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Cried passion than patrick. Three of college. Football leaves keer these paul finebaum show our to podcast and we welcome you back to the program. Second hour live. We'll talk a little bit about the the life and times henry. Aaron who will be. Immoral lives to morrow check in with jim in virginia. Hey jim thanks good afternoon. Paul how are you doing. Well thank you just want to say. I'm a big fan of your show. And i think you do an excellent job. Thank you very much Saying that you obviously know a lot about football and you know during the season on big tennessee saying an sec fan A lot of your predictions are spot on. Just wonder why you wouldn't consider coaching team. Maybe there's a really good reason jim. I know absolutely nothing about coaching. It's one thing to. It's one thing to be a monday morning quarterback and sit there and watch a game yesterday. And i felt like i knew more than the green bay head coach but i agree i in that case. I think i could have done a better job. But but frankly i there are. There are very few things that i'm i'm qualified for so i am going to continue to try to do those that i am versus those that i am not well. I figured out that out there and keep it up. You did a great job. Well they won't offer me seven million a year. I'll be there tomorrow to knoxville. Thank you keith. Is up next in long island. Hey keith. you're on the air. Hi how are you today keith. Were doing great hope you are. I'm doing great thanks for asking You know don't get anybody seven million in your left pocket. Did you know that. The thing that regarding tennessee coach. I don't understand why these guys aren't going. After someone like tom allen they might be and i don't know about it but I haven't seen anything. He's done a great job at indiana And you know. Indiana in football terms is not a great As a legendary football hour. So i think he's terrific. I agree. I watch a couple of his games this year. I think it was the game that he has his son. Got hurt was really gut wrenching. But i i would agree. I think he is Compared to the last couple of coaches tennessee has had tom allen would be overqualified. Seems to be a a a a very strong recruiter. And he's seems to be a really really good x. Knows guy because he's he's gonna head to head with all those guys in big ten right now beating them the coming very very close to it now i. It's a really good point. I i'm not saying he wouldn't get it but i do think he's a name to keep your eyes on for other jobs. Maybe not the tennessee job. I'm not sure would want that job. Frankly rob is in north carolina. How's it go- and I'm a professor over here at wake forest and we love our head. Coach dave clawson. Who's done a great job here. Wake forest and built many a program in the greatest act of irony. Is there any chance sentence as john. Curry's head coach or do you think we're safe. I think you are safe although certainly There was a connection there. As you probably know and i am really impressed. I've kept my on him for the last couple of years. And i think i'm not. I'm not diminishing the the resources of wake forest which are enormous but To have a successful football program there year and you're out is is unusual and i think he's done how john currie working out by the way that will but but yeah cautions great he. He's got some experience in knoxville as well. Albert is also in north carolina. We're spending to be spending a lotta time on the tar heel state guard ahead. You're on the air are you doing. We're doing well. Thank you for the call. I wanted to talk to you about alabama. How do you think they did. Are you impressed impressed. I can't believe that. I can't believe they had such a great year. You know coming back from a couple of really off years and all of a sudden they just. It's just like a flower. Blooming hasn't been blooming for a while and set explode. Well let's look the facts. Two years ago their undefeated until the last game. I would hardly call that a disaster. Although the last game was a disaster losing by twenty eight points last year they did lose twice so they've lost three times in three seasons. I think this year was just a combination of things. It was a confluence of of nick. Sabin being able to handle the pandemic better than anyone else and he also you know had the good fortune of Keeping steve sarkissian. Who is considering going to colorado in the off season what. What's our keesey and did and taking mack. Jones from a a serviceable quarterback to the best quarterback in the country was beyond beyond comprehension. And i think a lot of other things all came together. But i think mostly it came together. Because he had some players they're davante smith harris dickerson. Others that That had all been around for a while. He kept his coaching staff in place for the first time in a while and i think that led to what we saw two weeks ago tonight all he know he no fifty percent of the reason alabama one that football game which him number fifty eight christian mar more. He was unbelievable. I