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Talk Radio DOT COM. This is the fire house and I want to introduce you to some very special friends ends that I've met along the way. E C three has Max Crown King Robert from the Royal. This is the undisputed future seth rollins favors gains from wwl. Hello this is. Wwe Hall of Famers heartbreak. Kit Shaw Mike. I'm Russell and I'm from Las Vegas. Hi this is green and this is McKee and what are the balanced This is broken. Nod Haughty greatest manager. Ever live always good rack. And you're listening to the greatest rack is guaranteed guaranteed the lie Christy. Love Kick Ball all back taken souls and digging holes. I'm GonNa Break Your pets you hear me with your host and they've been lying to you heroes. Heroes don't exist y'all become addicted to the illusion of what a hero does for you and I mentioned that I was once addicted to eating sponges. Z. See war we will be woman and you can just call me. Oh my God. It's take care taker taker. 'cause take your hate me. All my God taker and she was a wicked wicked child spat and swore chew tobacco trumpets breath and her producer. Sir Rocket Model creatures of the night will now experienced the art of puppetry. This right here era that that runs the Cat Lai a while talk radio network wow And Mate drug with no way the way of life. This is a in life and good evening. Everyone welcome to the rack right here on talk. Radio DOT COM of our friends over at in BG films check him out Youtube Dot com slash in BG twelve eleven. And if you're listening to us over on wild talk radio DOT COM rock radio DOT COM or directly on twitch Sir Dot com shot up or directly on twitch. Thank you so much for tuning in we greatly appreciate it if you get a quick second. You're you're on twitch and you happen to have twitch prime available because the purple button up at the top of the screen to see if you have a sub available to us if you'd like to use a here feel free but if not stats. That's fine too. I Rose Lindsey Award joining the as always is the ever faithful producer sash co host slash cheater cheater. PUMPKIN eater Sarokin. We're live right here while talk. Radio DOT COM radio show DOT COM twix. That he resents outlawed talk radio at record and show at lives on the twitter rumble night. y'All we're here to talk about the royal rumble. But that's not the only thing we're talking about. We're also talking about worlds collide. The scheduled to be done by the assistant to the assistant. Regional analysts. The intern Cancun's very exciting stuff. So yes so this is going to be a relatively long part show hopefully not We're GONNA get lucky on one of the rebels because there's only five people announce for it so That will be a little bit shorter analysis. But yeah so we're talking. Roll rumble tonight. We are talking in. Xt when worlds collide tonight We will. We'll be doing twitter the week in the second half of the show but there will be none of your other favorites. I'm so sorry we are talking. Little INEX- teak as we're talking about view things happen on an x t this week but you know other than that. We're not doing any of the other favorite so I say we get right into the rumble barber friends over in BG films Youtube Dot Com Slash in BG twelve. Eleven right on top. Make sure Margot Mario facebook dot com slash groups. That's facebook dot com slash while took our facebook dot com slash recreation show or tweet us while talk radio your picks for the Royal Rumble. which is this Sunday live only on the wwe starting at five pm eastern with the kickoff show cleared and I? It's it's weird. They're promoting like hey on on Fox like yeah starts at five. PM Eastern. That's a weird deponent's dying five in such a five. Yes we we did say picks Brent we did say picks we'll be doing picks here in a minute let's start with picks let's start with picks. Let's go through some matters on the show. This I think we'll probably be the pre ratio. Yeah I'm guessing this is pre show. It's going to be Chad Gable versus shame as I am not calling him the other name. I refused. Call Him that name is sure to jeeves. Dave is is Chad Gable rise above size surely gee I can rise above shies and call him. The correct name is name. Name is Chad Gable when you go to shop dot com you look shortage. CAS Shirts Asia. I don't care it doesn't matter because he's going into died shameless his foot. You sure remember. I'm fairly sure. Shameless came back. Yes shameless came. Back has really done much. He's just beat up for Jason Inches. Come back but you. There isn't scenario. Where shameless could get all cocky and G Use a small package and get the win and pissed off. Shameless shameless beats up shortly. After I mean that is a scenario that could happen. You do realize right. I do realize it but that being side Chambers Cohen but shortage e should shoot did he has is all the possibilities he could rise above the Fella. I don't think you can rise above the Fella I mean you could. You might be able to rise above the fellow but there's no way are you can rise above his hair. It's too pointy no. That was the old hair. There's not as pointy. It's still very tall right but the other hair was really point lately. You you just touch that thing you you. It was like it was like there's so much hairspray and SHELLAC on that I don't know how he got that thing to relax under other than he just stood under water for two hours he might have had to. I mean props to the to the Glam the Glam squad forget you get nothing to stand up Brent. I did not say picking GM to stay. Surely G has a market for it. No I'm picking chambers. You said it. I didn't insured. She has a chance. I gave the area where you know. No no no you went with him. But but the scenario you you said it out there in the universe narrow pit no. It's not my pick. I'm picking shameless. I'm pretty sure that's his pick chat. Is that his pick. I pick a shameless Bryant right. Dan Shameless you. Love more like I said I have the also can go in and and she put down chambers. Remember number this so just save the work. We have a recording. That statement cable though that word never came out my mouth. Let's be real. Those words never came out of my mouth. I'm going Brent. Is the keeper cheaper list. He can keep it correct. Shame I mean he doesn't necessarily have to give you this list until showtime and actually he doesn't even even have to give it to you he could send it to me. You're not okay breaking news Lindsay's on the show Sunday. I'm not on the show Sunday. I'm not doing show Sunday but you know. Xl has a wonderful ability to like break stuff out so he could create a whole new workbook invented. It can't get to it to be one of those nights nights. It's going to be one of those nights eight ball who you go with shameless shortage e e mail it to never find it. Aibo will shortage E win. This imagine. That's the question I should ask. CONCENTRATE ESCHEDE AIBO will shameless win fast. Trying again we'll shave. April April. Shame as I say with Lindsay says Chug able. I said shame as I said he was going to die to shameless boot. That was exactly what I said. He was going to die to the foot going to die to the foot. Midday on smackdown. John Women's championship is on the line. As Bailey takes on a lay see Evans made this point on on Sunday. I want to see what do you think. This is the secondary match to the match they really want to do. And that's lacey versus Sasha but we never get it. It's like Bailey's the backroom player in this match. I'm going to say this and I don't mean it to sound mean but Bailey is always the background player even as champion. She's the background in player. She has been from the get-go ever since she came back. No fence to Bailey. No offense to Sasha but came back in they put them together. Bailey has been the background player. She is the bridesmaid. Not the bride. Sasha's The star they're they're making that very parent and while I feel like this will be a good ish match. It has the potential to be good. It has the potential good Lacey's gotten a lot better but it just depends on what we get Sunday night I'm not really feeling this this. I'm not really into this. I'm going to be really perfectly honest. They've done what they can with this. But there's not a lot of chemistry to me between taily in Lacey no because again. It's Sasha and Lissi as few Sasha has the personal beef Bailey's just doing the actions. Yeah so I'm going. I'm going to say they're gonNA keep it on Bailey because they have plans for Bailey at mania both the probably involve the winner of the rumble. Maybe maybe or you have Together flip side to that. I don't know if you have Sasha turns because the Gimmick is seen as be he'll Sushi can't turn to a face turn Bailey back as phase. You could see so conflicted on Bailey. Because I feel like she's really really trying and she really wants to make this work. I love that she really wants to make it work but I feel like the problem is is. It's not really working that well and and we're all kind of don't take it very seriously. Well just kind of look at it and go okay. Karen sure janitor. That's what we're doing right now because it's like we can't I can't take it. It's seriously I can't. I'm sorry