RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Survivor 37 Episode 6


Mars cubes keeping a beach close enough. So that space between you and me. Lose the way all dance and sway into the muse. Edgar they body and how you move and every time you cross my girl. Losey Alexa, play the country heat playlist. Okay. With Amazon music of voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. Some game, right. Offense. Oh, you are a. Day. Awesome school. You are. Teams boys and ghouls welcome through the audit shape, e boo and boo. I'm your host, Mike blood. All right. Get out of here. Nick Wilson get out. Gotta you gotta you're a rockstar to to go practice with. Hey, everybody. Sorry about that distraction honor of the late in Holiday Inn, true being beef fashion. We are behind on the tread the real Mike bloom. It's here. Talk about episode six of survivor, David versus Goliath. Thank you all for staying past that horrendous intro for those have really been through the first thirty seconds. We're here to break. Everything down on a really exciting panel here. Let me first introduce our spring loaded killing machine Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm gonna say we'd better do a better job on this podcast and the brownies did on that Amir new challenge. But I think what the intro we've already lost that. Okay. That's fine. We can dump as much water as we want. The the wells already drop the liquid our listeners. And I think we just I I was the Mike why just dropped completely and it's still diverse. Jeff Brooks is freaky out of a we're so happy, no matter who might be listening to be joined by this guy, if you are an international survivor listener, he's no stranger. You have heard him talk. Endlessly doing this fantastic coverage of Australia survivor champions versus contenders. They just spent the past few minutes feeding vegetables to each other over our respective microphones Nikai danza, welcome back to the BNB. How you doing? Thanks for having me goes. And if you went hemorrhaging listeners with that introduction. You definitely go to be hemorrhaging listeners because people have to be listening to voice again after very long and winding stralia and saw apologies old you out there who have to hear my voice again. But I'm so excited to be. He lost having me. Yeah. Of course. Well, Nick, I guess we could just like cut straight to it. Because you had a really interesting sort of jog o- across the sea, basically from covering, Australia and survivor too. You know, I think we were Australia survivor NDA to concurrently with David versus Goliath season going on so sort of what was your transition from Australia and survivor back into the American version? And now that we have sort of have officially ended the pre merge structure of this season. What have your thoughts on it? So far. It's funny because like the second civil of US of office season of the year, I'm always soil like hesitant to get involved with. I just feel like gone through this like months and months of strategy and survivor that just goes way too long way too much, and I just had being JAT like these Halloween kids just like binging out a way to much candy, and then Americans have office, and I just like need to take a break because heroes healers hustle is odd didn't I didn't listen to the I didn't stop that until about five or six weeks. And I've binged it, but I got started on me. I watched the first episode I was hooked. So like, the usual curse of straddling survival. Keeping me away did not keep me away. Because this has been really really really fun. It's so fun for this coast. Actually that should be the new metric of how good a season is like screw ranking. Screw whatever it is that people wanna use like, well, Nick happily watch this then. They're all in Las trillions survivor. That really is the true metric, exactly, right. Exactly. Right. So good. I I'm loving it. Like, the absurdity of some of these like votes, and of some of the topics that had been brought up jacket, gay, and everything is just that's why I love civil have it because it's you can never predict what is going to be the topic. When throw people together like cave is always blindsides alliances. But it's these random stupid things which just make my heart sing, well Liana. What did you think about this most recent episode? I know that I put out the call on Twitter to to rank the pre merge episodes, and I know that ranking can be arbitrary and reductive according to other RHA podcasters, but I figure, you know, why not I would say that for me at least this was still a good episode. There are a lot of positives. I wanna talk through and did end up sort of six out of six by default just because the other five before where so much fun while there. Were on moments. I mean, it's always going to be tough to come off the high that was jacket gate, and so it was always going to be a tough act to follow. But I felt like this was pretty straightforward in comparison to some of the other episodes, which I would say maybe had some higher highs. What do you feel about it? Yeah. I think interesting because from Natalie's boot which was if I had to gun to my head rank them, which I'm not saying I would. But if I had to Natalie that boo would have to be number one. So of course, you're going to have a little bit of a drop off afterwards. But I think what I really appreciate it about this episode was the fact that going into the immunity challenge. I honestly had no idea who was going to go to tribal council because we got to see a little snippet of the dynamics and setting up a potential boot on every single tribe and just from an editing perspective that was something that I really appreciate it. Once it turned out that the purple tribe was going to go then it was a little bit more clear. I think although for me, I was still questioning. Rob is the one who talked about this whether or not Mike was going to pull himself from the game. I had that first. What's second? But then I think you know, it sort of became a little bit more clear to me that was going to be the boot on that road. Interesting. Because I I was I was not so clear on the outcome. I I personally thought it was Angelina. But I think what what really Angelina Jolie that's so clear on the outcome of that. I love this. I love this. But I the thing that really did it for me was my favorite part of the episode. Honestly was this host immunity challenge? Pretrial council stretch because you know, I feel like Nick user taught this, but the international seasons this year how unfortunately they do to the American game structure nowadays, we're sort of deprived of what it's like to have like four or three people left in the game. And how they sort of figure out the MacIntosh voting for each other. It's very rare that we still get that an American version, but because at this job any tribe was down to only four people. We've got some really interesting combinations of. People. I know it's been mentioned before. But that scene where you have, you know, Mike talking to Lisa in the water while a stone's throw away, you have nigga talking with Angelina. I thought it was just a really nice counterpoint. And really I thought it was going to be Angelina going just because you had my going back and forth about these things. But I thought actually the most gripping part for me was just as Jeff sending the energy challenge. Sometimes survivor you had nowhere to hide. And it seemed like what has issues, unfortunately, is that there was nowhere to hide there were only four people. Definitely a definitely thought it was Angelina going home. Like, I was so sold on that. And I was like really surprised about well as if we're losing Angelina and Attlee before. The merge portion of an I was like totally ready to beer in feluccas so much longer because she was just going to slug through. So I was really surprised and I'm not down on this episode, compounded. The other ones I actually really enjoyed this. Because I knew I go to come on and talk about it. But like, I just really I loved I loved them in the water talking to each other. I love when it's like full people. And it was just like you two people go off and the other two than the to Pez switch and then the those two people go off. I was the smallest trauma. I was a pup trauma five, and it's very very weird strategizing on a tribe of five people, and I can only imagine how we did. It would be judge is in trouble full people. So I I was all in on this episode. Yeah. Strategizing with that's people. It's sorta like a key party or like everyone's like, oh, I picked yours out. I guess it's our turn to sort of have a conference and everyone else to hang around and do whatever they like. Already. You get to throw you coconut keys in a bowl. And then you pick it. That's what Barry's had was four, right. We had talked about Barry anymore. It's easy on a try a small small trod. It's just really weird because like you so sketched at your real sketch bowl as as Nick would say, you know, you always think that any moment someone's going to help out of the bushes. But like when this four or five people they really on like you can clock where everyone is and keep track of them pretty easily. And it just makes it so much more fun being dead knowing that you actually can have those conversations, and it's going to be like shut down at a moment's notice. Well, yeah. Because literally at the beach, the two pairs could see each other like we could see them in the background of the other pair having the conversation. Like, it's very clear who's talking to who when you only have four people on a tribe, and you you'd have to assume that there's some sort of level of understanding as well because these are also for people who are pretty big fans to a certain extent, even though Angelina is a recovering bachelor addict. I think that there is a certain like a nod between everybody to be like, all right? We're going to go strategize. Because it does seem like this was. Group that end maybe said a bit differently in my in my view with her that she wasn't necessarily going to be Jeb Benny strong. But I think they all at least had some dedication to each other that this really did feel like a heartbreak loss. I mean, Mike white the guy who was talking about like slitting throats. Mr. reality TV veteran was besides himself after the challenge about actually getting rid of someone which was another interesting sort of element as well. I forget it. I think this is Josh maybe talked about this on the wiggle room. This week about how this season is really playing up. I guess the human element in addition to the strategic element. But I feel like we are we are pushing the human element even more than we did in previous seasons. And we see here yet again when we get to see not only not necessarily the emotional ramifications of playing survivor, but the emotional ramifications of voting somebody out, which we get sometimes we got that during the Stephanie Johnson boot and ghost island. But otherwise, I feel like in modern survive rates. It's a general understanding that that's how the game is played that it's barely talked about on screen. So I'm always grateful when we really. Tap into that, emotional qualities, even if some alumni, you're saying, you know, crybaby island park too. I personally enjoy it. I think actually that's interesting because the one I'm thinking about the three sort of scenes that we saw before the immunity challenge where Elizabeth her sort of freak out was sort of sold to us is this strategy sort of thing like it could be my God, the alternative against Elizabeth. But are really was in emotional thing. It was like her. Oh my gosh. And her can we just talk about her faces dinosaur. Dinosaur faces. So good hurt. The I