Bray Wyatt is Back


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Copa Kicks Jason Is Your W._W._e.. biggie and eggs are your smackdown tag team. The new day are on top of the blue brand can be the faces of smackdown on Fox. This October plus boy and I discussed the biggest moment this week in the the W._W._e.. We finally saw the fiend and the W._W._e.. Ring this week Ray wide is back but what's next for the host of the firefighter now all that right now on the busted open podcasts a lot going on in the world to pro wrestling and obviously it all starts with what happened last night on smackdown to start Kevin Owens banned from the Arena Shane McMahon says you're out you have the night off. Go enjoy yourself off. You can't come in and then you get the obviously return of Kevin Owens at the end of the show to give Shane McMahon a stunner shock surprise. What did you think of what we saw last night bully? Well let me ask you this <hes> at thirty thousand feet over overview of the show. Did you like to show it. Did you not like the show I thought it was a very very average show last night on smackdown fair enough all right we we started off with a town hall which rich now actually we started off with Shane Meeting Owens in the back and you know they have a little back and forth where shame definitely got the one up on Owens in the back and that's totally fine any ban them from the building security guards there security. That's a novel thought but the securities data make sure he does not get into the building now between that security building security in any other security. You would think that had a guy like Kevin Owens couldn't make it back into the arena. How does the hell does? He make it back into the arena so quick Dave well I mean. Did you see what he was wearing. He fooled them all here war a security Polo W._W._e.. Sure you know that that was that was a little bit of a disconnect for me right there because he got back into the building holding so quick and I'll go back in time and show you other incidents where it remember when Austin used to get banned from the building at the beginning of the show when did Austin show back up at the end of the show as he's always so you got to pay off at the end of the show so I'm not sure why we needed it so quick it worked. Don't get me wrong. The people are into it that I got a little awry. No big deal pick them right back up. Get it again got the pop that was desired but now every time I see Kevin do the stunner I keep going back to my original thought what am I reacting to and I think I'm reacting to the stunner and not the man and I think people are reacting reacting to the stunner. There's no doubt that the move is over. I I'll go as far to say is ask you this Dave what's more over the stone cold stunner or Kevin Owens well. I mean I think as time has going on on and listen I I. I don't know if this week was a good way to follow up what we saw last week and we talked a lot about Kevin Owens and the quote unquote pipe bomb from Kevin Owens <hes> and then you see the stunner not once but twice last night <hes> I think it's probably more about the stunner at this point than it is about Kevin Owens are you. Do you genuinely feel that or you. Just saying you know what what would you think I want. What I want you to know what you want me to say? I'm I'm so I'm just agreeing with me for the sake of green no because judging from what we saw last night I think it's more about the stunner than it is about Kevin Owens and I'm obviously thinking about what you he said last week bully because as I'm watching the show last night because you asked me this question last week and my my my answer was different than what I just told you I said it was Kevin Owens not stunner so when I watched it last when you see it twice thin it starts to be something where maybe it is about the stunner and not Kevin Kevin Owens is over. Don't get me wrong but it's obvious the direction that they're going in. They want to remind you about McMahon it man and Austin this they want you to think that this is their two thousand nineteen version of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. Why because it's Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens is using a stunner would could we be thinking that same way if he was using the pop up our bomb instead of the stunner I would because it would be it would be shane versus Kevin and the and the the link to them would have been the head but the face of Vince so there's no reason why I can't think that this is about Kevin Owens and the McMahon's Kevin like you said Kevin Owens is over without the stunner and his pop up power bomb is a good move that is unique to him? I don't need the stunner to me. Feels a bit forced. If you're trying to do Austin McMahon all over again with Owens and McMahon that's fine. I don't have a problem with that but let me ask you this. Where where the hell are? They supposed to go. I mean under two years ago. We got Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon in a falls count anywhere hell in a cell. That's an oxymoron within itself crazy. We got a false count anywhere