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Hour 2: Will Cain filling in


The Steven Naismith show podcast is presented by Iino the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card sends an alert to your phone and helps you fix them. Hey what's in your wallet. SEE CAPITAL ONE DOT com for details. The this is the Steven A. Smith Show podcast Stephen a Smith show brought to you by pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level make the switch to pennzoil synthetics. Today will cain filling going in for Steven. A. And I'm joined now by our E._S._p._N.. N._F._L. Insider Jeff Darlington on the Shell Pennzoil performance line. What's up Jeff Crowe? What's up? I saw my schedule that Stephen Smith wanted beyond the show and I wondered why and then I I see that will cain is interviewing except are you telling me that Steven A. himself doesn't ask for you on his show so you were like flying finally broke through much of a need for me you know and and I was you know I think we have a nice a nice rapport core <hes> I just didn't even when the big lights are on still have gone a lot. I'm sorry to let you down. It's not Stephen A it is will cain filling in for Steven. It's the middle of July Jeff but we have N._F._l.. News in fact it's pretty big story. Melvin Gordon Los Angeles chargers running back has told the chargers either. Give Him a new deal or trade him. Do you anticipate this is GonNa work out for Melvin Gordon well. It's a tricky one because it feels more like a little bit of a warning shot doc right. It's it's the middle of July quiet time that the agent knows that he can kind of control the news cycle with this message. The problem is he's dealing with a team. That notoriously doesn't care about this kind of stuff like I got the I kind of feel like the chargers are GonNa sit back and say wait a second Nolan. Gordon's not GonNa be on the field. He's GonNa be resting his body and <hes> and he's GonNa take some time off and and <hes> and come back fully you know a guy could probably play a sixteen game season which he hasn't done all on. I feel like they have some ammunition to be to be able to balk at that. <hes> I understand exactly where Melvin Gordon is coming from <hes> from the standpoint that that he is a guy that they need good luck trying to win the Super Bowl so rivers. If you don't have an effective running doc <hes> he needs to have that initial offense but ultimately. I just don't think that this warning shot in itself is going to be enough to really move the needle trojans yeah. The question. Isn't I think whether or not he reports training camp whether or not he's GonNa pull avion bell. He's in the fifth a year his fifth year option with the chargers pay him five point six million dollars. Here's the thing though Darlington I've felt like this has been coming this idea that there's going to be a correction in the running back market and it's not going to be a good thing for the players just not going to be a good thing for the running backs themselves lady on Bell Type Deals Todd Gurley type deals devante Freeman type deals. I start to wonder Jeff. Does everybody get those deals. Does the next guy up. Get it does does Melvin Gordon and maybe what does Ezekiel Elliott and I think sooner or later one of these teams are going to go now now. We're not GONNA pay are running back that money but that's that's the thing like not only they can also look at the team in their city with the L._A.. Rams who paid talk early and the now are looking at the same shoot shoot. What are we dealing with when it comes to girls knee? Is this a situation. That's GonNa Linger and Bang caused this to be a bad deal so you're you're right <hes> the question Melvin Gordon has to do. I answer if he has to do the math you know let the bell the offer that he asked him. The Pittsburgh steelers was actually really competitive. He probably should've taken that deal yeah. He lost that he lost money doing that. Deal Yeah so Mel Melvin Gordon though if the deal is incredibly insulting bell was going for an absurd amount of money if Gordon is being more rational with what he's expecting and the chargers aren't moving at all then I understand like he potentially could do the math and say if I sit down most of the season I want and I get my crew season and I can hit free agency and I will ultimately make more money but that's a numbers game. I don't think that's as much about positional value as it is. Ten saying I mean it is because he's got a project what he's going to get paid and free agency but if the charges aren't putting any value on that position then it absolutely does feel like that they they should either move on or trade him <hes> the problem for the chargers. Is You got Philip rivers at a point where if you're gonNA make them on you can't sell it. You're not selling season tickets in even after really good season you trying to win some of the market share in that market and you're trying to the Super Bowl for Philip rivers if you don't have an effective running back it's not going to happen talking to E._S._p._N.. N._F._l.. Insider Jeff Darlington here on the Stephen Smith Show will cain in for Stephen. Do you get a sense Jeff. You talked to a lot of teams a lot of front offices. A lot of