April 6: Just when he needs them the most


Hey parents if you're looking for some screen free family fungal. You're staying home. Check out. The story store podcasts from CBC kids and CBC podcast. Shorties are released every week. These short original and hilarious stories fit anywhere in your day from breakfast to bedtime. The story store available on smart speakers. Or wherever. You get your favorite podcasts. This is a CBC PODCAST. Hello? I'm Carol off good evening. I'm Chris Bowden. This is as it happens. The podcast edition Pat Tonight just when he needs them. The most a newfoundland man says he's been shunned by his community after his girlfriend's funeral was linked to the spread of Kovic nineteen. Put to the test Patty. Hi Do says her. Government is doing everything it can to fight the virus but questions remain about when they'll deliver widespread testing to track it in Canada. Come from the way newfoundland premier invokes the lessons of history and hit musical to deliver a message to the president of the United States. Stay or go. Our guest wants to move her mother out of an auto on nursing home over fears of a future. Kovic nineteen outbreak. But if she does she risks losing a spot that took years to get. He's big on the web a UK man goes viral after he and a friend cheer up children in their luck downtown by running through the streets dressed as spiderman. And Ah Bats three rules of real estate echo-location echo-location echo-location from our daily dip into the as it happens archives the story of an unwanted flying visitor who mistook our guest home for an open house and became an Internet sensation. Due to the filmmakers desperate cries of ketchum dairy happens the Monday edition radio that can admit to just this one bat habit. Shannon Harris needs the support of his small town more than ever right. Now the man from Buckles Newfoundland is mourning. The death of his girlfriend who died of complications from diabetes but instead of sympathy Mr Harris says he's being shunned that's because his girlfriend's funeral in mid March is among a number of gatherings that have been linked to the provinces cove nineteen cases we reached Shannon Harris in buccaneers Newfoundland Shannon. First of all. I'm sorry for your loss. If you girlfriend think you. Can you tell us about the news that you got that the for your girlfriend may have helped? Spread the corona virus in different. How did you feel about that? I was shocked. I was you know I just come home to resume normal life and try to get back into routine of everything as much as I cooled but it was a later rate. I I'd already been here three days. I got up. I was in a good mood. I put on my coffee. I sat down and I was getting ready to check my messages. And there was one message from friend of mine at store which was a odd message and it was like being being and to message in a row. Hey Man can you call me so I was like okay? This is weird lake and so when I call he was like hey man the were you at channels funeral and I was like yeah man. You know it's like well something on the Internet that you should probably see and I was like Yeah I'm getting a bunch of messages year now on talking to you so I guess I'm GonNa have to find out what's on the go so they'll give you a heads up. It's bad news. He's like there was a Kobe case. Confirmed that the funeral and until we oh sure you can't come to the store. Okay man thanks for letting you know. This is your local grocery store and that wasn't the only reaction that you got. You got some pretty nasty ones as well. Didn't you absolutely yeah it was turmoil in town? Everybody was scared that I was after bringing this virus into town and spreading it around amongst the community. It's a it's a completely isolated community. There's literally no way for anything to get here unless came you know travel. How many people in Buchan Scott covered nineteen knowing that people from funeral got it and you tested negative? But does that change anything telling people you tested negative. It didn't that I there was so much. I guess malice and discontent here like. I don't know they thought that I didn't have any community. Spirit will say. They thought that I didn't have the community's best interests that hurt so it wouldn't hurt me to hurt them. But why why were you to blame for what had happened at the funeral home? I wasn't that's that like. Why did they feel that you were to blame? I? I don't know I really don't know 'cause it's spread from a social media post to community knowledge to community discontent is now. I guess there's no now known to be one hundred and forty three cases linked to that funeral home. That's about seventy five percent of of all of the cases goal and you're in your community. They feel. Somehow you brought it in. I guess so. No one in your family has because come down with it. No and what about in your girlfriend's family Eight of her immediate family tested positive and Knowing the last positive result came back yesterday afternoon. Does your girlfriend's family blame you as well. No not at all. So it's just a community. Did you think that by now? Things might have gone back to normal since you had the negative response uncovered. It's just mixed mixed emotions from people like some people you know they talk to me like the normally would and other people just