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Are you struggling to publish profitable books? Would you like to know how to find profitable nations in self publishing than stay tuned? Today's pot gaps. This is so publishing with Dale where you'll learn to publish books that sell and build an unstoppable, author brand before we jump into things. I wanted to let you know that today's episode is brought to you in part by the DIY publishing. Course unlimited lifetime access for those that are not in the know if you would like to get access you want to go. Visit DIY publishing dot biz slash podcast and used the coupon code podcast for ten percent off lifetime access to the I publishing. Course you might ask was the I publishing listen. This is the catch all everything that you're going to need to know within the world of self publishing in, it is a course that is quite possibly, the most comprehensive publishing. Course you're going to see on the market today, and it continues to grow if you'd like to get access to the lifetime access. Again, head over the publishing biz lash podcast and used the coupon. Code podcast to get ten percent off. All right. So today, we're gonna talk a little bit about self publishable on Amazon. We're going to focus on this area. In researching profitable niches now, you might hear me from time to time, I'll say, knees niche either way, I'm just saying categories in the specific area that your book should be related under. So the big problem is. A lot of people are either low sales because they probably didn't you lies right nations. Or they pick the right ones, or they went into something that was not very profitable either. They got unclear direction. Maybe even have overwhelm. I see so many authors, aspiring authors. More importantly, that get older wellm. They're like, oh, you know, minds genre bending, you know, book, it goes under these science fiction and also knitting, you know, of like, oh, well, it was, so there's sometimes that overwhelm. And again unclear direction, and sometimes there's those that want the path of least resistance and a coup to you and I can respect that. But it's the other lot of people and I'll talk about each one of these pain points in specific and in particular. So we'll get to each one of those. Let's talk about overwhelm if you're new to the business. It's going to feel like trying to learn brand new language in between review Asians, like Katie p acoss, and AM, S A, and all these types of things, and then having to figure out, you know what, what does royalty mean would do. I get my paychecks. I heard I have to market through this way. I don't wanna market that way heard I could get banned if I have two accounts all my gosh, if you're new to this business, take deep breath. Take a breath. I would say the very first thing when I recommend to you, as a newbie is fright, the content I get that part of the process nailed down before you start thinking about the next step. There's going to be some people that will argue against what I'm saying. But I'm gonna tell you that it has not led me astray as wells any, my coaching students. If you just take it one bite at a time. If you're in a stab wished, self publisher bleed third actually are some established self publishers that have been around for longer than I have, and they are still overwhelmed. And that's, that's okay. It's just how you cope with that overwhelm that's going to hopefully, get you more success in this business. And that's what we're trying to shoot for so overwhelm can happen on clear direction as the next thing. I know there's some people out there that don't like to set goals, like, I don't set goals. B's don't meet them, then I feel bad, and then I quit. Well, if you try to Mosey on about from one thing to the next you're not going to get very much results. I want you to think about goal setting kind like dartboard. You wanna make sure that you see where the bulls is that you don't wanna have a blindfold on you wanna look at that everybody's trying to shoot for the, the bullseye typically depends on the game that you're playing either way. We're aiming for that bullseye. So I wanna aim at that, that way, when I throw that dart able to analyze wherever it hits how I wanna throw it again on the very next try, it may not hit that bullseye. And if it doesn't hit that bulls, I think, to myself, of course, correct. And he figure out how I can better hit that. And then keep Anna. Allies in that as you go forward. So that's what goal setting is. You gotta know your destinations that way, you can figure out what you need to do to get to that point, a lot of people like Dale. How does have do anything with researching breathable nieces? Stay with me. I'll twenty hit these few pain points. And I'm a really really cover it. Next thing is diem. Oh, you hear me say this from time to time with some of my students? Even heard me say this daily method of operation you need to have some type of daily method of operation something that gets you from point a to point be some people call this a to do list, that's fine. If he call do this. I call my demo I have one on my desk, and it actually has everything that I want to do in this is broken down according to the priorities