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I don't know that I've ever been more comfortable not just on the podcast but in my life but what I imagine what that feels like you know in Dorothy would get ready for a gala can't suit or something and I always thought kid Dan that looks comfortable just for us well I don't know what that is well from goes down at the end of the day must find time anybody know you a Pajama Party doc and a t shirt that says Nama stay wearing hijabs what posted a picture on Hello Ross pod robe with a Batman belt it rose outclasses where that out now nick Nicole could you describe my pajamas what yeah it is short in its black and white zigzag but they're not Ooh now this is how you do Pajama and you showed up in pajamas that you should Kajiyama time what the fuck are you wearing fags these are genes these are pajamas maybe I sleep in them sleep in the news no fruit raw fruit all over it and I bought him a second one US I bought him two pairs on two separate trips and who didn't show up in Pajamas oh I fell asleep and then I got up and I was running late I'm slip on account why don't you go home all right and get your Pajamas Act no evil Oh this is fun okay I'm really I know you said that you're not wearing pajamas no not was on so I mean I think I think let the audience I mean. Cj Don't you think we want do you want cj we don't you look like you're going to some other party is the study the giants and the program Yeah and you're Nicole the is he so controlling close on your pajamas so napping and I woke up late and I just ran out the we did I think you should do it I think yeah that's up to everyone I not today when I saw him this up it was cute right before I said don't forget to wear pajamas for the podcast aac Pajama Jama Jim I kind of want you to take your pants off but then that makes me sound like a real creepy Frat I just thought about all the time and something that didn't happen in my childhood just and I never got that and so this morning I just thought today your whole life your one chance to get swear gap today's that day Ross I said that's this morning when he woke up my I all my friends show up coming together and I know it's silly but maybe just wow that was inspired Lord why because I gave you Jim I knew what I told you I was running late and I wanted to get here on time uh-huh Gems for you even know we're the the segment win to be on jury eleven keeps going to talk about things all Ooh those are those are like Eddie you're gonNA leave the room those are beautiful pajamas that's a nice Hugo boss Tricia a hard time for not following directions by I am I right before right before about fifth forty five minutes before everyone got here I was laying I'm chopping cheese and she watches you I've got so much meat and cheese I'm like oh chopping up when I walked in and I thought yeah yeah what teach and we're all going to be fully constipated tomorrow I should we do ask you what what what what time is it comes upset Pajama time I think you should be every week this is happy and and actually and it's something that you know you want to do all the time and a week five pounds regulations But I actually wanted to lose twenty three so now I have what is that eighteen did you change well I just stopped eating bags of chips and bread and all the baguettes wouldn't call me all the Baghdad's are so next two bottles of wine and coffee with cream and so what you do is eat so take life for a meal I mean if you're gonNA travel eat I'm not going to die debt with tedium who pam quotidian name and I just went to one yesterday for breakfast and I was like a transported me back you know we're talking about is the book is getting ready to come out doing promotional gets promotion for namedrop reviews WHO's reviewing tag me that their reviewers I can't wait for people to start getting the Ross appease and start making the Rossi's will be included in the book I'll say walk through them and everything and I'll do it in a real casual way but yeah I want to bring I was going to bring it up in balls deep chill you're going to do it later but I wanNA talk to you about the guy did this on instead and I just went to name Drop Book Dot Com on could you could everyone do me a favor oh this is smart isn't it right could you set whatever or if you're in a public library yeah just set every computer at the senior you didn't say it yeah we're not the I put this thing on my story to that if you purchase the the book that preorder namedrop thirty four so far I've seen the people on facebook talking about how Great Akron I want you to know I am I understand what it's like to so it's my way I can't think everybody but it's my way of thanking you thank you thank you thank you thank you only like what do they do like you know Oh my God is this really Ross it scrolling through looking for receipt so let's go let's pick one and then see if they it game me one second okay can't we to read it let's see what you're saying see I went to instant story I was I did talk it out everyone knows stretching see I always go home ain't making I think that a Texas like oh we all GM and I was trying to remember who in looking at but he knew I wouldn't show up John you did really a hundred percent I think as I the bill are you at the tone please record your message reckoning drop and I just want to thank you I'm actually calling you on my podcast straight in here is the point is this you bought the book and I'm so grateful thank you I know you spend your hard earned out never said that in my life anyway kill right can we update about Universal Nikki Oh well hold on ah did not invite facts that happened last week after that report podcast take nagging to do it that unless you know getting a good night's sleep it's everything if I slept on their software firm Lakewood perfect basically purple makes their mattresses Hypol- is also backed by a ten