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Baseball tonight the podcast. The baseball tonight. Podcast for thursday november twelfth. Two thousand twenty. The first of our offseason podcasts. With the drop every so often or new dictates in we are taping right after the mvp announcement producing from somewhere away from his home in connecticut. Is taylor buster. Only from my home studio in new york the mvp's they say. Were just announced in the american league. Jose debris of the white sox freddie freeman the braves. Here's freddie freeman talking about the award. Oh my goodness so So many emotions right now. This is absolutely incredible. Never did i ever think something like this could happen You know my dad. And i we were just playing. You know taking batting practice and having fun when we when i was a kid and you know look Look where we are now. It's it's it's amazing me to be able to share this with my family i. It's pretty special. The rookies of the year devin williams of the milwaukee brewers in the national league and the mariners kyle lewis in the american league perriman asian assistant general manager of the braves became the angels new general manager that announcement coming from the angels on thursday. Jeff luneau has sued the astros for breach of contract. He seeking more than twenty two million dollars after alleging his firing was a quote unquote negotiated solution between owner. Jim crane and major league baseball. Commissioner rob manfred alex cora earlier this week. The red sox announced his rehiring is their manager and he talked about his role in the asir sign ceiling scandal in time at home for the wrong reasons and for that i want to apologize. I deserve what happened this year. It was something that is something that i'm not proud of it. But you know we went through the whole process with commissioners office office the department of investigations and the end. I got my penalty. And i serve it. I wanna apologize for the organization to put him in such a tough spot coming into the season. You know. I never thought that that was was going to happen. I never thought. I was going to be in that situation. But i was watching from afar in leg told and i told everybody else a whole group when we decided to part ways. Sorry for for what happened and sorry for for what happened. During the year as a leader as a person that enjoys a game and love to manage for disorganization a tough spot and for that. I'm sorry the cy young award voting went down as we expect shane. Bieber one unanimously in the american league. In trevor bauer became the reds first pitcher to win the national league. Cy young award the managers of the year kevin cash of the raise. Don mattingly the marlins. Kevin cash was in sportscenter. Bucci talking about that decision. The last game of the world bucci asked him how often he thinks about that decision. It enters my mind every single day. There's a lot of people that are not can allow that. But i understand. I respect it and i think we're all these physicians to to give the best answers possible in the thought was that was what we thought was the best. Sorry i thought was the best thing to do to help us win the game. Unfortunately it didn't work if is a sickening outcome but that's the way it goes but just so proud of this team in want to focus so badly to go back on how special of a group the tampa bay rays were this year. But it wasn't going to bushy asked him. What do you make the same call. Now that he did in game six. I would make the same decision again. Just hope for a much better outcome. And that's you know being so respectful of everybody's opinion. That's out there. But that's what we do. And we pride ourselves on getting the most favourable matchups possible and in that moment thought that that was the best match up. now they don't always work and certainly that one did. I think we have to stick to our thoughts the information that is provided. And do what's best to help the team win on a nightly basis tailoring it to bring in here. I think you'd agree with me. You can't handle this whole episode. Better in terms of the answers and kevin cash has so polished in to be fair to him but he's probably sat in practice that answer many times over so i'm glad he was able to execute in the moment and hopefully he can move on as best he can from this. Because i'm sure this has just been a nightmare firm and you know what kevin knows this. He's going to be asked that about that decision next spring and spring after that in the year after that the rest of his dream. That's just the way it goes when you're in those positions right. The biggest news in baseball is new ownership in the new york. Mets new mets owner steve cohen and team president. Sandy alderson spoke with reporters earlier this week and he was asked about being in win. Now mode give a lesson. I i think we have a really good core players already. And so i think we're starting with a pretty good you know so. We got to work in parallel tracks here. Obviously we've got to build up our baseball management team we've got installed processes and and ways of doing things that sustain excellence over long periods of time. But you want to win today. Which means we're going to have to make sharps baseball decisions on. Who bring in who to go after that sandy's department like i've said they're going to be the experts and they're gonna make recommendations but i'm not in this for a short term fix. I'm really like thinking about this. Trying to build a sustainable franchise okay. I don't want to be good one year bad three years. Okay i want to be good every year. And that's the goal so you know that's the type of business in your team. I want to build over and over and over again in the next five years. You're going to hear this clip from steve collins. Press conference you know. Only one team wins the world series every year right so that's a pretty high bar but if i don't win a world series for the next three to five years you know i'd like to make it sooner than then you know. Obviously we consider that slightly disappointed. We're gonna be talking with steve jobs of s and why about that. Jeff passan as well before we get to. Jeff steve and paula. Mickey d's how does twenty five year old two time. Mvp get drafted fifteenth overall in a week. Draft class won't