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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go. I can't even take our excited. We are here. We're very excited to shop. Don't Rossi is here. After after lots of trying to convince her she finally said, yes. And here she is today. I'm Mary Conley. I'm coming in the second Ed glavin Andy last ner, host of Andean friends. Nope. Fiftieth episode fifty two milestones. And what fetters here for the mail stuff? Just just as a as a piece of backup. We started this fifty episodes ago and around episode two or three we were pretty convinced that maybe three four people were listening federally, nobody. Yeah. You know, we got cancelled on episode fourteen. These are all nothing's plugged in. No, we're not actually there. There you for us. And it's like. For listeners in one of them was portion of three or four episodes Ellen comes in and goes, by the way, Porsche loves your podcast, right? And all of us are like is this a bit? This is Joe this is so exciting. So we we have Porsche hear me, very happy. But we also have another special guest is going to be coming by any moment. Really? We do. We do about that. Yeah. Fallen. Well, she is you never count on. I was told Ellen feels kills on. Chills. Guest Porsche has a choice. Obligated Porsche as a choice Porsche so far. Is it everything you imagined? It would be marry it is it is that. And then some I mean just to be invited. And I really truly. I'm not kidding. I I am a fan. I listened to every every show. I I love it. I mean for one I actually don't get to watch the Ellen show as much as you would think has Elena's working all day long. She doesn't necessarily want to come home, and relax, and you're also you're also, which we'll talk about your running a hugely successful business called general public, Andy or you so art, so yes, I could see that you won't be able to watch full episodes will it's more Ellen than me. I'm watch this show every day, but she doesn't necessarily want to sit through right? You know, another hour her own show. So she'll either kind of fast forward through a whole bunch. So. Never ever Tandy. Thank you never ever. Thanks. Andy. But yeah. So I don't get to listen to see see it as much. So I get to listen to it now. Thanks to you. That's awesome. How about Ellen when we had Dr dean Orna, Sean. Yes. Asking Dr dean, orange about vaping out of her love for Andy light. It was not was not very straight lows not planned. And Ellen has Andy, you know, this Ellen's been concerned. Yes. For a while. House any of this have to do with Porsche Abeche special vaping tell you why. Because I introduced you anything what? What? Before anyone did it. What is that? We weren't a van. We were we were in a van going to shoot him. We're on the river. We were heading to shoot or whatever and Porsche pops out, and I go what is? At this point. I had been on like nicotine for like six years wasn't smoking at all, of course, because Porsche can smoke one day and then not for a year. And then we got the opposite of me. And that was it. And I was like that. She's like here, try it. I was. So yeah, it is. I've been part of the Ellen has is that Porsche is my original dealer. This is a this is a podcast is very special other secrets do guys. Have we have a lot? But yeah, so Porsches here, which is awesome for us. Ends awesome. A lot of people always go. What's porsche? Like we want her on. Ellen Degeneres has just entered the room. Hi ellen. Narrating can't hear you. If you're not on a Mike joining us now on Indian friends, Ellen Degeneres. We were just saying we were just talking for that. We were just talking about. We were getting into how cool Porsche is. And that people always ask what's Ellen light. But they always ask what portions like. And I always go first of all if you think she's beautiful when you see on TV, she's even more beautiful on person. She's the most stylish woman, I know like lorries of signed my wife is obsessed with kind. She's smart. She has a business, and she most importantly, she's cool. Cool and the most talented actress. Yes. L in my mcbeal. I know that was a while ago. Yes, you were. And then my gosh, arrested development. You're so good at everything you tackle. It's just. Yes. She is. And now businesswoman. Yeah. No. I thought I'd quit acting and try doing something else for a change. So, yeah, it's been it's been awesome. It's been any parts. You miss of the acting. You know, I was I'm I'm missed being around funny people like you guys at I also live with me. Before you came as you said, you're at work. I really did say that so hard to please. The groups the energy of being around super funny. People arrested development everyone in that cast is just so Larry. And you know, we kind of had a report like you guys have. And and you know, you make each other laugh every day. And that's about the only thing that I miss other than the fact that my wife is hilarious