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Piece is the best I n last the podcast. Boy, oh boy, Sundays. I get jealous of the afternoon sports talk radio shows because you get sit around all day and kick around ideas and think about some of the bigger issues that get brought up that were reacting to oftentimes very early in the morning golick window here on first and last where the first thought of the day. And so you're a lot more reactive and you're allowed to be, which is nice. But there are some great discussions that take place as the day goes along, but sometimes I get a little jealous of and then the flip the script gets flipped on days like day were all the sudden we're handed something in the meat of the day yesterday, something that comes down literally after I get off air with dead and trae from six to eight every morning. And I'm like, oh, man. Now I've got the power. Look at me. I'm the captain now, and that's exactly what happened with all this whole fame stuff going down yesterday. So if anyone missed it yesterday during the morning era Dickerson leading the charge on behalf of a group of pro football hall of famers road a letter that he posted online. To Roger Goodell the NFL PA executive director damore Smith pro football hall of fame president, David Baker. Referencing that he was speaking on behalf of a group of high profile hall of famers. That said, it would be no longer attending the annual induction ceremony until whole famers received health insurance and an annual salary that included a share of league revenue. Man, I walking out of the building to go over to do sports center on Snapchat, and I hear that and I am frothing at the mouth like that is the kind of stuff that you sit around here and you are excited to talk about because one of we seen something like that. And so now we get the advantage of having been able to sit around and to listen to some other voices and to hear some now revised versions of what this letter represented, who it represented more ESPN radio's presented by progressive home insurance, get your quota, progressive dot com. Today it's first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio. And so coming up this morning now to react to this stacked guest list, Bill curry, who I have. I have known Bill Curry's. Young man used to call college football games of my father is as interwoven in the fabric of the history of football. Both collagen pro has been around some of the biggest names in the game as anyone and is going to be various thing to hear him on this just very slow, southern drawl. So be ready. These are going to be long answers. Anthony, Munoz, pro football hall of Famer. Maybe the greatest left tackle ever live at eight thirty and then the man himself, Eric Dickerson who pen the letter nine thirty eastern this morning on golick and wingo. So a lot of hall of famers in the lineup today to discuss this. Issue that. Became more and more complicated as the day went on. So it starts off with that bombshell getting drop yesterday. Eric Dickerson joined bobbly on outside the lines and kind of explained a lot of his piece in all this. Here's the him talking about the difference between what players received post career in the NFL as opposed to other sports. This is the hang up for them, but remember it started centered around hall of famers receiving these benefits now. Got us out. Won't get my good friend, deacon Jones, and he said to be every how much pension I say what I haven't taken. I'm like forty one. I said, I'll probably get like twelve hundred dollars a month. So you know what I get. I got two hundred funky dollar two hundred fifty dollars a month. So what am I gonna do with two hundred fifty dollars a month. I think the perception is that all NFL players, rich and we haven't made and that's just so far from the truth. And so this to me is the crux of what's gone on here is visting splits and fractures on a few levels. But the first split in fracture and it's one that Dickerson talks about another points in his letter and mentions is that the MO of the league is to try and divide the players current and former. Now that divide. Usually comes from one side of the other. We've seen a lot of these sort of jealousy, the anger, the bitterness from former players and understandably. So for guys that built the league in so many ways that go sight unseen now for a lot of current players, guys that look at the salaries that come out now and say, what the hell we did all the work, laying the groundwork for this making salaries that were much closer to normal. I use air quotes normal because the NFL's always been a pretty big money industry in the last twenty thirty forty years. We're talking obviously going back further than that, you get into more interesting territory, but the separation between players before free agency really in the time that my dad was in the league from the late eighties into the early nineties. The way money changed in the NFL created this divide automatically. So you've got that. But then if fractures, even more so that I think is something that already naturally existed. You've got a fracture even more because you had Eric. Acres and coming out and saying, all right, we've got this board of hall of famers in on this and then mmediately two of 'em, punt right immediately. Kurt Warner, Jerry Rice to the bigger names that you could have a societas with this come out and say, not exactly sure. Jerry Rice puts out a statement on Twitter. Well, I support any effort to improve health insurance benefits all current retired NFL players. I'm not part of a quote hall of famers board of directors as referencing the letter earlier today. We need to continue to have meaningful discussions about this issue at the league. The union in the hall of fame, especially as we near a new collective bargaining agreement. I plan to support the pro football hall of fame and look forward to attending the hundredth