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<music> i <hes> we'll see back. Thank you zony bear you in france aziz man like i don't even understand what that's getting more soulful he is. He is very soulful. <hes> we have the sklar brothers this view from the cheap seats and today on the show. We have a fantastic guests hall of fame announcer college football. He is one of the boys when you think of keith jackson in the pantheon. Keith jackson brent musburger burger. I think of tim brando same mount rushmore of college football announcers. We get him on the show from his compound down in shreveport louisiana and we'll talk to him about everything from the n._c. Double a. what needs to be fixed about the playoff. He gives us his opinion on the b._c._s. fantastic interview he'll tell you what needs to be fixing college football you you just set him up and he'll he'll wind him up and he'll go. He will not get in quick hits. We'll talk about later beyond bells apology to his fantasy owners. We'll talk about steven jackson's one day return to the n._f._l. And cliff kingsbury and his attitude about his image in matt in the new madden twenty so all that stuff coming up and then later on the show javier bardem leases voicemail l. that <hes> he he has a new product that he is just going to allow us to guess take but do we want to. There might be copyright issues but top of the show. Let's talk about so i wanna thank <hes> whatever god exists in this world if there is one maybe it's just love <hes> for getting me through my awful kidney stone this week. Hey that was an ordeal folks passed it. Coach passed a kidney stone during the hall of fame game denver broncos denver bronco during the game he added. Did he pants you. He he passed it. He was passing it during the game. I don't know how do you even. I don't know what was worse passing having a pass getting sooner having to watch that game. It was one of the only passes that happened in that ed. I know <hes> so. I passed one. I got through it. I'm on the other side of it and rainy and i were thinking this weekend as we head into sort of this dark zone a little bit within the sports world where it's only baseball fall camp started for college football so that excitement is building but what are the sports that were turning to for the next two weekends. We have the fedex cup. Which which is the end of the year two weekend. Tournaments really like three weekend two or three week tournament thing in golf where the winner gets ten eleven million dollars right or fifteen million dollars someone obscene amount of money to figure out who is quote unquote the best golfer other position throughout their winds throughout out with like ninety golfers then goes down to like sixty and it goes down to thirty and the last thirty place so it's the best golfers in the world being paired up against each other. It is match ups that you. I guess i'd like to see but they they're. They're doing it. The money only helps the players. It's there there is less excitement. You can feel players kind of just not caring hearing about it. As much and we kinda rainy. I got us into a discussion as we almost compared gulf to college football which is hard to do about the reasons why we invest in watching watching a sport like golf and a lot of people do i think obviously randy in our golfers and we are sports fans and so we will watch sports golf where someone who is a casual sports fan be like. Why are you wasting in your time. They have lost <unk>. Golf has lost so many casual sports fans and i think part of the reason why is that the rivalries within galt like you're just supporting a guy and you're hoping that a guy guy goes but you don't live and die for jordan spieth. I don't live and die for rory. Mcilroy obviously what i was invested in the tiger story and i wanted him to you know combat back and have victory and generation needs the money. He doesn't need the money and generation. I think we all wish and hope to see the greatest of all time in our generation ration- of viewers we want tiger eclipse jack nicklaus because tiger was our i want tired of eclipse jack nicholson and phil mickelson but jack nicklaus but but i think the problem with golf and the reason why golf gets exciting in something like the ryder cup where it gets even more. That's where it resembles regular sports. That's where motions if the when america playing europe they're playing for something more. They're playing for pride and you're the name for a nation like i watch when i checked the scores of the ryder cup check when you tracked it track so i'm like god damn it. Why can't the u._s. win. Why do we have guys like brooks kappa kappa who can dominate during the the tour and he he just does not care about anything except major golf and we're working out and wearing thong what what i wonder is could could they set up the fedex cup fedex cup and make it more make a tournament that has more to do with the world and more more at stake. I'm and like we picked the two best golfers in america. The two highest rated sculptures in the fedex stan. Each country at each country naked like a world cup of golf. How great would that be all right so number one and number two from u._s._a. That's fighting for all season to represent america in this tournament then you take the two best golfers from every country from around the world and you a pair them up thirty two countries qualify if again we take golfers that are in the top one hundred so it's kind of the standings you the highest rated golfers from every country in the standings standings that becomes your country's team now. You're rooting for your team now. America's playing australia now america's playing england now america's playing other countries around the world countries that have bitch slapped america. America