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Episode 243f: Australian Open - Sofia Kenin's American Dream Come True


The welcome to no challenges remaining live from the end of the Australian. Open twenty twenty. I am Ben. Rothenberg joined by my dear friend. Courtney win how you doing courtney and another slam. How you holding up? I'm awesome like three quarters of bottles. Tonight is great. I guess that's right right. Yeah I don't always because sometimes. The women's finals on Women's doubles on the last day some plans. Yeah so no but today because Sophea Kenan Australian Open champion was so kind as to do her champions Corner interview the night after she won as opposed to pushing it off to the next day I had the whole day. So I've been in my jammies jams. I'm chilling out. It's been great tweeden. Lots of Oscar. Which I thought worked really well because you had a bigger selection. That would've thought you might know movies. I was like I had no idea. There was something nineteen seventeen gifts. I didn't know either but the one movie that was a little bit difficult for Ford versus. Ferrari there were not many gifts on that so I felt a little bad. I had one but it wasn't even from the movie. You know what honestly it's not GonNa Win Anyway. So let's let's move on. Wow Wow saying not even any faith in a Matt Damon Christian Bale Save Our auto or vehicle. Let's go back to the real sports vehicle. Which is the car known as the Sofia Cannon? That doesn't make any sense. But I've spent a lot of this term so you understand where that comes from Sofia Sofia the nickname so works. Okay let me read this real quick. I saw multiple references during this tournament. Trying to make puns of Sofia Cannon and the movie or Book Sophie's Choice. Which what like no. Don't do that first of all. It's not even her name. Sophie and Sophie are different names. Second we don't make Sophie's choice jokes about much anything can can you explain why because it's a heroin? Holocaust story and of Ed have we choose cannot choose that choose Soviet cannon. Which used to just start with her. This is the story. I remember from this. If you can in case you missed it. In Courtney's brief allusion to it and also just in life is a Grand Slam Champion now Sofia Kenan Aka Sonia Cannon Nickname Common Russian nickname for Sofia won this tournament. Kind of stealthily. I don't think she was someone. We talked to that much when we did like are midway show true but she comes through only had to play one seed in the tournament which is remarkable. That one was number one ash party. the unseeded player that she played in the final was number thirty. Thirty two right and is a two-time Slam Chad number. One so those are asked risk of Boll and honestly cocoa golf who she played against in the fourth round as proven to be a very tough out at slams cocoa golf has now played three slams loss to eventual champion. Hallett at Wimbledon number one seed and defending Champ Osaka US Open and eventual Champ Kenan and Australian Open. So that's pretty good. Pretty good puff out tough out 'cause involved and before that junk's y yeah who obviously former quarterfinalist here and Tough out and watch the entirety of that match can in Jong and it was tough high. That could have gone the other way very easily. But this is one of these sort of like a lot of ways. Quintessential modern era women's tennis results of player. Likes if you can't who's in the ensemble leading the conversation putting together the matches getting rising to the occasion. I think and winning big tournament was trying to do the math or do the counting coming into this tournament. I think Generously Sophia. Cannon was probably the seventh most talked about American player behind both Williams's behind Cocoa Goff behind keys Stevens and eats them over. Okay separate seven probably true and if you want to argue. Bethany is ahead of personally. Maybe you could probably not Yeah and Collins or risk on a lot of people were like I mean e or Jan Brady. I mean those are two players that I thought for Sweet. I was like. Oh where are alley? Risk and Jen Brady GonNa Land Brady obviously pulled out how it was a good man which is a great match. And but yeah. But it's you know. I mean with with Sonia as she reminded us in her a delightful press conference. You know twenty nine hundred w tape most improved that F. Why wouldn't run into my story? I'd forgotten that thank you. I mean I highly recommend everybody like pull up the Youtube. A press conference for Sonia from her. It's great it's just. It's just delightful and I think that it. It does kind of give you some sense of personality across the board but Yeah No. Nobody was talking about her when there was every reason to be talking about her. Honestly I mean anybody who's paid attention to her last year and I've been pretty much like keying in on Sonia since the Fed Cup final USA versus check in Prague. Twenty eighteen hours there. No none of the Americans played like no Sereno. Venus no You know Mattie no Sloan Mandawa November way and so there was Tony getting getting the call to play Fed Cup final on on away soil in one of the most lake not antagonistic. Because they're not antagonistic at all but they're just very partisan yeah the crowd at the and she handled it incredibly. Well she too tough three-set loss issues absolutely gutted in absolute tears Kathy Rinaldi. You had to like really really comforter. And but ever since I was I was so impressed by what she displayed there because it was the first time that I've probably seen from Sonia where like she that feistiness wasn't a detriment wasn't it didn't hinder her and help her. And I was like okay like if you can play like that. Like Fair enough in terms of comportment. Sometimes she's not vocal the same way a lot but she. I think you might have competitor like American Putin. Save almost Is Not no because because to me the thing about Sonia like one of the things that I can say it's different but yeah yeah it's different but like like she doesn't fist pump in your face. She's not sure shouting at you. She's just for that ball of energy a ball of energy for sure but she doesn't do this stuff that like Putin does or even call ins where it's like you know in your face. It's just her like she's she makes her own energy. She's the source of zero point energy. So yeah so so. That was when I first start paying attention. And obviously she had an amazing twenty nineteen and three titles and beats reigned at Roland Garros and be consecutive number ones in Toronto and Cincinnati. And stuff like that and had an amazing season. But that being said I came into Melbourne. Not Not putting on a short list. I mean she she lost. I'd watch him as she played against. Asaka in you know obviously wasn't anybody shortlist. It's not just us and I mean. She asaka solid enough massive losses in quarterfinals of Brisbane to Asaka three cents three cents was the top twenty player coming in. Yeah but just hadn't had a