funny. She is energy. And we we thank you that you share her so much with us because we pinch ourselves every day at this ridiculous, job and luck that we've had six. Yeah. Is crazy. Honestly, I have to thank you guys for making her laugh every day. Oh, that's awesome. She loves coming to work, and she loves being with you all and I mean, it's amazing. It's I'm so glad I created the Ellen show. Just makes me to hear that. Hear that sound. So that just feels good just noticed that your mic is closer to your mouth and anyone else's says it's because it's usually a problem. I usually turns away from the my hair he tells me, I'm not loud enough sometimes. And as as host that's important for the host to be heard when we don't have Ellen Porsche on the podcast this level of attentiveness does not exist. Porsche just returned from a little trip to Canada. Yes. Yes. We sold out some arenas and did some Q in a. And then they loved when when she was on stage. I'm so glad she wasn't gonna come with me because she's got a job and she's trying to make this business grow bigger. And and she wasn't going to come. But I'm so glad you did. It was so much fun because so much will get excited came out the end like we well, she'll dragged me out of standing idly by while the world goes crazy. Diane Lockhart is and so is the cast that critically acclaimed legal drama, the good fight. Join the fight by streaming the new season premiering March fourteenth exclusively on CBS all access. Tune in to see if Diane Lockhart will lead the resistance in a new post factual world, where the lawyers with the best stories triumph over the lawyers with the best facts, listen to how incredible this cast is Christine Baranowski is back as the venerable Diane Lockhart along with cuss jumbo rose, Leslie, Sarah steel, and Audra McDonald whose characters challenged the patriarchy at every turn. Delroy Lindo delivers another can't miss performance while actor Michael sheen shakes up the screen as infamous lawyer Roland blunt, aka corruption in carnet, new characters new ripped from the news story lines a dynamic cast and so much more this season, the standard playbook goes out the window. Join the fight by heading over to CBS dot com slash Ellen to redeem your free trial of CBS all access and catch up on the first two seasons ahead of the season premiere a March fourteenth exclusively on CBS all access that CBS dot com slash Ellen to redeem your free trial of CBS all access and think we should talk for a minute about Africa. Yes, sure. So you got back from Africa the the most recent trip when like three weeks ago now probably two weeks and weeks ago. Yeah. And you've been there now since we've met you you've been there three times. Yes. Before you started. You guys started the Ellen fund. Yeah. And then you have Africa trips to Rwanda two trips to Rwanda your second trip the first week of February. Yes, exactly. Thanks. The groundbreaking for people who haven't seen it on the show. We've talked about it on the podcast. We've shown it a couple of times on the show. But yeah, you you there was like an official groundbreaking ceremony where where construction work has started for real on the ground on the campus of the Ellen fund. Well, I put a shovel in the ground doing that's. Beginning, and you know, a year ago or a little over a year ago. This was just an idea in your head of what do I give the woman that has everything? Yeah. And Porsche came to us. I don't know a couple of months before Ellen's sixtieth birthday and said guys, I have this sort of crazy idea. And this crazy idea has now raised a ton of money has brought incredible awareness, and we're talking about gorillas when we were talking about gorillas before as pretty amazing. You're helping. Yes. Yeah. John everything. Yeah. I mean, it's a great country and we stumbled upon not just, you know, by by going to see the guerrillas stumbled upon an amazing country with happy lovely people, especially considering they just had a genocide not that long ago, and and there's just a new work and the jobs, you're creating for people. Yeah. Just goodness. All around like like a birthday gift. Like unbelievable. Like, what does it feel like to be there and see that it was pretty overwhelming, actually because you know, it was so in my head for so long, and I really focused all of my attention on Ellen. What what does what would she want an how how can I continue her legacy, but in a different way, and how can I connect her pass to her future and give her something to look forward to? And so when I actually went there to see everybody from government officials all the way down to folks that were just getting the area cleared away of of debris and brush, just so we could have this ground breaking ceremony. I mean, it's going to change the country. It's going to change all of these people's lives, and it's going to change the country. Yeah. I mean, I was like the ju crazy Lori. When you you birthday. Sweater. I've heard that I've heard that a lot of people have said, thanks. Thanks. Are you really lost a couple of months before the birthday and said, I have no idea, and I actually had can't leave this phone call. But what do you think of this? And we were all like that is really cool. But even then like you can't. Yeah. I never we thought it was promptly hung up. And we were overwhelmed. We were like, wow, well overwhelmed like, this is I didn't think this was when she said she had a gift idea, and I was on while was that cool. I mean, I really did call you to get your opinion. 