don't do well with lazy people dramatic sniff s and stupid people, which is so good. And I love having that in there. But then it's still put in terms of strategy. So I feel like I'm getting both. And that's what I really appreciate about the season that I feel like it does that it really can mix the two together. Really? Well, yeah. I actually went to it reminded me of when she when she was making this like when you used to teach the movie black swan like the point we'll let the watts one is transforming into the black swan. She's making these really we'd body movements and let knees bending backwards. Like I was expecting like Elizabeth skin to just like Tara PA. And misled we're this thing, but burst at and it was that was trauma. Just like keep it in keep it in keep it I to stop down for a second. You teach the movie black swan. Yes, I'm going to very liberal school say like they get into some pretty lascivious stuff there. I mean, I it seems like a little bad for me. I'm nearing thirty years of age specifically when she was like, ripping her skin off. I'm like, I don't know about the fifteen year olds are really getting behind Darren off ski. Definitely go up behind that one scene. Wait. I'm sorry. I want to go back to this concept of Elizabeth being a lizard person. And. Behind the man. Crazy. I lose it. There. We didn't even know it the entire time. I can imagine she gets the final tribal council, and she's like, well, y'all can't believe I made it. It's an ally must finally reveal who I truly add my name is Dr the lizard people. I knew it. Yes. And then it'd be like now Cana does Elizabeth winning the game ruin the game for the rest of the lizard. Another person be taken to the end and win. This is the new thing. This is like the new Jeremy revealing that he's having a baby like forget that like reveal your lizard, the fun of Trump. And that is how you Elizabeth thirty seven hundred thirty seven terms of winner ranking should only one can she revealed? She was a lizard person at the end. Really have to just count her winner when because of that because on lettering. Took us a few minutes post vampires to get into the insanity. That is Elizabeth is a lizard person conspiracy theories of what they're going to be a record ten minutes. And we've. What's getting into her usual fare here? Let's go back to Lisa, and let's talk about how we thought Leon. And I thought your said what do preseason now Lisa general reception behind her was working fun character? Sometimes doesn't do well and survivor. Indeed, you know, every tribal council she went to she was targeted. She was the cat with three lives that expended them. All liana. What was your personal take on how Lisa would do preseason? Okay. So I did have Lisa going pre jury, and this is what I wrote. So Lear says here to play the game. And while her daring game play is exciting. It alternately leads to her downfall. She found herself in a tight alliance early and she loyal until the pencil vote turned on her allies. The now I- conic pencil vote causes her alliance to call her a can of dirty backstab and vote her out of the game. Lisa leaves the game with a positive attitude and returns to kick boxing undergrad that Ponderosa. Oh boy. I don't want us. All right. Nineteen year olds come in. You know, you want an internship, but this girl's gonna take out her anger at her tribe. Members by kicking you in the face. Yeah. So you'll you'll predictions just get more and more oddly specific. This is not how you win goes. This is the this isn't me. Okay. Focus for a second. Like, can we speculate? What this pencil vote could be or is there a pencil vote that we just haven't given a connotation to yet that's trail like what was the pencil? But I don't know the I said she loyal until the pencil vote. So obviously this had to have happened. The I can't be wrong. So when did she turn on somebody was it, Jessica, I guess she was trying to save herself though. I have no idea how to make sense. So wrote her answer with a bird. They do they write with pencils. They're like little chuckle. If they want with pencils, Aubrey what have done a much better job and co wrong. So I don't know necessarily true. Shop either they let rep would around. So try to make it look like it's a piece of pulled out a fire. Right. It's like, oh, yeah. I've no idea. But apparently, I also wrote that her closest ally was be probably because she was kickboxing undergrad so total swinging miss on that one. It's like, yeah. Oh and worst enemy Elizabeth or Elizardo Beth is you well, so really knocked it out of the park ear. Well, we'll see how it compares because I lear- some making the jury I was one vote on. So so close I said that Lear says shirt will somehow stay pretty pristine throughout her time in the game. She came in with like, a pretty white Hawaiian shirt. It's not as grandiose as Alec Murli knows. But it's still something to be commented on I said Jeff will call her out in at least one swimming challenge. I said it she and John Hennigan will get along prompting a funny picture when it comes to size comparison. And to her dad's consternation as she will get blurred. At least once I think her debt her dad, if you remember thought she was going to go on naked and afraid. I also said her closest ally. I would be I think I think it really is kick boxing connection that just never came to fruition. And I said her worst enemy would be Jessica. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Well, I when you first said blurred. I thought of because. Way too long to figure out what you were talking about. Like, I don't know gives a new definition to blurred lines. Don't call Robin Thicke on this one. I'm waiting for a one off to happen now in the next few weeks called blurred lines about if Davies Google if Davies throwing fishing lines are like throwing a pick up lines to people I feel like blurred lines has to be a thing. Yeah. Blurred line if someone gets on and wins with that like you need to get credit because that's that's a really really good audience. I'll take the brim of the wombat. I'll that's that's my compensation. That's like my ten percent. All right, Nick, so gut slim Pickens here, but which which which pick we'll have the other person's saying excuse me. Well, I was going to say off to hearing Leon. There's no way she's winning. But I got to say on nj leaning more towards towards Liana. I think that you definitely. Definitely, I don't know. I feel like the fact that you had going mach that you had to go into the jury just kind of really threw me because I'm never would have predicted that until maybe like a so that she was getting this close. So I'm going to give it to. I feel like maybe this is sort of like, I guess the meta of how we approach things at least from my perspective. There are I would say at least three or four people where people are like. Nope. They're never gonna make it. And I would say at least one of them always able to slip through somehow like last season. I think you could say like Angela is a good example where I think it have come up bit stern in the preseason. Where people like oh God. No, she's I gone, and you sort of like learn your Lauren. Remember, I was a good example to from from thirty five. We're like I feel like there is one exception to the rule only one slot of like a preseason doomed person is able to make their squeak their way onto the jury in hopes that it would be Lisa I will not reveal who my other preseason. Pre jury were. But at least one of them may throw onto the jury as a result. Yeah. I'm trying to figure out who like that's left is like an obvious target. The only person I could maybe think of is like Gabby. But even that like, I can see I could see a world where she makes it the. Yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm really enjoying the people that have chosen the cost is yet this season. So like, I'm genuinely interested in all of that. And my Winnipeg with Jeremy and like, and that's probably the worst I've ever done. So it's actually the fact that I didn't even care that he's gone because there's so many other interesting people it's very good for the season. It's very good one. That's also what makes it entertaining for me is just having people that I genuinely care about I care about who goes home, you know. And that naturally makes you more invested in the season. Just quick question. Do any chance that Natalie Cole gets invited back for another season. Well, choose one of Jeff Probst players to watch. I would say there's a difference between Natalie Cole getting aspect and Natalie Cole deciding to go back 'cause I reckon because I think that the from her approach in my exit interview with her she was a bit skewing towards the Foley angle of I'm a little angry that I was edited in this particular way. And it seems like Natalie also is sort of like my life is fine. I don't know if she necessarily feels like she needs to go back feels like she has unfinished business in any perspective. So I think it really depends on how she feels about her depiction, and whether or not she wants to maybe that serves the chance for her to redeem herself and say, I want I want to show them a different type of person that the Jerry Mandy style of doing it. We're might just her the quote, another Goliath saying f it and say, you know, what I think I'm good, but just one and done survivor. I could see it being someone chosen for like a second chance poll. TSE hit. I think that makes sense that she would be somebody who would be considered. I think what would be interesting to know, though, is because she had such a positive fan reaction. But it seemed like she didn't really know that or that was how it felt in a lot of her exit. And yeah, so it's sort of as time goes on maybe she'll realize that people really really enjoyed her on the show and would want her back. Maybe that would help if Mike your prediction is true that she may be hurt. She personally. No know, my actions are not true at this rate. Okay. Well, I guess I'll run it through the and we'll see what we got. That line. I think honestly, it's all about she needs to embrace the memes, and I think she has to a certain extent. But like Angelina I thought today fantastic job embracing the means to the point where like she actually turned into charitable work. I don't know if you guys saw this last week. But she's like, hey for those of you that were tweeting me to give me a jacket. You can go to goodwill and actually donate a jacket. If you want to use it send send me a picture of it. And all you know, I'll send you something. I think that's like I do like the goodwill can actually be born out of the means. It's very rare on survivor, but I kind of feel like especially nowadays Natalie needs to like a embrace the jen's e population of it, all and just buy into all the fantastic names that have come out of the reign of Queen Natalie. But I feel like it's a lot easier for people to embrace the means who've made the merge the cream. Who's me Mable? Yeah. I just feel like in my in my personal experiences savant of the people that don't lie. They have a really tough till? I'm like with the off to the often math, and and really kind of like separating the positive from the kind of the silly and the negative and stuff. But anyway, oh, well, well, Nick, we as per usual. We have each bringing a discussion question about the episode the season survivor in general to throw around the panel. What goodies have you brought in your after the fact trick or treat basket for us? This episode. Okay. So I thought this episode like was interesting. Tens of you watch the two challenges, and you listen to Jeff's commentary, and I feel like Jeff is just like getting so shady lucky he loves like, you're really hacking into the