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Teheran's give you deeds dig in the Bronx Zoo find you everything you need to review live. Nannies. Break down the be on. What the Rod. Hello everyone and welcome to our survivor. Update for episode eleven of winners at war. I'm here I was turn Armstrong and with me today is Lovie Lovie. Good happy to be utan. Thanks for having me today. Yes lovie who was on big brother? Twenty one very recently came in fourth place on the big brothers the game. Yes yes that was. The Fun Journey was more fun than my big brothers journey clarify there yes and also a survivor fan correct. How how long have you been watching survivor? I've been a big survivor fan. War Lord knows probably last ten years about yeah. I started watching like right when I yeah. Ten nine years into high school class now is assigned watch Survivor and from there. I became a big fan applied for this show. I didn't work out in big brother instead. It was. Are there any winners that you hadn't seen their seasons? I think the one identity was sophie's. See Sophie Sir Win. I think she was one of the few hours planning to watch right before the whole War But I think chancellor here but most of the winners I did get a chance to lead or watch now very interested in seeing Sophie's one hundred percent hundred percent I we'll talk about her later episode but Yeah I have a lot of love for her all right. Well we're going to go into this episode. We're doing a deep dive. We're GONNA go through all the details and I've got to say right off the top. This has to be one of my favorite episodes of survivor ever and this was so much fun especially going back on the rewatch literally. There was no wasted time. Every single segment of the show was interesting and compelling and worthy of me writing I feel like I have literally like the entire script of the episode written down. This is so good and I'm so happy to be talking over the over. Yeah I'm super excited to go and eat out Terry Dork. My dog right now so so. I'm very excited about this episode. I feel like it really captured. The essence of what survivor Is for me especially in contrast with the previous episode where where it was the family visit stuff was nice but we got so little strategy in the previous episode being able to really understand what was going on in this episode. Really really good. So so. Let's let's get into it over. Let's get into the episode before we get into the episode though briefly before I do. I have some quotes from earlier in the season that I feel like a relevant for this episode The main quote here. Tony says in episode one. I want to get everyone. Nice and comfortable guards are right here right now. And they're slowly coming down as they see Tony's round Campbell Day all night. It's calmed down. It's coming down like this and when it gets to hear Bang. That's when the sucker punch comes in and this very prophetic this Tony. Yes he had tony. Tony gave me everything that I wanted from this whole CD. Interest one nine. I think he broke the confessional record. I might be wrong on that one big heat. There were so many confessions had I was. Were used going home for a second right. Yes eighteen confessionals in one episode. Which is more than any other single player in any other episode of survivor ever including Finales? Which soon remarkable feat. I almost want to check the work on those eighteen. Confessional dominy in in one episode from episode. I believe this is episode two. Maybe it was episode. Three we get we get Tony and Sarah. Creating cops are US two point. Oh Tony says to us for the first time in Cagayan. It didn't work out so well for Sarah. It worked out for me the Russell Lines which just included me because Sarah was voted off. But this time I'm going to make it up to her if she gives me that trust and he did a dirty did her duty. Sarah says the last time cops are s happened. The other half of cops are US voted. This half of half of cops us out of the Game Tony Operates. It was like we were brand new partners out on the street. Now I know my partner and as long as nobody knows about cops are us. Cops are US can work it. I don't know how well it worked but it was fun to see it was I. I think I won't get too much into it right now but I'm excited for it at the beginning of next episode as well Yeah and I think this quote from Sarah I really represents how like what Tony has done to this point. They all came into the game thinking. I know Tony's game it's not GonNa work on me and exactly what he talks about. Their guard is lowered lowered and he sucker punched him so a few other things that we saw Tony Nick together. Here we talk. We've talked about this briefly in previous podcasts. As well that in episode nine we saw that it was Tony doing a lot of the damage control with Nick. After the Wendell blindside that seemed to have been very useful for Tony in the following episode when seemingly nick all of a sudden with Tony in Sofia and all of them are not with Michelle. I think Tony has done a lot of work with nick. That we haven't really seen he. Also is the one in a montage to keep nick in the loop to rat out. Tyson to nick saying that Tyson is the one that told Sarah that. The vote is going on her Again Tony doing a lot of work here with Nick and then the tension between Tony and Sarah Seemingly started in the last episode when he wanted Tyson out and she wanted came out and obviously. We've seen a lot of this stuff between Sophie and Sarah and how they need to be broken up. 'cause they're too close but there was a lot that went. There's this episode like I feel like every once in a while the editors put together an episode is a culmination of a lot of the threads that they've woven throughout the previous episodes and this is definitely one of them one hundred percent. I think there was a lot of foreshadowing. We realized to lead up to this episode and to that point with Nick. I wish they showed a little bit more of the relationship between Nick and Tony so her kind of getting more grass. Whether Nate Jess was like oh I'll jump in or not because I think there's a little more their fortunately. Nick are pretty close for an hour away from me. So He's actually one of the few survivor fans are winners. Actually keep up with closely. And so we're chatting after the episode. He's like yeah. There was a lot more conversations that happen to go with that so I really wish. They showed that house he I heard he's deactivated. This twitter. Yeah I think he's doing pretty good. I think sometimes you know he just wants to jail. He's playing what's the game. Could gone down his livestream so he's living life. But I think you know. Sometimes people sent tweets here and there but overall good. I'm glad I'm glad you're here because I do want to talk about an extreme and I feel like he isn't getting a lot of credit for what he's doing and I definitely want to talk about it all right so we get into the episode we open up and it's just Jeremy alone at camp. 'cause bounced early do so how do we think this work though like they they like both them off back to the island right? It's not may maybe there's not a boat ride for this one. I don't know but did they. Vote Jeremy Back on his own or did they vote everybody back and Jamie you go first and then have yeah. I don't I don't know I really don't know me like thinking it logically. What they most likely did. They just took him out Bible and then it puts them all on the same boat and said. Don't talk and you go there well. I think it'd be really funny if they had to wait for all right there. You go myself on the phone. That's what happened. Yeah we'll we'll we'll maybe we'll never know but So he says that he was not leaving this game with an advantage in his pocket which foreshadowing for later but he says he was like. I said I'm Outta here like flash in the night like like Houdini Trick. I just poof. And gone and he has this big grin on his face. You know it was beautiful and so great and it was so great like in the beginning of like how everyone is so upset at him like. How could you do that? Jeremy like why would you? Y'All worry about volume seeing. Ben Be so upset at Jeremy Because Jeremy just saves himself it was it felt so it felt so good. You know and I'm glad Jeremy. Tried calling out band they're bigger. It was gold like Ben has been gold on. Tv has so he sees. The Tyson is back on the edge. She says this is not good and this is when they all come funneling back in and and they are. They're like Why don't you leave? Why did you do that? So Ben tells us all right. We had a tight plan going into tribal myself. Nick Sophie Sarah and Tony were all gunning for Jeremy but Jeremy left tribal until we had to come up with a new plan and so I was trying to figure this out last week. What happened here. Lovie a why? Michelle Voted Tyson. And why they split the vote with only two votes on denise and apparently one of the options was. Michelle was secretly with them the whole time but apparently that's not the case. Apparently Michelle really was left out of the vote really was on the other side of things which means that. Why did she vote for Tyson? It doesn't make a lot of sense. We talked over those options. But my guess is ultimately. If you listen to last week's podcast I guess the the answer. Is She panicked. She voted for Tyson. I heard that that nick might have said that. He told her to vote for Tyson. Thank you much about that yet. But I asked that actually. I didn't know that now maybe Sarah hold on. Maybe I think he said that. Sarah told her to vote for Tyson. I think somebody told her to vote for size but like if but here's the thing if they tell. Michelle vote for Tyson Michelle votes for Tyson. Then why isn't Michelle telling Kim? Hey told me vote for Tyson? And if we put three votes on somebody else maybe because she thinks that she might be the vote so she's voting Tyson. I Dunno I wish we got a confessional from Michelle that explained it but anyway apparently Michelle was on the vote so we can put a little bit of that to rest for now I do wish to that point you. I love the editing styles of season. Where sometimes it's not just blindside to play the blindside us in certain ways but I do wish afterwards. Maybe the preaching episode. We'd Kinda get another confessional. Well this is kind of what went through my mind that boat. That would be the answer some questions for us. Yeah we need flashbacks. So Ben tells the Jeremy is public enemy number one now and this is an actual group of five that can move forward and he can control the with and he so he thinks that the move forward from here to take their biggest threat. Which is Jeremy? And so then we get this confrontation between Jeremy and Ben. Where Jeremy's asking Ben Mike Tyson? Do you Tyson. Leaving was bad. Specify game man like who's the biggest target left in the game? Now men's just like you you you want immunities. You played advantages. Jeremy's like Whoa. I don't think everyone's going to be looking at me like I'm GonNa go away. You gotta listen to me Ben. He's like I don't have to listen to you. Jeremy in my eyes year a lot bigger threat than I am so yeah I never thought that Dr Lori that I enjoy so much everyone versus Ben Adams versus Germany versus like. It's it's been funny to see that and I wished a little context because going is seems. Jeremy was really upset about between events. Like we saw confessionals by jared with through Germany was talking about. Ben Is no way you're gonNA vote for me or not. He's not gonNa vote me things like that so I wonder if there was a little more tension there and Jerry was talking about also later on in the episode. How Everything Noida him about and Ben do any. You just beat. Anybody know him. Well I mean we saw the Jeremy was working pretty closely with Tony and then they were in this like big threats crew. They were the pros. And so I I the Thais Jeremy is feeling like you stab me in the back man. Tony is trying to pretend that I wasn't in on that whereas Ben is just like yeah. You're the biggest threat man. Like what what do you want me? I'm not I'm not really a big threat. I know I was pretending to be an idiot. I'm Ben so Jeremy tells us. Tyson was the biggest shield around he wanted. Tyson is is Michio. That's his system that we wins the game but now he's not here so This is not good so we get we get a little bit from Kim and Michelle. Kim Tells Michelle I got played hard. Not Good Michelle says that. She can't tell what's real and what's fake somebody levels of chaos and she just can't play the game like that she's very confused. Yeah Yeah No. It's been a roller coaster watching Michelle in the cheapest plays great in a lot of moments you. She's on top and he finally find on the bottom so but I almost like Michelle watching shelf trying to claw her way. Bigger things out as goes and Yeah No. I think it's interesting to see in middle where a lot of people even though there is supposed to be five now or four They were not sure what's going on or they felt so sure they didn't WanNa talk to with other players. Michelle tells us when when you left out of a vote and nobody seems to trust you. You're probably at the bottom. I don't