Millennials and Money Series


Hey. This is Kathleen Burns. Kingsbury and we are doing a new series called millennials and money so you WanNa make sure that you've subscribe to breaking money silence, and you hear the guests that we'll be talking specifically about millennials and money. What are some of the misconceptions about millennials relationship with money? Are they indeed better at talking about money than the generations before? And what are the different financial challenges that they are facing, so make sure you subscribe to breaking money silence, and you take the time to listen in and learn more. More about millennials and money, and if you are a millennial out there, cleese submit some questions to key K at breaking money silence Dot Com because we definitely will do an audience q a segment on breaking money silence to answer the questions that you have about this topic or to just hear from you about what you like or don't like about how millennials are viewed when it comes to finances I, really am excited about this new series. millennials and money so definitely subscribed to breaking money, silence podcast and check it out.

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