Special Thanksgiving Edition of Jalen and Jacoby


A sport clips haircut makes any guy feel like his hair has its own walkup music. Maybe play sports. Maybe play sports online. Whatever your sport download the APP check in and get your hair in the game? Jalen and and Jacoby he is Jalen. Anthony Rose what up dump. I'm David Jacoby own order. The cool check in center stage on. I think we are Jewish. Kobi what is it that we do what they very special podcast today. Jalen rose Thanksgiving special today. Yes we always gonNa people what they ah so we hit up social media and we got the cultural regionals from the people. We got the software for Boston from the people all Thanksgiving team. Did you actually get some people from orgy interactive. Yes actually people from your twitter handle yes for. I guess that's giving the people what they want. Yes so social the experience that people don't get on national television. No we go. We listened to the people we listened. We listened to the People Jalen rose actively go to go so we're going to hit you with some exclusive Thanksgiving content is. They're going to re air the show throughout the holidays. Okay so we got a little half hour show. There was a remix but so much happening sports. If you gotta give give the podcast exclusive listeners. Sports information that's great. That's great so it's GonNa work out good so instead of US normally doing the top headline topic for the Television Shelf Pot and there's nothing bigger happening sports last night. Louie Mar Jackson and the Ravens ran the ball six times in a row to start the game score. touchdowns are basically every single possession. That Lamar Jackson was under center. Eight on third downs. The other two times they got got the first fourth down. They were fantastic last night. I know you're GonNa say I told Ya I told Ya. I told Y'all smash mouth football. Jim Harbaugh I told you guys beginning of the season. I'm always right about everything I'm Jalen. Rose Rose Roaster Dom this my team. These are my guys. I told you all of the above when Ozzie. newsome chose those two draft Lamar Jackson as the fourth or fifth quarterback taken in the first round the year he got picked. I almost literally really stood on the table until all of their. You're going to be better than all of those guys who got picked in front of them. Exactly what I said and Wa. Why was I so confident because the game has changed and I always talk about you can be terrific talent? That's why you in position to be successful but where you get picked means everything This in my opinion would is the only team that would have totally tailor-made their offense to fit his strength in masks weaknesses because all players have and so so. When you get with John Harbaugh who started as a special teams coach? He's always going to have a blue collar squad. Look back at the Ravens for for as long as they've been winning. Okay it was all about physicality is all about defense. I don't care if they have ray Lewis to sizzle every go on and on and on they we always were a physical football team and they always keep great. DVD's Marcus Peters come on with us. Sure pick six tough with us. Earl Thomas Eric Widow. He's another side okay they upgraded those positions Humphry. My God he's he's making a case he's making a case for best corner right and so now all of a sudden when you have that as as a backdrop you notice that you've been talking about the offense that that's who they are that's their ts identity dude onto and so now the defense get the rest because they running the football off they get to rest. Yeah quarterback that's breaking rush yard touchdown on every Single possession defense on the sideline. How many times did you say they ran the ball against Aaron? Donald starts game six times in a row six times in a roll air. Donald Right in the middle of what Aaron Donald. How many times did he have last night? One one one tackle now broadcast crew did really good job of showing all the double teams. He was again Garcia early in the game yet. But you know what that means someone else got to make a play correct and so now all of a sudden in an error and I've been saying this about another team to actually actually boiling and I can't wait to see these teams on a collision core. No meow WHO's the other team that I always talk about their running game. Well there's a game coming up this the forty niners between the forty niners and the Ravens. That's a game. The forty niners have had six games would have had at least the two Russian. TD's nor the team can say that now. Just think about that for a SEC. These two teams have stout defenses They get a chance to rest and drink. Gatorade what are off methodically mood a ball up and down the field now when they hit the feel all men they they they out there blazing and the magnificence of Lamar Jackson Perfect quarterback rating for the third time. This year five touchdown passes that was like college. Each possession taught him past CD TD. That's that's what happens when Lsu LSU plays against a team that ain't rain yes this is the NFL. He has two hundred sixty rushing yards after contact this year. Two hundred sixty after context. He's should have scored a touchdown. He should have scored a touchdown on that. Play to it an error. What teams have minimized? The fullback rollback position. I know I'm showing my age. Remember when full-back with a prominent part of San Francisco San Francisco takes advantage of this and the Ravens and multiple tight ends with three tight ends. We'll all of them out there to running back. Ingram is a great running back. Mark our run with power and mark. Ingram does something to a team that I WANNA make sure I highlight is really important because a lot of cases I tried to be this guy. Low Key on Squawk Mark Ingram