2020/16 Cinema Serenity


The. Tros live on, AMC, grandstader. James. Unite. With Your House band. Michelle three and the door Castro. Week we begrudgingly asked the question. Are we going back to Imola and click styles crop fill? This is box of neutrals. My name is Michael Auto and joining me as always. Yes. It's Mark Lowen Raub at the movies. This week, so puffer, the usual sort of antics of sports and I'll have a five minute address to the nation's Donald. TRUMP IVA bath, legrand tour, whatever was told not to be confused with the Amazon original series. All the you know. Monaco Film Festival original series. He was really something to behold I think we've reached peak. Look down, thank goodness. Racing is only a couple of weeks away I could be enough. Some teams are going testing. That's not McLaren. find out why that is hinted got everything to do with some anger in another country plus Kimyan. How old really bay when he stops for me to watch. Who knows that's probably the only. Give you all the companies that Desert Fox of nutrients when he was a young. Musab the CHAUMET PITA McGinley. Trail. One is bullshit. Because, just go round in circles. They don't go anywhere. Is being terrible time. If you're a movie buff, a movie enthusiasts, a lover of films, and it's only gotten worse in fact in the last week, I think would have to be the dio of. The Corona virus film industry period with what's a cold. Legrand rendezvous. And starring Shelter Clerks Star Shot. Rebecca the florist? He's he's superior Albert. Is it. Who's WHO's WHO's the Prince Charles? I think it's. I think it's predominant must be, but he had some kind of high in. Title in Star Wars he's. Serena, amongst Suray the. It's very relaxing title, isn't it? Hey by request. I, tell you. What if we still on her? Majesty's Bay say. This week it would would be. He's puniness. Mauka Lebanon. With disgraced Victorian and pay rob giant. To. Do like hassle rain. I mean how is the serenity? If you wanted to say, he wanted to go that far I've I've heard. He's Highness, or or Your Majesty and I've never heard of his reign. How could he be Sereni live in Montana nothing. What does he do for? He was stuck in traffic. What are you still be Serene Prince Albert wake up! The the the Monica Principality Monday or slack aboard. A footpath has a gap in a bit of attention. Yeah, so, what is he still wakes up Monday morning accosted after he's attended to the foot pause and he has to have his weekly Zoom meeting. We under leagues, these still serene during that 'cause I be serene in that context they eat ain't goes for an early lunch. And then in the afternoon, he'll. Sort of crack open. Bacher soft publish during cracking onto the to the cancel newsletter. which he then goes good use everybody, the streets will be closed. This Saturday morning six hours while we feel a six minute. Short fill uses Microsoft publisher anymore. So positive clearly people in Monaco. Barron and have time to upgrade their computers in Monaco. We know it's time to install updates long the my serene, because they keep the cells free of the latest technology can I can relax and enjoy the finer things in life all right because they. Have to upgrading all the moist shape prince. Albert though. Have, you ever have you ever. Have you ever met a I've never met a rich person that just. fritters money you ideally people. The fridge money away a drug dealers. And impey's of. God Site I. Know you. I don't know any drug dealers is the I don't tap my phone place. They've already tapped one of the phones of one of the members of the show today so. Look at froze. Froze I is not going to worry about that. Stein federal place to worry about whichever whichever one of the police apparatus we need to be concerned about I remember. The fulmer said member of books. Neutrals paid McGinley wristy Saul. He used to. Walk around with a shirt. When I made him the very we see sort of twenty something year old. T shirt that said it's not illegal. If you get caught I, think it stays. It's only illegal. If you get caught, it's definitely illegal. If you get the essence of it more logical legal. If you get caught, it's it's legal anyway. Yes, yes, look, and that's! That's obviously turn. Words to be taken to a great. It was a great shape in May. The Lord look is A. Tragic tragedy when he was crushed between two hades ended I. Tell you what I finally someone wants to go. Radio broadcast towns. He was meant to be looking after help the time good audience could have got spayed. Look. I want to talk briefly about this field, did anyone? Do on what you did. He want you. Look at first of all I watched it because I saw it on Ferrari's instagram stories. which which the first thing that caught my eye was a commercial for. A feature that was a little sort of sit down zoom style interview with jock clear. That was tom how you would knowing? That I think that we can we can. We can review that one next week, but. The series of winnowing at home, had more. Legrand rendezvous because. If it wasn't for the. SAURAV. Eaten Mania Studies opening titles it was. Of unnecessary music, and just the general lack of plots there now I I'm all indie films and and the creative industry and obviously. They Maine's work for for the those poor souls in Monaco. who had nothing better to do, but NASA propped up the very lucrative WANNA guest film industry, but What what what was the point I did like we all saw the sort of the The bond the Saints Shooting Shelton. Wow, that's going to be really cool. It's going to be like. A like a like other great sort of. Car Short films like The pikes peak. Short film with I had sort of the camera on the front of Persia. Pike's peak car and grand, Prix and other sort of you know really great. KOSH short faces but. