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Fried passion than patrie of college football leaves here. The paul finebaum. Show our four podcast. Our it's been a busy show so a lot of conversation about what's been happening in knoxville. Today with a new athletic director higher will continue that conversation and let us also continue with your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven to eight five which begin in knoxville and josh is up. I hey josh. Hey paul how are you doing. We're doing well. thank you very much. Yeah so First time caller and real quick. You know i went to the university of tennessee. I will never forget the first time. I met you You were there for. Sec game day. We were playing alabama I worked at ya say. Do we stand a chance. He said no shot and lo and behold we. We didn't stand a chance. You know. I've been listening a lot about the ad hiring you know. You may have touched on this earlier. But i just walked to get your inside. Who do you think would be some under the radar nine that we should consider the new a day should really consider when undertaking this starch I've heard of leopold from buffalo would be interesting. Well i i was. I was told today about someone who knows him a lot better than i do that. You need to look to his pass to try to predict his future and leopold is one of his better hires. Scott frost tire clearly That's not going to happen but You know he got on who. Who's a little bit off the radar screen at the time. we just got through talking to nato ch- in i mean not many people knew nato to outside of the basketball cognizant tie and i don't think he's going to bring in a big name a few freeze i don't think is in the running. I i don't think Some of these bigger some of these pro names that are popping up. i think he'll hire a jamey. Chadwell type coach someone that he feels comfortable with but also believes will be a fit for the long haul. I don't think he wants to hire a coach and then be hiring another coach in two years. Yep i'll agree more you know. I like to consider myself a little bit more realistic in the average fan. I just want to get back to that. Eight and four nine three tough window. I think if we can get better than we can really start competing. I you know so we can get back door open. And i'll be truthful about jeremy. Pruitt would get better at that. Hey by the way. I did too because you know he had great credentials and i will tell you that. There were people in alabama quietly talking about jeremy pruitt as a replacement for saving the comments. Jeremy pruitt i just with the problem. Jeremy put is he never changed he. He didn't learn from his mistakes and he dug a deeper hall which is always a bad Abed characteristic yeah for sure but anyway take anymore of your time. I really appreciate how continue. Okay thank you very much Great to talk to you. Josh and hopefully meet again when the this kobe goes away for good. Jerry is up next in georgia. Hey jerry hey paul questions for you is heard from coach starling. I heard that he was putting a hospital this weekend. After a heart attack and the other is i think chat with his knees. Job at tennessee does not yeah I agree with you on chadwell as far as a coach stallings man. I did not I did not know that So we will. We will certainly double check and see if we can get some information him. A couple of weeks ago Thanks jerry appreciate the The information let's check in with matt who is up next. Hi matt i wanted. And i thank you for the appreciation in kind. Show me in for everybody on this. Show beginning through this season paul. This kobe season all. You are the man of forced talk radio and i wanted to thank you and the kindness. You've shown people like me paul. Well matt thank you for saying that but we appreciate you being a part of the show always long. Thank you paul. Volunteer by touching in basketball and football fighting buzz lanes. And i've really good this year in basketball team. The heck of a coach nineteenth turning around his basketball program days have he's poised to have a good year this year and so's jimbo fisher in his sports here because he's bringing them really good recruiting class. Yes the corvette battle. It's gonna be really interesting fighting in football. Twenty twenty one. I think you do even better than one. And i want to get your thoughts enough paul. He i knew the second. Look at the schedule. That's always critical and You know i do know. He has alabama at home. So i think that is probably the best news of all the news that you could say Who is a non conference game. Do you know matt new. Non conference game is colorado. Okay kingsgate in in the second one is some. I can't even pronounce your name. That's a that's a good start. I mean you'd rather play colorado than clemson which happened a couple of years ago. Hey thank you for the call. You'd be well. Greg is up next. Hey greg doing today sir. we're we're really really well. Thank you for the call First time caller I have a question Maybe you could help me understand here. to say supposedly admonished Phillip fulmer Before they ncw investigation was complete They pretty much in my opinion through dear under the bus and As i'm sure you remember everybody in the past Related the secret witness for the case against alabama to phillip fulmer at university of tennessee. So what's your opinion on. Why they would admonish him Before let him retire Prior to the investigation by the nc did what would you say about. The past is correct. I mean we spent years on this program talking about phillip fulmer role in the albert means investigation. That was twenty years ago. The reason why they moved on from him as they wanted to they did not want him hiring the next coach they wanted him out and the only way to get him out was to offer him a retirement package which they did and he accepted. Oh okay i understand that. On his behalf but I would it be possible for the relate to bring him back into investigation. Should they find something. Yeah mean. I don't think this is just based on preliminary information but i don't think phillip ulmer's role in this will be significant. Yeah he was in charge. But i i if if he had any culpability i don't think they would have agreed to pay him off. They may have just fired him. In spite of his reputation is reputation. Didn't stop him from