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In the morning it's time to get off woodsy. The cowboys are in camp and he is. How does this end and does it do? Dallas's Super Bowl thoughts shefty is here which a very light plus he likes in his own quiet way sent a very loud message. It was noisy former teammate till you hear what he had to say and also this morning I will tell you why this is going to be the most dangerous man in sports very very soon all that and more as we get up with you on a raspy Ashby Friday from New York City we pick it up with the game of the morning this just ending. I'm going to pick up at four A._M.. Eastern time Mike dragged on the angels down eight six to the orioles bottom of fifteen trapped with bases-loaded and bats hatsaw rip up here we go Simmons Wolf schools ran he will score David Fletcher will get greedy and he's out by a mile. Take a look at this as not even close. Can't you close it in that cantor. Boy read the tag score remains tied today and on we go into the late night early morning we go to the sixteen top of the Frank. We're still tied to outs and a runner at first Jonathan V._R.. To the dish Jonathan V._R.. To the seats orioles that to run shop they take ten eight lead and incomes Stevie Wilkerson to do the pitching T._v.. Gama's game six hours and twenty minutes ago as the center fielder now. He's trying to close it out. The Tenth Orioles Pitcher sure the night and he gets out ghouls of all people on a pop like six hours nineteen minutes later the Orioles get a win in the game of the morning ten eight the final score and how about this Stevie Wilkerson became the first position player to record as saying Sim savings became official in nineteen sixty nine. He threw fourteen pitches not a single. One of them was even sixty miles an hour. Maybe everybody was just tired and I am doing my very best. I apologize immediately for the voice but I make it up to you because the Wonderful Jessica Mendoza is in our studio this morning to see shefty is here with all kinds of breaking news and Nikiel always is here so I see we got a ton to get through this morning and let us start with the huge story from the sump this to me is the biggest story in the National Football League because the Dallas cowboys arrived for training camp in California at seven ten in eastern last night and Ezekiel Elliott did not might most no question noticeably absent did not travel on the team plane here was some of his teammates to me scams a business and everybody has to treat created a such and I certainly pulled no hard feelings to anybody that's trying to do that <hes> and get the business done to protect themselves and their family so for me <hes> we're out here to work and we're GONNA work with the guys that we have <hes> and that's not a dig big anybody. That's how that's how it works I mean I know I'm here. That's that's that's the beautiful thing <hes> you know we're a team. We're GONNA be together. <hes> and I love the hell out of the fire. Obviously Jalen is another guy. They're going to need to figure out how to pay. Hey at some point now. Since Ezekiel Elliott joined the League in two thousand sixteen he has more than four thousand rushing yards that six hundred more than any other player is more than triple but the other cowboys running backs have had in those three seasons so let's come out here. We'll talk talk about it because to me. This is the most important story of the N._F._l.. Summer right now shefty where are they right now between Zeke and the CAL first of all the cowboys team playing left yesterday for Ochsner. I practice is not until tomorrow so we wait to see whether Zeke Elliott shows up this morning for physicals or for the first practice tomorrow or whenever but it certainly sounds ominous that he wasn't on that team playing and it certainly sounds like this could turn into what is becoming a trend around the league with holdouts doubts and if he does indeed follow through and hold out for new contract he would be well within his rights to demand top dollar for running back because he deserves that because of how good he is and what he's put his body through the cowboys also can to make an equally compelling argument that we had under contract this year for three point eight million next year for nine million we could franchise tag twice even three times so the thing about this one that makes it so interesting is both sides or write in their viewpoints and this guy is the most valuable player to a team that has super bowl hopes for the coming season that if he's not there there's no way that they're the same team so dominique. How does the same where does it go well? I hope for their thick ends with them. Impending because while everything you said is factually accurate. I think Zeke has so much leverage because we know how important winning a super bowl is to that city into that fan base which stresses bobby on that city and most importantly to that owner who's been out of the Super Bowl for far too long and right now they're team is well positioned as it's going to be from now into the foreseeable future to win a super bowl with all these young talented guys and the very best the fulcrum the engine of that offense if he doesn't come that significantly decreases the chance to win you say Dominique all these young talented guy you're right and Zeke does deserve every penny that he can get but here's the issue for the cowboys. You cannot pay Zeke Elliott's top dollar in Amari Cooper Dollars Dak Prescott topped dollars and jailed Smith top dollar and Byron Jones topped opt-out. You draw the line somewhere. No you can't pay them all that money in order to win into perpetuity but right now is their best chance. I think that it crippled disadvantages their team going forward but who cares if you win the Super