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the the easy use of go pros. Film maybe and the fact that there was a go pro visible in shots. you know look. I have to wear the. Face Masks, but it's just you're going to look back on this short. In Twenty Song going what the Hell was that what? Was the question. Surely this film suffers from the fact that is directly linked to the first rendezvous. Fill which everyone that we not, everyone is saying, but you've probably seen it without even realizing it the film, which the same French director my juice. They must have been paid a lot to make this one because it's nothing like the first one. straps a camera to the front of Mercedes then dubs it with Ferrari audio with. Soundtrack, but then just Rice's around the dawn streets of Paris breaking every Rhode literally every road rule. You can think of cookie driving on the footpath at one point. Two then have a final shot overlooking apparently, and then he meets his. He's wife or girlfriend. Depending on whatever you want to say, maybe Barth, who know the Rebecca, the floor is not Charlotte. Close go for. And the worst part was wasn't. He's Serena's Prince. MONACI Actively participating in this in this unsanctioned devilish rendezvous. That's for me. That was breaking breaking the fourth wall. was that original rendezvous was yes, this illegal unsanctioned dangerous act, and yet we've got a sane where prince. Albert is these fine ass likings. And he's entire ministry surrounding industry he he's. He's entourage surrounding him. It was just. You. Know my feelings on Sir Richard Branson appearing. In that James Bond Film I forget where it was, but Casino Royale say no royal. Yeah, where he goes for the security gate, so it was a cameo saying because he obviously you know. Paid for the film, so he gets a little feature in a take. It takes away some of the the escapism of what the films I debate, but I'm watching the basically, it was almost like. Like sponsored posts, he's Serena's album. It was more on watching someone else having a good time. What is in? It threw me. For me, there was just known respite in this field. It was very confusing from start to in a film I. Think I read. Dana Comments Section you normally read the comments section. This is is a good film. Only Ferrari strategists could understand as I. think that pretty much sums it up. Whoever said that one over for Brittany Gibberish? It makes no sense to anybody, probably not even anyone at the time, but you just have to make something I suppose I for me. As soon as the he's, he's serenity. Without he's fine, and then that was in the Phil just taking photos of like and the flowers, the flowers distribution at the end for no clear reason, it was very very confusing. Piece of cinema and I think it's. Really I mean hasn't. The world suffered enough in the last couple of? What should have been better a? Admittedly must have been a little bit predictable, but the but the Clinton should have been in. Charlotte. Pulls in to pick up prince helmet or whatever. And conduct the second illegal apparant Monaco the the ending should have been rebecca. The florist was driving the car all along and she went faster than Charlotte Leclerc clue. And then they then Charlotte, we look at the stop. Watch turned to the camera. He's a gas. He's drops phrase crime role credit. See. That would've been fine I could've could've at least bring a positive message about washing your hands during the coronavirus, where as soon as they hand over the flowers I mean they took the mosques in the? We could have had you know it's just. There's so many other. Directions this film could have taken, and they didn't take any of the faded the purpose of it, and like the music kind of annoyed me because it's like I'm not for the production music I'm here to hear the the law Ferrario whatever I don't know what it is. A Ferrari only saw it was Mercedes. Twist, it was a shame because you know it takes a lot of people. A lot of town was table to actually make something together. It was just letdown. I bought the story wasn't was the. It's a shame that the hype surrounding. It was more exciting than the actual. Bid itself so. Into Papu. Paraphernalia and and and jobs. It's. Just it was just not good you blocks. I wouldn't watch it again. Zero Asterisk, writing the worst part the worst part for me. Was it afterwards you wanted to go and watch the original, and you have to white through so many fake uploads on Youtube. To find to find the version top they. Recorded it off this grade. Yes, there was one of the very your tighting seventy beddoe ice to do it lifts. You gave me come on, guys. Hey, I've got an idea. It's one or the other great coffee was the of course the. mispaid