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This is the Stephen A.. Smith Show podcast gum tower number two. ooh Stephen Smith Show here with you over the National Airways of ESPN RADIO AND ESPN news. For the next hour so eighty eight say espn. The number is eight seven to nine three seven seven. Six straight talk wireless runs on the same four G.. Lte Networks for up to have the cost. Get the unlimited plan with up to twenty five have gigs of high speed data. Then two G. for just forty five dollars a month. No contract straight talk wireless only at Walmart. Ladies and gentlemen. It is my honor and privilege to to be on the other side of the microphone right now. Usually this man is the one doing the interviewing and do an outstanding job at that hosting sportscenter centers in the evening absolutely sensational sportscenter anchor along. Were Golf analyst ambience. He just doesn't offer the family. My honor and privilege to talk to my man and my colleague. My buddy the great one himself. Scott Van Pelt is on the line with me right now. What's going on big time? How are you sir man? Great things are things are a good lot of exciting stuff going on On my end of the world lately in we're thankful solo all of that always happy when when we cross paths. It is fun to be the guy on the other side of the of of being asked questions as opposed to asking you the questions. I enjoyed this. That's right that's right and and I hope you continue to enjoy it because let's get right to it before I even get into some sports. Talk that we've talked about. What does this I'm hearing about? You would a new podcast. It started yesterday the ESP pod. Talk to me about that a little bit. I mean you've got enough on your plate buddy was going on with this. Who are you really telling me? I have enough on my plate. The man that has that has figured out a way to to maximize his ability to be seen and heard across the airwaves and and being really an all in all regards. Look you know what it is and this is the truth radio and you do you do it all you do you. Do you do sports center. You do I take you do whatever you're everywhere everywhere but but radio give you the latitude right and the wiggle room to really go on something and TV man like when you're doing sportscenter on Wednesday ahead of the NBA. That time gets away from you quick. And you know before you blink. You're just starting to get going and then you're out of time. Well a podcast is gonNA give the room to to go and I mean there's no breaks I don't have any commercial breaks. I don't have to do those radio. resets reminding people who are listening to this that and the other thing. If I WANNA talk just go oh and so. The opportunity to to get back into that space was exciting and so we did our first yesterday and We had I I spoke to my Tony Tony Kornheiser about about the fact sports central moving down to Washington DC. I'll be getting back home In the in August For football next year so we got talk about that which is exciting as well. But it's just it's just fun to get back in in a space where you have as much space as you'd want. What can people expect expect from you when they listen to you your pockets? I mean they. Obviously everybody was listening to you when you were doing radio a few years ago because you have done it all I wanna WanNa know what you missed about it. Most I know you just alluded to it but I want to know if you could elaborate on what you missed about most and what do you find yourself doing now with this podcast that you may not have done when you were hosting your own radio show a few years ago. The best example I can give is like we had. It was really cool last year. The playoffs We have Patrick. Beverley come on you know Patrick. He's he's his stories is auto came out. The mud came out the mud. As they say right didn't wasn't a five star Guy Guy didn't have a past if it's some others has but he made it and and we talked to him after he got his. You know. Got The bag and got that big contract and We got going. We're talking for a few minutes and I said my final question Patrick. He was like he was offended. He's like final question like down the hill to talk to you and I started laughing. I realized you know five minutes. That's not worth it. That's not worth the drive so I think what what what I WANNA do is really get into stuff. You know you start talking to Patrick. We're television doesn't allow us to talk about overseas talk about being you know maybe overlooked slept on however you WanNa put it you know and really talk about getting to to the point where he is now he was a great example of somebody. We must have talked for fifteen twenty minutes but on sportscenter we got you know got maybe the best five or six minutes. Well I want I want the people here all of it. It's the good the bad you know really exploring the conversation that you can have with someone. That's really interesting like him And maybe like maybe Also a musician. Maybe somebody totally off the beaten path. Could maybe it's an active. Maybe musician. Maybe it's an author I I don't know but podcast give you that latitude to really talk talk to people that the interest you people who inspire you That you can you know. Keep