anniversary in twenty twenty. That's a big hangup in all this. That's the threat, right? The threat of forces we will not attend the hall of fame ceremony. Now, field Yates points this out. I think pretty accurately that this fracture alone these name saying, now we're out of this undermines a lot of what this effort was when you are working towards a message in doing so collaboratively or a goal and doing so collaboratively. If it's truly collaborative amongst group of people, then you better make sure that this group is all for one and one for all. And I don't know how a document or a letter is released that states that Kurt Warner and Jerry Rice. Arguably the greatest player in NFL history. Jerry Rice is a part of this movement, and yet he Sates publicly. He was not a part of this movement. So it feels as though the message in the intent is not something that I necessarily totally disagree with. Even though I do kind of wonder if maybe all former players deserve these benefits, not just the hall of fame level player. Years, but I think that the operation may have slipped a little bit to the point that I don't know that this carries much weight as it could've if things had been sort of buttoned up first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app fueled gates are ESPN NFL insider. And I think one of the points that gets made there is when he says, yes, all of the players probably deserve this, Eric Dickerson face that backlash immediately and had to come out and say, I want health care for every player. That's my main goal. All my offense of Lima new blocked from tight ends receivers. Anyone I played with, don't you think I want them to have healthcare. I want those guys to have it. Those guys played as hard as I did to get to the hall of fame. I want them to get it, but we have to start here. I, we have to get one before we get ten. We have to start with the hall of famers because we're trying to get some power. I, that's an interesting point that is undermined by the way you want about this because the thing in discussion in talks that I had with a lot of people yesterday, that kind of goes because a lot of people say, well. Why wouldn't the NFL do this willingly for its former players? Understanding what a great PR move. This would be understanding how good this would be for the brand of football. The say, we're going to take care of these guys that put their bodies on the line for the league. And I said, well, because everything's a bargaining chip, they talk about the way that in the last CVA one of the focuses that Eric Dickerson summarily dismissed was the legacy fund that was established six hundred twenty million dollar increase in benefits with team owners contributing out of their share of the revenue for the first time. This issue stabbed a fun for Pre1933 player, so a lot of the guys looking to be addressed and looking to be taken care of here. And so you've got that on this one side, you've got that being dismissed, but you've got that as a goal, right? And that's a bargaining chip, it's something that was talked about at the collective bargaining table. And so this could have been an advantage because the threat of protesting the hall of fame is one that. I think we saw this year when Tarallo opted not to go Centene noth- of a shock wave through the system that it got people's attention. I guarantee that's why air Dickerson and company were entertaining this to begin with. And so if you look at that and say, we have a group that has the power that could have spoken for the larger group of all players and potentially done it from vantage point, where will this isn't the current players that league speaking on this. This isn't the guys that are at the collective bargaining table for this. This is another group that's flexing its weight in a way that the owners would have to pay attention to because Eric Dickerson his right that group does have a lot of power. That group is an important part of the league, and it's fabricated history and it's a missed opportunity to not have this be more coordinated as is often the case with the players side of labor disputes. There are so many with so many different vantage points, so many different financial backgrounds and so many different needs than it's hard always corral these groups. Because if you would. Had something that was more pointed. I think this was an interesting discussion to be had of. Could this group have affected change from a different angle enough to make the owner sweat it and think about doing something that normally they would have never given up without some sort of compensation coming back their way. First and last podcast reacting to Eric Dickerson pending a letter to Roger Goodell damore Smith, David Baker of the pro football hall of fame, saying hall of famers will boycott future enshrinement ceremonies if they are not compensated with healthcare after their careers. With a yearly salary based on league revenue, Chris Edwards tweets in health and disability insurance. Absolutely salary. Why is the NFL on the hook for poor financial planning of its past president? Future players? Yuli argument. I see for pass players who went bankrupt due to health and disability issues. I think that's what most of the centers around is the idea that players before put in the same sort of work when it comes to playing building and being a part of the NFL that so successful now but weren't compensated financially as players are in this day and age by any percentage by any metric, and the health and safety ramifications were just as much if not more than when health and safety wasn't as much of a priority wasn't studied as well. And so these guys coming to look and collect on that doing it in a way that I think undermines their cause a bit person. Last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Let's go to Ron in Los Angeles quickly, Ron, and you're on first and last, what's going on. So I'm