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This is a head gum podcast. How many builds I? This is my. Sizzle, my friends back onto the predator predator degraded man movie ever made wait what the what movie always called it. The greatest man movie ever man movie because it is a thing that and I understand things have changed, but I grew up on a movie because when you see a Terminator and Apollo shake hands at the beginning of the movie and both have. Why. Ping, and he goes. Duminy pencils. It's weird. It's weird estate I've ever seen in lily a bunch of Greece dues shooting the buzzer shit flipping over much is while elevate this action movies. I don't know why you calling Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator offended me. So we call our weather's caught him Apollo. I didn't say that made me so mad. Terminated apollo. Eighties that was terminated and Apollo baby. That's so crazy that you think it's the greatest man movie ever made? Do what is better. You got jokes she away now I haven't seen. I haven't seen. So you you how many predator movies have you seen? I've seen. I've seen a VP. Now I've seen this. And you saw for the podcast rate that's no. No. I had seen people for no movies. Terrible. So yeah, that was so the, yeah, and I had seen like snippet. I had seen snippets of this and I had seen snippets of the first predator. So I like new. I mean, like I knew what was going on with creditor, like I understood the predators deal going into AP when I first saw and I saw AP when it came. We already talked about that, but I saw that when it came. Okay. Never seen this one scene predator and I'd seen alien vs predator UC predators, but I didn't see predators. Predators wasn't bad, no way you're talking about broody. No, I did see that. It wasn't. That was called predators. It was predators, I think, yeah, that one's called predators. I've seen that that that was all right. It was interesting. Well, that one was they know they didn't land on the predators planet. It's just. That it was like set way in the future and took them to a planet, right? Took them somewhere. That's right. Is that what the predators took? Matter of fact? No. It might have been there planet because morpheus was there in morpheus have been trapped air for a long time. I can't what they did. They learn fish in the movie and so Adrien Brody was like the hero of the it was him. It was David do to. For grace. Grace is David. Now. Good. All right. He was. Obama Herschel Allie was in this movie, but he's in it before I knew who he was. So I don't remember. Wow. Remember him. Oh my goodness, David, Duke. It was set in the future, right? I'm not sure. Or was it just they just took? I think the predators like they all kind of just got dropped on. I was just looking up and the son of Gary bucy's character from this movie is in that movie like it's actually Gabe UC's actual son and then but then also he's playing the son of Gabe UC's character. Yes. So I know what's in the future, but it is, but it is. I don't know how it couldn't be too far into the future. Right? But basically what happens is a move, that's what is the movie starts with them just all randomly parachuting and he don't know how to got there where they came from by, then they're all like supposed to be like murderers. Right. Got it. 'cause you can't figure why David Duke zehr besides David Duke, you know what I mean? Yeah. See, he's there. You like this do here, but he realized that by the end of it, I gotta be honest. I don't remember anything about that movie. It was. I just remember mildly liking it and being like, oh, and then being like, it's weird that Adrian Brodie action hero and then and then just I remember people dying and stuff, but I don't. Yeah, the first predator is good. I enjoy don't do. This is fine. Talk about, why are you doing man? No, I just the first part of why are you qualifying it? You were just. Alien. It's not alien. It's not. It's not fair. Alien vs predator Harkin v. Them alien. Predator movie predator in predator. Two in predator. Two, they have the Zeno more. We see the Zeno more skull. They do, and they were like, that's people wanted to alien versus predator shake that is true. Yeah, but I remember predator it. Yeah, it's, it's, it's a weird franchise. So are we going to see the predator starring? Keegan, my. Did you just. Did you just how you know that's not the James. I think that's the only actor I know in the movie. No. Wait. Was that transition it was that you know, that can't be the transition. He didn't say predator to wait. What? Why would this asking? Are we going to see the movie the sorry? Sorry, I g for a second. This movie was over the. No, no, it's not at all I wanna do is he that this also. Also, can we just talk real quick about how movie sequels movie. Sequels and titles are such a weird and funny thing like this movie has a bunch of sequels, but they they the second one. They just put a two at the end of it and then predator and they did predators. They just put him at the end of predator. And now they're just doing the predator. Does it. Does it. No one alien I used to like that alliens three and then, oh, and then even alien predators, like alien predator alien vs predator requiem. Yeah, I was like, at least they tried, I guess, for that way. What do you like? Do you like the actual sequel titles or how they come like? It depends. It depends like so. Sometimes I like when it's changed like that. Like I like that alien to is called aliens because there are more of them in that one. That's cool. And like I was reading that like this predator three is called predators because it's the predators that we see. And then it's also the murderers or whatever. It's like, ooh, it's supposed to mean all of that. That makes sense. It's like the like the predators are hunting them, but the people who are being hunted are to you. Hundred are predator too. Honestly, that was good. No, it wasn't don't J James. He, he called me. You know, I was giving compliment. I was saying. I get it. Do it because you got credit people who are hurt. You know, they're, they're convicts, they're predators. Yep, I got it, but then the alien and that's a predator too. Let's start the show. James drop. Joe. Right. The black men can't jump in Hollywood Hollywood's sit a fucking a. My favorite line favorite live. Seeing it down. My name is Jonathan Bray lock. I'm draw Milligan in my name is James. The third. I could hear him at time. Actually. Yes, sometimes we can't. But I heard in that time over me game over that is so funny that Bill Paxton is in this movie to like, he's like, he's in both sequels of, oh, sequel. Oh my God. That's right it every time he spoke all her was game over man gave literally every time. Everytime he's hurt. Also his Bill Paxon a good actor. I watching this movie rewatching aliens. I'm like, what? What? Why did we like this? Like over the top. Ever saw Bill Paxton. The first time I ever saw was True Lies. Okay. And so by True Lies, he's probably already playing a caricature of himself, right? Like. But he's so good at that. And then. And then you know, you know, he just sort of figures out like, yeah, this is what I do. You know what I mean? Like I think we gotta show him. We got them love for that game. Overdue twister was great. So. I should say there's a dog here that you may hear barking on the recording if you guys don't hear it. No. The dog's name. Danvers. Okay. All right. We're going to keep going. Those of you who are listening for the first time. Welcome. We are a film review podcast. We view the films of leading black actors. That's right. We talk about them in the context of race and diversity in Hollywood. Ooh. Okay. Because I don't know if you noticed, but sometimes Hollywood don't what handle diversity or they say they doing something, but they really not doing nothing, but they wanna make you think that they are so you can leave him alone, but we don't really know what's happening. Now. Look, this year has been pretty dope. I feel like we've gotten a lot of films with black leads, some of them making money the equalizer to made over one hundred million that idea. Hundred million. Yeah, it made over one hundred million made over one hundred million at the domestic gets domestic. That's what I'm thinking about. Crazy. Rich Asians made over one hundred million shares. It's still going, you know, things are, you know, things are looking pretty good, but sometimes we like to look back at older films and of course the predator is coming out this weekend. So we said, hey, there was one actually her two times in this predator series where a black person was given. The lead one of them was only verse predator in which Sonali them was given the lead and we that film with Germaine. Fowler go back to that pursued. But before before her. We got a man and they Danny Glover. Who mr. Mr. gatty don't like that. Danny Glover miss do honestly was what forty eight when his movie, it's crazy. To open this shit, but he was in the sequel to the film predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger who didn't come back for the sequel because of a money dispute. Apparently it was like two hundred fifty thousand dollars. That's it. I know. Right crazy. Dr. Bullet. But. This movie. You know, it's not. It doesn't. It doesn't have great reviews. It's got a, you know, I would say, here we go. What is it? Twenty eight percent on rotten tomatoes. Consider like a, it's considered a cult classic. I mean, I think because it exists within this franchise. It also grossed fifty seven million dollars globally on a thirty five million dollar budget. Good. Not that grape. Not that great. It is the lowest grossing film of the predator franchise. I includes the alien vs predator movies. I mean, we was being anti. You see a team up like that. I was height for team baby alien predator requiem made more money than this movie. Nobody's Asian. I don't know about with inflation. Probably not completion, but this would move this movie came out in nineteen ninety. It is inexplicably set in. Hundred ninety seven says, what do people think two thousand eighteen was gonna look like? And it stars Denny governor has already said it has a, you know, I mean we're gonna talk about it. What else to say. What were you say? Did you find anything about the making of this film when you were upon a couple of facts looking up? Interesting. Well, Danny Glover is a star this, but it was actually written for Patrick. Swayze will. Sorry. Now Patrick Swayze was supposed to star in it, but after darnold decided not yet, but he got hurt from. He got hurt doing roadhouse roadhouse their see. Got hurt. So The Danny Glover all the governor was Danny Glover was in lethal weapon that that at this point yes, right. He did. Lethal weapon, maybe even lethal weapon to let me see when lethal up in two came out and also Yep, he had done lethal weapon lethal weapon to a wow, damn. Yeah, because the one eighty-seven either weapons you came out in eighty nine. Oh, wow. Yeah, only I remember is the one with jet Li lethal weapon. Four. That's four. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Four. You didn't know this rock. Yeah, it was Chris rock. They had four of those movies. They were really successful foams. How do you start a movie in eighty seven two over this year. And then in the nineties you still making it. Let me as you die at issue. Get used to own being a great joke. I guess now because he said he was old when he was young. That's what I do. That's my thing. I'm looking at its own. Bless you. We're going to leave that in. No, we have to 'cause it's funny down with him. He did lead the weapon. He did lethal weapon, two. He did. Yeah, predator too. After this, his has some TV movies, but a couple episodes on television. But this next big movie. And then after this you got movies like to sleep with anger. Pure luck. I don't even know a rage in Harlem. Like what are these movies? Fight of the intruder lethal weapon, three who'll Moondog it. Do you guys? Oh, then angels in the outfield. Remember that ninety four Africa. Yeah, that was dope. Oh, I didn't like those too. Happy like kid movies, but I don't ever really became an action star even though he had he had lethal weapon series predator too, but I don't know. Yeah, I don't know about anything. All right. So we get into it. I don't know like his no, go ahead. What are you going to say? We'll just think about him becoming an action star. But like even thinking about like lethal weapon, like his character in lethal weapon is like, man, I ain't trying to do this like it's happening to him and he's like, oh boy, like. Yeah, I get that. I mean, I go person my initial thoughts. I had seen this when I was younger. I didn't like it. I don't like it. When you were younger or this? Remember when I was so young, I remember being I remember knowing it was gory when I was young. I remember that remember being gory and how it ended right to other predators, but I didn't like this man. I thought I liked it. Everything was done practically, but I think the beauty of the predator is that, yeah, those guys were hunted, but it just felt they went for gore here because the city was like gory. I didn't like that. The big bag Jamaicans like it was weird to me. Also some heavy Denny give. It was in his what I think he was miscast. He seems so. Out of it. He seems like he's supposed to be tough, but I was like, this do seem so by he was sweating in every scene like no matter what happened. He just started this sweating. Two. It was like that you just you just wrote clumsy inches like I didn't trust him and I'm like doing all this cool shit, but you just like, I don't know. It just didn't work for me and Gary beauty beauty. A greasy is wasn't a fan. All right, fair also. I liked it to make ins. We're like voodoo Jamaicans. I'm like, what is the lead to make? Do speaking. I didn't like it. All right. Dame or I'll go. James have the last word. So here's an interesting thing for me, like I said, the predator. The first predator? Yeah, a good movie. I don't think it's a great movie movie best man movie. Sure. It's a good movie, but yeah, anyway, but this predator too. The the first I want to say three quarters of this movie. I hate it. I hate it. I really did and winters races. There's a couple reasons I'll get to that, but let me take to why didn't like it at the beginning one. We have zero. Like I understand in the first predator movie, we don't know what the aliens. We don't know what's going on. We don't know anything about the Ilya, whatever. And this movie you've seen the first one presumably and so you're like, all right, it's hunting, it's hunting in the city. Why? Why does it consider whatever what they talk about the end then. They're setting up a world seven years in the future from the time that this movie comes out, the movie comes down, nine hundred ninety. It set in nineteen ninety seven. There's no explanation. Why there's no reason why set ninety seven because it's crazy. No maze land. All right, whatever it set ninety, seven. There's a war happening in the US just the police cannot keep these criminals down. This was I was like is was, did Ronald Reagan make this phone. Did he make it? Did he budget it? These, they're like, Columbia's other Jamaicans are killing us. It's like it is. It's so racist. No, I be hitting this movie is so racist. It's almost like it's almost like an ad for police precincts to advocate for like militarize weapons, like, see, we need heavy duty weapons. We're out gut like literally one of the lines of the beginning of movies like we're outgunned. I'm like, the police are outgunned wait. Guy on the street. I would like to everyone at home understand what John is talking about right now. But remember we are not a political. Not just want me now. Whatever I didn't understand. I don't understand why the predator was showing up at random places, killing rand, like didn't make any say he was. He was turning down the lying in the lying in was Mr. and killing his cubs, Gary. She'd literally goes, you're the line, I understand. He's HUD. Tie. Remember that doesn't make any sense John. He's the lying. All right. Okay. Why? Why is to your point about him being miscast for sure it is because I love Dante governor, but why was he lying like they try to make him it when he comes in these like, all right, get out of the way they like whatever I'm talking too much rather movie. Let me just say this. I wind up liking the end of the movie what for wear. And I think it's when it just became when it was just Danny Glover in the 'Lion. What when just standing over the predator when every all the other dump stuff had that had had ended. All the people had died, and it was just the two of them and him like cli- like the part where he's like fixing himself like concocting this thing in the in the bath while Danny Glover climbing down, like seeing him in the thing and climbing over and then like the predator like running away and like going to ship and then Inish ship in the fight. And then like the end like there is something about that. That was cool. I was like. There's something here that I like, but. All the all of the most of the movie. I just had didn't care for. I think the idea that they're like now, the predators in the concrete jungle. Gimme a break, gimme a break, but he wasn't in the regular job as he was in the concrete jungle. I just. Like he went from one jungles at other jungle, but I hope James third like this movie because I don't wanna just crap for the fans anyway. James, what do you think? Okay. So. We're in agreement. There's some stuff about this. At all. But I will say I'm probably similar in the middle of the two of you because I started liking the movie or at least started getting somewhat more invested when when Bill Paxton and. And how I'm going to say both of their names wrong, Maria Lonzo. When they were when they're both on the subway, that sequence was really nice. Like I. Started to feel something for the two of them, but then I really liked the movie. When Gary does his plan and it's like horrible. Like from from there on, I was like, this is great. And like, I guess, I guess we needed some of the stuff that happened before that, so so that we can build to this, you know, so that we can kind of get on board with. Follow Danny Glover's character and his confusion, and blah, blah or whatever. But I but I definitely was like, we've already seen. I haven't even seen the first predator, but I was like, why? Why are they taking so long to like really unveil him? And like, why are they taking so long for the mayhem to happen? Like I just feel like more mayhem can can can be happening than what they're showing us. So yeah, and I and definitely was just like like the the first thing that any ever does with the car is like one of the coolest things I think I've seen anyone do like it was like, so. Cool. Like that was like really cool, but, but then they don't. He doesn't quite do another thing like that. Like the moment at the end. Like when he's like suiting up to take down the predators like we haven't seen him do anything that makes it seem like there's going to be a fair fight, but the suiting up was so cool him getting ready to go in and fight. The predator was like, this is so awesome. He's going to die, but this is so. So, yeah. I mean, like I definitely liked like I feel like the first hour of the movie. I wasn't quite as into the mystery element of it was kind of cool, but like I wasn't as into it until it was like. Janney ever trying to stock the predator and like and the Gary plan thing. I thought that that stuff on was really fun. Okay. Well, I don't. I don't think we have. A sponsor this week, but case we do. Let's go to our sponsor, and if not. You just keep this. Jones drunk. We are just movie off. Okay. I agree with John one hundred. This movie's Mary's is to me also because Lincoln beginning. That's when I refer to Lincoln. I'm talking about the predator because that's clearly a black do withdrew his. I mean, come on. Is a black act. Wait the actors. Yeah, isn't it a? Oh, no, wait, no. The predators play by black dude. He's played by black guy. He was played by guy in the first movie too. It's the same guy right. In the first and second, the first two predators, the same guy, Kevin Peter Hall. I'm a really cool name. I think Lincoln's more predator name like predator should have been a guy named Lincoln. Yeah, I'm saying when the predator goes home, I feel like his name is Lincoln. You know what I mean? They messed up. They should have cast a guy named Lincoln this coup, but this this guy, Kevin Peter Hall has he his whole acting careers him dressing up in. I mean, he's an EMMY is a giant. Apparently. Before we start, I was together story, which I think is fun and he died. So young, he doubt right after surly after this movie ninety one. Yeah. Yeah, it was crazy. How did he. Thirty five look at him. He's a monster in the closet. That's gross creature. God. Oh my God. What is that firm? It's a movie called monster in the closet. He's, he