your listener company when they're on the train driving to work or you know putting the key after I put the kids to. I bet at night whenever they can find you and I laugh Stephen I mean like the world needs another cat. God knows everybody's got one you know but I just through my head and it's interesting you say that we're talking to Scott Van Pelt right here with Steven A.. On the Stephen Smith Show. ESPN RADIO ESPN news. Because you give commentary on Sportscenter as well you don't just do a good the job hosting a great job hosting it and doing interviews and going over highlights but you also have awesome commentary as well. I find that the commentary that I give on the radio you which basically comes extemporaneously. I mean it comes off the cuff. Most of the time. I'm no you know you know the information and you just reacting to respond to it and then you just you your spill wanted wanted. That actually helps me when I go on I do. You anticipate that during the podcast will make you even better. If that's imaginable that make even better at hosting hosting sportscenter once you get back into the world of audio. I think so. And it's kind of you to say it. I mean I think there's no question Stephen Eight that the doing radio radio helped me figure out how to tighten up my chops on television and then the ability to to like to talk about them on television and then think okay. Well when I have room then I'll take it back over to a place where I've got more. I mean all I did on on my first podcast really was talking about the national title. Talk about it. Does your guy that was was laugh out. Was the punchline. People thought he was a clown. But you know who's laughing now. He was the perfect guy at the perfect time. And and I took some of the elements of what happened on Sportscenter to the podcast. There's no question and I and it doesn't surprise me to hear you say what you just said that that on on radio it's it helps you be better at first take and vice versa. Look we're all in the content business and certain certain lanes require you to provide the content in a different way and I as I've said now several times I just I amidst the lane where I had all the room I wanted to go And it's my hope anyway if that's what happens if that's the people know what to to get they know what they're gonna get from me me In one space. Maybe they'll get something a little different in the podcast world. So that's my hope. Anyway there's veep Scott Van Pelt helps new podcast is now available on his first episode. Scott here's from Tiger Woods Matthew mcconaughey and Tony Kornheiser check out new episodes every Tuesday. Wherever you you listen to his podcast as V part by the way on another note sportscenter? Now you've been doing it from Bristol all of these years you move into the nation's capital my man tell us about that I mean they're Scott van pelt in the nation's capital why the nation's capital Scott Van Pelt and and. Are we going to see anything different there than we've been seeing in Bristol leads us maybe Look you're from New York City right. I mean we know that you're from Hamas rice so when so when you take back from Bristol to to to where you're from That's that's a beautiful thing to get back his home his home. And I've said a million times Stephen Awol from somewhere. And that's where I'm from you know I'm from AH SAY DC. Just I'm just north of Maryland. But you know to. DMV's all kind of the same thing and so you know. I asked our bosses that that will be a possibility and they were very gracious to consider it and so starting next year for football we'll be back at home. We'll be doing things from there and look I am. I'm a proud. ESPN ESPN lifer. And I'm proud of Bristol and it'll still be Bristol. The home base but we don't get a chance to to cross paths with as many people in Bristol as we can't in Washington DC see. Let's just be honest about that. There's more people who come through and so my hope is that we can take advantage of who is in DC in terms of sitting down. It'd be face to face with some of these Athletes where Now we just simply don't have that opportunity so my hope is that That will lend itself to to to more face to face time with with these folks because as you know those conversations are just better when you're face to face and I just think the idea of being all man being close to family that can only help you know your soul and make hugh happier human being and so that's I'm really really grateful that they were willing to give me that opportunity. And we're going to try to continue to elevate and magnified the stories and try to lift him up and and do do it the way we do. It couldn't get couldn't think of a better answer than that. We're talking to the Great Scott Van Pelt right here with Steven A.. ESPN RADIO RADIO ESPN. Let's get into some of this the sports business. Because you've been all over it as out as I this scandal involved in the Houston Astros ultimately the GM managers Fide Alex. Cora was the bench coach for twenty seven world series champion Houston Astros and then was the manager for the two thousand eighteen world series champion. Boston Red Sox is now been released. They say mutually agreed to part ways of what you