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Brooks Koepka & PGA Championship Preview


Brooks Kapka is on this very showy sat down with them for about thirty minutes. It's incredible interview, we tease it at the beginning. We get into some PGA talk. And then we hit you at Brooks CAPCO. You are going to love this one supreme golf you also gonna love them go check them out. They are the best of the best teatime app. And it's not even close on top of that they're giving people a thousand dollars all the way up through August just to use their app. If you're on it, boom, you could win thousand dollars. It's crazy. The best deal ever. You're nuts. If you don't use it, you're dumb. If you don't use it. They've got every other teatime app you've ever heard of under their umbrella. Plus, just thousands more. There's no no no reason not to use putting off go to sprint dot com slash barstool. Go to your apps store, download supreme golf you're gonna love gonna love their sleek app. Now, let's talk some golf. Look at this stuff that they posted some of it's like, absolutely stupid. But some of its section quite quite amusing and stuff like that is what we need to get people to Chuck people to to the game of goal is to be your boys. Congratulations on your doing. Mediocre as it is to watch this year. I'm very much thinking about getting so I'd give that put together. Thank you. Todd. Breath. Don't my wed like. You're younger hip or barstools four Tigers head the three back surgeries. He's had one. Fusion welcoming from barstool sports rigs and Trent guys welcome to the show or flavors into my barstool sports. It's major championship week. First time this things in may move today from August to may but page black PGA championship. We're at Bethpage. You probably hear the rain. Imagine you can hear nice soothing little rain sound in the background. It's soothing. Sometimes I'll find a website that is rain falling. And I'll fall asleep to it. Really? They have those. Yeah. They've apps too. So you go from rain falling to just absolute nightmares. When you when you're getting just destroyed and your sleep, I've been sleeping better. Maybe you're typing in the wrong type of rain. Maybe you gotta look into that stop doing thunderstorm. That's the tone for my my sleeping, you think? It's rain, and what you actually record. It was a vicious thunderstorm where the first thirty minutes of rain and then in the middle of the night when you were sleep. That's why it feels like you're going through the fucking extra system is better. I conquered the hulk at some point you did now I'm probably going to jinx it because I'm sleeping in different bed all week. Now, the route of Beth out on Long Island, baby Frankie, Borelli service is my home crowd turf. This is I just feel like I'm in my backyard. So we've been talking a lot about booths for the last few weeks, we are in a booth, and I gotta tell you there is a lot of laughing expecting to for us to just be incredibly underwhelmed by our booth. Like, you know. You know? Yeah, we'll get you a booth, and it's just a fucking like would this thing. That's going to be like a lemonade stand. Yeah. That's what I had pictured in my hand. And we walked by a couple of like booths on our way to to our booth which will get to. But it's like, oh, like, do you think? Ours. Looks like that you think ours is like that we were seeing some big ones like no chance to be of that. We saw some like TV us or like no chance we got that. So it's like we were very very nervous and just not knowing what the hell we're going to walk up to. And we saw again, we've been teasing. Oh, you got a boot just to the right of the range this at. If the boot that we're currently sitting in is our booth which were somewhere hovering around seventy five percent. Sure sentences has fluctuated like you wouldn't believe that we think it's ours that we think it's all I think I'm a little lower them on the opposite thing I'm seventy five percent wearing the wrong booth right now just super early. I think it's early in the week. It's Monday half the people that are there. These having gotten here yet for rigs is about to explain we are in a luxurious. Our tent is the size of like a nice dining twenty feet by twenty. It's huge that right? Right. I think it's bigger bigger than twenty by twenty you think so I think twenty by twenty fucking nail that this is a huge tent. We're in a giant tent, and we are. Deep prime real estate next to the driving range, which is the main these things are the main reasons that we believe we're probably not as a chance or not in the right booth. We're in prime location for a major TV network to set up their show right here on the list. That's exactly where we're sports very popular. Four play podcasts popular monster. Are we popular enough for this type of real estate? I don't know. I really don't know what we're going to find out in the next couple. He has been a real estate then like Canadian sports. Oh, what was it? Your Sky Sports is British where they're just in a worst. Yeah. They're like right next to us. But they got a nice spot. But it's not as good as ours are technically and physically better. If this is our booth guys are going to know because we are going to put up a barstool flag. And you're going to be able to see that on national review redshirt. We're putting a flag from the range. They're going to be like, oh, there's the barstool ten. Range. Yeah. Right. Brooks KEPCO Brooks Kapka is on this show camp CAPCO. We've talked a lot about Brooks Cavaca. This was an unbelievable interview. We said Allan them for thirty. Or so minutes. It was all three of us went to Trent was about to throw up. Yeah. It was a center. I thought I was going to throw up on three time major winner. Luckily, I kept it together. And he was nice enough to check on me throughout the interview. And I made it so nerve racking thing to not only interview someone like Brooks cap guy like just be in his presence because God damn good looking dude. And then to also lose your center and beyond something. That's there their points in this interview where the boat was rocking ten to fifteen feet up and down to the air. It was like it was some of the most chaotic stuff I've ever seen. It was Swailes. We were going there Swailes in the New York harbor on this yacht. Brooks Kapka who's insanely good looking person. It has the skin complexion of just a Greek. God I was talking to my mom on mother's day. Yeah. And we know catching up I do this. I'm living in New York. It's cool and all that. And then the topic of Brooks Kapka came up. And she said, you interview Brooks KEPCO said, yeah, she said, this is what she said. She said, I'm an old woman. But I would do anything to be in a room with. That's what my mom said. How what was your response to that? I was like you use a good looking man. I can't deny that. He was studying, but my mom has the hots. Such a nice smile as teeth or so white, and he just doesn't he's just so lackadaisical. Like, yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna win a major. Well that man what that man is not stressed out. One single thing on this planet. Not Brooks like your house, burnt die. Just get a new one. Yes. Oh, yeah. I like that house national is going to be better. Then he'll say things that are the most confident things in the world. So don't that's usually the inflection of a confident person is I'm this. I'm the greatest I'm the best. It's like Mohammed Ali Brooks KEPCO is that confident. But he says it in a software. I think it's I think the term is he's sneaky cocky like you would never picture books. Ebooks heavy, but he's sneaky cock, and that sort of came out once he won three majors in two years. And he all of a sudden became started to voice, and he talked about that we asked directly the cage you wake up one day or say, oh, I have opinions now he's like no well as Adam. But I never really thought I was in a place where I was the right guy to be voicing my opinions. And then I kind of prove that I am which is actually a super interesting. Approach to media. You don't think about how guys actually think about like, you just think they could ask questions they give answers Brooks kept Kaz thinking. I have all these opinions, but I'm not proven enough to voice them. And now he is now he's almost like a rookie when he comes in. And he's like, really good. And everyone's like, oh that rookies got kind of a hothead like he shouldn't like you don't have opinions yet rookie like hockey team comes in. And he's like just spewing his mouth, and like the veterans like us, and you may be good. But like give it a couple of fucking years before you start voicing opinions Brooks had that like in his mind by himself. He did that to himself. Right. He likes seniority himself hundred percent, which it's worked out for him. He