kinda stare at me as if on STU coburn plague your your girlfriend died of non covert related illnesses. She had right. Have you got a chance to grieve given all this? I head grieved during the week of the funeral procession and it was it was a beautiful beautiful service like. I mean it was amazing. We had people singing and and it was just. It was a tremendous sendoff for such a beautiful spirit. And has all. This overshadowed your attempts to remember your girlfriend. It'll never overshadow my remembrance of over at all I mean for past twenty years. She's been born of if not my best friend in the whole wide world cesary. Just finally what what would you say? What advice would you give to other communities Who when an outbreak like this happens. What would you? What would you like people to understand? Get all the facts of the story before you attack the Person Family. I mean like I. I'm really I'm reeling. Still from all of it and I mean up until I got the last call from the Department of Public Health to say okay. You've been completely clear I haven't been able to relax because I mean at that point. They were still telling me that I was. I could be contagious. Or It's been so scary. I mean and we got so many friends that have been affected and their children are affected. I it's just it's like the worst ripple effect you could ever imagine from one thing. That should have been a celebration of life so I guess what I want. Want people to take away from. It is consider everybody else before you make an assumption Shannon. I'm sorry all this has happened to you in the wake of what happened to your girlfriend. I appreciate you telling us the story thank you. Thank you Shannon. Harris recently found out that a number of Cova nineteen cases have been linked to his girlfriend's funeral. In mid March we reached Mr Harris in Buttons Newfoundland. As cases of Kovic nineteenth continued to rise across Canada. The virus seems to be spreading fastest and most lethally in long term care centers last week Teresa. Tam Candidates Chief Public Health Officer said that more than half of all Cova nineteen deaths in have been among residents of seniors. So it's not surprising that some people are moving their loved ones out of those residences to take care of them at home. Marta Sharpei would like to do that for her mother. Lois Shark as a resident of the extended care medics home in Ottawa. But moving lowest out of the home is not a simple decision for her daughter to make. We reached Marta. Sharpei in Ottawa. How's your mom doing I you know what I can't really tell you that because I haven't been allowed to go see her From what I understand from the home and they always say she's doing okay no matter what you know no matter what. The conditions are. I am grateful in a way that she's not fully cognitive of what's going on. Because then she she would panic if she understood everything that was going on Concerned about my father because he does understand everything is getting extremely anxious. And he's getting extremely lonely We still you know I would still like to take my mother out and have her stay with my father until this whole thing is over. Why do you think it would be safer are better off if you move to out of that home because my father doesn't go anywhere she stays in the apartment all the time so basically she would be? You know quarantined with my dad and his apartment. And there's a lot of stuff Where my mother is saying right now. And there's a lot of patients. I think that all it's GonNa take as one person coming in that has the covert nineteen and they're just going to be able to pass. It's the entire home whereas if she's with my dad it's easier to control his where he's right across the street. He lives in an apartment building right across the street from another home. And what would you? What would he need to do in order to take care of your mom in his apartment? Well my brothers have already discussed it. And we'll be taking care of their food and it's like that and dropping it off My Dad did take care of my mother before she was placed in long term care. So there's nothing really that he has to do. I mean he'd be helping her. You know get outta bed which he did before you know reminding her to take her medication as I said food is something that I'll take care of with my brothers but that's about it. She is like she is able to walk around. She's mobile. She uses a walker but they're not allowed to go anywhere so it's not like it going for these long walks and what are your mother's go conditions. Actually it's all time Now Y- has there been any reported cases of covered nineteen in that in the facility. Where she's staying. No and I've been checking daily and there hasn't been any but I also don't want to wait until there is what we know that there have been at least forty long-term care and retirement homes in Ontario where there's been an outbreak of covered nineteen and there have been about forty forty deaths so far. I I know every time I turn on the news all right listen to it in the morning. I I can't believe what's going on and I can't believe that we're still being told that we're not allowed to take her out otherwise she will lose her bed. You are allowed to take her out. But with conditions what are they. I sent an email. The conditions are that if I take roach