listen to all of reports and obviously he was on his way out the door because of the scandal. What do you make of this? How bad had is all of this for the Sport Baseball guestimation Scott before we start? I JUST WANNA know. When part ways became the new way we say got you but fire by like? It's funny. It's time to sanitize way to run. They fired him. Let's be let's call it what it is but I honestly like I don't I don't I try not not to overreact right. I pride myself trying to like take inventory and ask myself. How serious is this? I believe this all right. I believe that that if you organizationally nationally we're cheating I think it's worse than PD's and I think it's worse than PD's because it is a organizational commitment to to cheating sitting in a way that everyone the game knows you. Shouldn't if I could feel your size when I was second base that's on you. You need to do a better job with your side but if I'm using like espionage. BNI's I'm using cameras and I'm banging trash cans and everybody in the room is in on it. That's worse to me and I take. I find it so ridiculous. This sport Stephen Polices itself and takes such pride on playing the right way if a guy has the audacity not to one out of fly ball people yell at you. Shouldn't you shouldn't play that way. If a guy hits a home run and enjoys the view for a minute right they say he keeps it or cadillacs they get mad at that got. Well hold on. Now you're gonNA entire organization using cameras and battered trash cans. That tell people with pitches. It's just coming that's garbage. That's not playing right way. That's cheating and I think it's worse than the idea of PD's I really do and there's people that'll disagree and that's fine. We can disagree. I'm I'm just telling you how I see it and so I believe what baseball is doing. And what the Red Sox chose doing which Houston chose to do is what should be done. You have to send a message that if you're the manager and it happens ends on your watch that you'll pay you'll pay the price because this cannot happen. Did it catch your attention that no active players. I have been implicated in any of this. When it's clear that they had to be complicit after all if you're pounding on trash cans to give them an indication as to what pitch is coming? Ming the obviously accepting that Intel from which to me would make them complicit. Fine are you are you did it. Strike you as a tablet art that we haven't even heard from the Commissioner of Major League Baseball on player actions in all of this. Here's what the analogy I made in our meeting the other night. And maybe as I I don't mean to be you know flippant here but I like if there's like back in the day in highschool if there was a word that work out the so and so was having a party at their house and it turns out that the parents knew and then the cops came and busted up the party. Will the cops say to the parents hold on now. You knew that your children were having a take part in your backyard. It's the parents that would get in trouble because you're not going to arrest every single kid because there's too many kids involved it feels like there's just too many players for them to police and so you're going directly to the top of the parents in this analogy the GM and the manager and saying you're the ones that are going to pay and then that that message will be disseminated down among the ranks of those people that were cheating because it seems like it must just be too many people for them to to corral. That's my only guest but yes it does seem odd Unless unless you just feel like we can't get rid of entire team for years you know what I mean Scott. I'm looking at a guy like pete rose who's been banned from baseball for life gambling scandal all know that story I also recalled the black sox scandal of nineteen nineteen. There was a world series. Involved there when you think about the egregious things or at least the things that Major League baseball. An avid lovers of major league baseball with fide egregious to the on degree. Wish should this fall in that line man again. I Like I'm saying to you that I believe organization I it's as bad as it's as bad as any because it is it was organizationally understood like the go back to the black socks you're talking about. Ah a finite number of players that were allegedly involved if Pete Rose case many times. He's betting on himself now. We all know you're not supposed to bed in baseball and we all know. Oh science dealings part of baseball. Tim Kirch told me on Sportscenter last night. He loves that. That part of the game when you're doing it deal fashioned way. I'm just staring at you trying to figure out if I you can pick something up. But when there's an arrogance and organizational arrogant even everybody said Houston had the way they carry themselves as if they were above the fray and then it turns is out that they would that they were all in on an and did nothing. Then I would say that that raises to a level of being as bad as anything. That's happened because everyone is the in on it. So when everyone's in on it you tell. What's the worst thing you can do to me? It's that to me. It's it's as bad as anything that you could do now. This is where this is where people