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The Stephen Smith Show podcast is presented by Iino the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card sends an alert to your phone and helps you fix them. Hey what's in your wallet. SEE CAPITAL ONE DOT com for details. The this is the Steven A. Smith Show podcast. The buddy is so excited. We got another N._B._A.. Do Oh we got two more superstars ars teamed up. We got every reason to be optimistic right. Houston Earth to Houston Westbrook in harden are together again Stephen a Smith Show on E._S._p._N.. Radio the E._S._p._N.. APP Siriusxm Channel Eighty and on E._S._P._N.. News will cain filling in for Stephen. He can normally catch me three to six eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio and on E._S._P._N.. News and we had another blockbuster blockbuster. There can be no rest for the weary the N._B._A.. Off Season just keeps coming last night E._S._p._N.. N._B._A. Insider Adrian warshafsky dropped the bomb that Russell Westbrook doc had been traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets Chris Paul two first round picks and to pick swaps two contracts. There were almost seen as immovable were moved for each other Russell. WESTBROOK is one year into a five year two hundred million dollar deal the last of which pays him forty seven million dollars and Chris Paul is basically operating under the same contract just one year further along so the thunder under get a years worth of salary cap relief and two more picks to their growing arsenal. A first round draft picks. If you want to know what the future looks like at least in terms of the N._B._A.. Draft if you want to know oh who owns the N._B._A.. Draft it's the Oklahoma City thunder and the New Orleans Pelicans might as well just have a two man draft with those teams those general managers David Griffin and samp rusty figure out who goes where from now into eternity eighty but the real questions the real analysis lies in Houston. How does this work? How can it work? Will it work no Russell Westbrook and James James Harden together. I know everybody wants to get excited. I do that's what we do right. That's what we do after a trade. It's easy to see optimism. It's easy to play on paper. You know what it's easy to do. It's easy play fantasy basketball or N._B._A.. Jam In pretend like this is an individual sport. I mean folks act like this is federal and the doll on the same doubles team just because they're great singles by the way they're playing right now Wimbledon and in the Wimbledon semi-finals fetters up one set to zero on rothen at all but basketball's not an individual sport. It's a team sport is not simply about talented cumulation and in the case of Russell Westbrook James Harden. You've accumulated talented is almost identical to each other Russell Westbrook and James Garner two of the most dot ball dominant point guards in the N._B._A.. Both have uses rates rates approaching thirty five percent. They're in the top four in the League in isolation play. They're in the top four in the league in usage rate. They're in the top four in the League in drives to the basket and they are when it comes to Russell Westbrook near the bottom of the league when it comes to three point shooting spot up shooting catch and shoot Russell Westbrook shot twenty nine percent from three last year Russell Westbrook shot forty percent on spot up Jumpers Russell Westbrook was near the bottom of the league in catch and shoot opportunities. Do you know who wasn't Chris Paul Chris Paul Aw abrasive personality prickly with his teammates floor general who understands basketball and Chris Ball who's capable of playing off the ball or the rockets better today than they were yesterday. I know everybody's excited and nobody wants play the N._B._A.. Jam and I know that they're better on paper and they've accumulated more talent but I don't know that the rockets are better at team basketball today than they were yesterday. I don't know the James Harden Russell Westbrook together are a better and James Harden in Chris Paul and I'm not the only one that understands this problem. I'm not the only one that realizes there's a riddle to be solved and there's a possibility that the riddle is unsolvable. Here's Royce Young E._S._p._N.'s N._B._A.. Reporter on Freddie and Fitz Simons the rockets were far and away the preferred destination for Russell Westbrook. He wanted to reunite with James Harden who's one of his close friends in the N._B._A.. And his both those guys really Freddie they they want to rewrite the narratives narratives about him and they and they feel like they can kind of do that together. They both had pretty public postseason failures and they feel like that why not just get together and see if they can correct some of that stuff. I appreciate the optimism I do. I appreciate the desire to change. I appreciate the idea that winning is above all but how much can Russell Westbrook and James Harden Change Cana- Tiger really change its stripes. You're talking