Helena in a cell match in which Kevin recreated the Mick Foley bump so we have him doing the exact bump that Mick Foley. Did we have him doing Steve Austin stunner we have we have Kevin doing all of these things that was so synonymous with other major stars when I know I can be popping for Kevin and all of his unique stuff but so where are we going to go with Shane and Kevin I mean how much more of a of a massive a gimmick match can you get. I mean are they going to do a first blood or are they going to do a <hes>. I don't know what exploding cage match with Piranha Moat surrounding the rain I mean where do they go. It's a great point bully because you talk about recreation and we spoke about this before this started to show today because we're going back and thinking about this feud with Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens and obviously hearken back to two years ago when they had a feud. View but it was completely different as far as the personalities and Characters Kevin Owens was the heel and Shane McMahon was to face but when you were talking about their Helena Sal match it really hit me you said that Kevin Owens recreated. He created the Mick Foley bump which he did but was it a we positive that he went off the top of the cell or did he go off the top of his steel cage. It was it was the cell okay. I just wanted to make sure it was all right. You know what what you're doing right now is. You're making my point because when things like that happen they're supposed to be memorable. I mean my God. We talk about that Undertaker Mick Foley bomb you know we we we celebrate celebrate anniversaries of that moment for crying out loud. We're struggling to remember exactly what the stipulations was in the Matra Kevin O. J. McMahon you just said was it off. The side of the case was it off the top wasn't even sell or was it just a cage match. It's like we're struggling to remember which means it's not that memorable. Why because we saw it before it's not original goes back to the point yet? You're making right now about the stunner that when you're using somebody else's his finisher and you're trying to recreate something you're recreating something which means when it was originally done. It's a hell of a lot more memorable than what you're doing now. Make your own memory thick about this with Kevin Owens. Now you're talking about the hell in a cell. You're talking about the pipe bomb Promo and now you're talking about the stunner so all these things that Kevin Owens is doing is recreating something that someone else has already done that. It's going to be very difficult for Kevin Owens to take take it to the next level when you're doing things that aren't original and when you're talking about Kevin Owens and all of these things if you're saying Hey Kevin owings did that took that bump off the top of the cell but Mick Mick Foley did it I hey Kevin Owens using the stone cold stunner but it belonged to Steve Austin. Hey Kevin Owen try to drive. Drop a pipe bomb on shave McMahon but seeing punk did it. I Kevin Owens is very good good at what he does. There's no reason why Kevin can't be coming up original bumps in moments and moves on his own now. I'll always go back to the response of the fans or the people responding into this yes they are and that's good but is Kevin getting more over by recreating and doing other people's things I don't know. Is it working with him and Shane. Yeah I guess but it worked two years ago. This is a road that we been that we've been down and hopefully they have a good creative way to blow it off because it looks like we're going to get shane versus Kevin at Summer Slam yes yes I would I would I I would expect that to happen okay so and if it's just a regular wrestling match that's not interesting anymore because we've seen them. Go crazy so obviously it'll have to be some kind of you know the old fashioned dreaded Toronto. I know streetfight where you can get hit with some hot meat in the face. Who knows what'll happen so yes you know yesterday on smackdown did the beginning of the show work with K._O.? In the stunner yes it did but I keep going back to. I'd rather see the guy hit the pop up power bomb. That's his move. That's the move he debuted and beat John Cena with and if that's the move is good enough for you to debut with and if that's the move that's good enough to beat John Sina. Well Damn it. That's your move and maybe twenty years down the line. Somebody else will be ripping up your ripping off your Papa power bomb and not you borrowing the stunner. It's gotTa ought to be original and and you're right Kevin Owens when he had that debut and he went up against John Cena and won that championship that meant something because it's something that you haven't seen especially at that time man it kind of is following in to the tune of what we're GONNA see next week on raw with this role reunion by the way just as a side note. I love how they advertise raw. If you're watching last night in the corner right hand corner of your screen they kept like advertising rising the raw reunion for next week and the person that they used a photo that they use