trust anybody and Kim says you me. Jeremy Denise are screwed. We're just spirit so then we get to the next morning. Tony is up early. He says at the beginning of the season. I couldn't go look for idols. I camp all the time and look what happened still in the game. I've been patient. Everyone is everyone is always tired. After tribal they sleep logs. Now's the time for me to go to work. And so this is. This is actually a thing with Tony. Then he talked about a lot in his first season which was that. He doesn't sleep a lot he would spend all night thinking through scenarios. We'll everyone else. Slept so not super surprising that he's GonNa he's the guy that's able to get up at the crack of dawn and beat everyone else to go find an idol. Yeah no for sure. And it's kind of fun watching the season with my girlfriend handcuffs. This is actually her first survivor season and so she never got to see any of these winners before. I've always tried to get into this show. But she just wasn't really much for and so she's watching and she just looked at me like chart. Tony One is like how did you want to see him? Playing like this and I was so amazing about Tony and so she was. He's a huge. Tony Fan now. She wants to see winter next. Nick but yeah it's We kind of got to see what we've been waiting for. Because his first season he played you know the most flamboyant gain radic but still fun himself at the end and then came back again and that run was short so I think if anything that helped his danger level at all in this crazy now there is a very funny montage earlier in the season of Nick just kind of sliding into frame and so we get another iteration of that where. Tony is searching for an idol and the camera pans over a knicks. Just so Tony's like nick is cramping my style. He directs them to the water. While he's like Oh. I haven't searched the water while you go search at the water. Well I'll go search over here. They promised to be transparent with one another which doubt they were considering that. We didn't get Tony. Telling Nick about. And so they go and they they looked in separate directions and then. Tony fines in idol. If you were around for Kaga on and you were rob has a podcast listener. You know all about how Tony Finds Idols. A this. We get a great. Yeah please please please please. Yes yes. It's Christmas morning for him is literally. It's it's It's a ringtone for any survivor fan. Having Tony Finding honestly yeah. It was huge. He needed it and got it. So he's so excited Tony his so much enthusiasm for the game. Can I also say it was? I don't know maybe it was just that angle we were getting shot at but it was so obvious that there's a huge tree. There's a random rock next on the tree like there's GonNa be something like there's going to be idle and he showed but I wonder how did you hear the move move things away or was it that obvious that you know the rocks there well. It was really dark like you could tell that it was it was like he was kind of just like I think. Even when he removed the rock he still didn't see it. He was just kind of true. It was hand through the the leaves and then like came up with an idol. He's like Whoa Dark Yeah He. It was early morning that he win. Yeah so we cut from Tony. Finding an idol to Sarah who is holding a fashion show. She says this is not even a confessional just her just like doing stuff at camp. She's like you know a lot of people think I'm just smart funny and pretty but I'm also really creative and I can make clothes. I love this part because it made me less. Someone's in all of this era but she's like some people think I'm just smart pretty and I happen to have any three of those qualities I'm also created I'm also created like not just a trifecta off four. I've got to say I feel like we don't even get Humor from Sarah I. This is my brand of humor. I love the sarcasm. I thought this was really funny. She says this is what I've been up to this morning. I've started my own clothing line. And she's just talking about it complete straight face and then we get this montage of like a fashion show which was shot really. Well I've gotTA SAY AS FOLLOWS THEM FROM BEHIND. This is really. This is a really great segment. Yeah even kick in with the music. It was great I loved like the Little League world. They're walking down there. It was all I wanted was Tony. Tony didn't want to be part of it. Did Not who the fashion show. Who had the best outfit Lovie? Michelle killed it with her walk. She just did that little sprout jacket and she'd done this before looked like But it was solid. I wish we need. I did like Sarah thing that she had going on some sort of like clear wrap that she had. Michelle had the best best attitude in her walk. She did they all did great. But what it's made me realize that we're so sorely missing from throughout we don't need edge of ICS in extinction. We need like survivors next tomorrow. So when you get voted out actually go to edge of extinction but Sarah makes all the clothes and your whole runway. What what if? Here's here's an idea. What if extinct at the edge of extinction is actually just project runway and so they show up on edge of extinction and Tim. Gunn is there. And he's like all right. Guys who wins project runway their way back into the survivor game. One hundred percent. I mean I think at that point you will is given you know that right there. He has so. Sarah Sarah and Sarah uses this opportunity to say. Tony doesn't want to participate in the fashion show. And that's why I like. I love Tony to death but we play two completely different ways. He wants to flashy game was to play. Idols doesn't really play a social game. My social game. It's really great and I think that there is a lot of validity in what she's saying. I think the fans often view things that way. Well where if somebody is playing a big flashy game with idols and stuff like that. They often don't think of that player as a social player and they think of players who have these sort of camp is the moment as more social players. But I think that this episode is sort of a thesis statement on why. That's not necessarily the case that these kinds of players do not also have great social games one hundred percent. I mean I think you know with Tony. Such even as winners. He's such an anomaly and I think say about his social game. I think we just look at the token footage the way he has to go to each person. I don't want to jump ahead colleen. Talk about that more but how to each player convince them to give them a token that can essentially get them back in the game. They were voted out So we we cut over to to Tony and he says I want to do damage. I WANNA play the game But there's there's no point in keeping Jeremy around but I am going to go undercover in real life. I don't get to go. Undercover Real. Life is much more dangerous than survivor. So I get to have fun survivor and go undercover there this whole time. I'm just thinking about Derek Vassar. Which was like in both won their seasons very very close to each other Derek. One on big brother. I've Derek actually was a guest on this podcast and so would have been interesting to see Derek. Take on this. But he goes and he tells. Jeremy Says Hey. Kim told me to vote. Sophie Tyson was saying to vote. Denise and I was blindsided. I was just confused. He's trying to pretend like he wasn't really with the other group that it was just after after Jeremy. Lefty was very confused with the votes. Were going somewhere and so he says I have to pretend on aside. I'm really not and so. That's that's that's that's what he's trying to do here goes to Michelle he says. Yeah Jeremy's closest person in the game and so it Tony. He's playing double agent. He's gone undercover. Yeah no he. He's one hundred percent going undercover and the only person I think that was kind of aunt and maybe more people were than we saw but Kim was the only person who was like. I think Tony's trying to play both ways by me. Jeremy was convinced that he was on his side. Ben was convinced that he was on his side so Tony was getting the best of both worlds at that. Yeah we we get a great interaction with him and Tony Starts. Kim says to Tony. You wanted Sophie out like deadpan. Like she doesn't believe it to Tony's yes. What did you think was going to do? I think you're GonNa vote Jeremy Stare Straight at him. I I think you'RE GONNA Vote Jeremy. Stare like turn and stare like I'm reading your reaction love. Oh my God Bro. No no you tell me if I'm wrong you're wrong you're wrong I was. I was German. Tony says he's US. The only way I can blindside these guys is by continually pretending. I'm on their side and so he says to Kim now now getting nervous because they might do something they might want to do. Something to me can just like. I don't think so. Yeah no it's here's a cool thing about this season that we're so lucky to be able to watch. She's winning play. Because in some seasons Tony doing that people might not be able to believe and they might not say yes but we each of these players with whether you love them or hate them. They're all winners in their respective seasons. So they come into the season right here with a special building they can see through most of. I'd say they play the game hard and they know when their game played many of the Times so I think in that moment came has experienced and knows Tony is prime minister. And she's not buying it. So I think that was really cool and you might see maybe a lesser player or just convinced. Yeah Tony says he's having all the survivor land so Jeremy. Let's Michelle know that he does want to work with Tony. They had a talk. He was extremely believable. Tony was Jeremy tells us that he feels good about their group of five which is himself. Michelle Kim Denise and Tony Michelle agrees. She thinks we're going to get through this. It's GonNa be okay so Jeremy and Michelle are both on board with Tony. But Kim and Denise Are Not Kim tells denise I think Tony's trying to play double agent but and but it will really be myself or Jeremy that he tries to get out here she tells us Tony. Has this axe going on trying to sell salvage a relationship with Jeremy? I'm not supposed to know what Tony's doing but I do know and I think Tony is my biggest enemy out here right now. Yeah no I think it's the knees hands Martin guests on then. I think it just speaks volumes that Jeremy should have been the most worrisome. Who's on his side or not but he was completely in on Tony like he only has one hundred percent and he was counting on that vote. I it's my question. Is you think that if the knees and Kim like they believe. Tony was with them when they vote as they walked. They truly stayed with that book it is. It's really interesting and a part of me wonders. You Know Kim. Kim keeps saying things like. I'm not supposed to know this but I do know this. I know this for sure. I wonder if Kim knows this because she's already been talking to Sophie and Sarah and talking about flipping over and so when. Tony is trying to pretending. Jeremy she already knows that. That's a plan that's been put in place and she's just not telling Jeremy about it because we don't ever see Kim talked to Jeremy saying Tony's not with you is so I I wonder if she knew partly because she read it but also because she had the relationship with Sarah and Sophie and they told her and so and I also wonder how much of that relationship that Kim and Denise had was Sarah and Sophie influence ultimate decision to flip back around to take to take sophie out inside with Jeremy. Without Kim and Denise being on board. We'll we'll get into it as we go to see if there's any any validity to those theories so we had over to the edge of extinction and this is the way they put. This together was so cool to me like this little sequence where they start with Tyson just talking like he's giving a lecture on survivor or something as they have some music under it and there's a montage and we're just hearing Tyson say some mentalities can handle it and some can't can ruin people's lives to lose the game. Yeah there's a lot of people that go home and struggle with it for years and it's like the super serious insightful speech and ends it with for reals Guinea cuts to him talking to Wendell. I'd windows it's like. Yeah he's like you'RE GONNA BE OKAY. Wendall so good you're strong Adams GonNa have a hard time at a walked. The Tyson Got Adam voted out. Now he's saying he's going to have a hard time but Yeah no that's why I love Jesus Straight face and then you turn yeah. Hopefully I'll be good because you know I've been on this beach with my ex for like thirty days now in though. Yeah so I think this is a correct quote though. I think Tyson is completely right when he talks about this like it really does eat it people for a long time to go on a show like this and lose and I think that they talked about it last night on the note all like I feel like especially for winners to go on and play who have never experienced losing then going to experience it for the first time it must. It must have some sort of impact on your identity. Because you're you have gone through life. You're a survivor winner. You've never lost and now you're survivor. Loser