'cause it was it was a crazy idea. It was and I I really respect your opinions. And I and I really wanted to get your input you less. But. Old old. Yeah. It was that by the way, I mean, two months before the birthday gift I talked to you about it. But like two days before before I was actually gonna give her the gift I called you of an panic as I said, I don't know how to give it to her because it's so faceted. So I literally thought to myself I need a segment producer like you need a producer to help me figure out how to give her a gift. So I called you all and I said, I think I have to do it on the show. And as you know, it's not my favorite thing to do. There which is ironic because it was. On the show. I think we gave you Matt. Right. Matt right became your segment for your gift, and we're in the military other shows, I remember we had a sneak you onto the lot to come to the video for the tax. You were. So you were here you had lost your voice and Elliot's you won't even nervous though. I mean, that's the thing you came out. Unusually you hate doing the show just because you don't like doing public speaking. But you are. So she was on pills. But Ellen's face as she sort of registered what this gift was. And the way you set it up and Ellen's talking about like, you know, maybe you give me about it to be loved is to be gotten. And you get me. How about we replay that moment right now for the folks on the podcast right here. It is. Wondering why you weren't over there? And I don't know why you're here because you can't talk. I actually this is your birthday gift. A sexy voice. I am here to give you your guest. Oh my gosh. I really can't talk. So. It's your sixtieth birthday animists gift had to be really special and it had to represent who you are. And what you really care about not just now, but what you've always cared about. What you were influenced by and what has bay to the mazing person that you are today. So I combined fat and questions when we first met like who's your idol? And what would you do if you're a talk show host? So I combine that with the fact that literally guys for like the last two years Ellen has said to me I feel like I'm not doing enough. Every day almost so applaud that feather, and I caught you this kissed. Let's the have you when people asked my wife who was the person living or dead in most want to interview. Her answer is always Diane Fossey Ellen remembers reading National Geographic at home as a little girl and remembers Diane on the cover of the January nineteen seventy magazine Ellen was struck by Diane's dedication to animals, her mind, and her bravery Ellen read how in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven Diane Fossey set up a camp she called carousel can in verandah mountains in Rwanda. This is where Diane began studying several dozen guerrillas. And at that time, Diane was alone in protecting them fast forward eighteen years and the world was sad. To learn that Diane was murdered in one thousand nine hundred eighty five in her cabin care Sochi. Most of us know, Diane's work from her book gorillas in the mist, which is legendary and carried on her story. Her story is also carried on through the work of the Dian Fossey gorilla fund the fussy fund exists to ensure the survival and thriving of wild gorillas in close partnership with the government of Rwanda. But unfortunately today, they're only eight hundred eighty mountain gorillas alive on earth. Thus the work of the Dian Fossey gorilla phones remains vitally important to ensuring future been gorillas in the mist Diane wrote little did I know then that by setting up to small tents in the wilderness of the verandas, I had launched the beginnings of what was to become an internationally renowned research station eventually to be utilized by students and scientists from many countries so for your birthday Ellen. I am bringing you and your hero. Diane together by buildings the Ellen Degeneres campus of the Dian Fossey gorilla fund Ellen will carry on. Giving terminent came. Now, you join by the protection and champion of these amazing animals for note in Baretta happy birthday. But that's not all. So in summer is is in Burbank where is it? So it'll be at most incredible sensor for tourism education and for further scientific research. So. Hereby kind of that. I have also set up a foundation