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Dead Man's Email


While usually a nerd Centric, pop culture podcast geeks. United with Allen. Bob are both thrilled and chilled to announce their newest series, the frightening fifty in bite sized episodes. They go over the creepiest weirdest, and most paranormal urban legends folklore and ghost stories in each of the fifty states. Please check out all their other podcasts and the geeks United universe just search for gigs United with Allen. Bob on Spotify, apple podcasts, soundcloud, and more. In November of two thousand eleven Tim Hart received an Email from his childhood friend, Jack freeze the subject line of the Email read. I'm watching and in the body of the Email and said, did you hear me? I'm at your house. Clean, your fucking added to be fair Tim Hart had spoken to Jack about his attic being in disarray earlier that year. The unsettling part was at the author of the Email Jack freeze had died. Six months before the Email had been sent. Are you ready to jump down the rabbit hole? Admitted to the BBC in an interview that he turned ghost white when he first read the Email and who could lame him. I think all of us would be taken aback at receiving an Email from a close friend months after he had died in this episode of clouded. We will try and answer three questions, number one where there anymore emails sent from Jiaxi account number two. What are some plausible explanations? Number three for these emails sent from beyond the grave. If you're listening to this, you obviously, like podcast and you probably like music to on Spotify. You can listen to all of that, in one place for free, and guess what? You don't need a premium account. Spotify has a huge catalog podcast on every topic including the one you're listening to right now. Here are a few things you can do on Spotify. You can follow your favorite podcasts. You never miss an episode download episodes, listen to offline wherever you are. You can even easily share podcast episodes, to Instagram stories. How cool zen just search for clouded on the Spotify app or browse podcasts in your library tab, and follow me. So you never miss an episode of clouded Spotify is the world's leading music streaming service. And now it can be your go-to for podcast, too. Were there any more Email sent from Jack's Email? Account, Jack freeze, died of a heart arrhythmia in June, two thousand eleven as mentioned earlier in the podcast in November of that, same year, Jack's childhood friend, Tim Hart received an Email from his now, deceased friend, but he wasn't the only one Jack's. Cousin Jimmy McGraw also received chilling Email from the same account in this one is even harder to explain it read quote. Hey, Jim, how you doing? I knew you were going to break your ankle tried to warn. You gotta be careful and of quote. Mcgraw suffered a broken ankle after Jack had already passed to me had this to say about the Email he received quote, I like to say Jackson, it just because I look at it as he's gone, but he still trying to connect with me. Trying to tell me to move along to feel better, and of quote. What are some plausible explanations? One possible answer is that Jack uses service called dead man's switch. This service allows anyone to send emails out to pre-selected recipients after they pass away. Here's how the creators of dead man's switch describe how the service works, you write a few emails and choose the recipients, these emails are stored privately until they're sent your switch will Email you every so often asking you to show that you are fine by clicking link if something were to happen to you. You're switch within the emails, you wrote to the recipients, you specified, sort of an electronic will one could say. The problem with this explanations. At the second Email sent to Jimmy talks about any event that occurred after Jack's passing the emails written using the dead man's switch would all have been written before Jack passed away making this explanation impossible. The next possibility in probably the most obvious one is that either a friend or family member has hacked the Email account, but to this date Jack's family members and friends have said that nobody knows the password to get into the Email, and that there have been no other signs that show it has been hacked, that by no means shows that this isn't an inside job. I cannot speculate as to why someone close to the family would want to play such an insensitive joke, but human beings have consistently surprised me in what they are capable of doing. These emails sent from the on the grave, the first Email sent to Tim Hart seemed innocuous enough, but was it sent from the grave or by someone else privy to that information? Here's my problem. With someone else sending such a boring Email. That's trying to play a private conversation between two France could have leaked out to others around them, but such a mundane comment. I think would be hard pressed to pass along to someone else afterwards. It's just not something. Most people would come up. It's just not something that most people would bring up in a conversation outside of the person. They initially talked to. The second Email is a whole other category. Does this mean that the emails were sent from Jack as a way of communicating with those he left behind? I don't believe so but I also haven't completely ruled it out. Tim also revealed that he had replied to the Email he received from Jack but to this day he has never got an answer back. For more information and to get some links to articles pictures and videos regarding the story. Please visit clouded mysteries dot com. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram at clouded podcast and like our Facebook page. Please visit our sponsor straddling, who I promise, make the most comfortable socks on her. Visit them at stride line dot com. That's S. T. R. I. D E L. I N E dot com and use the code clouded for ten percent off your purchase. Leslie, please give us a review wherever you listen to podcast, it really does help get the show in front of more listeners when is Victor? And this has been another episode of cloud or internet meets mystery.

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