one hundred percent on the series too. I think it's like hype. I think reality. Tv show when you come off that you feel some sort of way especially in today's age ain't day and age like social media. There is like a pressure of the fans how you perform but also on this season two. I. It's you know it's weird because survivor is like the people honesty's are watching it as it goes. You saw they already know what's coming. They don't know how to react to an episode react about doing certain moves so it's definitely a lot of pressure. I think on the island there are also thinking about man like I went home right now or I went to Ireland. And who knows what's going to happen especially after one my season so yeah. It's tough mentally. I think he does a lot to them. I hope they can all remember that there are also survivor winners. No matter what their bank accounts most of our pretty happy already. I well experience Ben is GonNa say later. You know it's crazy how fast a million goes Yup. Who knows what their counselor now. We're going to take a quick break for our sponsors and we'll be right back and we're back. So let's get back to the show. So Natalie just just going to randomly find a wine bottle on the beach with clue that part of it was just like. Did somebody just leave a bottle of weight through the clue in it? Yeah that was. That was a little. I don't know wondering if someone wave. Hey y'all should talk over here you know what's going on right there. Hands SEASON EPISODE. Office like you go and then cameras zoom and right there under just literally something there. Yeah so approached. Says in his little recap thing that he does sometimes that they decided to give the clue out this way that they put it somewhere on the beach that people go all the time so that they knew someone would find it and it would be this cool little moment where they just kind of stumble upon a clue. Okay okay so yeah okay. So so very notable here in the previous episode or the one before whatever was poverty and Danny had found the fifty fifty coin advantage. And they sold it to Michelle for four tokens. So poverty got four tokens from that she. We know that she bought at least one jar of peanut butter. We saw that in the secret. Seen however in this confessional the little lower third things as part of a zero tokens. So if that's correct and not just a mistake. She has somehow spent all four of her tokens and currently. Has No tokens left? I don't know what that means if it means that peanut butter got a lot more expensive or if it means that. She bought four jars of peanut butter. Or if it means that she gave to her tokens to Danny since Danny was with her when she founded and then spent the her other two on two jars of peanut butter or maybe each peanut butter was to Tokens I'm not sure exactly what it was. Somebody said she answered it in a tweet. What did she say what she if she did? Let me now because I would I would love to now love to know but she but the point here is that she has no tokens left at this point. Who knows how many she gets from this? I think I'm seeing that she did. Give Danny too. And then she barks jars of peanut butter reading that. Okay you know. It's expensive peanut butter on that island and Coney said that inflation happens with these survivor. Tokens so I you. You've talked about this previously. But I absolutely love this concept of the Fire Tokens. I think they've added a different dimension to the game. And I think in a way it's I dunno is adding a different strategic element about like a bartering system. You know and we put the value on these tokens because they can say how many they want and different things. So I would love to see this expanding. I love this episode. How it works in all you talk about but the extortion. That's part of my by far right here. All right well they figure out okay. The thing is under the bed so they go and PARV distracts them. They go see the sunset. Natalie grabs thing and it's an extortion advantage and it prevents somebody from playing in the immunity challenge and from voting in the next cycle. If they don't meet the payment demands and so- Natalie's I thought was okay. We have to think about either. How many tokens we can get. Or how much damage we can do and so. This has definitely been a topic of conversation. How much could they have charged? I think theoretically they could have. Just give us one hundred tokens and screwed somebody over who couldn't possibly fulfil the requirement. It doesn't seem like that was against the rules. At the very least they could have said like ten like something impossible and just to screw up somebody in the game. I don't I don't like love that but I do. I do like the idea of sort of like it. They have they can. They can set their own price and they can. They can put a penalty on people. I think that this kind of works in the game would have definitely come off a little differently if this ends up. Lake screwing Tony. And it's the reason why he lost because he didn't he wasn't able to have enough. Fire Tokens like that would have been probably a bad look for the episode. Luckily though Tony is able to pull this one through so I kind of Harken it to like big brother eight where you put a really good player in a really really bad position. It can make good TV as long as they're able to persevere for awhile but if it doesn't work out then it then it might not be as fun entirely sure how I feel about it overall. I think I love the concept of how they did. Extortion I think there might have been and I wonder if it was. Maybe like a a suggestion. Maybe like maybe you shouldn't go over eight. Maybe you should go. You know. Maybe this is like telling him a little bit like this realist number. I do wish that either took out your ability to be in the competition. Competing there or you're voting. Not both. I think it was too powerful to be like. Well you can't be in. This competition can go for me and you definitely can't vote so. I I think I would have felt a little better about the portion was just one of the one or the other. Yeah and like so. For example if these alliances had stayed the same and it was five to four and they extort Tony. He's unable to pay. Its now a four four vote and maybe they go to rocks lake. This could have dramatically changed the outcome of the entire season if if it takes the right person at the right time and I don't know how much influence we want to be able to give the these edge players with that sort of thing but it works out in this episode so it's okay so great. Tv It was great TV when we and especially Tony's reaction when he gets that you know little letter at he's reading it line by line by face to wait. I'm getting extorted. Yeah I WANNA say again. The editing in this episode is so fantastic so many funny little cuts they They say that okay. Poverty says we need to give it to somebody. That's chaotic enough. That would stop at nothing to get those tokens to not sit out of a challenge. Knocks it out of a vote that will then? We'll get whatever price we want. And we just cut to a shot of Tony. Just kind of sitting sitting there twiddling his thumbs closer to his face and then we cut to commercial great moment. So here's the question. If you're indisposition your Tony. Right you are right smack in the middle. Would this actually being blessing in disguise though? Because then you don't need to show your cards because he's in that moment that four of them think he's doing this said the other four is on that side. This is an excuse. My hands are tied right now. There's nothing I can do or do you think the risk of him going out is too much not I mean. That's exactly what I was thinking and tweeting at the time was like this is a great opportunity for Tony to just be like I was extorted from my vote. Sorry guys can't help out. But but that's I think the brilliance of Tony is that he goes beyond. I think that first instinct that you that somebody might have and he takes it a like five steps further and ultimately I think he took it somewhere that I didn't predict and that is ultimately I think better for his game than than what he would have done otherwise we'll ultimately find out as time goes on but we'll we'll talk about that as he as he makes that call. We have to. I talk though about evil. Jonathan Vampire. Oh yes was that neigh Cudi. Yeah yeah it says. He was called the Evil Jonathan Vampire on the Internet after he won. And I. I've got to say I've never heard that before I tell nicb either. I was so confused. I know by probably changes contact name for that and so when this is done hopefully grow some sort of event for him and other people around here. I'M GONNA put a huge banner just for him. Yeah he says Michelle says you do have kind of vampire features. Yeah and look like twilight. Vampires good-looking Nick. Shine the light. I think it was the first time. Nick Got Eight. Hands since his season. So good for into beyond son for sure I feel I feel like nick fares very well with the island hot. Yeah no for sure. And it's funny. He was telling me tweet about this. He's like man. This is the first one I came off. My because his season wasn't much as much time between his season and this season they was talking when I came off my see. That's the first time I bank account said had that many Zeros and he's like I eat as much food as I possibly could. I didn't care about how I look out on the island so either from the just happy children have a little dad. Now I mean he's island heart thing out Then we get. Tony is just run. Sprinting through the jungle just like he jumps down into the ground collapses and he's so excited. Oh my God I've got. I found something. It's in my bag. I saw I came right over here. Okay let me open it up Oh I got I I read is extortion. This is great in real life. I can't do this but I watched it in the movies. And One guy like mobsters they extort people in there. I'm GonNa Break Your Legs Zalm and this is so exciting. And he's he's reading it through things like okay extorted. The can't compete in immunity. They can't vicious illegal man. Oh man this is so. The disadvantage is being played against you. He drops the note. His face drops visible the demand. Is Six fire tokes illegal? I'll tell you what man in real life. You're doing some prison time. This is extortion code to see something. I don't know it's a criminal code. Extortion is legal in the states. I don't know why it's not a legal here in Fiji. This is ludicrous. I've got three tokens. They want six. It's so funny and I you know maybe threes regency vice. But I really think this scene right here in going to go down in the highlights of survivor house alcoholic. Most funny moments I. I couldn't stop laughing. Like having his fees go from like so excited and look how he has to put this in real life coffee. No don't worry it's not really good in the game. Breakbone right knees. Let's export some like. It was so funny. Yeah I did look it up. Actually he is correct. The Criminal Code for extortion is to see twenty five of laws. Good so in in Jeff's little recap thing he he talked about this this note in particular And he said that when they were writing the note they were all laughing knowing that the key line is at the bottom and so they were very they were very much doing this on purpose to get someone excited and he said that Tony Redick that moment that no it was one of his favorite moments of the season is so funny and I try to go down my head who left and there would have had kind of reaction that would have given us a single but I think Tony by you couldn't be his reaction. You really couldn't so Tony says And not only the extorting me. I'm on a time limit. I've got to get these tokens. So his first. He's going to approach his fake. Alliance for Tokens and say. They need to help him so that he can help them with the vote and so he goes to Michelle and asks her for some Tokens and tells us. Oh crap. I have zero tokens because I spent them on my fifty fifty coined. I want to give tokens but I can't so she has to spin this story about having an advantage for the challenge on extinction. Now I've seen some people say what a great lie that. Michelle came up with because it discourages them from voting her out because she's got this advantage for the challenge. I actually have a slightly different perspective on this now. Obviously she's making this up on the spot congrats for making up. Ally doesn't put you in immediate danger right now and all of that but I do disagree with the notion that this discourages people from voting her out because if she has an advantage for the challenge to get back in from extinction that actually encourages people to vote her out so that she beats all of the other challenges like Tyson and rob and whoever from coming back in. Because that's those are the more dangerous people because the last thing you want. Is Somebody like Tyson coming in at final six or whatever and then winning just two immunity challenges fire making and all of a sudden? Tyson's won the game so if I'm sitting there on the island I'm thinking while Michelle has the advantage to get back into the game. Let Me Vote Michelle so that she comes back into the game. I am