I get what she's trying to do but she's there's a certain level of discomfort that shows through on her that that makes it just one hundred percent not believe all to me if I I don't mean to make that sound snobbish. After so long dealing with US her way this feels forced. It feels not doc. It's not natural. Goes against who she actually is. We assume but when Bailey got pissed off and beat the shit out of Sasha and turn on Sasha and walked away from her that was legit like you believed that because there's so much history between Bailey and Sasha it it makes a thousand percent sets why Bailey. Did it like it absolutely. Does this this. This didn't make as much sense and it doesn't the other than you're keeping your enemy really really close why. She's aligned with Sasha and why she's allowing Sasha to be the star and Herbie background player. She's the Women's champions. She should be serving the fact that she needs to be in the spotlight. She waited for this for years to get her turn in the Sun after are being behind Charlotte and Sasha and even becky like Bailey's waited for her offer Opportunity to be in the sun. Now here it is is and she's playing Sackville Sasha. She told he's playing second fiddle. And you want her to get this breakout. You want her to break away. You want her to be Something more this gimmick just doesn't feel right maybe over time you'll get better. Maybe she'll believe a little off a little bit it just I think she's actively working on on it because I think even she's acknowledged that there's like she's having difficulty with it. She's she's having difficulty centering ourself and we've had this conversation before about her. Where when Becky becky hit this what she's doing right now? It's very natural because it's who she is in a way where she is what she believes. I believe in what she believes in. Charlotte is the same way. Sasha is the same way there is a certain level of realism. There that is. He's not in Bailey right now. Because it's I feel like all three of them have a much more natural side to them and the same thing goes through for release the Evans like. I don't want to sit here and talk. Shit About Bailey. Lacey Evans feels a little forced me to but she can come off better as a baby face because her kid she can come up better as a baby faces or kid kid. I love her gear. I think the vintage thing is cool but I feel like that she needs to kind of come out of that and they maybe need to make her or like into the supermom type character record because it's like she. She is so much more bad ass than they really Kinda on and they tell you about it but they don't let her be that bad ass like she's an ex marine. I think she's ex special forces or no she's ex MP. I think she was one of the only Woman Min in her unit light. That's that's pretty pretty wicked all on its own like she can legit mess you up and I get that. They're trying to do the complete sleep polar opposite where she's all girly in everything but I feel like she could be more than that and maybe that will come with time. I don't know I just. I am not feeling lateness match and I hate saying that I really do but I'm just not feeling it. Who are you feeling as a winner? I feel like somehow feel like Sasha's ashes going to get involved but I don't know if she cost Bailey or she cost lacy because if it's on a D Q daily doesn't lose her title but that's a good way to give lacey win over Valiente Sasha without changing the title because that's the whole dilemma is like okay. This program's going to carry through through pass rumble potentially going to carry into mania because honestly they need lacy for the rumble. There's a chance that lacey could recover from this match go into the rumble and win the rumble in Challenge Bailey wrestlemainia there. There is a chance that that could happen. It's a low chance but there's a chance so so I say Bailey retains we'll say somehow lacey picks up a win a Bailey retains so it's GonNa be finished braley retains this won't be the cleanest of finish. Bailey retains magic but will Bailey retainer tunnel on Sunday otherwise rumble better. It's not tell me so. Eight miles going lacey. All right next match up next we have falls count anywhere Roman reigns versus King or written for GonNa do this falls count anywhere. I'm okay with that. I'm I'm fine with that. It lets them amp up the brutality put some smoke and mirrors and place because if it was just Roman and bearing in the ring together in a one on one boy howdy they I would go watch something else. No offense to either one of them but like falls count anywhere. It's like all right. Because here's the thing you can get Barron's boys involved the net and use those and you can just have a massive brawl with this so it should be really fun. Hopefully I don't know who to pick Elo. Hello Roman wins. Roman reigns wins. That's my pick. Yeah I can't argue with that. Throw them they're going to build them up strong going into the rumble. He's gotTa Be Barren Cormon not that this one's then watch it just be barren corporate wins. Because you know I feel like Barron needs the win win right like I feel like every time they try to do something with Baron Corbin they cut his balls off with the embarrassment the win he got the win at TLC right yeah Romanies his win thinking Romans the Winton because barons been getting the wind. I'm going yeah. Yeah Roman Authors Marines win very doubtful. Thanks leave Barron corporate fingers all hell can Corbin for the ball. All right. What's serves are up next in? What should be a very fun match? And lots of interference from Selena Vega. You Have Andrade taking on Humberto Correo for the United States Championship. Another man I could see on the pre show. I'm GONNA GO Andrade. I really really am he. He just want it. Although Ramos cheerio might get involved in this but I think they'd Kinda sorta given up a little bit on Humbert. Oh have they do they do an angle big the big angle to get him back. Recognize GonNa win the Lotto back. I don't know what I think about. Though he's talented but I don't know he reminds me a lot of young Dallas Really Young Dallas. It'd be he just. I just don't connect to them like okay. Here's the problem Humberto town. So he can do the flip dies but there's something missing we don't know anything about him like we don't know who he is. We don't really know what he stands for. We know that he's been excuse. Excuse me throw it into this feud withdraw and he's been Kinda like dealing with Selena and Ramos stereos been backing him up. But we don't know anything about it and we don't know who he is. I don't know what his motivation it other than he's power ranger so I mean I feel like there's just not a connection to him at all and they're not really really doing a lot unless they I mean creative is doing a whole lot to build connection to him. They're just kind of expecting us all to accept him as power ranger and and be happy with him. But it's like I need to know more of the story. I need to know what he's about you know I need to know I need to know more like I wanNA know more. I'm curious. I think he's cute. I think he's very talented. But it's who is he so you look at him and then you go on the other side. There's loose Fale who they've given a backstory to but people just don't seem to really get behind that either I feel like with Moustapha. You have to give him the really big underdog story you kind of have to do with what you did with Kofi Kingston. which which was the plan in reality but no I don't know I just I look at career and I just go good wrestling but in this day and age you need more than good rustling because so much so many wrestlers so much good wrestling? It's like you had to something more to stand out. He just sorta blends in to the pack just being good and has nothing to add to it but at the same time. He's very very young and I feel like he's still growing into himself a little bit and he still trying to figure stuff out so I'm going to give him time and see what he does. But that being said Andrade is GonNa win. I'm Gogo Andrea retains. Hey April is andrade retain no no with an exclamation point very definitive art up next. You have becky Lynch taking on Oscar for the wrong women's championship this is this is is an interesting little match. Because what's on the line is pride. Can becky Oscar one year liver. One year later. Were Oscar. beep right becky now. We're back. It's at rumble. Can becky get the W.. Over her most or her fiercest rival. I'm really looking forward to this because I think this is going to be really really really good and really strong. There's GonNa be a lot of storytelling involved in this year's see a lot of frustration Australian from from Beckham figuring this one. She's going to get frustrated. I think she may do things that becky normally wouldn't do. Because she's trying to overcome Oscar thing they'll be points where becky goes a little too far in things she does. It make could cost her like. I don't think she lose but I think she could get driven to a point where she keeps herself. She could do herself just because like she wants so bad she she may not stop until she does and it may go to a place where it's like I don't know I