is the enemy because of the leadership right now a lot of times okay so now you've gotta tournament that every single nation can invest in the the same way we invest in the world cup. Now golf is suddenly exciting in a new way so the other thing about that in the deeper meaning before we get to break and we get tim brando and i don't wanna go to long hair because he was such a great interview view is that i believe there is so much tension in the world right now j. that sports allows you that sort of that release valve it allows you to put put whatever hate is inside of you into a game and at a flat screen t._v. In your house where you're not doing it towards another human being yeah. I felt when mexico's played the united states in soccer. I grew out. I felt mexico. The mexican fans were like they wanted to stick it to america because of this wall business and if they can stick get to america with by rooting for their player to put a tiny ball into a net as opposed to coming back through with with violence with anger and certainly well. It's in the back of someone had so to me. That is how sports in many ways releases the tension that exists in this world and why it can do good it is an brando talks about this little bit later as an escape and escape from what is happening but at the same time it can release what anger intentions we have. It's why like you know it's why therapists have the joke. Is that much pillow. Go punch pillow. You know what i mean like. Don't punch person we go punch and waterfall and we say that and we mean that like get it out attention. It's inside of you. It's healthy see to get it out but get it out in something that has low stakes that doesn't matter don't take it out in your kids. Don't take it out on your spouse. Don't take it out on other. Human beings go punch waterfall on the team. Your team is playing. That's right. It's so sports is the is the physical manifestation of punching a waterfall and if you were to make global golf event right now again again i look at the world baseball classic that had excitement to it in a way that we just had been in the same way as you root for the world cup. You have a world golf thing that basically is kind of stirs up ryder cup tensions stirs of all of that juice and you throw that sauce in there and to me. That's an exciting event happened right now to bridge the gap between in <hes> baseball in the end the end baseball in the middle of the dog as a baseball into <hes> heading into <hes> college football and pro football in pro football p._t._a. Listen to us yeah. I know we don't have a seat at at your table your <hes> cherry cherry wood gorgeous sleigh or just finished guinea table that only men are allowed to sit at <hes>. We're not the men that are invited there but listen to us dammit. We've got good ideas ideas. I'm going to go back in time to old bob mood when he was with the band sugar. Let's did it might be. A new song called hoover dam slobber others are here tim brando on the other side of this yes. This is real for the cheap seats. Stay with us dudes. We're talking to you right now and we know we have a lot of ladies. Listen this show but guys we're talking to you in some ladies is to but i'm gonna say this about the guy's terrible taking care of their health. I know i just went through a kidney stone and you're like walk. You walk it off. Walk off tonight. Tell you walk off the in eastern. Oh my god there's don't rub some dirt. It rub some dirt in that kidney stone. Go see a doctor. Same is true for erectile dysfunction. Studies show that seventy seventy percent of guys who experienced e._d. Don't get it treated while there's a little bit of shame involved in that. 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I think <hes> i'm so i feel actually to do comforted so just go to get roman dot com slash cheap seats to get a free online and visit with free two day shipping. That's get roman dot com slash cheap seats for a free visit to get started. Get roman dot com. Slash cheap seats all right guys. Welcome back to the show as promised <hes>. We have a hall of fame announcer. I'm just saying it. <hes> is one of the when we think of college football. This is the voice voice. One of the voice of now that keith jackson has moved on <hes> brent musburger pretty much brent musburger rest and pace. We know he's not dead. We just want him to get a good night's sleep. <hes> we got tim brando on the line and brando randy would find girl. What a find wife you uh-huh. Thank you for joining us good sir how you doing. I'm wonderful so if i say i'm going to the desert. Does that mean it's over now because breads doing concerned with his new gaming network. He is really great great but he really <hes> you know when i when you think of notre dame football when you think oh sure i just think of brent musburger and when we think of you know s._e._c. football movie think in general i mean <hes> there's certainly there was a holiday bowl that we covered on our very own cheap seats that you called <hes> <hes> you are just one of the voices of college football and for us <hes> comforting to hear you it means fall is coming around. Are you excited you. Are you getting the tingling as as college teams. They're getting into their camps right now. Always always i mean you know with all in god only knows i i will point out all the time the problems that we have in college sheriff and there are many but i do love it and especially in these times yeah go into one of your your shows as identity arbor last last year after we did a game the brassica game it's it's comforting to just get away from all of this and i still believe call me and nuts but i still believe that sports for the most part is something that a little bit light comedy and maybe music it's where people go to get away from the insanity