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Steelers Burning Question: Which Steelers have the best chance to be an All-Pro in 2019?


Pittsburgh steeler fans welcome back to another episode of the steelers burning question. I Am Not Jeff Harmon editor of behind the Steel Curtain Dot Com Jeff is still out on vacation in joint himself in some sunshine obviously not now hopefully. He's getting his rest to enjoy some more sunshine tomorrow. This is Dave scofield coming at you this week I from the community manager and writer for T._S._e.. Hopefully you all are tuning in any way. Jeff gave you a nice warning last week that it wouldn't be him. It would be me so you had you had your excuse to run away and not have to deal with me tonight but <hes> just thought as we're leading into we're almost there. We're almost a training camp. It's a burke and it's it's so close we can taste it. We really to more stuff to talk about. So what question to think about tonight. Was this last year. The steelers had for the first time in several years did not have any players selected to the first team N._F._l.. All pro so the question that I'm posing tonight is this what player for the Pittsburgh steelers in two thousand nineteen has the best chance to earn first team all pro for two thousand nineteen now. There's several different ways that you could look at this question. There's the obvious one of the players that have already earned all pro in the past. The steelers blurs currently have three players on their roster that have been all pro first team all pro. Ben Rothlisberger is not one of them. A lot of people forget that Ben has not been in all pro because this is a pretty elite group of of players first before we get into that. Let's look at the breakdown. Let's breakdown of actually how many players make the all pro team every year. It's quite interesting because it's actually more on defense than an offense. There's eleven players on offense and twelve players on defense. At least that's how it wasn't two thousand eighteen so it's just one quarterback one running back doc one flex player that could be a one running back wide receiver oftentimes. It's a player that doesn't necessarily play could almost be a hybrid player in the past like <hes> last year was <hes> Alvin Kamara. Laura was love eon bell in the past. There's one tight end too wide receivers and then five offensive linemen but one for each position left tackle right tackle left guard right guard and center now when it comes to defense defense luckily they they do have one other position in it. We'll talk about the end they have it set up pretty much as a four three defense because it's too interior linemen to edge rushers three linebackers two corners to safeties and one defensive back which last year was basically. I'm pretty sure it was elected as a slot corner is basically what what kind in a position they've been looking at lately there. Then of course you do have the special teams players of place kicker punter a kick returner punt returner and ace once quote unquote special teamer that that can be selected elected so those are the players that can make first team all pro so when you look at Ben Rothlisberger playing quarterback in order for him to be first team all pro. He's got to be the best quarterback in the league last year's I first team all pro quarterback was Patrick mahomes one running back. Sometimes you squeeze in that second running back as of lately with that flex position one tight end too wide receivers. I it's a little tricky when you get to the lime and we'll talk about that here. In just a minute because the three players that are currently on the Pittsburgh steelers roster that are having a first team all pro under the about already he is Marquee Pouncey at center that was in two thousand eleven two thousand fourteen David Decastro at right guard and two thousand fifteen in two thousand seventeen and Cam Hayward as a defensive lineman interior defensive linemen in two thousand seventeen now what's interesting about Cam Hayward and this is what sometimes happens with steelers players when it comes to defense is some with them at a disadvantage because the steelers run a three four and so many of these team accolades are based on a four three defense in two thousand seventeen Cam Hayward was snubbed from the initial all pro bowl roster but then was elected first team all pro the reason he was snubbed from the pro bowl roster is that he was listed as a defensive end and defensive end and a four three most of the time is your edge rushing position so he was going up against players like J.. J. Watt that he was that he was up against to make the pro bowl now when they did all pro they had him as a as a defensive interior linemen and he made first team all pro now came Haywar didn't end up in the pro bowl that year he ended up being selected later on. I'm not sure if it was due to super bowl player or an injury someone that that that that said they weren't coming he did end up as a pro bowl player that year but that's kind of interesting that he was good enough to be all pro but because of the way the positions fell that he ended up being initially initially not a pro bowler since then the steelers have have changed the way that they list him. If you even go to steelers dot com you'll see that can hayward is listed as a D._t.. As defensive tackle which would qualify him as an. An Interior Interior Defensive Lineman but I don't know that they've made the same distinction yet with Steph onto it. The last night checked he was still listed as a as a D. E. SO defensive end which could put him up against <hes> those edge rushers. There's if he fits in that court category which is something that we can bring up here a little bit later so right there. There's your there's your front runners right there for players that could end up first team all pro because once you've