Bowl we see this happening basketball a lot recently only where essentially the Lakers mortgage their entire future in the clippers morgues their entire feature to get a couple big stars in there to make some runs now the cowboys in the same position because they can go out and say no Zeke and if he doesn't show up they don't win this year and they could pay those other guys. It may not win the Super Bowl in the future how if at all the off field concerns with Ezekiel Elliott factor into this they don't at all I mean we're talking about Jerry Jones we go down the list of people that Jerry Jones paid had much more serious off field issues like I mean he he's the one and who went and got the debate Greg Hardy. He's one win paid Greg Hardy and then had the nerve to call Greg Hardy team leader so I think Jerry Jones is fine with the seats off the billions and unrelated Lee. We will have Michael Irvin on the program. That's all right table need to make your point so chef de. Where does it go from your? How does this thing play out going forward well again? We don't know and again the sides have been talking about a new deal. Zeke Elliott wants to be paid. Whatever it is fifteen sixteen million dollars year what's interesting is his people have gone silent radio radio silent and everybody so the fact that they're not saying anything would lead you to conclude that he's not going to be there today and he's not GonNa be there tomorrow and he's not going to be there until he gets a new deal and if you're Zeke Elliot and you're supposed to make three three point eight million dollars this year? Why would you step on a football field when you could be making fifteen sixteen million dollars you you don't WanNA put your body in harm's way at risk? Even if it means that the Dallas cowboys would not be. The anywhere close to being as formidable as they think they are going into this training camp which is again to your point to leverage but the Dallas cowboys they can say then don't come. We're not paying you what will nice year for the next four years correct and so we have ourselves a game of chicken. Let's see where it winds up. It could result in prolonged holdout speaking of which shefty has developing news this morning on twitter about an hour ago. I thought chargers Camp Opens Without Melvin Gordon Shefty. What is the late? This is not a good one greenie right now because because basically the two sides exchanged proposals this week and they are no closer to a deal today than they were before this now looks like it is going to be a prolonged absence that threatens to go into the regular season now again any of these doubts all these holdouts zeke Elliott Nolan Gordon Michael Thomas Yongin Godwin Jacksonville Fred Williams in Washington. They can change just like that this one. I don't think is going to change anytime soon. We'll be talking about this. One into the summer I believe and I think into the start of the season because the two sides just have diametrically opposed views right now the chargers want Melvin Gordon they've Valium Gordon but not fill level that he leave us himself that as a top back in this league and so there's not any common ground that these two sides are going to find which means that for the time being the chargers are GonNa rely on Austin cler and Justin Jackson in Detroit newsom understand why he's doing this because he didn't even he hasn't made as much money as Zeke Elliott up to this point but it concerns me because awesome heckler had almost seven yards per touch last year and understandably that's what sharing some time but this could really hurt Melvin Elven Gordon because he did go into the season and could be awesome for two weeks three weeks four weeks and this is going to decrease Gordon's value more and more we talked about Zeke. Elliott is the engine to that offense. I mean let's be honest. Melvin Gordon is not engine. He's he's the wheel or tire. He's a fantastic tire but he is not if they take if you take him out of that equation that often doesn't die the same way the cowboys without seeing. Let me give you a read into what I think could be next not necessarily what will be could be. He's not going to be there anytime soon. We get a week or two or three weeks. It's training camp another team to lose running back injury. When that happens how long will take for that team to call the chargers to make a trade offer to see if they could pry loose Melvin Gordon which he is under contract they can trade them and as long as they're willing willing to pay Melvin Gordon? We can have a deal so it would not surprise me if at some point later this summer we're hearing about trade talks regarding Melvin Gordon. This is very interesting. They haven't even started yet and it's already gotten very very interesting. You touched on another one of these and it's another superstar player who puts up superstar numbers in that is pro bowl wide receiver Michael Thomas he did not report for the Saints Camp yesterday still working on a long term contract extension with the team General Manager Mickey Loomis talked about the ongoing contract negotiations. Here's what he said this would be done and we both feel either real good about it or both feel real bad about it and and he'd be in here working and look. I one thing I know oh I know Mike. Thomas wants to be here so it's not it's not a question of of him not wanting to be here listen. He has a right to to negotiate and accepted or declined how he sees fit. I don't like the fact acted. He has a contract and he's not here but it's mad about it. Just that's just the way it is all right so thomas has been an elite player since he came to the League out of Ohio State in two thousand sixteen is three three hundred twenty one receptions. The most players I three seasons ever is one hundred twenty