head coaches coaches. Do you get a sense that there is going to be some kind of correction running back market our teams out there thinking hey. Why am I gonNA pay thirteen fourteen fifteen million dollars year for running back when I have Austin heckler right that's who the chargers just got behind Melvin when I have a cheaper option that might not be that much worse behind him? Do you think teams are going to start moving that way. Well you have some really good experiments that are that will occur in twenty nineteen that will probably speak one way or the other what you're talking about because if you look in Kansas City for instance they lose Kareem Hunt Now they they lose them in a different circumstance. It wasn't by choice but now they have a guy in Gaming Williams. They're saying well we have Patrick Mahomes a quarterback. If all of a sudden the chiefs fall off without Kareem hunt suddenly that position again gets added value but then you have with the New York jets coach who does not feel like his running back that they just paid should've gotten that much money in love Eon Bell <hes> we'll see how effective he is is. He GonNa earn the dollars but he's making so I think that we have a number of situations around the league right now that will will establish that price <hes> really good experiments that that exists right now for a guy like Melvin Gordon who eventually will end of free agency but your point if it's got a generational player who stayed very healthy throughout his first contract. I absolutely think the teams are going to be much less was <hes> much more resistant to the idea of pain he I jeff and I think the real test the real the real one that's gonNa tell us the future of this position and whether or not running backs get paid into their second contract in the N._F._l.. is going to be Ezekiel Elliott. WHO's right behind Melvin gardening years will the cowboys pay Ezekiel Elliott or with you so they will not look? To replace him with a cheaper younger option no and in fact I think they'll do it sooner than later like and that's that's. That's another huge one in twenty nineteen like I from my conversations that I've had like people just assume that that Ezekiel Elliot it is gonNA show up for training camp because he's got another year and really the cowboys can be patient two years but from my understanding is that Ezekiel is looking at the saying like my best leverage might be to hold out right now so I mean I like I'll be interested to see if he takes about far but I know that certainly a conversation that's been had behind the scenes whether he does it or not. <hes> we'll have to wait and see but but I think the cowboys are also going to be pushing it because they're also another team. What are they gonNA do without a effective running back like ability? Can they make the title of on that <hes> that they wanted with like that and with Amari Cooper Dot Prescott also through guys that they're looking to pay well the one thing I think that the cowboys would have more leverage over Zeke than the chargers would have over Melvin. Gordon is what Oh you laid out earlier again. We're talking to Jeff Darlington here on the Stephen. A Smith Show will cain filling in for Stephen The chargers windows now right like I mean it's it's now in its short. It's it's another year or two. Maybe three with Philip rivers age and they're good. They're good across across the board defensive line. It seems like I picked the chargers last year to go to the Super Bowl. I'm going to be a little hesitant to jump back on that Bandwagon Jeff with the way they've continually run into the Patriots Been Incapable of overcoming those playoff troubles but they're you're better on paper and yeah we'll don't dismiss. Don't dismiss the whole the whole thing. That's going on behind the scenes in Los Angeles chargers cannot sell tickets like big. They're not they're not selling tickets to the new stadium either like they're not gonNa to be able to do that without a ridiculously good team so if you take Melvin Gordon out of the equation like over what kind of money Stan Kroenke the owner eventually I still look at this and say like we're trying to win. Market share here too so like there are a number of factors to your point that are hanging over Melvin Gordon the chargers that maybe aren't over. I don't know Jerry Jones. Strike means the guy who's very patient with that kind of stuff you so a couple of different outlets including E._s._p._N.. and Bill Barnwell have started talk about these teams like the cowboys and the chargers I and others that have young players young cores players under the age of twenty five starters under the age of twenty five and the triplets obviously would be rivers and Gordon and Keenan Allen in with the Charters Amari Cooper Dak Prescott is with the cowboys but you've got others across leagues. You go across like who do you think has the best skill position set of triplets in the N._F._l.. Right now well like if you see it's interesting one. What Is Talk Really GonNa do this year? That's a huge one because <hes> like I. I love what the Rams are doing with that with that kind of situation that you have going on out there. <hes> New Orleans to me is a really good one with brees Kamara and <hes> and