in your name called the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund. So this is the first initiative for the fund, but you can take this. And do it do whatever you want with it. You've done amazing work elephants. And you can just continue in support every wanted. It's it's it's the best gift of always said when we got married Porsches line was it's good to be loved. It's profound to be understood. And she understands me because that is the best gift that anybody could have given me. So. What an amazing moments that. I can remember in sixteen years where we we take take the credit where Porsche left Ellen speechless. Like really we've surprised that on doesn't love to be surprised. We don't try not to surprise her a lot once in a while. We'll say, okay. If we surprise you with this. And we surprise her, you know, on air this was yeah. Yeah. As a as a talk show producer who enjoys ratings sweeps. This was it was it was. It was it was, you know, the sweetest thing that anybody could have ever done to be that thoughtful to to remember something like because it's not like we talked about it throughout the years. It's like we talked about it we first met and that that you would remember that. And and think of I mean, really just screwed me up because I I was like what? What do I because it's just so thoughtful? It's not like, you know, I can like by you Pllows and jewelry and that yet by. For those of you who don't know. It's like Ellen's Ellen's birthday is January twenty sixth. And then just a few short days later Porsches birthday on thirty first thirty first. So Ellen you received this gift from Porsche. And then it's Porsches birthday. Right. I'm what did I give you? I don't remember. You know, I don't either. Yeah. But I'm sure I loved it. I bet I bet you liked it. Yeah. It's a soom. It was gracious birthday is as better timing wise for sweeps. Oh, my really smart what we would have done when Porsche called us to say. I have this put it into this. What you think? Oh, no. It was in this week. Wasn't it? What I'm saying? We are already working on that. All right. Yes. So sorry. Taking credit? As parents we want to do our best to set our kids up for success, including making sure they excel to the fullest potential in subjects like math. That's why you need to try math nays, even whether your kid is falling behind and math or their advanced. And you want them to stay ahead. Matinees Eum will create a customized learning plan specifically for their needs. Math NASA's is the leading math only learning center for grades K through twelve there. The thirty on math education with over one thousand centers worldwide. Wow. 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That's math NASA's dot com slash in or call eight five five nine one two m a t h I can't believe the proximity that you guys get to guerrillas when you everybody when you go you'll see like, you're not way, I want to go. It is something that everyone must do. First of all, a safari is something everyone must do. But for sure to be that close to these magnificent majestic creatures that that have so much power that don't wanna hurt you that are just sitting there just that's that's what seems very unattainable like five. Nansha? But the more popular they've become they've they've they have the very high end luxury safaris, but they do have economical ways for you to do it. You can stay in a motel, and they'll just bring you a stuffed animal. That's exactly right. That's what I'll be doing with my family. But yeah, it's cool. It's like it seems to be on pretty much. Everyone's bucket list is like, oh, yeah. I want to go on a safari and then to see. Yeah. And it should be because I mean, it you are entering their territory. It's their world and the way that they look at you is I mean, it's it's hard to describe. I remember just before we went we had dinner, and Leo DiCaprio was at this dinner on that was a name dropping someone here in L A. Sorry. Or the name. Leo was at the dinner. But you know, in of all the things that Leo has done in his life with his foundation because I mean, he's away. Leo has dedicated himself to the environment is it's it's unbelievable. It's really an amazing. But he said one of his favorite things was this guerilla truck owners Wanda. Yeah. Wow. All right. So you may have seen this on the show. But this is Porsche's. This is the ground breaking ceremony attended by Porsche Ellen was back here. Doing shows. Thanks to us in Rwanda first week of at where it's really amazing ticket. Listen so a couple of weeks ago. My wife Porsche went to Rwanda she was there for the ground breaking ceremony for my campus that we're building for the Dian Fossey gorilla fund to help protect the mountain gorillas, and it was an incredible experience. And I want to show you more of what happened because she it was it's amazing. This thing came about because I thought what on earth? Do you give the woman who has