Election Day: You have more choices than you think


Chrissy like ours is a privilege no matter what you think of the choices in front of you to be able to make your voice heard in the most solemn of democratic traditions today at long last Canada votes to be able to participate in hello I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings and this is kind of our big story your only choices there are other options and some of them may even restore your faith in that solemn democracy that I mentioned political party they use satire and humor to try and get people engaged again in the political process good and is all of those very serious policies that we have spent the past months closely examining they are not in fact and they took a big break I think in the nineties and and then they came back again in the late two thousands and have star see that voting day has finally come after what's been a a long and grueling campaign why don't you start by telling me about maxine Bernie but not that one proper campaigns and some other ones high Cormac Jordan House going how it's almost over are you going to sleep for a week yeah no it all depends on what this next government is going to look like we could be into coalition territory or you know Oh you don't know the platforms that matter to you and who you're going to vote for then I can't help you that was last week in fact it was last month and most of the bring over minorities and who has the right to lead it could be a while before I get some rest but I think like a lot of people across the country I'm happy through a lot of changes and they may have been here for decades but they had to take a break for a number of elections and then they get re registered again under sort of like a new yeah Maxime Bernier not the leader of the People's Party but the candidate in boasts for the Rhinoceros Party Rhinoceros Party is a fun who end up against the prime minister and Liberal leader John Turner back in the eighties so for a while they have been around for a while upstart somebody you know takes the reins and and and brings it back from death and that's that's the story of the Rhinoceros Party it's been around since the sixties last year all we can help you do today is throw your vote away but if that does interest you then we have a podcast for you because at the very least it is the last time we have to talk about campaign promises for Awhile Cormac McSweeney is our Parliament Hill reporter he has dug deep into all the on a candidate in a party leaders riding and that candidate has the exact same name has that party leader and so in the to build up steam again under a new leader who was trying to really engage more people he's been on a cross Canada tour even but yeah this election they're going after the People's Party leader Maxime Bernier and they have a candidate with the exact same name they have done this before as well there was a guy named John Turner so this is the fascinating thing the Rhinoceros Party a lot of these fringe parties that we see in the election some of them have been around for awhile but they because it's where most Canadians congregate and then they want to turn it into a missionary so that they can spread Tim hortons across the world the these are the sorts and in I know I it's it's a fun way to look at politics but they've done this before in the past where they decide to run political issues I did an interview with the leader of the Rhinoceros Party and he was promising things like a pipeline to transport Putin gravy across the country water and maybe even Montreal bagels to other parts of the country THEY WANNA make Tim Hortons the National Church of Canada Vermont not likely no I'm sure there are some people who are running fringe parties with the hopes that they could possibly build some sort of political political parties and the political scene and their whole goal is to just really re engage those people who have lost interest in politics some fun in this because it's a way to explain those parties that are lesser known they don't have the same type of support as the main contenders will never ballot votes right so from six hundred thousand votes down to forty thousand votes and I think anything below forty thousand votes which were the independence any other party like to they call themselves a satirical political party even have a full platform and their motto has generally exact definition for a fringe party but if you look at the numbers for how many votes people get really it's very easy to see who's for engine who's not because the draw from the Green Party and the twenty fifteen election which received six hundred thousand votes to the Party that Chin that has otherwise been rather nasty yeah so we're GonNa talk about fringe parties today is there actually a definition for them in terms of where the being discussed by the main party leaders such as pipelines and they're just trying to re-engage a portion of the electorate who may be fed up with normal federal break kind of yes but at the same time I believe I've done it for the last two elections as well and this is my third see how it looks tomorrow and beyond but I want to let people know that if you're ticked off with what you see from those top six party leader then we like promise not to follow through on any of our election promises and so they've got a history of just tongue in cheek fun on a lot of on a lot of testing a ballot you could cast a vote for a lesser known party that might be advocating for something that you do believe in and there are a wide variety shen as a parliament hill reporter I wanted to focus on these other parties because this is a democracy in Canada's not the United States we don't just choose between one or came just behind them which I guess would be independence they're not really a party but the closest vote independent candidates and they got forty thousand memento more movements but a lot of the people who are running these fringe parties are realistic about their chances they know they're not going to form government but they want to to try and press on on a number of different issues that you know they feel very passionately about an and that's great it's a it's all a part of democracy but there's no would be considered French so why did you spend your Parliament Hill reported this is a real election campaign why did you spend your time in the middle of this election doing it was just for a of things that that that they're advocating for in their platform but you know some some of their promises are poking fun at some legitimate issues that are shifting away from using animals for commercial purposes and that we should be moving as a country towards basically a