to the trial out there at one point. He was saying it looks like there are two tribes. You know, how to play survivor at one tribe who doesn't even know how to begin like survivors one thing carrying a giant disc full of water is another. So he's really really like right Riemann on them. And then he took all the Hotz note in. And then they just get the performance to match and then even said like day seventeen a day. None of them will ever forget a day that will live in the don't don't make this the Pearl Harbor of the Betty tribes. So I got me thinking like Jonathan was was vocal during the offseason, but he was still trying to find his face. He wasn't vocals audited have too much experience with a host throwing kind of no shade while you're competing, and it made me think what would be the most demoralizing thing to hear during a challenge by the host. Oh my gosh. Well, that actually reminds me of when Natalie was blindfolded at during that one challenge and Java's another it's not going, well or something like that. I can't imagine being blindfolded knocking able to see what you're doing and having the host berate you for doing something wrong. Like, you can't even fix it. Because you can't even what's happening. Like that must be terrifying. I love Jeff during this challenge because it was very like this Neagle and Ghalem parts of his producer persona. Whereas. Jack Benny, we once Japanese to lose, oh Pechiney has so much heart loves the job any they've perfect Davidson is so like you can see a man torn in that moment as to like what's going to make the best TV moment. And he started real sour that came around to sweep the end like look at them. They're not giving up even when they literally gave up. They have given up yet. Of felt like to me that he was like, all right. I'll just take both approaches. And then I can just pick whichever one in the way they want to they can trim out. My main comments like the actor like, okay, I'll give to pasta. I'll give two different takes us, whichever one you want to and then we'll use as a professional at this point. So I guess maybe for other challenges, and they just don't show it. But that memo. The night it to the editing bay through it all in there. Now. Just looks just like this complete Jekyll hod moment of what she missed. Although it wasn't really waiting for something the David versus Goliath EM Hake. Even though they kept going even though took them four times kept spilling water much like David spilled water or something that like Jeffrey understands the David Goliath story that would have been great. So your question. I mean, I'm not going to try to tech chino check too much into like my therapy conversations that think about what's the most demoralizing thing that someone could say this, buddy. I don't know. I guess what? Do you think strikes? Most at a survivor player and makes them feel the worst. Could he compare them against player other players like previous players, but he'd be like you're doing worse than MRI with a broken leg from San Juan del sore? Like is are we going in that direction? Could be could be definitely people there worried about is that they like edit is worse than the other person. They're going to get shown in a negative light. That could be a wow. Like, this person is really mock is really really struggling to do something Liana would never struggle with carrying that disk. I think my favorite ones are when he's really close to them physically. Like, he's not just giving commentary from faraway when he's like right next to them when they're doing the puzzle. I think that because then it's like drill sergeants sort of yelling in your face. You're trying to do it. Like, I can't imagine. That added pressure of him being close to you would also be so intense. All right. I got it. I think I've found the perfect solution. How do we feel about Jeff Probst doing your momma jokes? Oh my God. I see that with tenor. Of course, what have you go on your mama's so bay we have to dig deep twice as much to get her in the sand. Oh, yeah. Anything about people's family like, whoa. That whole that is note that you'll family you're gonna be so disappointed in you. What is the choking? So we're just coming off of Halloween. So we're talking about people fears of clowns, spiders, or whatever, but really like being ashamed and really being shamed. In front of your family like, whoa. What does it the Tyson? Always says it's public shaming of that has to do publicly. Shamed. Them. Trying to cross a bridge in slow wannabe unit. Couple of months watching this bag with your children. Magin how they're it's your family will be hoped. Your life is getting another apartment to live. Like, you better watch any close male friends. You have I think that like Jeff can do is. When you ask family members. Like, okay. Do you want to be this person's loved one say, okay what I want? You to do is send in a video reaction a one really happy. Like, Jeff doesn't the challenges. Give me two takes one really happy one very disappointed in angry. And maybe what he does he gets out one of these. These cheapo depot phones that they pump pimped out on previous seasons. Like the spin sprint palm pre. They're like Elizabeth. Here's your daughter, very sad in in your performance in this challenge. How does this make you feel? Komo going on. We'll be great as then you bring up full circle in the family. Visit happened. I'm be like, so, and we have, you know, Jessica sister coming on Jessica, you would not are just gonna sister. You would not believe how bad Jessica did in this challenge. Terrible. Let's go the tape. Yeah. They did that with a Colby and read the need. He say something to read about like he's been like this the whole time. Just because. Anything that he could like the so many ways that you can just demoralized people out there and people already just add their lowest like, Jeff like we didn't need you as well. What what what would Elizabeth have done if like coup Vuko lost that reward challenge? If Jif was demeaning them while it was going on like I can't do this with his frigging head off. Lizards do ran off. Bush got into a little spice you've flown away to let the planet. Glacto exactly. Even though I don't know she'd seems like if her black doors mission is to eliminate humans or study their behaviors she might have accomplished the former because it seemed like let's get to the Elizabeth stuff. There was one point when she nearly through Carl into the fire with her gargantuan bamboo sticks. She was dragging back. Did you guys see that still good? It was so passive aggressive. It was like I'm trying to build this shelter and take this bamboo, and she just like soli shoves him in the fire, and he's like trying to dodge it is it sort of knocked them from the knees. Oh by Connick. I love the if Elizabeth is listening to this which I don't know if she is. I absolutely love Elizabeth she's the best and I'm so only Elizabeth trying but I'm gonna say watching that shelter thing. I wanted to weigh in as a place always play Wayne about these shelters. Okay. Okay. When you go out there. Right. I've been preparing this because it just cheeses me when you go out there in terms of making a show tub. You think you need to make his show too? Because you've watched survivor, you know, that that's just what you do. In the first episode the first couple of days, it's something that the whole team can get behind. You don't need to make show to the bottom. You just needed make his show to the top on the first fourteen. I twelve days of my season, we slipped on these lugs and these awful, I really super uncomfortable shelter. And it wasn't until I was sense the other trial that we would just like hell, and we just slept on the floor and it's freezing on the flow. But you can get around that bus stopping so many palm leaves and just sleeping on top of that. And I think the thing that people just do it because they think they have to when you watch the first episode of like heroes villains. The villains aren't wasting time making his show too. Because they didn't care about like looking like we got together and made this show too. And they know that you don't need it. So it's just like. Just like just make a roof and just sleep on the floor say the backside the Thanh save the potential of throw accidentally pushing you try made in the file with one of the beams and just sleep on the flow. Paypal would to the watts so but the ground gets cold. You're just saying you just deal with it with the palm like just like just keep ripping off old leaves palm leaves? Bush's just everything and you lay it on the sand. And then you sleep on top of those and it makes a really cushioning comfy bed. I had like so many great sleeps out there. Once I slept on the floor. Okay. It's now. So like, the villains were Nick were like, I don't know you and Craig doing this seesaw coach and Russell were doing and building the shelter. Yes. We definitely try that it didn't work because you're not a true Valen. Yeah. Exactly. I I was. I was I thought with the other thing the Elizabeth moment is that like she could have had like that admission that she had this back thing. And that she was really saw that could have been a moment that she used in a way to kind of get people on his side. And it could have been like a really touching moment that was unifying, but it just kind of felt like the coach she kind of lot bottled it up for so long it just kind of exploded out, and it became a really negative thing. And then people aren't going to come on your side about oh, well, let's just go to school back on stand. They're going to be like great. You got to sell back back to because you'll fighting with them. So sometimes it's better just to kind of like the honest and let that like don't let it simmer away for too long. And DEFINITELY DO not start taking the show for Paul on your own that is a bad bad mood. Well, so I guess my question is so it's not the problem that she did this. It was sort of the approach to it that she sort of just. Let it sort of exclaim out all at once rather than just sort of admit over time. Like, hey, my back's been killing me. Maybe it was she wants to get far away from the Pat incident to bring up the backstop because that just traumatizing the other interesting thing that I felt from this edit is that we were only really getting reactions from the other two David's on the tribe. And I don't know if that was to sort of put forward this narrative. Oh, the Dave. It's my turn on Elizabeth even though they have a majority. But it is interesting to me that like we didn't hear we heard narrow word from Karen nor Alec about their reactions to Elizabeth shenanigans with the bamboo. Well, no one knows what Alec was doing. But definitely care CARA. Cara CARA era. Okay. Sure. Was just so happy like we saw her confessional. She was just like I'm gonna stay quiet because they're fighting. So I think that's probably why you can see her in the background. But she's just like not tangle word and just staying very, quiet. So yeah, I think it was over the Dave it's going to turn on each other perspective. But she seemed happy about the whole thing. Would be I can't tell Tara is the luckiest or the unluckiest person on survivor because she was the person who was dead center when Jeremy and Natalie were going at it on that sandy hill, then she's front and center again when Elizabeth Dave you're going back and forth where it's just like, I'm not a I'm not a wacko. And he's like I didn't say you were a wacko. This is a half day job at cetera. So cameras unintentionally become like the defunct row audience member to all of these wrestling matches ironically enough, none of which feature the actual wrestler on the show. That is actually what you