will push back and say everyone in baseball was doing well. If everyone's base in baseball is would have been baseball has got a real real problem and they have to sort that out. Scott Van Pelt. Get out here. I WANNA say this. I don't know too many people as compassionate as you are particularly over the airwaves. Considering the fact acted hinch allude now now Alex Cora have all lost their jobs that Carlos Beltran could be the next one in line to suffer. Similar consequence are you you of the mindset that these individuals are finished in baseball or do you believe in the land of second chances that indeed there may be one for these guys. I am not the guy that said that like like the cancel culture as they call it in life. You make a mistake and that means you're supposed to be done forever. I I don't I I don't need them. I don't endorse that because we all we all make mistakes. I think what baseball did in suspending before year. Send a strong message. I think what crane the the owner did was a real neat trick where he manages to come in and look real noble at wasted and really five million dollars to a billionaire. And it's not. It's nothing nothing. I don't think he paid enough But long answer to your question yes I think eventually he should. These guys should have a pass back on with the clear understanding banning. That what they did they can't do But I'm with you on Pete. Rose Man I mean I I listened and I and I've said for years the guys like bonds and clemens and whatever else how would you take guys whose accomplishments whereas was great as they were in and wrap them up and put him in a garbage bag and say they don't they don't count. It's suppose fascinating that way and I look. I played it going up. But I'm not one of the old school traditionalist that hangs on to all of these ideals because I think you know they were horrible rotten. People you know tie crop was a racist you know like where do we draw on what we what we police them. What we built So I guess in the end what I'm saying is I think these guys can have a pass back but I think it's been. It's very clear that baseball has said that there needs to be titled He paid and it's and it's clear it's going to be steep ladies and gentlemen and he is the host of his very own new podcast the SV pod he is also ESPN's late night sportscenter anchor one of the best to have ever done it. My buddy the one Donovan. Only Scott Van Pelt you can check him out every weeknight practically as far as I'm concerned Scott Van Pelt appreciate you. Love you Bro. Congratulations on everything. Keep marching forward my man and you you steal a you know a big for many years and you know all my my my respect both publicly privately. You know it's It's rooted in respect and I send a white back your way. Thank you for your time. Appreciate it man to take it easy. See you tonight. The one Guy Van Pelt right here Stephen. ESPN RADIO ESPN news. Eight say ESPN. That's in at eight seven to nine therese seven seven six by the way twenty twenty. It's GONNA be your year right. Joined that gym. Start that diet now. How about getting out of that job and into into a career there are millions of unfilled cybersecurity positions in the US right now? The Korea is training people to fill them no. It experience or education no problem. It's not rocket doc insights. It's market beauty career dot. Edu Go to my computer career dot Edu and take the frequent reevaluation today. You could start your new life as an it pro in as little as four months Mike career dot edu back with more of your calls in a minute. You'll see Stephen Smith show podcast. ESPN radio is presented by Progressive Insurance at progressive. They're making things even easier. They'll help you bundle your home and conscience together so you can save on both learn more at progressive dot com or one eight hundred progressive back to the phones. We go at it at eight say. ESPN let's get right to it. Let's go to Gary. You live at Stephen. What's up Stephen? Thanks so much for taking my call. also WANNA say great Interview there Scott Van Pelt. I watch him every night and and also listen to you as often. I can't during the day when I'm not required at work but I am calling to talk about the Houston Astros I think there is a way to attach catch the players and that is to find every single player on the team one year's salary even if they get traded and it goes somewhere else. It's one year salary. Eighty for each player. I think the title has to be taken away Tom. I whoa. WHOA WHOA? Whoa do you have any proof that those players that you want to to fine I involved? Are you talking about players. Who are discovered to have been complicit? Are you talking about just plays across the board. Well everybody's banging in the drum and everybody knows what's going on. I haven't seen where anybody said nobody on Houston was involved. I think it's player wide. And and if if you're having trouble if you if you suspend them they lose the team for the following year but if you find them in their pocket where it really hurts everybody's negotiating for money everybody's negotiating associating for a contract or hit. The players there involve. I think everybody's involved myself. I think there's everybody