don't know if like she may grab a chair because because she's frustrated because she can't tap her our something and she gets the acute. I could see that happening because then they can do the rematch etc etc to build on on as you go to Wrestlemania and stuff like that. But I think becky retains I think she wins but I also can see the point where she goes too far and it costs her whether cost title. I'm not sure but I know it could cost her the match. So here's the thing with Becky. She'd been champion for almost a year. She wanted last year Wrestlemainia. Armand I'm on San and this close in issue going to issue. is she going to carry it through to mania that's everybody's question because there is a very real possibility. She could lose it on Sunday that they decide. Okay all right. We're GONNA put the title on Oscar and we're GONNA roll into mania With Oscar as the champion and the new becky versus Oscar for the title. Or Becky Beats Oscar for the title at Mania. Or you give becky different match wjr. That doesn't need the felt like you take the man and the baddest woman on the planet and you let them fight and you go from there. You don't need a for that one man and you do Ms Baseler that one more demore would neither title. Rhonda doesn't Rhonda doesn't need the title if she's coming back becky. Rhonda doesn't need a title. So there is a scenario where she drops the belt because they have other plans put. You don't know anything about Rana knows going like that's pure wild speculation. It's a natural Milton match. It would be a really good match if they did back in Rhonda and you're correct that the title would muddle things because unnecessary. Because it's very clear. Rhonda's probably not back long term. So becky would. It would be clear. The title would stay on Becky which is why the title having no title means anyone could win the match anyway. That's long term thinking. I don't know how to packed like I really don't know because it's like a good see it. I could see becky losing the title but I can also see becky winning. She's still one of the hottest things that they have going. She's the a face Monday night. Raw She's Kinda carrying the company right now like she is legit the man I just don't I don't see them having her lose right before Wrestlemainia but I feel like if she doesn't take the loss now she's not GonNa take it at mania but you could take it after like I don't know Brad goes in order to become champ because asked what have to belts. True true makes a valid point. I don't want Oscar to win win in this week simply because I don't want chant Champ CHOMP OSC Champ Trump Oscar needling four champ champ champ champ or tamp Because she still has the tag mill in one hundred percent much but our Oscar or Oskar. Yeah no I would agree with that. she does have the tag titles with Cari forgot that they were tag champs. Because I haven't defended them in forever a month. It's been one month. It's been forever. It's been bombs. The last paper who was a ladder match one month spend one month. They haven't brought them up since 'cause Kyrie was hurt. I understand this but in the entire your time. That becky's been feuding with sky. Feel like they have not mentioned it once I'm going to say Becky Becky's GonNa roll through the mania. I'm going back to your Mbeki. April was Becky Lynn's can retain on Sunday night. Yes because again. There's a chance that Oscar go into the rumble could win and re-challenge becky because I feel like it will be all hands on deck or the rumble for the women. Because they need everybody they can get. We'll get there next in another another highlight match which should be very interesting and probably extremely kinky and slutty. So you're going to want to put the kids to bed on this. You have the fiend Bray Wyatt taking on Daniel Bryan in a strap match for the universal title. Gould's been good bill. It's been really good. Bryant had Brian Seems CBS to have some answers on how to solve the fiend. We had a really clever Build up to this or you. Had CAIN in return. He calls out the fiend and he and Brian Trick the fiend ambush him and Brian gets to beat him up and beat him down. Dan Rip off some of his hair in payback for what Braided to Brian. So that was really clever. Also thank you for giving me a psychotic intelligent. Cain one more time you'll know that rocks. My socks love to see that and it also sets up dental feud for Kane Bray at the Saudi Arabia in February I'm saying Break Harry sister to mania braised retain the title been bit good building again scene of the crime. Many moons ago pray best match race singles match was against Daniel Bryan Rumble. And I'm sure we will have equal equal levels of greatness in Nisa. I like how they've been calling back to the family and the betrayal and that whole history between Brain Brian. That's really really nice that they're doing it Yay continuity he remembers flash due to well because that was never resolved. Like you had Brian. Betray Bray the to you. beat the crap out of each other bray wins and then like it's never mentioned ever again and then. Brian had to suddenly retire for a few years. And then now he's back and and everybody's been or at least not already. I've been winning for them to sort of find each other and meet up and continue to resolve that issue because like I said never got resolved ever right just just Kinda beat him up and that was it. Brian Hurt Bray. He hurt his family Ryan suffer and before everybody bitches expect red lighting. I mean it's going to happen. None of us are going to be able to see Sabrina eyedrops. But this should still be really good with the hi. I'm also going to say this. If the secret to the beating the fiend is turning on the lights I call week a call so weak that that was my idea. I know but I'm just bring that up. 'cause I've seen it a couple other places to come late the fiendish stoppable just by turning on the lights. They're not tone enough it's what they WANNA do. Talented came for a while and then they realized that stupid. Hopefully figure out something else. I don't know we'll see it's why they've pulled back on him wrestling on TV. It's why they've pulled back is why. I think you had fun house by Russell Ms last month onto other than it didn't really call for the fiend is to give everybody a break from the red lighting because people were complaining and they were hearing that people were complaining and so they're trying to adjust it. We'll see if it's there this time it probably will be on. This will be along match but it we'll just see how this goes but it will be there so we just need to. You know who also happens anyway about will the debris why retain on Sunday. We'll the fien bray. Wijeratne is universal championship on Sunday night. No it says no really really quick to go back to the man's if they adjusted the red in the lighting because the problem is is like one or two tones or shades to the bad. Were hurt your eyes after a while if they could somehow adjust the either the red or adjust the brightness in the light so there are a little bit higher. It wouldn't be as bad add. But they've got it at that perfect irritating setting or it's like either to read or just to touch dark and if you see it in the arena. The darkness. Miss Actually start to hurt your eyes after a while. I can attest to that been there done that. So yeah they do need to adjust that I don't know if if they will or they won't now to what the show's all about. Let's start with the women's world rumble. There's GonNa be so many surprises us when chat so so many surprises in this woman's rubble because we only have five people announce so that means you're GonNa be twenty-five surprises that includes people that all the legend comeback because there's twenty five surprising is you're going to get everyone from molly holly to ivory to Trish Stratus Lita and Michelle McColl and Candice Michelle. I'm Kristie Amis and the running people W E I was GONNA say they're gonNA say Molina but she's worked for them the Anyway yeah okay. They've done a half ass job. No print corner to corner corner corner corner just all through the farthest part of the corner. Go okay. No no no the tinder pictures wrong. It would be him facing away from the camera to sticking his ass out for everybody to Z.. Non sequitur also the facebook picture. Actually no I'm sorry. The instagram picture would be would be him in the artis. This hat. The facebook picture should be picture anyway. She's just randomly. Talking about golf. Has Nothing to do with what we're talking. Well just clicks things. I sent her on Skype I'm I'm just. It's that mean that it's like that. He asked for this by the way he ask for that picture. It's the mean that's linked in facebook instagram. Tender just go me Fox on W. W. on twitter wanted us to put it out Anyway so God please let him respond to that. He asked him for it he asked them for it. Yes what about me on on on. Hold on. She's going to go to. I'm talking. Just keep talking. I'm going to twitter. She's going on twitter. So yeah they've they've done a half pastor have kind of setting up this rumble and hopefully by Sunday night where people do social media videos. They do on smackdown to really drive the point