listen. I'm all pro player of all four. Everything is thing for my things. The problem is what you're saying is you kinda made a generalized versus Eric Dickerson. And as top of the segment used that Kurt Warner Andrey rice jokes drilling the point about what Jerry Rice, that making it Ajay right for Eric Dickerson not a Kurt Warner versus a current one nj. Right versus Eric Dickerson. I mean, it was Kurt Warner, Jerry Rice in number of other former players. Like I'm pretty sure my dad, my goal senior who you're gonna, hear ongoing wingo coming up, had a pretty strong reaction to this is well, which is the same across the board for a lot of these guys so it everyone knows Jerry Rice versus Eric Dickerson. And I said, the names Jerry Rice and Kurt Warner being, I won't say a line against this, but at the same time, speaking out, not the same message as Eric Dickerson sorta. Undermines the cause right away in a lot of this. So no, everyone knows it's not a Jerry Rice versus Eric Dickerson thing, but it's a lot of people apparently looking at Eric Dickerson like we weren't consulted in the way that your purporting with this some sort of hall of famers board. That seemed to be what both Kurt Warner and Jerry Rice were disputing was that they were a part of some hall of famers board or that they weren't somehow on board for health insurance and all this for all players. Not just a hall of famers now right now time for straight. Talk brought to you by straight talk wireless, best phones, best networks, no contracts. We'll get back to that. But we also had an interesting developed development taking place yesterday in O'Connor. ESPN senior writer got a book, got a book chronicling, the New England Patriots of all things. And we are a lot about New England this off season, a lot of things going on behind closed doors there, and a lot of them Seth wicker sham wrote that great PC year ago about a lot of the things going on behind closed doors and Ian O'Connor, sort of expanded upon. One of the thing that became. Came the main subject, the main storyline through the offseason, which was the friction between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, which seemed to be Oduh, but we get a little further explanations. He joined Scott van pelt last night on sports center. I think the first thing, Scott, it's remarkable took seventeen eighteen years for any fracture to come into public view, right? It's a testament to them really that it didn't happen for so long. But once Bella drafted Garoppolo in two thousand fourteen and said that night, he cited Tom's age contract status and said, I'd rather be early than late at this position. It made it inevitable and it happened last year, our very own Seth wicker Shanta a masterful job, aided portraying the escalating tension between those two. It came down to garoppolos presence and also seventeen eighteen years of being coached in an unforgiving way by Bella chick war Brady down. And then of course, the way Bella check marginalized. Alex Guerrero, his business partner in life coach, and it all sort of came together to represented last draw. I was told by a number of sources that as. As late March Brady wasn't sure. He was going play again for Bella chick first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. And that was the source of a lot of controversy surrounding this patriots offseason and always go back to. It makes an overwhelming amount of sense, right? Like if you look at any great company, any great business, any great tandem, how whatever you wanna look anything that successful eventually. Feeds enough of the human ego because we all want to feel validated. We all want credit for what we believe we're doing. That's one of those interesting things about Golden State to me is Golden State. We hear about all this. Well, you know, you have no idea what's going on behind closed doors here. We don't know what it looks like, but we're sold on the outside this selfless brand of basketball, a guy like Kevin Durant coming over and agreeing to play for less and do all these things in order for the team to have success, and we wonder, all right, what takes down Golden State. And I posted this yesterday when I was doing sportscenter on Snapchat, which is could just personal greed. Could those very human emotions just play into this after awhile? I don't feel like I'm getting enough credit for the thing that we're doing well. And that was to me always something that made just a human level of sense with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, which is at some point, both of these guys are considered maybe the greatest to do their specific job in the NFL. And yet we always have this. Conversation is Brady of product of Bella check system. Bella chat couldn't do it in Cleveland without Tom Brady before round and round. We go not understanding that these things are kind of symbiotic at the end of the day. Now, one thing that maybe a vote for the favor of the relationship going all the way back to the beginning was Bella checks, preference to Tom Brady early on in their careers together. Bella chick never really believed all that much in Bledsoe and I know from talking to people around him back then now they didn't want him to get hurt. Certainly it wasn't as if the coaching staff and people in the front office where rooting for anything like that, but they were trying to get Tom Brady under center without offending and creating a real problem with the owner who just gave one hundred million dollars to Drew Bledsoe as the franchise player new stadium in the making. And that was the franchise player in the face of the New England Patriots. But they really liked Brady when he got a chance to play and Bill felt that there was something there that Brady had that it factor. He was not. Going to go away from that when Bledsoe got healthy according to the article on ESPN dot com Brady started worrying for his job almost immediately