is I think right now he's like the number three right player in the world. He had a very good showing this past weekend at the Byron Nelson. He's won three majors. I think out of the last eight and three out of his last seven starts didn't even play in the masters last year almost won the masters a month ago when Tiger Woods won. We get into that. We talk all about like that back nine what that was like, it was also a very relaxed. Very interesting environment because we're crammed into like this little area, and people can see the video the whole video be on our YouTube page big shelter YouTube page trying to grow that thing. We got several thousands of scrubbers now, which is nice credit Jake, but go to our YouTube page four play golf podcast for play. What are we four play golf? I think it's four play golf go. Check us out on YouTube. We're going to have the full video of the interview on you too. But it was like we're crammed in all four of us who did it on purpose. Put Brooks right in the middle. He's busting balls. He chirp Frankie about his skin tone a few times. I mean, you said we're busting balls. He turned me from skim eyeballs. Puberty joke joke at my expense. And you'll hear that very podcast. I didn't think it was very funny at the time actually kind of giggled it off when I went home like Dan, do I need to start thinking about some stuff. Am I if you like Brooks kept looking at me, I'm twenty six years old? He you questioning your whole stat. Like, I know I hit puberty Brooks kept gases me, then you've got a question if he had you check your I d. I know I look sixteen but I'm actually. He addressed the Brandel clown knows one of his last tweet when we talked to a week ago on his Twitter feed was a picture of brand. She Emily with a clown nose on his he's very tally like was was decently versed in barstool. And so we got into that kind of stuff. Again, we talked like the masters what happened what it's been like being kind of battling. Tiger Woods the last couple major championships back and forth. All that kind of stuff. Some Ryder Cup stories just ending to him talk about what it's like to step up to a tee at Augusta. And like like if you step up you up second like what's going on in a guy's head is insane. Like that is awesome together. I mean, we interviewed fucking Brooks KEPCO. Let's like Phew. Brooks KEPCO is on top of the golf world right now. This guy is winning majors. Like, you wouldn't believe and we just got to like pick his brain. And like here from him like. Yeah. Man, stepping up to twelve is like that's no joke. You kidding one of the best interviews, are you fucking kidding him. Again, breaking down like that kind of that back and forth. That's strategy imports of who goes first, and how how much that plays in how much he's considering and focusing and remembering exactly what happened to the guy's golf ball before him afterwards. Like, maybe you guys who did as a viewer. Never like, I'm never putting who who goes first who goes second really into that much of a like when I'm watching tiger. I'm not like, oh my God. Yes. A win this whole because next hole. He has the hit second. So he can see the guy in front of them. And how he goes I watch it. And now the way Brooks breaks it down. It's like holy shit. That's makes a difference. Or I think about it always is like one of those comments that just like the announcers say, that's all right. They just have to talk to they're going. Oh, big advantage for him going suck. I'm just like. I'm just like. Yeah. Whatever that's like when they always say like always a great locker guy this that. And you're like, I don't know what the fuck that really means what does that really really truly deeply like download truly madly deeply great jam mean. Is deeply. Things a great, Jim. Do you know the kids say great jam in the nano is it truly madly deeply sounds like a Pink Floyd looking to Jake. No, no, it's. It's like a ridiculous on. It's not actually that could've asong. It's kind of savage garden. Oh, they're great. We'll have to play that one at some point. Anyway, James is it a golf course types though, it might be any anything can really be a golf course type song except for like heavy metal isn't really play. There's a lot of things that probably don't play anyways here in Brooks Kapka say those things gives it a lot more weight hundred percent totally. There's no doubt about that. So again, the interviews coming up in a few minutes. Ladies gentlemen, we play Goff. You're always looking for some refreshments, right, refreshments or key. You're also looking to stay sharp sharp. Yup. What's something delicious? Refreshing, body, armor body armor is just there's never been anything. Like it never seen anything like it before the round during the round after round. He's so good all their flavors tastes good their water tastes better than like. I've never in my life had watered t so good. I really don't know how they do it until you couldn't argue this in the office because we drink. Mario Mola time. It's the way the bottle is it just goes into your mouth better. I'm telling you that makes it tastes better. I don't know what it is. It goes into your mouth just seem. Yes, it's crazy. They won't perfected the bottle along with hardened trout. Andrew lock body. Armor, also has the number one golfer in the world dust Johnson has. One of their athlete. Investors and partners deejays favorite flavors, peach mango, light flavor is absolute fire. Like, we just said it all their flavors Br literally every one of their flavors. They just they just taste phenomenal. I really can't explain it did J always keeps a bottle on him on the course in the gym to keep him hydrated. Probably when we just saw them out there on the putting green in the rain what we see with them body armor, his trainer also really hot on the product and a huge supporter as well. Trust trainers. He's got to trust trainers trainers, doing something you got to do it. He's training you to do that. I mean the training for golfers vault. It's just of all crazy amount to the point where anything they're doing is calculated. They wanted all to be perfect. And what's doesn't Johnson tree body body armor? Really? I mean, we could say body armor really is good. It's crazy. I actually know now personally the inventor of body armor, Mike Apollo he is an unbelievable savant in businesses. And if he's making something, you know, that you have to go try. I mean, he's just everything about body. Armor makes me like tingling so body armor blowing up you gotta try one. Go get yourself sombody armor. We're live about page. We rolled in. We are fully credentialed. We got our booth. We're in the media center. First person we see or walk around today price Andy Shambo now as you know, it we got quite the history. Bryson you know, we had a lot of debates in this very show uprising lot of back and forth. I met him last year at the PGA championship. So it's nice to be back for the first time. That was when I sort of went up kind of into this guy into his whole thing. Then the first guy we say, of course, here he does he rose Frankie on Instagram all the time. I mean, all the time daily, not even a public thing. He'll just tag me in some random golf account. It'll be just some random golf account with like twenty thousand follow follow. On it. And they'll post a guy just putting one into the window and he'll just right Africa Brown. I don't even know how he follows that much golf stuff like I've gotten tagged in a plethora of different accounts when we ran into him. I was ready for the knives to come out. And you know, they both. It's almost like they kept their internet personas at bay, and we're had a somewhat cordial conversation. We're quite cordial. Yeah. I mean, I told you guys right afterwards. I took it took me a minute or two to figure out who the hell we were talking to. I that was my first time ever seen Bryson person without that hat on that he usually wears and with him just like what was he wears a little beanie a little beanie on. And like, I don't know when you see someone in person for the first time, they look like different height than you expect. And like, I don't know. I just like for second. Like what the fuck we talking to her. And then he all I heard was him you own all know here we go. Okay. Pricing. Literally turn this corner sauce walking at him. And I was on it literally felt like you were like a like a gang and a high school or something like you were like, you're a group in high school, and he was turning his corner from his side of the school, and we were turning ours. And he's like it's about to go down while just didn't I hit him with a look at this guy. Apparently, my thing that I did it. So I'm such a look at this guy guy that I didn't realize that I did until I watched video you couldn't believe me when I said, I