home that this matchup is going to be the first ones were they able to bring back. People do things in the second one was really good how they planned it out. problem here's here's the thing with this one is like you have talent but there's been a lot of injuries lost Ni- Naomi was out because of the UCLA. You've had rewrite injured. You had a bunch of people come in and out and so do on the main roster and Becky made this point on on backstage is like you don't have an bodies. The tank is not as full as as it once was so when you take out Beckham asking your living two of the key pieces on her she. You're GONNA have saying you're Charlotte Charlotte's those two. They're actually into match so far. Officially the iconic have been back home dealing with stuff on with the fires and everything so they haven't been around so it's like very limited. You've now started bringing live Morgan going back into the picture. So she's going to be an active part Rosser. So that your people there on smackdown you got talent you got come in and out. You Have Manny Sonia. You have the talent but you have to actually focus into rubble so all you're going you're going to get them all everyone's going to be in the rumble who should be in the room. Whoever's active will be rubble which means you're going to get a lot out of annex people tomorrow I'M GONNA once I figure out thirtieth person I'M GONNA put out the Royal Rumble prediction where I go one thirty? Here's who thinks the men's Eh. Currently out on talk radio for female. So it's like it's trying to figure it out. It's like okay. I've pulled some people from St. I pulled people from actually you K.. Thinking you're going to have a nice mix you can have your surprised that you're GonNa have could Shannon will come up. Could Ronda Rousey make return into the royal rebel and sort of maybe when the rumble. Go underestimate and Lynch these setup. Even though we just point you don't need the belt beside the point You could bring bring back people from the past. But I don't expect Trish because I think don. She had her moment leader. I don't think they're bringing back because you don't. You'll need her. I think you're going to rely on more of he's he's got so there's the thing there's so much so many women you will look down on his team. There's so many women they could use. So many the Bianca's Tony stormed stormed the candle. Raise the Dakota kyw's and Teagan Knox's all the world I mean guy you know she turned onto your knocks the paper. I don't remember what the paper was on. The interest is thing era. It is totally thing. Totally thing So there there's talent she got to see a lot of talent in this matchup. That said it's hard to protect because there's only so many choices like is Charlotte GonNa win the finally when the rumble and go back into native at a resume and maybe Bailey for the title. I mean they could do that. Or you're GonNa Sasha when the when the rumble and go from there last night we had billy k win the title in the in the simulation so you anthony possible. Anything is possible so we'll have to see I don't I can't pick a winner for the rumble. Because there's honestly honestly not enough name Senator Really Pick but you have to pick one. Think outside the box you pick. Michelle McColl comeback. Win The royal rumble. Ron wrestlemainia fightback Bailey. For the tail boom macos back on top of the world boom. She would I mean if she really wanted to she could. I don't know if the hubs would be okay with that. I'm sure he would be but you know they're not going to the Royal Rumble Brent. Good not I keep saying this on a really Kinda. WanNa see somebody from INEX- Ti win either the men's or the women's rumble. Like I really really really really do. Just because I think that would be a cool moment. four x t especially after they were they let them be so dominant at survivor series. I feel like they should get one here especially to continue to establish them As a third brand. WHO's your pick your trying to think of? Who would be ended? Do you need help. You need aims. Is that what you need a name coming forward. I just don't know if she's GonNa win it. What's the name the name it we we've talked about who you think him? MM-HMM I mean she is the ast of annex t but she's fighting for the Women's title or the championship sorry carry named supposedly. I mean if you just listen up ears you could hurt anyway. But reportedly she's doing it. I take a Portland in two weeks. So it's not gonna be her car so do that you take you take like certain people you can take both rumbles. Because they're in directions in that you're not gonna just sorta like going into this. This weekend was a favor to win the royal rumble. But he just want to tip Egypt so he's don't want Romell he could but I don't know I mean it's really really really hard. That's what she said. I'm going to go with chat on the Shannon Baylor because there's nobody else coming forward and then that lets shane. Challenge rea- or anybody buddy. All she wants anyone else she wants. I'm going with the bus. Sasha banks you don't need the cause or started people in the Marco thirty names so so for the April. Just write down simulation brand billy K.. And last but certainly not least. We have the men's royal rumble match where Brock Klausner will be coming in at number one and trying to make a bid to make history to win the rumble as the reigning and defending defending champion. That's the case. This will be the longest brock has worked in eight years. WHO's got one thirty right? That's what happened or four. Someone's GonNa show up and cost him the match which everyone says. Well you know. Set up his WRESTLEMAINIA try But here's a scenario for you guys. Best scenario of all so brock dominant. He throws out this person. This person goes through four or five. Six people. Whatever showing off his dominance maybe a throat like Tucker and odors out just? Because it's a beefy the guy you know. He's someone up beefy phone shit up it says no it really does But then it's it's its rivals time. You'RE GONNA have a bunch of rivals from from box past show up glencoe per and the undertaker Roman reigns and then and then Cain Velasquez and you have all these is trying to go after brock box zone. But he's still on US match and my practice distracted and he's dealing with all these men who from his pass out trying to come out here limited in our true sneaks in the ring and dumps out brock listener. No no no. But it's a great scenario. That'd be great archerd. They would then get slaughtered on Monday because brock would be pissed because they throw them out of the truth is a pure loving human. And being why would you do that. Shit too great scenario when it's hot it's scenario but why do you want our truth to get killed eld. I wanted to show up in Brooklyn celebrating. I'm not disagreeing with that but then Brookwood a chase 'em down. It would be his maven moment. Yes uh-huh yeah even eliminate them take our meeting. I was there I saw it. I saw. Maybe it's face popcorn or machine. See I didn't let you down TAT at a great scenario that put up to her so anyway. I don't archer to get hurt. We don't always good scenario. I don't WanNa wish that on him. Good Lord Yeah but it just went through anyway. This boils down who's going Wrestlemainia wrestlemainia bracket is already going so. He doesn't need a win. So now you're GONNA go. WHO's GONNA fight back? Listener dumped him out. We'll probably get he coming up. Yeah he's GonNa get total God. I mean everyone speculation. ADS is coming back to win. It's also I mean well. Here's something you've got broken you've got bray or you got. Whoever is the winner of brain Daniel To get the winter. You also have Adam Cole. They may eh on there as well where you have somebody when you can have a guy from annex t win and he challenges Adam Cole to title that. It is also possibility that nobody's really considering that all three men's world championships are on the line right now. Supposedly suppose no I mean they. I don't know because it kind of dropped the NFC part of it for now pushing. They're not pushing it because I think they don't want people to think about it so I'm I don't think it's going to be a man that wins the rumble or wins the royal rumble in challenges them Coleman in Mexico superstar. Yes yeah that whatever. I'm tired shut up anyway So let's see I'm thinking gene. Cain probably Cave Alaska's I should clarify because there's two now oh simulation picked rector came real cane demon came to in the room. I'll put it in imprint. Right to them. I mean because Roman reigns and everybody else realistically. There's no one on smackdown backdown legit the smackdown roster Tanna week in terms of men. Think top then single stars you got you got to Robert Roots and you got the bronze romance and you shouldn't gays. And you MRS but Missus Morrison. So it's like. Yeah I don't know about. Then they're probably going to fight for titles detecting program so they're not GONNA win like King Carbon a Roman reigns and they're relived the top because Daniels against pray you kinda limited there so it's like the someone from Rowan thank you. You don't know it all depends. Are they going to Kane Brock as a special