knew exactly what was going on One thing to touch on in the NFL that you talk about cheating with filming the science that the Patriots did on the say Bengals in. NFL You have the coach talking to the quarterback up until maybe eight to ten seconds before they hiked the ball. So that's a little bit different angle than what baseball is doing. I went it to game. Seven of two thousand seventeen. I'm dodger season ticket holder angel season ticket holders. There I was there I saw. I saw you at the game and The thing is is we were sitting there saying they almost no what's coming. They almost no. And we don't even know the drums anybody out to get anybody out. Absolutely we're downsized nothing in the second inning But here's the thing when you say why did Dave. He's Robert's not know victor drums banging I don't know if you recognize the name Logan Morrison but he did play for the Yankees after the dodgers and he it came out yesterday and said the dodgers and the Yankees both kind of issues with stealing signs. And here's a baseball player. That came out and said day yesterday live. So He's saying if you're going to stop stop stop. Stop Stop Right there. What do you mean what? What did they mean when they said both the the Yankees and the dodgers had issues with stealing science? What exactly did you mean by that statement that you said they said Ed if you WANNA try to pull up Laura Logan Morrison? I'm reading from what logo was asked. What what was your interpretation Sir? That's what I'm asking you. What was your interpretation of what they said? Logan Morrison said if you're GONNA convict Some of the people you should convict them all. And he's mentioned the dodgers and the Yankees yesterday in an interview. And I can pull it up on my phone and read it to you but if available available if you look it up Morrison I'll look it up. I'll look it up. Thank you very much for the call. Appreciate it Gary. Thank you so much Jeff Alive Stephen. Hey what's up yes Thank call I find it hard to believe that Like the last caller says that all the players on the team didn't know. Oh what was going on and I feel you pass on your opening parliament. I was getting really ugly thinking about that. I think that the whole Dangam team should be players. Players should be suspended and bring up the brothers and sisters and triple A. to come in Take their place for minimum salary. I don't know I'm just throwing something away way. Maybe some self policing like golf. Maybe problem with the I think the problem with that. I think the problem with that is no way to play his associations GonNa let you get away with that no way to get away with that. They'll fight to the death on that. Thank you thank you for the call. Having Some Technical Difficulties Ladies Gentlemen I Apologize For the delays and the response usually quit in that. Let's go to J. P.. You live with Stephen. It's something Steven. Thanks for. Taking my call much respect wanted to just the players the ruined the integrity of the game. You know these guys were just flat cheating not just stealing signs or picking up pitcher maybe tipping pitches. Or you know. These guys were using electronics. They were all evolved. I played baseball team. We know. Hey listen for this or watch for the thank God we done with the player. All right. We'll give me an example. What you think should yeah? That's what I want to. I don't know what you do but you know mm-hmm spend them all that means. The Astros sent out a year or the red. I will tell you this. I don't know if you could pull adopt my boy. Jeff Brown and California states that you know what I make them forfeit the first fifty games sees and I said but what are you doing to the fans if you do that. They're not guilty of this and that's where I draw the line. I don't think that you can punish the fans but if there was a way to punish the tea for fifty games I would do. It even goes deeper that You got a maybe a young kid. Just came up into the league him him he gets lit up by the Astros and he never gets a chance again. They sent him down and he goes back to double A.. And you know you just never know what they have done by literally literally just flat cheating. You know cantor way. I'm looking at the fact I'm looking. I'm looking at the fact that they won a championship this way they wanted to championship. This way can be a lot of things that came from and it just I can't believe in how to veigh or a lot of respect for the guy and just a not not right fifty hotel it is I would. Are you ready for this. Are you ready for this. Jp I listen. I love aalto. Vase my favorite astro. But I'll tell you something right now. I would accuse him him of being tipped off about a role this chapman. If aroldis Chapman wasn't such an idiot throwing back to back eighty seven miles per hour Slow Slaughters for crying out loud. You Ain't gotta be you ain't gotta be tipped off about our oldest. made the majors throwing heat and going to show up going going back to back. Eighty seven miles per hour slots I mean. That's eighty Arctic. Appreciate the call. Let's go to fill you lava. Stephen what's up Phil good afternoon. What's going on Steve Name? Miniature boy feels the systematic college more couple of times