about two players that are thirty years old and approaching thirty years old. You're talking about Gaza and planning N._B._A.. For almost a decade you're talking about guys who've been on their own running their own team for years now who both been the man who both been Alpha's to the extreme and now I'm supposed to believe just because they want to change a few narratives they can change who they are just because they're finally at the point in their careers. Were they want to put winning above everything else that they can change who they are it just because you put two individuals together. You make a great do oh. I got into an argument this morning on. I take with E._S._P._N.. N._B._a. a analyst Ryan Holland's. I said I can't put these guys right now in the top five of N._B._A.. Duos I have to respect what people have done and I have to respect the idea that you must fit together on on the basketball court. You can't simply play N._B._A.. Jam You can't simply play fantasy basketball. You can't take the biggest names and just put them side by side and think that's going to work. I just feel like as you walk out today the big day after news. There's two different things that you fight. I don't WanNa be the stick in the mud. I don't want be the turned into punchbowl. I don't WanNa be the guy at the after party unwilling to knock a few back but I do WanNa be the guy who's willing to see it the way it is and on the day after a massive trade like this. There's an impulse an instinct to things to simply be excited. Be Optimistic think the sky is the limit because you got to incredible basketball players together. Never say a harsh word never ask the real question never ask does this work. Ryan Hollins by the way is GonNa join us here on the Stephen. Smith Show will cain filling in for Stephen Stephen A. in just a few moments Stephen a Smith though the man himself was on Sportscenter last night he came on. I take as well this morning. He said he recognized that. This is a riddle. He recognized that this fit is the problem but he puts it all squarely on one man shoulders my only question mark is whether or not my dad Tony can coach them on that level. We know he can win. Regular Season Games we know he could win a couple of playoff series but can't he coached coach them the men in a manner that they need to be coach to get them over the hump. That's the loan question mark about the Houston Rockets. After this deal I see no other question marks a thinker. What I told Steven A. This morning is that you might be tasking? Might Dan Tony with an impossible task. You might be asking him to solve an unsolvable riddle. I understand the pressure now is on Mike d'antoni but can he not just in his own abilities but can in like the realm of possibility figure out Russell Westbrook and James Harden together. I fear that the answer is no and I look across the scope of history I look across the N._B._A.. And I have trouble finding examples of where you have taken to Alpha's two guys this ball dominant two guys with usage rates this high and brought them together for the greater good. I have trouble finding the example Mike d'antoni can follow but now it's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless joining me in studio here on the Stephen. Smith Show will cain filling in for Stephen. He's my Buddy E._S._p._N.. Analyst Ron Holland's what's up man you know a- all the nonsense you're my guy will no seriously like beyond this guy no matter what you're my Guy Gabriel. Thank you just want to say that record before I listen to you good fair all right defensive posture engaged go we spoke earlier on I take and is really sinking in them. How discuss it I am with you? You gave possibly the worst tag the worst line the worst framing to Russell Westbrook in James Harden statistically driven ball hogs selfish not a winner arguably the worst worst things you can ever say to or about a basketball player and to say that these two guys won't fit. Nobody's pretending is going to be perfect and now you question Mark Dantonio here Stephen. I hear you brother but the reality reality is. There's a system in place in Houston. Is it a championship system. I'm not saying that I'm not guaranteeing that. Is it going to be seamless. We're not saying that either but for you to make the statement that positively will not work. It's an uphill battle in that. You don't believe these guys are going to or will change. I lose my marbles when I hear that will all right so a couple of things here the key about a conversation and the key about debate is to be you sure you understand what the other guys saying you have failed. I heard you you have failed. Step number. One you will win debates on points that I do not make I did not say that these guys are stat chasers ball doger's and not interested in winning U._S._A.. That chases we literally had a segment. That's about their stats. Listen now. I was asked a question. We'll stat chasing be a problem in Houston and I ask you a series of questions. We can do it again. Right