Michael Thomas like that. That's a really competitive but but to your point you're right and if you look at all of those triplets across the League when you really analyze them I guarantee that there's always going to be to your point and under twenty five player because you your best shot right now you're you gotta gotta find those deals but the best shot with the quarterback deals that are out there. If you're going to have that kind of triplet scenario you guys do with young players. You've gotTa do where you say well under the salary cap in summer and then wind up paying your quarterback all right e._S._p._N.. N._F._L. Insider Jeff Darlington here on the Stephen Smith show with will cain. Thanks a lot jeff appreciate a man E._S._p._N.. Radio is presented by progressive insurance quote by and Save on Home Insurance with progressive new homequote explorer only at progressive aggressive dot com so who does have the best triplets in the N._F._l.. quarterback running back wide receiver which teams across the League would come in as your top set of triplets and I was thinking about Melvin Gordon. We've thrown that number around a lot today Utah. Someone even said top three running back in the N._F._l.. started putting pen to paper and write them down here. Where exactly does Melvin Gordon come in if you're ranking running backs in the N._F._l.? Tell you what I'll give you my top five running backs in the N._F._l.. Coming up and just a moment here on the Stephen a Smith show will cain which you normally catch me three to six eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio so what's the most overrated move of this N._B._A.. off-season seems seems like a pretty benign question. I was asked that on I take hey of all the big moments knows five all stars five the move teams this season which one's the most overrated my answer. Was Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat. I don't get it. I don't get the heater doing I don't I don't I don't get the build project how you doing this deal. I mean the heat were the tenth seed in the East last year. rostrums not very very impressive. They're GonNa Justice winslow Gordon Drug Itch Kelly Olympic drafted Tyler Herro hero better be a hero. I mean you can add Jimmy Butler. What do you get like what your top line Jimmy Butler in his prime with a bunch of young guys? What are you going to get six seven eight seed? What's the point like? How are you building in Miami now? There are rumors in many suggest Miami is the favourite to land Russell Westbrook. I still have trouble adding that up. I still don't understand how Russell WESTBROOK GETS TO MIAMI. I don't see the Miami has the assets to pull it off. Oklahoma City is on the other side of this deal. You have something that entices them. I was hosting the Stephen a Smith show the other day and I told you I think the best landing spot for Russell Westbrook of the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls Pistons at Number One there with veterans like Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond Russell Westbrook makes some sense Pistons have their first round picks they could make a trade work with the Oklahoma City thunder so I don't get what the heater doing like if you look at a model right now let's talk about a model. How do you build in the N._B._A.? The the the best models right now would be if you're swinging for fences for guys like bowler well. It'd be the clippers in the nets model. Go on get a base. Get up. Get some young good scrappy players. Players who are achieving both of which achieving to the playoff level and a problem in the playoffs for other teams nets had charissa avert Spencer dinwiddie Jared Allen Joe Harris Nice base of talent and then you build Katie and Kyrie on top of that clippers had a nice base to add kawhi impulse yours. What are the he'd have like? What is the base? You're <unk> adding the superstar to and you're GonNa tell me oh well you gotta get one to get one. You GotTa get a superstar you gotta bring in Jimmy Butler and then that helps bring another superstar in well. Jimmy Butler hasn't been actually running a charm offensive across the N._B._A. has he I mean Minnesota Chicago. It hasn't exactly been party. Jimmy's house same for the guys wanted to play with Russ for that matter so I don't know I mean is is Jimmy. Butler GonNa be allure for another superstar to Miami. It's the same here here is Jimmy. Butler Tamiami to me makes about as much since as Russell Westbrook to the New York Knicks. There's been a lot of talk about Russell Westbrook to the New York Knicks. Okay it makes no sense for me for the same reason young team way way way way far away from their window at this point not accomplishing at any level yet and then would you bring in Russell Westbrook who's making two hundred million dollar contract over five years forty seven million dollars in the final year that contract and then you're going to add a thirty year old point guard thirty four by the end of that contract makes no sense for Russ in New York and he's not allure. He's not the Lord of bring another superstar in same with Jimmy in Miami so you ask me what my most overrated move of the off season is I'm gonNa tell you it's Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat but when asked the same question on I take what's the most overrated move of the off season Ryan Holland's E._S._p._N.. N._B._A. Analyst said this. I am intrigued. I'm not fully sold on Brooklyn Right now. What are the expectations for Katie and career Brooklyn titles once they join together those are the expectation only is gonNA be overrated? Now believe it. I believe it. I also listen being the favorite is good he he he lost his discussion. If you have a guy by the name of Kevin durant seven feet tall can shoot from half court with the talent bullet Kyrie Irving and you don't get a championship auto hit me verify opened a bigger. It'd be honest. You don't get a championship. It's an overrated move house. He keeps on my ears less. I'm talking about the size of my nose now some of the size of my ears and he's one out here saying K.. D. In Kyri is an overrated move. This is a move that makes perfect sense. You built the base of accomplishment and then you out of the superstars I ask you this. When Kevin Durant it comes back even if it's at ninety percent some studies on Achilles injuries and what you come back from Achilles injuries puts it at about ninety percent you lose ten percent of your abilities? Katie comes back at ninety percent. He's Kyri and he's got that base that I just laid out for you. That's the favorite in the east right. I mean the Netzer. Janas better keep growing. I don't mean like in height. I mean like `an jump shot. Jaanus is a problem. He's GonNa be a problem for anybody. They're the favorites overrated. That's crazy talk. That's insane talk. There's no way the K. D.. In Kyri to the nets is the most overrated move of the offseason Tori in Brooklyn was story on the Stephen Smith Show with will cain with a K. eight man nights segment on <hes> women's soccer completely agree with you. I WanNa know why everyone the most overrated move is everything silly does why everyone though hyped up on Ben Simmons that is he's so overrated. Please explain Wasabi well. I get in a little trouble hearing their Tory because everybody thinks I'm philly hater because I tell the truth you know I mean I think Dak Prescott better than Carson Wentz. I think the cowboys are better bet in the eagles this year to go further in the season and now that questions about the sixers I don't have any hate I don't have any disdain for the sixers or for the city of brotherly love but I do question given Tobias Harris that massive contract I do wonder how Al Horford Horford at his age fits with Joel embiid and I do wonder about Ben Simmons tour. Here's the thing I still believe Simmons. I think my belief is more than a lot of Philly fans. I still think Simmons can be something. Something in my model for Simmons is Jaanus. I'm just not sure it's in Philly. I'm just not sure it's next Joel embiid. You would want a team around Ben Simmons like the team. The Milwaukee is put around Jaanus shooters shooters everywhere guys with green lights who can shoot the three Lebanon Simmons Dr. Let him dish let him post up. Let him kick out to guys who can knock down. Is he ever going to get a shot to your point. I don't know I some point. I do really wonder like this is a skill. Can you pick up the skill at this point. I've seen guys get good get much better shooting the three guys who like seemed to be like career thirty to thirty three percent three point shooters and before you know what they're thirty nine forty thirty but I don't know that you can go from zero because that's where he is zero and take them you don't even take them so but I would like to see Ben Simmons put in a situation I would Alex in Florida. What's up Alex Stephen Smith Show with will cain? I woke him how you doing. I'm good <hes> I just wanted to so. I'm a heat fan so I just wanted to call in and kind of rebut what you were saying about. Jimmy Butler being most overrated to move the off season so I think that even even separate from the fact that we got Butler I think even more important is that we got rid of all white size contracts and I don't think that that can be understated because like ah if you if you're like if you're a heat fan you know that that contract was something that we've been trying to get rid of three years and <hes> another thing is I think that Russell Westbrook in those in the in the discussions. Choose that the heater having with the thunder think that Miami is the team with the leverage and not Oklahoma City. How's that well because Oklahoma City <hes>? It's it's been stated that they wanted to write by Russell. Westbrook and Russell Westbrook wants to come to Miami then number one that gives us some leverage already now. You're looking for March and Prayers Alex. That's what you're doing. You're just you're hoping that Russell Westbrook does does you a favor that Oklahoma City has to accept something for nothing. I still I mean talk about contract. Took gorn dragging contract like is that supposed to be an asset Oklahoma City. Nobody wants that contract. I look. I don't know how they pull it off. I don't know how Miami pulled goes off the deal for Russell Westbrook. I don't know what they can offer Oklahoma City even if they try to do right by Russ One more Andrew in San Diego what's up Andrew Young Stephen. A Smith show is