of of life and i think college football especially after the long hot enduring during days of late summer when so much insanity takes place in our culture in his a welcomed moment you know leaves become turn the he always. Let's get a flask and go tailgate and go to the game. You know what i mean there. Is this love that you guys <hes> what you did with the holiday bowl with <hes> with vince dooley now you have no idea how many times i get asked questions. People send me on different social networking working platform lips of what you guys did realize and it was if you've only been there to know what it was like to be with goats dooley. I can elaborate these in my for his first year out of coaching. Would it's a it's a great memory and that's you realize that was thirty years ago the crate crazy and set a lot there the the idea the culture surrounding loving your team loving your school tailgating with you know the the sweaters on and the jerseys on and all this walking around and seeing the flags and everything i know the n._f._l. Is something and we've been to. We've been on the sidelines at n._f._l. Games but you get around that college college culture you go to these college towns hear the band play the fight song. There's something in that timeless moment where this is the fight song that they heard that bob eufor style attic out in one thousand nine hundred seventy or the gerald ford heard when he scored a touchdown in the thirty. It's either. I can hear hear bob you for now fielding yots. There's not having a party and watch the best card. There's no doubt me again. Hawkin that horn on i always love that you do have you do have a great knowledge of the history and you always bring it into every broadcast and truthfully. That was a honestly when we were at michigan for the nebraska game. We know we met you before and we knew you were calling the game and we asked our buddy john you bake into bring us up to the booth just so we could say hi to you and you in spencer tillman both like remark that we were in the booth and all our social media lit up and they're like brando mentioned you guys and cheap seats on the thing which was great and then i will say this. You mentioned that you came to see our show. We said if you guys wanna come see the show. Be our guest you come later and you came to the show. Spencer tillman did not so he's dead. He's dead but he's no. He's an ohio state guy so he was always gonna fight right yeah. No that's fine. I love them. I love the best and you guys did a great job. And what a great game that was for for us as michigan fans but i i mean let's talk about nebraska. I mean people are picking them to to win the big ten. What is that one year ahead of schedule for scott frost or is that a fair pick doc well. I think the reason for it <hes> guys is because of the schedule you know is mile front beano cook speaking of history nouns before i mean we used to do it over under her count. On saturday mornings of the number of beano chins a soul he would always always say you'll have to talk about the bacterial off richard kerio miami by got up a wave bubble personnel the cop town of college football. I read you look at the schedule. If you're playing the holy mary sisters of the four four at the end of the year that's right and that's what you have to look at and nebraska. They're not playing the holy sisters of the <hes> no but they they don't have but they're scheduling the big ten by big. Tint standards is really favourable. No michigan no michigan state on the schedule right they they they. They play ohio state at home the last weekend in september. I think they could potentially win that game. I think the buckeyes are going to take like a little step back this year yep and so the timing here for a quarterback is good as martinez yep and for what i believe is a transformational coaching. Scott frost could not be more perfect. I like them. I've got him in my preseason top ten. I do think they can win the west. Now it'll be tough look iwa iowa and northwestern our quality teams and they've got to play them but again they you know. Northwestern is a team that i think you know nebraska. This year can handle were the week after they would play there and by the way they get them at home to get home after they play ohio state so i think that's a legitimate choice. I know people people like damn tim. They were owing seven to start ear but you know what they finished winning four their last five games so the culture is changing and great coaches guys and i do think scott frost is a great coach. He's up. He's the this generation version of sabin in my opinion. Wow that's right yeah yeah. I think he can turn this thing around more quickly than many would anticipate and again being in the big ten west has a lot to do with that shoving a favorable schedule which they do. I wanna ask you about <hes> and i agree with a lot of that. I want to ask you about clemson. Alabama clearly as we head into the season ahead of the pack is is that i mean a lot of saying okay. That's that's going to be the the college football championship that good for college football bad for college football like where are you at personally personally on knowing that those teams are right now seemingly way ahead of the pack. It's horrible for college. Football read especially in this current format that we have with only four teams being chosen listen i <hes> i put out this <hes> in in you know you have to understand. I was a proponent obviously of killing the b._c._s. The godforsaken yep bowl championship series. We had a world in crisis countdown. You guys may remember this <hes> outta daughter that was l._s._u. In a three one saving on the title there was a website cartoon called strong bad. I don't know if you guys remember rosette. Look it up at strong. It was like