everything? So I thought the best gift that I could give her was a way to connect her past to her future at a little girl. Now seeing that brave woman scientists who left her comfortable life to set up a tent in the Rwandan forest to save a species on the brink of extinction was transformative for Ellen's it made her see the world differently, and it made her see her place within it differently. I gave this gift to Ellen because we both love and wanted to protect gorillas after coming here. However, we fell in love with the country and its people. This is. The guys on. So this campus isn't for me or for Ellen. It's to the people of Rwanda, it is my hope that the campus will serve as a catalyst to encourage US Dream bigger to know that we too can make an impact and that all of us can become trailblazers just like Ellen and. Brian. Incredible. You know, they're endangered like there's not a lot of them. No, there's well. There was eighty and then the Reese the recent count. I think we're up to a thousand. So it's real conservation success story, which is rare. There's a thousand gladdens. Wow. Just glavin. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Wait. Okay. You know, I just want. I just want to tell all of our listeners our listeners now that that Eboni or wearing the same sweater. Yes. They are. We'll we'll post a photo. We'll post you have a very similar. It's going to be honest. It looks better on you. I don't know. If you if you. Yeah, we should post a photo. But just so, you know, Eddie's ED's wearing a lady shirt. Just so everyone's clear, and I it's wearing, you know about your Marsh, della fanny pack, and I too have a Gucci fanny pack. Remember when you got your first big screen TV life changer. Suddenly normal TV seemed tiny. And there was just no going back. Kind of like the first time. You watch Hulu with tons of shows and movies exclusive originals like the Handmaid's tale. Plus live TV for news and sports, Hulu will ruin TV for you forever. Start your free trial today at Hulu dot com. Here's a question. I have you meet Ellen you guys fall in love your this. Unbelievable relationship going in were you like, oh, yeah. I love to buy and sell houses. Like, I'm to keep moving on. I'm serious. I wanna know. Like, did you was it initially? Or would you more like I want a nest somewhere, I just want to be comfortable. And because now, I know you're you love it as much as Ellen. But was that always the case? But I couldn't afford it Andy. Well, then stand that. But I'm saying as a couple did you like every time set ho baby, I found a new house. Yeah. I am not a Nestor. Okay. So that's good. I also love architecture. Right. Share your passion for art and architecture. So I like new experiences, and I I don't know. It's it just gives us something to look when I really got it was Ellen explaining you want to said like I like to go into a home. I like to do it. I like to experience it and feel it and then go to the next thing. And I kind of got that resonated with. It was kind of me mostly at first and then after a certain amount of time would be in a house. I'd look over and she's on the MLS. She's like looking like, what are you doing just seeing what else is out there? So it's kind of like a bug that you kind of catch in like, and it really is fun. And because at first she was like, I'm not I don't want to move again. I don't want to do this. And but but now it's like, I I hope we're both in the same place where we don't want to do what we want. Stay still because we have. But no one believes us when we say that everyone speaking ourself. Times. I've heard L state. This is it for our forever home forever until next week. No, I understand that. We kind of get to a place where you can't like top it. You know that that would seem to be true. And yet that's our question to you yet. It seems as though you top it every time, and as people who have worked in no new for sixteen years and have been to pretty much all of these houses every time. I'm like. Okay. Holy cow. Yeah. That last one was amazing. I don't know is that I'm going to have to act enthusiastic, and then I get there. And it takes my breath away. It is there's no acting. It is better. Every that is for. Sure true. Is there one that you wish you would've sold? Yeah. I mean now, we're fine. Because we we don't really wanna mainly live in Los Angeles anymore, and we wouldn't need that big of a house. But I think we both loved the house on Cabrillo where we got married in. Yeah. I wish we had cards for you guys. And we just lift your answers because it is. It sounds a little like the newlywed game. Yeah. Questions. No. You know yet? Could it was it was a great house? And and we were really happy there for quite a while. Yeah. Because her family it was great for a while. Because we let her family live there to save money. And I let my mother live in another one of the houses. And and then it was just like we didn't really