will cain yeah. What's up Andrew Well? I'm honestly tell you right now. Golden State Warriors are extremely extremely overlooked at this point in time I mean everyone thought they were out and done. Maybe they lost enough finals but that's fine they lost. Everybody knows that loss due to injuries juries had they had K. D. and Klay play it would've been a different turn out and even afterwards they still have the Angela Russell and Steph Curry. Maybe their bench has significantly decreased by feel like people are usually under the <hes> overlooking them as well as a even if <hes> even if they do end up training dental Russell I feel like they will have a lot of value that comes with that with whatever they end up doing with that trade all right good stuff andrew. I think you're right. I think people are overlooking the warriors in fact I would say the war is responsible for one of the most underrated moves of this inveigh offseason. I'll tell you about that. What's the most underrated move the N._B._A.? offseason plus who has the best set of skill position triplets in the N._F._l.. Spell the saints. The chiefs browns the cowboys. That's coming up on the Stephen a Smith show with will cain. Hey when you're hiring you don't always time sorting through dozens of irrelevant resumes. You want an efficient way to get a shortlist of qualified candidates. 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And as a matter of fact how about the chargers triplets rivers Gordon Keenan Allen how does that stack up among the League's best triplets. I'll give it to you now. I think we've thrown this out almost casually like Melvin Gordon. He's a top five top three running back. What is he so? I started putting pen to paper. Gordon's not a top three running back in the N._F._l.. Melvin Gordon is in the range of a top five running back. I think I think the top three running backs ax in the league go like this number one Ezekiel Elliott The Dallas cowboys number two saquon Barkley of the New York giants. This is more difficult number three. I'm going to put lady on bell of the New York jets but he's what a year plus out of football well. Let's see if he comes back to saying the only reason I have todd Gurley at number four is because of the injury and the truth is if the injury remains maybe he doesn't even belong at four if he's healthy todd Gurley goes right to the discussion with Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley early and then you get to Melvin Gordon and number five I think Alvin Kamara in Christian McCaffrey have arguments to be made in. I think Kamara is awesome but I wanNA see him Alvin Kamara as the bell cow cow as the guy who carries the entire load in orange. We haven't seen that yet. He's been the change of pace guy. He's been the lightning to mark. Ingram's thunder Ingram's gone so Kamara is the man he can be. Let's see if he's durable. Let's capable of the full season. I'll give you my triplets in just a moment here on the Stephen a Smith show but let me go to Steven in New Jersey. What's up man? You're on the Stephen. Smith show is will cain. I thought well aw I didn't have to ask you a question now. You're entitled to your opinion but what made you think that guy's car facts accomplishments statistics leadership. Which one do you want which one now the carton had leadership well by Carson's own admission? The article came out in the Philly enquirer this past year that Carson hadn't been the best leader hadn't been the best locker room presence this past year in Philadelphia Carson acknowledged it said many. Many things that were said anonymously by teammates were true and that he wanted to work on and get better. I like Carson Wentz. I think that that's probably going to happen. I think he will arrive as a leader but what are we gonNA do. We're GONNA pretend like no that happened. The Carson say those things and that didn't didn't go down this last year in Philadelphia between the locker divide with the foles guys and the wind skies. That's that's fair but that that's a that's another protect yourself because of what falls did delete up until the championship where they I love all fat when he got hurt. I know you asked me for what what has that done that why that Carson hasn't done oh stat wise okay so we went leadership and I got the WWL now one now. We're GONNA go stats okay so Carson. Wentz is a good quarterback. Make no mistake about it. I think Carson Wentz is going to be a great quarterback. It'd be better than deck will stats don't back it up yet. Carson wentz beats Dak in yards per game and touchdowns thrown. That's it everything else goes DAX way so let's let's go through it Q._B._R.. quarterback rating that touchdown to interception ratio Dak rookie year we said almost all those records Dak Carson that nice second year whereas almost in the M._v._p.. Race sacks DAK running completion percentage Dak fourth quarter comebacks Dak game winning drives deck out of those stats do for you I don't. I don't believe I don't understand though I gave you. The you ask for the leadership thing. I've proved up my evidence on that you ask for stats. That's I gave you that what's wrong. I don't believe hype that is not a better quarterback all card thing I heard setback accomplishments right