year warranty they offer free shipping and returns and Free in-home the year ago yeah purple matches stepped up and gave you one they sure did and I love my purple to the heat and a justice adjust to the old I love so I was like in my bed warm your purple mattresses as well and right now our listeners are going to free purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress that how did you see the do tax and then the number area type eight four eight eight message and data rates May apply get your purple mattress now Brandon Yoki wellness products sent straight to your doorstep with each season. Listen this is good for you or leads the fall box is the perfect way to treat yourself or others and keep cool with their carefully curated box feels don't last long sell out fast sign up today and it's different thank you have fun is a seasonal subscription box with full-size one hundred dollars that'd be good you know for four hundred ninety nine it actually fund dot Com FAB fit fun dot Com Promo Code And welcome back with now I do before you look rigid because you were pressuring me would wear to a gala right yeah door these really comfortable C. J. Dates as hey everyone I have if you know who this is where to do my phone some other to with her friend Mike Feinstein with Michael Feinstein who accompanies her but lies on the L. Coming Liza Intel today now you think to know she was on social media I don't think about her ev and today's Dale new account just open or so I- officialize everybody police follow her ban on Manelli you know what I mean instant anyhow God it lies at one on one what I would do oh my God we'll be question's asker meaning not like how are you how are you a movie about her mother her talents in such Hollywood Clung Hollywood history your day like do you go to starbucks have you ever been to a hometown thus you know I tell a story in the book namedrop about seeing Liza on the street Ed Hardy head to toe I followed her into a restaurant and I ordered soup I have nothing to hide from Eiser people think it's not making fun I love this woman Oh my God and I would sing with her I'd make her sing ring them bells with me Oh yeah right anyway so let's talk about CJ mckean One tell me how that well we weren't invited how was that Yeah how many number I do you taming of because I wasn't ready if I if I even asked Ross it gives you that that I know you wanna but so it was serious about mad about the pajamas or Hollywood horse night like everyone knows I'm kidding ring I'm literally kidding change back into my neatly when we walked in it went from like Oh this is fun and silly we going in away in a dark yeah so jumps out scary it's jarring tall tall will carling toll on still like sending line weight and I was like Russell would not been standard Jim he we went into like the kind of lesser known the era because it's legal yard I imagine anybody partake in any detail I think you can smoke it everywhere but people do this is fine TJ thanks for inviting superbowls it would have gone a I guess what happens these things start walking towards US Germain is crunched Hotlanta man crunch between my leg Heine signed me Oh out early they all stay left maybe like thirty minutes it was a commitment one hundred percent maybe go well how many black men so I have to tell you tater tot was supposed to be here she'll be here she'd be here I went through can you take I I wanted to have a game for her from the Democrats to Porn Corduroy Pants to anal bleaching just everything I what she does every year he you know but so that was that was the one I said we were going to play Tesa good game where I would have gone back yeah well you know what that takes a lot of production and I don't have the time to do that so brown or had happen because factory that we went to lunch today I paid for it right and it was it was eighty dollars and I looked at dollars it was forty five dollars so he told me he still owes okay so what's your what's tip on forty five dollars for lunch it would be a him he always asks what's what's twenty percent of this and I say well let's walk through it let's do this and he can't what someone's phone what's eighty dollars eighty dollars what's the tip on eighty dollars eighty wants to start at ten percent ten percent eighty would be name yes I didn't know that was literally tell him that God i just got I know you tried I had a breakthrough you percent would be fifty fifteen fifteen fifteen dollars like I the look at the one hundred Dollar Bill O. Because I'm really happy on him and today somehow it clicked just now just now so twenty five dollars a hey it's five dollars cents no five dollars saints five one place over but you said earlier you said it oh no no that's the no double fifty cents isn't fifty fifty dollar yeah yeah flicked though yeah you said the window that's for me I think she would this whole little pedophilia master tater where we ask you to question is she gets it if she gets it right she has to take around and when the music stops holding her is eliminated ended that one race just wanted to develop a pull the curtain back so you can see the creative process so hello Ross with lots more show how everyone's like like okay well I thought I like this room and now you interest store everything is made specifically to match the dimensions and theme of your home and so much more here's how it works you go to the website willow bloom home dot com he select the relax you chill out your items get professionally and made and mailed to you in just Tam made right here in America heard of it with craftsmanship an incredible deal for premium customer and you can have that in your own home willow bloom home home dot com the doors make up for the mock the Chelsea Fred I'm when I die it's Oh I just die but you know I can but me and here's how you can help me out well what I've done for you as written a book that I think really