investigates the twists and turns that led to a franchise and league altering selection in two thousand thirteen a three part series that tells us unique story including interviews with individuals close to the process as well as a one on one. Sit down with honest himself. Check out the roads. pod special. The honest draft dropping monday november sixteenth. Wherever find your podcast covers the new york. Mets were s in wyant. And steve breaking news. The mets have won the winter. And we haven't even started. But i think we can announce that based on where the industry is based on What we heard from steve cohen. The other day almost declaring war in the national league as talking about the expectation to win the world series in the next three to five years as someone who's covered the mets for a long time As you know a big market team never really acted like a big market team when it came to spending. How different is this. Well you just have to expect right now that they're going to be in on anyone and everyone who makes sense for them so It's you know it's it's certainly a different way of looking at things when you've got an owner now who i mean. Let's let's be perfectly frank someone who is going to be know at the top in terms of of resources By a little. We're talking about someone who's net worth is more than be next three owners in major league baseball combined and i think that fact is already out there but what you saw with the press conference the other day is that not only does steve. Cohen have those resources but he is all in on using those resources to the best of visibility You know he talked about the line that stood out to me was i. I realized that. I could make millions of people happy and at his core. Steve cohen is a true blue and orange. Mets fan and i think he thought about it from his perspective of i know how happy i will be if the mets are perennial winner. And i have the power this rare power as a die hard mets fan to be the one that brings those championships that brings that success and You know every indication The other day was that he's going to do everything in his power to make this team and immediate contender. So you'll remember those hours in which there was some question whether or not mayor de blasio is going to somehow block. Steve cohen from becoming owner of the mets. When i heard that i know there are a lot of voters who are mets. Fans that he would ruin his relationship with forever going forward so that's not going to be a problem. What are some examples. The you've heard of the excitement level of mets fans over this change. Well you know it's been pretty evident. I generally i hate to use social media as a gauge. But in this case you know it's very rare that you get a hundred percent buying it seems across the board on social media and certainly that's what you've seen. I mean every single person that that i've interacted with that. I've seen in iraq with the mets official twitter. The and why official twitter my twitter account. It's just this. You know overwhelming a sense of excitement. And i think that extends to just people in my life who are mets fans. And i can't tell you about the amount of tax that i've been receiving over the last couple of weeks and then certainly as that press conference was happening and i think anybody that watches that press conference Would agree that it was a pitch. Perfect opening. presser. By steve cohen. You know as i was. I was a part of that. My phone was was buzzing off the hook with people that i've spoken to a lot recently with people that i hadn't heard from in years. Anybody who has a mets fan. That i do seem to reach out on that day expressing just you know insane level of excitement that that this team is going to be a team to be reckoned with each and every year. Yeah i heard from a a highly ranked executive on a national team afterward and he said if i were to grade them on a scale of one to one hundred he and sandy alderson would have gotten one hundred for how perfect that press. Conference was right trying to help me separate the wheat from the chaff on players. That you think illegitimately take a look at this winter. And i'll just ask you to guess who's going to be on the team. Because my guess is that i think george springer is gonna wind up on the team and i think there's a decent chance of francisco indoor how about you. I think those two are definite possibilities. I think trevor bauer is a definite possibility. You know most of the the really unique thing about this particular offseason and the way. The mets are positioned is that he could make an argument that that you know three best or three of the best free agents out. There are the exact three. Need that the mets clearly have going into next season you got catching with. Jt real mule. You've got you know starting pitching with with trevor bauer. And you've got centerfield with george springer. And i would not be surprised if the mets landed. Two of those three guys. I've kind of been leaning towards thinking that. They'll end up with george springer and trevor. Bauer if you go to the three. And then i think they're very well positioned to make the trade for francisco lindores well You know not only are they. You know again are these positions positions of of extreme. Need for the mets. But they're uniquely set because of the fact that it seems that every other owner is pulling back when steve cohen is gonna come in and go you know all in pedal to the metal. So i would not be surprised if you know if three of those four guys. If you're talking about real noodles springer bauer lindores would not stunned me. If three of those four were on the team next year. And i would expect that that two of those for as you know i. I don't know how you wanna say if anything like that is likely but I i would not be remotely surprised if that happened while All right so when george steinbrenner bought the yankees back in one thousand nine hundred seventy three. He famously said that he was going to be an absentee owner He was going to let the professionals do the work and then we saw what happened. He basically told them forever Steve concert something very similar the other day he made it clear. Yeah he helped you know he's he'll be involved. He said he was a quick study. What's your sense of what he's going to do and running the