after belch excited his age and contract status, and the coaches own desire to be early rather than late to that position when they drafted Garoppolo in two thousand fourteen even more interesting. How about this quote from Tom Brady's sister Brady Belgium had been reduced to a staredown that didn't surprise those in the quarterbacks camp. According to the book, felt like Bella check would push him out to berry Brady sisters, said, quote, Bella check will definitely do to him someday what the colts did debate manning. So if we're to believe that it makes it even more impressive to the patriots are gonna lock down when we get to the season every year and make this work first and last the podcast first and last podcast I've made this argument before this analogy, but as we discuss some of the things coming out with the patriots, Ian O'Connor's got a book documenting a lot of the off-season friction that we heard about between Brady and Bella check. We've seen very publicly in some instances, the Steelers and a lot of their locker room drama spilling over out into the street. They're like bad relationships where you see couples argue at certain times in public, or you hear some arguments coming out. Some dirty look shot their way, but then they come together and make it look like the perfect family picture when you get to the season or at least the patriots, the patriots of the perfect family portrait. I feel like the Steelers couple of having great sex, like, that's the thing that's keeping it all together. Whether it's first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We're just being honest when you look at it. So we talked about the patriot, Tom Brady Bill Belichick, both wanting respect, both wanting credit, both feeling the especially Tom Brady side. It seems to be according to what we've heard from Ian O'Connor in this book and a number of other reports, Seth wicker, Sham's peace going back to last year, which is Brady felt like he was being pushed out in a way that he didn't believe he deserved based on what he's done for this organization. Then we got everything that's happening with the Steelers. So Antonio Brown was a no show on Monday Steelers. Can this coming off of a weekend where he tweeted responding to a former Steeler staffer who insinuated the Ben Rothlisberger their quarterback made Antonio Brown and he said trade me and let's see. And so a lot of people connecting that with sideline outbursts that we saw manteaux Neo, burnt all these things snowballing that are understandable looking at the outside and going well combine this with everything we've seen with on Belen all cannot be well in Steelers company and Steelers camp. I should say. Well, Mike Tomlin as he often does come out here to put out fires. Mike Tomlin has a very outspoken team one where we've seen things whether it was near the Facebook live stuff from year ago on Twitter spilling out from the locker room. This year's exchange in public back and forth between the Steelers offense of line and some comments levian beyond bell. Mike Tomlin is never going to leak any of this stuff. Every time I see a coach or a player slip up in front of the media and people talk about the difficulties dealing with it. I said, no, because Mike Tomlin's out here, making it easy for you guys, Mike Tomlin yesterday, talking about what he will and will not discuss when it comes to Antonio Brown. Not going to openly talk about lot of things social media. You could be chasing that all. I will say. This is important that we understand position likeness shine on us, and it was found ability that comes with it. It's been a couple of his nail. You asked me about in Tonio regarding social media, like things out address that address that very directed with them, but I'll leave this. We he and I, I'm not gonna utilize this form form for such things I just don't believe is appropriate. I think that this warm is very professional. One. We got a lot of football things to talk about. You know, performance personnel opportunities, challenges that game football presents always wanna take that road when I'm standing in front of this podium representing this league that's just to to approaching first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Honestly, it is an absolute showcase of. How to handle press conferences. And I know that's not the interesting sports angle, but I come away impressed every single time. I hear my Tom because he says nothing and makes it sound interesting in the process because he's Mike Tomlin. Nothing but respect there. Now, as far as the real of the situation, there are some things that need to be addressed. But at the end of the day, I look at this situation and we're gonna hear from Ryan Clark's, former Steeler safety, a guy was captain their leader around at understands that building as well as anybody. But I look at this and say, the Steelers have made this work, this sort of volatility in a way that sort of reminds me and that to the same extent. But as far as the big personalities allowed to flourish, if what Seattle did right for a long time, those Seattle Seahawks teams and especially those defenses that led the charge were very emotional volatile groups at certain times, and we've seen a ton of personality allowed to flourish from the Steeler team, and it's been led by Mike Tomlin who has managed to steady the ship. And I think allow for his players to be a little more outspoken to be a little more brash to be a little more vocal in a lot of these things. And they've got rings to show for it. Mike Tomlin's got hardware in the case to show for it, albeit not as recently as they put again, I point back to just because you can't beat the patriots, doesn't mean it should be an indictment on your process like the fact that you've run into this all time force of nature and Brady and check that people's can't seem to get over the hunt. The hump of doesn't mean we should look at this and