McGinley lap and Elvis Park all harsh. Should we should we? Should we recreate it and have a better version is I don't want to be a broken books of neutrals promise. We make little dinky. Speed off of the Lebron rendezvous, think we can do that I. Mean I think it's very achievable? We have a GOPRO to video camera. I've got to Oh. What's? Bowl results. Then the filmmaker. Box of neutrals list base in Melbourne and have access to A. Daihatsu mighty boy. Box of neutrals dot, com blaze and let us know. Just make the subject I had to mighty boy. It'll be satisfied enough to see those emails covey to the invokes. Look forward to that Tend to keep these problems. We're run now of keeping promises box of neutrals. Don't want it to end. There was also an erase that which we're not really gonNA. Talk about this week. That was also happening. Anyone did want to know George. Russell is the virtual champion. Of virtual champion, it's so strange you know what the me. That was the great. tyco laced George Russell and Williams were. On the map for positive reasons, for once because let's face it. I don't think it's going to get much better from here. For the rest of rest of the full them, so in terms of stocks up for. If you WANNA. Morally and ethically exploit the virus. The Williams as sports franchise certainly profited greatly, and could why why shouldn't they? There was also a twenty four hour virtual lemond rice. Maximum step in Landau team red line along with some other drivers, but I didn't finish because they computer froze. Maybe easier was also hacking computer time. Which? Thousand case. It's such like what. They described as technical issues. We technically are strictly speaking. But normally when you discuss motorsport and talking about technical issues you know talking about knows, update interrupting your workflow in an opportune moment. Well there's electric's in the car. It's just the brave new frontier that were. We face now that. Sort of Language such as rage, quit installing affect up king as well you know in a lot of other subcultures that they all mean very different things. For say to be honest, this is just we're gonNA. Get used to this brave new world of vase full. It's because. Then going anyway, this is a question that I starting to come up now because we're now at least performed the one only a couple of weeks three weeks away. I think it from the first rice. American motorsports already started. The Super Kaduna. Strategy was starting on two weeks. I think is performing. Want Anyway. The transition if you like from E. Sports back to not eastport reviews ports if you like, he's under why of going no sports continues, but all the this the series that was set up to try with the appetite. If you like in the last couple of months, a winding down, but eastport has gone through these huge. Boom in audience, numbers as people have been craving sport, and they've all switched onto various ones backed by former indycar whatever it is. What happens now what happens now? Are we going to look back in a months time when we've had several versions of the Australian Grand Prix. Championships onto why? Don't seem strange. Look back and think of it all that fuss about Simon pageant crashing into land, norris or bad maximum stabbings computer filing lemond. He's going to be like a weed fever dream, even a couple of weeks, since pretty likely well, certainly for the Lux of Daniel laps in God got sacked. From Nascar. Remembers nine to tell you the truth now, so the best that same side long ago right, but back when it was the real hot button topic boy he was. It was the one of the biggest sporting stories going around so? Yeah I think. Up The passage of time really is that the. The new cycle changes so quickly and. Before we know it went out? Saying that lot closer to the real will tunnel in terms of real world motorsport again I think it's just a pay trough. Obviously, this was a very hot. The swingback hearing about. So the swingback of Restrictions being being married and then subsequently as saw. -ASEBALL certainly the big winner in this, but it's certainly not going to. Pay. Has Been Winner. I popped onto the same. Because let's let's face. It wasn't too long ago. That's all we had. It's going to be it's GonNa be really interesting whether to say. The East sports can ride this way if you like and becomes bigger than ever before and we drew C- coming? On on the pro side of sports, you had people like Shas. Leclerc for example, become a convert essentially someone who didn't even own any kind of gaming rig. As far as I know. Before this situation. I now is on it all the time. He stopped playing any of these Games cobstock. Young I and do you really believe he didn't earn any gaming kit? Do you really believe in? Are you surely young listening with an end? Playstation or something like that may afforded in Monaco where he grew up. Do you think look? I think if he can? Live in Monaco in the spicy can probably afford it. GonNa go to cash converters in Monaco. Go play cash. Bullying Convin- This is the second hand industry really? Really guy well. It's very. I guess in terms of the motorcycle world as sports. Is that big thing? Can it sustained? Petit, that growth that it's that tad in terms of that