team. I think that we have to wait and see what this one and you know. We should take him at his word right now. I feel like cohn is going to be someone who right off. The bat is going to be in on every single miner discussion. He says he's not someone who micromanage is. He talked about the success. He's had in his day job quotes as he as he puts it just by hiring smart people and letting them do their thing. I think that's a big reason. Why sandy alderson is here. He trusts that. Sandy knows how to run a baseball operation and and wants to lean on him to do that work. And all that being said he'd cohen is clearly someone who is not going to settle for anything other than excellence. The words that were used in that press conference whether it was from sandy talking about the franchise could be iconic whether it was steve cohen. Simply saying that. I'm not in this to be mediocre. That's just not my thing That that says to me that no. Maybe he won't be involved in every discussion. I don't think you're gonna micromanage but he is going to hold people accountable and the job is not done to that faction. I don't think he's gonna stick around and wait for things to happen. He also said at one. Point that I'm paraphrasing here. But he said something. Like i'm not to letting people learn on the job on my time so you know he's going to hold people to a high standard but But i i don't think he's going to micromanage. It's going to be fun. You are going to have a blast that will be the most watched team in baseball next year. The most fun team in baseball for sure. All right steve. Thanks for doing this. Buster tritiated as always. Jeff passan covers baseball. Espn and jeff. Let's just start real quick with the awards. Was there anything in the four days of awards. Surprised you devin williams winning rookie of the year. Surprise me a little bit Typically when we look at rookies of the years in the past you don't have a guy with no saves. Who's a relief pitcher anywhere near that award and i think part of it honestly is the pandemic season in the fact that alec boehm didn't get one hundred forty games in that can bryan hayes Was up for only half the year as opposed to one hundred twenty or so games that he would have played a full season but Seeing devon williams win that award it surprised me that i think it's part of the the evolution of how we look at relief pitching now over sixty game season. I think there's a really good case to be made that he was the best rookie this year and that he was the best reliever in baseball. And i really love watching his changeup. It's just a great pitch. I it might be like the single most enjoyable pitch to watch a guy in the big leagues throw these days. Would he have been your choice. He would have been. I had the easiest vote of all american league. Cy young and shane bieber. of course. you'd animus there. I did not agree with jose. Abreu for aol. Mvp thought jose ramirez was just slightly marginally a little bit better but Totally understood why he won that I our is national league. Cy young. I had freddie freeman as american league. Mvp i think for the most part The be did a good job this year. Yeah i'm with you on jose ramirez. I don't know how you know in with this offensive. Statistics relatively close. I don't know how. Jose ramirez doesn't win just because the defensive impact on the other things that he does he such a good base runner too. It's like one of those sneaky things where you don't appreciate him unless you watch him every day but he's a smart baseball player and the fact that he plays the position At third base of impact and that plays it. Well i think that in this situation buster Wins above replacement actually hindered him. Because if you look beyond fan graphs where he was the leader if you looked at baseball reference war and he looked at war over a baseball prospectus Both of them ding his defense. And i i'm sorry in a sixty game see like over one hundred sixty two games already. Skeptical of defensive metrics for the most part Over sixty game season. I just think you should throw them out. I just think y- gotta do the eye test at that point. Jose ramirez is probably an average third baseman and i will take the average third baseman with almost identical stats to a first baseman. Even if he is the best defensive first baseman on the planet and jose abreu is certainly not that Yeah i completely agree with you on that all right so i wanted to get chunk. Wanna talk about the off season. it's going to be an absolutely fascinating off-season as the entire season was fascinating because of the context. And i think it'd before we get into specific names or what's going to happen with the best agents. I think setting that context is so important. Because there's gonna be a lot of weird stuff happening and people are going to wonder why it's happening. And it's because the context were we right now when it comes to baseball in two thousand and twenty one and collective bargaining agreement which is set to expire a year from. Now we are in a very similar place. I think to where we were in about april. Which is that because we have no idea where the pandemic is going to be going over the next few months. It's impossible to map out a season. It's impossible to know whether you know. Come the middle of february. When players typically reports spring training these facilities are even going to be open. Or if they're going to be open. Who's going to show up. Who's going to want to show up It's impossible to know whether they're going to be fans in the stands. And if there aren't fans in the stands at the beginning of the season whether it's because of a local jurisdictions determining that they can't be or otherwise are some teams going to want to play and some teams not going to want to play It's just a big question mark right now. And what major league baseball players association are trying to do is juggle way too many balls a but there's no other choice right like they have to be epidemiologists or at least consult with the best epidemiologist out there triumph project. Where things are to be going. They have to get a sense of the the comfort level of their players of their employees and of owners as to whether they want to start the season on time or not and if they decide not to buster if they decide not to play one