getting fired. In two thousand and eight. Hey thank you very very much. Appreciate call william is up next in maryville. Hey pay paul how are you. We're great william. how are you well. You know. I don't want to beat the dead horse to death but only a couple of comments in part about what you just said the headlines that the you know the chance plowman and president boy you'd have in effect created these infractions to avoid sane. Jeremy pruitt here the facts. You know the fractures are there. Whether the university fires it pays pruitt extends his contract or you know annoying him as the The next greatest head coach in america. The infractions are there. If this was part of some sort of a ball to get rid of. Jeremy pruitt the number one. I don't think that this would have been leaked before the game and thereby forcing eric greatest sit out. I don't think that shelton fulton would have been fired on monday of this week. After the the plum big cat the defensive in from auburn and he played for him in high school announced. I think on saturday was coming to tennessee. Which is now you know decommitted from. I don't think it would have been announced the signing day. Because what would have happened would be okay. Let's get through signing. Let's get through what players we can get in and they will deal with this mess later. So i mean these in fracture there. I saw a headline that said something. Like you know as if this was all made up to fired your true. It and i don't believe that because they don't go away now number two. I would urge the transfers especially guys like him until who's been a class act since they want to take a deep breath and see. What did he white can do as far as the coach and the coaching staff because the grass isn't always greener. And you might want to. You know you might want to stick around for a little while what happens but number three i to address phil fulmer If he truly loves the university of tennessee he needs to take his vested retirement. His social security is gold. Watch and walk away. Because i will tell you paul. There are some people in this community. That are as aggravated about this. By out of his retirement people are tired of well. I think they're they're they're they're aggravated because number one. The news the news sentinel today said something. Why wasn't he fired for cause but if he truly retired he's not entitled to the benefits of his three year contract which was extended under very interesting situation. Interesting circumstances and i think people in this community and and i've talked to some are aggravated. The university continues to pay people former employees. Get huge money. Such as butch jones for not working and i don't believe i believe if you retire you take what's vested and you walk away. You don't take thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars a month for three years. Yeah i i agree Clearly he wasn't Clearly he was pushed out. You and i know that We phillip fulmer would have done anything possible to hang on and make the next higher. You're exactly right. It's a mulligan He he would. He would have given him a chance to right the wrong. And and let's not forget for those who don't know the history you can just tune out for a second william phillip. Fulmer was fired in late. There was some debate about it and he wa. He came up again. I can't remember year. Was twenty fifteen twenty somewhere in their two thousand sixteen for the job and he was passed over and it was given to john currie which created a lot of friction. And then he got again when when the ball overthrew curry. So this was a payback. This was a do over and the one thing that i don't think anybody really thought would happen would be would turn out to be a disaster and guess what it's a disaster. Yeah but i think if i told you on december fifth what was it Two thousand and a two thousand seventeen on the day that all this happened that on january eighteenth two thousand and twenty one. The program would be in worse shape. I don't think even you being cynic would a believe me. Well i mean. I wrote him a letter And it was in regard to joe. But i wrote him a letter and i said i'm glad you're there because i thought he was a good interim solution to calm the waters and bring people together. I did not know that he was coming in in hopes of getting long term contracts and a million dollars your because i didn't see him as a permanent professional athletic director and we had this conversation before i i wanted to believe in him Because i know how important he is to the tennessee. People and i think I'm as guilty as anyone william. I felt like his presence would make up for perhaps his incompetence as an administrator and i was wrong well again. I understand that i am. I just think that. I think he's got more couple ability Or more responsibility because he was the athletic director and maybe people described described to him. I mean the the news sentinel headlines today and i didn't read it work. Why wasn't phillip fulmer fired for cause. I don't know what the article says. 'cause i don't get the news sentinel but i. I don't know the answer that but there are some people. I got a text last night. Very prominent not only advertiser but boosted. It said you need to write president. Boyd and don day plow my about this And you're you're much closer than i am. But i i know a number maybe not a number but i know i know some. Ut people that are just done that they don't care who the athletic director is. They don't care who the head football coaches they are they are. They are taking a break. Okay by them. We've had so much dysfunction that You know sometimes you just have to take fall. But i do. I do think that daddy white seems to be in the right direction. Well he comes from a category of athletic directors. He's he's well thought of. But i'm not being cynical here bill william but i've i've seen a lot of these these type of aids come into very tough situations and they just don't get. They're not giving a chance. Well john currie. 