was triple age like really you're advertising a raw reunion and the picture you're using a picture at triple h h why wouldn't you and and the picture that they used was like triple h like in the hurricane Helms position against the forearm up like it looked like like you're at six flags superimpose your body on troy ounces face. I mean God forbid. You should have a little picture of maybe Hulk Hogan Steve Austin and triple h because if I see that I'm like I want to in yes but you know and not that I don't want to tune in not that. I don't love triple eight but you know where I'm coming from but it's the it's the originality Alex. Would you want to say I have a little bit of a correction really quick just so that we're on the right track with this so the spot with Owens <hes> from that Helena sell two years ago. Oh it was not actually owns going off. The top of the Cell Owens was sat was placed on the table Shane went off basically not the top of the cell but on the side of the Salvatore's the top and Sammy Zane pulled owens out of the way and Shane went through but there was a match where Owen Dress created the Mick Foley yes there were and I think it was in a regular cage match that you might be correct about but that particular Helena cell that was the moment you're talking about okay but what I'm saying is whether it's owens laying there and Shane jumping off or owens jumping off the top of the cage and putting somebody else through a table. We're where I don't want to. You know get semantics into this. They're AH recreating things that have already been done before. Imagine if two wrestlers did the edge and Jeff Hardy spear out of mid Air Yeah you're going to pop for it but it will always be synonymous with those two guys is that's my that's my discussion. It's not even an argument because I'm not really arguing. I'm not really against him doing this. I would just rather see him be his own guy and do the things things that got him to the dance. I don't think Kevin Owens needs the stone cold stunner to be over. The moment you're talking about. bubba is owens versus Braun Strowman at extreme rules last year. It was in Pittsburgh Berg. It was near the twenty year anniversary of the hell in the cell match from Foley and undertaker that was the bump you're talking about and it was a cage match and the one you're talking about from that Hell because I'm watching right now both Shane and Kevin Owens near the top hop the cell the day like they climbed up to near the top of the cell and Shane McMahon Banged Kevin hones head on the cell. Kevin owns fell back and fell through the table Gotcha so it's it's. It's kind of similar to what happened but I but Alex is right. You know it was a year so we're kind of blending in memories together because they're moments that remind this of other moments. They're not original moments and this this again. This is not a knock on Shane McMahon because obviously Shane McMahon. has given us some tremendous moments and this is definitely not a knock on Kevin Owens either because I think Kevin Owens is talent but I think it goes back to. When you have somebody that's talented and you have confidence that they could be a top guy? I think the only way you could reach stove heights is by doing something original to your character and by no means is this <hes> anything against Kevin. Kevin is very very good at what he does and like like I said a little early he was over way before he started using using the stunner. He's good in the ring. Innovative talks a lot of smack while he's out there gets the job done on the microphone. Just when I see the stunner I always ask myself. Hey what did I just react to the move that belonged to somebody else the or the Guy Kevin so that's that's my that's my argument and again when you create a memorable moment you're gonNA remember it. It's not going to blend into other moments and it's not going to be something where you're struggling to see or remember when it happened and I think Kevin Evan owns deserves something. That's a little bit more original and I don't know. Is this storyline going to work. Where is it going to lead to and is it GonNa Take Kevin Owens to that next level? Likely you're hearing God's busted open live weekdays from nine A._M.. To Twelve P._M.. Eastern on Sirius X._M.. Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius X._M.. APP other than Kevin Oh and she would you say is the top face on smackdown right now. I mean it probably be your W._W._e.. Champion camping Kofi Kingston Okay Next Kevin owns. You know what I it's hard to remember because of the brand split in the wildcard rule and everything else but Roman reigns is a part of the smackdown smackdown that's true but like you said it is hard to remember. I'm going to say Kevin No ins is up there and hopefully after he is done with Shane Yeah he's propelled to the next level because Shane should be used to get guys to the next level but if you look look at social media and you look at by some of the reactions it doesn't feel like people care about Shane I care about because I think he does a tremendous job on TV and if you noticed within the arenas is