she'd be listed as discharged and when I wanted to put her back in again then we would have to put her name back on a waiting list and although they said that they will be giving priority to patients. Who Were there before? It's still going to be a waiting list. And what would that mean for you to have her back on the waiting list it would just? My Dad is able to take care of my mom for a couple of months but long term I. I just don't think he would be able to and I think it would be very stressful. My mom was put back on a waiting list. And we have to go through the process. Again Yeah we agreed to keep paying for my mother's room like on a monthly basis. And they still said No. That wasn't that's not what it was about. It was about the fact that once we take roaches considered discharged. You agree to pay the fees everything that the cost of having that room. If without her in it. And why do you understand that? They think that is not the. They still won't accept that. Well that's what they say but they did send me an email saying that If you take them out. They're considered to be discharged so even though if I wanted to keep paying for Haram that wouldn't matter. They would still lift her as discharged and would give her bed to somebody else. That these aren't this is not necessarily just the the policy of this nursing home where this long term care home. This is the policy of the Interior Ministry. Is that not the case? Yes it is when all of this happened last week I had heard that if you have a loved one a long term. Care that if you're able to take them out you should be considering taking them out. So that's what started this and it wasn't until I didn't think I'd be told no I thought okay. The worst case scenario is they're going to say well can you keep up the payments to hold her spot and as soon as I brought that up. They said No. She's if you just if you take her. She's considered discharged and she has to go through the whole process again. Ah Understanding is that the reason why the government has this policy is because of the shortage of beds the shortage of of places for seniors and for people needing those that care and those homes. And that's why they regard anyone who leaves as being discharged. Do you think that's unreasonable? I think in this day and age. Yes this is something. Nobody's had to deal with before everybody is making considerations employers or let in our place work from home. There's all kinds of things that are happening and I think in this time yes I do think it's it's pretty unreasonable. The other thing here about is how short staffed they are. Well if I can free up somebody then that would be a bonus but they don't say it like that and I also know that if you take your if you take your parents out for say for a summer holiday or for a vacation. They're not discharged. You're allowed to take them out for a short period of time except now. So what are you going to do now? Honestly I don't know I'm just waiting for the day that I got a call or I see on the news that it has broken out in her home because I don't know what other steps I can do You know I've gone to the media. I've talked to my to my brothers about what we should do. And the point is is that we really don't have a choice right now but to do what they say. And that's if we take we have to listen to his church then just finally the the home the the facility where your mother is staying. They say that for so they have had not. They haven't had an outbreak but they also say that they believe that. It's the best environment for you for loved ones and they can be cared for by professional staff with experience in infection control an isolation procedures that. I'm reading from the letter and so do not do not have any face questions facility to to provide that. I've had a few problems with where my mother's seeing my mother shares her room with somebody else so I don't know how they can you know. Do the quarantine and social distancing. I don't think that they were quick to deal with this. They're not equipped to deal with it. When it's flu season everybody in the home seems to spread it around like crazy and everybody gets sick. It doesn't exactly make me feel very confident during this particular pandemic that they're going to be able to handle it if it does happen there. I appreciate speaking with you thank you I hope. Your Mom's okay. Thank you for saying that. Okay Take Care Bye. Marta sharp as trying to move for mother out of her nursing home to lessen the chances of contracting cove in nineteen but if the mother leaves she risked losing her place at the home. We're reached Marta. Sharpie in Ottawa. Maybe you're arguing with your significant other about which season of Ru Paul's drag race to rewatch. Maybe your kids are hugging your computer when you need it for work or to watch Paul's drag race and if you're on your own maybe the fort you made out of rolls of toilet. Paper is no longer comforting but no matter how fed up you are with being cooped up in your house. It could be worse. There could be a bad in there with you. Catch catch him. Jerry catching the backs go. How you're doing a great job there. Extend up there and how to get a mockery of you got the dog. After a behind the drama captured video released by Thai Fleming of Bali. Mccullough Ghent Ireland three years ago a bat