takes the temperature of the room and he makes sure that he acknowledges everybody gives them love and appreciation and inclusion inclusion. He's run into the he run into the endzone. The regardless of who scored a touchdown pumping them up in a conference. Jalen some happened during the game. Saint he was doing last year with the saints member him More and more. Yes yes some happen game last night flintstone. I was watching and I said to myself he with his team reminds me of reminds me of like peak warriors. Here's why not because dominance numbers seem like. They're not just the best team. They're having the most fun like the Ravens Really. We seem like there's a joy. In their locker room now the dancing the celebrating the Camaraderie and I know winning can bring you together. You know what I mean winning. We'll do that winning fun one but this team reminds me of those lawyers now the best team they seem to be the happiest team to also would have. I said this entire year the Ravens are for the culture When I watched him it reminded me a why fell in love with the U.? When I was growing up people love the fat faulk unapologetic? You see taking their pitcher's throwing up. They signs during everything rent represent each other to the fullest. Like if there was a team fight. You have fifty three guys on. Yes so just think about to the myles Garrett situation when he when he went crazy out on the field he lost months moment of sanity. Happens to the best one by itself That what the Ravens. No she'll be fifty three of the top view. That's that's what I always always have light. I was like wait a minute. Trait that other teams. Don't have and usually that is embodied by the quarterback one of the gas wherever everybody was at last night. Lamar would've yes and Lamar issues. Like he's got. He's got a big personality like he wins performances formative on the field equally performing in the press room. He's Larry Day will somewhere last night listening to the baby okay Enjoying enjoying their victory they gonna get them in the forty niners this. We can't wait but I gotTa tell my wife. I told my wife like today. We're GONNA be late Sunday between this time and this time you gotta take the kids somewhere do something because I gotta get locked in. Just how about you know what I'm achieving John Red Zone. I'm a cheat on red zone. This weekend I just realized that I'm a watched. Every minute of that game I've got to tell fans and east coast. It's North East secret based on the cable companies here and this is coming from a mid Westerner Mitsu attack. You ready for this. The most fans in media only really consume. NFL football on the east coast the red zone. They're not watching the entire games. No Red Zone. It's the best channel. Why would I watch games? Because they're pleased that happened outside of the red zone. It's the best way the best way to to get all the football. No it's not yes it is. You're not getting between the twenties Jay. You're rich August had some less than a with a channel that you watch the Games on Red Zone that means you're only getting that team when they're in side of the twenty. So are you trying to say that you watch every second of every game. I'm trying to say I watch. Every second of the top games usually until the commercial comes and I go back to red zone not the other way around see. I know what you're doing when you say the top games you say lionsgate. That's what you do well so let me tell you two ways you can do this you you also rich though no TV's screens. I'll tell you what I half money have direct. TV He Dale Us. The have that on on the East Coast I think the directive changed into spectrum correct and therefore it eliminated. You're in your football watching experience experience except for the nationally televised game. No we have passed. Whatever leap has I'm red zone doubt correct and in one? PM on Sunday they play at one o'clock. One o'clock game in Baltimore have to go today. Game You'RE NOT GONNA game for my agom. Wow Wow I'll try to go for real. You Ain't joking one o'clock good time for me on the East Coast and not as long trip. Yeah four and a half hours driving four hours. I'M GONNA have to hit a mark Ingram maybe less. I'm a big truck. Hit a big trust you. That's what I'm saying big trust that's what I'm saying. Big Trust God. I love his Revich team so so much I gotta say one other thing to rams look trash they really do. It's just this sport. Sport is just so funny as you would tell me a year ago. You're like the Ravens Forty niners games will be the most anticipated game of the season. Like what you told me they. They're they're they're those two teams that had the worst records in the League instead of the best do in a year later. Let me just tell you about todd. Gurley all pro running back six carries not a bill colony more. No you decide. Lamar Jackson Jackson score touchdowns on five street possession. They have Aaron Donald on the field arguably the best defensive player in the entire Game Jalen Ramsey Jalen Ramsey on the field all pro corner going to get one hundred million dollars to play his slot Whatever happened to the GSA saw McVey? Yeah about that Off Your slow somewhere. Hello I'm just saying four number in your phone jared Goff in jail guard GOP. His contract looks a little sticky right. Now it's a little sticky Nikki so super bowl hangover. Rams will not make the playoffs. Obviously but no I touched on something. They're not GONNA make sure. I stress talk about another team real quick plants. Forty niners adult. Oh yes charter. My brother the forty. He got a chance to celebrate his golden state. Warriors for a half full years Now they're in now his forty niners yup up blow we gotta we gotta get forty four forty water back on the program talk about big. There's footage