right now has russell westbrook every chase stats in moments but that doesn't necessarily apply has James Harden ever chase stats. I believe in moments so why would I believed to guys who in the past has by your own admission chase stats and you're right about that. We all know anybody that's watched concede that whether or not that's going for a triple double and Russell Westbrook's case or chasing at thirty point streak and James Harden's TMZ case. Why would I believe that something that has been a problem in the past suddenly go away when you put them together? See that's where I have a problem with you because you said that was it was actually a problem. If if I'm not mistaken your point guard averaging a triple double and keep in mind these are different triple doubles that Russell Westbrook had in the past these were twenty twenty five twenty nine points ten and ten this last season. He was comfortable scoring. Pinpoints why because he sacrifice his offense his uses the ball in his hands to make sure that Paul George got his shots got. His looks made sure that Stephen Adams was getting those lives at the rim. Those are plays that he made for others in terms of James Harden. We both agreed. Don't WanNa put you say you say miss. Everything say you said James Harden needed to score right because they're around what twelve thirteenth in the Western Conference and climbed into the fourth spot. We're talking to Houston Rockets now so correct me. If I'm wrong you agree. He had to score right James Harden James Harden S._C.. Dab sleazy so there's a difference and I will acknowledge because I'm not gonNA say never if I'm a big man. I'm GONNA rebound away from a double double. Yeah I know my team. Mate is getting their flirt with a double double. I'm GonNa let him get that rebound. If a guy has a thirty point streak going and there's a difference between me getting fouled and getting free throws him getting fouled. We note give this guy the basketball he's got got something going within winning the way you do it out challenge. These guys will to win and you are that they would be more selfish. I don't know how else to take that statement. Will there's no open mindedness to say that they are driven but yet they don't want to win but yet they're winners sometimes stat driven or stat chasing which that was the question presented to us. We'll stat chasing be a problem in Houston doesn't occur to the person in the moment would not that be Russell Westbrook or James Harden as I need one more number even even though I think there are times that actually did enter their minds it takes the form of I need to take over that thing you're describing. Do I need to get the points. Should I grab the rebound. It's the Alpha sense of I'm the one that must take over now now. You have two guys on one team who both have the mindset of now. I must take over now. Am I gonNA be right. The fat is a potential problem first of all I did not condemn them to the bottom of the western conference what I did is. I don't know that decides up to contention for an N._B._A.. Title. I don't know that this adds up to a top five duo in the N._B._A.. Now I wanNA tell you a quick story. Okay Ryan Hollins here on the Steve. Nice Michaud will cain. You want to do all this over Levino. I don't want to talk to you about a story. I have to tell you here's a couple years ago. I was on I take all right and the Houston Rockets had just pulled off a sign and trade for Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers <hes> and everyone did the exact same thing then and that they were doing today they were saying this is incredible. This is to superstars on the same team. What a wonderful accumulation of talent watch what happens with the rockets and I said how were they going to work out who handles the ball? How is this thing GONNA fit together? I asked a lot of the same questions about that pairing that I'm asking today about Russell Westbrook hold on in the meantime you don't ask questions Bro the rockets go more than asking question to meantime more than asking questions in the meantime the rockets make it to the Western Conference finals make it to the Western Conference semifinals lose out twice and ultimately figure out that Chris Paul and James Harden not just can't play together. Don't want to play play together. The problems that I brought up on grow years ago can't let you say that your statement the problems that I pointed out year ago took a moment took a minute but ultimately as time passed came true today you're super excited about Russell Westbrook and James Harden absolutely two or three years from now. You're GonNa be saying the things that I'm saying today and acting like you came up with the ideas so let me lay this out because I had the same concerns yes but Chris Paul and James Harden over exceeded what I thought what I would have seen my questions were for Chris Paul to be able to score the basketball would he be able to score and play make at a high enough clip for Houston to be successful in all