was this dude, it Harry and the Henderson. He was Harry. Yeah, he, Harry was a black. Do Harry and the hendersons. Wow. Yeah, but I was reading on as reading Kapadia something that very much upset me. They go because of his because of his height. He was typically cast as monsters. But then they go on to say that he's in an episode of night court with such and such actor James Cromwell and like, well, James, Cromwell wasn't playing monsters. And James Cromwell is six, seven or something like that. So. So. You know, check yourself before you wreck yourself with aks. Oh, so I was a production assistant in LA, and I got a prop shop to pick up some crappy custom, whatever. But I didn't know is that the studio went to was a student makes the predator costumes. So you go in and I saw I saw the first predator predator too. Yes. Oh predator who have more grand. And I was like, oh, snap. And it's funny because the suit, of course, is to size in a such a giant Norma suit ill. I can't imagine wearing something like that. He was. Yeah, he seven two, seven two, yeah. Haven't to all do easy. So the beginning of this movie is is. Some World War crime is so out of control. Cops are getting killed every day, the Jamaicans and the Columbians own LA. But you really only Jamaicans though? No, you see the Columbia in the beginning. What do you get the Colombians get a literate anyway. Right. You're you're, you're. They're taking mostly see. I mean, they do show us more Jamaicans in this in this movie though, because all the Colombians die in the beginning of my one, ran my Jamaican stuff. Take some coke snow to make some coke takes puts it on his chest, and it's just ready for war literally. Have they have to people like take coat to Colombians take coat and just snort it just in the beginning. So basically what they're saying is this movie shows the first entered dial, begins The Columbia's nor coke, and then we meet the head Jamaican Jamaica stuff. Yeah. I mean, this was deep. Do wait hold on yet. This is the sequel. This is a thirty five million dollars budget movie to action a accident, the best game, right? So this is ninety nine. This is a franchise, the franchise big Hollywood production. They have the cops fighting against a Colombian gang and Jamaican gang, and the Colombian gang snorts coke. They they, they just have literally bags of coke, just piles of coq. One of them takes a handful of it and just starts at a space that is like. And then when we see the Jamaican gang, they're doing voodoo. So they're not doing doing what they referred to as Jamaican voodoo brutal ritual, which includes cutting out your heart. I. I say this now 'cause my partner making and she would tell you, it's like knows no way to defend is like I was like, watching this shit. This is fucking men is also is crazy because lily show the main Jamaican Bagai. He speaks in broken English, but he's speaking in. Right? And I'm like, why? What do? So of course, what world are are the Jamaican is Jamaican gang just like owning half of LA. Also the cops can just meet him at any point set up immediately like, oh, yeah, give me a meeting with the head do and. Meet you to rally that I don't even care about that. I just I, this whole thing of like it just felt like some Republican bullcrap just this idea that criminal drug lords are killing us on the street, killing police officers. We have to armed police police officers do not have enough weapons. They, you know they're getting Hodie. So you're thinking you'd think it would the gunman sure until us the cops had it so bad that maybe you know, is at home just like in the living room watching TV. You know what I'm saying? And then a Jamaican or Colombian just comes home tire, right? And they have levels in their an cops apartment in the Colombian Jamaican grabs onto the drive into the wrong floor, right? Realize, oh, you know what? I'm about to go to bed, so I'm going my apartment, but the Jamaican lumpy as keys don't work so like, you know what? Oh, apprai- is daughter automatically locks. I'm just like opening because as open and I'm a cop, does rest in realized, you know what? This cop cop shouldn't be here somewhat to shoot two Cup because that's what that's what the cops are in dangerous. They gotta do extreme things because you know, that's what the world's doing. Everyone's after the cops, not the copter shooting. People went in living room. We. Well. We're talking about predator too. That's my, I looked up the statistics cops died in around this time period and. In terms of police shooting like police getting killed and. Pretty pretty average. There was no spike, oh, there was no thing happening where. You know, hundreds and hundreds of police officers being killed in the streets by said it very interesting thing, whatever. Okay, fine. Let's get over it. I talked about it moving at to them like this. You liked this Danny Glover action sequence where he likes slams off the door of his own car for no reason. And then I liked, I did like this did like this. You wonder why? Because it wasn't for no reason. He did it because it was cool. The shit. Okay, backed up knocked off its door. Why not? I don't know why he does shoot up to window. No, because what he was doing was great. He needed to turn the car in such a way that it could use the whole side of the cars or shield, and they needed to hop out needs to help out. Quick couldn't deal with no door had to knock the door off. Okay. Also, and then it was this action that made the predator go, oh, shit. That's the line muscle. Five would Colombian drug Liz, nothing about when he goes. When he goes the gangs like a shotgun, but he's in close range with a shotgun and they're all they all have automated quick. All of them. He's may mask close and here's a shot at some show as he's getting one. You tell me to other four couldn't get off one shot and get him in the leg by the way by the way. He also it's not like he's just start shooting them like gets like two before they realize what's happening. He says, hey, over here. Literally. Over here. Did you want them to have a fair. I feel to alert them then deserves. He didn't deserve saying, I'm just saying this beginning sequenced, though they try to show us how much of a ban as glove is try. Like. I know y'all got machine guns, but I'm gonna knock down every single one. I don't like what he said. He goes, he goes, I need a bigger, opens his trunk, and he has a bunch of pistols and he's just like, I'm Anita bigger gun and then on top of his trunk. Shocker also his regular handgun. The pets. I think that was the nine thousand like the future is going to have these kinds like I know that such that such a late eighties, early nineties, like action, movie thing, like the souped up pistols with the sites with the laser sights on them like every action movie had those like. What was the point of that? Like. No one knows. Okay. Before we get off this, the problem I have and I think any Glover's. Great actor. It's just like he looks like overworked debt this whole movie. Yeah. So when he's doing brussel, go take a nap man, you you shouldn't be doing this like shirt. The chef would already can't. Even here even start doing anything. He showed up his shirt undone, his in his time is a veteran who's like his vibe is I'm too old for like, that is his vibe, he's honest like to open this, but I've got to do it like can't believe I have to do it. Like here we go. Again, Columbia was really hoping at some point he would say, I'm getting too old for this shit. This move copyright. There were so many opportunities for him to say it. James, that's a whole different friends. It's like that was his entire vibe throughout this over. He like for me worked at the very end. 'cause it's like the deal with these predators. And then when they all show up. Oh, n. line when they also and he goes, all right, who's next? I loved that as what an amazing one liner because it completely fit. Like like, like, come and get it like literally like. Next, like I'm gonna do it. His five and this is like, all right, let's go couldn't handle it. Man. It was too to overly even nothing will. He's not lying. Straight up the lion son when he walks into when he walks into the spaceship, it's just like, this is crazy. There's so much stuff in his movie that just like you don't need to do this. You don't need to be here. You don't need to be doing this. Anyway, when so all predator kills all of the all of these Colombians in this place. He strings. He's strings one of them up. Yeah, the arrests are just dead. They're like, who killed who killed this? Oh, one of the high jumps off a just like gets scared and drops off a Bill or starts shooting, and then Danny Glover off the building. We learn, he scared heights. All of the action. One liners, he said they go, where's where's l. was. Football since stupid name Scorpio, whereas l. Scorpio, he's, he's getting lunch. He's downstairs getting lunch because he went on a picnic table. I was like. Through that a lot of way it's downstairs getting lunch, what the hell's happening over here and they're all like what? The hell's happening here. Two hundred twenty five pounds. Even he goes, even you couldn't even you couldn't carry them strong. It's just. Danny Glover superstrong and his world, baggy clothes. The last movie. Literally, the handshake was arm wrestling contests. We saying Bill Duke head to dueling guns. They there's a scene in predator where they're literally gunning down a job just trying to shoot at him and they mowed down a half the trees, and you're telling me Danny Glover can lift this no came hold up. Hold up. No coda. What? Okay. Hold on just a minute. Okay. They couldn't afford to pay Arnold Schwarzenegger and Patrick Swayze got hurt a right and they put the next. They pick the next best person for the job. You know, that was that was Danny more book glove. They. Where was Wesley what they were like? They were like they were like, we are not gonna compromise this script. One. Okay. John, the strongest man, there is John hit. Why was leading this. This movie, oh my God. Why was what? Wesley? What is in pop yet? He was still doing black movies. Wesley can Wesley at the end of that movie could literally went hand the hand with the predecessor would've fit better with this whole racist bullcrap that they were trying to do because at least Wesley would have appeared more of like a street cop who knows the concrete jungle and therefore has an edge over the predator. But Danny Glover's character. There is no edge that he has better. There's no