hundred sixty two games. We're going to be running into the same issue that we did last year when the season was truncated and the sides couldn't come together honored agreement and not only we. Are we doing that. But we would be doing that. Against the backdrop of a collective bargaining agreement. That's expiring december first so there are so many different factors playing into this whether it's the pandemic whether it's the ability to get vaccines whether it's labor relations that it's all a big jumbled mess right now and try and prognosticate where we're going to be a few months down the road let alone a few weeks down the road right now is impossible. I think you're right in saying that we are going to potentially be in the same place where we are in the same place. Now that we're in april but it's also possible that We could be in a better place suddenly within a month. We get really great news on a vaccine. It's also possible. I think we're going to be a worse place when you february because of the cba and you to wonder how that's going to factor in And i also wonder and this takes us to the next question about what's going to happen the winter market. I wonder how the feelings are going to be on both sides if we in fact have this dramatic slowdown this winter. With two hundred and fifty unsigned free. Agents how those veterans and their feelings are going to manifest between the players sociation. Here's the scary part buster. We are about three weeks away from a bomb detonating and that is the tender date and for those who don't know what that means every year arbitration eligible players meeting people who have at least three years of service. There are some people in the in the two plus service class but mostly with three four or five plus years of service. There's a date by which they must be tendered or offered a contract now. The arbitration market is already thrown into flux this year because when the season was instituted by rob manfred it went back to the march agreement between the sides that did not lay out what arbitration is going to look like in a typical year. You know you have a sense of how players you're going to be valued because arbitration is a system. That's based on past precedent. Well all the sudden you have a bunch of players who have like forty percent of stats that they've had in the past and if there's no agreement between the sides then players are going to be compared not to those who are actually their peers but those who have far lesser counting stats than them in us the arbitration salaries could go down. That being said. I think that team see the number of free agents at there are already and say well if there are many guys out there now and if we don't tender contracts to more guys than the market is just going to collapse and we're going to be able to get a player who would have been a four or five million dollar player in the past and get him for two or three million dollars when you combine that with clubs going around and saying you know. We lost a ton of money last year. And we just don't have the payroll we did in the past that just compounds the problem so when that happens it's going to be very interesting to see where the market goes and how many names like real names guys who have been productive players in the past not just end up with lower salaries but don't end up with jobs at all yet taylor when you look for a title for this podcast you can say it's complicated because it absolutely everything you said is right there and then think about this. The arbitration system is built on a financial landscape that no longer exists and one of the more interesting guys in that realm to me is going to be kris bryant to talk for example where about where he stands You know with the salary. Take us through. What you think might happen with chris. Bryan we start to move to ground level and look at individual players. I mean look kris. Bryant is somebody who in the arbitration system is set to make twenty or so million dollars. Now maybe i'm being naive here. In thinking that the chicago cubs would just non tender him and that kris bryant would hit free agency a year. Early i mean. I almost feel like scott boras bright. You have a guy who it's free agency a year earlier than he would have otherwise but as teams have some. You know belt tightening going on these are the types of things that in the past would not have even been under consideration at very least are being discussed and not just with the cubs but but throughout baseball. Now when you have a system That works like arbitration does. And i you know jesse. Rogers has has reported this. I think it's not a secret that the cubs have looked trade kris bryant and are looking for a partner there It's going to be a difficult thing to do though Especially with the salary being what it is and with teams are already saying. Hey we are not going to have that kind of money this year and You know when when you're kevin gausmann and when you're marcus stroman in your accepting the qualifying offer in getting eighteen point nine million dollars for the upcoming season. You gotta feel pretty fortunate. Considering what's going to happen to some of their brethren yeah and along those lines this is what i'm hearing from agents from team executives in terms of what's going to play out they really believe as you said you know the bomb is going to be dropped on december second with the non tender date leading up to that. You're going to see You know possibly some trades more likely team. Just essentially the cutting free arbitration-eligible players because they feel like with a with a pool of free agency. They can get players who are comparable. It may be better prices There's an expectation that some veterans who like where they are We saw yuli gurriel do this in october. Essentially work out a deal for less money in salary. Saw josh tomlin. Basically say okay. I'll take a million dollars to pitch raves in two thousand and twenty one and then what i'm hearing is a lot of people think except for the big names that after that it is going to be deep freeze all over the place for most free agents. What are you hearing. Yeah i think so and and even with the big name free agents. I think it's gonna take a while. Now i have heard buster over the last twenty four hours or so that the starting