said, no this guy tweeted out you and goes, I always pictured Trent to be a look at this guy guy. And you're like, I think an animal look at this guy guy. But I don't think I said at the Bryson, and then we played it back in the first words, and the entire video you go this guy, that's me when I'm caught off guard, and I see calling the world. Yeah. We're looking for our tent. We didn't know our tent was we're about to get to our ten over of we run to Brian de Shambo and now yes, he didn't. He didn't body-bag me. And we really didn't go after it when we saw each other now. But there's no there's no denying that. He may have been he may have had a hand in what happened to me when we got our press. Passes today. You think you could have been involved in that? I don't know. I just like he was a little too nice today where it was almost like he gave me like a wing. You know, where I fucking been today. Like, he was like, you know, what I did. And now to anyone that doesn't know what the hell in talking about. We walk into Beth base today. We took a shuttle over from this hotel right behind Bethpage. I met the boys there, I'm not staying in a hotel. I'm staying in my house on Long Island because this is in my backyard. So I'm just staying getting home cooked meals. You guys are in a hotel because it is a room service. And I took about. Mom's home, cook read the movie, I love hotel. So I'm all good friend. Danny we every word trip. We go on. We just we got almost got a Callie davick because we just love can work because we love hotel hotels are sick. Make your bed every day. I guess your mom might do that for fresh towels kidding me fresh towels every but anyway, the last time I shower the fresh towel wasn't my it's probably long. Actually, did I moved to New York months actually stole. I actually stole a towel from my last when I was in Kentucky the towel. There was unreal. It was like this as seen on TV type towels a huge long ones like the size your body. It's called tau allies or something like that. No stranger to stealing things. Impacting right in my bag. And I I use the now at home. But anyway, you know, I'm all excited. I'm jacked up to walk up to Bethpage. We get dropped off in this spot. That's like right by the driving range. I'm like walking by. I'm like, I said to rigs. I'm like this fucking is. I I know this place. I can't believe as a major going on here. Look like, we can just walk up this area. I'm walking through back doors. We're going everywhere we get to the media credential place. I walk in. I'm in awe. They have unremedied media rooms at these things. And then we talk about a lot are unbelievable. They put up these ten thousand foot screens in these tents. I don't know how they do the LED screen. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know the technology behind those. We can't even get a TV to work in our office at ten I mean, this palm it up. It'll be gone like the day after the size of a football field. Huge walk into this thing. We're ready. We're jacked up to get our passes. We have no idea what kind of like access. We're technically get him. We're like, oh my God. Here we go. You guys are opening up your stuff. You got. You're inside the ropes pass. They're like Trent Ryan Sam all thing. Like here comes Frankie, Bradley. They give me my pass. I opened it up. I don't have the same color pass that you guys have you guys are laughing at me. I d I dig deeper inside my media packet, and there's just a plastic butter knife inside. And everyone's looking at me like, oh, like, why did you get a knife? Like, why did I get a knife? I didn't know what the fuck happen is like my brain broke the night went right over your. I looked at you guys. Did you get a knife in years like is this for dinner leaders? So far off you couldn't even get on the same. You weren't even the same stratosphere. Yeah. You do have a knife. What the hell's out about? I don't know you put it in their ten minutes later were sitting down having lunch, which we did find the ice cream sandwiches. Always you've gotta find it. We found the ice cream sandwich dining on day, plus tuna fish the whole deal hotdogs, burgers at one. Shows. Unbelievable, always sitting down. Oh. Sauce whipped fetter cheese. We're sitting down there. We're looking at our packets. And you guys are like I can't believe it's one of you said, I can't believe you didn't know that they put a butter knife in your in your media pass them. Like, what are you talking about? Oh butter knife. I can't hit wedges my joke that I've always said, I it just blew over. My head is stunning. So I'm not I'm not even see I didn't even see it come out holding the knife saying, what is this about you? Hold the knife ago. Did you stupid? Oh, unbelievably super on the PGA for doing that. I mean that just shows that they're ready to muck it up. They know the inside jokes. These guys the PG of America just knows what to do. They brought us here. They have on the driving range. We're in a booth. We're in an unbelievable ten they're putting butter knives in my media pack, like that is this a major championship. We're talking right. We're sitting here right now, there's not a soul on the golf course. We're looking out at the driving range Tiger Woods is going to be teeing off on this driving range tomorrow. Some people are saying it'd be doing at ten AM. Throw that little plastic butter knife. And we could land onto the here. Oh, yeah. Close. That's close rain. We're actually right on the edge of wants a like whoever is going to be on the edge of this driving range. It could be very well. Tiger woods. It could be Brooks. Kapka? There's going to be ten feet away from us while we do our show. Now like, we're going to be standing there watching and we're gonna be like doing our podcast again subject to change if this is our booth. Yes. That's always. That's always something. We have to factor in that. We could just be booted out of here at any moment. Yeah. At anymore. There's a real chance currently we're in a great spot PJ of America. As just completely welcomed the crew. They've hooked us up to help us get gas. They gave us awesome booth, which you think is ours. Their butter knife in Frankie, it's great start. Bryson loved loved catch Bryson. He'll be you check that video out. We're throwing everything up on social so at four pipe pod, Twitter, Instagram or just throwing stuff up on social issues. We get we're making a ton of videos. We got big interviews lined up. We're gonna be a Barelli's all over fucking over this golf course. We'll be over this race. And also said he's never played golf course in his life. I was shocking. He's like, oh, how do you like the course out there? He's like, yeah. Just did the back nine first time ever played it. What I gotta say Keith Mitchell who just tweeted out who of course, won the Honda. Classic earlier goes just landed in New York for the PGA championship looking forward to playing one of my favorite courses. Bet plagued black for about the hundredth time two mile. I ninety nine times, we're on Tiger Woods ten on XBox. That was good. Let's nine if you didn't play if like none of your youth golf brought you out here. And you're not from the area at all or played in the northeast at all like, I could see how you would have just never played Bethpage Black. It's crazy for us. You've played their ton. We've now played their decent amount. We gotta hold. Oh little. We got a video coming out this week either Tuesday or Wednesday of all eighteen holes of us playing Bethpage Black, and it is an all time video really really fun video to watch. You sit down you got whatever twenty to thirty minutes you want to. It's just common men golf AK Trent Ryan playing. Yep. These guys like us trying to tackle a golf course. That is literally going to be played by the likes of Tiger Woods and Brooks cap goes. And all these amazing golfers. We just tried to tackle the two weeks before they played, and it's an all ran meal. Really? There are some funny fucking shit. And it's an unbelievable video. So you keep your eyes peeled for that Justice Thomas withdrew just a couple minutes ago. Yeah, we're walking around the five hundred thousand square foot and merch place. And we found out that doesn't Thomas's out. I'm bummed out. I was excited to run into JT. You know? So as I I would like to meet him after we had that, you know, we talked him for an hour. It's like you say what up to him and see if you know, the rapport translates to impersonate a lot of history there we obviously give him a hard time last year, very hard time. Then we atom on pod did the full hour. He was cool Elliott a lot of great stories a lot of justifications or some of the stuff that we gave them shit for all this that he was awesome. And so yeah, I mean, I was looking forward to catching up with them to looking forward to watch