a cartoon character with that was had some a dark side. Yeah gotta a- and once again what the nose knows who's earth condemning dow world in crisis so we took that soundbite soundbite dropped it in and i would say ladies and gentlemen it's time now for or this is wednesday june twenty seventh day three thousand two hundred twenty eighty seven as an world crises yep yep countdown went on for like five thousand days we we got rid of that. Damn thing what what what what really go back and look at it. How did we get rid of it. The the godforsaken b._c._s. ended with with the ultimate bad rematch between l._s._u. And alabama all in two thousand and eleven no one wanted to see that game nobody was it was a bad bad game. The first time they played the game of the century nine to six i think was the final get l._s._u. Beat alabama and because i was state's a loss took place. He's beat oklahoma state or oklahoma state would have been in that game. That's the cowboys would likely have been in that game. Remember right before that game was played in november. The women's basketball team a plane crash took place and it was a horrible thing and those kids had to go out and play. Mike mike forty eight hours later anyway when that game was played. You knew right away that this was enough was enough that the other conference commissioners were not gonna sit back and say okay. This is good that we have an all s._s._d. Final in the b._c._s. championship gotta get rid of this yeah so we've moved to four and we moved to four immediately and the people that are running this thing it wouldn't even let announcer say the word playoffs. The word was just. You couldn't even use it now the am a._m. Offices in texas are the college football playoff playoff offices yeah so different knock in these guys. I mean it's it's just amazing amazing to me. They had hired ari fleischer earlier to start a website on why we didn't need playoff in college yeah so anyway they do this and now we say okay. We're gonna get four teams and they're telling us we'll have an all star panel with the most reputable people people ever in the history of the world are going to be charged. Were thrown out. The computers were thrown out the strength of schedule. It's just going to be an eye test. The beauty cops who they hired a bunch of coaches who coached in yesteryear yep basically who they have. They got rid of condoleeza rice. They replaced her with all the condoleeza rice diet. I know diversity fairness in that. Yes oh there's no fairness. They got a bunch of old coaches to say. Alabama looks big and strong in at clemson team. They look big and strong. <hes> well lost that game though you know they lost in november well oh you know. They still look great. They have all these five star. They have all the five star recruits they got five star recruits backups right and when you watch alabama losing game whatever they lose like they lost to auburn and still made the college football player. They lost the last week of the frigging. That's right your season and still got in. They will only fall. They'll only fall three spots well. If you only thought all three year in i mean the problem for me is that i mean clemson is a great team. Of course they're the only ones that have beaten alabama truthfully really so the point of it is though clemson there. I would like liked to see them play a much much tougher non conference schedule because their conference isn't going to provide any sort of competition for them. You thought n._c. States going to take him the wire. Maybe right to their credit. Though for the last two years they played texas they played at a and m last year and the play inam at home again this year and this is where the alabama fans really get pissed off at me from because that that that pathetic non conference schedule they're trotting out there. I mean tall last year. It was the citadel ooh la law arkansas. Stay now this year. It's going to be western carolina in late. One of the myths in all of sports sellers is that college football's regular-season must be preserved right. It's the best regular senator season in all of sports. No it's not if it were. Why would the s._e._c. get away with playing f._c._s. Teams referred week of november every year. That's right. It's the best schedule and neither does their fan base. There's a reason why you know the attendances faltering yeah michigan the students research showing up the way they used to that's right. I know yes true. It's it's true i mean. How much would you rather see in late november alabama. I am a plate oregon or alabama play stanford washington washington and we were just discussing when guys like anthony carter were playing and alabama was playing penn state every year. Yeah remember that yes alabama alabama every year. Strength of schedule wasn't really considered granted. It was a beauty contest back then and we had multiple national titles with different. I wire service polls the u._p._i. In the a._p. But the games during the regular season were better and you and the reason teams did that were to get the writers and the people that were voting to stand up notice and psych by god. Look look look a beat. It mattered back in now. <hes> <hes> if you're an s._e._c. team like alabama. Why would you change why wouldn't now nick can sit up on his any ass. Even is very quick to point out well. I think we should play nine games and he's the only coach that said it. It's easy to say when you know what's not happening. That's right. He knows it's not happening but he can say it anyway yeah so he he they play eight games within their conference. The a._c._c. is playing eight games within its conference that happens to be the two conferences that the clemson and alabama represent those that are out there playing mine and beating each other up and