pitching market may be moving a little bit and in that You know once guzman in stroman went off the market. It's almost like the trade deadline right. You know when you have players who play positions. It's tough to trade guys a lot tougher than a pitcher who can slot in among one of five and there are plenty of pitching hungry teams out there that don't want to be left out in the cold so You know looking beyond trevor bauer. A guys like masahiro tanaka Charlie morton jayco rizzi Richards drew smileys name. I'm hearing a lot taiwan walker. Mike minor corey kluber. I think there's a chance at the starting pitching market could be the first one to move this offseason but the position players man There are a lot of guys out there in the relief pitchers to especially Even though even though every Even though every team needs a relief pitcher In most teams need multiple. Relief pitchers there are going to be so many of them available They are just going to wait them. Out and I i cringe to think what's going to happen to some of these relievers in what they're expecting versus what they might actually get. Yeah as a gm said to me the other day. Those days of wade davis getting fifty one million or get sixty million. Forget it those days. Brad hand go ahead liam liam hendriks is going to be really interesting though because liam hendriks is clearly the elite guy on the market this year but Thirty two years old on opening day. a guy who has emerged late in his career. And i mean remember what he did in the postseason. This year was absolutely awesome. Just a gutty gutty performance in loved seeing him do that. So he's a guy you can trust in late innings but i you know is he going to be able to get milan-san money like that. That's a hard hard sell this year. Exactly all right. Gimme a read on the three best guys in the free a free agent market. Jt rail mutual trevor. Bauer george springer real. Mutola might be the most interesting one to be and let me just start by saying i think all winter long were just gonna hear the mets with all three of them. Just because that is what steve cohen coming into. The picture has done and i. It's going to be interesting going forward. Because i think we're going to hear the mets with everyone in the future until steve cohen illustrates that he's not going to be spending as much in free agency is people may believe and i you know as somebody whose job it always was in hedge funds to find undervalued assets and not to necessarily spend on blue chip assets that May be going down in value or not providing as much. I don't know that he's going to be so inclined to just lavish free agents with money. But it's clear. The mets want to improve in want to be the best team in the national league as next year and they need a catcher It's clear that the philadelphia phillies love. Jt real mutoko But you know the the sense that i've gotten from the phillies is They're not going to be big spenders. This offseason so You know. I don't know where real mu toes market is going to end up. In the end george springer probably is going to be the highest paid player in. Whether it's the mets are the white sox are even back with the astros I think a lot of people want him but as one person pointed out to me yesterday he said who was the last center fielder to sign a big free agent contract play centerfield the whole time and his answer was lorenzo. Cain but you know it's possible the renzo canes going to be moving to a corner at some point and george springer is the guy who's played center field and right field but He's going to be thirty one on opening day. The notion that he's going to sign for five years and is going to be in center field. The whole time I hope so because that needs ages really well but That's tough to see n. Trevor bauer of course is the wildcard. You know i love the idea of him signing a one year deal just because watching somebody at the peak of his powers. Go out and try to do. Like roger clements thing where he's just going a year a time and maximizing it as much as he can Is is a noble endeavor but man it. That's a hard hard thing to do to repeat the performance of winning cy young award And and so. I think if bauer can get five years at thirty million a pop He would have to take something like that. Oh yeah give especially where. The numbers have gone with the salaries around baseball of those three guys. I think if i were to pick one thing to bet the family farm back in vermont on it would be george springer going to the mets. Just feels like a good fit right. Handed hitting outfielder played centerfield. Right away helps a balance their lineup. Local guy checks every box. I totally agree with you. Actually and i have heard the same thing from pretty reliable people. The only question for me at that point is what did the mets do with outfield. Like is jeff mcneil. Move to third base. So what do you do with jd. Davis where does dominic smith played you. Trade him about brandon nimmo. Michael conforto was awesome last year. I mean it helps. Buster if there is a designated hitter in the national league but you gotta factor that in as well in the. The interesting thing is I think mike by mike banzon aid. Slapped me this. A couple days ago the mets it was either opium plus was like fifth all time. It was one hundred twenty two this year. Like the mets really hit this year. It was it was the bullpen and it was the mess of the starting rotation. And that's why look they're gonna go out and sign free agents The two best fits in terms of what they don't have our trevor bauer in jt. Real mutoko yup. Well they're gonna wind up with somebody good. They seem like just. It's one of the major questions that You know i ask agents. And i asked the club executives. Who's actually spending money this winter. The mets clearly are besides that the blue jays. There's a lot of thought that the san francisco giants have so many contracts coming off the books and the next two years could look at this off market and say let's take advantage of it and there is a theory around baseball that after everything that All the criticism that Jerry reinsdorf took over the hiring of tony larussa everything. That's going on that. You reported with a second or at least a second. Dui that we know about that there's going to be pressure on the white sox. Mint sure that the