okay. I walked you through leadership. How about accomplishments? It's three years in the League docs on the Division twice about Carson and did he or didn't he won't be one. He got it that Aetna Zen Nick Super Bowl is Zack Carson super bowl. The Super Bowl is playoff. Y You know you gotTa do it within the playoff but if you didn't get hurt we'll go out to the play off all right so he got art lasting Stephen Lasting for you okay. You said you don't believe the hype I gave you admitted leadership differences between the two quarterbacks I gave you stats and I gave you accomplishments. which was the height back or Carson? That's right I do too. I think it's the hype to everybody is picking Carson winces their preseason M._v._p.. Favorite look man turns into a thousand philly thing and that's good and that's all I I understand but I'll again. I like Carson wentz North Dakota Guy. We'll probably go bird hunting together some point if you don't hate me already. I think he's going to be a great quarterback but I can't understand the dismissive. nece people treat Dak Prescott with all those things I just laid out for you. The stats the winning the leadership it takes some really fancy footwork to wave your hand at all that and still say Dax the hype not Carson Wentz all right man so top triplets in the N._F._l.. Top triplet groups all right. Let's see how we can do this all right at number five life. I'm put to Kansas City chiefs. I know but I got to see a little more from Damien Williams so Patrick Mahomes tyreek Hill Damian Williams obviously a massive Lebron Patrick moms and he's the best quarterback best young quarterback in the League is redefining the position entire kill. If he's eligible to play is absolutely electric. We need to see a little more from Damian Williams proving himself up in the role that Kareem Hunt occupied at number four the Cleveland browns Baker Mayfield Mayfield Nick Chubb Odell Beckham Junior. We could add Jarvis Landry in there as well love Baker this back to the Philly Philly Dallas thing like you know bakers. No you guy. I'm a Longhorn God. I don't mind that he hates the LONGHORNS. That's good that's what sports which is about Philly Fans Dallas fans were supposed to hate each other. That's the way it works. I love the baker's like I love acres. Attitude Odell has got a lot of hype to live up to but he's a great wide receiver and we'll see if Nick Chubb who also Kareem Hunt Is there in Cleveland even can live up to it number three Los Angeles chargers. The Philip Rivers Melvin Gordon Keenan Allen Combo at number two the New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas and at number one the best triplet group in the N._F._l.. Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Amari Cooper Ezekiel Elliott. Tell me I'm wrong. Edit eight seven to nine three seven seven six on the shell pennzoil from so. Let's go back to Joe in Indiana who wanted to talk about the colts colts. What's up Joe Yeah before I talk about the cold so I don't think you pay Melvin Gordon? <hes> you know history has shown that if you want to win ten games a year you gotta get Ryan Back. You WanNa win. Championships go look the last fifteen super bowl winners quarterbacks defense <hes> as far as far as triplets. I think the browns are gonNA implode. I think there is not enough footballs around there and everybody thinks they're going to be nasty championship. Ah just going to implode as far as colts go <hes>. I think you have to put them in the A._F._C. Championship. They won their first round of the playoff game last year. <hes> we get jacked oil back. We signed punches. Dion canes coming back. A lot of people don't realize that young defense we had denied give up one one hundred yard rushers the whole season Frank Reich is now in the second year and had a full all season. I think <hes> I think that the browns are all hype. I think people talk about the colts. I appreciate the call I think right about the colts I really do. I haven't put my pigs together for the N._F._l.. Upcoming season just yet but I am going to be looking real hard at the Indianapolis Colts. They were a scary team down the stretch last year when they're only getting better and they're built for all that I love how they're built from the inside out offense and defensive line offensive line stout the entire defense is Stout Bob in Ohio. What's up Bob you on the Stephen Smith show with will cain? Hey how you doing man so I gotta go back to the. Not Five running backs if you're talking about because there's two of them that you were leaving off you'd actually took on him when you're talking about triplets and all that but Kareem Hunt for one has to be in this outside evenly suspended for eight games how I mean number one who you can put green over Gordon for one. I'M GONNA put him over Todd Gurley for two. He was leaving leaving rushing when he got suspended. We've got we've got to well. That's a good point but we gotta acknowledged. We don't know what cream just look. I said the same thing you write about the lady on belt that he's out. We got who's going to be when we come back but with the same thing applies to Kareem up we got to see who's going to be when he comes back absolutely but the other one. I think you're missing too good. I