power Cree Taylor. Our was surprised to hear that his sons had been so bold as to murder a major in the army, but he also saw an opportunity. He could twist Hayes actions into something that actually made the family, look, like heroes across town in the sheriff's office law enforcement had its fill. They wouldn't permit this latest defense to go unanswered or at least one of them wouldn't a deputy was assigned to the case. His name was Bill Sutton. Next up, we'll learn how a series of murders grew into the Sutton Taylor feud now back to the story. The route the eighteen sixties and into the eighteen seventies, the Taylor gang of Texas terrorized the state, killing any who got in the way of their cattle theft and doing worse to any union soldiers or black citizens. They came across these hate crimes, went unchecked for years, largely due to the complicated political system of Texas at the time after the civil war ended in eighteen sixty five the state of Texas. Technically didn't exist. All southern states were grouped into military districts governed by union generals. They remained this way until the citizens of the territory's elected state, governments that drafted constitutions recognizing the person hood of their black citizens. And this proved a slow process throughout the south confederate sympathizers were elected to office and attempted to draft state constitute. Nations that continue to limit the freedoms of black Americans. The white settlers of Texas, bitterly felt the sting of having lost the war, and would not manage to draft an acceptable document until nineteen o one many lost relatives in the fighting the soldiers that returned home were impoverished, the government that had promised to pay them. No longer existed on top of that. They now had to accept temporary governance from union, men about forty percent of whom were black. Therefore, the former confederates or rebels were painted by most southerners as noble. True Americans cut down by greedy, northerners and subhuman Africans despite the obvious moral flaws in this up hornet point of view. It's a perspective that must be understood to comprehend the crimes committed by these outlaws. The psychology of defeat is not often talked about because a lot of history's biggest losers are not groups that modern people generally feel sorry for confederates Nazis, ISIS, etc. Social worker Maxwell, gut men, noted, how failure on the individual level leads to feelings of fear. This breeds anxiety, which as we've already discussed is a state of mind that seeks avenues of hatred through which to vent, the most famous example of this on a national scale was down. Fall of the Weimar Republic after World War One, which Hitler used to inspire hatred of Jews and other minorities among the German populace and propel the nation into World War Two the Taylor family did something similar with the population of Texas after the defeat of the confederacy, as the invading northerners came to Texas and told people how to live the Taylor's room the countryside, as paragon of freedom, refusing to count a union rule. They focused their killing on the black population taking advantage of the racist attitudes of their white neighbors in this way. Many white Texans actually looked up to the Taylor's. And so we're willing to forgive their crimes. They were outlaws, but roguish likeable outlaws who were keeping the confederacy alive, which was ironic because none of the Taylor's actually fought in the war this spin. Was mostly creeds doing? He took full advantage of the press riding into newspapers with impassioned defenses of his family's actions. N crimes were always just a misunderstanding. For instance, he claimed that the soldiers at fort Mason were drunks, who insulted his boys. Major Thompson was killed because he was trying to arrest anicent men, rather than reprimand his soldiers. Soon Crete didn't even have to berate his boys. Their murderous actions were celebrated throughout the state. Any law enforcement who didn't see things this way was too afraid to attempt and arrest knowing that the gang would kill any lawmen who acted against the family. Any jury that was set to try a member of the gang always found the defendants not guilty. So successful was creeds campaign of misinformation, that is lies became part of the historical record books, discussing the feud published as recently as two thousand nine painted the Taylor's as victims of hearsay and rumour major Thompsons murder is declared, an act of self defense and the newspaper reports of the Taylor's crimes have been labeled union propaganda in a two thousand two history channel documentary Taylor. Descendant bene-, Taylor kirksey said. I don't think there's any way to understand why the Taylor's apparently were singled out. But even if half of the murders were made up. There are still scores of killings that are easily proven, for instance Hayes is killing of the two black union soldiers in the bar was well documented by witnesses and multiple new sources, it becomes an autumn's razor dilemma, meaning the simplest explanation is likely the correct one either. The Taylor's were the victims of a massive union conspiracy to paint them as villains for reasons, unknown, or they were a group of very successful cattle thieves who saw the new union government as a threat and so- position themselves as local heroes to gain support. The latter explanation is, of course, much more likely. This sanitation of history ignored the systematic oppression. Rape, and murder of black Americans immediately after the war, and for decades, after white Americans chose to focus on the pain of the defeated, southerners, rather than on the much greater pain of the emancipated slaves. This is a