going to have an easier. Time beating her at these final immunity challenges. Yeah I didn't really think about that as much in that way. By a good point I think that would only hurt her more son. I'm interested back. Maybe what the final seven final eight because no one was still wanNA put her off. It'd be I think the worried voter off now. Just in case you get voted off compete against Michelle but I can easily see maybe someone someone bringing that back up in like seven or obsessive conversation on show that we heard. Michelle has this. Let's get her out so she can come back and we don't have a chance of going to the island now. So yes sir. I don't think that it will impact the game in that direction just as a counterpoint to I think some of the things that I was reading I think this could go either way. Depending on how the players are thinking about it but overall good that she is not admitting to having an advantage that is played in the game. It seems like the nobody is doubting this. She's telling anybody else this as well but Tony just as the price of milk just went up advantage. She got an advantage for four tokens. We've got some major inflation going on so crazy. That Tonio misuses incense to the advantage. He got more information you know and I wonder I was thinking that no one really went around asking anybody. Like how many tokens? But that's not the conversation at least from what we've seen and correct me if I'm wrong but no one's have been. We haven't seen any scenes. Where like someone's like? How many tokens you have. Or how many so this starts people crowding maybe using other? Excuse me to figure out. How many hoping someone might have actually. Yeah and there's there's actually sort of a classic sort of I don't know what you'd call it but Thing that says that when you ask someone for a favor it actually gets them to like you if somebody does you a favor and then you even more seemingly it would make you like them more but actually it makes them like you more because in their mind. I just did something for this person. I must have done it for a good reason. Yeah so it actually makes people like you more and I do wonder how much of that is going to benefit Tony by them. Giving him things now obviously I think it could backfire even more if you then stabs him in the back but and this is why I was a little like. Oh you're going to the group that you're planning to betray. And you're asking them for Tokens. And then if they give you tokens so that you can vote and then vote against them through so mad at you Tony. I was worried about this. So but Michelle says okay. Jeremy has tokens. I'll go ask him. And and so a. GimMe the No. I'll go talk to Jeremy. And he's like okay. Okay and so. She goes to Jeremy and she says he's not gonna be able to vote with us at tribal unless he pays six tokens which is worst case scenario for us. Jeremy and Jeremy just laughs in dismay like nothing can go right for me the season for Jeremy. Yeah those funny that you know it felt like that and I wonder like Jeremy being in a position where he felt like he asked to give a tim because probably Tony can trust him if he does. It may be but do you think Jeremy. Giving him token when she ultimately decides to do using the instils. Trust and Tony be like wait. You know what I might want to keep you so maybe in another world. Jeremy's like I can't give you get makes up an excuse him out instead. I I completely think I think that the fact that Jeremy Gives Tonia token proves the Jeremy. Trust Tony and I have a feeling that Tony is gonNA feel a lot less comfortable switching up this vote. If he doesn't have that confirmation that Jerry believes him and so I absolutely think again like I think it helped bond them together a little more which was very essential for the coming vote. Jeremy tells US trust is huge out. Here Tony Trusts me and I want him to know as much as he needs. I need him as much as he needs me. I want him to know that it's very important that he knew then so. I'm going to give him one. I could give him my other one zero zero so Jeremy Approaches Tony and he says I have a plan. I'm gonNA give you one. And then he gets cut off. Tony's confessional. I Really WanNa know what Jeremy's plan was because I doubt it was go to nick and Ben. Jeremy seemed to have some kind of plan for Tony to get the others that we just never heard and I'm very very interested in knowing what this plan was. Yeah no I wonder what it would end. But maybe do you think he would have been trying to say. Why don't you try to convince Ben to give you one because at that point or Jimmy wanted to still vote out Ben Bench. You'd think you'd think that Jeremy's plan what assumption is I'll give you one and here's the thing I have a plan. Denise has three and Kim has two so denise can give you two or denise and Kim both can give you one like somehow we can definitely get up to three here Tony but whatever it was we don't hear it at. Tony says to us that he's now. Thinking has to go to Israel alliance to to get the other tokens here so he approaches. Nick and Nick says I can give you one approaches Ben and he also says okay. I will pay you one. Tony says I'll pay back pay at the least happy actually didn't do it too. Well Ben only has one token. Ben Is the only person here okay. Yeah gives up his only token for Tony in this moment. Ben Is the only person in the game. Ben and Sarah only had one token each and Ben gives his only token to Tony here. And Tony says I'm loaded. I am well yeah This is my official payment for that. Disgusting Advantage. Somebody sent me. I will be voting tonight. You think he doesn't. I wonder if he asked Sarah. Actually you think he's right at Sarah to it would bring up suspicion where like. Why do you actually need this? Because we're good on the boat or that she you know I'm curious. This is something. I'm super curious about because after the fact when you look back at the people he chose to ask for Tokens. It makes you wonder. Why didn't he ask Sophie for token so if he has to so if he's in his group of five they need Tony's vote probably maybe they don't feel like they need to because they already feel like they have Kim and denise so he's he doesn't go to Kim he doesn't go to Denise Tony Seemingly already knows that those two are gone? We were presented? This like Kim and Denise. They flipped after the immunity challenge. I really feel like Kim into knees flipped as soon as they got back from the previous. I think they were never back with Jeremy. I think that's why they knew. Tony was playing Jeremy and they just didn't tell Jeremy about it. I think that Tony knew that they were playing on that side. And he he. That's why he never went to Kim. Or or denise to try and get their token denise has three tokens and everybody knows about these tokens so she'd seems like a no brainer to go to. Tony thinks that this is a group that is still together at all. And and he does not go to Sara. He does not go to Sophie. Which is very interesting considering that Sarah at the very least is seemingly number one. She only has one token but shortly. She's he's the person most likely even the people he ends up going to are the people he ends voting with apart from Ben in the in the following tribal council. He goes to Michelle Jeremy. Then Nick and then to get the final one because those are all three of the people these plans to vote with that night. The final one comes from somebody else then. Who's the person who was I? Guess most likely to give him one or whatever it is but it almost seems like Tony was already thinking. I'm playing on his finest at this point. Maybe he went to the people for him. It might have been a test figure out the continue working if you wanted if I mean. That's five people. You guys tokens with those people. He asked already almost. There wasn't showing that he talked to anybody else. But maybe that was kind of indicated and I'm curious to see because then gave him one. Maybe he's trying to build a bridge between Jeremy and ben down the line again. Yeah Super Super Interesting. I can't wait to listen to the post game interviews so we can find out exactly what's going on in all of these situations and the cool thing is too. I feel like we haven't had this type of interaction before on survivor. And this kind of this. This has. We've never had an element by fire tokens introduced. And this is kind of what I was hoping for when these were first introduced. Some sort of Gimmick. You know that you need you get like us to have the party system by peanut butter and things like that which it is but this element. Where is the trust factor like? There's a tangible thing you can show your trust other than immunity idol and that's a fire token. Yeah and that's that's the part of this episode and the part of this twist that I loved. I loved having this kind of currency in the game. I do think there are potential pitfalls for this extortion advantage. But what again what we saw. The end result was fantastic. I think if there's a way to incorporate the end result in a way that doesn't have the potential pitfalls. I think we've got something really good here. And this was great stuff. Tony having to pull together tokens in order to make something happen. You know either. He had this planned ahead of time. Or maybe the people that gave him. The Tokens also gave him. The idea of I can get these people together to vote. Whatever it was. We're ultimately going to see something very special occur from this but first have to go to the immunity challenge which Tony can compete in. Because he now has those tokens and this is there standing on a balance beam and they're holding thing up with the poll. It lasts for more than thirty two minutes. Which is apparently Jeff says longer than they've ever done this challenge and it comes down to Ben Jeremy and Tony Benn drops out Jeremy Drops. Right after and Denise is like what the Hell and Kim looks upset but but that's because Tony has won immunity. And with that comes to tokens and Jeff puts the neck the necklace around his neck and he says second time in a row go from nothing to dominating Antonis. I don't say that man don't say that. Yeah No. This was cool. I mean hats off to all of them. I can't imagine going so many days on the island right there. What are they three weeks and yet on that island and they're having to do such a thirty two minutes your whole you're earning and still for them to hold it that long. That's crazy but I wondered too in. That situation even had a chance because he went from three to one automatically. Jeremy's Roth right after the nick drunk or the band was the third person. Ben Dropped. Jeremy dropped right after dinner. Okay so I wonder. What's the situation? If Jeremy and on the Jeremy Coney's think maybe I should draw cut. Keep fighting for it. You know or does that. Cause a little animosity between both you know. I don't know a lot of people in the order of his alliance. These pony what. Yeah sorry you're a little choppy with the Internet. I think we stumbled over each other a little bit. I'm sorry I'm sorry. It's all so a lot of people have been saying in the CIA. I've seen some people say it on the Internet that people feel like Jeremy might have thrown this immunity challenge. It kind of looked like he did kind of steps off. I I'm with Steven from the note all's last night. I do not think Jeremy through immunity challenge. I don't think there's any reason for him to. I think that he probably just like looked over at Ben when Ben dropped and that made him lose his balance and you could see like he stepped off but he was not balanced when he stepped off he stepped he stepped off and then had to take another couple of steps back because he wasn't prepared for it and he ends up hitting his foot against the back of the thing next to him and if he was planning on dropping and stepping down in a controlled way you probably would have had a bit more balance on his way down not to mention the fact that it just doesn't make sense from to throw this at all you can save like maybe he's giving it to Tony. Tony feels comfortable switching over. But if Jeremy Safe Jeremy safe he doesn't have to worry about it at all one hundred percent to chat said there I mean what is Jeremy had zero incentive to drop out and I agree completely there was. There's no reason why he should have grown this competition and I don't think he did so. Jeremy says they will be voting for Jeremy and had he not won the necklace he would enable to play in the immunity challenge. Now I think notably like. He's Tony's not necessarily saying that he's going to be running for Jeremy Again. I'm not. I'm not entirely sure when this plan formed in Tony's head but but it's going to be hard to know for sure we we come back to camp and Kim says to us. She did not want Tony to win today. But winning to back to back it's not bad it puts target. Antonis back so for Tony. He's completely playing Jeremy and I completely know about it. Jeremy only has Michelle at this point so my only option is to go back to this other group which I don't trust it's a precarious position. It's not my favorite. That's what I gotta do. Yeah yeah no it's interesting to see the