had gotten into the Fleming House and tug was urging his father dairy to take action and criticizing his mother. Maureen for her inaction. Tonight we go back to September twenty seventeen when Carol spoke with the Creator and the star of that video from our archives. Here's a conversation with tiger and dairy Fleming tag. I want to start with you. Has Anyone in your town of Bali mcgilla. Gut Ever received this much attention at no one. I put my colleague on the map. I say it'll be business by everyone. Know visit fast as I am. It's crazy home ad it's gotten and you mentioned Ba- dad that's what you're calling your dad dairy your son's calling you. Dad's what are people going? Are you picking up that name bat? Dad Yes I sure am when people are coming into the office where I walk just saying. Oh the guy back man see around. This is all because of this crazy video tags made and posted and so ty describe how the Back Garden into your house. Oh my God it was absolutely not so. My mom was doing the ironing in the kitchen and she went out the back door and she left the back door open and the best came straight in and then ran out to the hall and started looking through the window and see left the bathroom there myself from my dad. My immediate reaction was to take the phone out and start videoing and putting on snapchat and then I hit behind another door in the utility and I just didn't my dad one on one with the best and it just was pure chaos. We're only after getting a poke and we have a week and in the midst of the whole new. My Dad catch the best. The pope his business on the floor. My Dad was in my football shower and he sucks up his knees and it was just absolutely crazy. You you couldn't write. It was comedy now. I just want you said that your first instinct was to pick up the phone and start filming. Wh why wasn't your first instinct to pick up something and try to catch the Bat along with your dad. It was just 'cause I'm always videoing. I'm always doing snaps. I'm assuming Kombi Sketches but my dad and I seen in my sauce and with the socks of his knees and I was like and he was he. Just gotTa Tito a small little t tell you. He wasn't going to catch the bath with that. And I just said Oh my God I gotta get this on as I was doing. I was trying to help promote where I think. I was hindering more than anything I was. He couldn't catch him. I was just trying to get him to get him and get a motor home safely and like my mom looking I. It was just. It was hilarious. Like the whole thing now. Dairy did you. Do you think your son could have helped you. Did you need his help at any point? Let me tell you. My son was scared of the MOM. Oh have sufficed. And that's why he ran behind door uh-huh so he wasn't going to be much help to you anyway. No I haven't cracked but it was right or is that he's interested. He's dead inside like he was. He was petrified reading. You know so. He's he's dead cost like I have to protect the family. Like we thought might be back and you are the man of the house and you were protecting particularly families across even risk in my own life. Dairy your son's teasing you that you picked up a tea towel to start that and cognitive beginning it would be easier like grab with a small 'cause it might my on my first priority like would not have creature that can fly. I think forty miles per hour so I wouldn't let them that's-that's by the time we got a bit bigger so I didn't think for the Bechtel and that's how you find the card now. Okay so you both mentioned besides you and your son and the Bat. There was another character here. Which was your mom and your wife and so and what we can hear in the video. You see what is it? What is it you're saying to your Mum Tag? I was like stop looking through the window. Maureen and wounded back through the window and she says well. How does she putting Your Dad off? He was there and he was looking at her watching him trying to capture the best and I say he was under pressure because the back was panicking around the place so I was went over and I said well you back away from the window please now. Can I point out to you that you were in behind another window doing exactly the same thing as what your mother was doing? I know that's a common thing. Why was he giving them when he was worse than her exactly? So what's your answering that? When my answer was I I was I was I was afraid. Of course that I was trying to man up myself. I wasn't working I. I was behind the door and my mom is behind the door. And my dad was the only fella who took on the back and say they removed him all right. So you mentioned there okay. One more character. We'll introduce into this movie. Which is your little puppy. Basil Basil's where'd you get? That name is after Fawlty Towers was on comedy show. So what dairy what was the? What was the puppy? Doing through all of this is why. I actually had forgotten about the puppy to stage like with dependable. And so I think you're supposed to got a bit of a panic with all that was going on so he decided to take a leak and so I didn't realize this until after I had the socks on. You know two big quake under the socks so in the middle of all this. That basil is peeing on the floor. Yes and tie catches in Tag. What you gave you gave blow by blow commentary of all of this. I had A. I had a bird's eye view of what was going