and <hes> and cannibalizing themselves like the pac twelve like the the big ten's right <hes> are not getting in near. They're not a part of this process so unless we have stability and uniformity with this five conference. It's cartel and that's really what it is. It's a you don't even get invited if you happen to be good like a u._c._f. Or memphis or houston forget them right. You're you're part of this cartel. Why would you enter into an agreement. Where your road your path. Every year is going to be harder than the big shots that are already play in these these championships and holding up the crystals at the end of every year like clemson and alabama. I agree with you. The a._c._c. is by far the weakest of the five power conferences. I am so clemson does need to play a team like or somebody like them but alabama fellas they don't play anybody like they haven't played a road game at a p five school in the years and they won't play another game at a p five school on the road until they go to texas in two thousand twenty two hell sabin maybe gone by then at that is is insane. So how do we fix it. Do we go to eight games. Do we go to an eight team playoff with that. Fix it yeah well. It certainly a little bit like an open open wound. And how do you repair it right now. We've got a we've got. A gauze bandage on it is opposed to a band-aid band-aid was the b._c._s. Now we got a gauze bandage. We need surgical more evasive surgical procedures done yeah okay yeah and that means if they can't get these commissioners off of their ass <hes> mhm and say listen. We're gonna play the same number of of the conference games and we are going to mandate that at least two games that one two games are played non-conference against other power five conferences that we're going to mandate that if they're not gonna do that in a uniform manner the the only way to solve it is to go to eighteenth to solve it is to go away teams because ben wilder now so it's still could be clinton in alabama at the end okay fine if they yeah this would really be an advantage for the great teams because if you're getting in with a loss because of who you are and what your brand name is right right for god knows you'll get in with but at least we're opening the door for u._c._l._a. Mississippi and trains in the big ten which by the way happens to the most densely populated area in college football. I mean not having any big. Ten teams in the last. Three years has hurt the television ratings. It's hurt hurt the advertisers who are now from eight goods because they're not getting what they were told they would get in terms of viewership to do that and by the way if we took the first round of the college football playoff and we allowed the top four teams all play at home imagine how much fun on that would be campus sites yelping week of the play offs where one plays a to place seven three place six and four plays five guys go back and look at the way it finished last year the top eight teams see how much from that would it would be amazing. You could have played on christmas day. You could play 'em like in that no-man's-land man's land or you play on new year's day. I mean there. There's it's a it's a great idea all right. I'm gonna pitch another idea to you because i know you're close to college athletics alright so tim you know a lot has been made in and there was a you know there was even legislation in california about getting it so that college athletes can reap some of the benefits of of what they bring to universities in terms of monetarily our solution and you tell us if you think this is way off base is to take the money that is made by the sports. It's okay create like a pie for each university. Whatever each sport brings in put that money that the athletes generate that is athlete generated into an escrow account that upon upon graduation you get the maximum each player who participates gets the maximum amount. If you go off for years you graduate or you graduate early. If you leave early to go play hey in a professional league or something. You may not need that money but you get a smaller portion of that money so it incentivizes guys on the bubble not to come out early but <hes> finish their degree rian get their education because at the end of it is money waiting for them that they earn while they were at the university. There's only one way you could ever achieve that goal and that would be for all all the schools to understand that they have to get away from the neanderthal body known as the n._c._a._a. That's right because <hes> and by the way all of these are member member institutions and they they are culpable for whatever the n._c._a._a. Determines they're gonna do and and really mark emmer tuesday really really intelligent guy. I've known for a long time understand sports in the role that it plays within the framework of academics. I mean he's the guy that went out confound nick sabin and brought him to l._s._u. And and created this transformational coach before he went to alabama march smart enough to realize that it released he should be smart enough to realize that they they have got to change their mindset but i don't see that happening yeah. They seem to be running even more towards parts of the <hes> the the hilltop you away from the realities of life and what's going on out there listen. They're being forced. I think with regard to some of the decisions that have been made legally to understand that players like miss is going to allow for that player to get <hes> some compensation. I believe that will happen yeah because legally there's. There's just no defense for the n._c._a._a. Where that's concerned i i believe bringing back e._a. Sports college football is is is an economic boom for the game and to the interest of the game share is culture. We've missed it <hes> and