psychology that leads to the glorification of figures, such as Billy, the kid, Jesse James, and Bonnie and CLYDE, who were in reality merciless killers with all of this, in mind, the Sutton, Taylor feud was really less of a feud and much more of a direct extension of the ideological conflicts of the civil war. This is a point of view, championed by historian, James m Smallwood, and it's a view that would likely have been appreciated by the one lawmen who saw the Taylor's for what they were Bill Sutton. By modern standards Sutton would likely still be seen as a racist. He fought for the confederacy during the war, though, supposedly, managed to never actually participate in a battle as a soldier, he most likely worked to build forts and guard them as a deputy sheriff, he at least now saw the struggles of the black settlers and viewed them as human. When the head share of commissioned him to pursue the Taylor gang. There was some trepidation on Sutton's part. He was agreeing to take on one of the biggest may be the biggest criminal organization in the country at the time. And Sutton had much to lose. He had recently married. His childhood sweetheart, Laura McDonald, if nothing else Sutton, at least look, the part of a crusading hero at twenty two years of age, he stood at six feet with bright blue eyes and light curly hair as one historian of the era. Put it his manners were mild and gentlemanly and his appearance altogether. Possessing had his lot been cast in more peaceful times, his life industy would have been far different. He seemed to accept his destiny with full enthusiasm. However, as he immediately proved himself an adversary to the Taylor's and the spring of eighteen sixty eight a few months after the death of major Thompson, his first target was Charlie Taylor. Yet another nephew of creeds, a local widow came to Sutton and claim Charlie stole her cattle. All and thus her livelihood. Charlie was also wanted for his connection to the murder of a unit of army soldiers, according to Smallwood, Charlie and his men had shot and killed at least half a dozen union soldiers. They took two prisoners who they've been beat to death. Apparently, this was done simply because it was more enjoyable than shooting them. They cut open the bodies of their multiple murder victims fill them with rocks and tried to sink them to the bottom of a river. Clearly, this didn't work and the bodies were found shortly after with several eye witnesses claiming Charlie was seen in the area at the time of the murders. Sudden formed, a posse and track Charlie Taylor to bastrop Texas, a city near Austin, not surprisingly, the historical accounts differ widely as to what happened next sudden had seen these men turn his state into a war zone. They hurt women. They hurt children. It was time they bled a little Sutton road into bastrop with his posse searching, high and low for the Taylor gang members, eventually, one of Sutton's men spotted Charlie Taylor seated on the porch of a general store. According to some Charlie went peacefully and was taken prisoner. But according to others, he immediately put up a fight as Sutton wrote up on his horse. He dismounted his men all jumping down behind him Charlie's. Casual demeanor made Sutton feel ill at ease. One wrong move. One slip. And he would never get back to see Laura his grand campaign against the Taylor's would be over before it started. As soon as he called out Charlie the man acted like he didn't notice the dozen or so lawmen standing in the street before him. He jammed on with his companion a man named James sharp the lawmen shifted anxiously in their boots suspecting. Some trick Sutton tried calling out again. This time Charlie turn to him. He spoke down to Sutton treating him as a child this certainly called Sutton's passions to flare. How dare this outlaw? Call him a war veteran and a husband less than a man. It was then that he saw a slight movement at Charlie's waste. Was that his hand he didn't plan to find out Sutton, and his fellow outlaws, drew their weapons, peppering, Charlie and sharp with bullets and buckshot? It was a. Calamitous stunning display of firepower leaving Sutton unclear of what had even happened. This had been his first gun battle. It was so quick, so confusing. He didn't know who had shot who once he realized that he had made it through unscathed. He crept forward waving smoke out of his face squinting into the darkness of the porch. He saw a gruesome sight lead out before him, Charlie. Space was half blown off his clothing soaked. With red next to him sharp gasped for hair both held their pistols, limply in their hands hopping forward Sutton rested. Sharps pistol away from him. He instructed his men to take sharp prisoner and to put, Charlie's body on the back of a horse as they obeyed Sutton took in what had just happened. He had one. He had killed his first member of the Taylor gang. But then a streak came from next door to Sutton's horror. He watched as a woman ran from the general store, a still child cradle than her arms. They had hit the child with one of their stray bullets. Son and his men stood trial for the shootout after creed Taylor got the public to believe that Charlie and sharp were executed after being taken prisoner until the end Sutton, and his men swore that Charlie had drawn on them and sharp had been shot after he attempted to escape while in transit to a doctor. They were within their rights to kill both of them as for the child. They were eternally sorry. But if Charlie had come quietly, none of this would have happened. Miraculously, the jury agreed Sutton and his men were acquitted on all counts furious, the Taylor swore revenge. Their family motto, who shunts Taylor's blood by Taylor's hand