on. I could see my mom. I could see my dad. I could see the dog. It was it was a great vantage point of everything. That was an thank God because we'd haven't known forever and the moment the people saying that they got a good laugh out of us. And it's just an honest kind of fun and and video that people can sit back and just laugh at us and just kind of. It's like your typical Irish family. But I just kinda captured the moments on on video just to a typical Irish family and a bat and the dog and the dog tag and dairy. It's great to speak with you. Thank you okay. Thank you John. From Archives Carol speaking with Tiger and dairy fleming in two thousand seventeen. Hi I'm Leah and I'm Falen you know us as the host of the podcast. The secret life of Canada. And we've got an exciting bit of news for you. We do. We WanNa go to school with you. That's right we are now part of the curriculum in a way. We've teamed up with educators from across the country to create teaching guys that go along with some of our best episodes. We've got teaching guides for indigenous history. Caribbean Canadian Migration Black History Asian history. It's very exciting. It is very exciting and so each guard comes with ad free audio transcripts lesson plans slide shows and a whole bunch of other stuff. Yeah just had to. Cbc DOT CA Slash Teaching Guides for more info at. It's free. It's free this afternoon. Patty Heidi repeated her plea for Canadians to fight the pandemic by staying home and sitting tight but the federal health minister knows. People are Ansi provincial. Premiers are warning that they're running out of protective equipment. For health workers. The trump administration is cutting off. Those supplies and health officials. Say they're still ramping up testing. We reached Canada's Minister of Health. Patty Hi do in Ottawa Minister High. Do where is Canada right now? In our battle with this virus well thank you. And that's a complicated question to answer just because obviously different provinces are in different situations with the corona virus and with their efforts but I will say that obviously many provinces are Ascending curve as you will and the efforts that Canadians are collectively making is the flat curve and to reduce the number of Infections that happened so quickly all at once so that we can protect our health care system and ensure those supports are there for people who become More ill but you know the the line people are citing often that you can't fight it enemy blind and what we're seeing is that in a number of other countries. Some countries have been doing widespread testing even with people who have no symptoms and they have found that a very effective way to fight. This is where we see the the curve flattening earlier than others. Why DOESN'T COUNT ADO. Why don't we do widespread testing here? Well in fact we're one of the top countries in terms of our testing per capita and as our testing capacity expands of course in their parameters will expand in terms of who can be tested. But I think Dr Tamas spoken quite eloquently eloquently about the testing strategy and why it is that testing someone for example who has no symptoms may not give you a good sense of whether or not that person has been infected or will be affected in the future and the strategies have to be very specific to detect in corona virus in our communities As you know and I think today or our number is it higher. But the percentage of tests that we've conducted have shown about five percent of those as positive and that means that we're within the range that the World Health Organization has set of three to twelve percents being that you're testing strategy is accurately detecting corona virus activity in your country and again as we develop more testing capacity different kinds of tests. I think those will be useful in terms of the next steps for how we get ourselves out of this situation. I guess again going back to the idea of you can find an enemy blind. Do you if you have a good sense. Of How many cases we know we've been talking with the known. Cases are between at this point. Fifteen and sixteen thousand in Canada. But you have modeling. You have projections. Why not release that? Why don't we like? Why can't we know what you know so we will be releasing the modeling this week but again? The modeling nationally is different than the modeling provincially. And it's more of an aggregate of what might be happening in the country. The provincial modeling is actually more accurate if you will in terms of what's happening in their own particular jurisdiction and with their own data Certainly modeling is one way to potentially predict what might happen but I will say that. Modeling is really just gives you sort of her. A RANGE OF SCENARIOS. That may happen. And it's very useful for epidemiologists in terms of looking at additional measures that could be applied. And what potential benefit you might get from those measures but. I think it doesn't answer the question that Canadians are looking for which is really what happens next. And how do we get out of? This and modeling is actually more of a predictive tool for Public health officials in terms of. What else has to happen to flatten the curfew? Okay I'll put this to you that on last week Ontario Premier Doug Ford released Projections release the modeling