deep run at a slam before and I think this slasher kind of the thing we think about it and it's an interesting question you know. I think also like what a win something that Ha- what something like Sonia Cannon winning a Grand Slam how that feels like applicable to Madison keys to a fiddle. Lena players who have done all the right things have checked a lot more boxes and even like different tore like dominic team. Who's like doing everything he can write and like it's really both. It's really solid resume. If like gradually building work getting better and more and more impressive where someone like Sonia can come out and skip a Lotta rungs on the ladder. All at once win three international titles titles were small three titles but small was Hobart Guangzhou in my Orca. And then. Yeah and then Willis Lamb and be suddenly top ten something top American and. She was a very very steady player. She did a lot of stuff at terminal outside of those titles. Like you said back-back Semis in Canada in Cincinnati last summer. Same thing that led up a Sloan's get lamb twenty. Seventeen as she did it more mmediately. We have a canon just like. She's put in a lot worse than in Canada Selfie. And you know. And it's clear talking to her but she doesn't want to be selfish she wants to be oppressed. The spicy wants to appreciate and she somebody who doesn't seem at all to be running or at least at this point doesn't have any pressure on her in her career at least externally really at all that could be new to her when that comes being in. Scotland seeing how she just to that. I think she'll be fine with it though. I think she'll be fine and and I agree with you insofar as you know. She hasn't had the the External Media Federation pressure. Getting called in for post loss. Press she and I think that one of the moments did there were two moments that really distilled cannons Melbourne runs. Me One was when she walked into the press room for the fight for her last final press conference and she literally stopped in her trout. Jaw dropped that. The pressroom was standing room. Only jam packed full. She kinda didn't know what to do. She looked so much more comfortable. You know returning garbage serves then she? In that moment she was like holy crap like you know And then on top of that like later and it was almost like I made it kind of moment like it wasn't like a scared thing. She was like Whoa. This is big. Yeah Yeah Yeah. And then later we have little little round tables in the wires Internet. Roundtable with her yeah. I asked her because she had obviously had to do her her photo shoot today. Her champions photo shoot and I was excited. You have dress this up. Like twelve thirty in the morning after she had one and she's like please don't use this but no and we all started laughing and she was laughing. She's like I do this just the way she's like in that way. I bet you didn't think either but obviously the hope and the work was there but getting back to the point about about not having the external pressure makes me think a lot of kind of Bianca. It makes me think of of Naomi's well yes there there may not be quote Unquote Federation pressure outside pressure. Whatever you know. I'm not that that Naomi went under the radar. Obviously she was around but she but at the time before she won the US Open. There wasn't that that their focus on her. Yeah but there is this very very real and I say this myself very very real immigrant pressure of seeing your parents sacrifice everything for your dream and Naomi is actually probably the most open about this feeling like I had to win because I need to make money like not in a negative way but just like my I mean. I didn't want my mom to work anymore. Like I didn't want my family to sacrifice I wanted them to be paid back and comfortable for the rest of their lives for the sacrifices that they made. That's a very very I mean. Maybe with Naomi when I talk about it with myself like it's a very Asian American thing but I don't think that that's particularly Asian American. I think it applies across so think was Sonja like I haven't had time to to really jump into it lake in terms of this level of depth and and I look forward to over the next few months to really sit down with her independently and just be like Yo. Let's let's forget all about results but let's just talk about this journey for real I can't think that for Sonia. She would have thought that there was no pressure to succeed because there was she uses that American dream as a lot she. She uses the phrase American dream a lot. And that's how her father came to the US back and forth for a while like confused. Because I it the other way I moved to the US. I came to the US for work for normal economic immigration purposes. I believe in Soviet Union in nineteen eighty seven so a full eleven years before she was born and then the family moved back to Russia for a while to the around extended family and stuff when they were when she was born tavist support. It's not an uncommon thing to do to have support from your family. You know grandparents off that when you're having a baby and you might be living relatively alone without much of a community certainly network around you in the states and then she moved back to the US at a young age or move to the US. Young Age I think she said she only has US citizenship right now. We're sort of a a real part of the Florida. Youth tenets furniture. Like she's she was everywhere. I mean she was unavoidable. She's in this video of Kim Clijsters. Wta found which was great touring. Touring the Miami Open. She's also in one. Jensen was in Charleston. Think so yeah well. She's there and she is talk about how she can return. Andy Roddick Sir and I love when things really telling 'cause like she's not daunted by all she's like I would have a strategy. I would do my split step out. Be ready for Andy. Roddick serve which is bound so just like the why not of Sonia. It's very very key with her and talk about and I was like they were in the same age group growing up playing forty juniors and even one of them is the rush American one of them represents Japan now they were neighbors in sort of quote unquote rivals. Certainly roll her eyes at that word in these tournaments. And there's you can look some. They're some archives of their heads when they were like twelve straight up. Says she's like Sony. Canon is the girl who was younger than me and better than me destroyed everybody. Juniors like it was insane and Naomi as a pro has a very good head against Sonia but but I think a lot of that has to do with their history of kind of like knowing that kid was like so good when she was young absolutely and so just seeing her out there and then we'll get a little bit like that match she was there. I love that. She walked onto the court just like looking happy to be there like really enjoying the moment. And Okay first off before I even that she beat party which saved two set points in each set to win that match. The crowd