since about the stationery thing. Win The super bowl. You can cost me a couple of times but I just want to show the man. I'm a driver live man. You gave me to my eighth one at three and I know I'm being selfish. Man You know I want you to stay you big obligations that you know. Congratulations to you. Ma'am and one more thing. Anita say tomorrow or Friday you could start to show off by saying cut. The Dan user doors. That is my favorite everything. That's funny. Cook China Big Bro. Thank you thanks a lot man. I appreciate you. Thanks so much man and my dog is being in the city of Cincinnati football team. But that's just me. Let's go to Josh Alaba Stephanie. What's up Josh? I want to piggyback off. Phil Man I I love when you cut the damn music especially when you go on your Knicks Ramp Passion. You have just like that passion asking You bring to your job every day with work in just I just wanted to say I was thinking the same thing with the Scott Panda. Scott Van Pelt interview about that podcast. You love to talk extemporaneously. And that's why we love you so much and it's GonNa be tough not to be able to get you to talk about something for twenty thirty minutes and then you you jump out after after a commercial break and you got more to say about where we love you on. I hate but you can only talk so long with Max Kellerman there and everybody else on the panel so so I I just hope you know what you said yesterday Josh. Yeah let me ask you this question Josh. You've you've been listening to me for a long time have you. Not yes I have. Do you really really think I'm GonNa Start with just I eh stay. I think you'll be everywhere but like I said if you get on someone else's fill like Scott van pelt. He can only talk to you for five minutes. I WanNa hear you longer than five minutes. Then I start getting into it. I'm not saying that's what I'm trying to say to. Oh you do you think. I'm just going to stop them. Stay tune I got okay. I'M NOT GONNA disappear. I promise you that all right. Thanks a lot bro. Appreciate the love man. Let's go to Nino you live with Stephen what's up. Hey what's up Steven A.. I who who are wanted to say No sound like a Nino Brown. You don't sound I the listen I've been trying to call for the last couple of days. 'cause I heard that you know this is your last week on the show and you do a phenomenal job. And even though I'm a Die Hard Dallas Fan I love you and I and I liked the fact that you keep a real but that's another story. Now the reason why I wanted to talk to you is the whole thing with the baseball scandal. Now some of these players make twenty five thirty thirty five million dollars a year. And you know. I'm a diehard Yankee Fan. I bring my family there in. Everyone's wants telling me like. Hey you know what everyone's doing it but the thing is defense didn't know that this was going on because the truth. If I knew that this was going on I wouldn't even even go and the thing is I knew that one of these days technology and and all the money that they make it's all about wins and losses and how many people go in there. I'm I'm telling you they're GONNA lose a lot of fans and you know what if you have to get rid of all the players that were involved they have AAA AA. Bring those guys up there. We're not making all the million dollars. I just think whoever was involved they should be fin find band whatever they need to do. I'm really ticked off. Because I I spend a lotta good money to go see games and to know that people were cheating and people have lost jobs and people have gained positions like Cora. Now that you know could you imagine how New York Yankee fans and Los Angeles dodger fans are feeling feeling right now. Oh yeah absolutely I mean you know two thousand seventeen were one game away you know and then you look at the Red Sox. They wanted two thousand thousand eighteen and to me. It doesn't matter from the Yankees Fan or your arrest saying if you're a true heart baseball fan like I am. I've been following baseball for over forty years. I that it doesn't matter. How about you? How about sports integrity man integrity? It was well. Let me ask you this. It's like attended ended a day because they make so much money. Integrity is out of there. there's no more self pry. Why haven't any of the players have emit like be a man about it? Just be like you know what yes we cheated. And I'm sorry and we'll move on. I haven't heard that that's hold on hold on hold on. That's it's fair but you know what makes it bad about the manages. Ua playing it's your job to use your brains to facilitate successful successful your players and you cut corners. You ate out there. You Ain't swinging Edet. I mean that that that makes it even worse for you to be somebody for you to be somebody that ain't even playing and only thing you gotta do is manage Joe Ball Club and even then you cheat. It's just agree GIS man it really is the call man thank you so so much. Let's go actually. Let's go to break it at eight say. ESPN it's seven to nine. Three seven seven six back with your phone calls in to close out the show in a minute. You're listening live Stephen. ESPN RADIO ESPN news. By the way it's time for some straight talk the big wireless carriers try to why you would