them play. I mean, he's a PG. From just two years ago year and a half ago down at quail hollow. Had we not half out our differences on the pot. I probably would have said something mean to him on Twitter like oh, the one day to my backyard. You're not showing up something like that. But I'm gonna leave that one. I'm gonna leave that one of the whole survey coz, we did we have to that we should out. I think is Russia's desert keep that one of the chamber for Makita on the chamber case the relationship ever sour. Yeah. Keep that right in your back pocket percent. A little Kevin Kisner update kids not here yet. It's Monday at six Texan his earlier today when we got on side said when we practice it. He said I'm sitting in my house in aching. He said what? So fuck with forty eight degrees. It's been cold. We've had a great. I'm getting sick. I mean, we've been out here or you warmly welcomed by the PJ of America. But boy is it cold out here laptop didn't turn out for an hour because he's sitting there, and he was so desperate for turn on. He put socks on top of it. We got these unreal. Socks in this in this goodie bag. I just wrapped my laptop and socks and should work insulated. It turned right onto work. So kids was on the I'm also Carolina right now. He's gotta be on. He's going to be on the golf course tomorrow. It'll be here. Tomorrow it's supposed to be. So the weather I'll give a little forecast. You're welcome. So today. Yeah. What about Razi weather? We're here at the Bethpage Black. We've been on a Bethpage Black. It has rained more than I've ever seen it. Right. Let me ask you guys question when we play golf about page. Black was the weather like it was nice perfect. So it only works when you go off the rigs weather thing works when I am on golf trips when I'm playing all we got here today, and it was just a golf trip. This is a work trip trench here, we go so Rigsby weather stipulations on when it works. Trip as well. And what I'm trying to tell you was that evening that night we weren't doing any golfing. We were just standing underneath a tent drink and having a good time when it came around for us to have fun and play golf the sun came out of the most beautiful days cement, I use these fake powers yours to get a little bit warmer. I'm freezing my nephew. I just use. It all time. They would take it away from me. I have I use it when I really need it. Which is what I'm trying to have fun play golf ask you. They are now. Rigsby weather listeners. I'm gonna give it forecast. All right today dog shit is like forty degrees. It was we're sitting here right now in the. News the president to use the present tense, these foreplay listeners. I love them. They better fucking love this podcast. Because I I gotta sit when I enter sitting down here for twenty five minutes. I can't I can't feel my fingers. How is it? How's their PJ going on this weather? I took a piston the porta potty about twenty minutes ago. There was steam coming on. That's how cold it is Tuesday. The high fifty three degrees and cloudy. However after that, we got Wednesday sixty eight partly cloudy, Thursday, sixty eight partly cloudy Friday, sixty five maybe some AM showers and then Saturday and Sunday, seventy degrees, partly cloudy. So we're going to have ourselves some pretty damn good weather. It's going to be a wet golf course. It's may I think everybody kind of knew that. What is it? April April flowers may may April showers, bring Mayflower. So it's in may. So it's going to be wet because it's been showering for this may, but didn't really work. Yeah. That didn't work that great. Starring right now. I don't see it. Fucking flower. No knees. April showers brings more may showers and cold, weather and cold, weather luck. Bottom line moving PGA from August to may. There was a concern weather in the northeast. How's that gonna play? Currently doesn't look great. However, even though it's going to be a little bit of a wet golf course. I I think they gotta be thrilled with this forecast that Wednesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday, it looks like it's supposed to be pretty damn nice. Maybe a little bit of showers on Friday. So pretty happy with that overall and pretty excited for the warm up some fucking freezing right out freezing. I'm absolutely freezing merge. Stent? We just walked through this merger tent. They see what does it say sixty thousand. Yeah. He actually came in call that a tent. Thought ten that's a metropolis. That's not a tent. It was like a small city in their city cars in there. There were it's it's they do this genius thing where they make you check out in the back. So you have to walk through the whole thing. Mary smart. I'm also pretty convinced that the PJ of America would they did was they sent some spies down to the masters to Augusta in they had them just walk around. And scout exactly how they do the merch indicts explanation because I've never been to any event like the masters up until we just walked through that merch metropolis about ten minutes ago because they have going on in. There is unbelievable. They have sections. They have cars in there. They had things being showing off on these unreal mannequins. And I mean, it looked as though like I looked like he was walking through an unbelievable like mall. I'm wearing a Peter more quarters at bright house. This thing is just got that one of the hottest things are I just had to put it. I was I was things to awesome. I mean, it's the Bethpage Black logo is. So unbelievable. What are the great logos in golf there? Really? Is this little guy here? This little guy who we saw. I don't know how fire we saw a painting in there and actually the fucking. Did you see Trent the artists was in there? The lady was in there signing the pictures. We have to go back in there and get it signed. Yes. Yeah. So. She it's a picture of the of the Bethpage Black the first and then on the bottom is so it's a side by side picture and the bottom is like the Bethpage Black logo kid come to life, and he's like swinging and he's got like the bag on the floor. She only like twenty brought into life like teeing off on the I t it's like unreal. We gotta go by that. I know I don't know how. That sounds like a must have for our studio big. Thanks, everybody. Who's been emailing us message about Senator stuff for our studio much? Appreciate it. We are going to have awesome stuff in there. What are you going to church things up? It's going to spice things up and Frank. You're obsessed with church things up. So you're probably pretty fired up about that. Is let me church up words all the time. Like church up words on purpose. What did what happened before just trying to think of that? That was like a mental mind. Fuck I don't know what happened to me. I actually need to go. See a doctor after what happened on? We were. We were walking by one of these huge screens. They have here. Speaking of screens before I'm done with that at the driving range, which was sitting right next to right now, they have like a track man type thing or top tracer. Maybe a top top to think that's what they said for every shot that's being taken on the on the practice law driving or July. So when you're just watching the driving rain you look about the screen. You could see what shot the guy just hit hit in front of you. What club? He's hitting how much speedy had where it goes. It goes on the fucking big screens. Unbelievable. I have no idea how they're doing. It. Also. Sunning how they're able to turn this into a world-class driving range. I mean, this is the first hole of what degreen courses the first of all of the Bethpage. Blue course. Blue course, it's just one unbelievable driver with technology out the asshole. It's crazy. I've never seen anything like we're just watch them cleaning. Yeah. Anyway. So we're was it was oddly satisfying. A bunch of guys in these yellow suits, look, the the people in stranger things like working on like the dad has Matsue has met suits. And they're walking breaking bad. Yeah. They're cleaning up the whole entire driver rained. All those guys take they gotta go somewhere, and they go into these guys carts. So then they also one thing I liked that. They did here was they've got the driving ranges like off to the side of the entrance. So instead of there being a grandstand behind the driving range. That's just a bunch of high top tables where you can just set a beer and hang out as you're passing through. And it's kind of in the middle of what Frankie called the PGA America's buff Ahah bits. I mean, there's a whole little area up here where it's like come on in the Long Island railroad has a fucking tent. The first thing you see when you walk into the into the PJ. There was a Long Island railroad saying Long Island railroad information, like they're going to give you any information that you need we had