he gets the heat that they're looking for. You hear a lot of feedback on social media and I really shouldn't go by because it just negative for the sake of negative but can Kevin Owens. Take a step to the next level with a guy. It seems that people are tired of seeing the stories great Shane claiming that Kevin claiming that Shane is holding everybody back truly works. I mean look at the way he shutdown live tyler last night on the microphone holding her back wouldn't even let her talk live in Oregon. It's she's not related to Steven Tyler aerosmith right the more right. That's what did I say tyler he said let's tireless mortgage the girl with the girl with the song. I know you're talking about Darrow so I like the story is long as Kevin can take the step to the next level. That's all that really matters a and and Chris Todd followed up on twitter and he said that he loves to Keio Shane few that's going on right now and he says why do we care about that. He uses the stunner Austin is retired. I understand where Chris is coming from. Anthony called US negative yeah this negative Dante's but I will say this. Everybody knows that Stone Cold Steve Austin used a stunner stone cold Steve Austin could be retired for fifty ears. It's one of the greatest finishes of all time when you see that finished you instantly think of Stone Cold Steve Austin and then you take it to another level when the feud that's going on right now is with McMahon A and Oh yes Kevin Owens never used a stunner brill never really used a stunner before this whole Shane McMahon storyline. It's not like he always add this as his finisher so you add you have to add all those things together and it comes up with the equation that we came up with and I don't care like I. I'm sorry when you when you see the stunner and you're going up against McMahon. You're gonNA think of Stone Cold Steve Austin. If somebody were to shoot somebody into the ropes chiefs give them a big boot and then hit the ropes and do a leg drop. Who would you think you're thinking of Hogan? You know there are certain moves that are synonymous with certain acts guys gals tag teams that when you saw them do it you knew do they came up with that that was unique to them and synonymous with them and belonged to them. If you see somebody standing over a guy that just took a bump in the ring and then he takes his elbow P- at off you think of the Rock so how did all of these how did the stone cold and the rocks in the Hogan's and the Road Warriors. How did they all get themselves over by coming up with moves that were unique to them? That's what propelled them to superstardom artem Kevin Owens is a star no doubt about it but he's a star using a superstars finish and my the only point of making here is that when you see Kevin Owens hit the stunner. Are you reacting to stunner or are you reacting to Kevin's. I know that when I saw Kevin hit the Papa power bomb I was reacting to Kevin Owens because I love the way Kevin did the Papa power bomb and I love it how he could do it out of nowhere when I see Kevin you the stunner it's I'm forced. It's almost like it's almost Pavlovian now where my mouth slots award like a dog when I hear the sound of dog food down the chute now when I see the stunner I'm like Oh yeah the stunner when I should be thinking Oh yeah Kevin's well and bully the the biggest thing of all is that that's what they want you to think I mean this is calculated by Dave. Dave stop right there. I'm sorry you said this is what they want us to think and this is calculated by the W._W._e.. If on Monday night at the reunion if I see Kevin Owens in the ring drinking a beer with Steve Austin and two guys try to hit the ring and Steve Austin and Owens double stunned some guys or if I see Kevin Owens stunned Steve Austin then I'm fine with it you know why because there was an end result to this now do I think we're going to get Kevin Owen stunning Steve Austin pro at that stunning Steve Austin probably not because people would boo Kevin out of the building. Actually some people today might actually love it but I don't think we're going to see that because probably people would boo but if there's some kind of if I see a passing of the torch of Alex if I see anything like give Stone Cold Steve Austin is about the stun Shane McMahon and stops and lets Kevin do it and then Kevin does the stunner all right that like that like you said that's a passing of the torch on Monday night raw or if if if drew Galloway is standing behind Steve Austin ready to take his head off but Kevin Spins drew around or Shane around whoever it is and gives them the stunner and Saves Steve With Steve's move now I get it now. There's an now it's been wrapped up in a nice bow for me. Where I see the guy that invented move kind of given the given the nod to the guy who's doing the like yeah no problem? It's mind but now it's yours. Take it and have fun with it now. The people are GonNa now. People get it. I think people dead it now but it would be nice end to the why is Kevin using the move and again. I think the biggest thing of all is that we like Kevin Owens. We think Kevin Owens could be not that