was all for Bharti absurd. Heat yes really hot really unpleasant day. The hottest terminal so far and also tough because it hasn't been hot at all so sudden heat. That's harder physically to adjust to the mega week of similar temperatures. I think in some ways so she beats ash Kind of like honestly deflects tournament quite a bit because Ashburn? They focused termine from local media from local fans. Everything and her doing that meant that she was in the final suddenly and it's the higher ranked player wants curbing Somehow up in the other semifinal similar similar kind of match where Mona had chances and posts but ultimately wanted straits. And that's the final. And all we're GONNA really talking about here. It's this fifth game of the third set. Which is everything to all third-set love forty down books on her serve on Kenan served. Looks like it's going to pull ahead and maybe get this match and when it Kenan Summons five back to back to back to back back. I think that's the right number of bax winners and not easy one. No and they were like eleven short. Rally eleven truck. Rally Thirteenth Truck Rally Ace and eleven and like doing that like her way because she comes off as sort of counterpuncher when you see her at first but she's like aggressive and not passive at all and she's like really dislike taking this bull by the horns and just like absolutely controlling it and rising that occasion. I was like with that. Is that a special. That was cool. And that moment you kinda broker. It's more she got a lead. I think in the next game. But then Kinda gave it up a couple of bad double-faults late in the match and diplomatically double-fault on match point championship point for her. Cannon can deserved every bit of this and really. Everyone's talking about the game now. I can't remember honestly like a game. That's been talked about as much in a big match like that. Even though is only only eight point game but wow what an eight points but he yeah. I've heard of shots. You know like no one. One point like the Novak's two forehand returns right on down down match points in a two federer. Or but I I just I was really racking my brain trying to fight against like the reasons he bias of like but that is something I just. I'm not sure the way that it happened especially again like women. The clothes came was when Serena Aga Wimbledon final for his game the four ace game but that was I mean it was still on serve. Hold a love hold but Serena came out and just fired four straight aces and you know middle in the third set which seemed really impressive at the time and it was and it was but just the way that Sonia did this like backhand down the line winner backhand down the line winner forehand down the line winner ace and then what ended up being. She put this backhand chip that if Gharbia let it go maybe would have floated wide. She didn't she try to volley it back into the court and then it was too short in the Middle Courts on your brain out been put the forehand cross away but Yeah I I just don't remember moment where I was so sure that a game was gonna go a certain way especially because Sonia like you felt like an. I tweeted this at the time she didn't. She had tight return games on garbage. In those first two service games and garbage escaped so as to to and you kind of felt like shit like you probably broke early and now garbage can be settled down. Soviet won the second set six had momentum. Yeah and sure. Enough like Sonia puts in three straight unforced errors basically and like it was a week service game to fall behind. Love Forty And then like that like she flipped. It was it was. It was a stunner and and if anybody's never seen that game like Google it look it up. Go find the tape. It's should be. I just told her when I did the champions podcast with it for the WTO is like that game is going to be the calling card of your career. Like that's the game that everyone will remember in the same way as like for Bianca that lasts third-set against Koerber like people were. That's what we remember of like. Oh Shit this kid is special or you know Naomi keeping her head right against Serena in the US Open final. We don't remember necessarily were also PENCO. Did against you know every player has that calling card and I feel like that singular game was was was Sonia's and it was it was bonkers so Kenan goes from being a player who was anonymous before the term that she was wearing Guido Patches which I love. I'm a fan of those read. Ben's past basically if you're if you're kind of player doesn't have a lot of deals you're playing in big stage matches or against big names. You get offered these one off. Patios from this French cosmetics company Guehenno also. Mary core is also one of their brands so she had both of those because she didn't have any pre existing corporate interests. She so she's only the fourth player to win a slam wearing green patches. Other ones Bartoli stow sir and coups nuts. There's a brand there right so it's all kind of like who weren't the ones who were supposed to win and can fit in that mold for sure. Although she's younger I think probably in all those played well because that's where the first time anyway can now is number one American number seven in the world. Where do you think she can go from here? I mean what is this? You know it's it's one beautiful moment for her or do you think that she can sustain into being a longtime top ten player. I think she's certainly going to be a long time. Top Twenty player and I say that with no disparagement men. I think that she her games. So steady like she'll be in the mix will she keep being an Alpha? I'm not sure but I think she's absolutely has the game the fundamentals and great strokes and great mind. Be in the top ten fifteen for a long time. I mean what we see right now These days in women's Tennis. It's a combination of things but in particular the players that kind of hold their position within the top ten or hold their position within the top five or whatever it is it really comes down to mentality because you look at a player like Simone Allah. Who made her top ten debut like fricken years ago? Like maybe two thousand fourteen or fifteen and she's never left and she has the longest active streak in the top ten yet. I know just based off of tennis twitter based on Fan feedback. Like you know. Whatever that people don't respect the sound like the right word but people don't fear. Simona the way that they fear in rescue or in Osaka or even applicable like. They're kind of like she's beatable. Yeah on any given day and yet that kid has never left the top ten She has a really left the top five very often either within the last especially like three years since she wants slams into me therefore it's not necessarily always the game that gets you across the line. It's it's that mentality. It's that willingness to deliver. When you take the court you don't overplay Simona doesn't overplay but you have to deliver when you're there and and and you