reality with Chris. Paul went out and we all acknowledge. There were a game short of being N._B._A.. Champs there James Short a beating the greatest basketball team that we had ever seen play the game. I'm talking to Golden State Warriors. So am I going look back and say you came a game short of winning that that season or that dual or that ten was a failure they over exceeded this last year Chris Paul after he put his body on the line father time catches up cannot play at the same clip flip then excuses mix with lack of action snowball so the fact where you had to move on from his paw and I guarantee if Chris Paul had his exact same spats but he played at the level of basketball that he played the year before four in the year prior he wouldn't be moved. He would not be traded but if and only if Russell Westbrook comes available in Chris Paul can't play the same basketball now he's moved will so I do not agree with view if anything for me they over exceeded expectations and as a foreign player. I can't call that a failure when you lost to the eventual champs it was a successful making successful pairing and they found a way to make it work Stephen a Smith Show on E._S._p._N.. Radio will cain filling in for Stephen hanging out with E._S._p._N.. N._B._A. Analyst Ryan hollins talking about the Russell Westbrook trade to the Houston Rockets. Does it work. Will it fit. Let me run a couple of things by okay seriously so you mature you're wrong. Is that what you meant you wrong. No I know slightly. You think you'RE GONNA slip in a w unless you're wrong in between my thoughts. Let me ask you a couple of questions wet. WHO's a better three point shooter Chris Paul Russell Westbrook Chris Paul who's a better catch and shoot option on the floor Chris Paul Russell Westbrook Chris Paul? WHO's a better fit next James Harden Chris Paul the Russell Westbrook Russell Westbrook? I'm sorry how did one this is that black and white. You're not gonNA make one night lost on the math. The math was adding up and you got to let me give you the element. What's one one you said one? You said three while you break down every sport in the N._B._A.. And you do a heck of a job at it last year. Not only did I color commentate analyze games breakdown films breakdown every single team in the N._B._A.. N._B._A.. I had to see how James Harden was doing the impossible we've never seen a jump shooter score points and not just points wins consistently back to back to back to back and one thing James Harden was so intelligent at and I would I would even phrase it as he cracked the. Colder basketball he figured it out he had to literally go from playing at this hellish pace that used the Houston rockets ran and he had to pace himself had to slow himself down. If you actually tracked it I believe he was the slowest moving he and Lebron James Basketball players in the entire N._B._A.. What does that mean? He needed a break. He could not do it all himself and there are a lot of times in the regular season. Chris Paul was missing and when he got back was not quite Chris Paul. You're being charitable. Eh So I'm GonNa tell you I throw that in there. Now I have a guy I can take turns with and now I can spot up and shoot while he attacks the Rim and I guarantee one thing in a Dan Tony System keeping more system everything. I know what I'm getting Russell. Russell Westbrook will shoot the basketball better. It wasn't as as heck that you being optimistic. You're being charitable. If I were being mean I would say you're being an apologist. Why is James Harden? One of the slowest on the floor at one of the reasons is because he doesn't move when he doesn't have the ball. He doesn't participate in the offense when he's not running the offense. You know it's a fact let me as you know you can explain it away. As though he's tired or you can split it is disengaged when he's not running a guy in who must be running the offense Westbrook cannot be the guy off the ball. He does not shoot well enough to be the golf the Bombie okay go ahead. Ask Me something who's going to create shots for for who James Harden most of the time James Harden creates his own shot shot but I'm no let's just say because Chris as incredibly James Harden who led led the League is the best. That's not even what I'm saying is it. It was James Harden but why who else was going to create a shot for him. Not One of the greatest point guards of the last he missed half the season and he couldn't move the same who else was going to create a shot for him. Here's the answer it. We're running out of time Wayne. Let me ask you. Here's the thing there is the way it works. This is the way it rolls. Everybody wakes up there super excited. They think being a hater they think you're doubting you kind of. Are you really are or tell the truth and everybody else wants to be an apologist and in a couple of years who's GonNa pollinate even a couple of months. Maybe Kobe Kobe Bryant will say it again. Kobe Bryant's already said you don't win basketball that way people have questioned