in so many respects but but your idea in concept is a good one but fellas. I think we're probably a decade or more away from that happening. The schools schools have to understand <hes> especially now that they are in many cases reaping the benefits of their own brand within weightless. You're in the middle of cable cord cutting yet. The a._c._c. is days away from starting their own network s._e._c. Ten big ten a huge you know it's not about how many people are watching these games anymore. It used to matter a lot more to those that are in governance of inertly quickly genetics what the ratings were and how many people were there but frankly what i'm seeing and it scares me a little bit. Is that today's n._c._a._a. Litigators that are running some of these schools and some of these conferences they really don't care about popularity or the big picture. They care about well. How much money are we making right. You know the game. There's never flourished more. The big ten makes more money than any other. Li it don't but why don't they hoist as much crystal and i would tell you i think my criticism of their league would be because they're more concerned about how much more money they're making their. How many championships are winning okay. That's my criticism of the big ten the s._e._c. He is the most dominant conference certainly in college football and and probably most if not all of the olympic sports as well but they're operating eating on this island of theirs says it just means more we are who we are and that's that so no one else in their world really matters besides besides us well. That's not looking out for the big picture. Now now the biggest problem we have today and intercollegiate athletic says we have this five conference cartel yeah. Each of those commissioners are looking out for their constituents only not for the big picture of the game. Our sport needs as our and you know what happened recently a few years ago so when the n._c._a._a. Hired oliver luck andrew. Luck's dad get wow liaison for football. I thought wow finally we need a football old guy yeah side within the n._c._a._a. Now look the supreme court ruling in nineteen eighty-four meant that the n._c._a._a. Had no financial all influence whatsoever in could not reap the benefits of any financial gains from any of the institutions individual in college football okay but they're still n._c._a._a. Member institutions while the schools don't want to give up the n._c._a._a. Men's basketball tournament money but the n._c._a._a. Still wants to have fun by sanctioning bowls and being a police agency for those those member institutions so i thought oliver was the right guy when he left to go run the x._f._l. Keep an eye on what's going to happen this spring with the x._f._l. With vince mcmahon because i believe that dropper is going to be very successful because of oliver luck because oh wow damn shame oliver luck left was allowed. I would call call that. I would call that unlucky he could be and i think would have been a great czar for someone that all of the commissioners of these scarver exists would have to turn to matters of this is on the field and all. I thought that would get a bigger laugh calling that on state okay. Thank you sorry brandon by the way that <hes> that slide euro or jason that had surgery jason i had okay. I'm sorry well. I'm sorry but my pants are moist at chateau brand brando down in louisiana <hes> insurance. Is it true sport. Are you there report. Leave the esau leave port report the extra classes for i don't know soaked great stuff. Let's take take a quick break. When we come back. We got a couple of stories. Non college football related that happened in the world sportscar. They want to get your opinion with tim brando. This is from the cheap seats. Stay with us. We'll be right back. Yes jabe you sign up for draft yet yeah. I'm so i love dress on their fantasy league last year. You did this dude. I'm on top of it. Listen fantasy football fans. Do you want to join the biggest n._f._l. Season-long tournament ever of course you do like we have were so excited if you love fantasy football and we know you do we're in two leagues and now i'm in draft. I love it then. You need to enter the three point five million dollar best ball championship on draft. That's that's right three point five million dollars in real money. It's frigging. Hill better believe it. It's season-long but no with no management just set it in forget the good thing if you've got kids you've got family got work and all that other stuff and if you're in leagues trades and waverers those are the if you have time to do that then you will win your fantasy. I've made like eighty trade one time and it did. I was in the exact same spot that it was before. I made the trades once you start drafting. That's it no trades no waiver wires. You don't even have to <hes>. You don't have set your line at your best players. Get automatically started and you'll get the best score every week. Guarantee no salary caps play in real live a real live snake draft like the one you play with your friends in the season longley. There's no better place to play andrea. This is so easy you guys and you can <hes> drafted team. Anytime you want league start every couple of minutes you can join right now. Get on it right now. All you gotta do just do a draft and then you could be a millionaire sixteen weeks later companies that think about that. It doesn't get any easier than that. If this happens for you and you become that millionaire you so as at least a fob portion of it or a phone call and thank you highest rated fantasy app available on app store and google play or online at draft dot com for prayed limited time. Only you can get a free entry into the best ball championship when you make your first deposit but you have to