agree with you holy mac. Denali is unbelievable. I want to ask you one other thing. I'll let you go a lot of people. Wait a about bill. O'brien i don't know anything about him. Well i'll tell you a little bit. Bill o'brien is a disciple of bill. Belichick he was the offensive coordinator for a lot of the successful years of of the patriots. He went to penn state and took over there after the debacle of with with not not that abaco was saying dusky but the aftermath of that when the school was literally leveled by the nc double a. And he did. He did a phenomenal job. Nobody thought they could. They would win at all and he was quite successful for fairly short period of time but he still did extremely well. They went to the texans where he did a good job until he was fired this year when a trail off there there. There was a team in the playoffs. A decent amount and he's got a great background. He's he could probably be a head coach and a lot of places but he wants to spend some nba coordinators. I'd great job. I don't have any doubt. He will be a fantastic coach. Let's check in with joe. Who is in tennessee. Hey joe you're on the air. Go right ahead paul. How you doing today sir. We are doing well. Joe thank you. I just i don't know i live in fairfield glade. I don't know how much you know about the area where ours we. It's north across this like a golf retirement community. And sometimes i feel like i'm the only guy here from south adele. How river but anyway. I wanted to know if you could replay jeff's call after the ohio state. We missed yeah well. He was a typical joe of of a guy from ohio. Licking his wounds. Hey it wasn't that memorable. I can assure you of that. Morgan is up next in alabama. Hey morgan you're on the air. Yeah so yeah. A previous caller said something about david tech. Well i kind of always wondered does. General is general knowledge that he almost was the alabama coach. Take it is not general knowledge. But you're right He was almost the The failsafe coach because originally turned the alabama job down. Then they went to spurrier and he said no and then they did offer it to rich rodriguez a now from the moment that he took it and then back out thank goodness and they decided to malheur more decided to wait on sabin. And you're right if sabre had backed out after more after. He waited for him for a couple of days in fort lauderdale cuckold. Very well would have gotten the job. And if he If he could have gotten a job like that you would think tennessee would probably At least give them a chance to come back there. Well i think if truth. Be known morgan They they offered the job to cut cliff. Tennessee said so many openings. I'm trying to remember when it was. I believe it was. When derek dooley got the job however i think they tried to put some stipulations on who he had to keep on the staff and cut cliff said skip it. I'll do it. I wanted to although i've always wondered about that because if you go to school and are successful alternately you you can shape your own staff but after that. I don't think wanted too much to do with ut anymore. We will take a break when we come back. We're going to talk to a close friend of henry. Aaron who grew up in mobile alabama like henry went on to become the mayor of the city and played a key role in bringing multiple honors for the late henri aaron in his home town. We'll talk to the former mayor sam jones. Do you own or rent your home. Share you and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com at one. That's once white was last seen. Give back brennan with elite. Qb's russell got the kenneth on clutch td's lacrosse step behind. Because you know you're at thirty two finger. Push us bruce lee showing no mercy fat five crew on deck g do. No one else goes deeper. Espn download now coming up next. You're listening to the paul finebaum show podcast and we welcome back. It's great to have all of you here. And we spent so much time on on friday remembering the late henri aaron and we're we in col- world is still reflecting on his greatness as we get ready to say the final goodbyes to him tomorrow. We're joined now by sam jones. Who is the former mayor of mobile alabama. He is currently a state representative and the alabama state house and someone whose family grew up close to and friendly with very close friendly with friends with hank. Aaron a representative jones. Thank you. it's so great to have you on. We hope you're well. Thank you so much. I'm happy to be more delighted to to hear your remembrances of henry aaron. What's your first memory of the great baseball player applause. Thank was Because in our opinion and mobile the benchmark baseball player in the world we coming up with look see as we all followed him and you know mobile city of great baseball player. We have five hall of famers led by hank fear and death on the citizens united states again engine fogle so we baseball sit in. We've followed the dunkin. Spare the baseball player but other land he had demand was just well liked by rebounded Was the -ticipant in with one. He the town the person that is so he