guy but maybe if there was a little bit more of originality behind it instead of relying on something from the past it might have a bigger and stronger effect on the people who are watching me and Yvonne one talk passed away. We would always do the doomsday device we did it. As a tribute to the road warriors I don't is is Kevin Owens using the stunner as a tribute or is he using it as finish. He's he's right now. As far as I can see he's using it as his finish. I don't know if he's using it as as as as a tribute because obviously there's been things on social media and he was a guest on stone cold podcasts but there's been nothing as far as I know on W._W._e.. W._W._e. programming coming where he has said that he's doing this as a tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin Yup. I gave you my points on it. I think they're very simple. Points not one of these points points in the direction of me being negative towards Kevin because he's been doing a good job since day one when he came out and beat John Cena with a pop up power bomb. That's that's my whole point. I want to think about Kevin. I don't want but think about Steve stunner if you don't know Sirius X._M.. THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news they had it. All a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius X._M.. But you don't you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius X._M.. Outside the car for just one dollar just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius X._M.. Dot Com slash busted offer available to new series X._M.. Streaming subscribers siriusxm no GNO car required Bray wide in the middle of the ring giving a sister Abigail to fame ballot. I when I first heard the noises I thought it was going to be that was going to come out but it was very wide. Did you hear the people when the lights it's one out. Did you hear the rumble in the arena. Did you hear the pop when they realized that was bray. That's lightning in a bottle right there. You keep doing that week after week or maybe skip one week. You give the people that moment. That kind of reaction was what wasn't then but it can be undertaker. Ask when you hear the Gong I know a lot of times pull the when we talk about things like this happening and especially you you come up with fantastic scenarios like you say if I had the pencil. This is what I would do a lot of times we get excited about things and then they fizzle out pretty quickly. When you see see Bray Y and you you see the bill in the firefly funhouse in the mask and Tom Savini his involvement and everything else? Don't you get the feeling that this is something that W._w._e.. Is going to get right I just I don't don't have that feeling like they're going to disappoint us here because they seem to be doing things right weekend and week out. I have a really good feeling they're going to get this whole. Bray wide situation correct. We heard a couple two weeks ago. Maybe a month ago is so that Bray was very very much involved in the creating of this character very much involved in the firefly funhouse and had more say with this character victor than people people normally get. That's what we heard correct. Yes to answer your question. The key to this working and having longevity is going to be Bray Wyatt and his willingness to protect attacked the character and every last thing the character does the same way the undertaker protected the undertaker you have to this is a special character that to not be overexposed. It cannot be allowed to get burnt out if you pick and choose your spots with Bray Wyatt just like they did on Monday night. You will have something special if you go back and you look at the undertaker. When did the undertaker truly become special I or leader on in his career? I mean especially when it came to that. WRESTLEMAINIA undefeated streak AAC YUP it it took time before that started to become special ache. I feel it became iconic well until like well past ten victories fifteen victories when it really truly became iconic and my point with that is if I'm Bray Wyatt I'm looking at a couple of the hurdles that the undertaker had to get over with that character that is very similar to the fiend character and I'm going to try to avoid those hurdles and falls right now. I WANNA keep myself special at every turn. I'll give you an example. Nobody kicked out of the three day ever except for one person when the time was right why because we knew we wanted to keep our finish special and we went. We argued until the end of days to make sure it was kept special. That's what brain needs to do with his entire act. Nothing can be prostituted. Nothing can be giving a giving away. Nothing should be done with the fiend that is a throwaway and really didn't matter everything has to mean something and that's how you protect it and get longevity out of that because if you take a look at the fiend it's really kind of a gimmicky gimmick that hearkens back to like something you know like they would do. This is like don't take it up to the millionth level right yeah of course and you don't want it to get stale. How and how do you not get stale? You make it