five cats as last year fifth most of the season in N._F._l.. History so once again I turn to chef de I asked the same question. Where are we now in New Orleans? I believe that's exactly what makes Michael Thomas Great Wide Receiver on the football field is what's hurting New Orleans in this contract negotiation Michael. Thomas plays with confidence a swagger feed me the football and it's the same thing in this negotiation association a cockiness swagger in attitude feed me my money. The seats already have offered to make him the highest aid wide receiver in football but he wants morning wants more because he knows he has leverage he knows how valuable is that both not that they may not be able to get to the super bowl without him that he's that good in that dominant on the Football Field v take him off that football field who is drew brees throwing the football to Alvin Kamara jared cook trae Kwan Smith Teigen. Are they going to be able to get New Orleans to the Super Bowl and so again. They don't seem to be that for a part in money but both sides are dug in where they're at at this current time now that could change just like that but where it's at today Michael Thomas it's not enough for me to be the highest paid wide receiver in football. I really want to be the highest paid what Dallas of Super Bowl caliber team they can't do without Zeke the chargers superbowl caliber team. You're saying maybe they can do it without Gordon. How about Thomas Obviously? The Saints are a superbowl caliber team. Can they do it without well. He's midst so much that offense up to this point. I could understand somebody formulating argument around how drew brees is an M._v._p.. Caliber quarterback and Sean Payton is one of the best offense of minds that we have an elite and Alvin Kamara is one of the best backs in the league. You put all that together and you like to think that they can put something out there. That is serviceable but it's hard to imagine this offense without Michael Thomas no he's not a big big play threat. He's a reliable guy that keeps the chains moving which then in turn helped helps out your defense I think he deserves to get paid whether it's the difference between nineteen and twenty the twenty five now now we're getting a little iffy about what you can do your team going forward but I think because we all accept that drew brees as he ages is more reliant on the skill players around him. This is a deal that they have to get done because that window is closing. Drew brees is career on their super bowl hopes and let Mississippi screening in other years. We've seen a rare isolated holdout Aaron Donald going to his first training camp today since two thousand sixteen and we used to see back in the day before the current C._v._A.. Rookies routinely holdout because they were unsigned but I don't recall a summer ever and the N._F._l.. Where we saw the number of veterans that there are right now holding out and I think we are seeing a change in the attitudes and behavior savior of players that traces partly to the N._B._A.? That traces partly to the current C._B._A.. The N._B._A. The mix it together and we've got a situation where players are being tougher stronger greedier greedier greedier and a good way headway ingredient that ever be or is that a bad thing about what they can get from teams because we've never seen all these holdouts veteran holdouts players under contract and that doesn't even include Demi Clowney. WHO's an unsigned franchise player is not taking him to hold out but he's not a cable that they see the basketball players exercising all the leverage they have the football players have no leverage beyond withholding their services so here they are doing it? Let's go on with what's happening around training camps around the national. Channel football talk about the Indianapolis Colts who made the playoffs for the first time since twenty fourteen last year and expectations are even greater going forward according to football power next they have a forty percent chance to win the division which would be the first time since two thousand fourteen gene Andrew Luck is of course the biggest reason he's coming off a season in which he said career highs and Q._B._R.. and completion percentage but he was held out spring practices as a precaution because of a calf injury. He's looking to play all sixteen games in back to back years as for the first time in a long time and head coach Frank Reich said Kevin durant injury played a role in the way they're handling this. We didn't really talk about it but I think we all know it. I mean I I was thinking you know I'm certainly thinking and <hes> I didn't have that conversation with Chris or with any of our trainers but that's this business you know when when you see when you see something like that happened. You're like Oh yeah. That's that's why you'd be. That's why you do what we're doing and it was kind of like unspoken truth. You know that's why let's be cautious about this all right so this is interesting to me that they took a look at that situation with luck. Obviously the worries about the shoulder but what do you make of that. They're looking dominique at the N._B._A.. Forgot fantastic because you could take that quote and apply to Zeke Elliott also like it's the same thing it's just from a different perspective where they look like they're trying to protect organizations investment going forward. These players are trying to protect their livelihood and their investment in themselves going for so I love with Frank Reich said and I love what he's doing with. I'm Andrew luck the N._B._A.. Seeping this much into the N._F._l.. Contracts and injuries and all the other ways that training camp is unfolding but look. There's no reason to force Andrew luck out there unless you are a hundred percent convinced