makes an impact. Here we go and we just so proud of him and really agreed loss for these losses community level and a great loss to the excellent baseball represented jones. You understand it Having been the mayor of mobile and a very popular figure and played such a critical role in helping that community. Reflect and remember and honor hank aaron with with with so many different aspects. But you also remember as your family does and your parents do as well what what that city was like. What what the what the whole south was like. I don't want to point out mobile because it was no different than anyplace else. But what what can you tell younger. People who who did not live through that area what. It was like to grow up in at the time that hank aaron grew up in mobile alabama difficult though i don't ever of currency should've done for the accomplishments. They embrace phone. He played in liberally at twelve. Sacha fake and and some others. The also usually get much coverage. He was probably a great way before anyone really knew it story. A lot of it has to do with the way that things will handle doing this. And we've got a lot of racial issues. We had a lot of separation between the community but he he worked through all of that he he he always going to make sure there's Santa gravitas and who came before him got into wanted to make sure that people understand. That key will five. Cheever's was all those other a miracle play in the major leagues and when they get into the major especially here and some of these get made impact. He acts courage throughout this this country to continue to persevere until you can be recognized for what you've done and what was it like when you finally ascended to to become the mayor and i believe correct me if i'm wrong that That henry aaron participated in your campaign. Is that correct correct. Did something here Tom with who've been with him since childhood and he's suggested why don't you call hank. I think he'd be interested in hit the wall we had a fundraising atlanta and he invited all fund raiser he did tv spy on people in mixed making sure mobile move forward. That was one of the things that he was totally committed to me. It's a problem because he didn't know me that well known and it really surprised me. Much input into the input. Put lot into call me from san. Even though with mobile his family his father via papi now community been buzzer and one time on the on the war because as long as fish and he comes down and spend some time with the fans and you know he is just a great guy. Just someone be sending the everyone representative. I'm interested in that because there are other baseball player's gonna mention another one who is really on the same level as hank aaron who grew up about two hundred fifty miles north of where of where you grew up. And you know. He had a conflicted history with his hometown. Because a lot of young people growing up in the segregated south they progress but they don't forget very easily what was. What was it about hank aaron. That was able to move past that and be proud of where he came from. As you as you just got through saying that he had he he got. He didn't let call. Did not let an attorney where he wanted to go and play the game. He was someone who always had in his mind. What happened to him when he also had the gold of all the coming. Everything is impotent. Short a new teacher did not just for himself for everyone else who were colored in footsteps footsteps and all the people he knew. Tell us the story about number one naming the ballpark after him. But i also remember you play a big role in making sure. That that the home he grew up in was became. A you know a major and important historical reminder. And i. I think the home was even moved to. The ballpark was not real long on grounds and who he had some of the greatest they. We'll laser in reggie jackson. Were there in on these all framers and you just to help paint. Celebrate the moving the home then you of great mobile so that was something that we really wanted to go on him. In fact the off downtown. You actually wrongly your loot. So and and i really think that we need to do some suggest. People know that this great great man originated from the What an amazing story The former mayor of mobile sam jones now our state representative remembering the late hank aaron Thank you so much for sharing stories. All the best to you and we really appreciate your time. You bet sam jones joining us and we will take a break More of your phone calls at five five two four two seven two eight five the new defensive coordinator at the university of missouri. Coming up if you missed the front part of the show. We had bruce feldman on going up and down the list of the potential candidates at the university of tennessee. He believes they could have a coach by this week. We'll update you on that more of your phone calls when we come back listening to the paul finebaum show podcast. Hey welcome back. Great to have you here and richard is on the phone from mississippi. Hello richard good afternoon cut. Hello paul i hope