attraction for the title. Maybe where they're going to actually push someone like calendar drew McIntyre filing into that main events. SPOTHERO AROSA mania. Those were the two names really WanNa see win. Either one mainly Kevin but Kevin Owens would be really cool so drew. Don't get me wrong. Drew McIntyre be really legal too but I mean either or would be fine. It's just really hard to pick this because you don't like that. We don't know where they're going with this. We don't know who they're they're putting up against and and we don't know who they're putting up against brock we don't know if they're putting anybody up against brock like brock could just like not do mania this year which would be stupid but that could happen like Brock Rock and win the rumble. And he's like peace out. I'm good because I mean here's the thing. Brock who'd rocket inner at number one he fights a couple of guys gets tired. Rolls out out of the ring under the bottom rope. Rose under the ring lays under there for about thirty forty five minutes gets up throws the last personnel wins rumble. He doesn't have to fight the entire hour. He he just has to get enough people in there that he can sort of vanish. I mean Hell Rhodope took a fifteen minute map nap on the side of the ring so anything is possible possible me so I don't know I'm going with Roman but I'm going to pick Roman because it's easy pick Hayman's not gonNA turn on listener. And he's not GonNa do it for punk. I know you want that. And that's cool but punks not come back anytime soon. Unless they've worked something out but but I don't anticipate punk being in this match just because I don't think all the feelings from the previous situation have fully healed or been addressed That being said I'm GonNa Pick Rome in a win. Any challenges break. I don't know what else to pick. It's like I don't know like who scenarios enroll it makes sense drew or Kevin or even sad. There's some like something but it's like or alisdair Alistair and Broccoli Amazing But you assistant the carbs out Roman. Yeah that's what I got. Roman I mean it's like I feel like you can set up any of those matches with whoever eliminates emanates Broccoli you can have Kevin Eliminate Brock you can have drew eliminate brock. You can have cave Alaska's do it. You can have anybody do do it. To eliminate brock. And then that's how you we set up that whole feud but I just feel like whoever's winning winning the rumble is going to challenge bray because Bray Wyatt if he goes onto mania a- as champion. It's not one hundred percent clear once. He gets dumped Dana. Brian who he's moving onto and that's if he's done with Daniel Bryan. Because here's the other twist Daniel Bryan depending on wind strap match happens and when the men's rumble happens could enter the rumble and could try to challenge bright mania. That's it's another possibility reductions here on the rack. He she got facebook dot com slash groups and salts upbringing. That we're hopefully starting tomorrow. Hopefully full cards in these. They don't have have stuff on facebook. FACEBOOK DOT com slash talk radio in two hundred twenty year fix. Yep So all right we are going to take aac quick ish break and when we come back we are going to be talking and x t worlds collide and we will have a special guest with us. 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Because she's saying that she tweeted to file her right now do it do it do make me too affiliate trying to like seven followers so people want to follow me. Please follow me. That would be awesome. Follow follow. I don't stream that match. I promise I won't be a burden anyway. So we did the royal rumble. We talked about all that. We're talking about worlds collide prince gotTA compile the. witless get all that together. Get that ready so well. He does that. We're going to tweak fan and Tama amassed base and to take over bid to found Ooh a place where you can go ahead one hundred forty characters of this dish starts to climb. I go to refresh map TA TA tweet. No more or he can I show all righty Cypher. PK doesn't matter what sport ten. The TAP man is watching cowboys lose. He follows that up with so this was the tweet. That's going to push me to seven K.. Followers Tim Response with Bro. What the heck I mean a Jank and the cowboys dulas often so who it happens but he was talking about cowboys running? Not Actually Cowboys football team. ooh continue anyway. Anthony Walled tweets. You're either nexus or you're against us and it's a picture of a building that has the nexus as the sign on it and he tweets the entire former nexus. Repeat Jay Black responds. That's our. That's our old headquarters. David Otunga goes. I believe I still have a couple of armbands there in my desk drawer. PJ block goes. I'm ready when you are Dave and Bray Wyatt just sends out a gift of for the love of God. Aubrey honey honey. Do you don't want to go back. He is not one. He's not the chosen he doesn't want to go back. He doesn't he doesn't want to channel Huskisson go back again. You know be be a Aminian and get beat on with the bell away. He's going to get beat on Sunday. So maybe he is going back. You know. Maybe maybe he's embracing his Kinky side. Maybe he is maybe he is. That's all I got. I forgot what was the seventeenth. Your Friday forgot. I went through a bunch. Knock attributing this to anybody. I'm just going to say the Hashtag ready Hashtag worse things to yell out after six. See at the family reunion. A union forgot my antibiotic. You're the best sister ever. Wow you're almost as good as your sister. I want a refund UPI changing my number after this. Your brother other lasted longer. You are the best Walmart greeter ever guard. A pizza would have been more satisfying that tour scabs open. The GERBIL is stuck next time. I'm the girl. Shouldn't you be B already up making me a sandwich. That's that's I have from that one Brent Sayers a little bit of the bubbly the doctor Lupo got to my hotel. Pack South and I have to say I'm impressed with health a communist places. The things are so low even carriage J. B. could reach someone zone courage image goes. Okay Dude Okay Okay Dude Okay Okay Dude okay. It's really small think it is. It's I mean to be fair. He can wash his His his massive de so there is that that's worse than report. Aaron Rodgers has been repeating on a silent like a good neighbor state. Farm is is there with a new defense. Doesn't doesn't seem to be working no. It didn't work trevor. May Him you'll have your video me dope but am I in the thumbnail him. No but you made the tunnel that that that damaged courage shitty shake my head H my head. The title was curved back on twitch. Trevor die so much happens and corey graves. Trying to be gentlemen offered help to the tiny woman sitting next to me put her large bank back in the overhead. She for some reason took offense. I left out loud when she dropped packer in her own face lex bliss. That's something I would do. Okay I have a late injury. Ten the TAP man. Let's see if this works in reference to his stream. He's been having issues today. Actually the last three days Jack Septa Guy. I didn't work Dick Stuck in toaster. Sint help laser beam can't confirm I'm also in the toaster Dr Lupo. This is a comfortable toaster. That is a massive ass. Toaster connects and actually rundown slush worlds collide. Let's go it's time for this weeks. Addition Featuring Turing from Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. The busiest shark of them all the assistant to the assistant original shark trump's by phone. The intern shark came kittens. Okay number one hypothetically and at number two hang on just a second I need okay. I'm good now. What had to make a bid another one you? How did when you have the chance? Shut up you can't propose. ooh marriage to her Brent. Ten minutes all you need so hypothetically but in reality next week on the next we knocked Knox and Dakota kyw one on one thought sprint. Kinda beat the piss out of each other but why are they going to beat the PISS each other. I thought their best friends what happened sometimes. Sometimes friends have disagreements. It's okay it's healthy to work things out. Then they're going to go and get ice cream and braid each other's hair. It's fine I don't. I don't think that shot up. That's how that's GonNa work. Also I have a question. So is this match actually happening or is it hypothetical. Because it's the only thing thing I can think of when they now says honestly I this match will not have finish this match. Yeah this is not going to be a finish match watch. This is going to take over. That's where we'll have a winner. That's where the full what Fans WanNa see is going to happen this. We'll just be at a taser. I have a feeling it'll be something along. The lines of either Dakota doesn't come out or they just start brawling before the bell rings and they go all over full sail Kinda like Killian. Dane and Bro Did okay and undisputed the speed is no longer really in this viewed it as they lost the championship is Keith. Lee is your North American champion. I I has one issue with all of this us what I have. No problem with keithly winning vile means capitalize on everything that happened. I just really wish he would've solved the angle better during that match. Yeah I mean he got beat up two weeks in a row he got pill man is on on the ankle and yet he came strutton to the ring. Your thing doesn't work anymore now but the the one the thing that got me was so late in the match Rod. He's been working that ankle all match. Long Li gets up and he just like smacks. Is it like three times. and He's good. I know again. I'm not trying to track from the the entire match was great. I'm happy with the result. Keith deserves it. It's the you know if the limitless era for them. It's just one thing that I saw that I was just like. Oh told Brent the bring the hot takes now. He's bringing hot takes unpopular opinions and go. I'm I'm I'm just waiting for Sunday. 