need all of that. And I started feeling like it was just too much. So yeah, I don't like feeling like we don't want some my life. I want to say at some point. I have a compound compound. Every kid's dream deal to provide that for your family has been great. We've done that twice. We did it, you know on Woodstock, and we did it at Cabrillo. And so we buy them houses far away. They don't. To buy a house for my mother-in-law. It would be a few thousand miles away. Right now, right now, she lives a few hundred miles away, and you would buy something a few thousand miles. So now, she's wonderful. Yeah. Well. And the taste of these houses. And it's just well, that's all. Yeah. But in but she she has the greatest taste on. Believable. It's unbelie and I never leave not depressed because then I have to walk in my house. Absolutely. Why we do it? That's why I walked out. We were getting a phone call from our designer I needed to approve the carpet for our bedroom related. I approved it. But he just told me how much it was a Berber. What are you going with? Sisal. Always comfortable. Well, thanks, and and and Bernie one asking there, there's a book that Ellen put together of a lot of our homes or show, and it's an unbelievable. It's called home. I. Because they didn't ailing made so many. So they're they're going for a lot of money on EBay because because there aren't that marriage? So good. It's so good to feel so talk about like what what we learned. It's most of the houses we've lived in. It's not all of them. But we need to do another book because we've lived in several other houses, we have another book Innis, but but I also think about forty seven Hanes. But yeah, I talk about like what I learned in that house, and what what made us want to sell. And then when we move on an Ellis timing is always great perfect. Yeah. It's not like she moves into him. The Oscars leave the Oscars and move into a new house. Now, you're young you're young you're anymore. Wings. You didn't grow up with money with a lot of money. Do you think when I'm successful? Or when I'm older, I want houses, or is it something developed is it's because of that let me we we always lived in an apartment we lived in one house. But we rented it we never owned a house. We never owned a new car. My father could not make a decision to save his life. Even if he was going to buy tie. We'd have to go to every single store to see if there was another tie that was better. And then even every weekend, we went to go look at open houses, and sometimes would see the same one. If it was really good. We'd go back and see it like six times. And so, of course, I think well, this is going to be my bedroom and I'd get all excited. And then I don't know. I learned later that we couldn't afford any of those. It was just they like to go look at houses. And there was no way we could afford those houses. So I just was like, I'm, you know, I'm never going to because there was a I got the sense that he was you know, he was just fee. Fearful of money. My dad just just always thought, you know, we need to save because we'll never have enough. And and so he manifested that we never had money. We never had enough. When I first started making money. I immediately bought a house. I couldn't afford it yet. I borrowed some money. Bought a house bought a brand new car at the same time antibodies like crazy. I just gotten a show, but who knew he was going to keep going, right? But I just never I just knew I could go back to stand up. I could do something. And so I've always that's it's the impetus was because I know so cool. It's like we're clearly talking about very expensive homes, and and a life that Owen and Porsche live and at the same time Ellen comes into this show every day and gives millions of dollars away to people into like, that's what I love that balance of like being able to have this opulent life, and then at the same time, you guys are building campuses for guerrillas. You're you're bringing people on the show on almost daily basis now and rocking their world. And that's when I was in Canada this weekend, the guy said that he total it. We've we've given away like ninety seven million dollars. Yeah. That's ninety seven million dollars the show. So we'll I remember when it really started when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. That's I remember you coming to work in tears going, and it all just seems so big and so overwhelming, and it's just so so Ellen to go we have to we have to help like we have to we have to do something. I remember thinking what can we do like look at this city? It is under water. What can we possibly do and just slowly? But you just that that you don't ever Ellen. Never looks at a problem like that. And goes, it's too big. I'm just gonna go another way you just don't do that. It's just an Mary, and I were lucky enough to go to New Orleans right after Katrina without when we went six months after we