SP rambling right. But when they come back in their figuring out who's on whose side and also it's It kind of reminded me of I forgot. What season was Keats like? Stick to the plan and everyone had stick to the plan. But what was the plan? I was actually thinking of Keith. In this episode I was thinking about how like this isn't all winter season. They are all so good at this but there there are no. Keith's here Lake fumbling giving up giving up the game at tribal a so well so I also thought this is funny. That like Kim and denise hop over to the other side and it's almost like Tony was like oh no no I not. If they're here I'm going to go with the other side if they're going to be here so Sarah Talks to Kim Sofi Ben and Nick and they all agree on Jeremy. Sarah Asks Denise if she's tight with Jeremy and Sorry Sarah Asks Kim if Denise Tight with Jeremy Kim Says No Sarah asks should we put some votes on Michelle in case? Jeremy has an idol. Kim says yes okay. Let's go let's get to votes on Michelle You. I will right Michelle. Everyone else will right Jeremy. And so if he tells us in confessional. I haven't idle and this I was like. Oh she's reminding us. A better idol is not good news for Sophie. An island my pocket but we have enough to split the vote. And that's good because we don't know where the other idols are in the game and I feel like I have to say this again. I I do not love this Sophie Sarah Group and their votes splits. I feel like they mess up their votes splits all the time. I'm still not M- understanding what they were doing. The previous tribal council. I also feel like I don't fully understand what they're doing here if they have a solid five. If that's real then why are? They splitting the vote in this way so they have five votes. They're getting another two from Kim and denise that makes it a seven to two to vote and so they're splitting five votes on on Jeremy Two votes on Michelle and so that if Jeremy plays an idol. It'll be a tie between Michelle and and whoever the the other side votes for but why only to first of all. And why are they trusting the two new additions Kim and denise to vote differently because if that's the case like it's just like the they could easily basically telling Kim and denise here's where the idol could be played and and if you guys decide to flip over then then you could get two votes over there now you know where the idol is played. And you really only need one more. Vote to flip this whole thing around and that's just so dangerous. Why not just put him into these both on on Michelle or something along those lines or whatever it is. It's just it's it's a little. It's a little confusing. Yeah no I think I definitely think they kind of over dawn on it but I wonder also is that when you're talking is tough with votes. Leon and I'll speak on from my like experienced. Things is that it seems like it's hard to gain the room by herself but in this side is Alan Wise. You know so. I wonder if they just didn't have enough time to talk about it and they. That's the first thing they kind of thought about like you do this. You do this and we won't come back to this you know again. That's still marriage that somebody should should it? Come back because they've already played the new one the seasons. They should have come back to the point. Saying I'm a little worried about this winning but I think it wanted to spend that. They were wanting to make a decision quickly. Want to speak about it and move on from but it'd be back and ask so So it's a little weird. They seem to trust Kim and denise quite a lot with this whole plan And so because again like all they need to do is any of the four of if Kim Denise Jeremy or Michelle if any of them find found the idol and you have to be extremely worried that one of them did because nobody in the five is fessing up to having the idol. Then all Kim Denise need to do is say all the votes are going. Jeremy All we need to do is vote. Play the Jeremy. Vote someone else and boom. We've we've taken one of them out just like that and so it's dangerous. It seems very dangerous from my perspective. Here take I'm curious to see if any of them approached Michelle. The foreign were like. Hey we're gonNA vote out Jeremy. We want to be voting on. Put your vote on here. A who knows who she would listen but then had that conversation to your point is figure out. Maybe she has an idol. May you know try to have A. I wish it was a discussion because it just seemed like there looks like ourselves. They're both grew. And when you're on the bottom you have nothing to lose at that point you know so ultimately. I think that we have to Credit Kim and denise here again there's no way. They flipped on the third day of this three day cycle. Just no way that happened. There's no way that there was enough. Trust in Kim and Denise for this vote split if they weren't on board for days ahead of time in my opinion that clearly Kim and Denise had put in some major work to get in with that group were. There is a secret scene between Kim and Sarah. That we'll talk about a little bit later Where they seem to have developed a pretty tight bond came as putting in some good work short. Denise is putting in good work as well so they really seem to have trust. Trusted Kim Denise and for good reason came and niece did vote with them they did not try to flip this around and I don't know if they would have tried if they if they did have an idol or knew where the idol was so So this is what we have here. Kim Denise and Jeremy Are GonNa agree to vote how Ben. This is the fake plan. Denise now is telling. Us I'm playing double age. I'm actually not voting ban. Myself and Kim are in cahoots together to blindside Jeremy and then we get this confessional from Jeremy where Jeremy says at the start of the game. I like Ben. He's I thought he's a good guy. That's my friend Now everything he does annoys me and here are the examples of things Ben. Does that Annoy Jeremy. Everything he doesn't know me he doesn't want to work with me. Very annoying. Kim would love to see Bengo so my preferred target is Ben. Yeah I love it this rage. Jeremy has against. Ben Is so I it must. It must stem from somewhere else. I mean they all had kind of that The body tactic. Where like we want the big names in here so we can turn on. But it's just it's feels personal when Jerry Jerry Taco bell bed. It's just like everything about him. Everything I really I really was. I was expecting like especially after the Knicks. Jeremy's like Nick. He's so knowing like slides into frame all the time and we got a whole montage but I was so ready for like a banned list and montage and the guy doesn't WanNa work with me very annoying so Michelle is down. All five of us are into takeout band says Michelle and so here we go. Ben Says this is when we get a quick quote from Ben Crazy. How quick a million guys and I feel worried for Ben. I hope he's still got some. I hope I hope still got some of them. I think I think overuse frozen so there we go so tony. Tony says it's been a quiet afternoon and you know what if they WANNA stop or slow down. That's better for me because I'm not stopping or slowing down. I've always thinking when they're not and when he says. This is a great shot of Tony. Drinking from his canteen and just like giving the camera side. I like Like he's just always watching and so he says I've been patient long enough now. I have an opportunity to flip flop. Sophie has gotten too close to Sarah so my target is so my real alliance is splitting the votes which prevents me which presents me with an opportunity. Because I don't need that many numbers Jeremy and Michelle. Don't have a choice. If I tell them name they have to go for it. All I need is nick. I'm I'M GONNA wait minutes minutes before tribal to make this happen. There's a lot in here. First of all. He's completely correct. If he goes to Jeremy Michelle they have no choice. They tried to make this seem. Like what will Jeremy Do? But the thing is if Tony is pitching this idea to Jeremy. Jeremy knows he needs. Tony's vote to make the Ben Plan Happen to have Tony. You're saying I'm not voting on voting Sophie. Please vote with me. Jeremy knows he has to do it. And that's why Tony can wait until the last minute to make this happen and by waiting to the last minute. There's no possible way for Sophie to anticipate. This might be happening. So every part of this was very well thought out and very well executed and I was very impressed with this idea. No one hundred percent. Yeah I don't this. Is My one complaint about this episode? Really wish they didn't put it like Jeremy. Jeremy has to go with no matter. What if Tony says is depend on? The person is plan is also mainly dependent on on nick and I really wished he kinda showed a little bit more on like I. Don't I truly don't believe it was just a Nixon? I'll go with the flow because this was a decision he had to make. That would change the trajectory of his game. Either way you know this because this is making a break from it especially earlier than some people thought so I really wish kind of show a little bit more of his thought processes instead of showing this like. Yeah I'll go for it. You know I think he deserves more than that I think there was some cool strategy that we missed out. Kind of weighing the pros and cons. Kind of like how a you'll and pender. Did you know if we do this? We do that you know. So but it was cool to see how it worked out and Tony masterfully that I'm GonNa wait before tribal are like humans before and they made this off. Yes so the scene. We get with. Nick is he is so. Tony Tells Nick. Tonight is a great opportunity because I have the necklace. And is that a great opportunity for nick though like great that you're safe. Tony. I don't know why this is a selling point to nick. But he says I have the necklace and so he He goes and he says that he we're GonNa tell them me. Knicker GONNA save. You owe us so. Would you be willing to make that move? Nick and I think very notably here nick goes. It's tough and then there's a very clear cut. He's like yeah I'll do. It was like oh great. Exactly it just makes it look like Nick's going through and of course I'm biased. But I know there was a lot more thought and to your point like what's in it for me at this point we don't know as a viewers and were convinced nick's going with the flow. I think Tony had to do some sort of pitch explain team and nick had kind of ways posing. Khan who just got a confessional from next thing you know what I think. This might be the time to make a move. That would make me happy. So if you if you had to guess lovie. What would your guess be for Knicks? Motivations here what is running through next head? He's trying to figure out so right now. You know he's in the five of people where he probably not much closer to each person has a duo you know and I don't really know Nixon bents relationship but they didn't really show much of it on there so that would be the one person you would think that they would be connected with but he also has some sort of feelings with Michelle you know. There's that connection for him Michelle Window. They were that war with you'll so. I think he probably feels better to go with Jeremy. Michelle over some of these other folks and I think the other thing was. He probably didn't have a connection strong connection with Sophie. So getting her out at that point of gain doesn't hurt his game because they did connection as much so I think it was kinda thrown into that way and I wonder I really wonder if when Tony One those tokens. He gives me cocaine. Or who did he give? Those two tokens back in. That might have been a true trust. Tony gave me back token. He wants me to do this. That's a strong core. Maybe we can do things and also I rambled on about this. Nick is not seen as the mastermind. Split you know the pressure is on Tony? So that gives you a strong move on his resume. Get Sophie who is somebody who's honest side and maybe he can move forward this war. Yeah I think the only explanation episodes of tried to give us. Is that a couple of episodes ago during the The atom vote off. We had a confessional from nick where he talked about chaos and how the more chaos there is in the game the better for me because I can navigate and we can break people up around. What's happening with that? Chaos and I talked about this this this is a big brother strategy and I love. The Nick brings the brother strategy into the game and so. I wonder if that was the episodes attempt at explaining. Why like future motivation for this move if that was part of his motivation here because as you said he's Yes a part of this five but if he runs to the end with this five does he really have a chance of winning. You Have Been Sophie and Sarah. As they're really tight they were on the Yarra tribe together. Then you have Tony. Who Super Tight with Sarah? And then you have nick. Who's like been brought in by Tony Seemingly so he doesn't really have a place seemingly in this group of five to get to the in the first place and then even if he does the other people were running that alliance right. So how does he make a claim to win this game and I think he's going to have a hard