Vegan lifestyle you have to be out in the polls or what what qualifies them as a fringe party not really I mean we use the term fringe party just or two parties or three or even four I mean look at this election compared to the last one where it seemed like there were only three contenders and maybe the Greens you truly believe in what some of these other fringe parties are calling for and standing up for then rather than not visiting the poll and not not just six parties that you have to choose from there are many other parties that are offering something now the issue is with these fringe parties they're not widespread L. of Vegetarian Vegan lifestyle because they think it's wrong and so what they're advocating for is to set up a ministry for the animals they wanna give animals the same animal protection party the name kind of says it all of course they are really focused on the protection of animals their belief is that we should be voters will be able to support them but there are some who have dozens of candidates across the country in different provinces and they might be running in your writing and so if you actually the of topics that that some of these fringe parties are pushing for so tell me tell me about some of those tell me about some of the ones that you encountered I know the Rhinoceros Party is funding satiric heights as people get and so you know abuse of animals would be taken off the table they also are realistic they know this wouldn't happen overnight and so on they're really pushing for is to slowly change Canadians lifestyles to move away from the need of animals such as one of the things is a possibility now we had debates with six different party leaders on the stage the dynamic and key in Canadian politics is changing a little bit at the moment and we in the price of meats and therefore you would sort of just by consumer behavior shift people towards You know vegetarian lifestyles and so that other parties like the Communist Party of Canada it's been around for a long time people I think can figure out who the communist part he is and what they're pushing for environmentalists but they're pushing for ambitious ambitious action to try and deal with the issue of climate they're pushing for is to cancel subsidies of four animal agriculture and shift those subsidies and double up for farmers who call and has a a big history but what are some of the ones that are kind of issue based political parties that might attract some people's interest yeah so one would be the something they're pushing for their realistic they know they're not going to actually I elect any M P's and they only have a handful of people who are actually running but the leader who I spoke with in time I think since like nineteen twenty one but the issue is at times the Communist Party was banned in Canada and they weren't allowed see that you know we will lower the prices for the food on our grocery shelves that would be vegetarian based and you would likely see an increase in but you know they've been around there running candidates in this election and they're they're hoping to shift the country towards a more socialist socialist form of government parliament kind of So I I mentioned the Communist Party and the Communist Party has been around for a long just generally trying to start more of a political movement and then you have as well you know the the Christian Heritage Party so people who are focused a little bit more and try nationalize things like the energy sector so that we can actually tackle the the issue of greenhouse gas emissions on that note we parliament hasn't just been liberal or Conservative it's been kind of a different style of makeup for a very long time and if a fringe party run under the label of the Unity Party and they won and they held the seat in the House of Commons and it wasn't until later that they had revealed they were a car carrying also have these stop climate change party another fringe party where pretty much says it all and Dan for you'd never guess but there's and you don't like what their parties are putting forward in their platforms and you're kind of sick of politics and say nobody really speaks to what I believe in well it's communist the whole time and so the Communist Party says you know yeah we we've we've elected a member to the House of Commons but you know it's one of those things most of the on their religious point of view so you you have a lot of different a lot of different parties standing for a lot of different things have any of these parties ever WANNA see guess on vegetarian plants of the plants that we eat so if they're gonNA be growing crops that we will consume Oh that's can really get enough of a vote centered around a single candidate they could potentially stand a chance but most of these fringe parties likely don't have a chance on a wide variety of topics there are a couple of other parties sprinkled throughout that are standing up for just one issue but a number so they would fall under the category of people who are he's that have popped up here and there throughout our history and don't remain anymore who have elected members of parliament and you know I federal election that includes the top six so we've got fifteen so-called fringe parties who are running in this election so you know there are quite a few even have candidates in every single riding their rather small and so you might have some that only have three candidates and so it's unlikely that to comment on your own political views but when you talk to these folks who seem so idealistic I would imagine was there anyone that really kind of captured your heart as on candidates and things like that they've been on and off again party there was an MP back in nineteen forty who had inch and so you have all these different parties there's also the Veterans Coalition Party you have the United Party of Canada they they're more trying to start a conversation so that you can just buy it on the grocery store shelf and they think that the increased penalties for people who let's say sell to minors or Sal on the block that's why most of them realize that what they're doing more advocating for a cause then actually you know trying to form government I'm not asking you to that you know a all we wanna do is try and influence the larger parties that this is something they should take seriously and we're putting concrete proposals on the table to try and shift that you have other you know they're up against such long odds but they're still they're still fighting you know we talked a lot about the Rhino party I L- I like them for the fact that he's fringe parties that are registered right now have not elected people to the House of Commons but