whether or not you can win playing next to Russell Westbrook. Tim Legler has been on the Wilkin show and he said I questioned whether or not Russell Westbrook can take a secondary role. What will what I am saying today day? Others will say down the road and in some cases other N._B._A.. Players have already said this is how the truth lands in many people's laps as hater ISM but I can't help you with reality you have to do it and it's not just the I choose that a lot of people don't look at Russell. WESTBROOK has been to free in Oklahoma City he had played. He had the ball in his hands. He did whatever he wanted fair to say right. Billy Donovan is a heck of a coach but he wasn't wasn't a coach for the thunder. I'm J- I'm just saying grow in a lot of the N._B._A.. Is a players League is related to the player so I'm not doing billy under the bus but billy didn't fit with Russ and I believed Antoni System maybe not his personality will be better all right. That's straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for only at Walmart. He's Ryan. Holland's are E._S._p._N.. Analyst I'm will cain filling in for Stephen Today. One of the arguments that Ryan got into today is that I said I don't believe that Russell Westbrook and James Harden as we stand here today our a top five duo in the N._B._A.. Ryan did not like that. Make sure you name your five six and seven to all right. I'll do it who are the top five N._B._A.. Hotter Westbrook in hardened fit in that's coming up on the Stephen Smith show with will okay and when you're hiring you don't WanNa waste time sorting through dozens of irrelevant resumes you WanNa fish way to get a shortlist of qualified candidates. 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I can't believe that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in overhead. Hello everybody no. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on Car Insurance Geico you though projected increase in Organic Q._3. Revenue believe it Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. You'll seem to the Stephen a Smith Show podcast Russell Westbrook and James Harden together in the new League of Dynamic Namic Duos. Where exactly does this duo rank is a top five Stephen Smith show on E._S._p._N.? Radio will cain filling in for Steven A. and E._S._p._N.. Radio is presented by progressive insurance protecting commercial vehicles and offering specialized coverages designed to protect your business more at progressive commercial dot com. Here's where I have them. Here's where I have westbrook and harden as top duos in the N._B._A.. This presumes health and this presumes. Everybody was playing today number one. I believe Lebron James in Anthony. Davis are the top duo in the N._B._A.. I believe they fit together. Basketball Wise. I think youth is on their side in terms of Anthony Davis being twenty six and I just think you have two of the top seven players in the N._B._A.. In Anthony Davis and Lebron James Number two stealth and clay I believe in what's been proven. It's the core of not just a championship team but the core of a dynasty these two guards together. Win At number three Kawhi Leonard and Paul George although they haven't been together on the floor yet these two two way wings are going to be a defensive force inquires capable of taking over an answering the questions we still have to see whether or not Paul George cancer at number four Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving gotta see how Kevin Durant comes back from that injury I presumed health but I cannot presume comes back at one hundred percent. I'll presume as the statistics show he comes back something like ten percent less who he was before and Kyrie Irving is still an enigma. How will he fit in with all those young guys in Brooklyn how we fit in with Kevin Durant just because they're buddies now doesn't mean they're gonNA be buddies after to play together for three or four months and that's why those kind of questions I don't have westbrook and harden in my top five and number five? I've Nicole Yokich and Jamal Murray young already accomplished Western Conference semifinals won M._v._p.. Candidate among the pair and Murray is on his way up. This pairing plays well together. This pairing fits not just on paper but on the basketball court. We can't say that about Westbrook harden yet we can also say the Jaanus onto compo- Chris Middleton at number six are ahead of Westbrook and harden. Janas is the League M._V._p.. Middleton is an all star and I'm also GONNA place at number seven the Portland Trailblazers duo of Damian Lillard and C._J.. mccollum above Westbrook in harden there are no questions about whether or not these guys play well together whether they like playing together about how they can be the engine of this Tim. All those questions are unanswered for Westbrook and harden who I have coming in then at number eight and that's close one with Simmons and beat at nine and Luca and Kristaps Porzingis at ten. That's your top ten duos in the N._B._A.. Hardiman Westbrook