Bolsa Russia quarterback last week Aaron Rodgers. He literally push the lime in his chest two or three times terms of stumbling backwards. I could just got hit by Dante wilder into Aaron Rodgers lap to the point where it force Rogers to actually scramble. How about that for a got? It went number one overall British Sherman. Not they're making plays. This is a big game. Tevin Coleman Jimmy Garoppolo ball in the Monday night seahawks forty niners game was a big game. Now uh-huh this one's GonNa live. I got I got the ravens running away with this. All this memento mom I need to go to this game. Got The ravens running away. I gotta ask you a question on wax. Go ahead if I'm going to gain what you go with. Yes easy easy okay. I'm not gonNA like it be allowed people there. It's just a lot of driving big crowd eight hours in the car and one day sleeping car asleep mccaren and with our flight. That sounds more appetizing to me. They would just fly. What flight to go to this game? You know what the problem is. We go to the game same big game and it's close to the end and then when you stay to the end you get outside the dog. Logistics Yeah I like I like watching the red zone in my home. You know. Locked the door banging on the door cannot get can I make sure I'm not the only person Ersan stresses that the forty niners has a player. Who's last name is Samuel? But his first name is devoted to. That's so awesome. I love it so much a love it so much. I can't wait to ask him a Friday question. We have even talked about the national basketball because some things went down last night jaanus dropped a cool. Who'll fifty on the jazz in a win and zero turnovers? Fifty points zero turnovers. If we had a research research saying look up how many times Jalen rose played over twenty minutes and had zero turnovers. Probably never never never. They never took chances with that ball. And I wasn't fast and couldn't Joan. So here's what I want people to understand about young there her. I'm about to name five or ten guys when I had a remote control in my hand this year and I'm watching Lee passed. They show enough Jaanus. Luca Luca. Look James Lebron James and James Harden. I'm going to go deeper in the Bosch covering Charles Johnson. Now's the time he's on my list now. You're ready to go deeper into by score Boggs and Bogdanovich Pascal Seok Past. He's averaging more points Lebron James you know he's he's averaging the same amount of points as can you win. Most prove twice in a rope Devon Booker League path sons Jason. Tatum is giving me some work. Know the game when I seen him drop. Paul George hit a three the game tire. You ready for this. Lou will in Mantra Herald La Mancha's I loved him ever since he was in college. I arousing how come. He's not getting any run. They know something I don't like he must not be bonded practice or something. You know what Delmore is GonNa be looking at Montrose Hell right now. that'd nice. That'd be nice you know. Is that an innate. They had Montreal ready. What is we get? Tyson Chandler Got Montrose. They had lou wheel to. Oh Yeah Lewis team the vet. That's what he's doing a lot of teams when he found hall now. Oh Yeah Tahoe now. Oh yeah on a home now. They signed enough. He signed a of the this offseason right three years so but he. But here's one of the National consumption issues to League has had to deal whip. There's going to be interesting to see how it gets ironed out while we're able to celebrate the dynamic duels the greatness of both of the teams in La when you also peel back the onion a little bit Golden State Warriors Lottery bomb. I'm not watching. Where he's they got a lot of nationally televised games? Oh yeah the. PELICANS would resign. Resign lot of nationally. Televised Games Zayas not playing bizarre. More than Boban. Now here's the second who's a second heavy. He's number one spot he starts. Go the okay like what you did. He goes number one spot. We Gotcha Zayn number one in my heart. Here's here's a here's another another thing just leave path to just you know just just off wax. This is the Bosnian new coach. Wien tel-aviv that's another one of my leap pad. Guys Zach Levine. And you toby. My League has ask for right now. Just think about this. You Bet your best player because he made three mistakes. He's when I look at the Phil you can find anybody to make mistakes. Of course anybody projects makes me take possession. Take him right right and so. How does that mean respond to being benched? came out forty so for nine so oh you know what happens when you get on the bus. After when they call a timeout. After you hit it three it just looks right in the coaches walking to the bench that night. You lost your coach. He's a lame duck. No he's named Doug now when a guy comes out hit thirteen three forty nine points right after you bench. Him and and you're young I. I don't see their a young players develop in like I think they I live Markkanen. I- like window Carter Junior. I like Jacoby White. They all ball. Zach Levine you know that's one of my guys I have new coach but tibs seriously i. You know who hasn't been lied. Pass ball this year. Karl Anthony towns. That'd be win last night. You know talking about Spurs a trash. They got Murray Back Walker. Back they still got the Rosen lamarcus Aldridge and pop and white. Yeah their trash. They're not making the playoffs as I predicted. It's finally going to be right this year because it's GonNa be ready this year and so just think about what's changed in the game now warriors lottery. pelicans lottery spurs probably GonNa miss the playoffs cavs. We haven't seen them really since Lebron la no Kevin love he's like what am I gonNa Guess. Shelter the Miami Heat Jimmy Jimmy Butler Pam Down Law no respect Toronto Raptors Record Pascal. Toronto Raptors held Joel Embiid