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I'm sure you have plenty of questions which is exactly why we are answering in hitting on those very specific things. If you ever want to send us a question you can Senate directly into our facebook page. We do make a posting usually the day of when we record on Thursday so be on the lookout for that but you can also send it to us on social media at Big Blue View and you can set it to our email account big blue view at g mail DOT com. Why don't we get right on into these questions as we have here? Chris we have five of them. All of them are great in the first one is from our K.. MENSA and his question is if the giants go whoa trade down like a lot of people say they should which we are a lot of people we are saying that to which team do y'all think will be most likely to search make that trade with the giants if the draft happened today because free agency hasn't happened yet and what do you think they give up. I would say one of the most likely teams to make that trade up is the Los Angeles chargers. They're a little bit further back in that top ten range. There's been a clear indication that they're not continuing with Philip rivers. It is a matter of if they are going to be bringing in a a veteran quarterback but as of right now. And if we're trying to make this trade right now I would say all signs point to drafting someone young in new. And you can't get beat out by other there. Teams like the panthers or the raiders in trading up. So I would say. The chargers are a good option. In terms of what they would be willing to give up. I would be trying to milk because I'm for multiple first round picks Swapping picks a pick next year. And then if you can get an additional first rounder or turn that into a second round pick somewhere in that range I think is a is a fair deal for a couple spot. Move Up. Yeah I was going to sit in the chargers as well because while every reason you just mentioned so so I am going to go a slightly different direction. I'm going to try to stay in the top ten and say the Jacksonville Jaguars. The jags could decide into role with nick. Foles Gardner Menchu quarterback but I'm not sure either one of those are really attractive options. Since you know Menchu played better than I think anyone thought he might. Yeah he was kind of a fun prospect coming out of Washington state. He's got the hair a headband. He's got all kinds of very unique swagger. But I'm not sure if you want to trust a trust or roster. AUSTER that is you think is capable of winning now to Gardner Menchu as your franchise quarterback especially when you have a very are- attractive draft class with a really strong top four with Joe Borough to attack of Jordan Love Justin herber. And as for what you get for that trade you know moving back a little bit further I would ask for both of Jacksonville's first round picks they have ninth overall pick which would keep the giants inside of the top ten. They also have the Los Angeles Rams Pick for the jalen Ramsey trade which would be Twentieth Overall Jacksonville is also underwater with the salary cap so they might not be able to afford to pay two first first round picks so you might be able to get that get those from them now if the giants could get those two picks and then maybe something else maybe a third round pick or yet a future pack that would that would be gravy but if the judge can get those two first round picks then they might be cooking the other thing too with the Jacksonville. Jaguars Gore's situation. We're not entirely sure how they feel about nick. Foles at the moment that is taking up a lot of their cap space right now. So hypothetically if after free agency see the giants are still sitting with a decent amount of room and they don't feel like they're going to be making any other moves. There is potential for the giants being too will willingly eat a bunch of that that cap space for the Jaguars which could ultimately include more draft compensation. That's just speculation. It's not really ideal situation. But if they try to work out some type of trade so the Jaguars can move up. I'm sure that will be discussed because like you said right now. They are in a horrible position Asian with their cap situation and trying to clear. Some stuff out is really ideal for them. I think the other team that needs to be watched. And maybe isn't the most obvious obvious. One is the Miami Dolphins. And I've been saying this and we've both been saying this is that if you're getting phone calls from other teams like the Los Angeles chargers like the Jacksonville Jaguars any of those teams. You need to immediately call the Miami Dolphins and let them know. Hey we're getting these phone because if you WANNA trade up and get to our Justin Herbert you better do it. Quick because we're about to make a deal with someone else really kinda catches them off guard and catch them in a spotter. Try and get a them in a really difficult situation so they'd be willing to send a lot of picks towards the giants. It's very similar to what the forty niners in bears did a couple of years ago in which the bears moved so they could get Mitchell trubisky. It's just about not so much. Just tricking them but trying to play their hand and see if they're willing to risk it. Yeah if you could get them so they are willing to give up some kind of draft capital even if just to move up one spot and stop another team from getting their guy now. This is of course assuming that Miami doesn't trade up to second overall overall third overall with the Redskins or lions to get their guy. Whether that's Herbert or Loa. Just giving them that opportunity to just make sure they get their guy and the giants would still be able to get whoever their targeting and a little bit extra. You know just a little bit extra capital. That is something they should absolutely do. Yeah the there's no harm in making that phone call and if you can get if you can get more from Jacksonville or the chargers or who knows. Maybe even the raiders. I'm still not quite sure anybody really knows what's going on there. These are all scenarios that the giants pretty much uh-huh it to them selves to explore. Certainly they do need to explore it and they can become very rich from the situation considering the amount of available quarterbacks rex in the this year's draft class and also it is worth acknowledging that maybe some teams WanNA trade up in early on in the second round to take someone like Jordan Jordan love or any of the other later mid round quality quarterbacks. We're GONNA have to see what happens if the giants are willing to