to restrain ranking from attack guy. Dumbest human on earth. It was like what are you want? I want to get to my destination on time for one time. I like two years of my life taking off because Dave board has texted me. Like where are you right now? I'm stuck on a train for the last two hours. Where am I supposed to go, man? I'm just trying to get their work early in our these people just won't move the train on the tracks. So that's why they have that. Fuck intent there. I'm not I'm not happy sometime this week. There is going to be an incident between Frank anyway, it's a problem proximity to that is a problem for an ethic you walk and you keep looking into the right? It looks like you're walking through like Hogwarts. They have all these little bits going on. It's like they had a guy hooked up to a machine he was taking chip they had a guy putting around these little pigs, and they had another guy. He looks like come on in. And it's like all these colored tease teaser in this. I don't know man is when we'll see a guy to go in the middle of all that is just the driving. It's a sweet setup. I'm a big fan. It's this longest I don't know when you call these a walkway that they built, but it also it declines every like that part of their heads towards the gigantic metropolis that is the extent it it's on a little bit of a decline every like fifteen feet, there's another decline that looks like we said the most one skateboarding track on a skateboard so bad never be able to stop yourself reminds me of like rainbow road skateboarding skills skateboard before. No, not really can you take foot? Kick flip. No, I can't. I gave Ali. Can you Ali? No. I always I can never master the, and that's kind of the starting point for tricks. I could nal either. And I was just out you watch someone Ali it defies gravity because you're two feet on the board. And then at some point it's has to lift off the ground, and that just seems impossible that all the time about surfing. How do they keep their feet on those goddamn surfboards? I know they put little. Like, it's like wax. What does that fucking mean? How do you not slide off that thing? Right. You're on water your feet or wet the boards, wet? You're in wetness. How the hell do they stand on those fucking boards man on those huge turns they whip those things around like, you wouldn't believe how are they feet? Not velcro it in you would think when they do that sharp turn they would just slide right off. Unbelievable. So that in ALI'S, I I also something going on with the surfing community extreme sports in general. I just don't understand. Anyway, we were walking by this huge just finish this whole thing up where walking by this huge screen, and they had a caddy up on the on the screen, and they had his name and his nickname, and they're just giving a quick stat about and what was the name. Well, it actually connects back to our John Daly interview. Who was the fact was great. It was John Daly's caddy for the nineteen Ninety-one PG Jimmy ship that he won. And he at the time actually had a problem coming up with the name, and it was squeaky. That's what it was. The name was squeak whatever his first and last name was like John squeaky Williams, right? John williams. Let's just say John Williams for some reason when I read it Al out, I'm like, oh, John squeaky clean volumes added a word. I church things up. Give it. No. How was it? You have an obsession shirt up. I didn't say like what I heard something up. That's just something that comes off the top of my tongue like Bellary. And that's just how it it comes out of my mouth. But I didn't say like square game. I didn't say like squeak, a I said squeaky clean. I added the word cleaning. And I told you three times I'm like, oh that guy's fucking nickname is squeaky clean. I was so mad that I almost made a stand there and wait for it to come back around. It was show you say that it's just squeaky. It's not dyslexia. But there was something going on in my brain that. I was just I I swear to God when I looked at that screen. I saw squeaky clean. I swear it it. I don't know. What that is. It might be that is look summers about here. It's getting close doesn't feel like it right now. But trust me, it's getting close. There's one thing that you really going to be ready for and it's Memorial Day. BBQ's all that good stuff fourth of July fireworks? Tommy. John. We'll keep you patriotic from cheek to shining cheek. With their all new red, white and blue underwear collection. 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But there is that element that, hey, if you miss fairways out here, you're going to be in deep deep trouble, which is great. We'll go through the field a little bit. Tiger Woods we talking about. Tiger Woods hasn't played a golf tournament since he bought it out and won the masters tournament. I love his last stroke in competitive play was when he put into win the mass putt to win the masters, and he made it how do you think is going to do in this weather? Glad I'm glad he wasn't out here while we were out here because I would have been telling them to get the fuck outta here. Forty eight degrees with that with the spinal fusion now back to privacy privacy, hang out on that yacht. And just let's go out here and went on Thursday temperature private he said, the eighty five degrees inside that thing. We were talking about this before long around privacy is the best place for him to sleep like if you had to choose right now between I mean, you have Tiger Woods money picture, this you've Tiger Woods moon. Fuck you money. Like, he look he looks at me. And he's like here's a thousand dollars. I just I just I just burp that out you're telling me right now that you'd rather stay on a yacht in like just rocking back and forth forth. Water or a mention right off. I bet pay after my experience on the Brooks Kapka yacht. I don't wanna stay on. Yup. I don't think you guys are familiar with his yacht being parked where it is and the nature of the yacht. The things not like a fifteen foot little like thinker vote. Like, it doesn't just rock around this park on land that things rocket, dude. It's doesn't rock do in a little. Bucket harbor it defies science of a dozen has to rock there has to be a little bit of wave that pushed it left and right. But the thing it's such a mammoth boat and vessel that even panic. It's not a vessel. It's also not a cruise ship. Cruise ships also rock a little bit. Don't that? When you if you've been on a cruise to say cruises. I'd actually look down on people who take occurs. Our trash Bakke shins trying to take an a cruise. I knew he was gonna shred. I haven't no. Tread. You have a Corval car. Carnival cruise. I got stuck on one. You did. Does your banging on the fucking nearly? Closing the gates on me down there in like damn it. I wanna go only get on one of those boats. Oh, man. Listen to me talk not be sleeping on his yacht. If. Title the night a wave can move privacy and injure to especially raining and windy and shitty. All done is that you can feel it. Why not be in a house? I understand that that fucking yachts. Probably unbelievable. Probably got everything you need. Just like his house never has to leave. I never leave his yacht. But still if you had the choice, and it's also like thirty minutes away. I feel like there's no I'd have maybe a hotel right next to jot to I don't I don't know. I mean, doesn't he stay on that thing? I think people say stays doing my point being argh I in sleep another thing if it fucking rocks Razi in the middle of the night. I'm not a bow person. So people listening to this who are boat people. Probably like, no, Frankie, it's actually like nice asleep on a fucking boat. So maybe was like sleeping on a boat. And especially if it's a yes, not a boat. It's a yacht. Right. And we understand a nice the audit. I think I understand. It's unbelievable. It's like you sleeping on a canoe guys. Tell your let us come on, dude. It's not like. Dude. It's not like magic. Oh, check out. The like what we said before. It's not like he has this like contraption that shoots out the sides of the yacht and berries into the sand. And all of a sudden, it stabilizes the thing. I think the rocking factor is on of of ship. Like that things Shipton as opposed to what's up, doc nautical version, someone let us know if yachts how much they. I mean, you think our listeners know how like have ever been on a yacht as nice as Tigers ricochet shot of the listeners on the eye. That'd be unbelievable. There's stuff about yachts, the go our listeners like golf. It's a pretty affluent crowd. And I don't know man that that. Yeah. It seems like one of one. Nothing's unbelievable. Yeah. And you think it like if I had almost tips over not a cruise ship. It's not a cruise ship which I've never been on. Let's go through the field a little bit. Fan