time making a claim to the jury at all anyway because he's the newest winner he's one of the youngest guys out there? He does not have a family. A Nick has to play an insane game. I think to win a jury so when presented with an opportunity like this I think. Of course you have to take this. You have to hope that. Probably that Tony Either pisses people off so bad that there's a jury or Tony Ends up leaving somehow or you can take him out and then you can take some credit for this move but ultimately we we likely will not know what. Vick was thinking until after the season no I really wish more like at its for him to talk about it more but yeah no I think every player this is starting to think you know. I'm only seeing pad your resume but you need to have moments in the game. Where US shifted. The game deserve a win. You know because you're going against other winners and as you look at the players around if you realize that I haven't shifted game. Shift the game to make it positive for me. Every chaos and shifting game. It might be tough like you said that you know. Make an argument for yourself at the end because these people are just going to simply get out and I think that's definitely played an accent too. Yeah so so Tony says to us. Our four will be stronger than they're three and they're too. I will be golden if I can pull this off. And so he goes and he talks to Jeremy and this was a great scene where Tony goes to Jeremy's as Kim and denise are not with you he can barely finish the sentence Jeff. Why not? Why not so Kim and Sarah are going for Michelle? Everyone else is supposed to go to you. I'm taking me. Nick away from those numbers and giving them to you us for votes Sophie and she goes. He's why why because they were going to blindside you. Who's they everybody every body and this is such a great thing because first of all it's right before tribal. There's they're switching this up. This is the scene. We're seeing it happen and also because it's so weird for me seeing Jeremy so vulnerable in this spot like. I've never seen Jeremy like this before where he's been blindsided out of the game before and he's like. Oh these idiots He's been on the wrong side of vote earlier in the season he was like. Oh Damn it But I've never seen Jeremy just like on the bottom like this trying to gain some traction and then out of nowhere Tony's going to blindside him with this plan and he's just like you can't even tell what direction is upright now and we know Jeremy. Jeremy WANTS TO BE DRIVING THE CAR. He told us a few episodes ago and just when he feels like he's maybe getting some traction twenty comes in and he says Jeremy. Get in the back seat and let me drive and Jeremy as we pointed out literally has no choice. Jeremy tells US I didn't WanNa do anything different. I wanted Ben Gone but Tony told me the key came into needs are not with me and my first thought was. You're wrong I I just. I really don't know if people are coming after me. I don't know and seeing Jeremy like this is so crazy such like calm collected guy and like this is what the season is doing to these players. They are all so good and and they're all throwing each other off balance and it's so fun to see. Oh yeah one hundred percent. I mean. Put these winners. And we've seen it before winters on normalcy there able to walk through a lot of players because same experience to hearing parents. Cut Out yeah. Just we're just cutting out a little bit here and there. Okay sorry but each of these players have the same experience so they're able to play at such a high level so to your point like seeing. Jerem me handshake and not sure what to do. Especially when he really adamant about the strategy where he wants bigger plays around him as meat shields strategy has trouble adapting to figure out how to move from there it was. I think it spoke a lot to of Tony knowing that the only way to make Jeremy while his plan was to get him in that corner. The last few minutes like this is what? I'm GONNA do this. How it's going to be naked with me is going to happen. We saw that frustration with Tony. A little bit that he planned everything from you. Know all of this and one person. He's trying to save to make his whole move work. Jerry Jerry might not listen. You know we see that frustration. Seek out of of Tony. I like to see you know emotions that we don't see in players are regularly. Yeah Tony's IT'S LIKE. Can you please trust me and believe me? I can't sit here too long. Because they'll know I'm trying to blow them up. Please believe me and Jerry. Did you already talk to Michelle? No you have to go talk to her. Like Oh my God. Because now it's like he has to convince. Michelle to do this thing. And if Tony's playing him then he just screw shell over to like. He's like Taylor last minute. Votes Sophie Trust me and he says uh-huh Jeremy's reluctant begging him to save him which is a great line and we didn't. I don't think we did but we didn't get to see Jeremy. Talk Michelle Right. It just went straight to travel. Yeah right yeah. I'm curious to see if Michelle was like. Yeah I think we need to do this or if they even thought about talking to denise. Are Kim trying to be like? Hey is this really what's going on? Because that's what I was worried about this my flow back into Tony's face like Oh wait we need to act together so I'm sure that like they. They're both mar players. I'm sure they both thought through it and there. They came to the same conclusion. Like look either Tony's with us and we vote this way and it works or he's not with us and vote this way. It wouldn't have worked anyway that we would have been anyway so we have to just go with it and a great job both of them. Jeremy looks sad tribal. I'm sure he didn't have to work too. Hard to looks at all travel but Michelle gives nothing away. No no Keith. Keith nails here no sticking with the plan there's talk of building your resume and I thought this was a great conversation at tribal here. Jeff asks are there moves. You don't want credit for and nick actually replies like. It's kind of a paradox. That if you take credit for these big moves then you become a bigger target in the game but if you do to do take credit for the Mizzou comic beer target me and you don't take credit for moves then you might not win in the end because people don't think that you've done enough and it's great that we hear this from Nick considering the situation right now as well. We're like Nick. Very much was a part of this move but likely will not take as much credit as Tony. And it'll be very interesting to see how nick plays this out moving forward most definitely. I love these types of conversation. When asked these questions that we get to see him because such a Meta conversation you know we were talking about how the game is played like and we're making these moves a game witnessed itself? You know it's not just eliminating each other but the game about getting to the end. And how can you defend yourself? How can you convey the moves that you did to? The jury of people who've already played to give so there's so many moving parts and I love that they talk about some would say you want me like you should go for people who feel like on the defensive. At that moment it was so why. Would you make a strong move right now as again? Jeremy it's not talk about. Patty rented resume and she has all these lists of like. They both made good arguments about it so I think he's a conversation we really haven't seen specifically I could be wrong within the survivor. Part talking about like well. You're making a move just to make the move. That's just not. It's so I really enjoyed that. Yes lovie says. This is all great but nobody wants to resume that super long like He. It doesn't have quality to it. You don't be that annoying girl at school and it's like girl. Scouts and debate and math leads volunteers after school. It's just very obvious that you're patting your resume for no reason and I feel like Sophia. Always these great school metaphors. She's always bringing it back to the school people. Yeah I feel like everybody knows that one person and all of those things where you that person lovie no idea have enough time. I spent a little too much time playing video games to read a few other things the resume but I could definitely tell you during my my big brother. I didn't really have much chance had the resume so I would think a chance a chance in high school. I helped found a pizza club term. I love my resume for college for my college application. I was in a club. It's called the Pizza Pizza. That says Great Club could ever be. I would have loved to join that. Now that's padding your resume for a good reason that is I bet we tweet. Sophie asked her whether she would have thought that was. I think she'd say that's no. That's so Jeremy says it's also about timing. You can't beat anyone at the end. If you don't get to the end so- Jeremy knew that if he didn't play that advantage he'd be sitting in tic- right now. This is great from Jeremy. I love that. He's explaining himself in front of the jury we need is your from the jury like Oh. He's abandoning his crew. Now that came from Wendell. Jeremy really screwed over Wendell so maybe a biased sample there but but still good that he's explaining it to the jury framing this in a way that is not. I abandoned my people but I made a smart move because I wouldn't be sitting here if I didn't make that move. And so then they talk about. It was quiet afternoon and and it's time for the vote thing they go in they vote as Jeff is reading the votes. Jeremy's just staring bend down and we've seen him do this to nick during immunity challenge. Jeremy just loves the stair move. He loves JEREMY JEREMY. For me and good I used to love it because I think that's what Bena hates about. Jeremy as much are Robeson the wrong way in his season. You don't have as many people to just go straight up against him. Like Jeremy was just doing that. They don't care they're winner. You know on that. Yes and so. I'm super stressed at this point because it's either so fear. Jeremy I've a pretty good feeling it's going to be so which is super exciting but also Super Sad Because I love Sophie and and here come the votes Sophie Sophie Sophie Sophie. Because I live my pocket. Oh she's he's stumbling. I don't even know how to. How do I to this? Never done this before and Jeremy still staring down bed. That's the thing Jerry still. Sophia's getting a Jeremy goes like. Who's the biggest threat now? Ben Thank you so somebody could just tag is one that clip of Jeremy Rain looking at Ben and then when Soviet Jeremy still looking at that I love it and there's also a great call back to the first tribal where we're Jeremy's looking at Ben like am I in trouble like what's going on in Britain and then they blindside Jeremy. A Sophie says good job guys. I did not see it coming. I can take the idol out of my crotch. Now Ben just goes boom and sophie heads over to the equipping station. And she's still. She's she looks at the board with the firestone issues counselor votes. She's like counting like who screwed me. These fire tokens do so she ends up. Que- thing to Sarah we can Kim. Yeah Yeah and they're building up. The Tokens now And I think it really hurt like and also I in the beginning. I didn't get to see Sophie season as much or are you finish all the way but actually loves her through the season. It was kind of a gut shot like is. She didn't expect it at all and I think when she goes on the island you have that Little Clinton she's like this is how it feels like. I've never been inside like you. Just feel for especially idle idle efforts. Yeah we get the next segment which I don't usually talk too much about but there's such a great clip. Kim Says I have to get Tony. And she's just like staring and there's like her eye twitches just like to get him. Go off cells. I'm so pumped for Kim vs Tony. So So we have to the sofa heads to the edge. She says I've never been blindsided before it is a traumatic experience. I played the best that I could. It's a bummer. To go out with an idol in my pocket she. She walks over to the people on the edge. Like I'm sack she's almost crying. I feel so bad. She says to us the final words. She came into this game feeling like she was a bottom to your winter. And it's been fun realizing that she can hold her own. Obviously calling out the stock. Watch our legacy watch that we do here on this podcast and we'll be talking about very soon and I will say the first vote for the Legacy Watch. Sophie was a middle tier winner not a bottom tier winner but since then she has been since the first episode. She's been in the top tier and she has never faltered from the top tier so for your top tier winner. The Legacy Watch says you're not bought here whatsoever. If there's one thing you can take away from this episode. This was such a chaotic episode. And Tony Really handled it so well from what I saw. Of course there's lot were missing but so far no indication to shot was coming at her and I think Tony also planned. You need to make sure it'd be somebody who had no idea the shot would be coming at them So he he masterfully. Did and I mean Houston. Tony doesn't take shot