look at like you know. Sokha who will who will come out of Melbourne being ranked number ten which could be very good thing for her to be quite honest. Kavita who's comes out I think ranked number eleven You know there. There's a lot to be said about you know for Ken in the way that her game is. It's not a game that should be blasted off the court. It's not a game that should take bad losses. I mean she lost like three in love maybe to Collins in Adelaide or love and three Hong Kong it but we saw collins was doing in both brisbane-adelaide very disappointing her going out in the first round of tough draw Or second round second round. Yeah so there's no reason to think that Sonia Kenan can't be like a regular top fifteen player Kaz. Her game isn't built to go wrong in the same way that Simone is built to go wrong in the same way that's fiddle. Lena's isn't really built to go wrong. You know in stretches you might have bad match here there and look and I think with her game with and she is so smart on court. Tv so that when she's playing being able to beat Ashby ashes own game or what. We think of his ashes strengths like her. Dad I think is a very good coach. Louis Game Plan. I think there's every reason to think he's very good. Her son fundamentals are very solid top. Fifteen more saying it sounds almost like I don't want to come off. It's a disc and audio. Sounds like we're low balling her saying she could be double the ranking. She is now but the number seven. How open the women's open. I think she can really be someone who's a fixture and then the setting this is big and I think we saw her twenty nine hundred record of being a great week in week out player being able to go make Semis at big tournaments like Cincinnati and Canada. Also show up and give a good effort and win Guangzhou by that shows like. She's not somebody like Osaka. Who really peaks for big moments and can have highs and lows like Muga roots. Who can talk about next? Who's kind of made a career? These real highs and real lows you know I think can it's not that and she is more like a Halla or even more like you know in some ways like it's fit Alina also been in there as a very steady person in the top ten. There's a very real without China mythologised things and make up narratives just to like whatever but there is a very real thing that I feel like Sonia has which is a a person a twenty one year old woman who came to the states Russian. You know obviously loves America. And then she'll be the first to light strap on the red white and blue town like and demand that you know people respect for that but there's something very real about this kid who. She acts and her father does as well in in the way that he speaks nothing. They don't expect anything to be given to them anything. Because that has been their experience they have had to work for everything. This kid has had the work three times over for the attention that she now has and even then you can argue. It's not commensurate with her achievement. Like when she goes to Fed Cup Next week to play in Washington alongside Serena and cocoa golf like will she be the story between and then Toko Golf probably not probably not in and we can all understand. There's only so much on the fair but it's what it is. It's what it's what. It is to quit the Irishman. But but yeah no so so. I do get the sense with her that you know in talking to her a lot within the last twelve months twelve sixteen months of this. I've got a win win. Titles I gotTa Win Big titles in order to get anybody to pay attention to me. And there's no anger about it. This is just the reality that she and her father accepted that they are seventh on the Totem Pole. That they you know they gotta do big things. That's why she got really up for to to to to beat Serena at Roland. Garros her idol. That's why she got really up to to be. Cocoa here is like these. Are the players that get more attention than me again? I don't think she's mad about it. I keep I think reporters keep to get them to like be like. Oh you know and they really don't bite at that they're like no like whatever it's just it. It is what it is and I know that in order to correct it or not corrected but to shift it. I've got to do amazing things like when the Australian Open I just say last thing on. Kenan for me at least is that. I think I was really cool seeing this narrative American tennis which has been at the top of the sport recently. The immigrant narrative is. It's cool. 'cause it's been a big part of there's different people obviously cells and never told the book defected or essentially. That's a different situation. But you know she fits in with caprio Michael Chang. He's like immigrant families who have been a big part of making the American tennis. Christiane awful like their players who people don't recognize much but it's it's Agassi Agassi like there's something to that. I loved like Alex cannons line about it when he was asked by Bill. Simmons you know. Why do you have an explanation as to why players with Russian heritage being so successful and his answer was I do think that there's something to that It's about the root. The root is tough and bitter. There's decoration around it but that is what the root is still there. I kind of I mean. I don't know man like as as an immigrant like my parents have Vietnamese. Like you know like this isn't. I didn't come from a wealthy Asian countries alley wall jokes. It's Jungle Asians. Where Third World Asians or non Japanese Chinese Koreans? But there's something there's there's a truism there about that about you just felt like in order to get any one to pay attention to you. You had to work eight times harder so and I don't think that winning the Australian Open is going to change that mentality from her like I in other words. I don't think she's GonNa take her foot off the gas pedal she revel in it for a little bit and it might be she should. She's probably the player that the women's player that I've seen drink the most like post win. Like she had a glass of Champagne. Like the press conference then. She asked for a refill and the round tables and then today in the championship in the dress their shots just like Australia. Sh luck breath the justice. I love my hair. It was cool very cool like slipped back model luck and I loved that in her post on twitter. That you Jimmy for doing the photos. That's just that's just pro. That's good that's good people who to thunk right that we'd spend like twenty five minutes on a podcast talking about seventy cannon at this tournament but that's that's what happened in this world. Let's talk about her opponent in the final. Armenian who I think both of US probably thought was GonNa win this match before it started and even as got going. I set great turn from Google. It's a first shore interesting. Turn from her. She just seemed so incredibly locked in and focused and game face and like had this real like. I think he used a phrase uses for. Its questioned her on a mission