two zero Marcus Old S. Zero Murga Murga saw him. He yoked me with shirt off so I got to bring you behind the curtain on. Something is really important. So many times in sports talk about the unspoken Poem Quarter Hope Homefield advantage That happens when teams come. Come to New York or go to La Miami or go to Miami. Toronto has that too. I believe. Take it from somebody. That's lived in Toronto Toronto. I want to go to Toronto to shoot city. Joel was a victim yesterday although Toronto streets. I believe they're undefeated. I believe in the promise you believe in King Street Queen Street undefeated. What was your spark multiple spots? How many years ago? Three three three and a half eh by their you rented a place rented a place right off the water lake shore apartments and four four level four level. Labar me down. I was doing it four levels this too many level. Let's not cleaning lady come every day. I was doing it. That's too many. That's too big of a place on that. That's the big equipment and stuff in the basement is the host parties only want to know what those parties it's. The whole Party cog each other back near both fun. You know what I mean. I wish we had back. Then what I washed up. Jalen rose I want the fund. Jalen rose well. Well let me tell you something I did. I'm not probably going back. I played for the Indiana Pacers. Six years it got traded to the Bulls. They're both in the mid West. got a really big house. By the time we return to play against a pace still have mcrib. Guess what I did Party the party they before the game before the game. Okay comporting game. But here's the problem. Young team young young young. I'm not naming no names but it just young ball. Look you can look up the roster roster in and I looked around the house everybody was having an amazing time We got to the game the next day. We got what you're ready to go. And we got axed googly right now. I promise you I twenty five at halftime waxed your the location from the crowd fieldhouse. Yeah no doubt I love Andy I gotta go check out a couple of games so if you're carrying revolving debt that means you're not paying off your card. Every month could be paying thousands in interest every year that you don't have to with lending club You consolidate your debt and paths credit cards with one fixed monthly payment since two thousand seven. Lenin Club has helped millions of people regained control their finances with the foreseeable fixed rate personal loans. No trips to the bank. 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It's easy to do for a haircut. Air could be trim and maybe cash to no purchase necessary fifty. US IN DC aches. Thirteen arowar completed service required for checking into eagles dot com slash holiday including inter without checking a purchase. Jalen to bury special edition of Jalen. And Jacoby this is our thanks giving special and we started by saying the people what they want. Yes Sir so we're truly literally when he give the people what they want. What we have done is we have reached out to our audience? And we've got exclusively audience driven show for this Thanksgiving because there's the having a family involved. The audience is our family and the great thing about our audience. They've been with us for almost nine years so I appreciate the fact that we're taking their I g post their tweets and we're adding onto a nationally televised program on Thanksgiving. It's time for Thanksgiving themed soft move or boss move the first soft move or boss move. Question is one. That's very close to me and my experience on Thanksgiving excuse comes from shameless. James and his question is here. It is going out to a restaurant on Thanksgiving soft. Move Move Boss Move Jalen we talked about before you know. This is how I have revolutionized the holiday. I will be going to a restaurant. Not just this Thanksgiving every thanksgiving I'm allowed to. I love the restaurant experience. No cleaning no leftovers. No cooking light work so rich so soft move is possible. The Boston number one thing about family is the opportunity to fellowship with them In potluck fashion is classic everybody. Everybody cooks their favorite dish. They bring it to the house. They said it in the kitchen and some of them have tupperware. Some have foil have different off. Marcus Board of food. Yeah the best of the best. The family has to golf. And then here's what you gotta do. They bring their favorite dish. And then you got clean it later it because you didn't cook it. Also all that Tupperware Yup find a place for the bridge is already full we have all. These leftovers smorgasbord filling up the fridge. Note thank you No no no no no no he liked thanks. I'm very important. Stop pointing at me to a restaurant. You don't have leftovers leftovers. Date thanksgiving moving up the best next from Dunkin pender whose name Dunkin Pin the news buckets I can tell computer. Views said this. He said not eating all day until Thanksgiving dinner. Soft move or boss. That's a boss move. See I've been there. It's that's always the plan that's always the plan but the smell the food you know what I mean get hungry. I don't WANNA eat until dinner but I get hungry and more. Here's what you gotta do. What's averages Ooh Daswani? Commissioner him on Thanksgiving is the first so earlier in the day. You go online so you might go MIMOSA. Something like that. Then as the day progresses depending on your personal choices you might get your low Sangria. Some people like beer young easing goes on the lions are on and then once they kick off this time to go hard whether you go tito souls or whether you like some dark however you like moving on the next question is from our God associate producer honored honor we honor him as associate producer big crown big crown. The greatest meal