say, well, the Steelers should have been doing better like, yeah, we acknowledge there's a ton of offense of town. Maybe more often, talented anyone in the league head, but the patriots are different in so many ways that using them as the argument. That's the argument of saying that just because you're in the SEC west and you can't manage to win that conference or that division when Alabama's been in it for the last decade. Nick Sabin, that to me is a, it's a miss. It's an absolute miss to try and assign blame to that in that way. Now the same time, it doesn't mean that things can't get fixed. Ryan Clark are ESPN NFL analyst. And former Pittsburgh Steeler said this type of behavior which ultimately undermines what they're trying to do as a team. You don't know what is the surrounding factors, but here's what you do. You know there was a blow up on the silent. You know there was a blow up on Twitter and now he's not there for whatever reason it is. This is a guy that people looked to for leadership on his team. This is the guy who is the best football player on this team and who's lead many people will follow whether right or wrong, whether he should be a leader or not. And you can't have this type of behavior from your marquee players from the people you have given money and incense given the the power to control the narratives outside of the locker room, but also the behavior insight first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio. You can touch this Michelle, Pennzoil performance line. We're brought to you by Pennzoil synthetics, taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level, make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today. And I said, it can look like that. You're right, you do. Leadership, although it was interesting. I I was in camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers in two thousand thirteen. My rookie season with them off season. I could not tell you in that time period, what an Tonio Brown's voice sounded like. I didn't find out until after I left Pittsburgh like that's just not a voice that you heard as often in that locker room. And there are different ways to lead as he Ryan pointed out as the team's best player. You often lead by conduct. I know plenty of guys that lead much more in conduct in the way they carried themselves, and that is something you cannot like. Like Ryan said, you cannot question with Antonio Brown, the work he puts in the standard that he sets there. But being vocal leader may just not be his bag in all this, and you can fix a lot of those problems. But like we said, the relationship may have ups and downs. You may get in an argument every once in a while may disagree. May have to take a day apart from each other like this, but the end of the day you come back for the great sex NFL record five consecutive hundred catch seasons involving Ben Rothlisberger, Antonio Brown through two games. Antonio Brown currently leads the NFL with thirty three targets including eight catches for hundred sixty yards and a touchdown. That that part's not broken. There are a lot of parts about the Steelers that you look at right now and say, all right, maybe we need to fix this certainly defensively. It seems like there's woes that they've got to address really haven't been addressed for a while around there as we make this about the offense and missing levian bell, Antonio Brown acting up a lot. Like what we always say, the patriots locked down everything. When it gets to the season, the Steelers make this work on offense. Like I, we have yet to see over any substantial amount of time enough of a drop off with what this offense of unit is capable of, or the very least what it's intent is and five straight hundred seasons for Antonio Brown's and leading the NFL and targets indicates to me some level of intent with this guy in this spot. That we can worry about the conduct becoming a problem long term maybe. But they've shown me enough of an ability to deal with this now. Then I'm probably gonna pump the brakes on most of that and just wait for AB to show up today. I mean, that's the other thing that gets lost and drew houses agent. Came out and put a lot of these fires out of the tweet. Yesterday, quote, the tweet yesterday was not in reference to anything other than Antonio sp- responding to a person. He knows that former Steelers PR staffer. It was not directed toward a trade or wanting to be traded. It was a personal response to a former Steelers. Employees insulted him any idea. He was asking for a trade is not accurate. And Secondly, yesterday he had personal matter. I talked to him about it. He has an issue unrelated to this tweet or his relationship with the team. And third, anything you see between AB and the coach is AB is an incredible drive to win. He just wants to win first and last the podcast all rise for the honorable Aaron. Judge Yankees fans can breathe. A sigh of relief. Last night is not only do they get a win over the Boston Red Sox down the stretch of the season, which we've talked about ad nauseam the AL east isn't over and done conversation, but the location of the wildcard and where that game is going to take place as the Yankees and the as jockey for position there. Becomes a more interesting dilemma that now got a little bit of a vote of confidence in favor of the Yankees yesterday and part of that had to do had to do with Aaron judge coming back the other day. But I, I gotta address something. We'll hear from Aaron judge in a second. We will hear from his manager Aaron Boone, but I was handed to urgent horrifying notes this last night and things that I think are worth addressing because we come to certain realizations late in life, right? Everyone realizes certain things. I didn't try salad or yogurt until I was twenty one years old and I try both of them for the first time on an airplane. We can't control when the right time finds us, but these are two shocking revelations. The I, I