duel big shout to fan duel. They're running their little golf contests. Again, if you recall fan duel did a deal for the masters tournament where everyone could just play in this buy into this massive contest. Tell me they're doing it again. And if Tiger Woods won the master's, they just gave everybody there by back whether they had him on their team or not tell me they're doing it again. Well, they're doing it. The doubling down. If Tiger Woods wins the PGA championship. You get your money back for every entry. Whether you have tiger on your roster or not you sign of a play at fan duel dot com slash four play. That's fan dot com slash four play. They got to amazing contests with over six hundred K and total prising the eagle contest fifteen bucks to enter five hundred thousand dollar prize pool. One hundred thousand dollars first place and the singer contest three dollars to enter one hundred thousand dollar prize pool fifteen thousand dollars to first place. I got some news for fan duel. And all the people who are going to play that kind of tenure with is winning again. Just get in on this kind of Faneuil we've done so many things have do. I love their sports book in New Jersey. I've been there slept there slept at fan book in New Jersey. I gotta tell you. If there's a part of me that at the end of Tigers career with all his majors. He ends up winning Tiger Woods ninety one career wins twenty one major victories and also took fan out of business. I love you guys fan. But if he adds that his resume, you gotta just it to the right up there with freedoms going to bankrupt. You guys if you keep doing this guy was going to go on a tear that we've never seen before. And you're going to be on the wrong side of history. I love it handed back money to everyone. He went in this week. It's crazy. It's an absolutely crazy move, but they are doing. So again you go to fan duel dot com slash four play. Check it out. We're gonna talk about a couple of golfers here. You know, how this works right, folks. You get sick spots. Everybody's got a different salary. You're able to start. You gotta keep your budget at sixty thousand dollars a mini. You gotta you gotta fill out your lineup. Now, there's one guy that I'm obsessed with on here. And it's Tony female Tony females at ten thousand seven hundred dollars twenty feet. Alamos won the master's tournament. Tony fee now finished second like a million to say anything for him finishing second. Oh, you get along. Six six spotlight. I knew I knew there was an answer that I just wanted to make a little twenty female coal. Toby's still put the money on Tony. I'm pretty sure he does. He absolutely does the the highest salary guy in the entire field is Dustin Johnson at twelve thousand two hundred hours with also the number one ranked player in the world. Dustin Johnson out there today. Grind grinding on a rainy rainy. Soft driving range. What am I guys act Johnson? That can you find him. So the top five top EJ Rory. Brooks cat, Qatada woods, then JT, but he of course, withdrew so Justin Rose Molinari's just outside that group Jason day. I've thought about him and allow a little bit of a story here about I just thought about Jason day was that we were walking by the ranger earlier. And they've got these signs right in the signs. Go two thousand eighteen PGA champion Brooks, Kef gut and then it's like two hundred seventeen PGA jadeveon Justice Thomas. I tell sixty it goes all the way down to like tell fourteen Rory. And then the next one after that is just Tiger Woods. They skipped over two thousand thirteen in what like. Two thousand seven to six years seven years. We gotta get this guy up here. We got to show off Tiger Woods because I mean when you're looking down this list, it's like holy shit. Look this crew that's one the PGA in the last eight years note Tiger Woods up there. Because it's base had to be up. There clearly should have been the two thousand thirteen person. And then was what tiger was there who was who doesn't thirteen who did win who won the PJ into you on the spot. On the spot. I was thinking let's see if you can guess. Thousand thirteen you. Got it Jake has it. I have it too. It was in Pittsford New York oak Oakhill. Oh duff. Daddy, Jason Duffner. Wow. When he tapped man adopter on the ass. Yeah. Sean. Oh, what a great clip that was that was a great clip. I miss her. Yeah. I do too sad to those two broke up. You know, they were they were my, you know, golf first couple for a long time for very long time. Now, you're a big fan. Z j what do you think CJ is at in terms of cash? Yeah. Forty five hundred a loaf of corn. Kevin Kisner is at nine thousand six hundred forty five hundred not what do you? Call us at nine thousand one hundred dollars. Okay. I sold my guy short we try to do that. So you you're trying to show that he's more valuable than we give trying to do that. But. Came off that way. So look, I there's a lot of our guy. Lucas Glover last guy to win a major championship on this golf course was Lucas Glover two thousand nine US open. He's coming in at nine thousand one hundred dollars. He's made eleven out of fourteen cuts this year, really wishing him the best really believers person out there. That's not rooting for Lucas covered. Avid good. We don't want anything bad to happen, especially in Long Island. I don't want that happened in my backyard. There's no other reasons. Good vibe. I have the best intentions for lupus level rooting for Lucas, really hope he plays. Well, even like a little bit more. So than other people because I'm terrified of what might happen if he doesn't so rooting for Lucas Glover this week did wanna major ceviche here fan duel dot com slash four Blais. That is where you can, you know, you get hooked up and make sure that wind how your woods or if Tiger Woods, but win wins PJ championship. Just like you do the master's tournament. You get your by back whether you pick him or not fan dot com slash four play. All right as our home. Course, we're going to finally get to we're just gonna get to Brooks it. We'll be back on Thursday. We got some prese. We interviews lined up. Follow all of our stuff. Go to YouTube. Check out our page four play golf on YouTube, and then also Twitter Instagram foreplay were posting every day our little chat that we got Bryson today upon arrival Frankie getting chirp by the PGA of America with as little butter knife video so go check. Come out, the reason to why on YouTube is when you're I do this at my house now when you have a smart TV, and you sit that YouTube channel. So you have like Netflix and YouTube channels comes on every new TV remote. Yup. Youtube and you subscribe to the fore play golf YouTube paid it's so seamless and easy to watch all the videos as opposed to like watching a little that when you're watching golf, and we're playing courses like about page black, and we we're we're bringing a nice cameras and stuff now and drone footage like watch it on TV sit back and just watch it. I it comes seamlessly. So that's the best place to watch videos on your TV. So yeah, not sure if he has remainder of YouTube. It's a news thing we've been used. Yeah. It's a new thing. It's awesome. It's really cool. Cool high recommend go. Download it. And then search us we're one of the first people ever start using it so go check that out our full eighteen holes about pitch black. We'll be up there. Very soon next. Stop is Brooks cap because this is an incredible incredible interview. Enjoy this one my mom's going to love this one and hit it hard. Our hit it heart. I know you take cruises. No, I don't never been on a cruise in my life. All right, folks. We're joined now by a very very special guest three time. Major champ guy. We've talked about a lot on this show one of the best players on the planet. Brooks CAPCO what's going on. How are you doing good man you so we're on a yacht? I say how do you do on boats I own about? So I'd say pretty good. I feel like I'm not doing all that. Yeah. Trend has lost his Senate. Yeah. I got on. They started talking about it. And now, I feel like I think we should take this thing spent. Rocking back and forth. But I'm gonna power through. We're gonna survive man to be honest with you. I'm just going to hold on. And we're going to have a good time to jump overboard, you'd be all right? You swim? Right. And we talked about this on the right here. What constitutes a yacht to a boat, and we talked about the multilayer is it. Yeah. This is a yacht yacht situation. So Brooks, what are you doing in New York? Tell us what we did today. We actually had some fun with Michelob ultra went over to. We went over. We actually went down over the Governor's Island right by statue liberty, which is pretty cool got to see some amazing views, man. It's a cool spot to hit a ball from right onto a barge thirty yards from one hundred thirty