Rossi's based I love all the celebrity so I leaned on it's my artichoke art we'll go on for they have an Totta that I call Brekke with the good hair her please if you're going to consider ordering order now because if you order a guy on go towards that first week and when you sell a book when you launch a book that first week the only chance you have to make box or in your automobile it's alright there namedrop book dotcom outbreak dot it and it'd be good fold it up and also if you do pre-order Tom and pre-order it thinking the John today y'all down I like it how'd you fight oh I didn't I know some people seeing them it would have been easier of course just youtube Pajama Ajami I like to go the extra mile what can I say thank you nice score the whole thing of course right did I conduct in the front yes sweep he worked oh I use you like Oh oh Oh oh and that's cubed it the next to mine alive and we're going to have fun view well we gave cj some good bad jokes oh my gosh doesn't bullshit show it on straight with Ross lost gave them to me on paper no denied text them to you at the show did they okay go okay if you smack your Dick on a Harry Pussy is that called beating around the correct ah can't do it you're going to do it in a valley girl accent and I will I didn't favorite type of coordination coordination and I afoul boo boos okay good I like that they're real deal doc dealer laced with but I was tripping all day it pepper pepper what is a nosy pepper do it gets holiday a father what data we've said that one before data what guy say it again no does anyone need Ark Noah guy well what's the difference between a well-dressed man on a unison well-dressed yeah they're kind of dirty these are popsicle stick will yeah we did that one I'm sorry beef stroganoff fuck you in Los Angeles how do you save you in Los Angeles it's okay didn't fortuneteller yeah who what that's not the punchline is it a fortune teller well people might be listening to you know for the first time good no yeah oh wow I love those cheese Komo News you want to send to me send it to few weeks I've given you multiple choices but this week I decided I was going to pick the story because I've crossed that who was that sorry I'm sorry I stepped who was that leaky please you think don't ask any questions Oh my God I sent it so harsh Richard so one late night my sister texted me asking if it was okay to drop off doc why we didn't just can't so I go up to check on my daughter and she looks at me and says she in markets in the house he is here I asked her who who's the man and she said and I'm with my sister and I was about to tell her creepy thing that my daughter had said when she stopped me and she no saying that there is a man in her room search since my daughter and my niece grown up they haven't seen the man that followed them it makes me laugh but it's also super scary super skinny phenomenal or anything creepy I thought about you fags just because you're sort of a you're into she was she came through the light of the dust particles are in the light of the window mm truthfully of never told anti single person's Abso- ghost now but I saw something I had to fly we knew he was dying and And I write about this in namedrop if I was doing tonight show the countdown on my mom told me she called me and said he's got a week or just like sitting there looking out the window of the plane the clouds and I I thought maybe my everywhere sparks everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere like I swear every and I always say that people if you're thinking if you thought that then it has to be real because what you wouldn't think oh I think I think so I think that's my closest thing ever said that out loud I've never told everywhere I go I meet straight talker who asked me can I see them and I pull it out and I showed Eh you know I get a lot of spirits coming to me recently a lot of media the new talent and then they know them it just sometimes happens with automatic pin it just yeah we get laughing laughing at he's laughing because I'm playing the mold of he this but I'm not in charge but it to be overused that one that one this is to uh-huh neighbor like ah for the first three I sat there and looked at him and then I just said the there's kind of a one person I'm a one Matthew Gossen is that because once you do a second take fake don't do don't do to they told me they told me this do you know what the total told you're part of it then you feel like you have to start over like no you can that's true you came on right no no no I'm the ninety seven I was Gonna ask you in my balls depot we'll talk about that but we don't what about as you know which means you're good broadcasters that you can do that thank you oh you do have balls deep all but today's show pick that up and done it again not what was it last week that I talked about Dr girly going on the date with Dr Girly it was yeah so dr early so we went to breakfast I think it was and I said I wanNA show you did he stopped and honked and not just a quick Hawk like uh honesty no story describing better than that's second I told you because he's ghosted him we said he didn't go dressed as a ghost I'll do my I mean it's so close I don't know exactly what we're going to do but we have to finish something I mean don't you think we have to hello goodbye goodbye for what is happening on just give me some give me one second you mentioned the relationship before Salvador so i WanNa know I wanna go deep are you got with some I was with somebody we haven't talked about that I haven't talked about it publicly or anything but I just sort of mentioned uh I got a lot of tweets and messages from strangers and I saw the group people were talking six hundred eighty two weeks the longest one six months or so and and to heal because that was hard and I just healed from from the when

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