team is good. If in fact they keep larussa. Who else do you think might be spending. You know and other team if we're staying in the american league central. I think the minnesota twins are going to be aggressive and nelson. Cruz clearly is a priority there but they also need some starting pitching and So i think the twins are going to spend this offseason with perry manasian being hired as los angeles angels. Gm think that's going to be the start of them moving in the starting pitching market. They did a really good job. billy uploaded acquiring dylan bundy last year and half him under control for another year. Andrew heaney's guy has a didn't quite reflect what the peripherals did And he's a solid piece of that rotation but They need starting pitching help. And a when when you have mike trout and He has been in the big leagues for coming up on a decade now and he has played in three playoff games and not won a single postseason game. It is a mandate that you must surround him with better talent in. that's on already merano much as it. is anyone because right now There's just not a whole lot in the pipeline and terms of starting pitching and they need to go out and get guys. Try to win now last for you. Give me forty five seconds on these two topics francisco window. For what teams do you play on a boy shot. Hate to go back to this buster. But doesn't he fit the mets really. Well yeah and that's where. I can see the mets going out. And buying a free agent whether it is springer real mutoko or bauer and making a trade for francisco indoor and it would not You know you. You put out there. And i thought it was really smart column. How chris anthanetis fits really well in the president of baseball operations shop at the soccer anthony. Though could be chernoff. The general manager is well you know his father runs. Wfan is new york kid and coming home and bringing a shortstop with him would be awfully good. I don't see the yankees in play on the door. I know they've been mentioned a lot. And maybe that changes but at this point. I don't think that they're the fit for him. Especially because if we look at the shortstop market next offseason buster with havi air by as potentially with carlos correa with cory seager with trevor story. The can just go out and buy shortstop. And and i suppose the same for the mets but if they get lindores they would hope to do a mookie betts type situation with them and last one. I wrote about this today the team. That's absolutely confused. Me the most right now. Are the philadelphia phillies with how they're handling their front office situation. Especially in the face of what else is going on their division with the emergence of steve cohen. In the mets i. It's it's almost like they're just let it ride and There's a lot of confusion around the game when it comes to what the phillies are doing too. Because you know when you go out and sign bryce harper to a three hundred thirty million dollar contract almost the expectation that you are going to build around him and when you have somebody like alec boehm coming up doing what he did. Last year it's like the phillies are close. You know they've got nola to they've got zack wheeler to i almost wonder buster if they're just gonna lay low in start sniping relief pitchers as the market gets flooded and as the prices. Go down in. If that's part of their off-season strategy to take advantage of all of the arms that are gonna to be out there in rebuild the bullpen. That was absolutely disastrous. But the part. That's confusing and i agree with you. That definitely would be a strategy where you could follow but the part that i wonder about is okay. Who's implementing that strategy. And who strategy is that in his that person going to be in power year from now because of course. Andy macphail Heads of baseball operations there. It's pretty clear he's leaving. After next year. Mcclintock was just short shoved to the side is overseeing things in their front office. But it's not absolutely clear that he's going to be the vision for the team in two thousand and twenty two and why not pick that guy now when you have all these. There have been some some questions about well. Is this an effort on the part of the phillies to save some money. Which would be insane because you know. The amount of money spent on the incoming head of baseball operations relative to the value of the decisions that are being made right now. the cost. it's it's not even close and it's why one Baseball executive said to me what the phillies are doing. This offseason is very small minded. Yeah i mean are they. Waiting out theo epstein. I don't think so like that. I have not gotten any impression that if the theo obscene leaves the cubs after this upcoming season which is the expectation that he's going to be jumping back into to a baseball job at any point he might he might not but but going back to the phillies doesn't have the emotional resonance of doing it in boston at doesn't have the emotional resonance of doing it in chicago for the first time. Hundred years Yeah i i mean it's it's let's put it this way it's a very curious tack and and i think you're spot on with what you wrote. I appreciate that and thanks for joining by the way i also heard that. There's a chance at theo's exit from the cubs. Might be a lot sooner than what people think it made. The he may wind up leaving Before the end of the two thousand and twenty one season so we'll have to wait and see how that plays out jeff. Thanks for doing this. I'll be reading every day Likewise buster thanks for having me jump into the numbers. Matthew evaluating millions of leases of data lee playing the ads cincinnati by two hundred fine. This is him. Bono's an emo. Is paul in bikinis research. You'd espn is the show. And the show get and he tells us he the head honcho. I talked to mike greenberg. And he said that. Really what's going on lately. Hembo drinking heavily. Because he's affiliates. Fan is not very happy about what's going on with that. We'll get to that in a second but first with the awards. The mvp announced just a little while ago hembo. What'd you think freddie freeman. Jose abreu lester i think. Think that the Writers in this case got both of them on both of them. It's not often. That would say that but obviously this year being a sixty game season it's taboo