Why the NBA (and So Many Other Companies) Cave to China


American corporations including a few having to do with sports have joined the growing list of American companies who seem committed to appeasing the People's Republic of China and why is it that when companies virtue signal they so often seem to align with China Colson Center. I'm John Stonestreet this is break one more their false gods for breakpoint I'm John Stonestreet forty groups and forcing abortions on women cowardice in direct contrast the city of Prague suspended its sister city relationship with Beijing companies often lineup with Communist China in their virtue signaling what's because like China they see human beings as expendable compared fans in Washington DC had their pro Hong Kong signs confiscated while fans with similar signs at get this Philadelphia Seventy sixer game were kicked out unwillingness to make any kind of moral stand here standing stark contrast to their conviction all moral clarity back in two thousand sixteen when the NBA answer ships

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