just saw someone tweeted at me in the one eight hundred flowers dot com. Twitter feed angle of junior Fifty-seven, Seth Rogan tweeted, hot tip. That's twenty five years late, but I didn't have Twitter back then in duck hunt, unintended. Oh, the second player controller controlled the duck. He said me and my sister found this out because I said on the controller by accident and the duck kept flying to the top right corner. I want you to let that drip into your day. It's Wednesday, it's the middle of the week. I think we all need to be reminded that we're alive and that is a terrifying note that rattles the core of what most of us knew thought you were just going against a computer controlled duck nee, my friend that player to controller, but the other thing and this, this is at the top of the list for me Kylie Jenner twenty one year old. Almost billionaire that we've talked about in a number of instances before tweeted this last night. This is a true money. Can't buy you. This kind of happiness moment. She said last night I had cereal with milk for the first time and it was life changing. Now, a lot of people get mad to how do you go twenty one years without having milk and cereal. She said she'd been eating dry, and I said, you know what? We'll forget that I want to give her credit into areas I want because I lamented the NFL on this the other day when the NFL came out and double down on the clay Matthews. Hit the penalty that shouldn't have been against Kirk cousins in the Vikings and Packers game from this weekend. I said the NFL mystic golden opportunity to reinforce the kind of behavior that they want it because that clay Matthews hit looked exactly like what they want modern tackling the look like, and they miss an opportunity to go out there and Panama on the head and say, good job. This is what we want. We want more of this. You can help your cause like that. So I want to reinforce positive behavior because Kylie Jenner did two things that I think were noble in this. The first was that she chose a great serious. She went cinnamon toast crunch which for my money, the second best serial of all time. What's number one, Mike waffle crisp come on guys. Next question. But the second thing in the most important thing and I took this for granted because I thought you guys were all playing for the same team with me. And then I found out the other day that wasn't the case. She wants cereal first and then milk because she's not an idiot. Milkin before cereal should be ashamed of yourselves. So in those two camps, Kylie Jenner got a big one. And I mean, this is the first day of the rest of her life. Now her life is forever changed by this, and I just happy that we all got to live through this moment. We had Twitter, like Seth Rogan's. We didn't have Twitter when she was growing up. We didn't have Twitter early on. Now we get to experience this together to real local. God did moments first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Another look what he did moment. Last night, Aaron judge makes his triumphant return. Aaron judge talked about what it felt like just to be back out on the field after what ended up being way longer of a hiatus than any of us plan for for that wrist injury. Philip ever lift. Everything felt good for like my bets were good and seeing the ball will. All you can really, you don't come back after missing that many weeks. So I'm excited with the start. You know, we got the win to keep that role. ESPN radio's presented by progressive insurance and air judge says all that and one over one in his first start over four. Excuse me. As I start since July. Bad second finish to fly outs to right field. The double play and a check swing strikeout. But the is get a three, two win, Neil Walker hit a three one home Homer in the eighth. So all's well that ends well in a lot of this. And I think getting this is a lot like when Tiger Woods I came back getting out healthy was the most important part of all this coming back and just getting back into the rhythm of being at the park. Now, certainly for Aaron, judge the performance parts, get a manner. He also talked about that worrying about the hiatus was going to do when it came to that. It's like riding the bike. It's getting paid to do. He'll be one game. So. And it's not just had to see a couple of bats, and then I knew after my first day doing similar that bats that I was I was going to go, and that's the most reassuring part is the confidence because through all of this, the Yankees bats have been cold for the better part of last month plus. And last night certainly didn't look much different. A pretty solid pitcher's duel when it all was said and done. Nathan of all the getting the start for the Red Sox and dealing through the first portion of most of that game. I think the most reassuring part is just his presence back in that lineup, because as the bats have gone cold and Stanton's been a part of that to the reigning, Ellen VP certainly hasn't looked the part as Aaron judge has been on the shelf, but it's just that presence because the thing I remember most about Aaron judge numbers side in the early portion of the season is that he seemed to be the Yankees clutch hitter in a way that they didn't have beside him. He seemed to be the guy that when the Yankees needed a big play down the stretch. Now as they prepare for this wildcard and we talked over and over again, early in the season was, could we potentially have two hundred win teams facing off in the wildcard round? And now it's centered a little more around the Oakland a.'s who emerged from that picture later than expected. It's you're going to need a clutch performer when it's doer die. One game setting. And so for that much getting judged back in this way, I think is monumental for the Yankees when it comes to that side now you still worry about again the hangover this much time off because we were sold a Bill goods, three weeks at the beginning of