spike and other industry facing similar questions as now. Sort of. Cousin podcast box of one thousand puzzle paces. The puzzle industry is going to be the big one. It's going to be like well. Geez, we say. I. Was a record for us how do we sustain. Interest in puzzles. The if you've in puzzles, now's probably the time to sell Iraq and this is the time zone. Get Out! Get Out of it before the. What happened to newspapers happens to puzzle exactly we'll. We'll get the puzzle master on the show over the next couple of weeks. You can talk over. We'll try to Quebec if one the puzzle master just to wrap up a couple of other quick stories before we move onto cancellation, watch the only regular segment we've had all year said. Sixteen is pretty impressive, isn't it? Another promise not broken by box of nuchills teetering that Seguin. The real genuine, the biggest genuine formula story of the week. I think that wasn't virtual or wasn't terrible movie. Is that McLaren is not going to be one of the teams that is doing one of these preseason tests. If you want to call them that, they're not genuine preseason tests or using old cars, and they, because this is the longest time in any professional driver or provisional mechanic re the Korea since becoming provisional that they won't have done racing for one of a bit of Friday's. Friday's everyone's going. Atlanta Norris took three kinds of jets because McLaren can't run their twenty nine car, which is powered by Renault the first year after they switched from Honda reportedly going to motorsport week because Reynaud weren't gives them an engine, because of course from next year this which Mercedes, and then you wonder why Reynaud seems absolutely often in the paddock, and no one seems to like. That's interesting ploy. Because red bull still have that Chaika and CARE IF IT HAS A. Sticker on it. It's one hundred percent Renault ball bearing that show car so. They still have to pay some kind of invoice tonight, but maybe maybe you'll be clearly if we never say the radar showing corrugated the at engine, we'll know exactly why because of the Cold War that ran, is saints be facing? WHO's just quitting with all their other? Sort of survey or former customers debate of a cheeky tactic. McLaren, and going to be compatible presume you're gonNA, be competing before they constructors championship after Mclaren beat them to that position last year. Pointing. Engines a life cycle. They told me about the red bull Renault which were mostly well. Some of them were hybrid. I guess but back to the days when popular. Right when you say like a home brand version that's released of the Renault engine like generic a generic engine when they can buy one off the shelf, surely that happens after a certain amount of time like the full death, a engine back in the day. Maybe that maybe there is the solution to form the ones. Potential engine supply woes just if you are impoverished. You can have hand me, Damn. ICE, which let's face it probably. Wouldn't too bad this point. Be arrived. Solve some problems for everybody as well. That's why McLaren's testing almo-. Well most other teams, a lot of other teams attesting Renault Mercedes certainly last week Ferrari has intends to reno be testing Austria because both Franz and the UK have all sorts of quarantine restrictions at the moment. I said we'll. Just both of you can go straight to Austria. Fair enough even racing point doing some kind of test which shows. They still rising point on the Aston Martins until next to you or something like that. So, everyone's getting around it except for McLaren paroled McLaren. Good. Colorado quick stories for eventually bought. Ask says he's not worried about. It'll take because Mercedes, said they not talking to him, which kind of the? It's no great for Sebastian. Battle He's been hearing wolf say. You know, of course we're going to have to consider. When actually just like winding you mom all. At least I haven't said he's got the full support of the board. Wonder a wonder, if eight be stuffed a wonder if We'll fees. Branch stacking. Get the supportive. Ours but means Veltri potus presumably in the box eight for next year alone. He didn't say that they hadn't said they're not talking to anyone else talking to. George Russell. WHO's now the virtual world champion? So you got a contract for next? You know he doesn't write a case. He should be worried you. What you what You Watch Veltri? You'll be a backbencher before you know it. If you don't careful, you happens. These things happened so quickly. Kimmy Reichman is out of contract as well. And he says he's not going to decide. He's fused until the end of the fair enough. Considering haven't even started racing in June, but he's going to be forty one this year. He's contract expires. He needs, and this is a difficult partner right so he's forty one. You think well. Why wouldn't you retire? Although the Alpha male factors very close to house, I guess the F. is fairly low these. But in a good way, not bad. But he's eleven. Rice starts twelve rice entries, or there's not really any difference these days, but then the numbers. Behind. Before you overtakes Ruben Barrichello's records for those two categories for rice, DOTS and rice entries. At the start of the