Episode 65 Kennedy Ervin Bill Part 5


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Our S S fee I apologize for the inconvenience, but filler new host has better tools and should make our podcast better. The General Consensus of Congress in Washington. Observers lobbying activity labor reform far exceeded any like activities in previous controversial legislation battles that they could recall. It was not until the nineteen thirties that any effort was made to regulate lobbying activity. Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act was enacted in nineteen, Forty six tail, two of the legislative recognization act of Nineteen forty-six, they representatives of special interests were required to register and make public their expenditures in lobbying activities in nineteen, fifty, four, the Supreme Court interpreted only those who solicit funds where a principle purpose is to communicate directly with congressman to influence legislation need register file reports. It is estimated that fewer than half of the lobbyists in Washington Register and file reports. Lobbying activity, concerning labor-management lesions has been intense since laws in this field have such impact on labor in management interests. This bill brought out the very best lobbying effort by both interested parties, lobbying efforts were made at every step of the bill affected every member of Congress so we will go over those reportedly to have some influence. The best was by the teamsters led by sees Agri an attorney and graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles Harvard and the University of Wisconsin. Zegra was quite during the progress of the Candy Urban Bill in the Senate but burst into bloom as bill reached the house in May. Zachary and Harold Gibbons teamsters. International Vice President played host at a series of breakfast at the Congressional Hotel in DC, which were invited all four hundred thirty five members of the House about two dozen at a time zagury would wire teamsters local officers, instructing them to wire in turn the breakfast invitations to the Congressmen in their districts. These local union officials would usually be on hand themselves to play dishes pressure. Zachary would ray these men from ADP depending on how like minded they were with the teamsters position. When a ten Man Group of Democrats voted against a union sponsored plan to bury the bill in committee Zagury learned who they were and telegraph teamster officials in their home districts, urging protests he even provide form letters and help plan protests meetings. Zagury personally offered fifty nine pages of amendments and took an entire day in testify in the hearings held by the committee. His activities went beyond the fine line between persuasion and insistence and many Congressmen. We're more than annoyed at him Mrs Green Democrat from Oregon said he can go to. Hell and ray were charged him with lying in stating that Rayburn supported the Shelley Bill. represent, Barton threatened to bring an investigation of his brazen outside influence. And inside that Zagreb may not have been responsible. For had a worse effect, then all others. Zegra had been pressuring. Represented Frank Thompson Democrat from New Jersey. A friend of Labor to work for less stringent legislation than the moderate Reform Thompson was advocating. Agreed Announced Thompson. Thompson stirred receiving threatening calls. He reported the coast to the FBI the next week. On August eighteenth an unknown person to his car at a stop light and squared acid on him. Fortunately bad aim resulted in Thompson being injured, but public opinion when against Zagury and his ability to influence congressman was lost. James Hoffa had been silent on labor reform until the urban bill went to the house. In an appearance on network TV show on July. Twenty six leader, the teamsters union openly expressed opposition to the bill, saying it was not correct but punitive. He stayed his union intentions to the bill all the way again after approval, the Leonard Griffin Bill in the House. How publicly stated his opposition to this type of legislation? He stayed his would not be affected by the bill, but objected based on his concern for the Labor movement in general. A week layers Agri followed up with a detailed examination of the bill to demonstrate the bill would hurt most unions other than his own. By a forcing teams. Drivers to cross picket lives, thereby making it almost impossible for smaller unions to win strikes be. Forcing these smaller unions to join powerful organizations like the teamsters see imposing financial reporting requirements, which would also smaller unions to affiliate with larger organizations WHO staff are well equipped to handle complicated accounting and reporting requirements and be inducing unions to Circumvent Secondary Boycott Prohibition by amalgamating into larger organizations to secure master, nationwide contracts and allow general strikes. This sounded plausible, and with candor, let coming from teamster sources could not have persuasive power. Anyone who remembered Hoffa's speech at a longshoremen's convention in Brownsville Texas on May Nineteenth. Nineteen fifty-nine was unlikely to believe that Hoffa's Union is soberly considering the good of the nation and labor movement in that fee top responded to the talk about closing the secondary boycotting loopholes in the Taft Hartley Act by declaring that they talk about secondary boycotts. We can call a primary strike all across the nation, and that will straighten out the employers once and for all. Scenario. MC, lounge observation was the typical reaction. It was the most arrogant. Brazen thing I've heard in my life. The biggest for PA dubbing efforts goes to James Carey President of the International Union of tropical workers and vice president of the AFL CIO. Raised at the passage of the lendrum Griffin Bill in the house. He sent a complimentary letter to the seventeen Republicans. And a hundred eighty