of mice specific goals. I've got a goal I wanna do X amount of publications over the course of the next year. Okay. I need to kind of work backwards from there. What do I need to do to get to that say one publication per month? Well, I need to see about creating one publication per month. All right. So how long is each one of those books, ten thousand words, one hundred thousand words need to break those down into smaller bits, so that diem? Oh, is going to help you understand it your directions. It's the way that you can navigate from one day to the next and. I know exactly what your priority is. I bought my priority at the very top that strongest one in the lease strongest priority at the very bottom of him. And from one day to the next item revolving that list, and I get it to where I know from one day to the next what I'm going to be doing. There's gonna come some days when you're like, I don't feel like messing with this. It's okay put a pen and do it in comeback to another day. It's all right. To actually just give it a pause every now, and then the most important thing, folks is you need to have clear actionable and beige Rable results. Okay. Actual steps and measurable results easy for me to say because they goals, equal vague results. Remember that you can say to yourself. Well, I want to be successful and self publishing. What is that? I mean, is it publishing a single book, I can help you at that, that super simple or is it making ten grand per month publishing books? Or is it a thousand dollars a month part time over the next year get specific about what you're going to do with your goals? Because just saying. I just wanna make money. That's great Burger King's hiring, and it it's there's so many ways, you can make money. I need you to get dialed in what you're going to do. And you don't need to share it with me by any stretch in you. Don't need to, you know, feel obligated to that. Okay. It's just a good thing. Have that out there and get it to where, you know where you're going. Why are going there and how you feel when you get there our right? Let's go over to the path of least resistance, and that I'm gonna go ahead and talk to you a little bit about low sales and how we can address those was researching profitable Asia's, the path the least resistance, folks. This is the people that think about the easy button, the get rich quick and self publishing. If anybody tells us businesses easy. Hold onto your wallet. Guided Garnett guided guided into your back pocket guard it there you go. And you wanna make sure that you understand that this is not a get rich quick business. There are some folks that are exception to the rule, but they're unicorns. There are some people that get into business thirty days in their crushing twenty five hundred dollars per month. Ten grand per month fifteen twenty that's awesome. That's fantastic. They are the exception to the rule. So I don't want to dissuade you into thinking that sell publishing business is not worth it, it certainly is. But you're gonna have to work, it, you're going to have to put in the work. So what I'd recommend identify your passion or something, you can competently get behind for a long time to come. The reason I say, this is you might look at something like a Nisha, like adult baby diaper, romance, by the way, totally Israel, adult baby diaper lover, AB Ellison's called by the insiders. I don't dig this type of content, but there is a barechested reading on of this type of content, and you can make a pretty substantial living, producing this type content. But can you imagine worst case scenario? You go. And you do one inside a niche that you really don't care about K worst case scenario, then you're stuck with the scab with this work that you don't like doing, but can you imagine if you did enjoy something like where bear shape, Shifter romance or a car repair manuals or any type of thing? Imagine if you just at least either had it as a passion of yours or you can constantly get behind it. So, for instance, not that I've done this before. I enjoy watching things about real estate investing. It's just bass needing to me. I just like consuming the type of content. I could probably get into that. And maybe even find some good freelance writers to build a brand around that. However, you couldn't get me the save my life into a b l just it's not it's not something I enjoy it. Can only imagine just I wouldn't care about it. I don't care. So that would suck if I'm stuck with ABC L. But if I was stuck with publication that was about real estate investing, at least in the course of me publishing this book, I probably enjoy the process, it would enjoy reading the content. I would enjoy promoting and marketing this stuff the best case scenario here. Regardless talk about the best case in I like to be optimistic. Let's say your book succeeds. Let's say you're books exceeds. All right. We'll say my real estate investing example here. It's exceed man. I get to publish stuff that I enjoy that. I'm somewhat passionate about and it succeeds it crushes it. This is where I think. Would be very rewarding because I'm doing something that a enjoy, and I'm getting rewarded for it in them not regretting having to spend more time on