which is about to use the same one which is not when. I use very often air both on that same page. She was there and I don't really want to get into why she lost a lot. And Kenny played a great match and she kind of fell apart after that game. But like what you see from her in this tournament back with Katrina Martinez New Hall of Famer. Continue our upcoming fame inductee cartoon Martinez. What do you make of Of Garbage Week and what you saw and off court because there was an interesting things to observe the focus was the biggest thing. I think that the second thing was also just the fact that so many the matches that she played in Melbourne to make the final or matches that cut against her in the last two years. You know like that love six start against shelby. Rogers feeling sick had to pull out of Hobart with a viral illness and arrived in Melbourne. Really really ill and it would have been very easy at love. Six to be like a feel. Sorry for yourself especially given everything that she's been through already tired of Bagel right. Exactly some pride kind of getting in the way and she bounced back from that. She had a tough three setter. Tomjanovich in the next round should have been a night match should have been a night match but she she. She fought through that as well Probably the tightest match. She had until until she lost the final and then against Spit Alina against Sheraton's against the probably of a tank of a show and Hallam. She was absolute nails and it was the Gharbiya that we thought you know. Five years ago four years ago was going to dominate women's tennis. She was the one that before. There was Naomi before Simona had won hers before everything. She was the one that everybody thought was going to be the next generation you know and and she was built for it and she seemed ready for it and Carver got the number one. He was the one and so it was great to see that version of Gardena Gardenier as I've been Correct on twitter. I need to get into that but Gardena to see that. Version of Gardini. Here Melvin It seemed like things were going really well with Cheetah. I hope that obviously they continue I'm glad that they're together as much as I loved. Obviously Caroline applicable with Cheetah. But as you said it felt like it was a pairing. That was just A. Yeah and I love what I love. Continue to set in her first presser that they felt like she thought the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. They were just rooting for them to get back together. I Love Pop McAdams of women Senate a sudden gossip you gossiping more than Gosling and stone. Gosling Takrit there. Oh my God no I think every every gosling person every McAdams person is just like you know they were born in the same hospital not know that yes Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling country possible in London Ontario London Ontario London knights shots Danton Red Lake. I ship them as hard well. No this isn't true. I shipped Britney and Justin Moore. But they're they're a close second honestly for me Brad and Janet. I just don't get the obsession with that all but yeah no though she had ended. Why would he wanted to go back? Garbage Garba News interesting in press also because we were talking to her and she was not giving us much at all and the same with our interviews and saint there to serve on Karma. She was so locked in and there's interesting she finally sort of got at Baldo and his last question impress as he often does sort of good at sort of you know going going. They're exactly the elephant in the room in kind of sometimes and was saying that you know just like. Why do you seem like? Obviously she just lost this is but he phrased that weighs like obviously just lost but in this whole term you have not seen very happy and she and she was interesting saying basically like I feel like some of the excitement of this world has gone from me because I've seen both you know how fickle it can be how it can be all very fragile fame and positively and you lose one day and they rip you win the next day they build you up and then terry down again and it was. It was sort of interesting like world-weary garbage in a moment. I thought and it's true. I mean like I from all everything that I can tell from Spanish. Press that definitely true and you know and it's part and parcel. The thing is is that it's not unique took our beanie and I feel like sh I don't know if she thinks that it's unique to her but she certainly has responded as though it's out of the ordinary but I don't know of a Bam. Maybe she's just. I think just more widely jaded on everyone's behalf not just her own. Maybe that's true. Maybe that's true but yeah I mean I hope she sorts out. I hope that she continues on the way that she she did. With Cheetah and I just think that's a really good positive really relaxed five. She's now got a train. Who Catherine whose Who was formerly a Physio for Angelique? Kerber has now been part of team recruits for. I think two years now And seems like a really cool. Chill vibe with those three ladies which is great her trainer as well so you know like there's nothing there's no I mean. We could have said this last year for the year before it. There's no reason that Gardenia Maruta should not be a top five player. There's absolutely no. We were all saying in the offseason like by stockbrokers reunited with Katrina and but was Samson Mc and now even at her raised price of what they number seventeen now I think in the rankings. Like keep buying. Because it's still going it's still gonNA keep going up good stuff from carbonate on the women sort of people who've made runs second week. Ashburn loses in the semifinals to Sunday. Kenan set points in both We got a question about obviously turnament and she was very happy with her month really because she one after. Yeah after losing first round in Brisbane which could have really rattled her to Jim Brady in Straits she comes back wind Adelaide and then make some is here and she said in her presser. Like if you told me you know I could win. You Know Atalante and get Semis Australia. Take Harper and even after Brisbane. We were to say. Oh Ash. Party's GonNa Win Brisbane and make semi's of went on like we'd be like yeah. That's a really really good ozzy summer. So yeah we're GONNA question From Listener Erica. Jane Glam goals which I believe is a housewives thing who says I would love to hear both of your thoughts on the tennis podcasts criticism of Ash Party bringing her niece to the press conference. I was shocked at how critical they were of Bardi. In that moment I thought it was sweet. Innocent and fun moment. Ashburn did bring a baby to the press conference After her loss and it was it was immediately. Just like Oh. There's a baby here when you walk when you walked in the room I will say I asked the first question and of that press conference and deserve again. Elephant in the room was like. Where'd you find the baby just sort of like? Let's get this out of the way clearly. Babies