Introducing the winter episodes


Hey, everyone it's any orc at its Royal director for Robbins research. This concludes our real breakthrough series on the Tony Robbins podcast where you had an exclusive look at events like on the the power within date with destiny and business mastery. We're Tony works one on one with individuals transforming relationships businesses and entire lives. Now, we're going to shift gears a little sharing short series, very special episodes with you. We're Tony talks to individuals who are challenging the status quo and asking us to take step back expand our minds and open up new perspectives because if you want to achieve something bigger and create the life you've always wanted. You cannot continue down the same while worn path you have to forge new roads. And to do that you need a renewed sense of curiosity confidence within yourself so tune in next week for our first episode were totally talks to Michael singer, the author of number one New York Times bestseller, the untethered. Soul and the New York Times bestseller, the surrender experiment.

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