it. Here's where I say, why not regretting this because the thing is you imagine if you had this. AB L let's just pretend some people be like I would kill for that Dale. That'd be awesome. Let's say you're getting ten gram per month on. ABC L. But you just hated you like the paychecks great. But can you imagine you have to keep marketing and promoting this, you'd have to keep putting out more interational underneath this brand? You have to keep growing it enough to while it just becomes a paycheck and you're gonna learn that in due time when you just try to go after that, paycheck, you start to resent the stuff that you're doing, this is why try to tell people go for that passion, or gopher, something that least interests you. So. Now, you see why I'm shifting? I'm kinda talking about researching profitably issues because before we start talking about researching it. Those are two things that try to tell people it's get those two things dialed in are you passionate about it? Or you least interested in it. Because if you aren't chasing after you're chasing after the dollars and the dollar should be chasing after you, you shouldn't be running after that, because it's so disheartening. Let's say you finally get that dollar amount down. Again, you're gonna eventually live to resent that's thing. So let's talk about low sales make that hard shift. We're gonna take that hard left here. It all starts with researching the market. What do you like he? Yep. I, I'm going back to the wellness one talking about passion or something, you're interested in what do you like, because you're going to be more susceptible to enjoying the content that you're gonna be producing. I was talking to a young self publisher the other day video chat. This was a great conversation and can't say his name because it didn't ask for Britian, but I found that he was actually a Google had words expert house, like, dude. That's phenomenal. If you put anything out on that, and he's like no I ever thought about I was like, do you enjoy doing your job? Absolutely. I'm like you are insane. Why aren't you taking advantage and that would be like me? I'm into fitness. Former personal trainer used to work with senior citizens in the healthcare industry, even doing fitness with them. It would be nuts that I wouldn't share that passion with the world. And thankfully, I did take advantage of that. And it's real. Paid off in spades over these years. So think about what you like I now the thing is who likes to. It's not enough that you're passionate about or that you're interested in it. It's even more important that you find the audience that likes it too. So this is where you're going to end. And I'm gonna talk a little bit about the bestseller rank here in just a minute. You need proof of concept. It's not enough that you like it or that you share your cover, or the idea that you have with friends and family and they like it. You need to have an actual market to send it to because otherwise it's going to be an uphill battle, it's already uphill battle. But you're making even more of a steep drive up this hill in order to actually meet your goals. Next thing is where does your audience congregate? So you decided what did you like he researched who likes to where does this audience congregate? This is so important. Not of people skip this. They don't think about social media man social media. There's so many ways you can make shake bake it. There's so many different bible options. But sometimes people make the mistake in thinking that their audience lies on all of those platforms, and it's not true. It's not you're going to have to really study and take your time. And I'm not going to go into. The full studying social media where you're gonna find all you differ reading audiences. Just do your do diligence, chances are, if you're passionate about what you're going to be talking, or at least semi interested. You might have a pretty good clue as to where the audience has already congregating. Why do you want to know where they're at these? You wanna start connecting with them before you write chapter one, you need to have already started breaking ground with people and getting to know them and making an authentic and genuine relationship. Because when you get ready to watch your book, you can have a little bit help. With beta reading maybe you can find somebody that will, you know, look at your covers give you some feedback, you know, pick a look at your copy page give you recommendations on pricing. You shouldn't do this whole journey on your own. And that's why I say fine where you audience congregating. Next thing is here we go. Here comes the meat of what I was going to talk about today. It is gathered the keywords in common. Search phrases. Oh. Because it's a podcast, it's kind of tough for me to kind of verbally walk you through this. And how you're finding the keywords, generally speaking, if you're once again, passionate about or semi interested in, you probably know if you buzzwords within that specific niche that you can use for your research. So here's a general overview, go over to Amazon preferably. Open up incognito browsers that way. It's not a dirty research that you're doing you wanna make sure it's clean as possible. See