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'cause i i went to wake forest law school and it's a great school. How is it's not know clubby town and hey thanks for the call. Always enjoy it. We'll take a break more. Calm your calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five right around the corner listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Welcome you back. Sandy is up next in tennessee. Hey sandy doing paul first-time caller thank you. Great to have you on his nice to reach you If you're still true. Ut fan guys what a williams you still love him. Even with last twelve years ago. Volved for relied. I'd like to talk about something. Nobody's talking about this facilities that you take. I tore don't almost four years ago. And then i read an article that international article that said we were writing before facilities then barred was number one and oh yeah stay. It was a four million dollar project is going on now that we might be right number one but regardless all that My son who who does a whole lot as you said they only a better knowledge would probably take him. I asked him why he stood with a fifty one billionaires out there so we've only got one or two and my last one. I'm like you respond to respond. To Is wearing the bubble helmets in practice. If that's so important to keep you out why don't you wait a minute game. Two great idea Hey thank you by though you are right And tennessee societies are fantastic. Right now if you don't have if you don't have superior facilities you're not going to succeed. South carolina just opened up a state of the art training facility about a year and a half ago. Has it helped them You everyone has these Some some schools have been a little bit slow to make the turn of georgia has one brand new practice facility. That's really where the action it. It's where the players spend the most amount of time. Let's continue with more phone calls. And chris is in louisiana. Hey chris you're on the air. I apologize from the west monroe. And i was just calling to tell you that I loved her interview with Carry out and you know being from west monroe. I'm of unm. And i just wanted to tell you a story about terry if i do it. That's a louis Years ago when he was at auburn his his either his first or second year All his scheduled you to come play them and in the fourth quarter you was winning and then in the last minute you elo women when it will on the last play of the gay alvin put it up and scored a touchdown and one the gang. Oh my you know they were topped contain and you carries going into the press conference and you know that. He's like david in the lies dan. Because you know to come you l. Become that close to you know. Make drop them down some in the so. Don't be a tough press conference where he walks in and he's laughing and it comes up there and says was a great game and you know people look at him and he says i just want to say this is the greatest victory in history. And i'm sitting there. I'm saying the greatest victory in their history. And then somebody asking terry greatest game offline. He says that's right because if we would have lost would have been the worst defeat in history that is and everybody started laughing and they just it just about and could pull that off. It turned a negative press conference into you. Something that he could deal with and so Paul i wanted to say. I said your interview with him i. I don't know if you call that interview us. I think you said How you doing terry. And then the next thing i know he tells you everything. And you're saying well nice talking to you. I've known. I've known him. Since he coach at sanford and i knew him very well. Obviously at auburn and He he could drive some coaches crazy. I'll i'll tell you a quick story. He one of the few coaches that really got under the skin of steve spurrier and when when alabama. Let's see i think. Auburn was like number three or four in the country and florida was number one in nineteen ninety four and they went down there to play in auburn ended up upsetting florida spurrier typical spurrier. And i say this as a as a as a as a fan but he he was trying to. He was ahead in the game and he couldn't be content to run the clock out. You got to keep passing. He threw an interception in auburn one at the end and when when when coach spurrier found out that bobby bowden had called terry at halftime and gave him a play. It drove him off the deep end. But yeah bowden beats barrier. Believe is i the first two times they met. Wow well we're so happy to have him here at the u. l. Am i tell you what. Paul i mean i know. He's a lot older now but he still a ball of energy he he's lost a lot awaiting. It looks really good and i. I was talking to Tim brando and other you graduate and tell me when you you know i. I don't know too many of the other people. But you know richard regions on this. He said it's an amazing staff As you probably know. More than i do but i appreciate them. Very much You'd be well. Hunter is up next at tennessee. Hunter we are doing route. We're really well. Thank you. But i got a quick question for you to see if you had heard anything about this ause reading on twitter today and i was listening to tony basilio but you know is a radio host alex washer and he quoted and said this today that when pruitt was fired and i don't know if this is just you know fan trying to make something up or see what you think about it and if you heard anything so we prove was fired blanket and sent to takes to two prominent boosters at tennessee and told them i'm ready to come home. It's funny because when i heard the news i sent a text to Kiffin saying are know almost the same thing and he laughed. He may have done it He tried to get that job the last time around. If you remember he I was on on. Espn on a program talking about him and he came on right after me and he would've taken it then. I don't think it came. I don't think it's He may. I think he was kidding. I'm not trying to To put down the story. But i i have no doubt that kiffin did it whether he was serious or not. I think is the question right. I was just wanted to get your thoughts on it. Because when i saw it you know you look on twitter sillier think it was legit a single legit well. I haven't talked to try but he He has a pretty good i. I mean. I think it's possible that you know lane being kidder did that and maybe he was i remember. He named his son knock so it was a pretty special place for him. It ended badly. And i always felt. He did not entirely deserve the the vitriol that he received but he was young. He he was arrogant. He remember he had odor on his staff and not only did