the he is healthy and he's not gonNa take the pounding on that calf and Achilles area and by the way they're saying Cath own they compared Kevin durant century. I wonder how much that Achilles is susceptible and typically a lot of times when players tear Achilles you couldn't complain like Richard. Sherman was out there on the injury report with a weakened Achilles and of course it pops and that's Thursday night game so I wonder how severe that Achilles injury is looking how much of a concern that would be for them. One way or another there are certain players in the league teams just flat. I cannot afford to lose. This obviously is right at the top of the list. This is a super bowl team with an M._v._p.. Candidate quarterback. Let's get up and go as I rest my way through. The CAESARS sportsbook released their N._B._A.. Season Win totals for next year and Janas onto compose Milwaukee Bucks top the league at fifty seven wins. The new look clippers are tops in these stats western conference at fifty five and a half. Let's take a look at some of the other teams and they're over under totals here. See where you might be interested in in taking a little action Philly as the only other east team besides Milwaukee where the wind total over fifty and overall the seven different teams over under of at least fifty wins would be the most to start a season since twenty thirteen there was more parody in that league than ever before to baseball and historic night for the Red Sox they explode for nineteen runs as they blow out the Yankees at fenway the nineteen runs the most the red sox have ever scored against the Yanks in their twenty one thousand three hundred and two regular season meetings that fourteen extra base hits tied for the second most in a game in team history Zander Bogart's pace the attack he had two home runs four R._B._I.'s eight different Red Sox Ted multiple R._B._i.'s on the night that was a one sided affair while the trade deadline less than a week away and there is no more intriguing surrounding storyline than the mets starter Noah syndergaard rival evaluators have been telling our buster only the team will trade the right hander now before the July thirty deadline and let me bring in our baseball insider buster only for the very latest buster. I feel like it's been on and off with Syndergaard all summer long. Why are the mets determined to get this done now? Greeny for a couple reasons one obviously syndergaard hasn't been as good for the mets as maybe they would've made -ticipant it with an era over four and they know that other teams are absolutely frothing at the idea of trying to bring him in and tap into that talent teams like the Padres padres maybe the Houston Astros but also while the mets are a big market team. They're not a big budget team and this winter in less they make roster adjustments. They're going to bump into some financial issues so trading syndergaard would not only bring in young players that they need but also they would allow them to help manage the payroll moving forward all right. Stay in the same city the Yankees getting blown out by the red SOx as we mentioned before how does that impact if at all what they do the next few days drain there's no question it ratchets up up the urgency for Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman to go out and make a trait whether it's for Marcus Stroman of the Toronto Blue Jays Robbie ray of the Arizona diamondbacks Baby Trevor Bauer if they can prime away from the Cleveland Indians over the last six games the Yankee not starters have a fifteen point five nine era. I think a week ago Frank Cashman was hoping that if he didn't make a trade for pitcher before the deadline then he'd be able to figure it out from within hope that Luis Severino would come back at the end of August and be able to add something to rotation but the struggles lately the absolute fragmented this Yankees rotation. They need pitching help now going to be an interesting few days buster. Only thanks we get back to football as we continue Aaron Rodgers New Jersey a new leader and Matt Leflore will that change your head coach mean another packers trip through the playoffs and this weekend the executives may have woken up a sleeping king what they're saying about the Brown and what he's GonNa do in response on the way it's on e._S._p._N.. Get up is brought to you by is fed co vodka who encourages you to bring your own spirit enjoy responsibly and by the Lexus golden opportunities sales event now for a limited time I test does give me a little play by play. Watch this pitch from Jacob degrom and tell me what you're supposed to do with this I if the ground yesterday another jammed from an here's the big try to stay on your feet. I mean just oh Lord if bugs bunny all over the it was terrific yesterday getting the mets may trade syndergaard. We'll see should be an interesting. Let's take a look what we have coming up in five minutes. Eli Manning says just shut up to a former teammate beyond that Lebron James Getting set to go medieval on the N._B._A.. N._B._A.. This fall and Michael Irvin will join us live in our next hour all that more as we continue it's E._s._p._N.. When it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast? That's why you need indeed dot Com post. A job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. Board and when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsor jobs new users can try for free at indeed dot com slash getup. That's indeed dot com slash get up terms conditions and quality standards apply. We are back on get up and here are the main storylines this year for the N._F._C.. North after a crushing defeat to the Eagles in the wild card game last year the bears will be looking to make the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time since two