reason that he's matching up against this alien but has super high, not only super high tech, but also is seven feet tall, super strength. Like zero matchup I think. I think that's my problem. So funny, this problem with the film because the thing about predator MS debt Dutch shows the Nager when it gets down to this in like when like when was the last one, he knows what predator is in like he outsmarts predator. He says this crazy trap is famous scene of Mike shirtless coming out of the mud pit, whatever in Danny, what you're saying about Wesley being like if it was the youngest drea Cup, he would have known the city to maybe like China, outsmart in light, maybe use like some of the alleyways and stuff to get the predator to beat them that way. Right. Danny Glover just lucked up. My met Lilia what point hundred percents is the lip in and Gary Busey who we say blow up the. But the thing is the print of the gems often. He blows up remember. Oh, oh, I I've fully remember shot with a plasma cannon. Is so much that exploded his cry OBE gun, and all of a sudden he's still got the gun. He's still got the gun. You just comes out of nowhere. Right. And I'm like, Danny Glover. So that's what is he's clumsy. Everything was so clumsy. Here's the thing that he's fall is not, but it's the script the script, I don't think so how he did it. Interesting what you're saying because it's like he's just not. But what I'm saying is that no, you're right. He just was in this cat because it would have done. No, honestly, physicality at this point. I think he was trying, I know. But like physically like Danny Glover is people don't know. He's a total guy. You see him allow hunters over like which I guess plays into overdose. He always was like, he's sloughs number two, whatever. So every time he showed up, he was just like flopping around where Wesley is more compact and he was like, jacked that wasn't Wesley had to clam up and down on ladders wasn't have been in that matter. And Wesley seeing the predator in the in the bathroom and having shimmy up the pipe. Maybe even he was it, would it look natural? You know, even if he would have been tired, we can have a horse. Can we? Can we just take a moment to honor the greatness that is Danny Glover though. No, he's great. Yes. Yes. Okay. Yes, let's do. We have. Wesley wasn't in his movie, new Jack city wasn't until ninety one. He wasn't even really a name yet. Okay, way need it. They needed somebody who could. They couldn't get names. They got Danny Glover. You know, he's he had been in a couple of action movie thought yet Ambi weapon to buy now or and Carl already in the first predator. So they couldn't get him because he's he's dead. Right? So so we got Danny Glover. Any brings a different flavor like, yes, I know he's like, I, you know now. Now, granted, I've been talking about this too because he definitely lucked out throughout the whole movie. And and it is unfortunate that like I guess at the time he's the black action star that's not Carl weathers. Like is there another drought. Missouri highway this back from the day bre. I know they brought, they bring. They bring people back from the dead light, bring him all the time. My man was Jack. This story's about Karl think, yeah, there was no other westies night. It's like, here's a thing in the reviews. People commend it. Danny Glover. And I think it's, I think even that time they, they realize we don't have a lot of black action hero star. We don't have a black stars leading movies and Eddie Murphy's too small for this Danny Glover was in lethal weapon lethal weapon to action movies. So those are action, you know, and it's like, all right, like it'll be cool to get a, you know, it's supposed to be in the supposed to be in the urban jungle. It'll be cool to get a black star. And I do like that about this movie. I like that he gets the lead it and he gets the be one hundred percent the hero of the film, right? Yeah. Also we have to. We have to give some props to what's her name. Alonzo what's your first name? Maria, Maria, Lonzo. So I'm just looking at her am db like she met a lot of movies, choosing the running man. She's been a lot of movies that aren't like huge, but like with huge stars in Redmond on the running man is a great which is based on a might have been a headed game. Like Renan man is basically reality like we're gonna get to that reality TV show. I mean, dude, we're almost there. Yeah. She was in a movie called touching, go with Michael Keaton. Batman. That's exactly right. That meant she was in Moscow on the Hudson with Robin Williams, and so she's Cuban Cuban, but grew up in Venezuela, you know, she's holding down. Listen. Like you like her in this current movie? I didn't like that random. This movie. I like sure. Why not? Why don't you tell you what? Like nothing about her character was. Everyone was acting all over the place. It was. I get when we see what happened later on like, oh, yeah, was like, oh, maybe she's pregnant, which is weird like his lackeys just felt like latkes. You know what I'm saying? At least in, maybe I keep complaining comparing this to predator. Right? But no one should, but no, no, you're right. I mean, you had Bill dukes bre Apollo creed. This may wasn't that at all because the thing is that movie, even though they didn't know they are being hunted. The reality is they were. They were on a mission. They were in elite squad unit that was prepped for battle, but they were renting a battle they were. They were ready to, they would battle. No, but they were supposed to be. There were supposed to be the bad as the bag. I. So were part of this. My favorite one of my favorite parts of this and I've already talked about it is actually wind. She goes to check on. Bill Paxton because like because they are the great cops, right? And they obviously we're going to the front lines to deal with those to deal with the gangs. But Garib you keep saying you guys don't know what you're up against, go home and for whatever reason they don't do that because they are. They feel feel responsibility or whatever. They're good at their jobs, they feel responsibility. But when she goes back to see what's going on after very clearly, everyone there is dead right? Like like it's obvious everyone's dad like everyone's dying while she's there with them. Visit on her. Fifth, she has blood. She's she's not just blood on her face. Her face is covered in blood and other would in other people's blood. And like this is somewhat. This is somewhat of the charm of particularly this movie right of the concrete jungle element of this movie of the like, like the kind of like these people are like not equipped for this and she because it is her job to that's her partner and they decided to like before this even happened, they both decided to to be on duty even they were not on duty, right, and and see what was going on with the people in the back of the train. She decides to brazenly go back and try to see if he's okay. And that's like such a huge brave thing that we have already seen. She is not a quipped for that was like one of the I, I really liked that. And I think that like because these people weren't good for the job, that's what made that moment even stronger. To me, nobody was a bad ass in this movie. Well, because they weren't set up to be. I think they were supposed to be the first of all movie starts with the police, getting gunned down in the street by dumb gang these cups. No, specifically not Danny Glover. The other cops were they're not doing anything. Why guess to me is like and it wasn't an a unit. It wasn't like a tactical thing that they did together. It was just any Glover because he's supposed to be the lion. And the reality is the for the predator specifically at first like, oh, it seems like the most dangerous people is this gang. Yeah, you know what I mean? And then it's like, okay, now the most dangerous people are that you making. Why did it come after the Jamaican gang? Can we talk about this? Why do the predator come after anybody in this movie? This is the thing they said this Gabe you. She's Garib UC. Otherwise he was when he talked about what happened to Dutch and him. They said the predators go to warmer areas and areas that are flooded with gunfire. So they go to like where wars happening in this world as LA LA is the place where just assure advisory. So I'm assuming, here's my, here's the thing about it. Everybody has gone. They set up a world in which everyone has guns in LA. So it just was coincidence that the predator kept going after people that mattered life. Why didn't it just go out there police pre predator. There's a bunch of cons in the police precinct you. I think this movie is this antigun movie too. It's anti guns for its anti guns for civilians, but pro-consumer police at one point, don't they go on the train and the passengers have guns to. Yeah, but actually don't think that was anti-gun. I think that was pro gun because the passengers stood up for themselves. They, it's like the first guy was like yet. The first guy is about to get rob and he's like, who's like? It's like it's all right. I have boom, and he pulls out a gun and then another gangster pulls a gun on him and then all the passengers in the strain, pull the gun on the gangsters and they're like, put it down and you're like, all right, this freaking. Presents amendment gun. Go, go to Florida, got going to Florida, but. Even the idea that it's only hunting people with guns, but everybody has guns unlike only show like if that was the case, this movie should've started with like there are so many deaths. So many unexplained death was city. Many people are dying. But instead it's like it goes after the. It, it makes it tell this this convenient narrative that it's like I went at the Colombians then it went after the Jamaicans and then it went after the police like because what like what? For instance, why did the predator come back and kill Danny boy. Who's anyway? Danny boy was the other game over man? No, not. No. Not came over man. Danny boy was the other friend cop. He also Latino. Oh yes. Yes, yes. Why did it? Why was it there still and why did it kill? I did. I did think that there was an a layer to it where he was kind of trying to pick off the cubs of the lines cubs. Right? And I think that that's why he kills Danny boy. It's just a little out of order, right? Or maybe not. It's like he does. He does the Colombians first. Then he does the Jamaicans and then he's like, now let me go after. Now let me go after specifically the lieutenants of the