want to be you won't be the witness. You don't want to be in the middle of it. And I wish I had lent that. We'll speaking of the wrestle. Let's move onto our first game here in honor of the triumvirate that has come to light over the past few episodes from the TV tribe. This is going to be a game called know your broach show. And here's how it works. The great shut up Tim, and I have trolled these social media's of the members of the broach os. What I'm gonna do is. I'm going to provide the wording of a social media post. You were going to buzz in and say, which of the broach shows said that quote, if you get it, right? Get a point if you get it wrong. You don't get a point. A Tim has suggested for your buzzers Liana say, bro. Ana. And Nick say either Nick, bro or brick so I guess pick your poison there. I will take brick. Thank you. All right. So I will read a quote, it's up for grabs. Whoever wants to buzz in. I guess if you get a right? You get a point wrong, you get zero points and all the answers are going to be the name of a bro Chacho before we get into this. Nick, do you have any opinions about the broach chose that have come to prominence over the past few episodes? I love the dynamic between Joan and Christian, Dan. Like we could do that day. No, no. I think that that's fair. I will say the one funny thing about Dan was it was I think it's what Alison and Gabby. We're talking and then it was like cut to Dan, which is like big stick just like smacking it against doing nothing. This is the purpose of this that made me laugh like him him then. But then it was interesting because he's yes, smacking this caveman esque log against tribe flagpole and then cut to Christian who's like breaking twig over his knee. Just tastic timeout literally David versus Goliath, and I will say I liked the Phoenix other seen it because it might be the most homo or erotic thing I've seen on survivor and quite some time. I think John and Christian realized that as well because you know, as soon as one person said as soon as they both realize that it was the first time they were they'd ever fed someone or been fed immediately like start blushing and talking at the same time sort of like stumbling over each other's words. It's okay. It's okay. Also, I don't know if you guys caught this conversation, but it was John saying, what makes dancing cool is misdirection. He's comparing dance to magic. It was like, I'm British magic dancing. And then what was that? He used the moon. Walk the moon. We that's why dancing. Because it's misdirection. You think you're going full my God these back. I guess I don't know. I'm just by this logic. Hey, John thinks that David Blaine is the best dancer of all time or be things. Michael Jackson was an amazing magician that just nobody knew about I'm trying to imagine someone watching that and going that's what I need to do to not in the club. And then they go to go out, and they'll Jhansi and I'd just like throw a gloss of the wolves. Misdirection? Then just like you're just dancing like imagining like dancing with somebody at the club. And all of a sudden you reach behind their their ear plot. You're like a nickel. Out of your sleeves those tissues that just like keep going like. Like. Gonna win this dance. Start doing the Macarena and then at the dove spla- out of the. Yeah. I think we're stumbled upon something here. You know? I think that. Put on your mic white fedora and hit the club with with a rabbit in your hat. And I think you're ready to take on the town. All right. Well, okay. This is good. Yeah. We we took a big misdirection before we actually got to the game. So let's dancer way back. You will vote. It was about a game. But really, it's a dad dancing. All right. So let's let's start off here again buzzing when you think you have the answer. Also, we'll start off with some pretty easy one some layups. If you will these are the TV S cancers, my one hashtag SICOM wish teach everyone the importance of models in science EEG, muddle, Organon Ephron, I. On a Christian. That's correct. The full one my one psych hashtag SICOM which teach everyone the importance of models and science each model organisms and modeled problems when it'd be so easy to smear fruit fly research and laundry folding robots. I thought when you said modal we were talking about, Dan. And then I got distracted. Okay. My bad. Good. All right. Let's let's see moving on to question. Number two. If I keep finding idols I'm not gonna have any room in my pampered, Nick lakes. Break going to break. That is correct. The full tweet. If I keep finding idols I'm not gonna have any room in my pants for the other, quote, unquote, idle, okay? We. I I'm trying to figure out that means to give it to down there. And they're still Rome. I don't know if that's a is it like an insult like insulted himself. I feel like in some way. All right next one here next week smiley face on at impact wrestling, I. Liana john. That's correct next week smiley face on impact wrestling, I defend the title against a sociopath at real killer. Cross scary when someone uses their intelligence to excuse decisions that they are smart enough to understand are morally wrong early scarier for the sociopath that when my foot kicks his face glasses emoji. Christian. What is this about next week uncivil of it? He shouldn't just knew right next next time on some of it with its grueling. I don't know who real killer crosses. Yeah. Either. Next up Leon is ahead. Two two one live from the flight deck, if it isn't just that will. No idea just wants. Just want to say the word brick. Yeah. Yeah, christian. I'm sorry. That is incorrect Leon I'll give you a chance to steal here because Nick buzzed in prematurely. Live from the flight deck, if it isn't an F fourteen Tomcat, but it's still pretty shit. Hot. See you topside sixes clear, Dan. I'm sorry. The correct answer is Teri defeats the original shot show. It's all about misdirection, Jordan. What is this? Listen, I said, no, you're broach. The Roach is we're going to be from this season. So yes, Terry has joined the fray, okay? Why those funny? I was like, oh, that's funny 'cause Terry deeds. Okay. Okay. Well, it's obvious. Joe is Joe anglin option. Then. All right. So that was a bit of a goose egg. But let's move onto the next one. And see if you have luckily on as a head at two one over brick sometimes you just need to dive in and get a little wet. Rick Rick, Dan, that is correct of remain. You really don't like you really have is tweets thanked. Well, I do I do follow him onto. I haven't seen any of his tweets from this week because I've been pretty pretty lazy. But I do know that he loves a photo of him like in the shallow luck in his underwear or shirtless peaks. And I assume that that's one of like him. Himself in a hose with like a sunset and adobe behind. That's correct no dog, but it is him in a woman sort of like notebook style like embracing each other while they are sobbing wet. So I think daily day was actually the most adept of all these people for all the cyclones because like that's just as usual photo. Shoot weather. Yeah. Sorry. I'm busy checking his Twitter. Keating on the game. Just other reasons. All right. Let's move on. Let's evily on us distracted enough for this next tweet row. Parentheses Alex's, bro. Like Smurfs use Murph. Ronna. Yep. Liana on that is correct. Did he say, Alex? No, he said, I pulled the Natalie and accidentally. So it's such similar sounds the right there on the tip of the tongue next to each other, Alex. Is he saying again Alec uses bro likes? Mercy's murph. Okay. All right. Let's move onto this next one hosted without comment, and it's a link to William shatner's performance of Elton John's rocket break, less, Nick. Christian. Yes. That is correct. Oh, good only. Because surely the bro bolt signs kinda Roquette. No, you don't feel like Christian, honestly, talks a bit like William Shatner. So I wouldn't be surprised if he basis confessionals off of shatner's performance of rocket, man. Oh, man. Okay. So I actually had this random thought when I was watching me episode because I was watching the way the Christian moves and sort of the way he speaks. I feel like mimics the way he moves it. He moves in such an interesting way, but he designs robots like he does bio McKay for robots. I was like how maybe keep moves like his robots or maybe he's designing his robots wrong. Because I was like. Oh, man. He is a rose. I got I can't wait for final triple council. Here's what's going to happen. It and and Nick and Christian there and says, I am galactosyl lizard person. And Chris says I can do better. My name is Christian bought four thousand. I am the first Android play survivor. The Nick says, I'm a vampire, and so like you really have to choose who's the lesser of three evils out of all those. Yeah. I think I'm gonna give lizard the lizard book. No way. The listen, listen, listen, that's how you'd be elicited. A and the fun of trouble. The and has to be listened book. This sounds like some really weird version of rock, paper, scissors like vampire versus robot versus lizard person. Vampire, carry fight. The lizard, the lizard kick feet the robot. It's a work in progress will be playing it next week. I'm sure all right. Let's move on your all tied up as we move into these last bunch of questions. My thoughts on my game. Hence, far and hashtag tribe TV at survivor CBS smiley mode of con- smiley, motor con- Brig. Nick is a Joan it is John. You're Craig John is a is a fan of the emojis. I don't know if that means him in Mike white bonded, very easily. But yeah, that's that's the pension on social media. But what are now the emojis? I was it was it was a link to a video one of the secret confessionals Ray talked about it was actually really nice confessional last week about how he felt like he was pretty well connected with basically everyone left in the game, which we'll see if that bears fruit come the merge time. Good. All right, next one. Did you hear about the guy that got hit in the head with the soda can dot dot dot? He's lucky. It was a soft drink. Frick, nick. Is this like a Joe anglin tweet Osama? No, not a Joe Anglo tweet. Liane? I'll give you an I'll give you a guess. I let second I thought I was like, oh, this is like a Rupert, but tweet or something. This seems like I don't know is Malcolm an answer, Malcolm, always tweet stuff like this. No, I'm sorry. It was not, Malcolm. It was Dan Dan, took a break from the sexy photos to post a dad joke. Get you a man that can do both. But you, and I should be fans of the dead jokes. So this is exactly what's so much raining. What's dad to be joke, though, is that a special like bridging joke that we can get. You have to whatever it is. But you're doing it sopping wet. So it's kind of like eight halfway between being young carefree bachelor and Hof way between online non cool debt, daddy's are fully wet, but daddy's to be or just moist. We feel very uncomfortable. All right. Let's move on to our next one. We all deserve pancakes and morning sex shrug emoji. Oh, my. Nick. Fully. That's dan. That's correct. Yes. Most of the twenty sure these tweets were one right after the other so doing his expanding his brand. He is trying. He's trying to get so much like so many cheeks if from this, and he's putting in the. Good on it because it's a fulltime job trying to keep up with your social media presence. And if that's what's important to him than will done. I just like casting a wide net though. Like, he's gonna get all types of women's I fear. What happens if Dan Mason to the day thirty nine breakfast? And what people expect to the people that he's with. Well, we got one shrug emotion. Talking about the most homo erotic thing you are Mike. All right. Let's move on here. Just watch