this three weeks, he was supposed to be not swinging bat with this rinse Rhys injury, and so coming back because this is already gone arrived from the original plan. You wonder what is actually going on internally here? Are they worried about Aaron, judge coming back? Are these apprised by anything Aaron, Boone, the Yankees manager when asked if he was. Surprised by judge being as ready as he was tonight? No, I don't think I should say surprise. I mean, you never know how it's going to be, but. Just I know getting to know air and over the years or over this past year, he's a special person. And so I'm not surprised. You know, he comes in with an age with a focus and end just an ability to lock in a hurry. And I thought I thought he was in a good place all night long just with his presence with who he is and in in at bats, he was able to have first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. The Yankees, get a slugger back, and I knew this is going to happen cereals area that people are so uniquely passionate about tweets, coming into the one eight hundred flowers dot com. Twitter feed Kevin be says, you pour the milk and I when you don't wanna wake anybody in the house f y, I remember that if you have kids. Man is I, I will defer to parents on this. Our kids really adept enough adhering. And maybe this is depending on where your bedrooms are located, that little bit of clank in the bowl of cereal because that seems like you're making an awful lot of concessions, but I get it. Sleep is necessary. And then Brennan Birger tweets in Oreo O's are unquestionably the greatest serial of all time. Full stop hashtag book. It. That's a hell of an admission I will. I will give Oreo O's a place in the conversation because good Lord, any amount of that much sugar and chocolate and cereal always has a place in my breakfast bowl. I'm sure that won't be the end of us hearing about. It really is, especially, we're morning show. We're very early morning show no doubt why this make sense to you guys first and last the podcast first, and last the podcast hottest stories of the NFL season so far gets an interesting little plot twist here. Now we knew this was coming. We knew this part of the story was inevitable, but it's approaching a little faster. And we got an interesting answer from inside the belly of the beast that I think you guys are gonna enjoy or at the very least that I think people are going to find interesting because we didn't expect any of this to come. We did not expect what's been coming from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Who I don't know if we can save fits magic now without having to pay royalties to Minka Fitzpatrick. It's all become very confusing, but I gotta say, this is what happens around here. This is always the tension because obviously come in got a lot of great sports to talk about today. Eric dickers- is coming up nine thirty this morning on Golic and wingo Eric Dickerson who Penn day letter to Roger Goodell into NFL PA had executive director damore Smith and to Chris David Baker, the head of the hall of fame pen to let it all these guys saying me in this group of hall of famers are boycotting future hall of fame enshrinement unless you start paying us and giving us lifetime health insurance. It's a big deal coming off yesterday, you've got that. You've got enough O'Connor writing a book on Tom Brady, Antonio Brown. Didn't show up for practice the other day. Got all this. And the thing that I mentioned as a throwaway in the middle of one of our last segments in the last hour about Kylie Jenner, trying cereal with milk for. The first time and merely throwing out into the universe that waffle Christmas, the best serial and people that put milk in before the cereal should be looked at and guarded away from polite society. If you hear someone or see someone doing that calling report at your local authorities, that is what you guys flood. My mentions with like we could have this number one serial conversation over and over again. But instead I wanna talk about innovation very quickly. It's someone made the argument that you put milk in before the Syria when you don't wanna wake up your kids. Terry Smith tweeden says, I have three kids. Chewing is definitely the loudest part of the cereal experience. Don't listen to the guy who goes milk. I in the bowl only a serial killer possibly do that. We are at first and last need to come up with the silent bowl, though we think about the parents. We think about the early risers you don't wanna wake your kids. You don't wanna wake your dog who has a lot better hearing than your kid. We need the silent bowl. We need the silent poor bowl to help people out. So there's no more excuses. No more reason for these milk. I people ESPN radio's presented by progressive insurance commercial insurance through progressive protect your business and your dream choose from over thirty coverage options at progressive commercial dot com first, and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio. And we mentioned. So during the course of the young NFL season, as we see a bit of a changing of the tide, right in a number of instances. We'll see Allie sent the Email note last night that the patriots no longer favorites to win. The Super Bowl now have been replaced as the Super Bowl favorites by than the Los Angeles Rams Rams going off at ninety two odds, the patriots six to one the Jaguars who just beat the patriots, this last weekend at eight to one right behind them. So you can see the shift starting to happen. And in general, are power rankings. Yesterday had the Rams number one, the Jags number two and the chief's number three. Like if you explain how, sorry, spoiler alert my bed. Coming in hot off the press Tuesday, power rankings, didn't even think we power rankings today to like we have a lot going on and everyone wants to talk about serial, but. So you look at all that and you say this is sort of it feels