not top five not with those questions left unanswered. Let's go to Chris in Canada. What's up Christian? The Stephen Smith show with will cain I will I will budgeted you. I just WanNa say this at first when you first started. I didn't really care too much for you but now now I'm. I'm a wheel Kane Kane Army. Thank you Chris for what it's worth your all your I._R._A.. With me is that out of every single person I know from those in the audience to those that I'm married to grow on you. I'm like Michael. I'm guessing that way. Go ahead. I I like that you're contrary. Also I find that fascinating but <hes> I have a rate thank based on body work clay and staff as number one Lebron Anthony Davis their games. They look compatible but we don't know because if you take the historical N._B._A.. Pitcher and you look at where Lebron went Miami and how that worked out the first year and you look at Katie when he first game do warriors there were struggled. There was a tough that I saw I. I doubt if we're or just raining on skill. I agree with your list but as far as compatibility and Paddock Oh to play together I can't clay and stuff have to be number one so I I like your now Chris. Thanks for the call <hes>. I think when you're putting this list together you have to balance a couple of things as you point out. It's not simply how talented are the two people that were putting into a duo. That's when we start playing fantasy basketball. That's when we start playing N._B._A.. Jam and and that's when we actually act like it's just a two man game. It's not a matter of adding up the talent of Westbrook and harden together and for that matter you know we could do we could rank all these players one to fifteen or one to twenty and say well the the duo with the lowest number is the best I mean think about that. What in my estimation Lebron James is the? I would rank him third best player in N._B._A.. Currently and Anthony Davis is the seventh best player in N._B._A.. That will give them a cumulative number of ten right and it also would would be the lowest number you could probably get between two duos between two members of a duo. I mean you put Kawai. Who I have at two and Paul George? It probably comes in around number ten and you're looking at a cumulus score of twelve which Lebron A._d.. are lower than but it's not just a game of who gets the lowest score on individual talent ranking. It's not that it's also not just what you've seen proven on the floor. I respect what Chris laid out that clay instead have proven and I love that because everything else is speculation that's real that's tangible but it's not just that because we have to respect how good Lebron A._D.. Are we have to be able to look into the future. We have to go to project and and then third we do need to entertain the idea of fit and I think conceptually Lebron Anthony Davis fit together. Their Games should work together Leonard and Paul George Fit together her their games should work together. Russell Westbrook and James Harden do not fit together. Their Games should not be complementary. Now maybe as Ryan Hollins who just got done sitting here on the Stephen Smith Show with will cain filling in maybe as Ryan Hollins all his optimism or those you out there that are super excited in all your optimism think might then Tony will figure this out or think James Harden and Russell Westbrook changed. Is there games there eagles will suddenly become less prominent one of them will take a secondary role. Maybe you're right but right now in theory on paper with the evidence that we have behind us with numerous years of their individual games you cannot project the that fit between the two is something that works Paolo in Los Angeles. What's up Palo? You're on the Stephen Smith show with will cain hey man. Dan by I honestly just wanted to say that I like the Utah duo of Gobert Conley or Kami and Mitchell or even Mitchell and go bare over Russ and harding well. I'll tell you first of all. I like how you didn't know Oh exactly where to narrow it down. I had Mitchell Conley down as the duo and I'll tell you where I had them. I raped. I ranked for you my top ten just outside of the top ten. It looks something like this Kemba Walker and Jason Tatum in Boston roughly around eleven the jazz duo which if we're doing it it's probably Mitchell in go bare as the duo that rises to the top we'll see how Mike Conley fits in there and if he's one of the top two players in that fit at twelve and then we start talking about Oladipo and Brogden somewhere after that I liked the jazz and you know what's more important than that I like the jazz as a team because we can talk this duo stuff up all we want but this is a team game a five-man game name a seven eight deep game a chemistry a scheme an offense a defense game. That's the point in the end of why I'm skeptical of the Westbrook and harden pairing. It's great for talent accumulation simulation and I'll tell you something else I even get it from a front office moved from Daryl Morey from a basketball