special. You don't do it every single week you find the right people at the right times and the right time. It's normally when you expect it to happen. The least it's funny you look at the undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania I four opponents Jimmy superfly Snuka well past his prime jake the snake Roberts well well past his prime giant Gonzalez who unfortunately never had a prime and King Kong Bundy who is well past his prime. My my point is not about the WRESTLEMAINIA victories. My point is about the character Vicky cat character. The gimmicky character of the undertaker was just it was just a character in the W._w._f.. W._W._e.. It didn't truly become iconic until much later on. I think break can make this fiend characte character iconic also now. I'm not going going to say that it will be. He will become the next undertaker. It's entirely too early to say that my point is you asked about the protecting protecting of it bray is the key bray is the one to to make sure he's gotta say no if they if they decided to celebrate hey bray. You're going to go out there and do this if he doesn't feel it's one hundred percent right. He has to stay say no. He has to stick to his guns because I believe in his heart. Art and in his mind he knows what's going to get this character over and nine times out of ten. The wrestler knows what's going to get the character over better than creative knows what's going to get character over so everything you just said especially with bray y its involvement offman bully. I I do feel very excited about what's going to take place. I feel like this you know my fear of like a mid card being involved early on. I think you've given me every reason to say you know what this this is just a little piece and what's going to be a bigger puzzle meaning a bigger story moving forward. I hope so listen I've worked with Bray. He has a phenomenal mind and we saw what he was able to do with the Bray Wyatt character and I've said this before on the show it speaks volumes to how much confidence the W._W._e.. Had in bray pulling off the Bray Wyatt character because that character has been in the back pockets of the W._W._e.. He W E for twenty five years that was Max Katie from Cape Fear and the original originally done by Danny Spivey as Waylon Mercy W._W._f.. Really wanted waylon immersed to work back in the day but I believe spivey was sick or injured and they couldn't go forward with the with the Gimmick and they held onto it for the longest time and bree was able to pull it off and if you could pull that character off you can pull off the fiend and because he's proven himself with that Bray Wyatt character he should have a lot of say in the fiend and he is the key to the fiend succeeding you know Vince McMahon will be the first. I want to tell you that if you truly want to become a superstar in the wrestling industry especially the W._W._e.. You have to be selfish at times and I think bray is going to have to be selfish with the fiend you gotTa keep the characters best interest in mind likely GEICO. You're hearing God's busted open live weekdays from nine A._M.. To Twelve P._M.. Eastern on Sirius X._M.. Fight Nation Channel fifty six or on demand with the Sirius X._M.. APP We talked about the new day obviously day on my power rankings rankings this week Kofi Kingston defense his W._W._e.. Championship against Samoa Joe on Sunday and the new day become your smackdown tag team champion so when you look at smackdown right now you know here we are talking about Kevin Owens and could Kevin owns beat the top face of smackdown. Where's this story going with Shane McMahon? Is this going to elevate Kevin Owens to be the top face on smackdown well. I'll tell you what right now who dominate smackdown new day all the gold is around the new days waste and you know we talked about free bird rules and factions and I don't know what you would call the new day. Are they attacked team. Are they a faction. I can tell you is this. They all have gold and one one hell of a week for the new day bully. I want to point something out to you that happened last night that should open people's eyes to why the new day our stars and head and shoulders above a lot others remember the opening scene of smackdown last night <hes> with all of the the entire roster on the stage Yes for Shane McMahon's townhall meeting <hes> what was every superstar doing on that stage H. just standing on the Stage Cup. What was the new day doing they were? They were dancing or gyrating. They were showing off their tag belts in their champ. They're actually touching belts with one another touching tips ABS- yes they were touching tips to the belts Yup. That's what they were doing. They stood out head and shoulders above everybody else that was on that stage. They commanded the spotlight. They did not allow themselves selves to get lost. Yeah you could put Randy Orton in the middle and the camera will always find Randy Orton yeah you could put Charlotte out there with the big gorgeous robe she has on. They're gonNA find Charlotte to but you know what the new day did. They said had a spotlight. Get over here. Put