carry the history. He said this open boss move dipping Turkey and barbecue sauce off move. I've never done this in my life. You you know what Turkey needs something. It's bad Turkey does not taste good so you gotta put gravy on it. Maybe I'll try barbecue sauce. Maybe I'll try hot sauce revolutionize it this year. Let me tell you what I'm not going to stand for this. Turkey slammed it's not it doesn't taste good defer Turkey. Yes it's excellent white me. I like only the dark meat but Turkey slandered Turkey Turkey once a year. There's a reason if it was so good. How come we don't eat it? And Other Times Year Jersey on our take time to a restaurant said you know what I roast Turkey. Please get Turkey sandwiches when I go different though that is different Turkey sandwiches a different than an actual Turkey slice on your plate. You only put up the Christmas tree once a year. Next one is better. That's ridiculous can disregard that coming from the ARATU cater the Radicchio nine one. One nine one nine bringing store bought premade size or desserts to Thanksgiving dinner. Soft move or boss saw you kicked doubted the family. What kicked out of the Fam- don't bring me no store-bought desserts? Come on what this is why you don't go to a restaurant. This is my point win. Exactly that makes the desert. You have your uncle to makes the MAC and cheese. You have grandma and makes the Turkey you have everybody. That does their favorite thank. You Got Jalen. That makes the money I understand. You're so there's a new twist on Thanksgiving dinner this year. There's a company called Kiva confections and what they have done. is they have cannabis infused gravy cannabis confused gravy soft move boss move as long as everybody knows what it is exactly those type of surprise the kids at the table you know isn't as kids can childproof it. What is the boss move? Let me tell you what the table I guess. What else are you doing? You drink it. They're going to go grab a beverage NAS responsibility there. This is the cannabis and then they don't get a chance to participate kids. Stay away from that you ever heard does turn do as I say not as I do never heard the term. Don't speak with grow talking. Okay that falls along the category of this in most families. There's always three or four cousins. That just happen to go for a walk like an hour before you got teenagers and they'll go for a walk before Thanksgiving dinner. You know what's happening it is but here's what I gotTa tell them just because you're outside smoking it doesn't mean that we can't smell Melania okay so Thanksgiving's all vomit family family together. Yes what we've we've done we've involved our family and our brother. Marcus spears. He caught in the show and he left us a special software for Boston for Thanksgiving. Let's check in Yo Jio Yoyo. Brothers quick man soft move boss move. I had to get to see him for. The holiday edition had Thanksgiving by the way. I hope you and your family celebrate. Have Good Times quick question. Oh Kohl's I know you're going to restaurants so you don't have a good time. They roll you have a great time doing thanksgiving the the right way anyway. Solve movable smoke when you ate all that good eating and you had somebody house. Do you do the number two and blow up the spot matt or do you remove yourself or do you do it. And they're just saying. Now wait till the smell go away I hang up and listen. General's loves it when we talk about the bathroom. So you're the floor is yours. Knows your favorite topic so during Thanksgiving you have certain members of the family that you notice going just blow up the bath because you know their habits their part of your fam- course. So here's what I suggest that Mr Rose you use the bathroom. That isn't the main one you've got more than one bathroom in the home. You've got to have one. That's identified as more of like a public restroom. It's kind of like this one's mind yes I think. That's I think that's that's how you do some spray like recipes. Oh John Witherspoon you gotta have a spring icebergs in Friday John. I'm GonNa say this you know there's certain NBA teams that have great road records. I'm great on the road. UNDEFEATED MOMMA I travel I shall really well plants capture co two. What if we could help? Industrial plants captured to think how we could help lower emissions more and more scientists than carbon capture is the key to reducing co two emissions globally. It's one way ExxonMobil's helping industrial. Asha plants be more like plants. That's the unexpected energy of Exxon Mobil as we walked suburban garden gnome carefully Kathleen without disturbing it. We noticed that it moves like not at all. It's inanimate and ugly without brain function but despite that when it got nomi hears about how gyco Not Tony Saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. It's clear to them. You should switch because yes. Switching to geico is is a no brainer on second thought. Maybe Garden gnomes to carefully people might talk Jalen. We've got some signature segments so we put a Thanksgiving giving twist on these signature segments. We always say give the people what they want so we listened to the people there are questions from our audience and this is a very special version of cultural or regional. It's Jalen cultural really needs. No explanation are you ready to go. Let's get it okay first up. We have a cultural regional question from chip Schilling Cultural Regional calling that iconic dish dressing or stuffing cultural reasonable calling Ling stuffing dressing addressing stuffing. That's cultural definitely cultural. I call it stuffing I call it stuffing it is stuffing has never been called. Anything else stuffing okay. You generational things medicinal. It's regional is region. I think it's reasonable region because I've