'cause I just WANNA see him in brock face to face with one another. I will pop when that happens. Thoughts on zone Keatley winning. I think it's awesome. It's great for our fantasy team. Got US point I'm Tremendous I mean or it had that on the speed Aaron Team I mean that's just that will not a week for them so far but maybe it turns around maybe it turns around. We'll we'll see we'll see actually take him. Yeah Cam Yeah He. They went up north. Oh that's right that's right that's right. That's right Brian is big fourteen and I think all I think the four of us on the call that worked for candidate. We're like you know what More power to Ya. I remember that now. Yeah we were like do ticking time bomb time bomb and started to hit zero WPRO. Let us keep on ticking. That's fine fine. This is totally fine. Let's get in the world. I'm not done on reducer taking over for for I'm trying I So now don't you start just say your first shoots and ladders chat give you take no. That's what he does not even close. Well that's what you do not close completely happen. One hundred percent legit he rigged the game Worry because I I have the pick recorded. Oh good good. Then he pulls the crap earlier in the show and now he's cutting me earlier on the show. Okay okay where our. He claims he didn't make a pick eight. But okay. What's your opinion on this? Lindsey really enter the dispatch. I thought it was very good a little Sarah happened on for DV. I wish they had done it on like a takeover or on worlds collide or something like that. But it's fine and and long live keithly may continue to kick ass because we need points moving on to win worlds collide when that happened. That happens Saturday or Sunday night. Saturday Saturday night Saturday night Sunday it's the non takeover takeover as rock and. I talked about earlier today. And why they're not calling you to take over because takeovers happening in two weeks but he could be takeover worlds collide and then they don't do a takeover weeks do a special event in two weeks the house happening takeover of being subsequently separated from the Big Four. I think the only ones GonNa have one wrestlemainia sense anyway. It happens this Saturday night. seven PM Eastern normal normal about time in a row bat channel. So all right we are going to start with your pre show match of Serbia taking on Keighley ray thoughts anybody six matches on this show which is weird and I don't know if you saw so member we're trying to figure this out in terms of numbers right like you gotta you gotta spread it out. Where both sides get some lovin into you go from there with six matches? It's hard to do that because it could be three three tie. It would have made sense if you did the dust classic files on the show and just set match match. But Hey here we are in terms of this matches really know Southampton's it's just you have the UK women's Women's. Yeah I mean are they calling her. Shimmy overseas just annexed teach kids raising. NFC Women's shipping museum is trying to rebound from a few losses. She's been having lately. This one is non title. This one seems geared toward Kayleigh. Ri- like you want your champion to win. You don't want it makes more sense for your champion. Go over in this one. So I'm going to go with them. Going Kaley right. 'cause it's a logical finish on his front yet it. It's one one of those. The match was put together to put your your UK women's champion on there because You had a chance to actually have her on in another another match but they did not pull that trigger so you had to feature Kaley Ray because otherwise it would have been really awkward to have your female representative be Tony Storm. Someone who doesn't have the belt and Don't get me wrong. Medium is a hell of a worker. They're going to have a good match. It can go. It can be a bruising style match it can be A bunch of different things in the scope of things I talked about earlier. UK has to get some of these matches. And when you look at some of the other ones you're kind of like that one feels that feels annexed Thi this one. I guess could go go either. This one feels like it's it's a UK win setup. It'll still be a good match but yeah I think they need this one to help kind of get the numbers number there because You know they'll probably put up the counter throughout the night and you don't want it to be like smack down at the survivor series with one. Yeah I'M GONNA go with Kaley raise well especially considering what's happening later in the night I say. UK gets their women's win here moving on hold on. You're forgetting about somebody. Hey Hey magic. But we'll Kaley really right Kaley Rabi me getting any anybody f the how. It's as better not tell you see F the host so it's some Yep Yep wow starting off great this is why we don't ask things we do. That's the gimmick me. Shouldn't it's wrong long strong moving on so in the match it's going to get everybody pregnant and the entire Internet is GONNA win. DIY versus his Mustache Mountain. I don't know who I want to win this. I don't know who I love more. I don't they do. They create new. Diy Ah Graphics simply you remember when I said some of these ads feel an extra heavy and some of them. You just don't know this is the match personally to me. I just don't know I can't pick a winner. I don't know I feel it leaning certain way but at the same time again if they want to even up the score I could. I could see it. Go the route of the British boys. They're the established team. They're the ones wants to work more as a team. DIY has been reluctant. They've broken up. And they have and teamed in forever so this is their reunion tour. This is a reunion show. And and there's Mustache Mallon who on the regular our team there unit they have always been a unit. There's been no teasing breaking up that unit now rock is something I mean. That's what they yes. They've teamed together more and all of that but what have. I've been the results of those team. UPS when it comes to Mustache Mountain they were the NFC type team champions more times than not. They're the plucky group that it just happens to come up a little short. I feel I I feel like there's so much as I want to say it Johnny and Tomasa. We're GONNA come up short here here. It's a one shot deal right now with them. We don't see. Do Diy. Reuniting Tacoma's GonNa go for the for for the title after this. Johnny is going to be probably right there with them and they're going to have those issues. Plus you could potentially have some shenanigans involved in this I I see I see it going. Bayden sevens way like I can see them giving it to. Diy just because it's diy and how. How legendary do they are together absolutely ability to make sense like this can go either way? It's really hard to pick this one but I feel like if you have to have people lose it should be Johnny Tomasz. The past issues could get in the way a little bit or undisputed error. Somebody else could get in the way. Here's the thing you say there. They need to lose. But then they lose momentum both Johnny and Tomasa were off the bigger and better things giants off the face fin tomatoes off the face Adam Adam Cole. So they figure things on horizon so taking semesters men wouldn't look good on the resume. You WanNA keep them hot. You WanNa keep going especially with Johnny. Who hasn't been in the ring in such a long time? This is his first match back since well before survivor series so the turn so he needs a strong wind he needs to get back into the ring and he needs to get a win but I could easily make that up either in Portland or you could make that up on an xt TV like this isn't going to be a super devastating loss for them just because of all the history between diy and and what we know is there so it's like anything could happen like can they just both win that thing though they both like go to withdraw or something like that satins contest it could go to a contest. Because here's the other part of this. Is that Bayton. Seven haven't been working together in UK. They've been working separate separate programs like they can always come together and they can always work together because at this point they're married federalize mates they are the reread feet. Trenton Tyler. They're married that's just at the wrestling married. I don't know I don't I want pick in pick pick in my. My heart is saying Mustache Mountain. K Brad it hurts Brandt okay now you were talking about momentum here going into the decks takeover you have Tomasa