It on us because we're going to do something different than everybody else and that's what they're getting themselves over and that's what they've been doing from day one you would think okay. We're just going to stay on the stage. The new day didn't look at that. Opportunity is just standing on the stage. They said we're gonNA take this tiny moment in time and we're GonNa make it mean something and we're going to be different than everybody else and that stood out to me so so much last night and I agree with you there stars in great point by you and you're right you know they didn't find the spotlight spotlight found them last night so let me ask you this right now the way that the landscape is with the W._W._e.. Louis how we're seeing with raw raw you have becky Lynch as one of your champions brock listener as one of your champions Seth rollins being on the top in that in that in that show too and then you look at smackdown smackdown smackdown you have Kevin Owens you have Roman reigns and you have the new day. Clearly the new day are the most popular wrestlers right now on smackdown the way that this show is right now just using those examples the a new day Roman reigns Kevin Owens Shane McMahon could could smackdown right now move to Fox and be successful. I think we know that that the roster that's there could move the Fox and be successful. It's Fox's perception of the roster. I think we can agree that Fox. Most likely want the brock listeners and the Ronda Rousey is of the world because they are household names they crossover if you've never watched wrestling before and you tune into smackdown for the very first night on Fox you might not recognize anybody there but you're going to know who brock lesser and Ronda Rousey yes. We can agree that the majority of the W._W._e.. Locker Room is very talented. There are some people who need help in the ring some younger who who can use more reps but the majority are very good in the ring and I think that that crew could go on Fox right now with the right storytelling it doesn't listen Dave you've you've seen head coaches take less than great teams and turn them into a great team because of the plays that they called design for the team correct. Yes boom there you go and I'm not calling the smackdown roster less Aston great because they are a great roster so with the great coach calling the plays running the place telling stories writing the stories. Yes I think this roster can't be successful and you you know you talk about a head coach Eric Bischoff and and he's still really having really grounded on smackdown yet still in the process of moving over to Connecticut and that whole deal but he is going to be to quote unquote head coach for smackdown so you're going to have Eric Bischoff at the helm so I agree with you but there's a lot to overcome here bully because the perception is smack down is the B- show once the fall comes is smackdown still going to be to be show Roy's still the franchise so still going to be on U._S._A.. Jose still going to be on Monday nights but smackdown being on Fox on Fridays. Is that GONNA still be the be show as smackdown has always been right or wrong. SMACKDOWN has always been the be show. I can only only go by what history has taught us and even in two thousand three two thousand four when Heyman was running smackdown and smackdown was blowing raw out of the water. It was the more entertaining show I think the rating apples to apples was just as good as raw. I mean it was Dave agree or disagree. I I completely agree. It was a it was a better show much better show. It was still considered to be show right Yep so all we can do from the very first day. That smackdown was invented into this very moment right now. No matter how great smackdown has been even if the rock was on it smackdown was always considered the be show so I think we're in a wait and see because with Fox comes more eyeballs and maybe those eyeballs make the show. I just don't know who's going to be parked in front of their TV set on a Friday night at eight o'clock. It's a tough one. It's a tough night but as you know bully holy wrestling fans find wrestling so I think I think it will do well and I agree with you. I think that the new day can be the faces of the franchise for when that move happens in October but is Fox going to be on board with those names being enough for that move to happen. Dude couldn't give you a legit answer. I could only give guesswork and in the guesswork I'm telling you I'm sure if you said to Fox. Hey look at the new day. Kofi Kingston is your champion executor and big your tag champions. They're they're an incredibly over unit. megastars African American stars these guys and then Fox go and yeah yeah but where's the Rhonda and Brock. You could definitely see that happen because that's how I think corporate executives would think give me the heavy hitters Gimme the people that the minute that they're on T._v.. People are going WanNa know who they are and I'm going to stay tuned in if you've never watched wrestling before and you see the new day on TV. Are you as interested as if you C Brock and Rhonda No because you're