even take those phone calls because the giants have not been overly willing to trade back we have another trade back question which will be getting too soon but our next question is from Jason Lick on Instagram. What sides of the ball are the G.? Men more likely to draft versus free agency. Well I would say. The clearest is offensive line. It's easier to draft an offensive lineman than it is to spend a ton of money on somebody and free agency. The last time we saw the giants spent a ton. The money on an offensive Lineman in free agency was neat solar and that didn't exactly work out situationally for the giants because he's he's playing under the quality for the value of his contract the other position I would say to his linebacker and on the most recent show. If you haven't listened to it already the first thing addresses that there are not many available linebackers and free agency worth giving a ton of money to so linebacker. This year is is another the one that fits that mold of what sides of the ball or most likely to draft yet out say the giants will try to try to use both free agency and the draft to address both sides of the ball. Now the question is where they go with each position in each phase of the off season I could see them making a run at Jack Conklin Glenn to try to plug that hole at right tackle. Get A guy who has basically already been developed you know can play at the. NFL level is still reasonably a young. And that way. You don't have to worry about going through those rookie. Hick ups the bumps in the road all that stuff with a second year quarterback back there. If they can't get Jack Conklin phys price tag is above what the giants WanNa pay or if he goes somewhere else maybe he never even hits free agency. We don't now than I would definitely look look to the draft but also just historically Dave gettleman has preferred to use free agency to address the offensive offensive line. He that's what he did in Carolina for the most part that's what he's done in New York for the most part now I think wide receiver that will probably be a position that gets drafted just because of the scarcity of decent wideouts in free agency and there are a ton of them in the draft. Hopefully linebacker is another position that again. They will look to in the draft. which is something we're going to be talking about over the next couple of questions I think and then finally pass rusher that? I think they might try on that. Might I think they should try in free agency and the draft to add real players to that position get a veteran and get a young guy with some good upside upside in the draft. Our next question is from parent. I nine on instagram. If the giants Pick Isaiah Simmons in the first round is there a good offensive of tackled to be picked in late arounds. And Heck this questions right in the Ballpark of you Chris Because you've been grinding audiotape. On all of these later around offensive tackles hackles but one thing I will say before you start to rattle off the real big names to know in this in this realm. I think that right now. It's a bit up in the the air where some of these tackles lie. There's some draft evaluators they consider guys to be in the top ten and some some other guys that others are deemed to be in the top ten to be second round quality prospects. So the good thing about this year's tackle class is that it's relatively deep. I wouldn't say that there's a huge varying difference between the top five or so guys so realistically you could get a very very good tackle hackel in the second round with the with their with their early pick in the second round. Yeah it really depends on how that first round false else. Where whether or not a guy like Mekki Becton who Daniel Jeremiah? Mock to the giants at fourth overall the draft network has him twenty first overall. I wonder if he doesn't drop to the top of the second round. I think the combine will play a big role in that if the giants go somewhere else else in the first round. I'm looking at Austin Jackson at USC. At the top of the second round he has a lot of these guys have a lot of work to do with their technique and things like that Austin Jackson Prince when they they have all the athleticism you can ask for. They've got row ready frames for the most part. They can both stand. Add a little bit of mass but now that'll come they can move. They've got really almost prototypical. NFL frames zero six. Five six six long arms than going back maybe to back into the third round the top of the fourth round paying on again. How things go? I'm a big Fan of Jack. Actress goal out of Auburn and Calvin Throckmorton out of Oregon. Both of those guys they are they have worked as far as their as far as fitting into the NFL archetype for an offensive tackle. But they get the job done you know. They kind of remind me a little bit of Justin Pugh. Not as good as he was coming out not nearly as good because obviously he was a first rounder but maybe a little bit undersized but really smart guys very versatile can move. They can use the tools they have to make up for. Maybe I'm not having that Typical length or the prototypical size and they also a really tough guys. They will fight a defensive linemen to do whatever they have to keep their quarterback upright to make their block and just win that rep or at the very released not lose the rap those guys driscoll throckmorton there two guys. I really like to see the giants target a little bit later in the draft and then two other guys that could be in that second round range that are starting to rise from their performances at the senior Bowl Josh Jones from Huston and then Ben Bartsch the small schooler from Saint. John's and both of them could be right there. That could have that quality first round talented. Some people are saying are in that range but still need a little bit of developing helping the. This is a very deep tackle class but like you said it's a lot of guys to that. Have the perfect frame. Have the right build but just needs to develop and be a little bit more fine tuned in their technique in a number of other things. We're going to transition to two more questions but before we do that we're gonNA take a very short commercial break last two questions here on the mailbag and this one is via email j. b. sent us an email asking. I know you said you're not fully fully there yet when analyzing the draft in some of the players in it but it seems that Simmons and Beckton or becoming early favorite picks if you had to pick right now how simmons or backed in in the first round which position would you prioritize a massive tackled to protect