hundred forty yards whatever it was trying to hit a ball onto a barge a nice little setup their school Mun. How'd you do? I got on their second. Try says pretty good. It was a windy. Yeah. It was windy cold everything man, all the all the all the above. But it was fun time house lines Brooks kept you've been on a tear the last two years or so how's life? Our thanks vice good no complaints from me. Man. I'm I'm happy right now. Good. I like that. Well, yeah. I mean, I feel like an art camp. You know, we've been talking a lot lately about us came out this year. I feel like you you found your doing right now. dR time people get see it. You're such a kind soul. He's gotta do lose it. I'm so bad with heights and stuff. I think we're rocking ten to twenty feet right now. I'm not kidding. I swear to God I'm going up and down like a roller coaster. So you found your voice this year. What happened just wake up? You're like I got opinions now. No, I've always had it, man. I just didn't really. You gotta be good. You gotta be able to form back it up. So feel like I've finally done that. So I can speak on things and. This is the first time everybody's asking me questions other than did you eat horsemeat and how was Europe. So if you ask me, I'll tell you just know this same ten questions all the time. Yeah. It gets boring. How many times can I say horse me, right? Yeah. I gotta make different make it fun and make it interesting. Can do it. Right. So let's get into some of that something you talked about slow play. You don't like slow play can stand. It. Feels like you're out on what? Yeah. Yeah. I'm out. Yeah. How to have a camp because we always talk about we got camp KEPCO shoulder shirt. People liked it good because ROY came out. And was like I'm in the I'm in the brook scout camp now how's it feel to have your own camp? It's nice. It's good. It's good to have everybody on your side. I think most people are backstopping a lot of people have been sure vigneault backstopping lately. Guys, not marking their balls near the whole other folks shipping up hits the ball staves closer to the whole thing. That's not protecting the field. What are your thoughts on backstop? There's sometimes the ball. I think TV doesn't do Justice. Sometimes it might not be in the way. It's not even close in five time. Guys, gotta go Mark walk through somebody else's lying walk around. I just have the chip. I mean, I'm not gonna hit his ball. Yes. Sir times. Guys have done it. And it's not not protecting the field should they market. Yeah. I think you see on like a Sunday Sunday it you're right around the leader guarantee that guy goes Marxist ball. So it should be done all the time. Right. Because if they're going to do it Sunday now Thursday for sure I mean, yeah, I think guys probably get away with it a little bit more that aren't on TV. Right. But it it definitely happens a lot. And you know, you just market when he can sometimes. Easy chip. So the camera kinda lives on the angles. It is tricky because everybody's always pushing pace of play. Right. Like, you know pace a play in order to get more people into the game. We got play faster. We gotta move the game along in this that, but then now people arguing like well, you need to go. Walk thirty yards out there. Mark the ball take forever. So it's kinda like this double edged sword of feels like. Yeah. Absolutely. Well, just with the pin being in. I mean, the cat. He's gotta go in and take it out. Then all of a sudden put it back in for two photo for somebody in the input back out again because somebody else it's just a lot of. A lot of moving parts. Right. We you think about the new rules in general. I mean, you're you want a couple. Yes, opens USGA guy. What do you think about, you know, US shea coming out of the new rules and trying to make it a little faster? I guess. Yeah. I mean, I get the intent behind it. But I don't think it really picked pace up. I don't think it did anything for speeding up. Putt play. I think like I said the pin been in doesn't really speed it up. I mean, you drop it from knee high. Now, you look really athletic, and you're like drop in you can pick guy. Yes. It's a bad look. Yeah. It's bad. And then because you dropping it from knee height is obviously not gonna roll outside a club length, and then so what's the point in making that role there? If you already have the one you're saying, they can't roll outside clubland driver from the manner. It's set off back in the image game the athlete game big time. Yes, four like wait is that you guys are saying, we're not we're not big athletes took like twenty cents forward. And then the drop of the knee kind of took it back. Twenty five. Yeah. Man. That's all I can say can't look bad doing anything. You kinda bad dropping we drop a lot. Yeah. You I mean, we were saying before I have very small arms. I'm sitting next year. NS? I wore really thick sweatshirt. You couldn't see the difference. Yeah. That's a good idea. It was a great. And it looks good though. It doesn't really can't tell them. You're also like a hundred shades lighter than. Yeah. Unbelievably anyone listening to now watch. Stunning. You look like a milk a body of. I don't know why. Great. Perfect for me. Crazy laughing. You're getting wider. We're on a boat that the rocket. Thirty. So your last week was re tweet of Brandel Chamblee with a clown. Those thoughts on Brandel Chamblee. What are your thoughts on brattle? We've had him on the show several times, I like Brando a lot. But I also understand why certain players might not like them. But we're we're very much friends with Brando, but we've had a lot of people on the show who don't necessarily and also you can still trash them on the show. That's fine tunnel. I know I've wash I've seen I know Marshall. I mean, I think the picture says it all I still I still you guys whose luck right? Yeah. Big on the clown is no. So we're we're we've been big in the cloud game. So seeing you kind of tach people, you know, it'd be crazy. Well, you got a great idea. Why don't you put it in a t shirt and then show, but the PJ? That's not a bad idea. If we rolled like a huge crowd. You're gonna give us a little bit of love with the with the clown nose teacher who you wanna wear one. We'll get you make sure it's. Medium. You know, the brand new your brand very what's your take on like Marsal on a given day. Do you like do see bar so coming up on like your social media? Yes. All the time. And it's fun. I love it. I think it's awesome. I watched I've watched it for three three years now like four years been really into it. I like this phone we're hard to miss now. I feel like no actually, I know super hard to miss. Brooks is just like sitting before around like maybe just like scrolls across one of my dumb tweets. Yes. It's like. Anyway. I did there though, I tried to him and be like, actually, I don't follow. You what your hand? Yeah. True. Hilarious. We're actually watching one this morning. And it was pretty funny. So you mentioned PJ Bethpage people's golf course, we play out there all time Frankie's homecourt. She grew up right across the street. Basically thoughts bet you've been out. You don't need practice rounds yet any prep work yet. No not this week. We played it what three or four years ago playoffs. So. Yeah. So I pretty much know what to do. I mean, it's a major championship. I'll be fine. I'm pretty good at while. I was awesome. It's gonna be fine wins. Most of the ones he plays in put that on a card major ceviche five. What's that you got five BJ towards three ever major like a big game player? Well, aren't you? Remember by your majors. Yes. How many you take guys? That's what when you're done with your career. That's what you remember by majors. That's it. You can't tell me a lot of guys that have won majors. How many PGA tour events have won. I mean. Yeah. Like the whole year, you're focused on you know, every event you play but your whole years geared around those four vents. So might as well play. What is it about the majors that just makes you just went? I think they're easier to win. How's that? They're easier to win. You literally. I mean, come on. Break it down. So you've got what one hundred and forty four guys in the field. You know, at least seventy eighty of them just don't have a chance the rest of them might not play. 