four Democrats who had voted for the bill? In this letter carry warned. These congressmen. That his union would do everything in its power to commits workers in their districts that they were anti labor and should be defeated. Mini Congressman Friends of Labor included were upset and express their outrage at the threat. And attempt to coheres Congress. Kerry seemed genuinely surprised at the reaction. And denied. He had intended his letter as a threat. But within a week Kerry. had. Done it again. In his reply to representative era's. A Republican from Ohio who had publicly accused Kerry of Hoffa like tactics and sending his lawyer. In his letter carry called Ares a mouthpiece in tool of the National Association of manufacturers that's by implication, included in his accusation, all other congressman who had voted for the landing Griffin Bill. The Bakers Union representative made a threat to representative John Lindsay Republican from. New York that the union waited work you over in nineteen sixty, causing him to change a neighbor to a year on, they landon, Griffin Bill. One, hundred lobbyist met at the F. L. C. I. O. TO FIGURE OUT. The cause for the loss on the bill. But came to no conclusions. Businessweek magazine based on their discussions came to the following conclusions. A the union fell to assess public reactions to the issue of racketeering. Be. The unions were over. About the outcome of the battle see the union leaders fell to grass abilities in the legislation. Fee, they used threats rather than persuasion and e they sowed confusion in not defining a clear-cut position, particularly instating opposition. To provision. They were actually prepared to accept as compromise. Loving for management organizations was just as intense. But was more sophisticated and successful. Their tactics were as follows. The National Association of Manufacturers. American Farm Bureau. Federation United States. Chamber of Commerce and it state groups, and the less well-known national small business, men's association collaborated in a maneuver to influence moderate congressman from districts which elected them by less than fifty five percent of the total vote. There were some one hundred twenty of these fifty four of whom were selected for special attention. Meetings let writings and various forms of. Contact to give them the idea that a keeper. Percentage of their constituents were interested in strong labor reform. The only need fourteen votes, but ended up with twenty three. The bill cleared Congress on September fourth. It arrived at the white. House for the president to sign to make it a law. He was in Scotland visiting Prime Minister Macmillan. And Her Highness Queen Elizabeth. But there was no doubt he would sign it. On August thirteenth win victory was Cherd. He issued from the temporary white. House at Gettysburg Pennsylvania the following statement. With I am sure millions of Americans I applaud the House of Representatives where it's vote today in support of the London. Griffin Labor Reform, Bill, which would deal effectively with the abuse disclosed by the Mcclellan Committee. I congratulate all those who voted in support of this legislation. President Eisenhower, Singer on the bill on September fourteenth nineteen, fifty-nine without comment was an anti-climax to the fierce legislative battle. To summarize. We need to look at each title title one the bill of rights guarantees. Union members a the right to nominate candidate it. Be Participate in meetings. With other members see vote for union officers deep prohibits unions from preventing suits by members after union procedures are exhausted for settlement of members grievances. E. Protect the right of members to appear in governmental at prohibit. The Union from increasing assessments of members except by secret majority vote. G. REQUIRES THAT MEMBERS BE? Furnished copies by the Union of collective bargaining agreements, and that members be informed about the Labor Bill. H requires that unions give written statements of charges to members in disciplining actions and provide members with a fair hearing. I permit civil. Suits by members for infringement of rights guaranteed by the bill. Title to. The section is about reporting requirements by unions to the Secretary of Labor. A A copy of their constitution be a copy of their bylaws. See annual financial reports including records. Of loans of more than two hundred dollars per person. Records of all disbursements and requires that this information be available to union members. D provides provide records but court. To be in suits by members. E report. A possible conflicts of interest. F- file an annual report with the Secretary of Labor on non-wage money. Pay to unions are to their. Are To labor. Relations consultants for influence. Being employees on bargaining rights jeep required labor relations consultant not lawyers to file similar reports. H made it. A crime fell to file are to falsely or destroy such reports. Title Free. is about trusteeships a? Require that a semi annual report be filed with the Secretary of Labor detailing the conditions of the trusteeship. Financial conditions of the local. So. Held! Makes it a crime not to do so are to falsify such reports. Are Be permit suits by the secretary of Labor are by unions prevent violation. Of Trusteeship requirements see provide in such suits that trusteeships would be. Undisturbed for eighteen months, but after that time it would be presumed invalid unless extended by court order. Ida Four covers elections in unions. A requires secret votes in the election of union leaders at least every three years for locals four years for intermediate unions at five years for national organizations. Be. Requires the Union. To male candidates, campaign, leach or to the members at the cat. ITS OWN EXPENSE SEE PROVIDES A. Where there is a union shop, candidates may inspect the membership lists. E candidates may observe the counting of ballots and voting procedures e requires that