fighting for the big belt and you have johnny facing off against Finn Correct Playing off of what. I think may happen into weeks I think. DIY needs to win here because at least one of them is. It's probably not going to win in Portland and I think if you have two losses like that back to back that could hurt someone. Plus the fact. I think this match is one of those where the fans I think will kind of dictate it and I think the fans would prefer a diy win over mustache. Mountain sits lyrics located essences here if it was if it was over in the UK. I would feel a lot more comfortable picking gang mustache mountain because I could see the crowd shifting a little more towards them but in Houston before the rumble. I think they want a Johnny and Tomasa win and I think with the fact that you have the two faces there you WanNa keep the fans happy. I'm going the APL. Mustache mound be diy for very doubtful. Ewho Lens Lindsay's Lynch is the only one supporting the Brits Boys but but we're we all. I think we all agree this. This can be one. Oh God we're we're going to be done by the end of this like my ovaries aren't even prepared for the opening. Yeah probably probably Will Bay light kick that shit off hot and send them out to do it Up Next you have the cruiserweight championship on the line. As Angel Garza takes on Isaiah's were Scott Jordan in Dublin and Travis Banks. I think this is really a match. Between Garza and Scott Caused Avalon and banks are in no Devlin's ends in the finals for the dusty classic I thought he was part of the the No I was somebody else. Never aligned. Scratch that either way Devlin his UK away. No no Devlin is Finn Light. That's right Yup light. I keep forgetting that. Okay dot now I feel like Garza's going to retain long story short getting this back on track. I don't see any of the title's changing hands at this event because they don't really need to unless you send the cruiserweight title to UK. That's GonNa that's where I'm going. Because because they could have a they they don't have I think the secondary title like what An xt has with North American Championship. But they don't need a secondary town. This doesn't need to be a long-term win. This is about number tall about the numbers chat always always about the numbers and you look up and down this car going. US US S. U. S. U. S.. You see all the US wins here. Garza just want it but he can lose an and get right back for a night he can lose it to say Travis spanks and be okay with it because then you can do the rematch on television. The upcoming Wednesday. It's very easy booking it. Gets you the numbers you need for the show. Oh and also you can change the belt because it's a cruiserweight town now known as a whole that belt for long periods of time just cruiserweight title. That's bureau so so my my opinion. I'm leaning Torture Bank because they were featuring him on TV leading up to this. Oh that's where my mind sense going. Brent where's your mindset mine mine is I can I. We talked about this earlier. I could see them shifting title to UK just so again there could be a secondary title because has meant you know. Mainland Annex t has the the championship the championship and the North American Championship. So the the cruiserweight title is kind of a a a fourth belt. That just happens to be on that brand so I could see it in theory going over there but I think honestly I think the belt stays on the side of the pond and you know what if one title is going to change on the card. This will be it and screw it. I'm picking I'll I'll picks Swerve Maple Garza retain on Saturday. A it will look good all right next week at the APL agreed with Lindsay Is trying to make it up to me. They got same Ballard takes on. Ilia Draganov thin. Yeah I mean need I wanna I wanNA give I want to give off at sheds I do but I think this week on. TV We just showed that yeah fans going to roll in their dragging off may get some offense and Evil Finn is just GonNa win okay. Can we just curious address S. the Lindau. Not Use the words dress and Ballard right now when you want to talk about the elephant in the room the horn. Let's talk about the the horn in the room smuggling something please and I'm sorry I don't mean to call this. How but I mean to call this out? Can we please do something about Finn Ballard trunks. There's children in the audience. Okay why I don't need to be all that and if you know what I'm talking about you know what I'm talking about like if they get any tighter across his front they're you're GonNa have to censor that shit okay like we're GonNa have to learn somehow not like that. I mean I'm sorry you know what I get. There's not a lot of room to work with in the teeny tiny ass little trunks. He's gotTa stick it somewhere. It's gotTa go somewhere. I understand that I respect bat. But I'm talking about a quality issue or a where like the girls get punished if they have a five second nip nip slip but then Ballard can walk around essentially dick out and it's fine like come on guys come on and I'm not not try to attack him because lots and lots and lots of guys do it like lots of male wrestlers. Their trunks are so tight you can tell what religion they are but like. Can we not. Can we just not with that because I mean it was like you tell on. TV This Week. They were struggling. And I means struggling. Not to shoot Finn Ballard's lower-half because he walked out and he was just a touch excited and those things were super tight then and they were trying really really really hard. Pardon the Pun not to show his lower-half Half lease till he calmed down. So like I just have to bring that up. Can we just do general about this all the time anyway. April was we'll just we'll stop showing his will Finn Win on Sunday on Saturday. Certain that he will show his peanuts and went on Sarah his chalet alone. Okay all right. And what promises to be an excellent amazing ovary popping match. We have real Ripley taking on Tony Storm the NFC championship is on the line. As RIAs defending this is going to be a barn burner. This is going to be another one that if you want to open the show with this. That's perfectly fine. I don't think anybody will complain. But I'M GONNA rea- It could be interesting to see how this crowd relax. Ax crumbled craft GONNA react. Hot to rea- put Tony. I'M GONNA Kinda wondering how they're going to the Houston crowd reacts Tony Give me more than the Smarter Fan. So they'll know who she is in the pop and do everything it's like. Oh is she going to be more of a he'll to cause on on Wednesday she kind of had some booze in there there and when she held up that belt the fans booed well because of Russia's hot in here in Florida right now. So it's like that she's their champion. Like if Tony the same thing read in the she would be the one being here but now it's really got the moment so right but it's it's also the thing have yet remember. It wasn't that long ago that she was fighting in the May young classic and the fans were firmly behind her. But I think it just shows how. Oh how much the fans at the the Phantom of annex t have embraced RIA that quickly and disaffected active. You know Tony grabbing that belt and holding it up the fabric was like Nah. nope the girl is the one that actually holds that title because we is so oh unique she she is like nothing anybody has ever seen before. She is so unique so one of a kind that you can't not love her because she's she's the complete opposite of everything that what the women's division was installed kind of is whereas Tony. Tony Tony Is. I'M GONNA call her traditional because she is she's got she's beautiful and this isn't a bad thing. None of this is a bad thing that she's beautiful. She's got the blonde hair. She's got the glam makeup. She's you know she's extremely talented. But you look at Tony any and she kind of looks like a lot of the other girls that they have in. WWE or they have had in the past some bad thing completely not a bad thing. I want to put put that out there but then you look at Ria right there. Isn't anybody in the company right now. That looks like Ria. Nobody she's not not gonNA get lost in a crowd and the fans in Florida like those kinds of characters. They like those kinds of individuals. They love Tony. And if Tony was is facing anybody else they would love them. Some Tony But it's Rian Tony. Yeah well the one thing I have to say about this match is this is so we always joke about when it comes to certain performers and stuff how old are both of these competitors. They're young their boat. Yeah they're both under twenty five and with them performing at the level that they are and being that young weaken look look. We can look forward to having this hopefully for years to come. This could be one of those fields that because they faced off before and it was occurred match and now we get it again and it's just one of those things where hopefully it's just something that they can keep harkening back to and turn it into one of those iconic connick kind of conic Konak. You did the post But it it can turn into one of those feuds that spans and they can you know a Kevin Sammy Randy whoever randy seen yet randy seen a triple h shawn when they wanted to. You know bring those guys