pick deals. But the savings are very we little with straight talk wireless you get the exact same networks as the big guys but saving up to half the cost right now you can get the unlimited plan with the twenty five gigs of high speed data. Then two G. for just forty five bucks a month. No contract no mystery fees all nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G. L. T.. Networks Straight. Talk Wireless Only Ed Walmart. Guess what you're in the middle of a Stephen Swift show podcast. Debit your engine this winter. Pennzoil Motor oil made from natural natural gas dot crude oil also download the vivid seats APP and enter Promo Code. ESPN twenty five at checkout to get ten percent off your next door. Don't buy just any seat. Get a vivid scene back to the phones we go. Let's go to Katie Alava. Stephen Real quick eighty go ahead. Hey actually kind of a first time listener in the last couple of weeks the fantasy you go So what I wanted to ask. You was with everything that happened with the NFL with the Patriots over the last couple of years. Now there's big out and I'll be coming out you know you're saying you ain't swinging the bat you ain't playing the ball. He managed the club and its agreed with them to cheat the MLB. So why is it not the same in the NFL. I know there's differentiation between the a few types of cheating that happened but you were calling for other you know. NFL coaches to emulate that that kind of quote unquote egregious behavior but for the MLB. He wanted to because they didn't they didn't bust bill check. My whole point is that this man has won six championships and has been to nine super bowls now complaining once or twice. That's one thing if you're complaining six seven eight different times this continues to win without you saying there's a definitive violation. Then how come somebody hasn't figured out how to emulate major league. Baseball came down with a heavy hand. I said nothing until the NBA will be suspended them for a year and then explain why and then in the aftermath the manager the owner fired them in the case of Bill Belichick deflategate. Nothing this latest incident. The Cincinnati bengals still pending. We're waiting my point. is they're complaining about this man just two thousand and one and appointed time either catch him or in emulate them. What are the you? Don't get to Y.. Moan and complain about ought to do but leave him in the position no punishment whatsoever while he continues to hoist trophies. At some point time somebody finished up now. Yeah so I mean. In your opinion you were the head of it. Would you come down harder on them then just for integrity fake for the sports coats. I if ah excuse me you don't get to answer. Ask me a question and then answer it for me my dear you must let me answer it. Okay thank you. If I'm the Commissioner Commissioner and I find evidence coming down just as hard as manfred but if I'm a coach and I see that they come down on Bill Belichick well Dan. I'm GonNa do it too you. It's very simple by thank you for the call. Call me back tomorrow when I have more time. Let's go to Alex Real quick. You Lava Stephen. Go Ahead Alex. Thanks for having me. I'll get right to it so you brought up a really good point. I mean if we could suspend the Astros for fifty games to where they wouldn't play I that would be an ideal world right but you can't punish the fans you know the least you know. They're the last people you WANNA punish. So why don't you punish the players. You know shame the players is to where they're not gonNA WANNA do in the future. You know anyone that take away their rings make them turn in their rings take the trophies away find them respective the trophy standards of their salary and then chain the players. You know. Nobody's tuning in to see manager. Those like that but I mean I I think the way go you know hurt that way. Notice now notice how nobody noticed. Nobody mentioned the players until I did. Because that's what I've been talking about. They they clearly were complicit implicit bag you're not banging trash can and left. The play is listening and following your instructions. They were complicit played. Played a simple appreciate the call. Let's go to Michael Real quick. You only got about thirty seconds. Go ahead Michael Base giving. I want to say that that I agree with you completely on the Pete Rose I idea here. They're not gonNA come down harder on them than what they did to make an example where other teams refused to do it. They need to waste the the the vein on Pete Rose Today. They need to put him in the hall of fame. This year hundred day I agree with it. One thousand percent correct. Listen this pete rose worse than this. The black sox scandal although that was playing. That's not a team manipulate things. It's still manipulated a world series it compromise integrity of the game. I think those rings. He's confiscated from the Players Championship trophy. We should be confiscated from Houston Astros Facilities Type Day turned day they go to Houston and take it from them. They didn't earn it very simple to me. ANYTHING ABOUT PAYROLLS GUINEAS WE. What about this please? I'm out Holla Jolla twenty two hours.

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