been elected one time you have more of a chance to get their now. What was interesting last year probably the best chance for the steelers to get there would have been David Decastro but I don't? I wish it would know exactly what was is going on. If someone in the live chat knows this or Sala report that they could verify exactly what it was. I never saw a report that said is that what happened but last year David Decastro got several votes <music> as for for all pro as a right guard and he also got several votes as left guard but the problem is David Decastro doesn't play left guard he plays right guard. I don't know if it's that the people that are voting really don't know that much about offensive linemen and they're just throwing down anything or if they thought to themselves <hes> I just want to vote for the best two guards George if they happen to both be right guards. I'm just going to put the best. One arrived guard him. I'M GONNA put the other one left guard. I don't know what they're thinking was but I do think it was kind of interesting that he got first place votes as left guard when he played right guard all season so right there to those have to be your front runners I would have to say of players that could be elected all pro from the steelers in two thousand nineteen that would be markey's pouncey Dave decastro and Cam Hayward now now. Let's look beyond that for players that could be all pro for the first time if they have a chance to if they would possibly have a chance to to crack into that in two thousand nineteen one of the biggest things you have to look at is what position do they play and what's the competition at that position for example. Some people think Vance McDonald could have a really big year for the steelers in two thousand nineteen but in order for Vance McDonald to be first team all pro. He's going to have to be ahead of some of these other tight ends that really put up a lot of stats like a Travis Kelsey a don't have to worry as far as we know right now as of right now rob Rob Gronkowski is still retired. We'll see if GRONK stays retired or not I think you will but that's another debate for another time so you also you have to look at of being being the second best would be great at that position but it's still not going to put your first team all pro. That's what's happened with Ben Rothlisberger through his career. So many times is even when he's had fantastic seasons. He just hasn't hasn't had the numbers to be first team all pro a lot of the players. He's ended up behind. We're Tom Brady's. peyton manning Aaron Rodgers drew brees players players like that that dens right up there with them but not necessarily having the stats higher than them now. The steelers have lost a couple all pro players for two thousand nineteen so we know what kind of player it takes in order to do that because the steelers have had them in the past so we're going to throw out some other players to think about positions that could be some some names that come to mind. I will start. We'll start on offense. The easiest thing to do is to look at players that at least have made the pro bowl so James Connor at running back could the steelers fee James Caan to the ball an awful lot in two thousand nineteen and him just put up monster stats stats absolutely I know there's a concern by a lot of people O'Brien. Anthony Davis is one of them that the steelers feed him the Paul too much. He's GONNA end up getting himself dinged up and then Missa Gamer to like he did it last season so oh that's the other problem when it comes to play James Connor he would have to get an awful lot of workload and stay healthy for all sixteen games and put up more yards than anybody else and touchdowns and had the popularity contest all of it all wrapped into one in order to make it. Is it possible yes but he does have an uphill battle in order to do that another offensive player that's made the pro bowl for the steelers Juju. Smith Schuster best thing going for Juju is that they take too who wide receivers but there's an awful lot of really good wide receivers in the N._F._l.. So could you come out and just put up monster numbers in two thousand nineteen and and put his name up there as a possible all pro WPRO receiver absolutely but until another receiver emerges on the steelers which I think there's plenty to choose from and I think that's I think they're going to be fine in that category but you're we're going to have to have some other offensive threats for the for the steelers to throw the ball in order for Ju Ju to to not costly draw the double teams and the constant attention that he's most likely to get anyway so oh you could also throw out we already said Ben Rothlisberger a hundred billion waiver. There's another <hes> steelers pro bowler that from the last two seasons now is quite enough to to crack back into that all pro starting lineup. That's pretty tough last year. Starting left tackle was a guy that I can't even say his name correctly. He's left tackle from Green Bay. Should I try to butcher it on my palance Williams and and and and totally butcher the name but it's David I still I don't know that I can get it balked Hari. I did my best so it's a player like that that that big I would have to move in in front enough to to be all pro so then let's look on the defensive side of the ball who on the defensive side of the ball could could end up looking at looking to be an all pro well the only there's only two players on the steelers team other than. Became Hayward on the defensive side of the ball and of course Ryan cheesier who of course is on top for the season that have made the pro bowl and that is Joe Haden who was a pro bowler before he came to the steelers for two seasons when he was in Cleveland and T.. J. Watt so could either one of those players possibly break in to <hes> to all pro first team. Joe Hayden is on the wrong side