thousand five two thousand six the left to hold off Batman Arron Rogers a new head coach for the first time as a starting quarterback Matt leflore takes over after spending the last two years as seen for the rams ain't titans. How about the vikings can they get kirk cousins going last year he finished with a career career high thirty touchdowns but they missed the playoffs a year after making it to within a game of the Super Bowl and then the lions enter their second season under Matt Patricia last year six and ten last in the N._F._C. North for the first time since twenty twelve and look who's here booger McFarland is ready to go as we spent this entire week analyzing division by division across the National Football League and we've arrived at the N._F._C. North which may very well be the best division in the N._F._l.? So booger first question who is the most important the player in the division. It's gotta be Kirk Cousins Green you know two years ago when the Minnesota Vikings were trying to make their run and they were trying to figure out. How do we maximize his talent? They need a quarterback. Okay now. All of a sudden you bring in Kurt cousins. He's the quarterback of the future. That's supposed to take all this talent and push it the top when you didn't play that way lashing so if you're gonNA take one of the best losses in the national football league dabbled cooking backfield running the football that defense the outside somebody has to get the ball to the these the most important guy for probably the most talented team yeah I look at it does feel with cousins like if not now when you set up your warm there so there are a lot of usual suspects in the division. How about someone under the radar? WHO's GonNa have a sneaky big year? David Montgomery freshly drafted running back for Chicago bears. Jordan Howard is no longer there we know about to record coin but they want to run the football in his own skin. He comes from our with state where they ran the exact same Schema zone scheme we could make one cut and get down here. Matt Nagy is masterminded using weapons. He has a weapon and David Montgomery use them well like that. One Lot speaking of negative brings us to the coaches which is the coach and the division under the most pressure is got to be we'd be hearing about this been going back and forth with his quarterback Matt Leflore Aaron Rodgers is arguably the most talented quarterback that this league is seen in some time and you have have to be able to maximize their talented getting them to another suitable. He's one one but I think it would be a shame for quarterback that talented only to win. One and Matt Leflore has been given the charge of how do you get. This guy brings us out of him on this roster. He's got to get along with quarterback. I like that a lot. It does feel like if it goes well. He'll be the last code yeah there's ever has so that pardon me is his job so finally who wins the N._F._C. North this year bath does Chicago bears because I trust what they're doing with Matinee Gay Mitchell trubisky what I trust more with Kirk cousins has feel to prove to me that he can be the quarterback that can lead all that talent. I know what they're doing Chicago and that defense is Dynamite del bears. They're uh-huh outstanding work. We'll do more divisions as we continue booger Mcfarland the best meanwhile let us work our way to New York Lot. Old Male Beckham is turning heads at his first training camp with the browns. Eli Manning and the giants are moving on without him and Eli was John N._F._l.. Network yesterday asked about Beckham's recent comments to G Q in which he said he was the reason the giants were getting any primetime games the last couple of years he Li- had a fascinating response I don't they they bothered me. <hes> just you just shake your head and laugh. You're laughing. I think those two rings a little bit too few games before he was here a couple of yeah all right so maybe curt con of human just say that second part but by Eli standards that's throwing some absolutely stunning known Odell Beckham and I'm here for it. It was hilarious enjoyed it very much because you think about what Eli is done you think about the receivers that he threw through some of the best passes in N._F._l.. History silent passing in the Super Bowl Manning Ham is one of the best I've ever seen fantastic and he made David tyree into a legend well. Maybe a little luck and God maybe but that was legendary. He did all that without Odell Beckham through a test down a big lead. Take down to a man who shot himself like Eli Manning Kim Ball. He has a long history and he's showing Odell Beckham Beckham to be fair the biggest game he ever played in he had two drops one within the end zone. Only twenty eight yards that playoff game against the packers had controversy in the lead up the receivers went to listen. I'm not here to try and question Odell greatness as great. He's an unbelievable player and I don't question his work ethic or any of that but sometimes it's enough like the New York giants were around ninety years before Odell. Beckham got there sometimes to say that he was the only reason this it's a window into the soul. I like Eli speaking listen. It was very manning like it was a very passive aggressive little bit yeah at Odell Beckham what you'd expect romantic and very rarely do the manning's go and venture into a territory white that I'm Payton Manning once called Mike Bandou Jack at the Pro Bowl idiots drunk can kick kick liquor dot whatever whatever was okay so that was a little bit more. This was more subtle over more eli like but just as effective in sending the message that yes as you mentioned greeting. The giants have been around a long time. They are a long story franchising yes. They've been a bad team in recent years and yes Odell