leave. They ripped tennessee. Offer some players. They left tennessee's program in a in a really bad situation. It was understandable that the the angst would would go on but Thankfully it's all gone now. Would that be something you'd think tennessee might do with with danny white to go that route or that. That would be something that would be out of the question. I think danny white Will hire an up and coming coach to me. That fits his his Resume in the now. That doesn't mean he couldn't alter it. But i i really believe that. He is thinking more in terms of young aspiring sending coaches. Hey thank you very much for the call. We're up against the break much more to come right after this. You're listening to the paul finebaum show. Podcast could be back in. Alabama has made the hiring of bill. O'brien official the former texans head coach former penn state head coach. He is now the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach under nick sabin. Let's get back to the calls. And gary is in tennessee gary. Hey donna ball. Gary we are doing well thank you. I just wanted to watch johnny majors like about all. This bless his heart. yeah. I doubt Coach would be impressed. Would you what do you think well man. You're about the same age and we grew up with tennessee football. And we know what it's about and These new couches and stuff they. I don't think they grasp what it means to the fan base. I'm really mad at the fan base because they you can't do nothing without them getting on social media and cutting them down and making them afraid to doing this and that you know. i'm. I'm really mad at him talking to somebody in knoxville. Yesterday and and and butch jones couldn't deal with it journey pruitt couldn't deal with it. Tennis tennessee's a tougher job than you think. Because unlike alabama were everybody is all in other schools like that tennessee where the media the fans that they've been all over the map for a considerably long period of time and some of it's understandable. But it does make the job more difficult. Well you know when you get. I don't live too far from freeze was raised in huntington right. And it's just. I couldn't put up with it. You couldn't but within that i would move to job just because of that. Well it it. What it's going to take is a sustained success and sadly the program has not had success in a long period of time. Well you can't. You can't do it in three years. And the fans won't get off coaches but that long to let them build a team up. I saw jeremy. I li- jeremy. I've thought he was doing right. But i guess he wasn't looking behind him which he showed a man. Yeah no. I thought really A year ago he had a chance to to get it done. And and you know it doesn't matter we all know what happened but I really did believe that. He had the program on the right track. I don't know this guy that they are today. Dave what can you say about him. I he's a let me. I'll give you a little bit of background. He i think he went to notre dame he his. he's the son of kevin wide. Who was the notre dame athletic director. And now he is. He's been a duke. The last number years highly respected his brother Is the head basketball coach at florida and he. He worked at all misra a couple years. He went to buffalo where he made a lot of really good decisions and then he got the central florida job and hired scott frost and you know they have been very successful down there building a program. Well i'll i won't is before my time has gone. I just want us to be good again. I don't i read. We're expecting all national cash. The chancellor plowman and president boyd When down and i think Compton the head of the board of trustees went down to see him yesterday and they came away believing that he really wanted to be the coach and the a d. And that's what you want. You just don't want somebody to take the job because it looks good on a resume and you're trying to get a bigger job. Thank you for the call. Jack is in virginia. Hey jack how you doing today jack. We are doing well. Thank you very much. Couple thoughts Phil fulmer had his Jochen boys moment at tennessee and he failed is is one and then the other thing is one of the things. I haven't heard anybody talk about was what are the repercussions for the the guys who ate the happy meals and in And took the tip change I know that story is out there. And it's being propagated. But i don't know whether it's true or not and ultimately if you find out that there is some culpability for a player to take something it makes it it can do. They can end up prohibiting that player from playing to school. they can force him to go elsewhere. There they're all kinds of different things that can happen. But i i'm not being pollyannaish. But i don't know if that's true or not right bright. I thought you know the fish sticks from the head to the tail and this whole thing sticks. It doesn't and that's where Phil fulmer cannot scrape it away. I i'm sad. I think any reasonable person would be sad. You come back at a retirement. You're in a position to enact and effect change at your alma mater where you are one of the most beloved figures in it ends in disgrace if someone asked me earlier today how do i think phillip fulmer will be remembered. I think he'll be remembered very well. But it will take some time to get to that point. I mean we all. We forget why people leave schools I've covered the the good. The bad and historians point out situations like we are currently in tennessee but phil fulmer regardless of the last couple of weeks still has earned his place in tennessee folklore. Well he. He'll have to deal with it. I think tennessee. Like i said i think it was a junction boys. Moment that was failed. You got the same kind of stuff going. On in auburn where alumni can't keep their hands out of the pie and Bear bryant had to go down to junction to turn texas a and m. around and I'm an alabama guy and You know i get a lot of information from the raider indicator who stays up on all this stuff. I'm in virginia. I'm from virginia though. Well thank you very very much for the call We are Officially out of time for this program we appreciate all of you for being a part of it Some really interesting guests Today we'll see you right here tomorrow. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. 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