thirteen hours again with my kids. No explanation needed. Break nick. This John had kids John? Nope. That is incorrect. Liana Gary that is correct. Those like, oh, Terry kidding. Eighteen hours is a take on one hundred twenty seven hours. I dunno. It's the John Krimsky thirteen hours a secret soldiers of Benghazi. Right. Did not see that. So well next time Terry comes on. Only watch the real housewives of Benghazi. Which is also thirteen hours season. All right. Let's move on here. This is a bit of a long one. It's incredible. Just how much people take for granted in life acknowledging support everyone who helps you get to where you want to be extended hander to while you're at it. We all could all use a little more, positively and integrity in the world have an awesome week guys break, Nick. Jill egland. I'm sorry. Not JoAnne, Guam Liana. That is correct, Dan the onset. Dan. We did wonder a lot of Dan bootie for this for this quiz. Liane is when we finish. This Leon is going to go and plunder his self a little. Fully Amy below him. Know me all too. Well, nick. All right. Let's move on here. Only two questions left and we're tied up right now. So even after I applied for survivor dot flow. Now for interviews went through months of medical and psychological tests. And finally was told I made it after eighteen years of dreaming break, Nick Christian. That is correct Christian had a nice fun. Little like eleven tweet thread going on after the cast was released or when was the season premiered about his sort of anxieties, and he talked about eighteen years of dreaming. I still worried can I really go through with this, which we we saw partially sort of fleshed out when he finally got his big emotional scene. This week. I'm shocked. It wasn't Dan wishing for eighteen years. Eighteen years. I've wanted pancakes in the morning, and I won't do it supping with by my calendar covered and syrup. All right final final tweet here. Liana you need to get this right to tie it up. Okay. Cake veins. Brought yes, John that is. What? That me and things. So I believe his new wife had a birthday party and one shot was of these wrestlers like holding cake and their veins were so prominent that he had to tweet cake veins with about six exclamation points. That is the give a tiebreaker round that does involved. So first of all, I go cake vans because I was curious and. Responser me on Google was from a website called cake central. It's a forum for making cakes and somebody posted help Venus on our veins on penis cake. How to do the realistic is that a win by dago rent? January underscore rendering. Pena's geic. Oh, that's so funny. People have some people responded with answers. So and how do you make cakes for everyone out? Did that wants to know somebody was like a thin ropes of Donnette say. Yeah. Yeah. Or? Make sure your arcade tea is as smooth as possible. Any of that means t boy? No. Onto a small subculture. I might not be interested. All arcade, t what's coming up for me as an airport. So I don't know. That's what they're referring to. That's right. All right. All I'll bring up a Raynham tiebreaker here. All right. I want you to each write down your answers closest without going wins. How many followers does Daniel rendering on Twitter have? Oh god. Remember, this is the guy who became social media famous with being the hot cop. And he's trying to expand on his brand. No matter what whatever whatever messaging is there each write down your ankles. Let me know when you're done. Okay. Yeah. I'm ready. I'm ready. All right Liana. What did you say? How many followers? Do you think? Dan hats. I said forty thousand Nick, no way, no way. I think he wished I think he wishes yet forty thousand five thousand so you were both over, but Nick was much closer Dan has three three thousand nine hundred and thirty followers. Way. But I thought he got famous for hard Cobb. They did not translate until the survivor game. Apparently, it was a flash in the pan much like cakes. I think that the word famous I think he uses that very liberally. Famous with air quotes on track to Google the picture the picture, and like I couldn't find it. Does anyone know exactly what he does? They don't seen it. Have you seen the pitch? Yeah. I remember why I remember when the picture came out. It's like them. He's like looking at the camera. It's like a bunch of guys. He's like kind of on the like not that this is helping any way me describing a picture. You'll never see I'll end Dan's in the picture. I don't know if you know this. There are some cars. There's a building behind him. Like a swat team. So congratulations, Nick, you have known the most about the choice shows even begrudgingly for one of them. This may I think this makes you an Honore broach. Oh, please accept this offering of spoon-fed pancakes from Dan. It would be my only only way dripping wet when we do it. Cake vein. Oh, you just send me the pitch. Is that to pitcher? Yeah. He's like cut off in half of it. He's not even the main. God that's true. It's sorta like how you know. I don't know if it's sort of like in Dreamgirls, when you know, they point out like EFI was the main girl, but then they said, no, you know, what this girl beyond say's character. She's the one that's really going to become the star. Like, that's sort of what happened to the other two got Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland out of the hawks. I wonder what they're up to now probably putting out there. One of them redneck island, the other ones on like ink master like they went on to do their own reality shows. I can't believe that that. Yeah. That's that's really underwhelming. He needs needs to be fumbled pancakes and a lot more sloping with. They were in a hurricane some surprising. They were not that wet. Yeah. Yeah. They're all dry. What is this? Well on Dan hold on forgetting to with. With what was a four thousand. Yeah. Near us. So he might depending on how much people are interested in the wide swath. He does with his tweet whether you like dad jokes are talking about morning sex at Daniel rendering is your place to go. So we'll see in Bubba about the four thousand by the next time we come on here. So I have a question he gets hopefully forty thousand. So I have a question segue in back to the episode proper because I was so interested by the strategy that Mike really vocalized from the perspective or his personal battle was. Okay. The decision that I make how was this going to come across to the other goliaths? He said in a confessional that keep fell to the foul. The yard long stairs of of John Alec and the others. You know, when he came into the reward challenge that we thought maybe I should stick with Angelina. And I think there might be a stigma out there about people saying, oh the merges coming up. I wanna make sure you know. I don't get people mad at me. But I guess my question is is that valid? Because I looked at bit into some historical presidents as to you know, in the past survivor seasons. When have there been, you know, post swap, but still pre merger votes that really have substantially affected people on the other tribe and made them think about things differently. And honestly, I can only think about a couple of instances. And I don't know you guys can maybe fully and a couple that missing. But like the two that I'm really thinking about our markets from survivor good bone, which elicited the gift Pearl heard round the world. But also firmly told those onion alliance like, hey, these people don't wanna work with you. And the other one going all the way back to survivor marquess when he wasn't the last pre merged bu-but when Gabe went home, I know that that relates substantially affected Pasco and Neue and Kathy. And that's what sort of got them a bit separated from the road to four. So it gets I'll throw out the question, especially since Nick you have experienced this firsthand. You know, when you come into the merging and see someone like Phoebe is being voted out. Do we think that there really is an impression that's made from? Watching the other tribe come in and seeing the particular person that was voted out the night before right before you get to the merge. Is Finally I was thinking about this. Because I think Robin Stevens spoke about on the nodoze that like we just queued to make these wool reactions. But I think we are. But I do think that the biggest thing is not as actually why that person was. But just the rampant speculation the speculation can just go so wild that you don't want to be at the center of people trying to feed a narrative like, for example, when Phoebe was the person who was voted out just before we merged that we all were speculating as to who it was going to be now we merge dried away, and it was I to be clarified for us. But had we go back to camp. We would have had so many aspersions about all this happened. And that happened that happened and then in the crucial couple of Allah's will that crucial morning BA full, you know, you're about to merge, and you. Sitting up everything you're getting all your ducks in a row, you get your ducks in a row based on what you think he's happening at the other tribe. So it can actually be really really bad for you. If people stop putting in their plans, ready to go by stone something today are assuming and I feel that would make a really big assumption on okay, it's Angelini was gone. This is one plan, and if Lewis's gone, this is the other does that make sense? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It definitely makes sense. I guess I was just I was thinking from Mike's perspective. And I know that we have more information than any of the well, potentially any of the players. But if felt like why did Mike wanna stay genie or Goliath strong because it felt to me like he was on the outs. So I was like I didn't quite understand why he wanted to keep that majority together. Anyway, I almost felt like cut to the David's then stick with the David's then you can flip back, and I don't know. I felt like there would be more of a. A road. But obviously he made connections that we didn't get to see for him to want to stay Goliath strong. Right. Well, because I know when I talk when Italia about this is an interview with her she pretty much refuted, the idea that the six was actually a thing chief said that like they have the three girls at definitely talked and they sort of each brought in their own spokes of the wheel, but that will very rarely spun especially when they went to one vote. So I totally do buy into the fact that I think Mike makes has made a lot of personal connections at that might be another reason that he was totally fine getting rid of Natalie because he did he wasn't really that close with Natalie him analogy definitely had a bad beef, especially after she was the one to push Jeremy to go. And so I think otherwise maybe he was just a little hesitant to really pull the trigger and get rid of another Goliath like he was fine getting rid of one stray. But now he has his quote unquote core group that he wants to go all all all in on. Yeah. And I guess if he wants to set up sort of Nick to what you're talking about like if he wants to stay Goliath straw, like at that's what he wants to go with and sending that signal that that's what he's cool with then. Hopefully that'll send a sign to the others. Even though I think that majority of them could probably agree. Like, oh, yeah. We understand why he got rid of Natalie like she was annoying race, whatever they want to say, but getting rid of Angelina doesn't have that same. There's not that same feeling associated with it. So we know that we approached us from the Mike perspective. But I guess let's sort of flip things around and talk about it from the Nick perspective because what Mike feared Nick is going to have to face. Right. I mean, I guess you could sort of slide by with the use of like, I didn't want to draw rocks. But still he voted out a David when the numbers were seven seven. Do. We think there's going to be any real consequence. Again. Like, I said this has it's only happened a couple times in the past despite this abject, fear. But do you think there's a chance that Nick? Could have some David's coming down on him for voting? Lisa. I really I really think in this era of survivor, the original troub- formations really met too much. Like, I think that they matter on the surface, but I feel like in a couple of votes time. It definitely went meta. Like, I feel like it might do do not to get you in hot water for the first one or two votes of the merge, but I'm not too. I wouldn't be too fussed, especially when there are three tribes, and they've been in three Trump's full a few votes now that there's been enough time to make bones three different groups of bums. And I just don't see see sticking together along David Goliath. Lonzo I really don't. And I don't think that I would be as well. They did they see ghost island. They saw like or five episodes. Maybe. Okay. So that really see the home Navidi strong thing actually conned of like, you know, being storyline and Moton survival has. Really been too much of the original tribes seeking together. So I wouldn't be too fussed. If I was them. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I definitely think that with all of the sort of all of the tribe divisions. But because you also had Pat and be leave the game. I mean, I know that they're losing some time because of the storms and stuff, but I feel like it's happening really quickly and the number of actual votes because they've only voted out with five five people. So I don't know I almost feel like it's excel A-Rated too. So you don't even you have less time almost to build bonds. So I think it's going to be really fluid when we get to the merge, and I think we're gonna see these smaller pockets, that's what's really going to drive the voting in once we get to the merge, I think any larger block there's too many fractures. I don't think it's going to happen. So you think this is going to be a very voting block every season or voting brick? Correct voting, bro. Ana thank you very much. Yeah. I think so I think I can't wait for this next episode just to see how all the groups sort of start to come together. I'm really looking forward to it and everyone's been to a tribal council, which is a rarity. I feel like in modern seasons of survivor. So we might not get like Jessica Johnston or the or, you know, the Kris noble voted out their first tribal council where they didn't really get away to land. Everyone sort of has been around the block at least once. So it'll it'll be interesting. I think I agree that I think this group especially is going to step up a lot of things they're not afraid to make the game. Play more Connecticut even early on when there's big groups of people. So that makes me hopeful that the post merge is just going to be as fun and fancy free is the pre merge. Benny fancy free. Okay. Speaking of fun and fancy free. I have the honor to be here with two expecting fathers, and we have to play some sort of baby shower game. And I started pointing to baby shower games, and they're all super weird. I do not want to play any baby shower game. Can you describe what they are? Okay. We'll have either of you had did you? Well, I guess Mike you you're less far along. I did not have a zygote shower yet. No. Christmas or something? Just my my wife is actually now I'm just looking for decorations and stuff the baby show. She didn't want to have one. She heights things like that. She heights games with the baby show a game. So broad Osho a games. So we kind of like strong Ontario to actually having a baby show, but they definitely be no games at it. But I know all the bunch of games because just from what my sisters have told me, a well, Christina said, but the ones I liked with a smear different foods into nappies and people have to Smith the nappy and then figuring out it's pain up or it's curry why would you like welcome to my putty sniff. This nappy. Yes. Oh my God. It's called. Okay. This is the game. 'cause I googled baby shower games. Okay. So this one is called dirty diapers next. Exactly. Like, you're describing as okay you take like melted. Chocolate candies or lake some sort of Bill creamy nutty. So yeah. And you put in the diaper, and you're supposed to pass around the diaper, how each person snick and live lick the gooey Poos centers. Like, no, you're don't want the term DUI PU center out in the universe. Oh my God. There's another one called guests the mothers measurements. And I was like unacceptable. That's that is wrong. Guess and guess the fathers measurements. Talk about sympathy weight. Yeah. So we're not doing that. Okay. Good. There's also one way you like if it's like a broad like a coed broad show where you fill up like little like dummies with lot beer, and then the dads have to like chug through a dummy like throat start through a bottle. Just so dumb. Oh, man. Okay. Well, maybe when we have one in person someday. However, we will not be doing any of that I decided instead to create a baby name game because I want to be constructive and help you both pick maybe middle names for your children. I'm glad you conservative instead middle not I yeah, I figured that. That was going to be a really long shot. This. Maybe I think actually this is part of the contract neck by green to come on the BNB you actually a forfeit the middle name of your child. But really the Rumpelstiltskin of our podcast. That's totally on. Because like on the on my podcast this year. There's been so much discussion of what's going to be this baby's name. The winner of the Danzi apparently got the right to name the baby. What was the other thing? They go to do a be a be the baby's godfather on. There was like a basically knew that being podcast, and you'd be signing of a semi ruts offspring. Exactly. Well, and it continues here today. So. And but Mike, you're also obviously, I mean, I just assumed that I would get to name the baby because as your co host, but I'll settle for this instead. Yeah, we'll we'll see we might do a middle of first hybrid like Mary Kate. Well, speaking of that what I've done is. I've actually created portmanteau 's of two first names of survivor thirty seven contestants. So these the names neck and Mike you can pick from. So the way this game is going to work as I will list the name and then you'll buzzing so Nick if you want to stick with brick that's allowed if you wanna pick something else more than two I definitely want to stick with stick with Frick. That sounds like a really terrible campaign slogan. The. But when from anchorman decides to run through well that's going to be Nick when you run when you run against Christian for comptroller of slam town USA stick with brick. Can you explain to me what a come troll is? Because that is definitely a thing in the stroller. It's like an accountant. I thought it was something way way cooler than that. Like, I am comptroller. You will back down to me ironically enough, even though Christians running for it has nothing to do with robots. Come Schoeller is a controller using like the Houston like financial matters. It does sound like RoboCop though. That's why I thought Waymo boring than I thought it would be okay. Cool. Okay. So I'll give an example. So for example, I might say the name cats. And then you one of you would buzz in and that is a portmanteau of Kara and pats, although for some of them, there are multiple names will also would have accepted Carl and Pat or Christian and Pat cat, so. Okay. So we both ready to play the game thing. What's you'll buzzer? Bryk? Just to stay with the theme here. I think it's perfect that works for me. Okay. All right. So your first name is Mimi. Me. Great thing me. If I. Bryk this week. Okay. I think actually heard Mike I I'll say Mike and be. Okay. I will accept that also Mike and Jan no no I want it said that what are we talking about? It's Mike and Jeremy Ono travel. All right. That was another practice. Okay. It's very late. I'm being on. Because I thought it'd been many. Menial because I was trying to make them normal names because I care about you guys. And I didn't want your baby is really him. Yeah. Plus whenever you look at your child, you can think of Mike white end, Jeremy, and that's what everybody wants to think about and they look at their offspring. Okay. All right. Let's move on to our next one. Dan. Gee, isn't that? Break pryke. Yeah. Mike Gabby and Dan. Yes. That's. Jan jan. Like like, I'm like G A N like take again this person. He all my. Yes. I also thought you just said, Dan, come very computes. Oh, I got for my example. I was gonna say so you could have the name Carl which is a portmanteau of Carl in Christian. This is like. Oh my God. I've been at a conference the past two days. My brain is so shot. I wrote these talks so. I was here. It's actually know that the portmanteau of Davey, and Dan, I'm sorry. You're both wrong. Okay. All right. This one hopefully will be a little bit more clear. Okay. Beers. Nick pre. Yes. Lisa and be. Yes. That is correct. I would love to cool monkey beer. Girl up to be like some sort of alcoholic really disciplined. I don't know. It is a little on the note. Like, it'd be like my name is beer says. So I turned to the bottle. You are what your name is. My name's beer Cy. I only drink hard alcohol guy said screw you dad. I'm not a beer. Kid, a why? No, okay. All right. You're next name is let. Lick. Yeah. Lisa, nick. Yes. That is correct. Oh that could have been Knicks alliance named for him in Lisa now lick on. These are also could be couple names. So I would accept that as well leak. Like, okay. Karbi? Nick a break. Yeah. Neck. Carl and Gabby. Yes. That is correct. Also would have accepted car in cabbie. Okay. I'm gonna really enunciate on this one Jearl my break. Right. My I'm going to say, Jeremy and Carl. Yes, that is correct. Girl. That name. We'd us if we use cubby, and then we add beats names that is will cubby isn't that like the referee cobby? Yeah. Cardi B, but like car baby. It's like the knockoff that you find out. It's all through solar storekeepers card even coming to the stage car, baby. She who knows what her legs are gonna earn Nurmi's. They're going to do this time, and she can stay at the Cobb Embi. All right. Perfect. Okay. So it is three to to Nick is currently winning. And our next name is. No one knows he recovered from your Gand miss half. From damn gate. Attack in gate. Okay. Here's here's here's another one. Let's let me and on to gas. Right. Right. Right. No. Jessica Jessica by that's what kills name was. Cabbie, jessica. Yes, that's correct. Okay. All right next name Dahbi Reich Nate break, Mike. I heard my I go with multiple options here, but I'll say Davey and Gabby. Yes. I also accepted, Dan and Gabby Jay like this fun Davey and gatty would be an that's why I picked the to. And they'd be a very interesting mixture. He is. He is a loose cannon. And she is sort of there to pick up the pieces. Oh, it is this a couple or like a weird cop show loose cannon and the straight edge partner there to pick up the pieces. Yeah. Just just sound like a good pairing. Gabby. Okay. All right. You're next name meth boy. Oh, yeah. Knock an Elizabeth. Yes. That's correct. I think we I think we've found it the perfect day for much stop it right there. Okay. You could leak myth together. Lake meth bloom come into the. Oh. Beautiful. That's not your child's name. Then I've failed you it was a podcast there. Okay. Well, we have one more name