I've just never heard recall dressing until we start addressing it does not putting stuffing also. Don't put a salad Thanksgiving table. I'm not touching that the next we have this one from your restaurant from Saginaw. I can't say this person's name sorry about that using paper or plastic plates and cups for Thanksgiving Dinner Dinner for easy cleanup see cultural regional using paper or plastic plates. This this is talk. You know what I'm I'M GONNA say. This one is generational generational because one of the things that happened in my culture. Is You have that one room. A lot of times comes with the plastic on almost like an. It's almost like a museum that you never said the art exhibit museum same thing. What the great plates integrate China you use them on occasions like this so I'm going to say that this is generational as well but I also say this paper plates in working pamphlets not getting the job done but the gravy it gets all soggy a little paper in your food? They no no not. We gotta go plastic plates also Thanksgiving step it up. Get the expensive ones. You know those nice looking plastic plates. Those are the ones that you get for. I would say that moving on next this is from March Chavez. Martinez has a question. It is cultural or regional kids eating eating in the living room. TV Trays Oh no. This is definitely cultural rule. No trays was a TV tray. Tray a little tiny stand that you eat food on the couch and watch. TV A TV tray. Here's something you put a television on. No Sir definitely cultural no sir. I'm GONNA say cultural. There's no trace the kids table. Your thanksgiving you gotTa have a kid's table. I look at everybody the same table. Everybody at the table to the problem is everybody can't always just say what are you saying. There's a there's the kids table because an adult car tape spades table right here that the key is playing their games old until you graduate from the kids table to table like thirteen. I think he'd have a job. Yeah you got to have a job because I don't really good space space. Bid WHIST TUNC DOC. Moving on from Jimmy Jimmy putting raisins in your stuffing that cultural original. I don't like raisins like that I don't love stuffing either. What okay who makes stuffing's good? Only what stopping Mac and cheese. The only thing that I'm really excited rebound thanksgiving. I'm excited about the Turkey. I'm not saying about the potatoes. Sweet potatoes online yams. I don't want green beans on any of that. Only about a MAC and cheese and stuff so how about this cultural or regional chitlins cultural and regional both. Yes both cultural never forgets. We get so many times coming in the house. Three or four days before Thanksgiving and just smelling them. And I'm like what is that intestines from look on out. I'm out the MOM to this day. Still make some for my grandma really. Yes indeed you. We know that your Thanksgiving is proper. People are preparing stuff forties. I mean I thought I was the president of the day before like that Wednesday but we working on right like Monday gotTa stop. Wow Wow yes and you've got the nerve to go to a restaurant restaurant restaurant. I am lazy. I'm so happy when I come home. Endorsed Oh you know. What are you ready for this You probably should just go to the restaurant sinecures to come eat with us. The next is from Goldman. Drill Coleman Simple Question Collard Greens regional cultural national. No it's our national collard. Greens nine national. You don't you making stuff up at this point. You're what is making us the casualties this point. Its nationals. Never been a question. He hasn't been an option. If you don't support Collard Greens you don't have a pulse. I'M GONNA say that call. Greens are regional there. So you go to Thanksgiving a California. He's into Calgary's around your Thanksgiving in Maine. There's not gonNA be any. I disagree with their regional. Securities are GONNA stand up for the West Coast. I disagree with you disagree. I green seemed to be readily available at all times for me. We're ever. I am wherever you are wherever I am see I do Collard Greens. You do spinach. No no no yeah. I'm not doing anything. Healthy Congress is the closest thing to healthy. That I'm going to have on Thanksgiving and I like to Calgary's with lots of pork. Lots of parking lot. I support the meat dish for me. It's like it's like a meat dish for sure. I remember as a house and he was cooking Collard. Greens are you putting in there. Goes Georgia meet. Didn't ask a question Assegai. Finally this. It's Thanksgiving you know. People are getting into the spirit spirit and on Sunday a bears fan smuggled in an entire Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream into soldier field in Asia. Right there in the field breath soft move about hotel regional sneaking in Pumpkin Pie to say that's regional. Yes that does sound down south. Would you do that. You're from the Midwest. Yeah sneak some into look. Let's take a look. We'll take a full pie. I would definitely do that with the full pie stuff to the movies. I grew up going to the drive in and you take the whole kitchen and put it in I will I will get a full meal. Entree sides all of that into the movies. All of this Kobe. All all that put human beings in the trunk in try through. Okay no yeah. The entire refrigerator in her in the car watching the movies. Here's a question. Is Pumpkin pie cultural regional. It's gotta be cultural. It is that's culture culture. I think there's a reason as sweet potato comparison sweet potato. Yes that's the culture the culture aspect of it. I'm GONNA say this. There's a reason that we only eat pumpkin pie once a year. There's a reason that we only only roasted Turkey once a year because their trash foods. Well I like Sweet Potato Pie. I don't like I don't buy or Sweet