of thirty as people like to say he's getting up there but he still a great corner in this league. Some people think he he might not might not be the player that he wants. was some people think that it's because of the steelers defensive scheme that he he he could be holding him back. The other thing is Joe Haden since he was a pro bowler has not been healthy where he's played sixteen games in season so he's got an uphill battle there. If he's going to try to try to make all pro I would be happy if Joe Haden got back to being a pro bowl caliber cornerback now then we have last year's Pro Bowler T._J.. Watts in my opinion other than the three players that have already been first team all pro. Oh I think that's your best shot of another steeler that could that could end up being all pro. He had double digit sacks last season. I look for put up double digit sacks again I know and the fantastic fantastic article series that both Jeff Hartmann and why am I suddenly not remember Simon Chester have been going back and forth doing their thirty predictions for thirty days. One prediction was that not J. Watt will have more sex than J._J.. Watt now that would be a fantastic season and do and do we all think T._J.. Watch capable doing that. I know I sure do and from the steeler fans that I see in the live chat. I think a lot of them feel the same way so I think T.. J. Watt has the ability to go out there and put up the numbers on defense to be in the consideration for first team all pro oh so so breaking it down so far. Let's you say out of the three players have been all pro before the person I would give the biggest nod to I would have to say the best chance on the steelers overall to be first team all pro in two twenty nineteen. I'M GONNA go with Dave Decastro. He's been there he's done that. He's one of the top guards in the league. I know a lot of people put a lot of stock in the madden rankings that came out this week. He's the highest rank steeler on Matt. I don't necessarily know much about that and that's not kind of my. That's not my thing so I'm not really worried about it but I but you can't you can't be following the steelers and not have at least heard about the madden rankings this past week <hes> ironically. I think it was C._B._S.'s top one hundred players. Although there were some steelers on there a lot of people were surprised that David Decastro was not one of the players on that list which to me makes that list lose lose all kinds of credibility that I don't even care to look at it because obviously they don't know what they're talking about so I'm going number. One choice here is going to be from those of done before Dave Decastro then if I'm going to look at my outsider outsider looking in which is guys that haven't been first team all pro but they've at least made the pro bowl. I'm giving the edge in this category to T.. J. Watt. I think he has the as the ability to to get get there. The two outside rushers from two thousand eighteen the made all pro where his brother J._J.. And Khalil Mack I could see T._J.. Going after his brother he's really going to have to he's got the name. A lot of people would think it'd be interesting how would play out and T._J.. was ahead of him last year in sacks or at least tied with them <hes> a good way through the season so I think that's right there that that if he could take the next step than T._J.. Wasa up pretty good personally think of now want to go with a long shot. I didn't really bring up a bunch of these a long shot player from the steelers to make first team all pro and I'm going to say someone who's never even made the pro bowl before the easiest person for me to choose because obviously he's never made a pro before is wouldn't steeler fans just be out of their minds if Devon Bush Bush could come in and when defensive rookie of the year and end up first team all pro in two thousand nineteen. I think it's a bit of a long shot because he's yet to play one N._F._l.. Snap we don't really know what we can expect from him but yet I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibilities and if we're talking about players that can possibly make first team all pro. There's going to be someone that comes out of nowhere. The we're not expecting but generally you WANNA look at players that are within the the realm of possibility that they could. They have the chance to do what they need to do to to get recognized in order to get the votes in order to make it so that's that's the ones I'm going to go with. I still think I still think players like Markey's Pouncey and Cam Hayward probably have a better chance definitely more than Devon Bush and PA probably more or just as much much as T.. J. Watt because they've also been the ones who have done it but like I said I'll put the Castro ahead of the other two going at a twenty nineteen just based on based on what we've seen most likely to Castro with probably would have been all pro last season if he wouldn't of Mr Couple of games due to injury listener. I'm Sean Rama's firm host of today explained Vox Daily News podcast every day Monday through Friday my team and I look at what's happening in the world we pick one essential news story that defines finds our moment and ask smart people to help us understand it in about twenty minutes or less. It's the perfect way to start her end. Your Day subscribed today explained for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. It's from stitcher her and the VOX media podcast network so there you have it. That's my take on the burning question for this week of what steelers players had the best chance to be all pro in two thousand nineteen. <hes> I'm just now getting to the live chat with a lot of people get in there throwing in who they think but definitely throw it in there. I'm GonNa look through now. See what what kind of other players people were saying also at this time. I want to make