went. Yes. Unbelievable in August. And you guys went and may and we went to the house Ellen took us to her original house, which was so wild, and we also focused on New Orleans and kept the focus on New Orleans for years like shosha don't do that other hurricanes happened other stories come along. Like, it was just amazing the way you just wouldn't let it go until you felt like it was, you know, ready to to to not need our help in that way anymore. It was and the same with Puerto Rico and the same with Houston whenever you know. And the same thing. I mean, I know people don't really care so much about montecito because they think it's mostly a very wealthy town. But it it's not it's not true. There are a lot of people that aren't millionaires that live there, and as we speak we're evacuated again, there's evacuation orders all because of the burn areas are still bad. So everyone's evacuated again. So all these people who you know, you just can't settle down. Every time it rains, they have to find a place to live take their pets. Take their kids not knowing if you have a place to go back to every single time. And that's a scary. You'll displaced constant. Yeah. Yeah. Very very unsettling anyway. So as someone who doesn't like to speak in public like you said, how long did it take you to do that speech was perfect? You did in Rwanda. Well, thanks. Well, you know, I think I'm actually getting used to it. As I go. I'm kind of forced into these days Nowy. It's not that. I was it's not that. I hated public speaking so much. I just didn't like doing talk shows because when I started out in my career the first job, I really had was ally. Mcbeal and I was closeted. And I knew that I had this terrible secret. And I was just nervous every time, especially I did, you know late night talk show. I was just really worried because there was always a little bit of a rumor that followed me around. And so I went with that heaviness that secret. So I was always on guard, and I always tried to over prepare, and and make sure that no one ever said in a thing, and that's gonna. Secret, terrible stressful. So I think I just you know year after year of that. And believe it or not I actually did get asked the question live on the view. No when I was closeted. And the strangest thing happened the first time and last time in the show's history the show went black. It went for whatever reason. There was a bomb scare and the stage manager rushed out and pull the plug and it went to black so but they question. Yes. Because my yeah. My I was with my buddy gets host. Dream came true much name, Kim Chiu. Yes. But I was with. I think it was joy Bejart's saw me at. That's why I was with. Fleetwood MAC concert like two nights prior with my ex girlfriend, and she started to talk about it. And then they pulled the plug. So so yes, but I your your prayers were answered. Steinem on four. It's amazing talk shows on I have this history. But of course, it's very different doing this show doing Ellen show 'cause Stephen more pressure. Yes. Ed. Remember, I remember, I think we all do remember the day Ellen came in close the door, and like was lit up and said, I've met someone. Yeah. And told us about abortion, and it was such pure joy. It really was. It was like she was like a little cha- like closing the door up to tell you. She couldn't wait shake. It was so exciting. We were going to I was going with my ex girlfriend to your baby shower. That's right. That's right. I was just I was physically ill. But I couldn't I couldn't keep it in. I couldn't keep a secret in and I couldn't like, and I just wanted to leave and get home. And and you know. I I, you know, I remember that day very, well just because it was our baby shower, and then the next week when you came in and sort of told us, everything it all just an I remember very memorable house. Was there and she was gone because it was a long drive to live way out there, starring rain. Absolutely pouring rain that day. Guess it was now all these years. And now get this that America's lesbian IQ power co. They met the podcast. Yeah. Totally and this has been so fun to have. Yeah. Porsche here. Both of you wanted this for because of all of us. I'm the only one who's actually personal friends with Eleanor. It's time for us to okay. And that is is relationship. Right. We love you. And we're we love you. Thank you. Thank you. Love you. Subscribe today on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you're listening right now. And don't forget to watch Ellen. Weekdays for even more fun. What Mary said, thank you. When important difference. No. Grow thought that I could be free. But now realize. Oh dreams. We would so love to know more about you here at L and on the go, please head over to wonder dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wondering dot com slash survey. W O N D E R Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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