now. Nick, you have won this game. Mike, I'm sorry. It's an impossible high was the true winner because I found a name for my unborn child. Thank you very much dead lick math at call by two one day. He meets beer. Car BP beer, so please, please please invited to the wedding of lick pa- method, bloom and carby beer danza. So good. That's so cute. Okay. Well, don't count your eggs before they get bacteria because I have one more name that you might wanna use. Okay. Your final name is Jessica. Oh, God homeboy frying like. That's my I'll say, John and Elizabeth. It also accepted, Jeremy and. So this is one of those ones around like sitting there in the talk of this guy, who's like so well renown I mean, he's like won so many awards amazing scientists and I'm like. Just like a potential Nobel prize winning scientists giving a talk, and I'm just like a message is so oh my God. That was so what about Jesus math just really just a meth jizzle. Myth beer. The beer says sounds like I don't know like an antebellum southern name. Like, imagine Colonel come home. We're above deal. Why jizzle? Beth appeal. Okay. Great. Well, if you ever, you know, get an a time machine and go back up on years, you can name your kid just Beersheba. Yes. Exactly. Guttering McCain green. I got an antique them both. Thank you for coming up with those because you know, Christina have had a bit of trouble trying to come up with a ninety despite all the help with the podcast. But one of the things that we because everyone we keep people keep suggesting Fanilo as the person who was on. I really love the ninth Fennell, but we caught him at a rule like no one that's any note with these is. Well, no, one knows any survivors and said we've chosen a gills name. And then we realized that it actually is a savant of that has this name, but complete noteworthy. So I feel like when when if we have a go, and it's announced having this going out there. People are going to be like you said that it wouldn't be savant. How day you forget the, blah blah, boot from whatever country, but. Flocking now, I can completely move away from that and say Honey, we don't need to use at any time anymore. We've got a whole nother set. He and that we can choose room. So thank you. You're welcome. May I show you meth? No one on the internet will be mad if we may market Gand drool. From world jer the Rudjer gander. Okay. All right. Well, that's all. I got. Okay. -gratulations Nick, both the baby name and a win at the BNB. Thank. Okay. All right. So I was actually thinking about this other idea that I had I couldn't figure out how to make it into a game. But I wanted to ask it as my discussion question for the week. So I love Christians tutorial on spearfishing. Yes. Because I just also I love that. He brought science into it. He was like you have the potential energy and then kinetic energy. I e stabbing. And I just thought it was so fun to hear him talk about fishing. I think he's got a real career if he wants to start a YouTube channel a he could teach so many different things. So what would you want Christian to teach you because I think he'd be a great teacher? So this is this is what I was thinking. This is going to be my discussion question. How can we get what other like every day survivor activities? Can we get Christian generate in a highly scientific MENA? This is just. We're right there. We we both love the nine Elisabeth. This is. We're in the Puckett it's read on it. So it could be I was thinking of survivor things. I could also I was thinking like I think it'd be fun to watch him. Explain bowling. For some reason. I don't know why that popped into my head maybe because there's definitely physics involved. But also the bowling there's something humorous about Christian teaching me bowling full. The the thing about this deal. The scientists like we'll see correct in his in his discussion of of how to use the spiel. Yeah. I mean, the potential energy kinetic energy potential energy. I mean, it was definitely correct? I don't know if anybody in the physics field would call Connecticut energy stabbing. Certainly in. This example, how it came out potential. Energies wanna rollercoaster goes up the hill. Connecticut injuries when the roller coaster stabs into the rest of the. Right. Or it's like, yeah. Potential energy is when you swing the bowling ball back behind you and Connecticut energy is when you slam it into your leg because you don't have to control that just like or because you're wearing flippers wearing back I'll give out to any Tonio Massaro who a while back said that Christian was a human Ted talk. And so this is basically over getting firsthand I would like to see Christian describe the voting process. He'd be like when you when you walk which is a form of a form of movement. Then you uncapped the pen on due to gravity, and as the sense of ink coming out of the pen, the ink kicks play onto the paper and the sense of permanence. Make sure that is written down in full. Love this weird Christian slash William Shatner, impression listening. I'm also doing robot arm. So my I'm sorry that was so good. We only to acknowledge how could you a Christian? He also said some incursions said he was just like, I'm a cool guy. And for some reason that SNL skit with Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd like to wild and crazy guys like that my head. And so that's what I was picturing. Also, it was a very confusing moment for me. So you'll wear that to go to the club. And then that's when you start pulling out the magic, that's where the misdirection lies. Exactly. Well, actually, so DJ Lebel Klein message me and had some other ideas that were very similar because he was in gang. We could create a whole series like this like, for example, you can have Matt from the Amazon teach you how to sharpen a knife. Like Gillian could teach you animal tracking like match like. All right. Just a nice bleed in a nice. Let's just keep going. Ever. Sure. Like animal dung, just Adam of that. I would like to see Jen teach us how to bury a dead bat. Like what's the best way to kind of give a random animal? Barrio purpose end of create your whole pet cemetery. I can see this like survivor to'real YouTube channel where it's like I'm James I'm going to dig a hole. Well, that's that's a that's what James and Russell actually. And this is like our Ted ex talk version survivor. Ted ex. Oh my gosh. Okay. Well, we'll keep thinking I just think this is an idea that really could could evolve into something, I'm just I really let's market. It's marketing whenever lawn when when he was doing it was we just told you about the flippers. And it was like every step was a blow to myself worth. Just just just the personal ego agony. Although it was nice to see he talked about like him becoming a Goliath. And I was like, okay. Well, that's allowed. According to Jeff Probst like that is the one you can go from David Duke ally without backwards at least Christian was in the right there. Yeah. No. I think in order to become a delight. Don't you have to be kind of a weird guy who likes egos peppers like Dan did? Like, oh, man. I'm starring. Hey, look a small pepper. Let me bet you a kit. Eat it. This is nowhere near as good as morning off the pancakes. Whereas. Boy. Well, let's move on here. I'll put a cap on that maybe we'll come up with some more Ted ex talks to tout out my Christian impression. Some more over the course of the rest of the season. Let's move on next. Big tech. I'm one hundred fifty to two hundred percent satisfied with those talks. Let's move onto the final segment of each every week here on the bean beat a question of the week last week question, they'll begin honor of the napalm Natalie, but we were deprived. We only had two voting confessionals where she decided to mock someone's fashion choices while simultaneously build them up. I think someone put it really nicely on the feedback show last week when they said it was a compliment open face sandwich with there's no like complement an insult. So we give it to you guys to create a Natalie esque voting confessional. The discusses a previous contestants style. Choices as usual will go through some of the answers that you the listeners gave and then we'll give each of our answers. Let's start with drew per toldi. Stephanie Johnson your leggings are glowing darling. Like actually glowing. They're hurting my eyes. She that pale. I mean, maybe just because it was legs legates lugging the florist leggings. I totally wrote that wrong. Chosen Patrick bulletin. You're gonna pick. We're talk around. All right. Yeah. We're cochran. Yeah. Exactly. Ten has a couple here. I he says two savage congrats on making it to the jury darling, which is short, but sweet. But like a nice nice. She would say that to Andrew savage. Joke. You'll beanies Nuss reservoir. And then she also said she actually had one four Angelina does. She get her revenge. You'll that burning sensation that's the Natalie. Napalm hope that keeps you warm at night, stay chill, girl. Very good. Jonathan Troyer says hope this move is as big as your cert g C seal later. GC yell later. Like, it was also. I think it was. I think it was we should give them give Jonathan credit there. He did ride later. So it's multiple folds of jokes GCC because for those that don't remember g c from survivor Gabon watching the game with a giant lime green polo. That was about three sizes too bay. Like, he was Tom Hanks at the end of the movie big. Yeah. He brought his own tarp in polish or. Us you'll be competing full atop N GC's second shirt. What could you imagine? Like if Angelina existed down like I gotta vote out g c shirt off his back, literally. G c g c. Always paddling away. Got like when he did before that immunity challenge. Let's move onto Parker Schindler who says Debbie, the only thing that would make you more fierce and caddy would be if you killed that tiger yourself. Let's be honest coach probably work together on that one. Yes. I'm so happy w bathing suit brought up. Yeah. And finally, the Melissa pot to Stephen fish back. Your hair is moldy glasses are poopie Santer. Also poopie I like your intestine I mean severe gastrointestinal distress. Darling. Who needs luck at the end. And he's like some sort of like little. You know, what's what's it code a little Honey or a dulling? Yeah. The one that came up with was routed, your dot Todd is to die full, Honey. And then just like slam the pay down into that thing do a bit of a clicking Z full nation. And the you shuts Jessica so way back down to the stool or snapping an end formation. Natalie. Okay. Some buying. Because. Okay. So Natalie said in her confessional for her voting conventional for Jeremy was get off my island. So obviously I row in for Troy Zan get off my island, by the way, you're green monster is gorgeous. Natalie. No, Natalie and that apparently because I was I guess on a game changers. Kick also wrote one for Brad Culpepper. Take your decorative hanging balls back at Florida, I like your burlap sack dress. So what about we can see your decorative hanging bowls from? Denver. The sack can see your other sack. I came up one with one of four Jonathan Penner says take your wack ass fruitcake. But Dorka and get yourself a new knee in Lyons. That'll take you to the final four. Bye bye, man. Love your Wilson. Blue eyes though. No, no, no. That's what Jeff Probst is going to say to when he's really trying to get his goat during one of the challenges. Did you notice that I enjoy Lena, I'm during the slathering accomplishments? She gave to Nick talks about his Wilson. Blue eyes. Yeah. So because the Nick Wilson, I assumed it was like, oh because Wilson's there's there's a Wilson's disease. Did you ULA? Yes. I've go- goals of Wilson blue eyes because I was stupid a Wilson's