different, right? It feels different to have these teams be validated this early on the list of two teams feel strange. You got the Broncos in there. You've got the Bengals in there. You've got the dolphins where you're AFC east leaders right now early in the season, like all this feels strange, doesn't feel strange and shouldn't. At this point is Ryan Fitzpatrick blowing us up early in the season and having a monster year, especially in a contract here. But what becomes interesting is the decisions that the bucks have had to make. And one that we've heard weighed in on is what they should do. James Winston had three game suspension, James Winston, by the way, who will now be involved in a civil suit. The driver from the incident that landed James Winston on these suspension list for three games is suing James Winston for that instant, no, no new information coming to light, but merely the lawsuit stemming from that incident. Now being brought up that just happened on Tuesday. But the decision the bucks to make when you bring James Winston back, do you put him back on the field? And I don't think you do right, like you have a decision to make about James Winston. But if you're cutter, you also have a job to protect and you have a team that right now is getting something it didn't expect which is success. And so-. Balancing that long-term like Jameis Winston gets put back on the field. You know, that's the front office forcing that decision because I can't imagine dirt cutters gonna wanna make that decision even though he was kept around in large part because of that relationship with James Winston. But we also got a little bit of word from inside that locker room from Sean Jackson, the buccaneers star wide receiver who has benefited greatly from Ryan Fitzpatrick being under center, joined Kevin Gandhi on sportscenter at six pm. Last night threw his hat in the ring. He's playing fire right now. The team is ready of items and just playing lights out football. You have to kind of honor. It should get off saying, no, you can't take the. House fire right now, it's like NBA, Jim. We used to play via January, John, whoever it got that high. Shoot, man. So you know, it's not mine to sit in, but I'm sure Durkan. 'cause mugging in Gaza Mexican called short of, you know, the fires fires out. He's on fire, and that's kind of where I'd side with all this because I think the decision becomes easy in that case. Right? You ride this hot hand. Like if you're going to actually have a good fit season all the way through, you've got greater weapons than he ever had any of those last few stops. That was the frustrating part about last year with James Winston and his office as you looked around it and it stacked like all the skill positions aside, I think you've got a really underrated group protecting him blocking for James. Winston frontally your sound in a lotta ways here. And so if you can ride this for as long as you can, you're getting a good season when you were picked last in what was one of the most competitive? Not be most competitive division in football in the last few years, and you can make noise and that party you leave that guy in because here's the the truth when it comes to guys. Like Ryan Fitzpatrick and guys like James Winston that our top overall picks is if you're the top overall pick, it takes a lot for you to get the hook like Jameis. Winston has gotten chance after chance because he's a top overall pick and forgetting the ability which is there. He's got the clout, which is almost more important in the NFL and a lot of ways buys you chance after chance. So when you're that guy, it takes a lot to get the hook with Fitzpatrick when this goes, you ride that hot hand as long as you want. Because you know when you get James Winston back, all it's gonna take as one bad game, all it takes knowing Ryan Fitzpatrick's history, knowing the MO around him, which is we've seen the good, but we know the bad comes were all expecting the shoe to drop when it does that comes with the swiftness because that's how it worked. When you're the backup, your everyone's favourite player when you're on the bench. But if you get out there and you blow it. We're all clamoring for that other guy like you see Nick foles in Philadelphia right now, that guy was the Super Bowl MVP and everyone's already looking down at their watches like, all right. Like how soon can we get Carson Wentz back in this. That's just the way a works. And so to me, that makes it a lot easier for you on the side of the people making the decisions for the bucks because the minute he slips up the minute, this stop, then you just get to put your starter back in and find out about the decision. And if you don't, if that hot hand rides all the way through, then you get a season you weren't expecting and then maybe it makes it easier for you to move on from guy. Jameis Winston who already you had some questions about, are we going to keep him on for the price tag that we know is coming now, Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay times join Spain and Fitz last night completely disagree with me for all that Ryan Fitzpatrick is doing right now, and he's been terrific. I mean, he'd be an MVP candidate right after two weeks, but is this really the direction you're gonna go? They have so much invested in James Winston in terms of the number one overall, pick almost. Four years of developing him that even with the suspension, he's gotta be their future in they've committed, you know, almost twenty million dollars to them. You know, as that fifth year option, I just think that eventually sometime after the bye week you're gonna see James Winston be the quarterback of the FOX again, and that's the decision that hangs in the balance. Thank you for listening to the first and last podcast. You can listen subscribe to all ESPN podcast. In the listen tab of the ESPN app. First and last.

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