and told people that there could possibly be sixteen hundred people in -Tario who died this month from the virus. Is it possible that a lot more people rob stayed in on this weekend? Follow the rules more closely. Because they heard that I mean the the point people are making. Is that if you let people know if you just hear that the fifteen thousand cases doesn't seem like a lot but if we know what you know that maybe people might be more more stringent in following the regulations and the rules you put out. Well certainly we know that people are taking it seriously in Canada and and actually we can we can. We can see that from the data that we're gathering but listen we as I've said we're we'll be releasing our modeling nationally This week and Canadians. We'll have a sense of of what? The range of possibilities are in terms of outcomes but I will say this I mean I think as we see cases growing communities across the country. Canadians are taking this seriously. They know that the actions they are taking today are protecting the lives of the people that they love their neighbors of their elderly relatives or end up their young relatives and so I think it's. It's to me heartwarming. That Canadians are actually taking this seriously. It's a tough time for everyone. And certainly obviously additional data help but We know that Canadians are taking this very seriously on the issue of protecting do we have do people in the front lines have the personal protective equipment. They need the. Ppa's are we seeing that the healthcare workers. They have what they need we just for Doug Ford. Tell us that that the order of masks that he wanted didn't wasn't all didn't come. You only had a part of that order. Are People getting the equipment they need? We're working really closely with the provinces and territories to make sure we understand what socks they haven't had and what they urgently need as they experience their various pressures on the healthcare system. As I said last week this is an environment where all countries are now competing for extremely difficult to acquire personal protective equipment. We've made some headway particularly on Surgical masks and gloves for example. But we have more to procure in terms of and ninety five masks and gowns. It's not going to be solely Something we can accomplish procuring from overseas. We also have as many domestic Solutions companies have come forward in volume to come up with innovation and way security To produce the kinds of that we need so this is really an all hands on deck moment for Canada and we're completely grateful to the number of partners that are working to procure that equipment for frontline workers hearing you correctly. You're saying you cannot guarantee that they could. We'll have the equipment they need to fight this to what other fighting this virus. I am saying that we are doing everything. Humanly possible including procuring with provinces and territories like Ontario like Alberto like l like DC and supporting smaller jurisdictions even local hospitals to procure from a variety of different sources. And the more that we work together as a country. Larger orders are which enabled us to have a better chance at procuring. But listen we are working as I said Day and night I have to say With all of our partners at every level of government to try and ensure that we can get what we need and we are also ensuring that our domestic production has the capacity has the licensing to go forward and produce equipment for Canada at that site. That's a homegrown solution very quickly. Just a few seconds left. Do you have any kind of projection as to? When the distancing lockdowns might be eased. That's the question that everyone's looking to solve. Certainly I think we'll have more to say this week in terms of some of the strategy about how that might come about. But no I don't have a I don't have a prediction for how long I do know that We are going to need to maintain this for at least several more weeks As we protect that healthcare system as provinces Go through their various urges is very very important that we ensure that not everybody gets sick at once so that we can make sure that when someone gets very seriously sick or needs. I see that there will be the space for them. And that's the work that we're all doing together as Canadian. We will leave it there for now. Minister High do thank you. Thank you very much. Patty Hi do is the Federal Health Minister. She's in Ottawa Dwight Ball offered Donald trump a reminder yesterday a reminder about recent history and human decency the Newfoundland Premier was responding to the US presidents decision to invoke the defense production act to ban exports of key virus fighting equipment to Canada. Here's some of what premier ball had to say in two thousand and one. Our province stepped up in the biggest way possible. When the United States was in crisis after the terrorist attacks in New York Newfoundland and Labrador accepted with open arms. Thousands of people from around the world with no questions asked with no prompting newfoundlanders and laboratories acted fast. They did what was necessary today. We are no different. We help others. That is ingrained in our nature. Since nine eleven newfoundland and Labrador's hospitality has drawn worldwide attention. Especially through the Broadway