different but to me. It seems like they voted the almost the exact same way that they would otherwise. And that sort of the issue. That i have your to me. It's clear that in the american league. Shane bieber was the player that produced most value. And i know that they're sort of Odd arguments around why people don't like voting procedures and all the rest of it to me. I keep it fairly simple. He produced more value considerably more value over the course of the season than jose. Abreu did to me. That made him the clear. Cut choice to win the award. I was surprised to see him so So far down ballot and in the national league. It was sort of a one a one b. Although i i will say personally lewke bedside thought provided more value to his team than freddie freeman did to his obviously freeman a hit like crazy and that seemed to me to be more of us sort of narrative driven awards but of a lifetime achievement. I think obviously we know that. The writers like the spread. These things out in bet said just wanted the american league. But as far as i can tell me mookie. Betts was the best player on an historically good team will be in a shortened season provided his team more value because he such a well rounded player. So if i had vote cheaper would have been number one For the american league for me. Mookie betts would've been number one in the naturally. I don't have the numbers in front of me. But i am where them You were talking about bieber. And his impact. He actually was involved in more plate. Appearances bieber was then bray was by a factor about twenty five I know some people would look at. Some people will look at bieber and say well he just pitched in twelve games. And how much of an impact does that. Well you know what. He actually was involved in more plate. Appearances than jose. Abreu the phillies. I wrote a column about them today. And saying that They seem like they're absolutely adrift right. Now they're your team. What do you think. That's a good way to describe the phillies. They are adrift right now. They sort of went all in In this year and even last year to some extent and had not very little to show for nothing to show for it and miss window seems to have closed on us rather unceremoniously Of course the the most notable player of whom Not be back is gt realmuto who has become a fan favourite and become very hashtag -able player because obviously just about every philly fan wanted them to resign him and of course it doesn't seem like that is the case. Now what i what. I can't quite narrow down. Buster though is this team this team like close at all and whether or not maybe a new general manager sort of realized the program and eighty provide. I don't know three or four more wins next year and maybe get a few things right on the fringes because in sixty games at least played buster the phillies lead in forty nine of them. The dodgers and the twins were the only teams in baseball to lead in more games phillies team in baseball. The phillies went missing the playoffs. Because of a bullpen era near seven it was legitimately the worst bullpen of all time. So on one hand feels to me like the they're so far afield that almost rebuilding project or at least a reset Might be an order on the other hand. You might think adding a few impact arms. You made you sort of running back again next year. The big question the big elephant in the room of course is can they resign. Realmuto with with the mets charging him with the maybe position to sign a catcher. That's obviously everyone's thinking about sort of unpopular opinion. Here is you don't overpay for the catcher. You can because the war ceiling if you will is so much lower for that position and others if you spread that money around elsewhere but there aren't a lot of relief rents were all that interested in madsen in by the way about that. I've had executive say that to me that when you look at the group of free agent catchers there are a lot of good plan b's Behind jt like jt is clearly far and away the best player at his position in baseball. But in the free agent market from james mccann many other rhetoric available. There are a lot of ways to go where you can hold down the position and be credible We talked to steve jobs. We talked to jeff passan about the new york mets extensively besides the mesh. Give me a team to watch the team to winner. Busted either even more interesting than the mets because they have the crown jewel of the off season. They have francisco indoor door and i just went on a tirade. Mookie betts should have won the mvp. That'll be franscisco. Indoor look at how impactful. Mookie betts was on that same. Let's just the year before impactful petra. Corbin was on that team. Obviously that was a free agent signing the each of the last two world series champion made a really impactful moves the season before they wanted francisco. The door for my money is the best player that could change teams this offseason but the fascinating piece of this to me is that the indians are still really good. This pitching staff run prevention standpoint beside said the best year albeit shortened season in history of the american league so you wonder a can get for him and be how much present day talent they can get form. Because the indians really don't need to hit the reset button the way that some teams do they're already jose ramirez. Was the runner up for the american american league. Most valuable player award. This is a team. That's really good right now. Obviously they have sort of prized asset. This is the season that they're likely to unload him but to me. That is most interesting interesting team in baseball offseason because they have the crown jewel and because they still might position themselves to be good again next year. Before you go. We've talked about the big names of free agency. Gimme a value free agent. Because that's really promote was teams is going to be the focus finding undervalued assets in the free agent market to names buster position player. One pitcher the position player. This time ya stella a player that led major league baseball in strikeout-to-walk rate last year. He doesn't really add much value with the glove but he at least can play a few different positions and sort. It does add value in that way. This is a player who last season on three hundred and fifty eight swings