you don't well thank you. I want one more question about about the hiring of the university of tennessee coach. Mine is always a you freeze question. This is my last thought on on the thing. I is it a job that she thinks that she freeze really wants. I only say that for one reason. This job appears to be for a lot of people that dream job. Even though it don't look like it from the outside for you freeze. It could be a job. That could just send him into you. Know a into the conversation with the most prominent coaches college coaches of all time if he does somewhat what he'd done in mississippi but it also could be a career ending decision for him. I just want to get your thoughts on that. All there is risk anytime you go to a place that there are cards. Stacked against you and there are cards. That will be difficult to overcome. But i do think you freeze desperately wants this job. I sat in his office. At ole miss about five or six years ago and he told me the story of when he was on his honeymoon they were. He and his wife were driving through knoxville. They they drove up to the stadium and look down into it and he said man. If i could ever work in this in this place it would be the ultimate for me. And i don't think he ever lost side of that because he was telling me not that long ago and i think it is it. Is that type of job. Do i think he's gonna get it. No i don't think he is in the running. I think there are many things going against him. So i would take him off. You're bored paul. I appreciate your insight on their thank. You thank you. Yeah maybe a couple of a fan favourite. But i think there are some significant roadblocks for him to get his job. Wayne is up next. Hey wayne go right ahead. Hello hi there. I don't know if anybody's mentioned this or not. It may have been brought up. But i was giving some thought after that gentleman was talking today. About black coaches in this. He's a and there isn't any. Hey coaches i got to and you know derek mason Would be a man that i think deserves a chance We all know that he didn't get a pool deck to work with bill and And he's a firing coach and a fiery competitor. And i believe when the chancellor said she's looking for someone with high moral. I believe he would be representative of that too. So what do you think bob wayne. Let me say this. I would agree with you in terms of the kirch mason's integrity and character He he is And and represents all of that. But but i think it would be very difficult to introduce him with his overall. Won loss record I think it would. It would go over very poorly. Thank you for the suggestion. Though appreciate it. Let's check in with henry who is up in tennessee. Hello henry you are next up. Thank you go right ahead henry. You're you're on the air Yeah my name is henry. I'm alabama fan. Step on tennessee. Eight about ever said something about gus. Malzahn i mean he come out of the way he's coming out the west. I don't think he got a job right now and he already knows. Emc say was that not a good choice. Until i see their choice ultimately. I i wouldn't say he he wouldn't be a good choice. I think that's a good football coach. And he is proven that You know there are some obstacles at auburn. That he never could quite outrun. But i'm not exactly sure that would disqualify him for anything you know. He he collected about fifteen or twenty million dollars in buyout money. So i don't think he's having to work like the rest of us every day to to support our families but they can do a lot worse than gus malzahn. And they got that right. I mean you've had a good one coach. Come to west went to florida. I mean it seemed like everybody won't gives out obama coaches won't you get hit somebody else. Sides out not size out. Obama cut you get somebody of the way us. But i doubt go gus. Malzahn would be a good candidate. I appreciate you taking my call and have a good day bye. Thank you very much. Great to have you on Allen is up next in tennessee. Hello allen your next up. Paul thank you for taking my call. Thank you jiang's franken has thumbs down for me because of the way he left vanderbilt allen. I didn't like the way left either. I had a confrontation with them right after that. He was pretty ticked off at my reaction. But i said you're you're now you've just felt like he had just misled a number of his recruits and people and left them high and dry and he didn't seem to care one bit. Alt-right i agree. Thank you for taking my thank you. Yeah that always bothered me. A probably didn't help my relationship but james franklin 'cause we're we're pretty good friends and i told him that on the air. His reaction was quite priceless. I think he's a good coach and coaches leave places under under mysterious circumstances all the time but i thought that was one of the worst. Thank you very much for the call and about about brad of next. Hey brad thank you and Good afternoon good afternoon paul. Hey man i got a question We we don't know what punishments are coming down from the nc double a. To tennessee at this moment is that right. That is correct. You're absolutely