must fall. Next up, we'll meet the four lawmen who joined Sutton and follow him as he encounters, one of the worst Taylor's of all now back to the story. In the summer of eighteen sixty eight the temporary military government of the state of Texas authorized, an elite band of lawmen to track down and bring to Justice members of the Taylor gang. A massive group of outlaws led by cattle rustler greed. Taylor and his sons Hayes and Doboy they became known as the regulators, there were many members of the regulator, posse though five names in particular stand out, I was twenty two year old Bill Sutton the young deputy sheriff who had already killed a member of the Taylor gang. He fought for the people of DeWitt county, such as the widow Thomas who had our livestock, and this livelihood, stolen by the Taylor's. He also fought for his wife, Laura, who we hoped to start a family with, once this was all over next. There was twenty five year old Chow. Charles s bell formerly of the union army. He was as handsome as Bill Sutton. Though he sported a long beard, unlike Sutton his military service had been exciting working as a spy, he infiltrated confederate armies and sabotage their camps. He was only captured once and he escaped easily bell actually reached out to general Reynolds, and requested that he be assigned to the regulators. He had been living in Texas since eighteen sixty five and wanted to make the Taylor's pay. He was also very career minded, if he could prove a strong, detective and soldier here, the name might be able to spin that into a career in DC. After bell was Jim Cox. He owned a Reince right in the middle of Taylor territory, and thus always had to be on guard with his cattle from the very early days of the Taylor gang. He had worked with low men to try and stop the outlaws. But only now, would he have the numbers to do? So one of the most respected members of the regulators was fifty seven year old, former Texas ranger Jill Tomlinson. He had a long history of fighting both outlaws and patchy raiders even more interesting. He was married to Crete Taylor sister and Tomlinson sister. Elizabeth was married to another member of the Taylor family. Therefore Tomlinson had the most to lose. They were hunting. Members of his extended family a few question why he would turn on his relatives. Some say he. Was a devout servant of the law. Others say he simply saw the writing on the wall and cited with the winning team time would tell finally the most infamous member of the regulators was twenty eight year old Jack helm, those who take the Taylor side in the feud point to him first and foremost, as being especially brutal and antagonist stick toward the gang. He certainly looked the part of a stern killer with a heavy build dark hair and black eyes in truth. He had more in common politically with the Taylor gang than the regulators, only a few years earlier in eighteen sixty two when the war was still on. He had lynched multiple Texas natives suspected of union sympathies. It seemed he most definitely was simply backing the winning side. And it was that detachment that made him the most vicious his outbursts. Violence in the field would fuel the fires of the feud. While this may seem like a diverse set of motivations the psychology of the situation might suggest otherwise social Justice researchers at Adelaide university in Australia have found that revenge is a human reaction to being slighted motivated by the need for power authority and status Sutton volts slighted when his authority as deputy sheriff was challenged Bill felt slighted that his war service landed him and backwater, Texas while he longed for the status of DC Cox felt slighted by his authority over his ranch, being challenged Tomlinson by an extended family that lowered his status through their criminal actions and helm by confederate government that failed to achieve victory and provide justification for his past violent actions. They were collectively taking it out on the Taylor gang. But each man desired revenge for different reasons bell, and helm being younger than Tomlinson and Cox. But more experienced than Sutton were put in charge of roughly fifty men each this included. Approximately forty percent black soldiers and lawmen unfortunately pervasive, societal prejudice, meant the black members of the posse were rarely written about that same summer of eighteen sixty eight the two companies headed out across the plains, bell took his men to pursue a lead in the neighboring county on a ranch. Owned by the hill family, while helm took his men directly to creed Taylor's ranch. It's unclear if the other had regulators wrote with them or pursued different courses of action upon arriving on creeds land. Helm found a group of want to Taylor gangmen camping there, including Randolph Spencer, who had been present. For the murder of major Thompson, the large group of lawmen was surprised at the ferocity of the desperados. They were used to criminals giving up when faced with superior numbers. Instead, they fired back with Bandon as a result, the Taylor gang members were able to pin the Lamin down in the ski on their horses. Spencer was wounded, but escaped creed Taylor for his part was likely smiling from his ranch house. The lawmen still couldn't connect anything directly back to him. Helms emotions flared. Meanwhile bell and his men arrived at the hill, family ranch rumor had it. They had been taken hostage by a different branch of the Taylor gang. Once again, historical records diverge wildly as to what took place here, most agree. That bell Cox and a few other regulators arrived at the hill ranch to find a terrified family. They claimed that the Taylor's forced them to permit the gang to use their land to