use our promo code cheap seats. That's right a free shot at one million dollars just by using promo code cheap seats when you make your first deposit on draft just search draft in the app store or go to draft dot com and complaint for free with promo code. Cheap seats are welcome back to the show of even the cheap seats tim brand. Where can people catch you. You're a great follow on twitter but how can people listen to you. Watch you. <hes> inform our audience because i know they're in trance with you by now with the fellows <hes> at tim brando you can find me there. <hes> certainly the state of alabama has said hey listen listen every every fan base as its lunatic fringe of course pretty good by the way a i have felt the wrath michigan sure sure up phones but but none quite like alabama anyway you can find me at tim brand on twitter plus. You can find me on instagram at timmy be on fox. My opening game was censored. Teeters here will be at sparty. Your rivals friday night got tulsa and michigan state in week. Two who i think are really fun game buffalo with the former coach at wisconsin whitewater when all those d three titled. That's right landslide paul. He's done a great job. I i think they're like number two or three in the map preseason polls. They're going to be playing at penn state. Penn state's got questions. Quarterback won't be on fox primetime runtime than week three. I go back to sparty for arizona state the bundles who beat michigan state last year go into play. That's a fox afternoon game same week three a week for sure where i'll be just yet weak side. I've got friday game at maryland which could be interesting statement maryland orlands where regional reverie yeah all right. We'll be walking all right. I want to talk about these stories that happen in sports. This happened last week and i wanna get your opinion on on this rams all time leading rusher. Stephen jackson signed a one day contract with the rams so we could retire aram which is a nice thing to do is the all time leading rusher you wanna just admin at practice vis fantastic <hes> the n._f._l. Randomly then selected him for a drug test one. Tim and he's got an house. He's retired. He should be allowed to smoke weed. I mean to one day. He's gotta pee in a cup. He said absolutely not. I'm not going to take this and then he tweeted a <hes> something about. I don't care about vince lombardo. We're like do you mean vince lombardi because we don't care about vince lombardo either but but i mean come on we talk about the n._c._a._a. Bumbling things a little bit come on n._f._l. You can't do this guy. That's outrageous. We're there are there are far too many titus and governance and sports agreed. I mean we got way too much of that. <hes> i don't know about you guys but there was. They're not done some n._f._l. Games they bring the left-hander out of the bullpen love it. I love it. You can handle it college about a month before the n._f._l. Does so they asked me to come out and do a gamer to scrape by what i saw when i saw the presser at the super bowl win goodell started trying to uh he wouldn't even discuss what happened in the n._f._c. championship. He was asked about it. I'll never forget this. You'll love story. I'm i'm going too far in indianapolis uh-huh basketball game now you're sitting in a bar <hes> at a great hotel in an indie. You don't know who's around you but determined there but but but there's music playing but there are a couple of <hes> of televisions with with with the n._f._l. Network on one and e._s._p._n. And the other and the press conference storm so you know a few of us at the march that could you turn that up in sort of interested in it and watching goodell dance around that thing crazy nauseated associated yeah i mean it really was and i and i can't remember who besides trump was in the political rath that week but it was up and then somebody else so i just blurted it out. After about ten minutes of watching this nauseating press conference pelosi and trump should just send this guy. Thank you card. They're really good at the bar started laughing. Yeah i mean everybody knows how many liberals and right wing conservatives were at that bar but they could all agree that that was a god awful prescott. Well i mean listen. Goodell is going to have to actually go to court and he is going to be subpoenaed to answer questions to answer questions about that. It's not all right. I wanna move onto cliff. Kingsbury kingsbury who the great coach great college coaches now coaching n._f._l. He doesn't like the way he looks. In the new madden twenty game he looked you looked like ryan gosling in real life so don't complain who care rest of us. The tim brando's in the scars of the world were blessed with talent. We don't have looks good looking guy good looking out greedy up and just for men fell. That's right. Keep it. Keep it. Keep that color. You don't let it go great like listen bra. Bruce arians can be mad about how he looks. How his little kangol l. hatless okay. Andy reid can be mad that he looks too much like mike holmgren okay go through like craig statler and they all look like wolford brindley okay but but don't do not cliff kingsbury can't complain kingsbury. That's like he's not by the way every manager should look like wolford gremlin. Thank you right. That's that's a guy you can trust like clip kings like that's like cameron diaz saying i was a nerd in high school. No you are not a nerd. We were nerds. We know nerds like we understand what that those people suffered union in suffer. You're like an attractive girl with glasses who everyone we don't yeah i'm with you. We just don't need cliff to say that he's not happy with how long it just new good. Hey two words cliff work done. You're trying to work done and send an email that we don't have to see all right. Finally