members be given the opportunity to nominate. F- permits the Secretary of Labor to conduct an election. To Re call a union officer guilty of misconduct. G. Permits. Union members to seek injunctions through the secretary of Labor, if their claims of violations, election and recall procedures are not decided by union procedures within three months. Title Five Safeguards for Labor organizations a requires in officers. Who are we required to handle money to do so? Solely for the benefit of the Union and its members. BE PERMITTED members to sue for damages and to ask for an accounting when an officer is alleged to violate this requirement and the had. Made no attempt. To recover such funds. See makes it a criminal act to embezzle union funds. Are for a union officer handling money not to be bonded. The prohibits loans of more than two hundred dollars to any officer our employees. E prohibits the paying of fines by the violations of this law. F- Mars officers from office for five years for convictions, felonies on the reporting are trusteeship requirements of this love. G buyers from office Communist Party. Members H repeals the requirement union. Officers filed non. Affidavit in order to have the union. For the services of the NFL RB. Title Six Contains provisions that did not fit in the other titles are Ms Laney's. A provides penalties of one thousand dollars in one year in prison for use or threat of violence to interfere with the rights guaranteed entitled One. beep prohibits extortion picketing. See gives the Secretary of Labor power to investigate all violations of this law with the exception of the bill of rights and the Taft Hartley amendments. The prohibits unions from disciplining their members for using their rights under this law e provides that they railway Labor Act shall not be affected by the provisions of this law. F provides that state laws on crumbs covered. This law shall not be diminished authority. Title Seven amendments to the Taft Hartley Act. A provides that state agencies and the courts are permitted to assume jurisdiction over labor dispute excluded from the. Be. In eller be from enlarging areas. It claims to consider see permits the president to designate enacting nlrb general counsel. If the office is vacant. D? It, an unfair labor practice to curse employers. To approve a union or to obtain hut cargo contracts. E to Kerr. Here's an employer to recognize unions. Are To force another employer to recognize. You're not certified by the. You know our be in an election. Are divorced him to stop doing business with a with another firm. Eth- make it. An unfair labor practice to force workers to strike are refused to handle goods for any of the purposes mentioned above. G exempting only the garment industry and Building Industry under certain specified. Conditions. H huck cargo contracts are considered unfair labor practices. I prohibits organization and recognition picketing. The employer has not been guilty of. An unfair labor practice and has recognized another union under and. Be Certification election within the previous year, or if union had been picketing for thirty days with asking for an for an election. Jay, it brings railroad, airline, farm, and local government workers under the Taft Hartley leak. Law Provisions regarding, picketing, and secondary boycotts. K. Permits the nlrb to allow economic strikers. To vote in representation elections conducted within a year the strikes beginning. L. It permits pre hire contracts in the building industry, even if no NLRB lection. Taken Place and allows these contracts to require workers to join the union with in seven days, and except where outlawed by state lied allows these kind of tracks to require. Hiring through the union. There may be many reasons way a more strict. Labor Reform Bill was passed. Here's some that. Are Significant a two and a half years of the racket committee hearings. McClellan Prestige and efforts on behalf of stricter labor reform. HOFFA's attitude during the hearings and the public reaction to these two men and the unsavory tests way during the hearings. Be President Eisenhower's intercession on behalf of stronger labor, reform. Especially his nationwide television address on August sixth nineteen, fifty nine. In a speech to labor leaders in Wisconsin on October nineteen, fifty nine. Kennedy gave Eisenhower's Evert's. ASA biggest reason for enactment of the strict reform. See Sooner case determination because of his presidential aspirations. And regardless of obstacles to get a bill. Go at called candy the key to getting a bill. It is unlikely that the proponents of the moderate labor reform provisions would have been successful in moderating landreau griffin bill. At all had it not. BEEN FOR SENATOR KENNEDY'S BILL AT. All had it not been senator that Senator Katie possessed and exercised his great talent for timely compromise. Be The over publicizing by the press of labor scandals. And added pressure. For, strictly farm from the. Public. E synagogue waters, tireless and able effort istrict reform. F finally. The public attitude and prayer share on Congress as a result reasons and the additional initiation produced by the. is their relationships among three factors relatively high union wages. Continuing inflation and the prolonged still strike. Part of the reason I wanted to do the series. was to show the details that is involved in making a bill into law. Also to show that the system works only when both proponents and opponents are willing to compromise. I realized that this series was very detail, but this was unavoidable. My hope is that you found it interesting and also see how the system was designed to work. I. Thank you for listening. Please remember to search for our new name. Labor no, you're right be too. So that, you can update our feet so you can continue to get our new episodes. Our new host is anchor and we have found their service and tools to be fantastic. 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