sure that I say let's open it up to some questions. I Know Jeff likes to do some other questions from from people in a live chat here on the burning question so this'll be my chance. I don't know if you really care about asking Dave or not but here's your chance to ask David Dave question. <hes> in the live chat is put it in there. I want to remind you about the super chat feature that we have in the in the Youtube live chat if you're if you're going down to chat publicly it says right over there. There is a dollar sign on that bar. You can just click on that and you can donate any dollar amount any amount of money to the show jeff takes care of that. We're still not shot mean. We're we're just kind of leaving that up for Jeffer- We're thinking some of that back in the end of the show. We have some giveaways. We're going to become an I have an exciting giveaway that I just have to say. I'll tease it a little bit. It has something to do with a player that could very well be the steelers player who has was all pro in two thousand nineteen that something something with that player that will be doing as a give away so if you want to just throw out any kind of of donation to the show if you do that makes you take your question and I hit that if you if you use the super chat feature your questions going to be answered. We'll make sure those get bumped to the front of the line. Now I know at least one user was saying there was a problem with the super chat. Sunday won't be did the steelers preview that was with Lance Williams myself. Let's preview the steeler standard is the standard when we did the standards of standard on Sunday. The super chat might not have been working properly. I don't know if that was the case you're not. I'm really hoping that it's not something on my end. Since this is the first time that we've gone on Youtube Without Jeff being the one that set it up but jeff told me there was nothing I had to do about it and I didn't do anything wrong so hopefully it's working if anyone wants to use debt so if we were looking through <hes> of God at T. J. Watt Lot mark eastbound Dave decastro of got crazy. Chris is asking about the touchdown zones t-shirt <hes>. He's waiting patiently. If you don't know what crazy Chris is talking about you need you go back and listen to last week. steelers preview Thursday night with Jeff Hartmann Prime Anthony Davis and myself and you'll know exactly what we're talking about when we're talking about the touchdown zone <hes> more <hes> more T. J. Watt <hes>. Here's Bron brings up a very good very good point said this steelers team is built to be a team and not stars so maybe not nobody's GonNa make all pro for the steelers in two thousand nineteen but if they're are a better team because of it you know what sign me up. I'll take it a couple of people here talking about divall hargrave. That's a very interesting choice but the biggest thing Giovane hargrave is he's got to get on the field more and that's not on him. That's that's just on the steelers defensive scheme. Obviously I sound like Thomas again obviously when the steelers <unk> aren't in their base defense it's a lot harder for Giovane hargrave to be on the field now. He has been playing defensive tackle in the steelers for those who aren't sure what I'm talking about anytime the steelers go to nickel dime or even what they call their their dollar defense with seventy defensive backs the first player that gets pulled off the field to add an extra defensive back is the nose tackle so generally when you go into nickel. Were you have one extra defensive back you take on a three forty cents you take off your nose tackle and you bring in that slot corner then when you go dime generally you're taking out another linebacker whether it be inside or outside in the past the steelers have been taking out an inside linebacker to add another defensive back when they go dollar that would then take out yet another linebacker so you're left with two two defensive linemen two linebackers Akers and seventy cents backs so when it comes to John Hargrave who is the starting nose tackle when the steelers are playing nickel and dime both just as much if not more than their base defense. He's not on the field. That is his primary position so yes. The steelers did a much better job last season of getting him in there in those packages as one of the other defensive tackles but obviously when he's in in their either candidate Steph onto it would not be in the game so last year von Hargrave did not even play fifty percent of the defensive snaps. I'm thinking if I remember right he was right around forty five forty five ish percent so the biggest thing at work and against him is how much he's on the field and the fact that they only do two defensive linemen rather than three like the steelers play but I am looking for him to have a big year this year <hes> got one person says Boswell's bounce back. He is a pro bowler and that he could be all pro. He's got a lot of good kickers. He's got to move ahead of that so we'd have to see their cam hayward some other ones here we go so that's that's what some people have said with answering what the question is. Let's get into some other questions here all right. Let me see here will deontay spencer are Johnny Holton wouldn't make the team what's really interesting because I did an article. It's almost close to two weeks ago for the website about the steelers forgotten free agent of Johnny Houghton who they signed who played the last three seasons with Oakland. He was on the active roster two seasons last year. I think he was only all on the active roster for one game and otherwise he was on the practice squad he then signed a. A contract with the Eagles who had been released him and then the steelers signed him after that time period where it wouldn't even count towards the compensatory draft picks so he someone that they've