Beckham. Junior was the main attraction football team but he's not the only reason that they had no. He may be the main attraction in the entire N._F._l.. Right now no one is questioning that but I will ask you dominique a similar question to what I've asked about the steelers having Antonio Brown out of there having Levy on bail out of their whatever it is that comes with them well that make them better do the giants actually now get better without Odell Beckham in their midst. It's hard to imagine that they can get better without a player like that but there's an argument that to be saying about locker room presence and the impact that has something that you can't predict but the reason why I don't necessarily think it works in this case is because no one has ever said anything unkind about Odell Beckham as a teammate. Most people like a teammate. They get annoyed with some of the other antics but I don't think subtracting Odell Beckham talent. I don't think that's going to have any positive impact that or his attitude subtracting that it's not going to have a positive impact compared to what you lose when you take out his talent so this team is definitely going to be worth without back and expectations for this team just not very high so even if they play okay. I think that's probably more than many giant. Fans are expecting this upcoming season look yesterday. Sterling Shepard fractured his thumb we tweak he is going to be questionable for the start of the season. So now you're down Beckham. You're down shepherd. We haven't even started not really going through drills and preseason games elusive more people and then what's going to happen then so this team has a real challenge on and so how does all of that is the final thought on this play into the development of Daniel Jones yeah you live area dental Lobski telling me yesterday he still. uh-huh believes Eli as good football left in him. How does all of this factor into the change in quarterback yeah I mean I think it precipitates to change a lot sooner than we expect? I'm not someone who thinks that Daniel Jones is gonna sit on the sideline all year. They drafted him high because I wanNA play listen. Eli Manning gets it's the quarterback this football team. He's earned that right okay and as long as they're winning as long as they're winning. They're not winning okay. As long as they're winning competing. He plays the moment they fold say three and six four and seven and they're not gonNa make the place and it's obvious they're not going to the bus at that point that we may be when the torch is passed. Well look you saw eline Kurt Warner sitting there. That was the torch once upon a time and now here it comes again. We will have a lot more football as we go but let's get some baseball because we are rapidly approaching the trade deadline and we had some news yesterday of a different sort former rocky and current Yankee Troy Lewinsky announced his retirement. He's miss most of the last two years with leg injuries. He was the rookie of the year runner up in two thousand seven. What helped the rockies make the world series for? What was the first time in franchise history to Lewinsky is now set to join the Texas Longhorns coaching staff and he retires with a five point five wins above replacement per one hundred sixty two games which is better than and an extraordinary list of players all the famous Barry Larkin Cal ripken Ozzie Smith to name a few at two hundred twenty three home runs as a shortstop seventh most in baseball history? WE'RE DELIGHTED TO HAVE JESSICA Mendoza with us here from Sunday night baseball. Let's let's get to the trade deadline because we're five days away as we speak right now. We'll do the American league. We'll do the national league in our next hour in your mind which is the favorite in the American league right now the Yankees and this is a team and they're coming off of a huge loss against the red sox last night but if you look at their offense everything that they've been able to provide throughout the entire season but with the trade deadline and I feel like it has never been more potent than right now they GINKICHI's half to get pitching and if you just look at the last two months they've had a five eight E._R._A.. A within their starting pitching the last five games alone fifty four runs total that they're pitching has given up forty just from their starting pitching and yes we can talk Aaron Judge and D._J.. Lemay Hugh Edwin encarnacion and all the offensive Juggernaut yeah they have and what they can do and the guys that are hurt and they can come back but if they don't pitch they're not going to be able to go far. I get it but here's the question I would ask her. I went back and looked at their postseason. From a year ago in all of they played a total of five postseason games only one starting pitcher. She went more than five innings in those five games for either team yeah so are we now living in a world. You and I both remember a time when the starting pitching was all that mattered is that still the case no I feel like it is very different now where they need starting pitching thing but I think they need starting pitching to get them almost as an opener right those three innings to get them to the bullpen and remember Luis Severino coming back to this team so you have a starting pitcher that can probably be utilized either as an opener or in the bullpen so you have these options but you're right Greenie. I think for them. It's about getting a starter that can get them one time through the order maybe twice to get to the big arms in their bullpen. Isn't that unbelievable crazy is this is where we live right now a major league baseball in two thousand nine hundred more from Jessica as we continue. We'll do the national league in our next hour as well. I also want to