year like well, he's going to beat it this year. All of a sudden. He might not because who knows what's going to happen this year. Yeah, the the calendar is the great variable in this year's world championship and let's face it. I reckon that's that's a model. We can go on for the future, I think we have a surprise calendar in terms of like mystery ticket, you just turn up to the Warsaw. You're going up until you get to the two possible control in the in the nation that you land. And and that's you'll wakes grown parade, so the the element of surprise will will will fix forget qualifying. Forget everything, forget practice It's mystery grown praise where? You're my parents used to talk about catching mystery flights, but they say they always just went to Adelaide so. That'd be respect Adelaide. Sleep point, let's. Bring it up. Well, we mischief lot took us there. Exactly. The point is that it wasn't a mystery. How many weeks of the Russian Grand Prix will formula put off with the? Somehow, it's wreaked. Exactly, imagine that. So. Who knows what's going to happen to keep you? Because you seem racing into. He's we forty. Two extends these contracts another. You'll turn forty two I mean it's pretty stoop performing I guess he's in the NFL, for a Mayo, obviously in the other, has ultimate Antonio. Juvenile it's not really the the team leader that they would be looking for if rocket and retired, so maybe he's just gotTa. Keep going. How was? Michael when he stopped. He must've been losing. Is What do you want to forty two? When he stopped, he came back when I was forty, wasn't he? So yeah, it'd be similar. Yeah, and both of them had a gap in the had multiple gap with a just went off in did other things so? Farrakkhan he sort of. Almost refreshed him a little bit. By the time it came because he had a brilliant comeback. When you went back to Lotus all those years ago, so so he kind of accidentally extended Korea by why a little bit and potentially this. Talking about other athletes were talking about extending their careers, because they finally just catching up on a bit of sleep in recovery. He could. He could reach the these trillion pitching A. Retiree he could be six five time. Yes the cash out of these super. The current the current retirement age is sixty seven. Oh, it's just out of reach. The box of neutrons installation only regular segment of twenty twenty. Whichever really goes to show? What kind of year has been? Has Been News in our old friend cancellation. What we've got three cancellations this week. So you know so, so which which praised, says the baby say taking this. BANNED FROM! Formula One is Singapore. The Japanese grand. Prix also cash, and Azerbaijan is normal not this year anyway. They've all been They've all been roasted the calendar. Understandable two of them are straight sick. Is that kind of makes sense the Japanese pre to the motor JP race there was canceled. Same promotor I'm pretty sure so they've. They've said no more, and you think they're also probably on the Olympics is probably they're gonNA try and get stuff so the Olympics next year. I WANNA I wanNA focus sometimes focus, and you think I tell you what the the the the Olympics ends Ed Covid nineteen to the greatest parachutes, anyone could could pull. Why isn't that pause? Being fixed prince album. Olympics. Discount Bark. Crying Varsovie Olympia. You're mirror repay show. Olympia. Pharmacies Pharmacies Gone Bark. Cried of ours. That's good, so it's true Jamie Hi fi couldn't David. SCHUPP wouldn't work. Out David shops anyway, there's no such thing suspicious to me. He must've be A. Augustine collapsed in two thousand six thought very good very good. But this positive news on the F., one potential, anyway, obviously they putting together a calendar, and that's good. But for all those people who have for decades now since dropped off the calendar thousand and whatever it was. Ninety, whatever it was I've been asking for Imola to come back to Formula One. Well. It's looking more positive. Imola fans because they've got a great one licensed back, which means there led to host Formula One races, and there's talk that, of course they would like to be a second Italian rice, a second race in Italy. Athlete having grown up timber, because whatever comes to the current Italian Grand Prix on the sixth of September. We'll be Ferrari's one thousand rights, and obviously that'd be good to have that in Italy I guess it would be nice. Oh, no, not to disparage the grown pre credentials of China's growing up and it was. It wasn't exactly the. Maybe, the atmosphere or the or the event? The formula on would have hoped. To celebrate, a major milestone is one hasn't grown sprays. For Ferrari if if all of a sudden they had the celebratory grown pary at the Hockenheim ring on. In front of all of this, besides so I need. How well that will go damn Mr Speaker especially if they get punted by as they probably would do. And we'll season. I suspect to be belted by many verbal with Lucena. Winning and then he'd spin out somewhere. Unfortunately, not play of stereotype. Ignore it the good word, though is that it might not be Imola. It could be Majella which is knee. Which is near Florence? To from Florida, maybe that'll be a problem. Everyone