Potato Pie. Only Pie Apple Pie. Cherry uh-huh Powell Pie. I Love Pot. I don't like Popeye. No got warm it up. Come on man seriously no ice ice cream ice cream day no pie. Wow you know is it because it gets in the way of your beverages known sown because sometimes fair everybody eating Thanksgiving remember what you consume going down. One one is all going in the same mouth so when you you drinking light or dark. Whatever that don't necessarily go well with sweets you know what my kids aren't gonNA ask serve jail? You know what I need. More of. What's that sleep? I'll bet she's GonNa say kids know that's the problem four thirty Saturday morning four thirty. AM radio that's ready to go. You WanNa hang out read books and everything he's sleep is so important. What makes you thankful for? restful night's night's sleep thus allowing you to conquer your daily tasks and holiday season is here. How do you thrive during the holiday season? How you bounce sleep holiday planning and making time to purchase the perfect holiday gift for the special people in your life? The new sleep number three sixty smart bed helps everyone proven quality sleep. 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That's so so general I don't I mean listen I do I if you put pie in front of me. I'M NOT GONNA say it's bad. It's not like won't eat it but if I would rather have cake I would rather have ice cream. I would rather have Mousse Tiramisu. I'd rather have no leaked. A million would rather have for dessert them pot. It's like a Cherry Pie. No thank you so sour growth so for off wax audience Strawberry Rhubarb. Get Out of here. How do you start your adult adult beverage consumption on Thanksgiving well? My wife is a wine. connoisseur likes to drink wine. I really love wine like that back especially early like if I'm doing wine it's Kinda like end of the day. You know what I mean so I will likely we've been talking about this thinking about it. That's why so I'm going to be hungry for breakfast but I'm GonNa blow through that through that red light ninety and breakfast maybe like one Friday or something off right. Yeah so I think I'm GonNa Start Doing Beers. It'll it'll be the first thing because then you fill your stomach a little bit like the gentleman over your ratio and they make you feel like you're you're satisfying your hunger but you're not really SOMMA GONNA do like some beers like some domestic beers and so when you start your beer sales game start ten. Let's the lions. Come on what one. Let's see Thanksgiving. NFL schedule. I won't be lions gear head to toe. Yes I am taking the the trach not gonNa tell you something. It's really important to twelve thirty s first game. That's in law for me to wait for the Lions bears game. I gotTa tell you a secret. I'll be awake for six. It's hours before that game. I got to tell the world to see what's the secret the super bowl. This happening Thursday. Oh really bills cowboys know. Every time the lions perform thanksgiving. The bears are pretty tragic. I guarantee you're going to be watching on television. We're GONNA have a major Thanksgiving a day parade. It's our tradition. You have. You can see some of the best performers in a history of entertainment. UC BIG SEAN on stage. You say Aretha Franklin the late great on stage about performance. That's where we are in the lines right now. Some of the music performance. You know going to be in uniform star quarterback. We didn't start talking about Matt Patricia. Game I thought he was a defensive specialist. We started going to start talking about that. Yeah give him another year. At least Kerryon got injured. Matthew staffer got injured tigers. Two cards early because go against us against the Vikings Play Against Matthew Stafford injury. I'll like broken vertebrae like that back. We use your back. But here's the thing I would. What's that I would lose to the Thanksgiving so say you're not going to the playoffs offs this year? You don't think the lion the play offs for example two lines three wins. What do to create some entry? What my team and possibly a quarterback psychology cabinet? They do in a quarterback. That's what I would think you get him in play. No sign of the end of the season the end of the season. See what do you like playing also videos at a forty five minute workout. But because if you haven't been painted. NFL Football there are a lot of people starting under center that you don't know who they are. Free regarding started Gardner minutes you Louis Boy Allen with the panthers who started with Denver these days Denver on no don't flacco got a pain in the net. He like don't Cha y- that's right. That's what I would do okay. That's something about away something. You not only have a potential player. That could be dynamic in an era watching Patrick Mahomes Russell. Wilson Lamar Jackson set the legal fire as guys that can run and Throw Jersey sales. What about the intrigue people watching what I would do something these these are the dog days at? NFL season. If you're not in the hunt you're not even interviewed like two games out of the car. You can still commit yourself. You could make a push. The lines are yeah no no no no no this only doing list. We don't forget some I would say off the top of my head. It's only five fifteen. It's only only four sue. What is happening exactly why? It's only sue legit contending teams in the AFC Ravens and the Patriots. It's their only two other teams that are playing well. I'll plan expectations. That's the Texans and the bills else. I'll play aspect is different. The steelers are playing with them either. Good correct and so are. The raiders raiders out plan expectations but those everybody else's average you're below what about in the NFC as he's got some contenders in the NFC got some squads NFC. Like I mean