CBS3 News PM News Update 10072020


I'm just Talia here today's CBS three eyewitness news headlines. They West Philadelphia new is shaken after a beloved member of their community is shot in broad daylight and now police are searching for a suspect. Thankfully, the elderly victim is going to be okay a serious accident involving a school bus at an ambulance shutdown I ninety five Delaware county causing relax during the morning rush police an ambulance struck the rear of the bus as both were getting onto the highway there. Were No. Students on the bus for people were injured. A woman is now charged in connection with July thirtieth fire at Chester County apartment complex thirty year old Tony. Kirk is charged with two counts of causing or risking a catastrophe as well as related charges. First, responders say they traced the fire back to Kirk third floor apartment I'm just ca-car tally for the latest on these stories and more checkout CBS Philly. We'll see you later tonight on I, witness news.

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