make sure you know the seventh annual International Champions Cup continues with the first Madrid Derby outside of Europe Rail Madrid taking on Athletico Madrid and it's at metlife stadium tonight eight eastern. You'll see it on E._S._P._N.. And the E._S._p._N.. See an appetite for your soccer needs checkout E._s._p._N.. APP See on E._S._P._N.. Plus every day coming up after a legendary playoff run coli Leonard Status in the N._B._A.. Has Reached new levels. What Will Lebron James Think of that? I've got got an opinion get. This is interesting E._S._P._N.. Tim bontemps recently survey. Twenty executives and coaches is around the N._B._A.. About the repercussions of this off season and one of the questions was who's the best player in the League and not one of the twenty geniuses surveyed picked Lebron James here the answers they did give Kawhi Leonard was voted voted. The top player in the League with twelve votes the regular season M._v._p.. Janas Antica Kunpho finished second in the survey with six and James Harden was the only other player to get any votes at all all right so Jalen and Jacoby here here with us. I made this point on the air the other day in the reverse order about Aaron Rodgers and I compared him to Lebron James. I will make it once again gentlemen. It is my contention that Lebron James is getting ready to go medieval yeah on the N._B._A.. Okay he has sat back back for the last several months and heard his name slandered which I think this constitutes in a way that is unimaginable to me on this very program and I'll admit it we spent practically two months debating and changing our minds every other day over who is the best player in basketball never once. Did someone say actually it's still Lebron James. He's only been gone for a short period of time. I think Lebron is gonNA come back on a scorched earth tour all this Taco Tuesday stuff is fun. I solution I love it. I Love Jovial Lebron but I think we are getting angry. Motivated well rested Lebron next year and he may very well despite his age have as good a year as he's ever had your thought to represent the landscape of what being a player is all all about and there's a difference between being the best player and the most accomplished player okay. There's a reason why they give away player of the week player of the month regular season M._v._p.. And Finals M._v._p.. These are all all different stages Lebron. James Greenie over the last three to five years to me has been playing three-car Monty with three players is been Lebron is being K.. D. and it's been COA musical chairs for WHO's the best yes but I can't go into this year's training camp and act like Kawhi Leonard didn't just go to the Raptors and win the championship finals m._v._p.. Shoot Down The Philadelphia Seventy sixers take out the Greek freak. Take out the goal. They were without K.. D. Lebron team didn't make the playoffs I gotta give Kuwata number one spot right now. I agree with you. That Lebron is gonNA come back with a vengeance but right now and not Lebron would have to agree with this the king the court has to be caught entering reasonable. I not only do I not agree with Lebron does not agree with you. I agree with green okay. Here's the thing the Bron James Twenty seven and a half points eight and a half his eight and a half rebounds those are good numbers and we talked about eight number ever since his last year in Cleveland before he went to Miami the two thousand ten season those are kind of his peak numbers the last two years we're close to that like he has been producing on the court and this is just recently bias. Yes squad Leonard. We talked about Shooting Out Philadelphia that ball one of those bounces doesn't go right. We're not having him in this conversation right now. This is recently. We haven't seen as we've seen in the playoffs last time he was in the playoffs thirty four points nine rebounds nine assists you. We're GONNA see that Lebron. On next to you okay so let let me rephrase the question because I like the way you put that okay. There's a lot of different ways to define best and most accomplished. I get it if you had to pick one play right now to say I want to my only goal is to win a championship and I will pick one. Yes us one guy who's ready to win it but I can have anybody on my team and say I'll start with that guy to try and win a championship. Are you telling me that guy wouldn't be Lebron. James Lebron James. I'm saying it'd be Kuwa- going into next year Lebron's in a seventeen season and let me tell you a couple of things on the floor that Mister Leonard is going to do the Lebron won't be required to do. That's actually defend his position and the best player on the other team help and rotate and do certain things that Lebron is GonNa have the young fellas doing rightfully Lee so he's earned the autonomy to not try to be a lockdown defender Kuwa- winner is going to be all defense and he's going to be all N._B._A.. Lebron is going to be one of those two. Let's see let's see Lebron. James plays more than sixty games this year because outlasts manages Lebron manages. He doesn't play defense. That's his load load management right. I'm wondering that Lebron does the quite doesn't do. He play makes he makes the team. Better at quiet gets his own buckets. Lebron gets everybody book. It's true story four and they put you on us on for the breakdown again. It was got twelve votes. Janas got six votes and hardened got votes. Does that seem about right to you. John is to me feels like the guy that if he takes there's something about his attitude and mental makeup that he feels like it was going to put all the work into all this conversations about Ben Simmons. I have nothing but confidence is going to do all of that and more Janas feels the guy who's ready to come on and become that guy he