brought in that has n._F._l.. Experience but not necessarily as a lock to make the team he's coming in at the League at the at the League minimum for someone who has two seasons in the league the one thing that he has going for it for him is that off the number of special teams snaps that he's logged in his time in Oakland so everyone knows the steelers loved loved themselves from Darius Hayward Bay the last several years mainly as a special teams guy that would fill in as the fifth receiver receiver whenever the steelers went five Watt steelers like that role where he was he was the gunner on special teams so actually Johnny Holden has a chance to come in and fight for that six wide receiver spot as a guy. That's going to contribute contribute more on special teams than as wide receiver now when it comes to deontay Spencer. I don't know a ton about him to say whether or not I think that he could make it. I think it's going to be real interesting to see how the steelers played out. Some people feel now. I know I originally felt that their six wide receivers were pretty much locked in the more I think about it. The more Brian Switzerland Eli Rogers both fill of a very similar role that having both of them isn't a necessity so I'm not saying that steelers wouldn't keep both of them but if someone really shines in camping in the preseason than the steelers wouldn't have to keep both of them and then of course you know you have injury coming in there so I would say <hes> throwing Trey Griffey into that mix because he he was on the practice squad last year and those are your three people that could that could definitely possibly find their way in as as that lasts wide receiver fever. Some people have a lot of people really love in themselves some gray grave digger some Tavon hargrave. Yes I agree. I think people are like got gotta to get more snaps going to have double digit saxony-anhlat Sax last year he had. He had a really good season so here's here's another question from from Ron. Do you think the steelers have a top ten defense this year. We talked about that a little bit on the steelers preview last year during the stat geek section personally I do but technically the steelers had a top ten defense last year because when they look at Defensive Venstre statistics the number one thing they look at is yards given up and if I if I can look back here at my stats let's see where my stats are from from from last week. steelers preview is that the steelers technically worse than defense when it came to yards last year the problem was they were sixteenth in points so <hes> Brian Anthony Davis brought it up and made a good point so much so that he abstained from giving it over under on the steelers dealers defensive overall defense ranked for next year because he didn't find it to be important. He thought points given up is a much more important statistic in a much better gauge and I do agree with him but if you're looking at a top I think the steelers are a top ten defense. I think the steelers could even even get into that top five defense next year. I'm really encouraged about what I see. I really am I think they they have a lot of pieces in place. I really think that they they have some depth in the right places. They're missing some depth and other places show injuries could definitely be key when it comes to that all right. Let's see if we got any other questions coming out here. <hes> Hi I'm Rachel Felman and I'm the host of Nice. Try A podcast about utopia a place that is perfect and does not exist this season were traveling across time and space to explore seven different attempts to design a better world. What happens when those designs don't go according to plan from Jamestown the first permanent English settlement in North America and Levittown a series of suburban developments built in the nineteen fifties to shunned a Gar- a modernist Indian city city? Let's also responsible for the chairs Courtney Kardashians dining room and biosphere to an early nineties experiment that sought to create a completely enclosed self sustaining ecosystem and yeah some of them worked out better than others but they're all fascinating listening subscribed to nice try today on Apple podcasts on your favorite podcast APP from curbed and the VOX media podcast network. Do I see Mike Hilton getting the extension that he's hoping for. I'm going to say not this year right now. I outlined one this. Oh this was this was a while ago and I gotTa make sure my terms right because I always a noah's contract status but I don't always use the right term. When it comes to it he's not he's not a restricted free agent? That's not the right term. He's an exclusive rights free agent which means no no one else can sign him. He cannot sign anywhere else. It's not like like what the restricted free agent where you could go sign a deal but the steelers could match it on if you remember that happened years ago with <hes> with Emmanuel Sanders when he was a restricted free agent and the steals how decide whether or not they're going to keep him or let him go to the Patriots so he's exclusive rights free agent which means he can't play for anybody else he can only play for the steelers and he was given his tender and that is what his contract is. He has basically has no no bargaining power at all. The steelers could pull the tender at any time they want which would make him a free agent but he can't as long as that tenders there. He can't go play for or anybody else. He can't get it out of contract. It's very similar to what one hundred Villanueva was with but big how and my kilner doing very similar ways almost identical they're saying saying. Saying Hey I'm GONNA COME WANNA show. I'm GonNa do all the work. I'm going to show up to everything in the off season about going to skip anything because I haven't signed but there's no reason for me to sign that tender you know the only