finally i <hes>. I don't know if you play fantasy football yourself where i'm gonna could. We're in a couple of leagues ourselves but i don't know if you saw a lady on bell finally tweeted an apology to his fantasy football ball owners and then he actually had an a press conference mention that he apologized to them for sitting out all last year but don't you don't apologize the pittsburgh steelers fans knew the actual fans who came on the who paid good money to support you on the field and they show up as camping. You'll be on the field every week. I do apologize is to fantasy owners and that i am i am. I understand that you guys don't go after former michigan player. I mean listen. I know well. We'll go. We'll go after our michigan guys when they do something wrong. There's got to do something wrong not leaving on bell. I mean truly one of the best runners in the game one of the best if not the best running back when he you know two years ago and i can't remember a guy who who quite runs like him a guy who so patient who who almost seems like he's jogging before for he has the bursts looks for these throwback he rents a lot like <hes> go back and look at some old video from way back in the day with the dallas cowboys and wayne carlos rbis runs a lot lightweight duane thomas when he got the dallas and <hes> you actually replaced caligula was a thousand yard back in and that's right that's right. <hes> <hes> runs a lot like him. He's a throwback. I'm with you patiently waiting for that whole to govern amazing like you know because a lot of these guys guys. It's funny because a lot of the n._f._l. Guys play fantasy football. How crazy is that. Well the culture that they've grown up and you know. I don't play but i'm always asked by my kids. My kids do and i've got girls. Yes all right. I got one thirty six then went to l._s._u. Twenty eight that went to ole miss. How much control do i have none and nine but-but-but they but they will ask me about who should i be playing dad. Who should have that's amazing. I love that you raise two girls to love sports and to enjoy it in that way. I think that's great as a father. This is randy talking to girls. I'm i'm hoping i'm on the way of doing that as well and we wish you all the best of luck in this upcoming college football season we'll be watching. You'll be hang you'll be listening. <hes> we love love you for coming on the show brando and giving so much of your valuable time well. I love being with you these guys and like you. I don't have a job okay. I just have a life and it's a way of life and hearing you say you've got a couple of girls tells me that they're invested within two and that's really what it's all about fully and don't have a job have a life. That's what makes it so special so true all right tim brando we will will follow you and our fans will follow you. Let's take a break. We'll be back with more from the gift some sun on me guys welcome back to the show man. Tim brando love him and could talk to him forever. <hes> i really do. I can't state enough how much we appreciate the fact that we saw him in the broadcast booth mentioned that we had a comedy show that night and just wanted to talk to him in the commercial break. That's all we wanna do is go up there and wait for him became mansions us on the air during the broadcast and then afterwards. We say come see comedy. He shows up that that to me says it all <hes> he's a wonderful. Tim brando shows up shows up for his people. <hes> another guy who's kind of showed up for the show for a while <hes> <hes> we haven't been able to use any ideas he says i don't know about this one. I just think he lives in a world where he doesn't know how to vet ideas understand how the rest of the world works and he will. He has is an idea for us so let's listen to what he has say these messages who are rondi on jason v._c.'s down on. I hope you're doing well and i was just just thinking of something that i know that you like to hear these ideas when they're fresh from my mind and i'm giving you a new one. Eat saw an entrepreneurial type of the idea that i think you'll enjoy basically that i think you know that i am a big fan of the double bay. Della rees on these baseball bowl team in tampa. I love to go to the trump. Ansi the games there they have the bist natural hilma that exists this major league barks but it takes so long to go around these concourse from one concession to the next and i was thinking what if there were a motorized scooter that yukon pick up and quickly jump on and rent for short amount of time to get from one end and <hes> of the park to the other end of the park and very easy to ride very easy to rent and then you can put back when you're done we call these lemon just popped into my head. Give me a call when you can help all that <hes> doing well penelope and i are sending you and your family basil's okay i don't i. I don't know what that exists here. I mean i love the appreciate that he thinks of us. I guess is all i can say i mean at least his head is in the right area. At least his bowl cut is in the right spot in phoenix. Were coming at you. <hes> there the fifteenth sixteenth and seventeenth right yes for a fifteen sixteen seventeen thursday friday saturday <hes> one show just the early lee show eight o'clock seven thirty and seven p._m. At stand-up live downtown phoenix. You only have one shot to see us so we want. All of our phoenix people's coming out for that. This is bleached hard to kill off their new album. I love the amy miller. I believe is going to be coming with gonna open for us. In phoenix the whole show is gonna be great and we hope to see you there and go punch waterfalls waterfalls. We'll have great merge with us so we'll see there and we'll in a podcast network.

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