itself. You right now I can see. Sophie goes so far this game. You know she could have been right there. And that's what hurts so much had an idol great positioning in the game with connection wife. Wasn't that big threat and it was crazy that Tony was the one person to see that he needs to take her out. Because you need to be closer to him because I don't think anybody else on their feet away. Later on yeah. Tony is just this kind of player. He does the thing that nobody sees coming. That who Tony Is. And that's why it was so hard for him to get here in the first place because he has that reputation and he demolished this structure. That likely would have led to. Sofi finding a lot of success. I mean she's in there with Nick and Ben and Sarah. Sarah might have a good chance to be Sophia. Jury vote although I think. Sophie is very well-spoken but Sophie manages to get Ben and Nick there. I think she probably wins that one and just her chances of winning this game. We're pretty good even just like one vote after this if she probably would have had enough control but who knows who knows. It's it's always hard to see especially because you know we saw so little of Sophie. I really feel like the edit. Was EDITING SOFI. In a very particular way where we needed to know that she was a threat in the game she was playing a very respectable game but at the same time we couldn't be so invested in her that we were mad at. Tony for doing this. So we heard very little from her in the last few episodes. I think so that we would feel a little more mixed about her leaving than than like just super super sad about it so so. That's all right so secret scenes we got. We got just a couple of them this scene between Sarah and Cam. I really recommend you watch this on. Cbs relaxes I think they might also posted to the Youtube Channel as well. That Kim says Sarah you're playing a hell of a game. Sarah says no not. Sarah says I wanted to play a game. That's not personal and it turned personal and Sarah is basically concerned that after her first season people just called her a bad person that That she was like she was unemotional. And they really ragged on her for the game that she played in all of that and she got a lot of hate and she feels like you know she. She might be along the same trajectory right now and she doesn't like that but Kim says don't look we both have. Ptsd from our experience. Like I got the same thing. We're both good people. I promise you don't be so hard on yourself. And Kim says to us and confessional says I came in not trusting Sarah but as MOMS we really started developing a friendship and she had really traumatic experience when she won. People made her feel like a bad person. But she's not she's a good person she's a wonderful person. I mean they're all good people out here and and I hope that's not lost and Sarah says to us that Kim really freed her up to be able to continue to play hard in this game because she was really really getting bogged down in all of all of this stuff and I think this is so important to humanize these people. Sarah does get a lot of hate for especially her game which I think largely because of the way that was edited but like a lot of these players often get hate and I think there are a lot of Kim stands than hate Sarah and like listen to Kim guys like. She knows what she's talking about. She has firsthand experience with Sarah. And you know this is a nice scene. Yeah I'm I don't WanNa go to over everything but I'm glad you brought this up because I think we're getting the viewership of the season. Two's going great but I also think so. Many people are stuck home and their online and they might be talking about the seasons more than other ones and I'm just seeing you know a lot of negativity towards some of these players for personal moves against people. These players playing for two million dollars is within the context of the game and I met a lot of these. They're great they're great people outside of the game even inside. So I mean said some positivity and understanding. You know the moves made within this this. Tv Show are within. They're not bad people outside of even regardless Powell to edit my show I think a lot of the they understand that and We'll probably preaching to the choir right here but it does it really savvy to see you know these players who love this game who went out there to entertain really getting a so much hate thrown at them for reasons that they should yeah And I've got to say I'm so impressed with with both of these women. Kim and Sarah both have played excellent game so far. I've talked about it over with over the course of the season with Sarah but I think really proving just how strong wind was in game changers and really doing so well out here. If Not for Tony I think Sarah might be an even better position than Sophie was really positioned to potentially win this game. Now with what Tony's done perhaps not we'll have to wait and see but she's really proven herself to be an excellent social player she is. Kim is not kidding. A lot of people came into this game planning to target Sarah not trusting. Sarah and Sarah turned them all around on her Which is very very impressive. And of course Kim having gotten here so impressed with the read on Tony with getting back in making this bond with Sarah being trusted enough to split the vote with this group continuing to now understand that Tony needs to go being the person's like we can't let this guy get the he is the biggest threat. I'm loving what I'm seeing from. I feel like they've both really solidified. Just how good they are at this game and this was a really nice scene. So you're seeing. I love secrets and we go to the edge. There's more yoga and it's a you'll scene. You'll says he really struggled about pulling the flag when he got there but he didn't want his kids to think he was acquitted. So he's so he's so glad he stuck it out. Seeing his girls out on the island was amazing for him and he wants to do more things with his wife like date night. And you know what she's been trying to get me to do yoga and it took me being stuck in an island to try it out and he's talking to poverty and they were on the Cook Islands together parties like. Yeah you know you get stuck in everyday life and you end up. Not Having Intentional Day and you will tell us what. I've been taking my life for granted. I'm so lucky and blessed and I didn't think I'd come out here and have any major revelations about my life but you know what I was wrong cool personal content from. You'll you always take it then. We got this stuff. From Jeff in the RECAP JEFF says. Maybe we should just called this episode. Tony's episode he says the extortion advantage was meant to emulate capitalism which. I thought was hilarious. Of course he said he says Tony. Reading the nose on his favorite ones this season Probes thinks that Tony made a good move here because Sarah Sophie is really good at this game the also in the Dalton Ross interview had some some good stuff here you can tell that definitely was expecting some blowback for featuring Tony so prominently the episode. But he was like look. We did what we had to do here. Guys I understand. I know you don't like it when we feature one person too much. But you look at the episode yet. A good quote here that I thought was really insightful into the process he says we always start at the end and work backwards. We start with WHO voted out. Then we identify the player's responsible for the vote out then. We look at the impact. The immunity challenge may have had etc. We continue this process all the way back to the tribes returning to camp from the previous tribal and how the fallout of that vote may impact the next vote. That's our process and so I thought that was interesting that that's that's how they structure the editing of the each episode. That's cool that he talked. He didn't get to see that scene. I think they've been a lot more open about highly structured things in the previous these last two years and Cisco for this talk about it yes. Jeff also says Sophie's one of his favorite winners because of her stealth mode that was interesting and he also had a nice quote. Here that I thought was nice with every passing season. I gain more respect for the play. Those those those who have played. I've learned so much from them about the courage to live a life of on your own terms and not someone else's when someone agrees to play survivor it tells me their yearning for an adventure and they're confident enough in themselves. Take it on with no idea where it will lead and what they will learn about themselves. I really feel like I thought it was great that you can tell how much respect jeff has for these winners that they keep expecting him to mess with them like he's doing a toast at the beginning of the season he's letting them have the family visit. They keep expecting something bad to happen but he was. He really wanted to celebrate these people. Because you really respect them for for making the show. What it is. I love that because it's a two way street like the show wouldn't be words at without Jeff and advice for these players who did so credible under a season now have been entertaining. All of us back here at home so it's a two way street. I love Franchisee respectable players and the players respect people who are in charge it so this was really yes alright. So so then he finally he. He confirmed that he said if Jeremy had left tribal and the previous tribal wouldn't Jeremy was able to leave safety with our Jeremy. Leaving triable would not have nullified. Sarah's deliver if Sarah had played this deal on Jeremy and then Jeremy Left. Jeff said okay. You can no longer played on. Jeremy who do you WanNa play on now so I thought that was an interesting little tidbit there. But that's it for the episode and the extra content lovie. It's time to talk about the legacy. Watch before we wrap this podcast up the legacy wide. We track week to week the legacy of these winners and how it changes based on the tiers they are put in so this is what we have from the previous week where these winters were ranked now. I saw some people in the chat. Say they want me to start at the bottom this time so I'm willing. I'm willing to do that. If if that's where people want me to start we can let me know if if you like this after the fact if you want me to continue to start at the bottom of the list or if you'd rather me start at the top we can do it either way. I don't mind Here's the legacy. Watch we'll start. We'll start at the bottom and at the bottom here. We have the bottom Tier Ben Amber and Danny now. Interestingly amber and Danny have sometimes changed positions and in this particular since for some reason they did Danny has for some reason surpassed amber why in the bottom dear And then we've had Ben. So ben started at the bottom of the bottom tier and by slowly been climbing his way up and he came very close last week he was. He was very close to hitting that Middle Tier. He's he's just he's steps away from it but in this episode he fell back like halfway back like he lost five weeks of progress. Far Back Down far away from the Middle Tier. Something happened here with Ben to make him fall far back down and I have to imagine that. It's something that I talked about before. Which is that something that really dramatically influences this legacy watch from. What I've observed is when players talk about other players and so when we get a scene of Jeremy saying everything Ben Does annoys me. I was like this is going to be bad for Ben and you know what it was. He felt dramatically. I think it's it has to do with this scene. Where Jeremy Talking about being annoyed by Ben? And so I can tell you that Christina who I'm giving all this data to actually has extensive notes about the the confessionals and who they're talking about and whether it's positive or negative so she actually plans to doing analysis based on this and I'm really interested in what she comes up with once we get all this data and but But this this this this one confessional from Jeremy Seemingly really hurt Ben now also there was that scene with the confrontation between Ben and Jeremy as well and I'm sure that didn't help Ben Either but we definitely have noticed that these confessionals really make a difference when when somebody talks either positively or negatively. I think about another player interest quick question. This is just for me the first time I've seen this season. Sorry I wasn't this specifically but is it left to right in order like so. Here's yes screen but is there is the worst of that like left is talking the list and right on the bottom of the list in within the tears within a year so right now banned is a top of the bottom ear as yes. We're seeing. Okay Gotcha more declared by all right so then we head into the Middle Tier and in the Middle Tier last week. We had Adam Wendell and nick at the bottom of the Middle Tier and they were very very close with one. Another this episode. We saw that Adam actually fell a bit and he is now at the bottom of the Middle Tier. Nick and Wendell both had very small increases. But that leaves them both about where they were before. And