move though an on the court move if you don't have skepticism today it's because you're caught up in the moment if you don't have skepticism today it's because you're an eternally optimistic human being if you don't have skepticism today maybe it's because you're friends with one of these dudes and you're an apologist because if you remove yourself slightly from the fervor of the moment you end up in a place the guys like Kobe Bryant end up you know winning the N._B._A.. With that kind of basketball you end up in a place for guys like Paul George Indo I'd rather play with Kawhi Leonard the Russell Westbrook. If you take a breather and you step back you can see the message is out there. You're not just from me from other people are willing to say well. We'll does this make sense or are we playing N._B._A.. Jam I'll bring a gun a little bit later who has some serious reservations about this and we need to talk about where does Chris Paul because the N._B._A.'s off season excitement and movement the Free Agency and Trade treadmill dozen stop now it just shifts to Oklahoma City where does Chris Paul Paul ended up. Where does he fit because there are some people out there raising serious questions about whether or not Chris Paul's worth it what kind of leader he is so? Does he fit on your team. It's a Stephen a Smith show with will cain filling in if you missed any of my opening segment where Holland disagreed to say the least when it comes to WESTBROOK'S FIT in Houston go check it out on demand and the Stephen Smith podcast brought to you by Iino the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card sends an alert to your phone on and helps you fix them. What's in your wallet? SEE CAPITAL ONE DOT com for details. Where does Chris Paul fit in? That's coming up on the Stephen a Smith show with will cain. Guess what you're in the middle of a Stephen Swift show podcast David. Let me tell something about everybody's so pumped up about westbrook harden together and h town. I don't hate it for those of you. I don't hate the Daryl. Morey apparently has steel ones. I don't hate that he has risk tolerance. This should be the envy envy of most men in any business what I am. Though is someone unwilling to ride the fervor of optimism to ignore the truth. There's this trend man of like everything's top-five is the best. That's how this is is GonNa work. That's going to be great. It's the best thing I've ever seen I got an argument today. On I take with Damien Woody about Melvin Gordon you know Melvin Gordon has asked for trade from the Los Angeles chargers either extend me or trade me said running back Melvin Gordon and we got into a debate today Damien Woody and myself will cain fill in for Stephen a Smith on the Stephen a Smith Show on E._S._p._N.. Radio we got into an argument today whether or not Melvin Gordon is elite and I said Melvin Gordon is not elite great yes elite. No not everybody gets to be elite. It's not a participation metal society. You can't have ten newly running backs in my estimation. You can't have five elite running backs about ten percent of any given profession is elite and that by the way is being generous leach probably be higher more restrictive than ten percent so as Melvin Gordon top-three running back in the N._F._l.. I think not you can tell tell me differently eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six on the Shell Pennzoil performance line. I mean if you start asking guys like hey is sewn elite running back so you're going to get ten or twelve you matter of fact you know what you said hey so and so a top five player in the N._B._A.. Is so-and-so top-five doing M._B._A.. If you really pressed guys and you kept up with their answers over time then give you about twelve top five duos they'd give you about fifteen top five running backs in the N._F._l.. Oh only trick is they know they're never gonNA get caught. Hey come out here. Be Happy. Positive these top five east five and then a different conversation sure he's top-five everybody saw before you know it nobody ever kept up with the facts you name fifteen top five guys Stephen Smith show is coming to you live from above the Heineken River Dick at pier seventeen all right. Let's go to the Shell Pennzoil Performance Line Maurice from North Carolina Maurice. What's up you on the Stephen a Smith show hey man you gotta make a quick? I'm mother Easter hard-luck okay. Yes there are making quick <hes> when you were saying basically that you know that court ever an M._B._A.. History <hes> I'm old school that caught of Walt Frazier and clough and Pearl was the back court called the rolls-royce back court saying that on Westbrook and harding. I can see them doing that getting together. All roughly know in Band Tony referencing Dantonio Maurice. Thank you for the old school <hes> contribution contribution. I said I'd only really seen it once. I really only seen in my time one pair of Alpha's to superstars who were willing to take at times a back.

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