gather their cattle when the Taylor's visited they fired their guns at the house and trampled the garden scare the family bell, realized that this was the perfect place to trap the gang members, the men weeded inside the house. And after a time some combination of Hayes Taylor, his equally vicious relative, Martin Taylor and an associate named Morris arrived at the ranch. Bill and his men immediately emerged from the house, pulling their guns on the outlaws in this instance, the outlaws gave up allowing themselves to be taken into custody. However, as a regulator, set out with the prisoners in tow the met with a nasty surprise. There were dozens of armed men blocking their way. Luckily for the lawmen these men weren't here to rescue the Taylor's, they wanted revenge of their own these were settlers, who warned swayed by creeds lies. They knew what the Taylor family was really about bell attempted to hold them off. But was struck over the head and fell unconscious when he came to. He found that in the commotion, the lawless mob had led the Taylor slip through their fingers. Some say that Martin Taylor and Morris were found dead short. Early thereafter. Other say Martin died a year later at the hands of Joe Tomlinson, Hayes. However, most certainly lived on. Throughout the rest of the year. Helm, the most violent regulator was, especially adamant in his pursuit of the gang though he failed to kill the likes of Hayes or Doboy, Taylor buck, Taylor or Henry Kelly, he arrested many of their associates. Many of whom were killed while trying to escape according to helm, this was a legitimate circumstance that arose as a result of the Taylor, gangs intractable nature. But according to the gang members and their allies helm was actually conducting executions. They claimed he took the men prisoner tied them up put them on their knees and then walked up and shot them in the back of the head, whether this is true is difficult to know for certain though, there are some who believe that if it was true. The executions were warranted. Trials frequently ended in the Taylor gang going free. If the criminals weren't playing fair, why should the regulators? This was still a struggling military territory. Not an incorporated state within the union, but as mentioned these heat of the moment killings generated further animosity by the winter of eighteen sixty eight word came down that the Taylor gang had put bounties of their own on the heads of the regulators, regardless of the truth. The Taylor's were losing ground, which likely actually increase the volatility of the feud, retired deputy police chief, Jim Reynolds of the Melbourne police department wrote that into days world blood feuds often occur in isolated areas, among ethnic groups who feel cut off from the rest of society in that isolation. Revenge is all consuming this very. Specific psychological profile gives rise to feuds in the eighteen sixties this description fit the Taylor clan precisely they were on a remote, frontier being driven off their land by society that didn't want them. But the regulators weren't going to stop anytime soon. The Taylor had simply enraged, too many over, too long, a period of time if the Taylor's felt cornered the regulators felt bloodlust frustrated by the lack of progress Sutton, meet a bolt play on Christmas Eve, eighteen sixty eight buck Taylor, walked through the streets of Clinton, Texas. It was a cold evening. And he wanted a drink to warm as insides, he passed several shops decorated for the Christmas holiday salt children, run by with candles headed for the church. It was Christmas Eve, who knew he spent so much time on the rain. She didn't even know what day of the week it was. And it had been a busy year. His family rounded up thousands of stolen beads, hurting them north to Kansas and making a massive profit. Fit on top of that, they'd killed dozens of union soldiers and Freeman. Book had killed seven in one go when he and some friends showed up at a continuation and shot the place all to hell, just as he was about to reach the saloon a familiar, face Rena up to greet him. It was his friend dick Chisholm dick warned him that Sutton and his lawmen were in town. Dick wanted buck to come home with him to spend Christmas Eve. With mother Chisholm buck, just smirked. It didn't sound like his idea of a good time. As soon as buck entered the saloon, he saw that dick was right. Sutton was sitting at the counter his pretty face, and dainty. Hands infuriating buck. He was also nursing a whiskey real men. Go ped it down. Buck approached the man who had killed his relatives and friends. His face red his blood racing. He would not permit. The lawn men to leave your alive. He wanted to take a little bite out of Sutton, right then and there. But instead, he spin out some words if the sun goes down on you and DeWitt county will kill you instead of looking frayed or jumping up or even getting angry Sutton turned to him. Cool as ice and said, why wait till sundown enraged at a challenge from this killer buck reached for his gun. The resulting battle ignited the feud and forever changed the destinies of all involved. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion. Join us next week to discover who wins the showdown between book Taylor and Bill Sutton, and how the feud became the bloodiest and Texas history you can find more episodes of crimes of passion as well as all of parkas other shows on Spotify or your favorite podcast. Directory, several of you have asked how to help us, if you enjoy the show, the best way to help is to leave a five star review. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at park, cast and Twitter at parkas network. 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