not going to know who they are. You're that's the perspective Fox will be looking at it and let's be let's be honest here like outside of outside of Brock Leser and Ronda Rousey who are the names that are mainstream renames Charlotte and Roman are starting to become because Charlotte did things like you know the Coca Cola you know she the pace for the for the Coca Cola four hundred becky being on the cover of the E._S._p._N.. Magazines Seth winning the You you know the S._p.. Those are things that are helping to get them there. That's why I think you need your biggest names on smackdown at least to start like it doesn't have to be long term but at least for that that fall you need to have brock listener on that show because you know people tuning in and you may have to you may have to do a little bit more. You may have to bring back some returning legends as well to be a part of the show whether it's on commentary oh you're so just two inch just to get people's feet wet that may be a have never watched the show or be having watched the show in a while and still be enough for the hardcore fan the tune in because for this move to be successful successful for the W._W._e.. You need more than just a hardcore fan here. If you want to utilize returning stars and legends like they're doing the raw reunion next week. I've kind of seen that before I've seen a raw anniversary show I've scene reunion shows. They might have not used the word reunion but I've seen rawes. We've seen a retro raw. We've seen things like this of course yes. I would save the heavy artillery for that first smackdown. If you're going to bring being back these stars like Steve Austin should be on the first episode of smackdown on Fox. Why wouldn't you WANNA hit with every ounce of firepower you had at your disposal if I'm if I'm <hes> the W._W._e.? I'm finding any way to get the rock on that first episode of smackdown there you go the smackdown is the show that the re the rock created. Yes in the rock named right YEP so boom. There's your firepower. That's what you want and that's what you WANNA WANNA be able to advertise. Debut of smackdown live on Fox Friday night at eight o'clock and we're kicking off with none other than the biggest superstar in the history of the W._w._e.. And in Hollywood Virak Bang now everybody everybody wants to tune in and I would have to think there's GonNa be a major microscope over that first episode of smackdown on Fox Lot just because you're advertising the rock. That's bringing the ice at the table now. Oh you put Roman in there with Iraq or now you put one of your younger talented there with rock the minute the rock has the spotlight you send in your your three hundred day a year guy to share that spotlight and get the Rub off the rock this way way everybody who's never watched wrestling before who seeing it for the first time on Fox goes oh my God. That's the Rock and hey that's Roman reigns or hey guy whatever you have to you're going to have to do that. That's an important part of what's going take place and maybe bully you. Start the ball rolling next Monday on the Royal Reunion. You start building up those superstars because I'm sure they're going to get a monster rating for raw Monday. I'm sure there's going to be people tuning in that. Don't normally watch Monday night raw. That's where you kind of start the ball to roll. We're getting some of these other superstars on your roster and taking advantage of what's going to take place in that role reunion. You know who you remember remember this. This is a tiny tiny little thing but I just want to go back to a point last week. Remember I said for Bray. We have to see somebody that has never been scared before finally be scared <hes> the boogeyman. If you're going to have the boogeyman at the reunion you have to have the boogeyman be absolutely terrified by Bray while we actually we we brought up the boogeyman yesterday. Boogeyman was a big talking point when it came to Bray Wyatt because bookie boogeyman interesting because you have the boogeyman that's the bogeyman but you have the boogeyman. That's kind of being sticky sticky and funny and it's it's it'd be interesting to see if they pair up the boogeyman with Bray Wyatt next my point is have you ever seen fear in the eyes of the boogeyman. No just worms okay you've seen worms in his mouth but never fear in his eyes. Never I want to see him look terrified and on commentary. They said Oh my God. This is the first time we've ever seen the boogeyman look terrified now identity. It's the boogeyman nowhere near the level of a Bray Wyatt and the fiend but I think that's how you can news. Somebody is the Boogeyman GonNa pop are people going to be interested to see him yes but as he's in the middle of the ring doing his whole stick boom the lights go out and you hit the Bray Wyatt stick boom abigail well. I'm glad you brought and then and then and then bray he reaches down into into his into boogeyman mouth pulls out all of the words and puts the worms all over boogies face Boogie Woogie Boogie man not Boogie woogie Jimmy Valley I don't think.

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