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One great book volume two book to the pelican, brief. Hey, readers. I'm Amoco and you're listening to one great book, the short foreign podcast from the team behind. What should I read next where each week? I hope one standout selection off my personal bookshelves until you all about it in ten minutes or less. Once upon a time in south Mississippi, a young lawyer witnessed a trial, the trial, inspired him to write a book. It was a good book, but it didn't sell he wrote another book, which nobody wanted to buy because his first book didn't sell, but despite this he was finally able to get it published that book was the firm, and it changed on Grissom's life. Incidentally, it changed my husband's life as well. And I'm so grateful, the firm was the book the maid will fall in love with reading, finally when he was seventeen years old because nobody writes breathless legal thriller light Gresham because of the firm's huge success Grisham was hired to write the pelican brief my favourite Grisham novel and one that's overlooked these days, but I have to tell you about it because it is one great. One great book is brought to you by page one books page one is a book subscription box. They are literary matchmakers who custom pick us election for you with every box. 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John Grisham says that for his family, the firm changed everything, and it's no wonder the firm went onto sell seven million copies and a key reason, why is because of a chance conversation while he was on early book tour for the firm a publishing. Exac mentioned offhandedly to Grisham that, you know, the big guys come out every year. He meant Tom Clancy. Stephen King, Michael Crichton. They all right. A book every year. Grisham says he heard that message loud, and clear he was starting to, like this writing life, and he wanted to keep at it. He was halfway through the pelican brief at the time. But he says after that conversation, he went home locked himself away for sixty days and finish the thing because new year was coming and he needed a new book, the action in this book begins with headline news, a tragedy. That's also a mystery to supreme court justices are assassinated on the same night. It's clearly not a coincidence. These crimes were purposeful. But what purpose whose purpose and why these two justices no one can figure it out Rosenberg is old eccentric liberal. He's ninety one he's wanted to retire for fifteen years. And the only thing he's been waiting for is a democrat in the White House Jensen is moderate with an occasional leftward impulse who was nominated by a Republican, they don't typically vote together. Meanwhile in New Orleans, Darby Shaw, is a two lane law student number two in her class and within striking distance of number one, the kind of girl that every boy fell in love with, at least twice in high school, and maybe at least once in law school early one October morning. She afflicts on the news and the French quarter aghast at what she sees. She shakes her law. Professor boyfriend that is secret law. Professor boyfriend awake to tell him his hero Justice Rosenberg has been murdered. But why Rosenberg and Jensen together, they wonder as they watched the news. Why not McDowell or? Young both of whom are consistently more liberal than Jensen. It doesn't make sense. Darby is just a law student, but her instincts are solid even that first morning and as a reader, you're desperate to listen in as she shares her theory, she knows why the big picture version, if not the details someone or some group wants a different court when with an absolute conservative majority. The election is next year. A democrat could be elected president. Why take a chance kill them now a year before the election? Darby says makes perfect sense. If one was so inclined. Darby has a curious mind so pretty soon, she's blowing off our classes searching for a suspect somewhere out there. There's a case or an issue on its way to the supreme court and someone wants a different court Darby sets out to find it at the end of five days of digging. She writes, a brief a mere thirteen pages that will change perhaps ruin multiple lives. It details a seven-year-old lawsuit in Louisiana still in the lower courts about an oil company that wants to drill. But if they do, they're certain harm the state's endangered Brown pelican, there are billions at stake and Darby posits that Rosenberg and Jensen removed from the court big oil will win. Darby writes the brief then decides her theory is way too far fetched and trashes it she doesn't want anybody to see it, but her boyfriend fishes it out of the trash Gan finds it intriguing especially because the brief shines a spotlight on someone the president knows and sends it to his old law school, buddy now, special director to the FBI in DC. And that is when all hell breaks loose the next thing she knows Darby, witnesses a murder in the French quarter, it's clear as day this killing was intended for her because of the pelican brief and she runs for her life in this cat, and mouse game Darby's, the mouse and the cat is a ruthless powerful and well-financed. Whoever these guys are they've already killed two justices to civilians and they have billions of dollars, they're happy to use to take her out next Darby would very much like to see her twenty fifth birthday so she tries to disappear. But she also wants to nail the bad guys. She can't nab, the criminals herself. And she can't get the feds to believe her. So she does the only thing she can think of something that blew my mind. When I, I read this book in nineteen Ninety-three Darby calls up gray Grantham in investigative journalist with the Washington Post and promises him the story of a lifetime, if he can help her prove her case, the rest of the book focuses on their quest to nab, the bad guys through good journalists. Mm-hmm. And is a reader, you will be rooting hard for good to triumph, even though you can see. It's a longshot. I've yet to see a critical best of John Grisham list, that names, his third book as his best, that's usually goes to a time to kill or the partner or the clients all those titles. Remind me of the hilarious BJ Novak story, the something in which John Grisham wakes up to discover his new novel has been published with his placeholder title, thus something instead of a real one, you have to find it and read it, but the pelican brief is my favorite and now is a great time to dive in, because it has all the makings of a juicy summer read. It's a heck of a page Turner, a political thriller turned blockbuster action movie. It's not a new book, but stories about seeking Justice in the face of political corruption and cover ups will never get old in sort. If you like the sound of a political thriller set in the atmospheric locations of New Orleans, and DC, featuring not just men in navy suits, but a whip smart hair when trying to save her skin by breaking the. Investigative story of a lifetime and a story in which Justice is served, not by men, gilding guns. But my reporters writing words for the masses to read the pelican brief may be the next great book your looking for. Readers. Visit modern MRs Darcy dot com slash one. Great book to learn more about the pelican, brief and all of the great books in this volume while you're there, you can sign up for our weekly newsletter. That covers all things books, reading and books and reading podcasts. Thanks again, to our sponsor page one books. The book subscription box company, and now book store in Evanston, Illinois. Find them online or go, visit next time you are in the Chicago land area. If one book a week isn't enough for you. Sign up to become a patron of the show. Both are paperback and hardback supporters. Get a bonus episode to go with each episode of one. Great book. These bonus episodes are books that haven't been released yet. 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