is and people are underestimating. The fact. The books had the best record in a game he was the M._v._p.. And like you say he's going to continue to improve surrounded by shooters as well we any conversation. All of the guys that we mentioned are the top five in the game. I mean Katie and then you watching you mentioned James Harden. You Watch rockets game. This is an unstoppable offensive fourth. I cannot stop the entire team cannot stop them so it is so close it's we're talking about. I think if there's one way that we send up the conversation it is it in this case Green Jacobean right yes yes and as you guys thank you very much and we turn our attention back to the national football league. We're training camps are opening all over the place today. The cowboys the chiefs the rams rams the raiders the forty niners and the bengals all report the training campaign with that it truly feels like the N._F._l.. Season has officially begun and so the honor representing today's fundamentalist goes to our N._F._l.. Insider extraordinary thank you want it only Adam Schefter who will give the five biggest storylines of this training camp season in the N._F._l.. Shefty Oh Weiner start with number five green and this is a story that I think fans don't appreciate but I think is incredibly significant to the N._F._l.. And Its future and that is the impending C._B._A.. The talks that are going on. I think there's more optimism on both sides now that they'll be able to get a collective bargaining agreement hammered out at some point this season to set up the next decade or so so that the owners can go seldom media rights and the next contract once the T._v.. Rights notice the media right. We don't know what form football is going to be consumed in in the future but it's going to be an extraordinary deal. It's going to be a huge deal and before that deal can get done. They have to get the job done and I think that is one of the main storyline in season. Even though I think fans go they don't care as long as the Games don't go away and you're telling us they are going to go away so that's good news this so let's go on the field. That's number four number four. I think at this point you have to go with the Pittsburgh steelers their minus Levian bill their minus Antonio Brown. They're off a season in which they disappointed. This is a tremendous shift. We've heard so much about the killer bees in Pittsburgh. There's one be left Ben Rothlisberger who's GonNa Merge James Connor Jalen Sanyal James Washington dotty mockery. Somebody has to pick up the slack. This is an organization that has been very UN Pittsburgh like very characteristic in it's chaos well. They extended my Tomlin's contract by one year a little bit more stability trying to get back to where the steelers are used to being which is stable and in the postseason season works. They weren't last year a very interesting division. Okay what's number three speaking of the division anyway look at number three you go with the Cleveland Browns. Everybody's all fired up about Cleveland right so much hype so much excitement Odell Beckham junior is not the the only reason that on Monday night football what he's one of the main reasons that they're on Monday night football Baker Mayfield. This feels like the first time since Cleveland is backing Cleveland the N._F._L.'s back there and the browns are back in the N._F._l.. That The browns are legitimate playoff contender. The question is can the production live up to all the hype the excitement the optimism that's there but the fact that Cleveland is so relevant is one of the main storylines of this offender really good one I think for the National Football Football League right what's number two and we're going to go with the New England Patriots defending their Super Bowl title but not just defending their super bowl title doing it without Rob Gronkowski. We're Julian with a broken thumb with Sony Michelle on the published with a knee injury with a team that once again is lacking offensive weapons but they do. Tom Brady they do a bill. Check same old same old rinse and repeat same as it ever was greeny and as long as those two men are there Brady and bill check. All things are are possible so as New England sets out to defend. It's Super Bowl title that to me is the second biggest storyline in this young and it felt I could tell you Dan Orlovsky thinks they're going to be better this year than they were a year ago and that leads us what number one I hate eight to be a prisoner of the moment greenie but I think that's significant the holdouts okay because we're talking about holdouts on really good football teams with primary players Zeke Elliott may or may not be with the Dallas Cowboys Melvin Gordon his holdout all that is going to be a long and it's GonNa last the summer you have Washington Trent Williams. You've got yawning Godwin Jacksonville. He Got Michael Thomasson Juan's book the Saints Cowboys chargers Jaguars. They will have super bowl hopes. They're all missing primary pieces here but more than just these teams missing pieces is the idea where in recent seasons we've begun to see N._F._l.. Players reached for more power last summer Aaron. Donald holds olds out. That's a big deal Khalil Mack as away forces a trade players have forced trades trying to get bigger contracts. I think there's a bigger storyline unfolding in addition to the major blows that it is to these teams that can be real competitor and it's going keep shefty awfully busy over the next couple of weeks extraordinarily. Well done remind you that tonight. We've got soccer. Football of a different kind are next M._l._S. match to the top scores to the top teams in the league L. A._F._C.. Taking on Atlanta United that's ten eastern on E._S._P._N..

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