open up your browser in incognito. Go to Amazon gin to the Kendal store or the bookstore. Start to type in your specific keyword, and don't press enter allow the auto suggest to populate in show you what is commonly searched for on the Amazon marketplace. And this is going to give you a plethora of options. Now, if you go real, obscure, the chances are pretty likely prowler could have very many suggestions. But just as an example, you can try this when you get the opportunity in front of computer. Go to Amazon opened the kindle store start to pipe in something simple, like workout or exercise fitness, promise you, it's going to auto suggest a lot. It's going to populate tons there in it's going to give you an idea of what the Amazon marketplace is generally looking for there. So once you find a specific, keyword that you're happy with, in it, seems relevant to the specific book that you're going to be getting into we're gonna go ahead, precedent. We're going to select that one. I'm looking for in the first page results. Just I pay attention to the I sixteen books show. I'm looking at the bestseller rank now the bestseller rank is Representative of its placement in chronological order, if you will, of importance of what's driving the most sales or page reads on a given day, given moment. I'm looking for the specific keyword to actually place, really. Well with Bs are about one hundred thousand or less anything above hundred thousand I'm gonna tell you. I mean, unless you have scores upon scores of books and hundred thousands, you're not gonna make a very good living, you, you know, going above that rank, but for less competition though, I would rather. Recommend get it. The sweet spot between thirty thousand one hundred thousand that he s are now the Bs are bestseller rank is going to be the general overall. Okay. There's going to be the knee shes the categories that go below each one of those that way, kind of compartmentalize think, like, the, the Dewey decimal system, or the categorization is the library said, you know, you have fitness books over in here in this aisle, and you've got cookbooks over right next to it. So on and so forth. And same thing's going to work when it comes to the categories and Nisha 's so what is exactly is thirty thousand by the way, just to kind of clarify, it's roughly about ten e book sales per day and give or take a couple here and there when it comes to, you know, the print books, by the way, I did look up this information at the book sales calculator, you can actually access that on the Kim dot com actually over to Dale links dot com slash calculator. If you go to Dale links dot com slash calculate. Ter- you see a specific right gear on how many books, do I need to sell per day for this? You can actually get a general idea. Remember, this is not, you know, it's, it's not down to a science, but they do give some pretty good recommendations when it comes to that. But I'm once again, when I'm looking at some of these nations, I want to really dial it. And so I got you to do the keywords entered it in there, you looked in is like, okay, I found a good keyword, that's got some books between thirty thousand nine hundred thousand averaging right inside there. When I say, averaging though sixteen titles when you average out their bestseller, and just take each one of the bestseller ranks at all together divided by sixteen and you get your answer as far as the average. So the average will be placed there looks good slept, one of the titles scroll down. You're going to go into the product details and you will see the categories. Now the us time full what's called browse pads. But now they've kinda claps to down Amazon made it hard for us, but they were trying to make. Easier for the customers to kind of understand if you're ever concerned about how to find that browse pather that knee, which gotta do is just click that given category and the product details in, it'll open up the bestsellers list for that specific want. So let's just say, for instance, it's an ABA workouts will say workouts you looked up when I took stab workouts, click on that it goes into the bestseller list for this, and it'll show you the top twenty twenty twenty five something like that on the very first page and you're gonna look to the left hand side and on the left hand side, by the way, there's only on tops not on mobile. And you'll look on the left hand side, you will see the browse pass individually boat broke down, it'll be something like kindle bookstore. It'll be health fitness and dieting. And then I dunno aerobic workouts, and then at workouts, that's browse Pat, that's the knee. And that's going to be something you're gonna wanna make sure you copy on a separate spreadsheet in save it because you're gonna eventually need to submit those after you've published her title so that way, they're listed in each. One of those knee nieces. Pay attention to these specific niches again, it's the same kind of a rule that I think about when I look at best sound list for specific niche. If I see the number one placement is three hundred thousand in the paid kindle store and said the bookstore deuces I'm good. I mean that's like going in and fighting toddler you know. Could I win -absolutely should I be going there? Probably not chances are likely either a, it's a brand new browse path of some sort be the audience is voted with their checkbook, and they've decided that they don't want this, this specific niche. Now, if you're still passionate about and you see number one's at three hundred thousand go forward. If I see though, the number one, let's say is thirty thousand thirty five thousand maybe even we'll see even we'll push up twenty six thousand I'm going, okay. All right. I'm gonna dog in this fight. I feel like I can definitely break into this one, and then I skipped down to the top ten and get down to the top twenty and I just try to see what their ranks are. And I think in my head, okay, how many books would it have to sell per day in order to take that spot? You will look at their given rank so number twenty in AB workouts might be at. We'll say one hundred fifty thousand done deal. I can definitely sell about five books per day, and I'd be able to take that spot. And I wanna move up in the whole purpose of moving your way up in a specific bestsellers list in a specific nation of specific. Browse path is to get more disability more. Discover Billy and gain relevance for you giving keywords and your categories in the Amazon algorithm. Because that's the name of the game as relevance, folks. Already. I wanna tell you, this is a dead simple process. You may have to kind of go back through, and listen to this again. Kind of just kinda study this to make your life easier. Folks. I do what I do. I honestly it's been forever. And a day, except for when I have to kind of go through, and do these type podcast, I have to kind of walk through and go, okay my doing this. Right. Okay. Okay. I just have to remind myself but I make it easy. I just get publisher rocket folks year. Me talk about publish rocket on number of occasions. Dale, you're such a Schill. Listen, I only endorse products that I use and wholeheartedly get behind. And if you wanna get yourself access to it as well. Head over to Dale links dot com slash rocket. You could go and troll about for the best keywords in the best categories or you can simply get rocket and just go ahead and let it do the research for you and skip to the chase and get all the stuff you can get. And I'll means like what I'm doing right now. Record the. On a Saturday, even though it's posted on Monday when I record this on the Saturday as soon as I'm done. It's not the brightest sunshiny day outside. I'm gonna go out for a walk. Why? Because I've got this resource and I recommend that you do the sell your for yourself as well. Dale links dot com slash rocket generally speaking, when you do get rocket you're gonna want to look for a specific keyword when you're doing your keyword research. Not look for something that has a competition score of forty or less. This one actually comes directly from Chessen himself. You're going to get a better, likelihood of having first page placement with competition score forty or less you probably sitting Greek to me Dale a believe you can get all those details. If you go over check it out that specific linkages told you about for me. I tried also pay attention to the average monthly profits on a given keyword, and typically, I kinda liked to have something it gets me out of the bed in the morning. If I know that it's getting about an average monthly earnings about five hundred dollars per month. Now, what is this? Have to do with the categories in sort of not really with the categories you can search categories really simple avocado, Gorey's feature, and you could search for specific keywords will give you the exact browse paths, and you can organize it, according to how competitive each one of those categories har- so that way, you can give yourself the unfair advantage in getting those categories and getting your book listed into those categories and hopefully start to Corocha in yourself publishing business. Well folks, that was a lot of information ain't gonna lie to you is like today. I think I did it. And if you find that you have any kind of questions, concerns, a comments, you know, hit me on up over Dale at self publishing with Dell dot com. I also wanna let you know, today's podcast is brought to impart by the DIY publishing course unlimited. This is the most comprehensive self publishing course you will find on the Mark. Market today today bar. None, I pulled out all stops. If you want to kinda see exactly all the things that I have says over that I live breathe eat sleep when it comes to self publishing every kind of go man. I really wanna know exactly everything he knows. I gave you that and more inside the DIY publishing course unlimited to get access. You're gonna head over to visit DIY publishing dot biz slash podcast and use the coupon code podcast for ten percent off lifetime access to the I publishing course in folks. Please favor. Subscribes me on the cell publishing with the podcast on apple podcasts and leave a little review. That would be awesome. If you did that at really would appreciate a big banana sticker. If you do that in the meantime, and in between time this has been self publishing with them. I talked to.

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