lion and and if feels like the the passengers on the subway, at least, are they just get caught in the fray because they happen to also pull up their guns in that scene. So you think predator was there on the subway specifically to go after the other two policemen were there? Yeah, I thought it was specifically on the subway to go after Bill Paxton. So here's why did he go after the Jamaican king. I do. I do think it was something to he was going to everyone who just talks to know, but I think it was thing of of the people who seem dangerous efforts. It was like efforts. It was like it was Jamaicans. It was Columbia's the people who are like doing, but Danny, Danny boy wasn't dangerous. Yes, he's after this and I and I, I do think that this is confusing. So this answer may not be corrected all, but it is the moment after this where Maria says like he was right next to you. He's playing with you. He's playing right after this. So like. The reason it may not even be that he's going after the Jamaican. Lord warlord, but like the Jamaican warlord pulls out his sword. Right? And then like. He pulls out a sword when the predators already like stock, like approaching him. He pulls out a sword when the predator jumps down into the water and then start stepping towards him. And the same thing with Danny boy, Danny boy pulls out his gun when he is already getting like grabbed and choked up. Like I was just like, I was like, aren't the rules that it's not supposed to go after people that don't pose a threat right now? I won't say anything. I did think there was. I think it was cool talking about, like, you know. The cubs or whatever is every every time they talked about. Danny Glover at the put the police precinct, they made him the ban as like the, he had the most arrests. He's done this Creston. Yeah, he's known for physical violence, which is thing. Honestly, I feel like I rarely hear about the cool black cop like like west seat and get debt and fifty, seven, we'll has never got that. Like I like the idea of him being. I'm gonna rule, dude, who's in bad boys. I think they're supposed to be rogue dude. I mean, yeah, they like shoot up everything and they're like, hey, man, come on. Yeah, but it like, I guess, but like fun. I mean, yeah, those moves are action comedies. And this is fun. But it is. It was cool to see him get to do. I mean, he did it. I was later he was. He added to the Bruce Willis to Vestal on Osho senigon thing. I mean, which I thought was cool. I just is heart because this movie, I don't think play to histories. You know what I mean? I think that's a difficult part about watching is that you needed just a birth dude who's just going to like hammer his way through this movie like feel he's about activists. He's more nuance like he's not to God delivering to the predator, understand the socio political stuff that was happening. What are you doing? What alien did the predator understand like it knew that Jamaicans were dangerous. Like how did it know that? Like everybody they remember winning and tried to do. Yeah, this one dude, I mean, but it would killing a bunch of people, but how do even locate them? What? 'cause it was bunch of Jamaicans yet in a fricking in a high rise building, I of the Jamaicans I'm saying, like I feel like this predator and the team because there they're a bunch of them, right. They did some like espionage. Where do you think the predators profile? I think they were. I think they like went in and they like watch the bunch of television and they're watching the television and the TV was saying, black men are dangerous. And these predators were like, I guess we got killed Jamaicans. DMC you say right now stick with me. James stick with me too. So he credit as existing because I do think Ilyas exists mini black real. The predators existed any watching today's news, listen to our fearless leader. Exactly. I think I think the predators will come after us in the Mexican. Exactly. And that's what happened. So to happen with these predators that explains it. So apprentice profile and they just get predators, were race racially profiling profiling because they must intercept it. Our media on their space. There are watching because they gotta know the pray that they're hunting and they were like, all right, who's the most dangerous? And all this on TV were black men and Colombian drug lords. You've ran, they were like, oh, I guess these people are the most dangerous. And then who do they come after they come after they think the lion is Danny Glover. Nobody else would have thought that, but he was a black man. Why don't they go after? Why? How come? How come the predator had no idea that there was a whole team of white people hunting him. Those were the people. Who are actually the most dangerous to him, but it didn't. It didn't see the white people because it was racially profiling. And that's why I went after Danny Glover. All white dues had on khaki shorts. Right, and got them polo shirts. Just like those fuckers in Charlottesville. And so the predator was like, oh, those people look, they must. They must be fine, Joe, and you see what they did when they put on silver. But when you saw it in the dark white suits, the predator concede him only to see was the heat from Danny Glover, who was a black man and and the other Danny. Maria where both Latinos and so they were like, oh, those are Brown people. They must be dangerous to and Bill Paxton just happened to be there. James, the mom Bloomberg. And I'm saying he sitting there in in the graveyard and a little white boy come over with the plan with a toy gun. Your little white boy playing with a toy gun, shut the hell up. With a toy gun shot. Oh, because he white yellow. Let me let me scan the gum. I let me scan it something off about this person I'm looking at. Oh, he's white. Oh, y'all little would gun thing. Nothing happen. We'll tell you what so crazy about this. Okay. Yada, yada. Fucked up Mahir. Now this is real. This purposely putting number one, I think this was personally the Mets. Do realize that an alien hunter from another planet can look at a child. Take a second thing. Does this gun? Is it real or is if they take the second to win is happening realize otas the kid playing with toys. Whereas we have human mother fucking cops in the United States of America who can look at a Brown boy would tweet good, and I give two shits, it was playful and that. So you tell me this predator has stronger moral coat the some of the people who protect us. You telling me the could go in a pin house, all right of a man's house. Us realize is not his mother fucking house attack. The peop- thing about the predator and killed a white dude up hanging up hanging upside down. He didn't killed a white woman eight. Oh way to hang. That was ready. But this is my point is that he knew that the because they already started shooting and he didn't killed a white woman because he knew that one book house, okay. He could intruders who happen to be black. So the predator knows who is right, who is wrong, whereas I'm living in a world with police don't know who's right and who's wrong. So who do I need to protect me? Is it the predator? Do I need to go have fucking predators, Pinter, killed a bunch of at time. Pattern. What was happening dependent is a tiny hole in the theory, which is they can only see. In for red. And so I don't think we give off different read. Here's a thing. They thought they thought they could only see to read and that was the whole mistake. That's why Garib UC died is because they thought they could only see infrared. And then we saw that none of no infrared is usually what they use, but they're like, if I have to go poop, poop put an does a little dial thing. It casino ultra light. It can see in, you know, I don't know what that is. Just full color. One. And one of them is full, what are the is full color and they saw the black pack. He saw black people. That's how he knew. Fucking predator couldn't kill. One can do. They can kill one KKK happen. Whether in this movie really Bill Paxon who else and they hunted him. And Gary Busey. And then I guess all those white dude, but nobody the white. The the, the predator. Exactly. He was just offended. Yeah, guy because he do the golf ball. He wouldn't have thrown a golf ball. He would have been fine. Shouldn't they come after the white dudes in the ban? Also, we this keeping really far ahead. But at the end with that other white do came up news. Like what the hell did you do in there? I was like. Make your. Abrasive cut checked. Purdah killed everybody all of your friends, all of them and you still yelling at black man. What is wrong? No, there's, you know what I'm saying? Like suits suits are irreplaceable. I know Gabe UC wasn't charging operation but like they needed those predators more than anything else. Wayland thing all over again. Waylon doesn't care. Honestly, your foot me up right now. He's like, I'm legit. I'm gonna say how warped mind right now I'm latest researching the war crime, right? Probably kill a Safran freaking Bill passed the predator didn't really kill any. Why people who didn't hunt anyway. People didn't anyways. It will hunt anyway, people zero white people. I would even say that it wasn't hunting Bill packs. Bill Paxon just bond up shooting at it. And then it was like, well, I got to kill you. You're shooting at me. I think it was hunting Rio. What's he didn't kill her though? Right? Or did he didn't kill? But the only reason didn't killer there also. I figured that was coming. They were, they got her pregnant didn't say, but she was acting weird midway through the movie. Oh, she's probably pregnant because she kept by being hesitant bar whenever there she was like, yeah, she was acting. I was like thoroughly invested in the movie at this point. So I was like, man, I hope she don't die in the when she was pregnant. I was just like all think, goodness. I haven't seen other predator, but I know that he's he's, he has. He does specific war tactics. Ain't gonna kill somebody who we know is pregnant. I was so thankful. I really, I really would eat it alien would eat ner. I'd like to idea of. Learning a little bit more. Did they know sucks. We didn't learn too much about the predator near heritage until the very end. And also I won't Gary abusing when he first showed up was so, hey, we're not trying to being away. I respect you a blah. And then a very Nick seen after Danny Glover is dealing with his friend. Dan. He's like, he's like. Flip the switch out of nowhere. Man that such a dumb action thing of