right. So do you think that. I mean any coach that takes this job has to be looking forward to his future. Tennessee also has to have some back channel. Communications keeping up with the way as to what these punishments may end up being. Do you think the coach that they name here in a couple of days could be a tale as to what type punishments or coming down the line. yes brad. There is no doubt in my mind that there. There are back channel communications between tennessee whether it's directly or more than likely indirectly on where this is going and i also believe there are people who are probably encouraging the overall that if you if you weigh. Lay tennessee for doing the right thing. You're sending the wrong message to the next school. Who who won't do the right thing and we'll we'll off your skate and deceive like most schools do so i. I think there is a lot of the line there. And i think tennessee probably has a vague idea where this is going and i'm sure they're they're sharing that with you have to share that you can't you. Can't miss leader coaching candidate. Or at least you can't do you. Do you think you could put your prediction hat on. And say if they hire someone like tom allen that what do you think those infractions will be and then if they end up hiring franklin what do you think those. Yeah i think if you. I don't mean i don't want anybody to misread this because i think they're good coaches. But if you go to the billy napier bill clark jamey chadwell level. It's probably indicating you are going to get hit pretty bad if you get a bigger name. Coach luke fickle james franklin who bruce feldman mentioned. Who else did he mention Couple of other significant. Pj flat pj flack. Yeah you're absolutely right. He was the biggest. Then i think that's indicating that maybe tennessee will take a bowl ban this year which will make any difference anyway. Because i doubt tennessee will win enough games to go to a ball game and it might be so yeah. I think it doesn't mean we're we're right. But i think you can certainly read something to do it but remember the one. The one thing this job is offering though and i. It's like you go to go bargain-hunting whether it's for a house or whether it's for a car or you go to your department store were walmart or costco and the agent who represents the whoever gets this job is going to be able to negotiate a one way deal and i you're going to get more than general four or five year contract you could get. As as seven or eight years it will be guaranteed. There will be escalators in there. That if the probation goes beyond a certain level you'll get extra years or extra money so it is going to be a fantastic contract. Most contracts are bad. But you can get a generic generic contract or you can a great deal. So there is some attraction and i'll continue to say this until proven wrong but the expectations at tennessee zero. This is not someone coming in after phillip fulmer who had won a national championship. This is someone coming in. After jeremy pruitt who proved to be incompetent and inept at this position. So it's not a hard act to follow. It's not hard at all. This isn't replacing. nick saban. This is replacing. Jeremy pruitt and because of that. It's easier because fans are thirsty. They're hungry. They're desperate to get behind the winner. You're danny white either. Data's press conference talk about social media and he encouraged fan be more positive and that has been a problem at tennessee there is. There's an air of negativity. I had coaches who've been there before. Tell me say this as a member of the media and someone who had a reputation myself at one time that the feeling is that the local media. Knoxville is tough on the head. Coach at tennessee is any place in the sec. And that has turned people off now. Whether that means that people like butch jones or jeremy pruitt were too thin skinned or not really ready for prime time as a whole nother story. We'll take a break more to come more of your phone calls and more many more guests as we continue here on a monday afternoon. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast we are back. We appreciate you being here on a monday afternoon. And butch is calling next good afternoon. How you doing I'm a few years older than you. And and then. I was born in memphis tennessee wondering and i think you were well. I think yes and But i moved. Houston texas Right before my eleventh birthday was raised in houston and You went to game cold stadium and then mentally the astrodome and whatever and grew up in the era with ernie banks and willie mays and roberto clementi and hank aaron and they were heroes. A mind eventually became a college baseball player. And but when my youth i would go to the dome. And i would watch and i kinda sit on the opposite side and look into the visitors. Dugout and Is no no offensive. Mystere and everything like that but i used to watch him chain smoke in the dugout During the game. Okay and everything. A lot of people did that then. You know back in those days and all that day whatever but that was off