musical. Come from away so today to say that I am fury. Aided with the recent actions president trump of the United States is an understatement. I cannot believe for a second in a time of crisis that president trump would even think about banning key medical supplies to Canada Newfoundland and Labrador will never give up on humanity. We will not hesitate for one second if we had to repeat what we did in nine eleven. We would do it again. This is a time when we need to work together to continue to protect a residence inn to keep them safe from cove in nineteen no matter where they live or what passport they hold Colvin. Nineteen is a turning point in our history and the people of our province will continue to shy what their kind nature and willingness to go above and beyond for those who need it the most as leader of this province. I am beyond proud more than ever. We need one another and we will continue to work with our colleagues work with the federal government and work with you to do whatever it takes to protect and support you as best we. The time is now. It's by working together that we will get through this thank you. That was newfoundland premier. Dwight Ball speaking yesterday in Saint John's at some condo buildings in Winnipeg the social distancing rules just aren't sticking that prompted one desperate property manager to offer people checks to stay inside their units. Brenda bridges is the president of a company that manages ten thousand Condo residents and apartment tenants. Today she shared her frustration on. Cbc's Information Morning. We get a large number of phone calls from the residents who are truly afraid. The people that are not self isolating. And that are not practicing social distancing Oh about four weeks ago. We've sent out a huge package to everyone telling them what they should be doing. You know not not a riding the elevator with more than one person being apart from each other we're considered boots on the ground and and we were getting calls for help. We don't have any authority to help anyone. So people are calling in both the elevators. What other spaces in the building or people calling with concerns about exercise rooms? We have locked up exercise rooms with input. Do Not use signs on it but people are still breaking into those rooms and using exercise equipment. People that are still meeting in the lobbies. Even though we've taken the furniture way they still meet in the lobbyists and carry on socializing. Can you can you do anything? All we can do is phone them and tell them to stop doing it. We don't have. We have no power to stop anything at all physically matter of fact we have one senior building where we've actually done as we said to everyone that will obey the rules. We'll send them a check for one hundred dollars each month. I've been in contact with the police. Chiefs Office announced that. There's something they can do. But they said until the mayor gives them the authority to actually step in and take some steps they're powerless. What's prompted you to go public with. This had a phone call from a from a lady young. We can't Last weekend and she was just in tears. She said that she was trying to just go into the elevator to go downstairs to pick up a food delivery and there was a man who was riding the elevator up and down up and down and wouldn't let her in and she wanted me to go and help her. There was nothing I could do. All the people just saying it's my space and I don't have to listen. That's just the nature of this. That's what the majority of Emmer saying like basically. Who are you to try and tell me what to do? Even when we phone them a lot of times they just hang up on this thing when they even listened to what we have to say like. I said I. We sent out detailed packages asking them for help. But without some teeth behind it. We're just barking in the wind. Brenda Bridges President of Bridges Property Management speaking with CBC Winnipeg host. Marcy Mark Coosa. This morning he may not be the hero we deserve. But Jason Baird is definitely the hero. We need right now for the past few days. The martial arts instructor has been running through the streets of Stockport England near Manchester. And he's been attracting a lot of attention not because of how he runs but because of how he looks while he doesn't when Mr Berg takes to the streets he doesn't just wear tracksuit or yoga pants. He goes out dressed as your friendly neighborhood spider. Man We reach Jason Baird in Stockport. Davison they say a crisis can show us who we really are and it turns out that your Spiderman yeah well for the time being on Spiderman. How did this get started? It was actually Through one of my employees and good friends at school in Stockport Manchester And obviously through. What was being lockdown? We continue in our pluses for the kids via facebook. Live and zoom over the Internet and on Ju came out justice by just to cheer the kids And all the kids went crazy about it. They looked at so the day after he went to the shops to just get some bread milk and stuff for his house dressed the Spiderman and he's community than just died posting all over facebook. Have you seen by them by them? On so I decided to join in and they went and got my own Spiderman outfit for from birth to a new hot one and then just went out on the daily joke our job and just