there's five teams in the NFC super NFC Ghassem Squat. You know like the saints. I could see them the super bowl. Packers them in the Super Bowl. I'll tell you people always leading hawks yes I can see them as some of these teams niners Minnesota Minnesota. I could see them in the Super Bowl. It's five teams right. There were probably missing somebody because every time we make a list leaving somebody nobody up so that means other squats cowboys will be in the playoffs win. A couple of games you know cow was gonna be the blow. What do you think so so jerry was a little too said? They lost that game. That's the secret better than y'all they got a better record than implies murrow wouldn't happen Jerry. The yeah exactly. Oh coach Smith out there anymore treatment. The Michael Irvin come on man. You GotTa pull it aside Jerry. Yeah he was at a time. Yeah Jerry Jerry bad weather. I'm talks Charlie raining and it's cold come on now. What do you think GonNa Happen over there with the Hoodie? That's bill belichick Jason Garrett. You're going to be at Thanksgiving. No Jerry's house you'll bring everything to Jason. He's already cooking gets already cooking. It's a breeze over Jones's house. How deep fried Turkey Ham cooking fish one year? That's my mother-in-law Niece rip greatest woman in the world. She made Salmon Shrimp and grits Eh Turkey and Ham and cheese and greens. She made every shrimp and grits on Thanksgiving. I mean just because someone said the word. Shrimp and grits is okay. I got you so good soldier. She could cook man. What we she lived at my house? I gained gained weight but a throwback she wasn't she wasn't doing we have one person making all of the potluck dishes. Oh yeah that's impressive because there was always the best. No one needs to contribute. She was the best coat. She's the Best Cook Not Kito friendly. You know what I mean now. Exactly like Kien Hwa and your tale now not exactly. What's going down with these in the kitchen so when the Christmas tree so I made a mistake one year did it? Too early. Tr Tree was dry by Christmas. You know what I mean I learned from I did. I did like Hayes December third or whatever. Let's put it up. I'm more like a two weeks out. You know what I mean. Like December number eleven September Twelfth Long. Yeah but you know what I think. My wife is having some people over on the seventh. So I think we'll have have a tree up for that. Kills me Dr Chris. It happens every time. 'cause you don't forget to water every time you so after after Christmas. Are you one of those people trip for a week or two is it cultural or regional to leave the tree up numb weeks after Christmas. I'm good I'm could. I am good 'cause I'll leave it up to like January seven thousand twenty trees out my house and my house again. It's dry. Yeah it's really easy to carry into your crib because it's all soft at that point. Gary doesn't needles a sharp. Sometimes it just turns into like a little weapon thing Jalen sometimes people have opinions that make me so passionate and need to control myself. This is the don't get talk. Don't get is so. There's a thing on twitter. People been having controversial food opinions but none none is more controversial and wrong. Frankly than this of Marc Lamont Hill. He tweeted CNN. Yea Macaroni and cheese is wildly overrated. I don't care how well your mom grandma makes it. It's baked noodles and cheese and it's not that good fighting. Listen listen this man needs to come to my home. Try My wife's macaroni and cheese. It is the best macaroni and cheese. Not only I've ever had I can confidently say into this. Microphone in front of. This camera is the best Mac and cheese on the planet. It's undefeated I'm a fan of his work. He's a terrific commentator thus far political activists losses money but Marc Lamont Hill. You trip your trigger. s crazy many ways to go with MAC and cheese. She's so beautiful. You know what I love about it. Your I love about the Mac and cheese it's really crispy on top. Yes and when you look at the panel a the Bubbling yes. She's just my wife puts six different cheeses in the MAC and cheese. Yes sixty cheeses this is she. I need the hell shred the cheese. Yes there's just blocks of cheese all over Taylor. Brown went to Miami now not not too not six different Mac and cheese also Jalen rose. You WanNa live Bama Cheese. You're not love. Some people talk about the taste tasted food too much the texture something. I love called crunch and Mush crunching. Much you get the Nice mushy bottom with that crispy burnt I want those little black. Donald Marshall with noodles mark which is a doodles and cheese. Yeah Mark Noodles. Are Jesus good. Macaroni caroni things together mark. You're offered us one. He's trolling he. Destroys Jalen has become the end of the show. It's it's the holiday season we have to say what we're thankful for. I want to say I'm thankful for the staff of our program that worked very hard on this show. A lot has behind the scenes that you don't see what are you thankful for. I'm thankful I four my family my friends my loved ones but I'm also really thankful that my mother and my older brother both dealing with cancer currently undergoing chemotherapy are doing terrific. Big Shout to Genie Rose Special Special Thanksgiving at the rose household south of bill roles also in the rest of my family to fight Israel. And it don't stop. I also want Sam thankful for less drinking. Unisys dies the rest up. Lester once you get better I want to see you back out there. I'm thankful to John's coaching Michigan. And I'm thankful for Lamelo Ball and all all the highlights from Australia's I'm thankful Jalen rose leadership academy and it sponsors like Jeep Puma and platinum also thankful for my family they were.

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