put over Melvin Gordon Lindsay in Gungor way toured undertake Philip Linzie over Gordon Gurley Kamara. I'm taking him over and I'm taking because look what he did. With less curtis had more weapons around them. You had to go to the pro bowls. A lot of Melvin Gordon disrespect disrespect out here housing respect but you're staying healthy in general to help you beat everybody else out Philip Lindsay over Melvin Gordon. No thank you note no no no no no no no now. We'll factor the cost. The cost is different if it's Melvin Gordon at thirteen million dollars and Philip Lindsay as an undrafted free agent cost now that's different and I hear you. Thanks for the call man I hear you but no come on. We can't get the Melvin. Gordon disrespected this high as other people. He's the he's the bell cow he is the workhorse in Los Angeles with the chargers and he is said give me an extension or trade me the phone lines lit up gave you DAK verse Winston Bay and the top five running backs in the triplets and I see everybody wants in on it needs to a game del vivid seats APP Promo Code Champion at checkout to get ten percent off your first order. Don't buy just any seat get a vivid seat eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six Stephen Smith show will king your radio your computer your phone choose. Tell Your Smart Speaker to play E._S._P._N.. Radio E._S._P._N.. E._S._P._N.. Everywhere guess what you're in the middle of Stephen Swift show podcast Derek Stephen a Smith show will cain filling in for Stephen. You can normally catch me three to six eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio the E._S._p._N.. APP Siriusxm Channel Eighty and on E._S._P._N.. News if you missed any of the show today including how laid out the running back market is changing Ching Melvin Gordon may not get paid and the economic realities under the equal pay debate with the U._S.. Women's national team go check it out on demand in the Stephen. Smith podcast brought not by the capital one assistant catches things that might look around your credit card since you an alert to your phone and helps you fix them. What's in your wallet? SEE CAPITAL ONE DOT com for details sit up the shell pennzoil performance line start with DRE and Houston. What's up dre you're on the Stephen Smith show willing I will first of all I think we over using that word superstar with Hawaiian man? You don't think he's star He. He's an all star Star will start with the ball and make that game winning shot. He's he's on his way to be a superstar but I think it's overrated. I mean I've just moved to Texas everywhere. I drive and I see best burgers in the world. Every every restaurant has the best burger in the world and we're as watered down man. We cannot keep aright Laura. How many superstars trade in WHO's a superstar Kawais not who is first of all Janas? Jaanus isn't quite as not yes absolutely absolutely. He just won anything. I love you on straight. DRE I love Janas. He's probably my favorite basketball player on a team. That's not my own team Mavericks but Janas had one you want to m._v._p.. Kawais one at all twice in the finals M._v._p.. Twice but we'll give it time I mean mainly like Steven A.. Always says abro clock is right at least twice a day. Give it time so you didn't get why having to finals. M._V._p.'s in two championships is being broke clock. Yes Oh good Lord all right so yawn as you started. Yawn is who else oh absolutely Lebron James. Okay <hes> the U. K. D. absolutely right and and that's pretty much it you you won't have too many superstars because at the end of the day if everybody wasn't superstar it wouldn't be no reason to call them all stars watery down. You got like four five six seven superstars. That's what I would say then all star level and then everybody else I mean James Harden Jane's arms down superstar yes he is. He's a superstar at the end of the Russell. No He's not a superstar last. They both stars. Yes okay I agree with you on that everybody can not they're all you putting so many you gave James Harden superstar status and not Kawhi Leonard. That's crazy. That's crazy. He's going to be three so it's all about individual achievements. It's all about stats. How about winning at all which is done twice? Let's go to Josh when New York City. What's up Josh? Hey how you doing how you doing well. I love this show man. Thank you <hes> basically. I don't agree that that collide broke the super team he actually just created when with the clippers you don't give little loor the will enough credit over there you instant offense. If you've got to keep in mind that he took a huge pay cut just to play in the team and organization he wants to play for. They got superstar coach. They got got all the tools to win a championship. They're dominant Saderat. So did you call Williams of superstar so dry here we call too many people superstars. You just call Lou Williams no you did. I called Hainan all star. I call them an all star talent. Oh you got that way because he's not an all-star izzy. MANTRAS Harrow also the big credit over there <hes> at the center position. He had a dominant season last year and we gotta get Patrick Beverley to just do when I get them all that do I hear.

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