them. Just everybody just yelling at each other for no reason, there's zero. And for the all of the macho happening also thought, I actually thought that he, they told them to stay out of it. In the beginning didn't they did? He did, but nothing is. He was. He was. He didn't seem like an ASO, you know, sometimes like, oh, the government's coming in, you know, like eight mile. Sorry, we got here gusty out of your way. And then the very next his boy, he was young at him. What? What? What just happened? I mean. I mean, he Dan did grab him notice this before that before that this because he defied or direct order. Oh, you went up there and not to look. I always say what his movie I was about is I just wish, and this is my big thing about it is a wish. And I know you started liking it at the end John I did and I did get better. But to me, it was more interesting. Yeah. By wish. I wish Danny new figured it out a little bit sooner. So we have a little bit more back and forth for him and the predator. You know what I mean to show why he was the lion again with dut dut just doesn't work with him as a line. It does. It does it. They've anything what it should have been was the predator kep underestimating him and just been like, oh, that dude's not a threat. It should have just been like this old dude is not. He should have looked at his heart and been like this about a heart attack like anytime. Now, this dude is old and not a threat. All not Riddick ignoring Danny Glover, killing people around him. Danny Glover's hunting them down. And this is like, I don't give a crap like there's nothing you can do like I have a plasma cannon. Do you understand? I've a plasma cannon. I got visibility. Cloak. I got like blades, shoot out a net that just strikes you and to your died. I got Franken a of. A circle blades, Xena warrior blade that can cut the anything. I love it. I mean, you pose literally no threat. If I had no weapons, I would beat you down in hand to hand combat. I would crust. You. You wouldn't land one punch? Yeah, especially because like especially because like that's alternate -ly. What they were doing with any Glover like he kept like he kept dropping his gun. He kept, you know, like he kept underestimating the predator and it was like, it makes no sense that the predator is still going after him because he's never. He's giving him ever besting. He's he'd like never best the predator. The only time he best the predator is at the end when what when he Danny Glover I gets those punt gets those shots in its it doesn't even make sense. No aches, no sense. Because all of the other people have seen guns. They were all stripping at the predator and none of those guns -ffected him like literally Bill Paxton shot his entire. He shot to rounds of guns at the predator. It did nothing. And then all of a sudden. Where did his armor just disappeared because he, he does a thing where he, I did find it interesting that the predators immediate instinct was to camouflage again. In that scene and then he couldn't do it. But the only thing we saw him do was like disabled the camouflage. We didn't see him like take off exactly how did he get shot so many times but made no sense because even the only reason is I'm looking at for some reason I think will not for the reason there's so many articles about the predators. I'm looking at his actual war armor. He does have body parts exposed so like his chest is usually cover. The die is not. I mean, unless somehow, but then how does everyone miss? How does everyone out? Is everyone else miss him? And some, you know, the Jamaicans had machine guns, like, how do they? How do they not get one hidden? But then Danny Glover sinks, like five shots. Prettier like falls over. It's like, what's like? How does that. Predator was jumping around hiding with everyone else, and he just walked up on Danny Glover. 'cause he thought he was that track. He just lose his. Also, can we please talk about how this elite unit that's been tracking the power that sets this whole trap that somehow the predator figures out? I don't quite. I didn't was it that it just heard the dude bump into the canon, no assault realize. When did it become suspicious though? Did it here something yet? It hurt talking. Okay. It hurt talking and then it did the thing and then it was hiding. I don't know why they couldn't. I don't know why with so many of them, they didn't get one shine up at the predator or lunar was like, they didn't look up at all. I was like, there's literally eight of you freaking. How do you not do this? You're supposed to be the elite team, whatever they don't. They don't look at it. When they know that guy. It's such an action movie thing. Deady like he could see the. He could see them to let them know. And the guy just doesn't say. And like. For what reason also went Garib UC. And so he goes should up like when he tries to help out. Like did. I mean, this was painfully upset like I was very part. He warns them with enough time like they have time to turn time and aim their guns in the direction that they have. Like even from the even from the moment where he says, get off the line. He had warned them in enough time. They could've still turned around and tried to do defense it. And when they when they finally did, they do this dump, they know where they are. There are three levels above them. They know this alien do their defense is to get in a big circle. That's large enough for the pedal. Doesn't anyways, whatever. I love Gary going. Get outta here. I'm going to save your ass and then getting just. Would've liked him. Gaffe beat up a little bit more something. He just instantly. We didn't see him die. I don't know saw you're just wanna bet to be like more of a fight. Someone have aided like was that was that Dan gover she's times, but the predator deny Gary BC comes the predator kills Garib UC Danny Glover now is running. Away from predator running away from the predator, the predator. We've seen the predator literally jump. He was shot up John shot up five, so he can't shut up, chases them up, whatever he gets, he gets there. And then he throws his little sp- javelin spear MRs. How did any of this is my problem seamer here's my problem with the movie. So basically he he throws it, then he Glover sees it because then it goes sees him. Yeah, predators, last minute. Those Danny Glover grabs it. I didn't even see him so then grabs it. But instead of just stabbing the predator, he just tackles him off the building, tackle him off the Bill. So he had the predators back was turned. He could've just. Rent, could it just did the thing, but he'd do that tackles him off the building off the building of the building. So the predator is holding onto the building holding onto Danny Glover's leg, holding onto his blade. And then at this point, the predators, like I lost kill myself. I didn't know where out of nowhere you thought you lost. I didn't know break you still in the game, you jumped, you jumped lily four flights like four, four floors. He jumped ease break. You all like a seven storey building. You can make this lipped his off. Drag. He, he's so strong. We saw him tells people he has his blade in his right hand, was stuck in the wall, his right hand in a play. Play head. We see later on. Danny Glover take the blade out of the building. So the alien predator could have also taken the plate out of the building, never John the predator with one hand could have just put ear, couldn't take it. The predator couldn't take it out of the out of the building. Without like he would have probably fallen, right? Like if he went, how then the only thing he's hanging up by is Danny Glover and then Glover wouldn't have been able to stay takes his hand off the blade anyway. To set by he does, but also saying. Up point is the predator. Able to get the plane. Yeah, but the pregnant with one hand can just toss across the room. Why you just keep the right hand in the blade toss. Danny. Just so what we're saying is he had multiple options. He was in the game. He was. He was in the. Game. And so he tries third quarter, he's himself. He literally just like loss. Let me kill myself. Danny Glover's like he already knows. 'cause Gary told him the story about the other thing. So he's like, shoot, I got disabled this bomb. We all know the way to disable bomb is to run a blade. Guys, what are we doing gas would is this movie. Takes the plate. Any cuts, his arm up and that disables the bomb, whatever. I'll accept it now is when I start weighing this wait. Okay. Wait. Where's also is crazy because at this point in the movie, Danny Glover now has a catchphrase which is birds like he has a problem with. I. Two or three times like. From. It's best up about it is that in the beginning they stood up and he doesn't like highness. Yes, yes. He was like, high-seas kicked me out this building, but then it's burns. Nobody even nobody, even when he's on the building in predator. He keeps talking about the heights. And then when the president falls, he misses highs again, but yet. But yeah, but it is like. Burs man. He's had to be like, wait what? And so the predator. Arm cut off. It starts falling. It's like using its blade to try to stop kind of does it grabs onto a thing crashes through a door into the bathroom. This was awesome because it's so. It's like a detailed that as that was not in this movie, there is no other seen in this movie that is like this scene in the bathroom. There's no other seem to this movie that takes the time to be like, let's treat this like what would actually happen. Like we see like a weird. We see the predators character almost because it's like, all right. It's like I'm banged up. I got my arm is chopped off my got some gunshots. Let me do this thing. All right. What can I do? All right. Let me give brick glass, right? Some glass. Let me get some of the some of this. Some of this wall civilised concrete. Put that in there a little mixing potions that all right, it we just cooking for what's your cooking? Some crack John. Was like cooking cooks thing. It puts it on his arm and heals itself. It injects it self with something adding a Guinness energy, right? Yeah, he's credible. He's just as this happening as cooking. We see clever. And look look inside and see this bitter cooking's up and healing itself. And I was just like God dammit. Like he came home and our clothes on the floor and his dog like Torp the cat. Right? Like this wasn't doing it was comical, right? Like I loved it. I'm not even kidding. I generally loved it. I genuinely loved the shot. Like