that means that. It's going to be Adam. Nick and Wendell I really feel like nick continues to be underestimated in the legacy watch so low opposition here in the Middle Tier given the game that he's playing which seems to be pretty good. Although it's hard to to to to say that this is wrong because unfortunately we can't see I think he you know I'm biased. Output would put in much higher than that in this of the game where we're at right now but we have to be able to see it so hopefully it can rise if he keeps continue. Do better you mean underrated player. Speaking of players that have received negative confessionals about them. There was that whole segment about everything. Nick does bothers me. And we're we got that. Oh montage in that. Nick has not done well since army tank and everyone else is doing so after. Wendell is Michelle. Who saw basically no movement here and then after Michelle is still ethan who also saw very little movement and then Natalie still at the top of the Middle Tier. She actually had a big bump this episode finding that that clue getting six tokens notably though from my perspective. This was told to the last two advantages found on extinction Danny and Poverty Natalie and poverty. Both of them were narrated via poverty. Natalie got I believe didn't really have much in the way of confessionals talking about this. It was really narrated all the way through poverty but but Natalie did get a big boost from regardless got it. That's interesting Natalie. Actually Natalie actually very close to cracking the top tier with that boost. I will say okay. I'm not surprised the sixty I'm curious to see if she didn't get those six hawkins from Tony when she would have been as much of a boost so all right so after that we come back up to the top tier and in the top tier. We had denise at the bottom of the top tier and that is where she stays. Now Denise started all the way back before the season started. She was in the Middle Tier and stayed about in the Middle Tier until she dethroned Sandra when she shot way up into the top tier but since then denise has been lying low and consistently episode after episode. She is having moderate drops in her standing in the legacy tier to the point where she is now just barely on the edge of the top tier in extreme danger of falling down into the Middle Tier here for Denise. If she fell she falls next week by the same amount she fell this week. She will be firmly into the Middle Tier in factual. Be Below Natalie. If she falls the same amount next week this week so so she is barely holding on. I will say I think she should not be dropping. She made that incredible movement. He's doing the right thing by laying. Denise has such a big target on her after the move she man she's been able to kind of show back into everything and I wonder too after this vote. We might see denise be off the radar off a lot of people as theirs and she has a lot of moving now. I don't know what movable lines is now so she can kind of weave away. I think we might see it. Rots Yeah and like I feel like people are starting in the game starting to forget. Its she drill. Shank Sandra and if they forget about it long enough and she makes it all the way to the end she can absolutely bring that up and be like. I made that insane move than I lied. Low afterwards. Forgot about it after after denise besides Tae Before Denise we have Sarah still there in the same spot She dropped just us Midge but really just stays about where she is. This was definitely not a great episode for Sarah in terms of what happened in the game but I do think it further confirmed to me. Just how good she is but she is going to stick around here at the bottom. Do you think this is underrated here for Sarah? I think she deserves a higher spot. Personally agree I think I think so outright terror before before Sierra here in the top tier? We have sophie who has fallen from the top of the top tier behind. You'll Jeremy and Tyson. She has fallen that. She is just above Sarah now in the top tier but she is not fallen out of the top tier so fee remains in the top tier and fall bit here though when somebody rises up. Does it have to replace. Him is the lowest the person on the middle of someone. Natalie goes up to the top here with niece fall in the middle tier or now. It's all it's all point based so within the point range gets to be in that tier got it got it. Okay I see yes I mean. I think this is correct. I think so absolutely had a great showing this season and I think most importantly in terms of like where she is ranked proved how good she was in South Pacific that I talked about her game. Prior to the season starting as kind of like Derek lesser and Big Brother Sixteen. Where basically she was in control of the situation that was really good for her and she just kept it there the entire time and didn't really have a reason to deviate from it and so we never saw what happens if something goes wrong for so free because she was able to keep this great spot for herself the entire time and so like. I was very curious to see like. Is she good enough to deal with a game where she has to adapt a little more and things go wrong for her more often? I think we absolutely saw that happen here. She did such a great job in in a season of all winners. She was in a power position. They were all so impressed with her game and she was. I think she came decently close to having a good chance to win this whole thing and I absolutely think she deserves to be in the top tier myself. Yeah no I. I would agree with that. I I always feel like you know when you're voted out. It's tough maybe for but if we look at the way your tears are stacked to. We saw sea that. Tony was the main person orchestrate. This you know he was the legend here. So you're getting somebody from the top of your tears. Try and get out. So I don't think that the diminishes or game at all because if it wasn't for Tony she would be going by bright with a it with a pocket so I think she she desserts. WanNa move this. Here's I think she's stuck there. It's good yes alright. So after Sophie we do have Tyson who obviously experienced a bit of drop last episode for being voted out. He bounced back just slightly people. Kind of went down on him. And then Kinda bounced normalized a little bit so he is now here just above are just below Jeremy who is right above Tyson very close vote between two of them and then above. Jeremy we have you'll at the top of the top tier. None of them moved in any considerable fashion at this point I think I think all of these players are absolutely talked to your players and the sorting between them still. You know whatever. But I've been very impressed with Jeremy. I don't know what will happen with Jeremy with the rest of the season but I love the fact that he's still in here and I'm very impressed with what he's doing. Yeah it's been impressive how you know. His scrambling is worked. I think this episode though. I don't know I think if you think this episode help Jeremy or hurt Jeremy the ranking wise from here I mean ultimately he. He's about the same from where he was before. So I think that I think that you know what we saw was. He had a bad read on Tony but it turned into a good read on. He was in a bad spot that turned into a good spot. But it was Tony's doing his so ultimately I think it can just kind of ended up as a wash. Okay Yeah so. We had into the top tier. There's are the legend Tier and here in the legendary. We have Sandra still here hanging out at the bottom but very very close to came there actually tied here at the bottom of the legend tear. Kim Antonie recent additions to the legendary. Kim started there but fell out. Came back in and so now. She's tied with Sandra at the bottom of the legend here and so Then obviously I think Kim. I think Kim should be cemented in the legendary. This should fall out. I mean she's played a great game as is is she just has such intimidating factor with she's able to you know the see through a lot of BS. And I'm so excited like you said before the see the rest of the season how she's going to be against Tony. I need to get Tony. Out and I just. I can't wait to see it. So yeah no. I think she's for sure all right so then right before Kim in the number three spot is Boston. Rob Who has fallen below? Tony Austin Robin. The number three spot. He actually didn't move down. It's Tony moved up and so there's Boston rob there in the number three spot which leaves the top two Harvey and Tony. But in what order. What order lovie. It's par number one spot for a long time but great episode if there's any episode you're going to rank Tony that top one of the legends here. I think he's got to be this episode. I that's just my opinion but it's going to be close. There's a lot of poverty fans out there. I know for sure but coney just the domestic crafts. So let's not Erin I can tell you it is very close. It is very very closely trumbull. Poverty is going to hold the number one spot just barely. Tony is a number two. I think Tony could have made this happen. In the number one spot had poverty not been involved in the advantage find because par Roy actually saw a seven point bump which was just enough. She was ahead of Tony by three points. So so that bump was just enough to keep her in the number one spot above Tony in this legacy watch so so here it is for now. It's party Tony Boston. Rob Kim Sandra in the legendary tier and there you go tony. I think Has To have cemented his spot at this point. He is very firmly in the legend here here under percent if this is the episode. I think he's GonNa go down in history where people like. If you need somebody to watch an episode. You know this is a good episode to show him. Yes so there it is. There's the Legacy Watch. What an exciting legacy watch this week. I'm so I'm so interested to see where this goes but but there it is over. Thank you so much for joining me tonight. What fun episode to Talk About? This was a blast. Thank you so much charity habit when you ask if I would be doing this one I was like what episode this episode right now is great. I love to talk about. This was super cool. Thanks for having me on. If people know me they know I've been a fan of this man right here. So being is guest is an honor. I Love Tara Rha. Y'All a wonderful job and the fans are great. Here they do offer you also. Yeah can't wait. Have me on anytime you want me to in? I'm excited to watch the rest of your commentary on the rest of the season. I'll thank you so much. Thank you guys for joining us. This week I will. Of course be back next week to talk about whatever happens. It looks like it's Kim vs Tony and I'm pretty pumped about that. So we'll be back. We're going to talk through everything that happens there. We're going to update the Legacy Watch. It's going to be great so make sure you tune in then of course if you never watch these on Youtube makes you you check him out once in a while you can see the legacy watch not physically but visually that might help. If if if you don't see them let me let me tell you I may reader that does not visualize what I'm reading if you are a podcast listener that does not visualize what you're hearing the Youtube video might help you with legacy so That's what we have going on there. Lovie working people find you if they wanted to check. Check you out. Yeah you can find me on twitter at the Oth. B Kabeer Instagram at Lovie Kabeer. Nfl FACE I A- page Just typing Kabeer. You should see my face on there. So there's not many people with my name that looked like me on there. So that's a blessing. This guys. Can they book your face on there. Yeah I mean just that. Kamya happy birthday message. You can't help but I try if you send me a message like if you're going to be needed there's something like that. I just did a proposal for somebody I don't know. Why do you want me to proposal for their own safety? I was honored there. You so much you can find me on. Twitter at Armstrong tyranny can fundamental which twitch dot TV slash tearing Armstrong? I've also gotten into Friday at noon eastern on twitch. I will talk a little bit more about survivor in particular about the edit and. I don't really do epic but But I do just kind of talk about my feelings on the edit and we talk about that a little more if you if you care about that sort of thing you can find which noon eastern on Friday for that and and there we go. That's that's it for this week's thank you once more for joining US lovie. Oh and I always wanted this. So do not subscribe to rub has a podcast smash hit the hope in the mazing group of people here out and gray and you know what if you are. Not a patron of has podcast. Make sure you sign up as a patron rob's doing some great stuff donating some money to The situation going on right now to help relieve that situation so you can check that out. From what rob is doing. Make sure you check out the Patriot on link from the opposite website dot com website thing. And that's all we have for you so thank you thank you again for joining us and we will see you next time to give you deeds to find you everything you need to let Jerry Nannies breakdown yet.

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