being presented knowledge. And it's like let's get. Let's get the baby either way. Talk with this and yes I think with the tennis pocket. It was unprofessional. That was there. I mean we can if you want to ask for their comments. I can find their comments. Hold on let me let me pause here is actually find out what they said. So this is from an article this aggregated. That's happened to our podcast before from Australia. Media that's why some of US lock our twitter accounts during the Australian smartly. That Courtney Anyway that was courtney who twitter account now unlocked which. I don't really agree with they. Locked Courtney stay locked. Article Says David Law was among those who are. It should have been the only member her family to front the media back after shot lost. Its good writing. I don't think they should but in there said law the tennis podcast. I think is a place of work. It's an office space. We're there to ask questions and lovely has decided that it was on one hand. It's not really what's supposed to go. On a Matt Roberts said affiliate affliction and plot a prop to from getting tough questions given the party had just lost and then Katherine Whitaker. Agreed Joking. The baby as a human shield so the party could ask growing from media And Whitaker ads. I don't think it necessarily has to be a conscious thought. And she thinks she can have had that thought processing less sinister way and then we would have had it sinister a weird word trestle. That's my cyber and capping. Cheetahs thinks. It's a distraction for me. But the thing is it's also shocking for everybody else and it's not helpful. It's not appropriate in the work place out in the makes her a terrible person for doing it. Somebody should have stopped her from doing it. Probably I don't know the services. Circumstances are but it was really weird. Okay yes I'll address this. I am according to let you go because you sound off because I did. It was immediately distracting when they came into the holy baby but after one question addressed the baby and that baby the baby. Asha introduced the baby with the baby. And then we'll move on and yes I did. Actually I will say I did. After we did the same sort of human shield joke myself. A joke I mean like yes I mean bringing this problems too No but I would have said that on here. Anyway I would have said human shield As you know because you didn't do it after earning for wins with the baby so if you in also saw someone twitter which enjoyed refrigerators and emotional support. Baby which was great. I like emotional. Like here's the thing with Ash ash left a sport for years because she was having a tough time dealing with the pressures of the sport and that was part of why she left if she can get if this makes it easier for her to deal with it. I don't really have a problem with emotional support. Baby I don't according to your thoughts on workplace etc. Okay first and foremost let me just say obviously remind everyone because I believe in transparency on podcasts and I think the conflicts of interest should be expressed in that the listener should know about them. I worked for the WPA. Actually Bardy is our world number one. I'M NOT GONNA sit here on this podcast and slager thankfully though if I wanted to slager and I'm on this podcast. I just wouldn't say anything that has been my kind of your. My silence is like I'm not gonNA talk about it one way or the other thankfully in this situation what I think is actually probably consistent with what I'm supposed to think which is less just this. What do we want like step back from it? Okay from people who want a line or you want to see Ash Bharti cry or you want to see her prostrate herself in front of the Australian Public Sam so sorry that I fucking let you all down like is that what people wanted for her break down in tears and all that sorta stuff or as a sports reporter. Do you want to understand where ash parties heads at whether she expresses it in quote or not And for me the minute that ash walked in with the baby and sat down and she sat and she was like you know cooing with the baby and like but there was a moment where she looked down the baby and she could hear her sniffle. You could hear her voice catch. There are a few times in the press conference and there were like legit questions asked about the press. Counseling people were like so. What's the baby? Wasn't the baby distracted any literally. After I thought I cleared the air and there was maybe here to nick leader. I mean yes if you want to say. Oh my gosh detract from that first question like okay. Once once the baby was mentioned it was it was fine and then they got the questions about you know points and there were tough not tough questions. I don't think but questions asked to ask you didn't want to answer. She's like I'm not you know like it was a it. Seemed like for me like a normal press conference and if with all due respect I do mean that with all due respect. You don't have the balls to like ask whatever question you want to ask within the context of whatever like if no vacher. Andy comes into a press conference balling if Roger comes in with Merca sitting standing next to him and you don't have the Onis to ask whatever question you want. That's on you. That's not on them. It's like come on like she was holding a baby. You think the baby is going to judge you by asking ask. How'd you took those set points? Baby come on guys like liquids. People aren't gonNA also judge you for being mean to lady holding a baby. That's also not going to have to understand this press that it is a workplace. That work has to be done. You don't feel comfortable doing it. Guess what like I don't think is professional for people taking showers who sit on press row professional for some of the shit that I hear from either photographers or reporters talking about the women on press row. Oh there's a crap ton of stuff that happens in the workplace. That is unprofessional in untoward. And what was the word that was used here that you had sinister so like come on like the kid brought a baby in honestly the minute she did all that the the message that was conveyed to me is that ashes shattered. She's gutted by this loss. She understand opportunity was presented to her. Not just because she was playing cannon in the semifinals and she had the crowd you know. She's playing during the day when when when which should feed into her game but unfortunately for her it was one of those days that was off the charts in terms of heat and she was really struggling with it. She had set points in the first set couldn't convert shed set points in the second couldn't convert. She had an opportunity. You could think if if her mind allowed her to wander there of like. I mean with all due respect like healing a nation. Like she could. I thought about that a lot of what happens if ash wins the Australian. Open the year when all of this tragedy is hitting Australia. The Australian of the year. She's already on vegemite