the camera shot is looking. I was like, this is not. This is what this movie has been at all what is happening right now. And then he like many clydes SIMI's through the poll. He's shimmy to chase the Brenner which is crazy. Run away from it. Also shit like the predator starts running away from him. Yeah. Honestly, the predator goes men. I need to get back to my home base. This woman. My I was so confused by what was happening. The predators, the predators running, his ship has to buy the under the can we say, while it's running, it's literally raking door. So he doors down with like ease like early. Bust through metal to John back to my point. He could. He have one hand on damn. I just it has such a meant straight, but this is after you know what I mean? This is after haired himself plane. Any. You know what I mean? And then he took took the adrenaline Giannini could do it, but I love it. So then he gets down and then and then his ship, yeah. His ship was is under their underneath this apartment building underneath the elevator doors, open doors open because it won't let him in also nothing's is he gonna booby-traps. But see it's weird because at this point in the predator movie, the predators like this is a cool fo. I wanna beat them one on one just to see if I can't because that's what this racism Danny Glover throughout the movie has been limping. He could barely get up and guy go kill, got to finish this predator. I got to kill my kill my friend, gotta kill it. He got the lows Zena thing. He didn't get the spear. I love that he had. I love because he had this thing. I was supposed to believe that he could withstand all these blows the president, put the hand blade. No, absolutely. It was like it was like, we knew he was going to die. I had no point. Danny Glover was surviving. This movie. I never from. I don't. I don't get it. I don't doesn't make any sense. It really doesn't. Chris walls breath. Just like ching ching? Like what you just said. He ran through walls es, and then ever has. Like a Chinese, hey, and track despite the predators, he had a metal, like, what are we doing man, and then the predator inexplicably. After knocking ather knocking Danny Glover out which of course, and but still letting over get the point. He knows he has still looks just walks up over to. And then raises hand and then gets cut, and then he dies. So he still has a hand bleat he can swing it. Danny Dan, right in front of doesn't let go to blade. Fuck. I'm gonna take you all with me at least say none of this made sense. It was interesting it. I was actually, I started really watching the movie. I was not like before I was like, like rolling my eyes and it was like, this is such dumb generic dumb movie. And for some reason when it was just the two of them it, it was like it was farcical, but it was like it was pleasant somehow because I was just like, this doesn't make any sense. But it's funny to see like this giant alien running daddy cluber because because he's just scared of him right now. And he's just like, and it's like these two, it felt like a Batman and joker situation where it was like none of these two are ever going to defeat each other. Even though you know what I meant like. Was something there. It doesn't make sense. It wasn't supported by anything else in the movie, but it was. It was interesting and it was cool. That alien ship was there. I like that all the other predators just showed up. I love the line of him just being like, all right. Who's next. And then they give him a rifle from seventeen fifteen at and understand that at all, bro. A trophy. He came, it's like, okay, so I guess the point was like the predators have been hunting humans on earth for centuries, but I was just like. What they can get my man a new gun. I mean, like a new predator. I just think there could have been a coup because I was like, well, damn, if y'all were freaking if y'all had the weapons you have now like this dude with a freaking rifle from seventeen fifteen, like stood zero chance against you. That's not a cool weapon to take well would have been cool if they had like some freaking African spear, but then it would have been more racist, but the movie was already racist. So like just give them an African spear. Give them a to give them a predator thing. Give him, you know what he said about him. Scalper Dobbin dope. That actually would have been really cool the things on the things on the wall. I'm looking at all the things on the wall. There's like a t Rex go, right? It's like look to your ExCo, really? And yeah, that's cool. I was like when I saw that I was like, yes, Google predator t Rex skull. There was a Zeno more skeleton. And then Danny boys. Right. And I couldn't tell if Danny Glover knew that that was his friend scholar, not. Oh, yeah. Oh, wow. Yeah, see it, man. It was so many whose goals there. This is weird looking thing. It was cool. I liked that that was dope. I like that. I like the detail to that. And then and then. And then he goes, we, you know, we missed our chance and he's like, don't worry, you'll get plenty more chances. Well, that was great. Let me talk to Hollywood real quick because this is great. Listen Hollywood. I'm not gonna shame mandating level. Okay. This is my thing I want. I want actors of color to have roles, but give us a fighting chance. Maybe you know what I'm saying? Like. Give people like Wesley was around me. I'm happy. I'm happy. Cares for certain parts. You can catch the right actor for the right part. You feel what I'm saying is is if you need to actually hear, hey, you know what? Maybe we should find somebody new. Maybe we should go out and search and not just give it to the one person, you know, and understand this happens with actors all the time, but you know what is way more is more them. You know what I mean is so many options, but I look at my white counterparts day friends like yakking play almost any part because I got mad options. You know what I mean? Like I'm so again, I'm very happy. Danny Glover had this chance, but I'm like, imagine with the young Arnold Schwarzenegger aka Wesley. Snipes aka blade would have done in this role. He crushed it. He crushed leave. 'less. Imagine Wesleyan. The thing like the Dan, the ship was like shirtless because soul torn up and like he's battling like doing his karate ship, but it's not working because of predators, a giant, and he can't like take us his wits. You know what I mean? Also, hey, hey, Hollywood. Fuck Donald Columbia's into making the bag out his movie, the apple literally sit here and say that the world or l. as being torn apart by Colombia's in Jamaicans and not talk about none of these racist. Why groups? Not one. Is added some nationalism. They're just to be like, shit, we got everybody. You know what I'm saying? That's at least you could have done. I'm so confused by this. You who thought it was okay to make the Jamaicans also you do realize. If you can have you can have one smart Colombian by one smart Colombian who was like, okay, this is a smart if you're gonna be a drug Lord. All right. This is the one. This is why he's the bad guy. You get it or if you're gonna have a Jamaican, maybe. Hey, hey, know. Need this need to make an accident all the way he doesn't need to speak like he's doing some Buddha or somebody he could just speak like, I don't know. I don't know. I know Jamaicans who don't have super thick actions who don't talk like they're fucking movie. I mean, people is so weird to me in a thing is the only other white hundred down the game overdo the game overdue. Who. Telling me you're telling me for real in this movie, the news world, the way outdoor nineteen ninety seven was going to be was the Brown people were going to flood the streets with guns and drugs. That's basically this movie saying, go ninety seven, she's gonna be crazy. The print is going to come down here. He's going to have a field day. It's going to be so much balanced in the Valance gonna be led by the Brown people. That's what that dumb ass office is right in that legit. This is lily telling people that. MS MS nonstop right now. Looked how many curves may committed to MS. Do you kill more people like on a gray scale in twenty eighteen. This. I mean, that's the thing. And this is including what they didn't. He say, oh, we gotta stop doing crazy shit. Sorry, this is not political podcast point is is really hurts my feelings. Did you make? We're like the bag as you know what I mean? It's like you can make him like. Louis says to me that the warm crab, you're like blacks and Browns are gonna like terrorism that hurt like that actually hurts and he'll make a black do be the one who saves the day, which I'm happy. I guess you save today, but also it was like, fuck out for that. Over this James, you can do whatever you need. We didn't even talk about the fact that the alien that the predator speaks English and just keeps repeating phrases and curses a couple curves the house for guess. Love of remember. What is happening. Many said that he twice. Motherfucker, and he says, should happen, right? Yeah, yes. I loved how that became a tagline throughout the movie. That was the last line that was his kill wine to the predator. What does kill why dum dum dum. Well, here's my whole thing. You know what I'm saying predator as we see we see on the wallet trophies patter takedown Zeno more. Predator takedown took down a t. Rex looking thing. But what a predator be able to take down Hancock. Good question. No, I'm talking about. 