Jones or a do it all linebacker. Lastly lastly is the year of the trade down. Will they finally do something a little bit differently and will judges Patriot influence sway getty so. Why don't we unpack this first question? I'm not entirely sure. If Becton is the clear. Cut Offense of tackle for them at four. I think that third needs to be a little bit more digging done on him because like I said it's a little bit up in the air. Who is going to be that guy because some people have becton more as a later first round prospect like you said Daniel Jeremiah? Really really liked him as that force guy in the first tackle off the board. I'm not entirely sure if I'm so sold on him as that. Fourth overall guy but in terms of Simmons. I still think that you prioritize Simmons over any of the tackles because I think Simmons is a bit more or clear cut of what you're getting compared to some of these other offense of tackles. Yeah I I am not ready to go to fourth overall with Becton. I still have a a lot of work to do on him. And I think I'm going to be holding off on really being firm about him until after the combine. I WanNa see him on the on field in the onfield drills. I want to see him on the same field. As Andrew. Thomas interest in worse. Jesuit wills and end you know maybe a lot of the other guys who we might have as second or third round prospects right now on tape. Becton is just a massive and massively powerful lineman he. He moves bigger than he moves better than anyone as big as he is has has any right to move but is that enough to say he should be the guy at fourth overall. I'm not there yet. Maybe I will be but I'm not there yet. So so almost by Default Isaiah. Simmons is the guy for me out of those to the second part of this question though addressing whether or not this is is the year the trade down. You can't really guarantee that they're going to trade down or not I would say all signs are pointing to them being in position to do who. So we acknowledged that there are a ton of teams that are willing and in positions to make moves for quarterbacks they're desperately currently in need of that young franchise piece otherwise. They're gonNA have to wait until next year if they. Don't get one of those top tier guys. First Round quarterbacks tracks will make any team willing to move up. It's just a matter of if giant giants are fueling those calls and if they're willing to trade back and risk missing out on some players. I think this really is kind of two questions in one. I think this is the year. The giants absolutely should be feeling. Those questions are feeling those phone phone calls an absolutely should be thinking seriously about trading back there in a very good position with a good quarterback class and a number of teams behind them who have already basically signaled that they are in the market for a quarterback. You put out those signals. You let the people know that you are open for business now. Is this the year that they do trade down. I'm not so sure unless something it happens and chase young slit to them at four. You know again. Maybe you get those two trades up to separate. Ah Get those two traits. Second and third overall and quarterbacks go one two three that I think is the absolute best case scenario for the giants CI- but if it's between Isaiah Simmons a tackle in a trade down I think trading down is your best chance to maximize the value of the pick. I am not sure if having a rookie head coach who was with the Patriots is enough to convince Dave gettleman to basically do something he has never done before he is still the general manager he is still in charge and I think he is going to do whatever he thinks is best and if that means sticking to the board end drafting whatever player a he has greeted highest. I think that is what's going to happen now if there are multiple guys with the same grade and they're getting they're getting those phone calls. NEC's value they are there then. I think that's when the trade does happen. I also think another thing that does play into. This is if someone trades in front of the giants up with the Redskins or the lions to put themselves in a position for a quarterback. I think that would be a domino domino effect for other teams to do so. We've seen that happened in the past that the minute that somebody does trade up to put themselves in a position to draft their next franchise quarterback other teams have followed suit. I think a good example is when the rams traded up to be in position to get jared Goff and then the eagles followed immediately after in trading up so that they could get Carson Wentz so if other people are willing to move up that could also very well influenced the situation of deciding to to trade back and out of that. Pick allow someone to take a quarterback the final question we have is from Danny one on one three four on instagram and he asked will. The giants re-sign Marcus golden or Leonard. Williams who is more valuable for the team mm-hmm I'm not so sure if they're going to sign either of them but if I were to pick one of the two I would probably say Marcus. Golden they have less talent and depth at ATP pass rusher than they do along the defensive line especially considering Leonard Williams is going to be seeking very hefty contract despite not really having the production to back it yet. That's where I'm going to go to. The giants can get Leonard Williams for today. Ed put his number right around eight million. That's still kind of too rich for me. Considering that Leonard Williams produced less than Olson despite getting being more reps I would say if giants could get Williams for around five million. That's not too much of a departure. Brum what they would have been paying third the third round pick had. They actually gotten him as a rookie. Instead of trading that pick for Williams I think as a number to pass rusher golden has more or value. He doesn't get pressure as consistently as as Williams does but he finishes which is something Williams just does not do a pressure is good. Pressure is is production but sacks are better and I think just if you're going to be paying the same amount of money I would rather give it to somebody who is at a position you I don't have as much depth that and does get those tax a right that is going to be it from us on the third installment of the mailbag show here on the Chris. Joe Show mixture you go and rain. Subscribe wherever you're listening to us and also false on social media at Big Blue View and you can follow me and Chris at Joe Delia. We own and at Raptor M._K..

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