bottles like she's on. Her face was everywhere which she was joking about with Ryan Grim but she understands the opportunity. That was missed here. She also understands that she's had a really really good Australian. Summer is the Best Australian summer. A woman W Tape player has had here in. Gosh Darn Long Kids and John Wanted Perspective and she wanted grounding and has been said. This is a player who basically left the game because a she struggled. Mentally with the stresses of the game if she wants to go in and be reminded that none of this matters at a little a little fuzzy tennis ball matter but that her that this adorn. I gotta say the baby's Frikkie really cute baby like I'm not really a kid person or baby person. I like kids when they're old enough for me to. Ask them babies. What's that crying? Lump BUG MAKE. That'd be ruled like it was really really cute like I. Just don't I just don't see getting mad at it to be quite honest. They've it was not disrupted if the baby did not only started like making noise at one particularly bad question which was funny and she started buying Ashburn which that I feel which again is actually again. A reflection of where she's feeling like. There's no way that you went into the press conference. Not knowing what her thoughts were. Just I don't know I just I can't shake the feeling that people had an issue with it. It's because they wanted to see ash cry and this goes to sort of the whole like prostrate your son from the media what is sports sedan. This goes back to last year. Wimbledon conversation about Joe Konta. Yeah and like what people want from loser. Frickley female losers they WANNA see some big emotional moment of owning up and showing their sorrow and their shame at leading down their country quote unquote ash. That you said I think was clearly. She brought me because she was published to be rough. It was really emotional support baby and get through it and she. You know still doing well. I've I don't have a problem with it I really don't. I thought it was a little bit. You know obvious transparent that it wasn't mostly sport but like you said you can read that it's telling you can read it cates more than any of the nonsense quote unquote. That ash might say in response to a question asks. Did you feel the pressure? Known ARE ALLIED. Okay like people have different opinions as to whether or not. That's an accurate answer or not but in terms of like what? The impact of that loss was for her. I have no doubt that it stung and you know. And if that's part of the healing process good on her other semifinalists who lost is someone how it also a tough loss for her very similar kind of match. I mean play against a player. Who she you know is ranked below her by a fair bit and she thinks she can be set points in the first set very tight. I set. I mean there's a little bit eight in the tie-break Yeah? They both sides that police showing like implying that there was like a lead it there was but not. She's never beaten on Okay we'll get this sort of what it means to choke an ongoing talk about tennis. Sandra later yes so opposite tough. Good turn for her. I think. Eight tournament semifinals similar. I would say for Petrick who played very very good semi quarterfinal against party in there. Also WanNA give shout out to on. Shabbir made her first quarterfinal on Shiver. Can we hear the peanut gallery? Remember Lael in the background their big fan of Algebra and Arab tennis in doing great things and tennis. Which has she should be. Which Raymond's been carrying should we all should be because ONS was amazing and yeah hope that owns builds on that That result but yeah no I mean Petra Petra and Asha honestly like those two have to just be like that quarterfinal happened. Had been really are draw or quarter to hold out like every other quarter blew up but ours held up could have been a fisher although maybe. Kenny was unstoppable. Ever know how so true. Also in this draw fourth-rounder shoutout to ecosphere tack should get to the other half of this of the of the questions we've been asked about this. One of the conversation points around Eagles Fan Appreciation Egon Tech and it was it was a podcast driven conversation at their segment on how to pronounce ego shots like after w hated video which they posted about with IGA giving explainer and how to say her name. That's how you say it not that hard. I don't know I I don't know it's it's just exhausting. But yes no issue beyond tech. We did a video with her and honestly it came out of my own. I think I mentioned this in the maybe pass in the past episode. I can't remember but basically obviously interviewed IGA for a year now if not longer and it got to the point where it became clear. I thought that like maybe I might be pronouncing her name wrong because I was saying. She attack So I asked our video crew. Hey when you guys talk to Iga can you just ask her straight up like how to say her name? Okay so they did so. If you watch the video it's very much b-roll it's very much an outtake you can tell because the focus is going in and out and it's very casual and you can hear the person in the background talking and whatever by thought. Oh that's really helpful. Let's put that out. It'll be really helpful to everyone. I thought the video was clear. Apparently it wasn't and people misheard fair enough but but yes. I took issue with the with the some comments made on tennis. Podcast that they say that I misheard in terms of of concern that many people misheard and whatever Sure okay if I said this on twitter at the time is if I misheard I apologize. I have since gone back by every listened to it multiple times. I don't think that I misheard. That may not have been what was intended to be said but it was what was said and as someone who does podcasts and radios and all that sort of stuff the burden is on the speaker not on the listener and so if a bunch of people are saying and I feel this way about ncrr insider about press conference twitter. Yeah exactly like an if I get it wrong. That's on me. I don't necessarily blame other people for hearing it wrong like that's my fault and I learned from it and I move on. I try to be better. But in my opinion if there are a bunch of people who have non Western easy prowse names who who are saying that. They heard a certain tone and a certain dismissive nece about US wanting our names pronounce correctly and not an what we heard was with all due respect three British commentators seemingly taking the piss out of some eighteen year old kid who wanted her name pronounce correctly. That's what I heard and I'm not the only one the heard it that way and it was disappointing and I expressed it accordingly. But you know like again if I misheard I apologize I really do. I do not think I did. If you transcribe exact words that were said which may not have been the intention of what was said but what was actually said. I don't think I'm into tone necessarily helps either so you know and and I have to