'cause. Hey. Like, say, say, good practice come down, they they become invisible, that would that would that would like that would disorient handcock he'll be like what? But Hancock is a heavy drinker at least used to be. So he might be used to frighten people with with not all his wits there. You know he, he might be used today, James, and then like, and then like say at the end right, win like oughta predators start visualizing at the end. Like right after he kills somebody, he'll be like, okay, cool. Johah is going up his ass. You'll head is going up his as and his, you know what I'm talking about, and then it'd be like it'd be like the the predators are just like all connected to their butts. Do they got birds like that? All right. All right. I think I'm okay. Yeah, honestly, don't mind that what you just did that being said, it's time for the 'cause we rate reviews films not based on how much we like them or how well we think they were made in a critical fashion, but whether or not they help the cause of more leading black actors in Hollywood. If we think this film fully helps a 'cause we give it a black fist if we think it's somewhat helps the cause we give the white palm. If we think minister, this didn't help the cause it all. We don't give it anything. Ready? Honestly. No. Okay. On the counter three. We're gonna throw up our ratings. One. I hit the Iliad. I hated the predators. I keep saying I hated the predator toys missile movie. Shut up. Why are you? So like stop up up predator. Right. All right. But this is about the cause one. Two. Three. All right. We have to white palms in the studio James on west coast. Three-way palms go. I gave it away poem because they disrespected the president name. This is the reason to predator movies at the this went downhill because it did not live up to the expectations of onnell Scharzenegger car Weber's. All right. That was so fucking cool. Man. A predator was so cool and he took it and they ninety fatted. They gave him a mullet. The predator basically had a mullet. Okay. They superman returns them, okay. He came back into black outfit. He was doing too much, and I don't like this. It just built like. If a ways to be honest felt that it was a ways in felt that I'm not sure if this help Danny Glover to be truthfully. I think this. Danny Glover I think so because I think this was Danny Glover's big budget movie that it was him to lead no one else, and it was something that was already had a track record the first predator mate ninety seven million dollars over what a thirty million dollar budget. Ninety eight million. I think domestic. I think they blamed a this. Danny Glover even know giants got good reports, but the world doesn't work the same way for people to think this movie hit him and other people involved. And that sucks. And also. There weren't a huge amount of action heroes came out to this. I mean, it took a long time to become an action hero. This may actually have hurt black actors like this man actually hurt them, and it sucks to happen. But you know. It is what it is. Yeah. I mean, I gave it a palm. I don't know. I don't know how much it hurt them, but it definitely didn't help. Danny Glover at definitely didn't help any of the other black actors that were in this movie because they were all Jamaican voodoo. Which Dr druglords. And it just was also just just the worst. I don't know. Just like really just like terrible image. I think. I mean, I, I love that any Glover do own action movie, but I wish it wasn't this really do. I do feel like it was a, it was a missed opportunity that said he did get to lead it. You know, he did. Get to be the hero. He did get to survive in the end. He got to kill the predator. He was the lion, even if it didn't make sense. He he, he stood toe to toe, and there's something cool about that so so can't get nothing. Give it, Tom, James. Yeah, yeah, basically everything. Y'all said like, I feel the same way like I couldn't give it nothing because it's like, yeah, Danny Glover's in the lead. And then also like considering other people that were other person or no other people cutting Arnold Schwarzenegger. They would obviously try to get him back that they were considering before it got Danny Glover like they were to white dudes and like, you know. So it's cool that that he got another shot. It's also called he was miscast like that's cool to like it sucks that like part of the reason that he might the miscast like there aren't. There wasn't another choice for as far as by people were. -cerned like it's like, you know, like when you're already thinking about Eddie Murphy, it's like, oh yeah, he can't. He can't do that. Even though he had done a few action movies by by this point, but it's like, oh yeah, he's not the like main chief guy or whatever. But as you know, it's kind of cool that there can be a black lead like in this scenario, but it does also suck that like I do feel like it probably could have hurt dating Glover. Right? Like people could've seen like Manny couldn't bring it home with. He just wasn't quite plan that part. I guess he can only play blank or whatever you can only play bumbling guy or whatever it is. So that's unfortunate. But I thought it was. That was good. I also just want to say another part of the movie that I really really liked was there's the moment win. Right after we see the trophy room, the predators trophy room. The next scene with Danny Glover. He gets out of car and stands in front of a. Like a taxidermy shop or something. But like inside the shop is just a bunch of like animal like trophies, and we see his reflection and I thought that was so cool. That was just like cool moment of the movie that couldn't talk about. I thought that was really cool and I loved like. I love this sort of residual late eighties, early nineties, like the future television issues, like or vulgar were showing skinned bodies eighty. The very eighties early nineties police station with just like. Just like it's so raucous, and there's just people all over the plate, like all of Tony and stuff like that. Stuff was fun, but like you know, the blatant racism and and just sort of the miscast Danny Glover. I had to give it a also the gratuitous nudity of that one woman. Yeah, that woman everyone just had to be naked that whole scene that whole scene. The whole scene though is very frustrating. So all right. So that's that you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram at black men. Podcast. Please rate and review us on. I tunes if you give us five stars, we will read your review on the air. If you on, I tunes that is. If you are in the city, we perform in a group called astronomy club, Mondays, nine pm at the upright citizens brigade theater in the east village. We will not Ono. Sorry, we will be performing this upcoming Monday. That will be Monday the twenty. Fourth. So come on out. We'd love to see you found me at jamboree like j. b. r. a. y. l. o. c. k. giambra dot com. What you guys. You can follow me James, their comedy, James, third county debt. Cam third is three r d and if you are in LA and Tober teaching a class at the ruby LA, it's a class on characters. Impressions on Monday nights. You can go to the ruby dot com slash workshops to sign up. No. Okay. If you are, if you like doing graphic design or logos are you're, you're an artist drawer of some kind. We are still holding our logo contests. Please send submissions to black men, podcasts at g mail dot com. That's black men podcast mail dot com. And I think we're going to do that for a couple more weeks. And then we're going to choose one. We're going to contact that person and lit and hopefully have a new logo soon by next month, and we're excited about that. So please come and do that. I'm just going to read. This real quick. This is by high see orange. It just says predator love this podcast. Heard you say you won't be doing predator because not a black Li, but have you done the original predator nineteen eighty-seven? Yet? I consider. I'd consider Kevin Peter Hall as at least co-lead if not the lead thing way. Yeah, you read this because that's why that's why we're doing. That's. That's where we're gonna pray today. Oh, my bad. Let me read this other one. Then this is by Bursa cat. These boy boy, he's got hops. I love the podcast. I give all the guys bring a very unique perspective to the films and movies they review. I really liked the review of the help. I saw this movie with my wife. Maybe they mean. This. I saw this movie with my wife girlfriend at the time and our moms and really liked it. Now after this pack as and looking deeper into it, I hit it with the passion. Also same as films like raised forty, two Hidden Figures, etc. And we go doing my part to help other these work of garbage for what they are. That's on utera great job guys by the way, not sure if it's been discussed, but it's him, but is Hancock the prequel to hitch. If the Hank. What it is James than, hey, we moved to New York and his alter ego by day is love guru, Alex. What did chins. So it makes wow. Okay. I just I gotta go to the Hancock boards to figure that out. That wasn't something that I had considered. I'm going to go to the Hancock boards right now and try to figure that brisk also something very people. Thank you very much who's interested in me, but this week by Davis has talking about the help. Yes. A couple of things have happened for that. People have told us this week, viola Davis talked about the help and how she regretted doing that film. A Harriet Tubman move me is being made her tummy babe, it. I think we are talking about this, but Jordan Peele is doing twilight Handyman Show guys come on. We're on a roll baby, come on. The only thing that has happened now is that people hire the three of us to right. Film to jump start a franchise. You know what I mean? So saying too. Hey to, hey, hot, too. Back to. Act two. That don't bad. What are we doing next week? Have we decided. No. We decided to, but but wait, but everybody should go to dot com on Friday. Oh, that's right. James, comedy, central, checking our strana club videos finally dropping. You could check it out on Facebook or comedy. Central dot com should be linked on Instagram, YouTube. You find it on Instagram links and we're posted everywhere. Strong club, three episodes yet. Choose written, starring people color is lit. It'll be fun. Good. Yeah, you're gonna catch us the next two Fridays the twenty first and the twenty eighth. Job do it? Could you and. Wait. Did you say that is the first purge coming on next week on video? That's right. Twenty twenty first the first purge. All right. The first bird was going to finally going to do it. Are you going to be? Okay. James. Oh, yes. So we're going to, we're going to review. I purge. I'm not gonna watch it, but we're going to do we. Yeah. How does it work? Yeah. So so the podcast is going to review the first purge. This was a hard movie James, but then I'm not going to. I'm not going to watch it. This was a Harley, so yeah. So like so. So like. We are going to watch it. I'm but not me. Sounds great. We see next week. Burst purge baby. I just looked it up though. It's not about Tober second. You lied to me. Digital. So it's coming out on digital this weekend Digital's usually earlier, like a couple of weeks earlier still make DVD's. Yeah, comes out on DVD later. Oh, okay. Well, then DVD's exist. Yes, they those enough. Does those good enough? All right. Brenton digital baby rented this weekend when it comes out on the eighteenth, we'll see you next week. That was a hit them podcast.

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