has to stay in a big city, but that's the that's apparently the favorite now because they are credited to run a formula one race as well. It's a track well-known again in motor GP. So. It's attractive familiar to motorsport fans, and it's a very quick track. It's a track that would be really interesting to wonder writer again in terms of stocks, socks, and the people who'd be most affected by this again. Card Masters. Twenty ways Magellan. I quickly have to get the license art she. Just take the trash out of that. That's. Because if it's any good. It might become a staple on the Formula One calendar for many years to come. I think we need. Our nobody J.? Pay has multiple variants of the Spanish growing pray I think Formula One. It could be I tape having to. Italian goals we'll just have to come up with a Gremio already coming up with a couple of interesting names for these double doubleheaders. It'll be good to say what they call. These other double hitters at other racetracks I think that's the most interesting part of the season so far it's funny. How what? I think the second Russian grown parade could be called the. The Knicks through scandal ninety. Three. Magellan could be the European paying pre or now. That can be this iden- go purchase San Marino, and there's never been. A good catch you'll rice day schooling around the Vatican. Why not the, but that'd be good? When there was that weekend where all the former aide drivers winning meant to poke some reason, why combine have Vatican pray? It'll be alright. Majella on the calendar, which is good news Ridley of course, another race that might be coming back these apparently in quote, strong negotiations. What that means is the L., Gava circuit in Portugal. Another classic track suppose another throwback. Perform the one. We're going to have these we in season I. Suspect. We're going to have all these. Playing the classic mode in a Formula One game and the next. We're GONNA. Go back to all these tracks, and no one wants to go to. It's going to be a bit of a shock it will be. It'll be refreshing sought to say. Different. Tracks that. We have entertained it'd we lost to Gary Somewhere? That's not been designed by whom until yes. Let's be honest. Yes, that would be a shock, not the same in the credits that I assume role on the Formula World Fade after. They're in strong megotiating. It's not gonNA, happen to one of these tracks at the moment, probably taking a backup option in case they can't formula go further abroad, which easing same increasingly unlikely given. We've had three cancellations. Just this week that are not in Europe Hockenheim these one race that he's a bit of a backup. Backup role, but apparently reportedly. Is Unlikely to appear on the calendar because they seek whiting and I need to decide what they're going to do with their own tracks now unlikely to host a great relationship Timbet when they were on standby, apparently for a rice, but in exchange you might get a double header in China. Russia and Abu Dhabi because reportedly they've all been offered double Rice's lighter in the Sr.. Classic Europe why why not Abu Dhabi. Greeks on the roof like eleven other James. Nobody else in other week of books, neutrals, events and messages in at the segment previously asked McGinley. Wanting from Matthew Mail box neutrals, DOT COM. Hi, Michael, Rob, and nobody good that he's putting running me last week. We're talking about old merchandise actually very briefly. I'm glad someone picked up on it. He has a Ferrari zip up jacket that he's dead purchased in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine, a pretty strong pre. Send a photo in as well it is from nineteen seventy nine. Sure it's not the instead of the nineteen seventy-nine British Grand Prix was the two thousand and nights Queen Victoria market. In the middle of April. For Ten dollars. Off August is quite frankly. That's the only Ferrari jacket that I ever say who all of my life a part for the official, if one personnel kit I've only ever seen paypal where there's dodgy, Vodafone Cigarette Company and Shell, patched. I'll tell you what our podcast visual medium, but I'm telling you now you also. You will saw sort. Everyone knows say looking at his merchandise. It's obviously legitimate because it was board. The British and pray with the Ferrari logo does have a like a like a certain a certain knockoff quality to. relaxed. That was before the days of screen printing. Here because it was caught in its gradually shrunk, so maybe it's just one of those situations along. This message having only got into the podcast over the last two years they must be very confused by all the references to the men formerly called to beginning I, stopped listening to old episodes. Maybe not so confused. It was funny at the end of the USTRALIAN GP Two Thousand Sixteen, Review. There was a there was a mention about listening to the podcast in two thousand, twenty, surely video anyone to have remembered all I forgot it, but anyway we'll have to go back and listen to that episode the two thousand. Sixteen is struggling prey review. Good I feel like everything more than one person who's written into. Say That we've somehow predicted something many years ago or made references. What was the I