by him he was not a big man at all but he had risks that are like a two hundred and sixty pounds offensive. Linemen huge risks and everything. I work like crazy with barbells. Trying to make my wrist like that but it was g what that but anyway but but i remember that man being so nice I was him a bunch of times. And i was at a milo hamilton Dinner and houston when he came back to honor milo 'cause he made the call on the radio and it was his call he was home announcer and and and met him and got to talk with them. Milo wanted me to meet him and we became good friends and stuff and everything what. What a gracious person. It ended up much awake by that time. But but What a great person he was and he was a hero of a lot of people. And i wanna to say this the people. There's one big thing Fourteen years earlier when roger marris was to break babe. Ruth's record for the season. He got nasty letters and nasty phone calls. We're his hair was even coming out. He didn't even want to break the record and he was a white man. Okay and i understand the the way things are today and they make a big thing about it and all that deal in crazies. Need that stuff. And mr aaron got nasty letters and stuff like that whatever but per the baseball fans in america they were so excited and i think the ratings on tv. You would know that more than anybody. I mean everybody's excited about henry breaking that record and they couldn't. They couldn't wait to watch until they did it. And all that. And i had a Texas and my teammate. doug row. He was on the bench when he broke the record. Ralph garbutt game a friend of mine which was in ruins best friend and then the umpire behind home plate when he hit the the seven hundred. Fourteen don't run Seven fifteen home. Run atlanta satch davidson. It became a friend of matters. Well he's not with us anymore. But so i don't know a lot of people were involved in that deal. Whatever and everybody was for hank. Aaron i was a class act. He wasn't a bad person. Great person and there's a lot of people that really cared about him. And i just want to make that though What an amazing story. But thanks for sharing all that you've lived quite a life. Yeah well texas am graduate. So i watch you all the time so you better watch yourself. Play don't mess with texas man. I i thank you but yeah what a great conversation. There wasn't amazing era. How about burt in birmingham hebert. You're on the air during him. Hey thanks thing mccall last week you mentioned something about mark emerson. Tom as president I forget how you phrased it Before retiring or something along those lines but they may think how did you think it was odd that he became the president of the nc. Considering three of the five schools he was at there were scandals under his watch. That's interesting yeah I i yeah. I know he was at lsu washington and we're else other the problem. Montana state who was a coach something of an athlete. Or something going on there. Then at lsu there was the great changing and stuff that came out after he left and then it then it connecticut cross out he was there to. We'll tell you this Burt he had a great reputation as a college president. I think he's been a disaster as the president of the nc double a. Because he really is not a leader he just he's an enabler and we saw how ineffective he was or is during this past summer when he he offered nothing in the controversy over whether we should have a football season or not and i think his time is short and it should be. And i'm not normally like that. But i think the nc double asian desperate need of new leadership. And i think he has been very ineffective of hope he goes soon. How about steve up next ohio. Hey steve you're on the air go right ahead. Hey like to talk about This saturday's senior bowl house looking over the roster came out today and they come across colin hills. Name wondering you. Since he quit the team back in october how would he be eligible to play. I if i understand correctly and he did. The senior ball is invitation. And i don't think there is a. I don't think obviously there isn't a specific criterium whether you finish your season or not so. I've seen some strange invites over the years by the senior bowl there. There's always a little bit of a local flavor down there. But i'm i'm glad to see them. Get the opportunity. And i don't know everything that went into his departure from mississippi state and there are two sides of every story. But i do think kyle go should be recognized for for standing up at the time that he did and really being a a symbol of leadership to a lot of people. So i'm glad he's getting that opportunity. I thought he was a phenomenal player. We she had finished at mississippi state. They could have used him but he's often mobile this week. We'll take a break mortar com. More of your phone calls at eight five five four two seven zero eight five new athletic director at mizzou. Excuse me the defensive coordinator mizzou. We've had the athletic director on and he's not new coming back after this.

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