if you go through the history of the House of Commons there have been a lot of smaller parties is that the people who start these parties or are involved in these parties are really really passionate about trying to change the course of politics and Canada you know they're using humor in such an interesting way in our political discourse but I'll set them aside and and look at some of the other parties I think you know the the the things she really made her argument and she had some policies to lay down not just values stated on a website doc market those increase penalties they believe actually makes more criminalization of of marijuana then less criminalization of marijuana so they're arguing that it's look at the Cold War for instance and the Soviet Union and he said we realise that we get that we know that it hasn't worked in every single country around the world but we will but in terms of those who really stood out to me for the ones that I was able to speak with the Animal Alliance are animal protection party they used to be the animal alliance a force he's not happy with what he's seen from the Trudeau government he says there's so much that was left out of the legalisation regime that they some people think what are the first steps what you gotTa do well first you have to find members for your group so you need and this is the thing a on socialism in the Canadian context and so you know they've really thought out their arguments believe or the marijuana party because that's still a thing despite legalization coming in I now but they're fighting for something they're passionate about a cause anything everyone I spoke to was really passionate about what they were doing and that's that's my main takeaway we're fighting for a before true came to power that they still need to fight for now basically he said he wanna see marijuana and cannabis treated like coffee a minimum of two hundred and fifty electors as members of your upstart party. That's not a lot two hundred and fifty if you wanna be those things with the Communist candidate I said you know communism does not get a good reputation in Canada and how do you battle things like the negative views from less just all things appropriately with elections Canada you have to make sure that if you know if you do happen to get registered there are a lot of requirements for political parties in hoping to just make that change about whatever that main issue is that they're really trying to push in this election so if people don't like the results tonight agents you have to have you know officers within your party and then as well there's a lot of paperwork to do you have to make sure you find a registered federal party in Canada you need to have at least two hundred and fifty members but the real work sort of comes behind the scenes you gotta make sure you have official but now they're the Animal Protection Party it was interesting to speak with their leader is white she had her head on her shoulders she knew exactly where she stood in the Grand Political Ski You know they've they've thought about how they would want to see our laws change not to say that other parties don't you know I had a great conversation with the systems in place to protect privacy of the members that you actually have you have to maintain a consistent number of agents and officers within your party to that point such as annual fiscal reporting statements of assets and liabilities maintaining accurate membership lists you have to prove to elections Canada that you can or the end ep you don't have to have people in every province running for your party or someone for every riding you could be a small upstart and focused on also need somebody to run that's the other thing you can be eligible and submit your application to elections Canada and then there's that waiting period before the they start a party tomorrow how hard is it what do you need I don't think you could really start a party in just a day but it might be a lot easier than next election hits and so you have eligibility before you actually become registered and it's not until you actually have a registered candidate with elections Canada that the Communist Party who was laying out his beliefs as well and You know a lot of these people are not just blind to a certain things such as when I discussed I mean there's a lot of work that is required to run a federal party but when it comes to the actual requirements of what you really need aside from you know maybe you know look this election is almost over it ends tonight if by now anytime Cormac McSweeney Parliament Hill reporter for city news for Rogers Radio for the big story all I hope you get some rest tired of all the stuff you're seeing from the main parties take a look at these these other parties some of them might speak to you some of the made disgust you and turn you off works best for you there's an argument to be had that are ballots should have a none of the above option which has been pitched many times before but at the moment we don't have that a handful of people who are really passionate about what they do know how to handle some paperwork you need two hundred and fifty members to sign on and say I want to join this party he goes you've got to find a replacement all that sort of stuff you have to have an outside auditor that will look after your books in your funds and make sure that everything's on the level so they wanNA push for sometimes it's specific issues sometimes it's more broad they WANNA be your MP they're taking part in the political process take a look at your options do your homework find out what the leader of the and I didn't get to talk to all of the leaders of the different parties but how many are there well there are twenty one registered parties in this you would become registered so there's there's a waiting period and if you click on any of these fringe parties on the elections Canada website they'll say Algebra four let's just hypothetically say even more who knows but there are definitely options out there and you know we're focusing on fringe parties there are also a lot of independent candidates that run in the election the odds a small region of the country even and still be a registered federal party -Sego be the change you want to see in the world that's it and you know what if you're sick and definitely against them because they don't have the supports that people who run under party banners But at the same time they're passionate about what they do they want to make change and what do it at a by election if that's what you WANNA do run a candidate in that but it's not as hard as people think you don't need to be

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