everyone started going crazy about it in our local community and just spread like wildfire. Now you say you go for your our because in in the UK. You're allowed to go out for an hour of exercise and so you're using that to go around despite a man but I mean do you. Do you do whatever a spider can as the song goes? Do you do more than just run? Yeah well I try. I try to do my best. I'm I'm I'M A. I'm a competent gymnast and Martial Arts and south of the martial arts and so it was five years of age and I'm thirty four now and a set my set my marshall out school when he was seventeen years of age so I can flip and do acrobatics and stuff like that. So when when my legs are so tired Little Spider girl spider by. I always try and make as authentic as possible so do even trying sound. I try my best American option as well But Yeah I do. All the poses the website and game every car that goes past. Make sure and shoot my website every car and lorry. That goes okay give us. Your American accent is Spiderman so I know me say. Hey Kids how you doing the day? you being good. Are you listening to mom stay indoors so I try my best? That's not the best accent you try. We have many American listeners. And I'm sure they're having a good laugh right now. We're GONNA start on following me on facebook now so the kids love you. Tell us about some of the responses. You've had absolutely fantastic. We've got the whole of our area. Now actually dressy not like Spiderman and the whole can I on mine and I went for a jog the other day. Someone was playing Spiderman theme tune like throughout the whole house Full volume. The whole windows had all pictures of spider man all the toys by the money and the window To the point of light people put in just signs everywhere. Every it'd be Kinda cool but like a local celebrity at the moment is we. We've got so many more people now doing the same. An officially going out sticking to government guidelines going out on the road to get the daily exercise. But we've got. We've got buzz light year. We've got Batman Superman Flash. Everyone's dressing which is fantastic. I guess a lot of these cautions including the Spiderman comes with its own built in Facemask does yeah. So that's why I always say make sure and I'm making my videos for the kids Making sure that I am staying expired. He's he's trustee mask on these folks And he's keeping Sultan in place so now it's so a lot of the kids are so down there all cooped up in the house in the. Uk's they are here and So it it must be really something for them to see you come down the street. What what the. What do you think you're doing for the kids? What do you think more than just a moment's entertainment? What what do you think it means for them to see you? I think more than anything. It's just trying to keep morale five I've got two children myself. I've got seven months old so on a five year old doctor and obviously we're in questions from for my doctor. Now say my Kinda see my trends. Why can't I go out and play? Why can't I go to my son's class so it's trying to get a point across stop Obviously the government and everybody's trying to do but in a playful way from Spiderman in the Superhero Book. It's just making them just feel happy and upbeat. 'cause I know staying in the House for so long On the parents are GonNa get a little bit stressed out with trying to school. The children at home Finding things for them to do so I think he's just just keeping spirits. Hi Fi With something exciting. And what is your five year old. Thank her dad being Spiderman. She loves it. She's she's she's actually told all teaches now By what's up I I kept secret for the first time when I actually got changed in secret. Craps out the house and then not until mushroom window. Since she was the first person to see me I'll buy them and she didn't know it was maple up. We've we've had to tell that he's working with the real spider now just to patrol the streets and make sure everyone's say what she She loves it. She was supposed to go with monitoring. We have another Here in Canada in paradise. Newfoundland there's Some of his DEP is spider. Man Doing the neighborhood sharing the local kids. So do you think this'll be a bit of movement? Yeah I do definitely. I thought Pitcher Stephanie. From Japan from Italy It does seem to be now not just stay into the UK. Those teams be going global. Now obviously just encourage everybody to make sure that keeping government rules and regulations and keeping social distance and and obviously not putting themselves in danger and anybody else's well yes and keeps fantastic and Akon everybody enough for all the support that they've given us. Thank you spidey. You're welcome you. Will you stay safe now? All right I hear. Ya By for by Jason. Berg is the owner of the Jason Baird Black Belt Academy and one of the Stockport Spiderman. We reached him in Stockport England near Manchester. You've been listening to the as it happens. Podcast our show can be heard Monday to Friday on. Cbc Radio One and on Sirius Xm following the world at six. You can also listen to the whole show on the web this Goto. Cbc DOT CA slash. Ah and follow the links to our online archives. Thanks for listening. I'm Carol off. I'm Chris. How for more. Cbc PODCASTS GO TO CBC DOT CA slash podcasts.

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