produce fifty three hard. Hit balls against forty swings and misses. We're talking about any leaks that to ball profile hand eye coordination. And you know me like i'm always interested in finding market inefficiency. This is a unique player. And that kind of player provides a lot of value on the pitching side jacob. Rizzi to me. He is a sleeping giant. And it's free agent class is player one year removed from us talking about whether or not he deserves a nine figure contract. He had comparable season. Zack wheeler in twenty nineteen and obviously wheeler scheinin figure with the phillies odor as he has stuck at profiles plus plus when he settled theology. That was not the case in twenty twenty but again a unique four senior cutter a splitting of their unique pitch profile and again. I like finding value in the margins. Anytime you can find a player. Who can you upside in different ways than the average player out there that profile owed more than the mainstream. I like those people. So tommy de la. In jacob busy are those people for me. Plus jake is a really good guests on our podcast which the even more right and that goes without that goes without saying on his baseball reference page and before he let me go buster and taylor. You know this already. I have been inundated by agents from hollywood asking about my ability to sing professionally now. This extraordinary rendition. That provide by dashboard. Confessional in our last time. I would you know that this might be the last time that we seek because this might be the last time that you can even get to me without going through my social media way to election results right take care. Thank you voice. Bleacher tweets all ready. Buster bleacher tweets for thursday evening. I we have over in sleep walker at oran eighty three or and writes in. What is the reasoning of having the individual ward winners declared that late after the world series concludes. It's not taking that long to count the votes. Why not announce right after the world series or even in the middle of the playoffs like the nba or keep this in mind Major league baseball does not control any of the awards. Those are controlled by the baseball writers association of america and i suspect the reason why they wade is because they get more attention like if they do it. In the middle of the world series there might be some controversy or some decision like heaven caches. Decision at blake. Now that's going to overshadow that and so the writers have always held it to the off season and And i do think it's people ask all the time. Well why do they wait. And why don't they make the decision on. Ps until after the world series over now the award is for the regular season and the writers turning into votes right at the end of the regular season. Got it next up. We got rid gambler at rick. Underscore gabler he writes. Does the volatile market help or hurt the position of teams looking to flip twenty twenty one free agents to be like linda for boy. I think it hurts them. Generally speaking let's face it. All assets the value the perceived value is down. But i think that the return that the indians would get on lindores gonna be pretty close to what the mets for me. The red sox got from. Okay bats it's gonna be something close to that where you get a prime guy like alex purdue go as a centerpiece the deal in two other decent paces next up. We got debbie gammons around dgb. She writes in. What is your response to the approach. The red sox took and hiring back. Alex cora and why do you think. They considered other candidates. Well i think they may have just taken the opportunity to talk to other people for exploratory purposes. I've heard this. You know some of the best general managers liked to talk with people of other teams even if they don't think that person's gonna fit the job that they're interviewing for maybe down the road. They become a bench coach. Or maybe they get a front office job. you don't turn down the opportunity to really smart people. I was surprised though that it took as long as it did for them to lock in the alex. Cora hiring i you know i said back in september i thought the red sox would have been crazy not to pick out from what i understand is very touching go as to whether or not alex. Her fold was going to be the manager. Interesting last one up. We got jeff brooks at ge brew five. He rates in. Should the white sox dig deep and make a big multi year deal for trevor bauer. I mentioned that there folks with other teams as say. If you're gonna have tony larussa is the manager. You better make sure he's got the players. And i suspect that there's going to be more pressure on jerry reinsdorf to make a big splash is trevor. Bauer going to be that guy. I don't know. I kind of agree with with jackson was stephen. I i look at the mets. And i kind of wonder about it. Fit there already doesn't bleacher. Tweets hashtag bleacher tweets on twitter. Keep them coming as we march on through the offseason buster. What's our plan here. What are we thinking as we go into the off season you know. I think that the next one that we're gonna do might be after that. Nintendo date on december second so maybe in the morning of december third is that makes sense because that they're going to be so many decisions on could players like kris bryant that we're gonna wanna talk about And then you know depending on if there's another big free agent signing we'll do another podcast for the christmas Before christmas holiday that good to me please. Subscribe and review this podcast. Wherever you get your podcast because that way when we do that big free agent when they signed are we do. The podcast shows up on your phone just like magic. Thanks everyone and that's it for today. My thanks the jeff. Steve hembo and taylor have a great day. Everybody thanks for listening. Stay safe and especially stay safe. The the coronavirus numbers that we're seeing all across the country and remember hayden inequality based on skin color. Something we need to fight against every single day. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight. Podcast if you're playing fantasy baseball don't forget to listen to the fantasy focus. Podcast checkout all podcasts at espn dot com slash. Podcast separate baseball. Tonight the podcast.

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