the only risk you're taking his if you would would have a significant injury then the steelers could then withdraw it and you're kind of left on your own but betting on yourself that there's no reason to sign that right now. Let's just keep seeing if we can work out a long term deal feel the steelers would definitely have to move some things around in order to make that deal happen. There's always ways to do that. I Know Jeff talked about that with shows the past after this year where he was an exclusive rights free agent next year my killed him would be a restricted free agent to where steelers could still sign him even if you went out and signed with someone else that that other people would also have to give up <hes> depending on what they tend to him at would have possibly give a draft pick to go along with that. I think it's in everyone's best interest probably not my killings because he's not getting paid all that much but I think he could possibly even get a bigger payday after this year he didn't have the strongest two thousand eighteen although he played a lot of that a lot of last year with that elbow injury and played through it. I would love to see the steelers if they could work out a deal. That's not breaking the bank if he's GonNa if he's going to give them a pretty good deal then I could see it happening but it's going to have to be a very team friendly deal in order for that to happen so here we go here. I got one more. Do you think the steelers defense will play more four three this defense and they then they played again. They played it against Orleans a little bit but I think tradition of bugs gives a new look so asking about the <hes> the steelers going strictly to afford three. I don't really see the steelers going to a four three because of that <hes> that that's what you're going into to the three off the ball linebackers the steelers basically if you think about it for the most part the steelers play more nickel. I believe I think they played more nickel dime last year but if they play more and more nickel in essence they're playing off to defense which is the the four man front that you see a lot of other teams do but but it would also be but still only only the to linebacker so because of their personal. I don't see the steelers going more into four three but I mean if you're talking about going into like more versatile packages. The steelers still haven't completely outlined how they're gonNA use mark barone Karen who has been both a safety at an inside linebacker he could be that player that you don't really know what are the steelers playing with two linebackers and two safeties or are they playing with one linebacker and three safeties are they playing with three linebackers 'cause barons in there or is he really playing a safety. I think believe it or not mark Barron and I think it turned Devon Bush really really give the give the the defense some more versatility really do baron especially. I mean look he's. He's still wearing his his safety number. He's He's number twenty six so that that's really interesting. He's he's the key you too that he's the key to that verse that that versatility so so there we go. That's pretty much all we're GONNA look at tonight in the live chat so <hes> I really appreciate you tuning in tonight. Even though it wasn't Jeff on it he'll he'll be back very soon. We will be back tomorrow night with on the steelers preview with myself and Brian Anthony Davis and sitting in since we have that extra spot from Jeff being away we're going to bring in a Tony for his youtube debut which will be very interesting so Tony's been a part of the the website a longtime actually longer than any any of Jeff bronner myself and he he does the steelers. There's hangover with Ryan. He's been doing that podcast for. I'm not sure how long but he's GonNa come in and make his youtube debut. If we can get all the technical aspects worked out tomorrow night and then Jeff should be back. We should be back to pretty much a regular slate of the podcasts for those of you who don't know we. We have five podcasts a week that we've been doing here in the off season three of which are all live on youtube so if if you are if you're wanting to catch all of them the ones that aren't on Youtube they are available anywhere you can find podcasts. That's through itunes. I just I had a nice little ipod APP on my phone that I just bring it up and listen to all of them. I don't even know what they all were. I think just mentioned stitcher before but we have the youtube you can actually listen to the podcast directly on the site at behind steel curtain dot com so thank you very much for for for tuning in steeler fans or eight days away eight days until the players report and they gotta do their run tests that day. It's GONNA be exciting. It's right there that it's everything leading into the season is in those players move into those dorms at latrobe and that's why they're going to be for their first two preseason games so we will see the steelers on the field playing another N._F._l.. Team before they go home from that so when that training camp starts that's a big deal and I don't know about you all but I'm more than ready for it so thank you for tuning in. I'm GONNA sit send you out Lance William Style to say tune-in Tele Friend and describe Berkshire listening. Hey it's medically host of the eater upsell before you jump to your next podcast. I want to tell you about a new event. That's happening later this summer. In Brooklyn. It's called Eater Youngun Youngun summit and it's a one day celebration of coming talent in the world of food. The eater young end summit is a day full of talks workshops and tastings brought to you from fellow Vox media publication eater. You'll learn from some of the most inspiring people in the world food participate in workshops led by.

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