I did say what was the prediction? You didn't mention a prediction. You just said that there was a reference to listing represents in two thousand twenty, so we will have to read these emails in advance I. Go back and listen to it or not was talking about. Daren't I come onto some research or maybe I should have another email mailbox. NEUTRALS DOT COM for match Jay another reverse greedy. He suggested that we instead reverse the cause, but not the driver's. This means inner rice in race to the Austrian Grand Prix or the race to the bridge. Or the Russian ground praise show evidently get Louis can still started the front, but he'll be in a williams. Veltri bought asses pay, too. But now driving a Haas and Mexico Stephanie stirred, but has to drive a renner fairly PIPPI. Stick prediction about. But ultimately yeah, that'll Gardanne well meanwhile. Georgia's in the background, but in a Mercedes Bangor Sean is getting to crash a red bull. This really that I say the driver's talents and so bongos. Even Bernie would be outraged. I like it I like it a lot. That should be like an INDIV- indices in sort of get together where he just all contracts are off, is about sponsorship whatever and just mark? H. Caused because it look funny, and it'll be good for everybody s sounds like f one mockup. Yes, essentially, that's essentially WanNa do that's what the rice of champions used to be in the glory days when people cared about now to separately commercially sponsored event to make more money. That's I'm you sound like you to be outraged by people engaging in money making processes well. I guess everything's about making money they size. Yeah, you know that's strange because you're the only person I tonight that if The Alex Smelly book at the end. We'd that used to be the. Food how good we both had messages in that box of neutrals on twitter We've been asking the last couple of weeks. He's a good Dennis unusual. Because of Rod Davis. We've had split twenty four anyone saying Dennis Rodman as good sporting. Dennis and Ron Dennis in the same room, knowingness, Rodman, and Dennis I be. Necessary region the same person. It's okay okay I'll give you this. Have you ever seen Ron Dennis in the same room? As Victorian Priming Dentist Net thawing I? AM No they go. That's a good question. Good question probably have Denison the night. He has been on the before I think. Is a peed on the on a drone. Dennis has appeared on the podium. I take that back. The data snap. Fine has been on one podium. Yeah, he has. They've both been or. Only one person he knows we've also had a message from Stuart Crooks. WHO says Dennis's a rubbish truck, and since some rubbish trucks, which is good, says you always makes crime. Dennis always makes him laugh because. There isn't there. There's a brand of truck code Dennis. I'm looking at in the Logar. Almost looks like a hammer and sickle. So no, that's all about communism. Stuff it, my level DOT COM, have you? Have you got a dentist truck? We'll film there on. The Ground Dennis Review and we'll just basically feel. The the rubbish. Pickup points on Monday morning. It'll be good content and finally from from Aaron. Grenadier, he's texting because last week talking about Clive Palmer being the. Preferred to the Williams. Is No way? Clive is a fair the white. Nathan Tinkler aren't true. Football teams and a rice star has much better per degree than clive. Look look up Nathan Tinkler. He certainly has a pedigree I. think that's all I'm willing to say the PODCAST. Chosen, it's McKinley mabille driving into the sunset. Three thousand agrees it's almost sat in. Here more that trips into the sun and Formula One book of Neutral Dot, com COM com sorry I going to do it priming. Excuse me while I visit my lucky to find out exactly why talk like s I had to tell by why this is my own voice. Data sit down Michael Rub James, and nobody else. It is box of neutrals. It is three weeks formula on comes back. That was wrapping up the pre a preview of the Austrian grand. Prix I think that's what that would be something like that. Yeah? Why not? Sixteenth of cast an ordinary John. You've got it exactly right paid painted this podcast number sixteen. I don't know what we'd be pretty if you I want to be. In the Canadian Grand Prix reviewing so if you're talking about how. They, have the. Wallaby, but that's obviously not accurate. Speed. Animal notice. What's an animal? That's Canadian grinding to a Moose. What did he say? Is that edible with the with the platypus? Bake on the back of it. Could be. Inside! Detail Tihic Tile. Poulsen and backwoods does come on. A little something I'm on work with this workers you six to eight weeks no formula. One racing is the sixteenth preview the Austrian girl pray we a couple more yet you can go and download all previous episodes of the Australian girl rate at books of neutrals dot Com. You can also subscribe ordinarily. Get your gossip. Why not give us a rating interview? While you're there does help show helps. Other people find the podcast and then one day who paid a McGinley? Any data show at any point see weeks until next week I've been Michael of his raid this Prince Albert of Monaco. Particular. Boxing you via podcasts.

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