disease involves a mutation of the gene coding, which prevents copper within the liver from entering the gold. Yeah. Press and cells, instead the copper accumulates and delivered and other tissues, including the iris of the eye. It doesn't like yellow right? Because you have the iron accumulation there or something like that. Yes. So basically, I in one form Angeline is referring to his last name in my virgin, she saying he's jaundiced so pick your poison. Yeah. This is Christian explaining the come in in scientific terms. This is perfect for the YouTube channel you see when you when liver enzyme rather enters eight think of it like all the next roller coaster effect where the comforts. Up into your eyes end. Wow. Wow. It's like a trap there. Like, it's not there. I'm realizing that I'm Mike Christians combining William Shatner with Jeff Goldblum. And I think that's the perfect. Yeah. Well, I I I thought it was like oh the Wilson sisters. We all know musical artists Wilson Phillips. Yeah. There wasn't scissors. This part of Wilson Phillips, obviously, they're known for their is justly, obviously, that's very true us. So the question of the week or next week? We're going back actually to the very first episode to round out the pre merge here since we know the contestants pretty well. I want you guys out there to nickname a survivor contestant, Mike white style, which is talking about them through reference of a TV show or a movie like when Mike referred to Christian as big bang theory. It can be a current player. It can be a past player. But this is a chance for us to put on our Mike white fidora's and take it stab at Robert Downey, junior style, referring to people by pop culture. References only. This is great. I did this in the first my first ever confessional. One of the things was what do you think of the other contestants and Oz? Talking cat who had arrived caftan and had this giant hat. And I was like, oh, we've got the real housewives of Samoa here and that will win gonna be able to play, dammit. Oh, dammit. He couldn't get the rights to say. I dunno. On a different channel you got to be like Carlin like make a reference to a pod calf. Not even realizing it on the episode, and we are super excited to be going over these answers next week. We're bringing on a very special guest for the merge episode of survivor, David versus Goliath. Jessica McKenna for those that don't know, Jessica, she's a person who very much frequents the ear wolf podcast network of podcasts. She hosts a podcast of her own called off book, which is an improvised musical podcast. You actually did an episode about survivor. She also appears commonly on comedy bang, bang, improv for humans just a whole slew of things, but she's also a huge survivor fan in her own, right. So we were fortunate enough to occur on the BNB. So she'll be here next week joining on an I in all the madness that'll be sure to come from the merge, if you're excited if you know, Jessica and you're excited about her appearance. Feel free to tweet at her at just our McKenna R M C K. K E N N A and let her know how excited you are for her to come on. I certainly am aren't Yuliana. Oh my gosh. Yes. I am super excited. Also, not to change the subject, but Dan ring Garing on Facebook has fifty one thousand six hundred sixty four people liking his page. So I think I was just. On social media. He's like the Facebook, mom famous. That's a good game. Who's more blame as hot copper to buckle? Mom. The classic game. He can definitely play that with just just your way. Your way next. You're ready. Hope you're ready for that one. We'll Nick thank you so much for taking the time to stop down and talk through with us about you know, again, it was only I think there last deep dive for Australians, forever was only a few weeks ago. So we appreciate you taking a short time off to make your way back to us up before we ended up finishing things off would you mind giving us your thoughts because this Australian survivor pertinent news this week in that they officially announced that the theme for season four of Australia and survivor, and we are going back to the well of champions versus contenders next season. I know it's like very tangible to American survivor, but for international listeners that are keen to find out your thoughts. Do you have any initial reactions to the the announcement of that name renewal? We'll all obviously. I needed to do was coming back. But I was excited that it was coming back, and whatever it is. That gets a straddling Volvo on on. I've said this this year, I'm more than happy for whatever. It is is that we get some other. And look everyone was super sketch sketch bowl on on champions versus contended and it turned out being really really good season, especially in the post mood. So I think that what they've done is that just going back to the world. So that I can kinda like keep the numbers growing keep the average viewer interested. I thought that I was going to go for some sort of blue Kulla, no color or something like that. But the problem is that ustralian sa- they wanna have two tribes only that want to have to troves of twelve. So you've really got to try and boil it down just to kind of like the two tribe dynamic, and I think that look I'm I would prefer to be something else. But I tweeted this the as low as Jonathan the is back and they've saw him back on as long as he's coming back, then they could do like potatoes. This is thirty bags of laundry like Auden. Okay. Give me whatever it is as long as GOP's there. I have faith in the system. I have faith in the show, and I'm just going to reserve judgment until I've seen if we and I know that people are complaining on lawn just lie that complained about Las season. But like they're gonna everyone's going to watch it. The fans are going to watch it. It's going to be good it. I have faith in my channel ten ogled. So yeah, I think that's sort of a little bit of a like reaction of like, oh, no they're doing that again. But I really really liked this past season. And so until I'm proven wrong. I'm going to go into it with an open mind. You know, of course, there's a lot of concerns. Okay. Are they going to be able to, you know, have a good cast because I think that that was what was really nice about, you know, some of the champions was that they really were there to play. So I am reserving judgment until I actually see it. I'm looking forward to it. I mean, I yeah, I agree with you anything to keep it on the air. So I'm okay with it. I'm I'm super excited. I also especially because now that we've heard that New Zealand's of is being. I wanna hold that you want to hold onto that you say don't leave me. And I also think that I mean, my hope and my expectation is that they also taking a look at things that might not necessarily worked with the format last time specifically challenges the challenges being so physically waited literally you'd also saving swap for, you know, two votes before the merge, even though they did mix things up properly at the merge, it could become a very easy situation where they could just one group could just picked off the other. So I'm gonna sue them. Now, they're going to make things in the premium specifically more chaotic they might say like the post merge, we can sort of leave on touch because they the castaway so remake their own chaos from that perspective. But I if they go lame to sort of actively worked towards improving that pre merge phase. I'm personally really excited for it. Yep. I think that it was it was a hard slog for the content is because of the physical aspect because of the camera time aspect because of the, you know, the storytelling is told through the people who the audience already kind of knows. And and I feel like if they if they can address that. And if they can fund some really dynamic people again, I think that I think that I will do a good job. I feel like what will happen now is now that they've seen some of these celebrities or more well-known people do well and have a positive fan reaction. I think that what this. She is a couple of celebrities come out, and maybe nominate themselves and say, hey, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. And know would you have me for the show, and, you know, people do that I'm a celebrity get me out of here, which is another show. That's on people do that dancing with the stars. And I feel like it would kind of be the same same kind of thing. And and if that means that we get people who came to get out there and play the game then coup. So I'm positive. All right. So Nick to find out your musings about the 'tatoes size vs, dirty laundry. Anything else around any version of survivor? How can people follow you on social media? Yes. I was just at Nicole danza on Twitter and Instagram. It's the same thing. And I c k I d ended and yeah, that's what you can find out. Exactly what I've called my baby in a couple of weeks. Yes. Stay for that. We are waiting on him and meth Natal's. Dammit. I was gonna say I'll be weighted with bait I'll be waiting with baited breath. The lose your much on the same page. We'll how Liana how can people follow you on social media to find out? All of your thoughts about the world of reality. TV in the world outside. Yeah. When I go outside I'll tweet about it. I'm on social media at Liana Boris L I A N A B O R A S and feel free to send me any other baby names that you think we could include for either Nick or my baby I will collect them. And then of course, send the finalized binders for you both to choose from. And I will put that in some melted. Chocolate in a nappy. And we'll see what we did. With eleven knows the exact rules of how to play lizard versus vampire of this rowboat. Let us know because I'm super game. Yeah. We'll save it for future iteration when you come back on you can always follow me at Mike bloom type checkout. The interview I did with Lisa parade. I mean, her personality shown through was really excited to talk with her about how she fell actually in relationship with the Rockstars her thoughts about the beginning of the game. And specifically, you know, she's a very unique personality that comes from a lot of different communities and talking about the reception behind that counter really nicely to some of the social. Media stuff backlash that has occurred against her for the past couple of weeks. So be sure to check that out. I cannot with the interview with David Bory honest for seal team, I talked about in the Big Apple circus for parade magazine as well. I got something for Star Trek coming up next week for Hollywood reporter, so a bunch of random onto smatterings out there in the universe with my content over the next couple of weeks, but I'm super excited to talk about it and write about it all so thank you, all so so much or listening. If you want to reach out to us with either your answer the question of the week, or if you have a longer term game or a bigger game that you want to give to us. You always use hashtag RHA P B and B or Email RHA BNB at g mail dot com. A special thanks to Paul also saying our head writer shut up Tim, we're helping to design the no your Brochand chose game. Scott saint-pierre for ending this behind the scenes and Wolfram America for our theme song. We'll be back next week talking with Jessica McKenna about what is sure to be an interesting. Merge or survivor, David versus Goliath, Nick, thank you so much for coming on Leon, great work as usual, and we'll check you all out like your next day. Like some day, right? All sounds. Hey are eight. Yeah. Entertainment designed just for you than checkout. Customizable, streaming TV from xfinity. It makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended? 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