out. It's those feuds that just you could go to and they have a spotlight light match no matter what and this can honestly be like the next level of that and I feel like that's what they're trying to do. Because I think eventually Tony will come over to the main lean main annex t brand. But they're being very careful about who they bring over and how quickly bring people in because obviously they have an entire performance center therefore people in Florida right now and they WanNa make sure they show love to everybody but I think they do eventually want to get Tony in the United States and I think they do you want to get her on the main roster but it all depends on what she wants to do because I think she still has a lot of work left to do in. UK If she wants to Because she could stay there the rest of for career and be an absolute star. But I think she will be on her way in the in the Commons to the roster Sino quickly because Google. I WanNa see how old Tony Storman Railroad. But they were. But I'm not naive about the age. The related to Real Ripley tiny storm. Google Search Ray Ripley. Shane Baiser Baiser Bray Wyatt. He's talking us was an Bailey Bait bride wise Brian in related anyway. I'm going rewired related to every search you have I'm hoping I'll rea- replay retains Bryant. Yeah it's it really just got the belt she has the you know the the crowd and the momentum behind her Tony I don't think loses anything in this and besides her main feud I wanna say right now is with Kaley anyway and to a lesser extent Piper But I think Tony can can lose this but still go right into that next year and try to regain the belt. That's truly hers and you move Rea- onto Bianca alka. WHO's waiting for two weeks later Yeah like that's that's a hard thing about picking this too especially with the champions is there's an event in two weeks so so it's like I just don't think any of the titles are GonNa Change Hands because they already have that set for poor and April will retain on Saturday all signs point into. Yes all right Mitt. Undisputed era takes on imperium. I'm just GonNa say that's Walter is GONNA kill everybody. God that shop speaking speaking of titles he is now officially the next T- UK champion. Oh we got back no they. They gave new balance has the exte- log on and not the WB Logos Officially Christened the annex t UK championship. He said something on television whereas like he had a change. Get a new belt because of what you know. Basically Pete the stank of Pete and where it's been take a good walk around with that thing in his mouth for two years so bite marks they were bite marks in the letter continued. Continue Brian. Oh No I was GONNA say if I if the Walter is known for being hard hitting and Holy Shit from this past Wednesday Adam Cole. If his chest has not caved in from that one shop I don't know the man is the man that Superman essentially because because the cell he gave when Walter chopped up not only taking it but bumping like fucking the rock taking a stunner style bump. It was amazing. I'm surprised he didn't have to go collect his head out of the fifth row. Oh God I just thought of something. Kyle's GonNa Die GonNa die so hard he's GonNa be the first one to take a job they're gonNA get Colin to the corner and he's just going to be like come on come on lap kyle in the corner. Kyle's just GONNA run at Walter and Walter just going to slap him down like a net. Yeah true like duck it away for that corner crap foot up when they announce this match the fact that you have the the two who biggest factions between each and how they just embody their leaders persona is great. Because you have imperium and and they have that very business oriented hard hitting you know get shit done kind of mentality. Which of course is Walter? But then you have the undisputed era who sneak attack them at the at their pay per view they're taking their network about takeover their their takeover blackpool to you And then you know it's like they they're the underhanded ones they're the ones that Wanna get that upper hand but I just love. The fact on Monday imperium showed up. They didn't have to interfere. They just throw it up in the show. They stood off to the side and it was enough of a presence presence to distract them to lose their match imperium. Honestly there's headed. This is where I think. I think they're they're going to the start losing a bit confident. They're going to take a step back before the technologist Ford think heading into Portland and they're going to be a little on the edge. They lost they lost the North American title. And then it's going to shake the confidence of ankle. I think losing goes to shake the confidence of the group which Mugabe put some doubt in Adam Cole Going in the Portland web gets this win. It's really hard to pick this. 'cause this is another one that this really can go either way and it's about brand dominance And who who gets to hold the bragging rights at UK resume Or is it a mainland and x t and I feel like somehow someway undisputed era is GonNa WanNa two things going to happen. UNDISPUTED AIR IS GONNA pull this out or this does go to a no contest and you you have no winter which really would really be a shit finish to this. I'M NOT GONNA lie but it's like I think somehow maitland next he's going to Ed. UK Out just a little bit because especially with what they've got going on here. I don't feel like you can have the overall roll brand lose. If that makes sense I feel like I feel like for Instance Somehow someway undisputed era is going to pull it out now. They're going to get beat to Shit and how ready. They are from Portland. Because of this I don't know and does that affect does that. Impact Adam Cole will have to see not and also fish in a Riley and and Roddy but I I feel like somehow someway understood. Era's GonNa pull it out so you're gonNA Dispute Air Right. You're going honestly. I think I think this is going to be the cap of the bad week. For undisputed era you had fish Riley lose in the tournament Clean Pretty much pretty much. I mean the stratton clean. I mean there was the distraction but it wasn't interference so you had fishing Riley lose news. You had roddy lose the the first belt from the group I think they drop this match and like you said it starts to creep in of you know we had the you know they they. We're talking so long about the prophecy. Oh we're dominating an X T and I think losing this use you now start to have people going. You know how `bout that prophecy and doubt starts to creep in a little bit or you know you go back to that it. Is there a chink in the armor with Rodrick strong because he is the first one to lose the belt and before he got that North American title. They weren't too high on Roddy. So I I think this is like you start to get the cracks in the dam and you know if anything you could have rodrick eat the pin and just drive that point home a little more he could. I mean that's that's very possible I'm going I'm going imperium. I think it's I think it's just the way that it's going. It's doing the numbers I feel like. UK needs a strong wind. And they're strong forces imperium. Yeah undisputed Eric can get their their stuff back there they can versity helps them better and losing here will motivate them more they got they had too much success. Now have to fall back a little bit before getting a little bit more getting a little bit more success eight ball does the undisputed our win on Sunday or Saturday night. You may rely rely on it so they go worlds collide. Did so I think that does it for us. What do you think does all right? Good Gaming Plug sure you can find me playing some fortnight's typically on the channel when we decide to play four Generally Saturday they nights and five minutes and in five minutes also I do have to make the occasional appearance on. CB radio how to be a vote for the greater great debate. And if you WANNA see any of my hundred and forty two hundred eighty character ramblings possibly You can find me on twitter at Hankins when I'm not working all right rock starry night. Eight ten inch think. Tennessee will be our world rackets reviews worlds collide vet. We'll be live to talk about it followed by senior Saturday night. Midnight dish before night in between the first time we're doing positions it's a great debate dot com super live dot com Sunday night. Where rebels over? They will be live to talk all all things will rumble. Monday nights seven PM Eastern. We'll wait before we're back. We're back with Iraq extra views Mrs. It'll be available on Wednesday the evening after the show ends. Its back screws show on television. Oh my God it's so good guys who've gotten distinct peak of it and holy crap. It's awesome awesome. We'll be back next Thursday night. Ten to review the royal that ratio on facebook INSTAGRAM's spotify. Google pass apple podcasts. Stitcher you name it wherever you get podcasts. There it's available. Get youself threat radio. Show that while talk radio on twitter. FACEBOOK DOT com slash talk if you have Amazon primarily which you can subscribe for free and support the channel you can subscribe in general wants scripts and all that fun stuff. 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