say like David Law has since at least I haven't heard it myself but like a according to him like a politician his hearing the w the W VIDEO. He misinterpreted it. He thought that ego wasn't taking a stance as to whether or not one hundred named pronounce the English way or the Polish Way. Basically the wrong way or the Polish way right. Yeah he said I misheard it the first time etc. At least that's what. I'm told that he said so. Whatever but it was just weird stupid thing to deal with for forty hours of. Audie odd week in that front. Yes Anyway Anyhow. Other women stuff is basically. I think that's basically all the women. Actually were like almost an hour. Now we pause and we'll do the men at the second part okay so we'll do a quick female empowerment intro altro. Actually let me take this moment at the end of this half of the show to talk to thank our already on board patriot. Backers who have we launched Patriot on for NCR Very recently just during the I believe it was during the very team match. Wanted to get it up soon. Thirty when people already patron patronizing. That sounds wrong. Thirty one people. Thirty one patriots low patronage of our show not patronizing. Let's say wanted patronizing which is that's their prerogative patronize. We DON'T CARE. Thank you to them and let me give shot the ones who have signed on the first four in the first episode. I did roundtable with Nick. And matty since since then. Also thank you to Emily Vani and when Patterson and win and any Johnson at least which at Peru Gino Dave Timothy. Liu Alana Will Tab Chopin Shock She Eric Score Sony Reema Bilal Sean. Eichner Mary Hog Hog. How how hope Mary? Thank you very much and Margarita. Thank you all for doing these patriots of the show. We appreciate it. If you want to support US Patriot Patriotic Patriot. Dot Com slash founders? Renting we are new to patriots. We're figuring out. I think it makes I was thinking makes more sense for a podcast which we're trying to keep doing continuously and have a steady running thing as as a model do it instead of doing one big kickstarter campaign which we did last time. We did a crowd funding for the two thousand sixteen season for years ago this time. So there's no physical awards this time after the Postcard. Tobacco essentially having tried you. Fifteen hundred postcards. Actually I will say this. I found during the Christmas holidays as at my parents house looking for Christmas lights in like my cause and found out how it got there a shoebox with like several dozen onset. Npr postcards in it. And honestly I would have rather found a dead body I was like I thought these were gone and so I still have some postcards from there and I think hopefully that it's it it was like it was. I'd never gotten married but I've heard that like writing thinking it's after getting wedding gifts. It's tough but people don't you shift fifteen hundred guests at their wedding to handwritten anyway. We're almost through those having given up on those. If you do still have a kickstarter reward that you want filled or just refunded at this point. That's all fine. Let us know. Send US emails. No chance meeting DOT COM and our we have five tiers of support on our Patriot which is a month. Sort of thing ream. Actually who's in the room? We've already did. Does this as well? And we'll see we may someday add Patriot on content or bonus content on paycheck on that. We don't know yet for right now. Essentially just like a tip jar for the show and I think that yeah. I think the big thought process at least from my perspective which may be different from but is like look like the podcast is going to happen. Like we'll keep going like if you know and that was a roll off like three months but like you know the whole thing about kickstarter rate and is that you kind of or you kind of feel like if the funding goal isn't matched you're not GonNa do it like there's a kind of this weird kind of hostage thing that can happen nothing. Yeah which which can be a little bit uncomfortable for everyone involved. I think but I know obviously like tennis. Podcast amazing kickstarter congratulations to that. Yeah Yeah for sure The body serve we love and adore and we celebrate on every single level. Jonathan and James They've they've successfully used go fund me for their for their twenty nine twenty twenty season which is great so we appreciate all of you. Backers of tennis podcasting. Good tennis pockets. Now they're having to be on three different platforms. So that's the thing is like we don't want him. I at least for me personally. I think that anybody who's followed this podcast for a long time knows and I'm like really anti all of this like it's like this should be fun and we're independent. We're punk and like whatever but we're also human if there is an incentive to do it then that will for example right now. It's two twenty five in the morning on the sun the Monday morning after the men's final. I've a flight in about fifteen hours Benz also find out but like I could easily when Ben was like. Hey let's record the NCR. Yeah I'm done I'm Konkan out 'cause I've got a long poem but if I know that that that people are are are genuinely putting their money where their mouth is in terms of wanting the content and that's so that's an for us on the you mentioned the independence thing on the Independence Day. We have said independent the whole time and say we've never had a single advertiser which is probably insane. Given that we are immediately down media we have turned down a bunch of advertisers. So we have we try to stay Independent on bias and certainly I do at least be biased on the next time ratio banned for doping. You won't see Courtney for awhile again. That's what we do these things and it's a just saying he's an example of our journalistic. You know integrity and Whatnot Cricket. Real life example. Not that I think she's going to which Maria the best out of the testing now. So that's the side. Anyway Mike you talking about that. We'll be back very soon in your podcast. Feed with men half of the show and some other general term and stuff. Bye Bye for now. Goodbye and I'LL DO NORMA sign off. You'RE GONNA fall along listening like us on twitter best way. Nc are underscored tennis. There were a lot of players by the way this termine. Yes tons running out of challenges getting the Elusive. No challenges remaining. So many like maybe trust your empires. We'll get to the empire's later him. Yes Marianna star the tournament. Senate's questions comments on the Patriot or anything else to know challenges. Meaning Jima Dot com or on the kickstarter. If you've still kickstarter hanging issues from four years ago which you very well May and leave us reviews on itunes or anywhere else you can leave. Us help us a lot. We will see you on the second half soon. Bye Guys Chow Chow. If you can't give us money just give us a review. Thanks thank you head when they tell me not feel at risk.

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