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This is a deal too. Great to pass up again had to my natural CBC dot com. Use code four checkout all their product, selection and get started feeling better fast. So I mean it majors like, do you just you find your? Just like significantly more focused than you do another tour events or I mean, I would say so I'm trying to bring it till the regulatory events. It's just a little different different attitude. Different different feeling. We got. Five or six of us has a house Saint five six people notice your actions is pretty pretty laid back pretty pretty mellow. It is I mean, it feels very fresh to hear you talk about like the majors versus the regulatory vents like that. Because we think about all the time now like Tigers, basically just only play majors. And we've always thought like once you get to that level where you're win a major championship. How're you supposed to get up for like the fucking sorry Trent like the John Deere classic love. You guys always do that. We got an exact Johnson Chirps you want to get out right now. He's an island. That's my tournament. They're always making fun of it. I mean, it's it's the fifth major, you know, that but. So played out when you get up for that when you're winning. But it is. I mean, I feel like it would be really hard to get up for an average of it when you're out here like winning US. Hope it's all time. Yeah. I mean, it's. Is different is definitely different the atmosphere. You can tell us different. You know, there's a lot of importance on the majors. And then when you go to another week, it's especially you go like this week. You know, your all your thought process? Your prep is four. Hear about h like, that's that's what you're trying to do. You know, you're not taking the week off. But a lot of your thought process shots, whatever it might be are geared for that. Right. So it's a little different. So you in tiger kind of finished one two last two major championships. You both kinda right down the stretch of been the last two guys in the course to have a chance to win. What's I mean is a guy who obviously grew up like a lot of the younger guys now like watch tiger. And all that what's that like being mixed with him? I mean, it's fun. It's exciting. I'd say Augusta's back was probably one of the wildest back nines. I think I've been a part of it was good for the game. Give good that he won. I think everybody wanted to see him when they wanted to see him winning Saint Louis. I mean, I'm not dumb. I know the whole crowd was here for him. If I was all. For him. I put some mean tweets out about you. I did apologize. Rafter song. Yeah. I'll be honest. My boys. My boys back home. They're not afraid to send it to me. So say y'all have said I've seen it. I just want to take everything back. I said about Brooke Steph guy was really motion. I told him I say I was texting while we were down there. I told him I was coming on. So they were laughing. But it's I mean, you got the better of the first, you know, at at bell, raven Saint Louis how much does that mean is it like a little bit extra big? I took down fucking Tiger Woods on the back nine of a major championship. It's a nice feeling. I mean, that's what you wanted like when you seven year old kid, or when you thinking about it like you don't want to go down to the wire with tiger and beat them. And when you do it. It's is pretty cool. Creating a player in a video game. He's doing it on nuts. And none of the Gusta. It's probably the worst feeling. You be buying. But. Hey, he played good. He made it. He made it seem closer than it was. Yeah, I think you know, you see oh you lost by shot. But you know, he bogeyed the last hole coming up giving me two shot lead. He's playing for it. Were you thinking about how much are you paying attention leaderboard? They're like seven eight guys felt like that were in the mix was hard for the people that were doing the leaderboards a lot of shuffling five six holes. Everybody hitting the water on twelve. Eagle thirteen to come back from it. And then all of a sudden, you know, you're out of it. And then make eagle you're back in it. Only. Cow like what the hell's going on? But it was fun. It's it's it's wild. There are so many guys that I chance to win that one. It was it was definitely interesting. What happened on what was going on twelve because the punch you guys are right in the mix all kind of came up short. What was going on twelve? The wind. I wish I knew actually backed off it the first the first time the wind should have been off the right a little bit. And then I went down off the left. So I backed off it. And then all of a sudden when I hit it even right for the center of the green and you see the ball starting to climb. And then it went into off the left you see drift into the right? And once you see it climate, and you're like, Scott, no shock, no shot. I hope we got the wrong yardage year carries and you just hope before. But I mean four to six guys in the water. Right. So that's not very good. He no sums up when that happens. Right. And that's kind of this view in. Everybody's talked about that a million times on that whole. You can't you know, you can't come up. Guess right. It is. I mean, it's just a real lucky. Guess I mean seeing guys hit shorter the water. And then you see Henryk in the last few years thirty four yards over the creaking, biller course back there. So I mean, we're not that bad. Right. Well, that's why just so surprising. It's like an in order to be in the mix. I mean, you gotta be hitting the ball. Well. Playing really well. So it's just kinda surprising. It was interesting to to hear tiger talked about it when he said he was coming down eleven he watched you hit and saw you hit. And he was like, well, I know Brooks flights the ball better than I do. And he was like, I'm pretty sure he hit a nine iron. So he was like calculate all that in you hit a nine Ireland. I did and it sucks to go first on t-. Yeah. No idea. What's about to happen? It's really bad. But yeah, I mean, he got the advantage of seeing you know, the three of us go until hit in the water. So you knew he knew what was obvious mart to go back to bell read a little bit on the Saint Louis guy. How often were the fans how loud with the fans? That's awesome. I love that place. The fans are Kuhlman. It's a good sporting town. That's what you want. When you go to play. You know, we don't get. We don't get fans like that every week. So when you do it's it's quite fun. Yeah. It was rowdy. I mean that was about as rowdy across ever heard. Oh, yeah. I think coming down my sixteenth all we looked over to the left. You gotta eighteen right there. Right. But the grandstand think tiger was coming up eighteen right? We're going down. Seventeen was unbelievable. How many people were there? I'm nursing that many people golf tournament is pretty cool. That's awesome. What's the most nervous? You've ever been on a golf course. Far the Ryder Cup not I Ryder Cup. I think I went to t the ball in in the ground, and I literally teed it too high. And I literally, you know, how like most guys will take the driver and kind like tap it down you go fix it with your hand. Like kinda just push it down a little bit more. But I was so worried my hand was shaking that the ball was gonna fall off tea, and I wasn't going to be able to put it back. I was like, oh, no. This is going to be really embarrassing. I can't get them on the t. Just leave it. Just swing heart. And hope he finds a fair way. Let's you gotta do to win the radical next year. I don't know, man. It's one of those things where someone's gotta win somebody's gotta lose. It's all about timing. You get guys that are playing. Well, you know, it's it's definitely difficult. Fine overseas. A quick turnaround trying to get a justed there's a lot of obligations. We got during the week. It makes it it's a it's a fun week to play golf. But you also gotta remember it starts on Friday. So we got like four practice rounds. You're like leading up to it. You get anxious. Like, can we get this thing going all ready, but it's fun? I I enjoy it. But. We've got I'll play which is sucked. And is it that simple? Right because everybody always comes out with like, oh, there's in strive the teams of mass. There's all this other polls shit going on like is it as simple as I now wish got played better than they do. Yeah. It's pretty simple. We just didn't play good. And if you're not gonna play good is really hard to win and they played much better than we did it put away better than we did. There's nothing to do with what goes on behind closed doors, everything that goes on behind closed doors fine. Everybody's thinking, you know, all this shit happened. It didn't right. It's I I can promise you everybody that was in that team room new. We just didn't play good enough. What's the chatter like among the crew like leading up to that? As a big group tax. You guys are like a group tax it pops up every once in awhile has popped up in a while. But when things are getting a lot closer. I'm sure like what the President's Cup coming up wants to teams kinda finalized or are about to be finalized. You'll see a lot of the crew tax going on guys that have already made it. And then the guys kind of might be coming. On the team on they're pretty close with the captain's pick or something like that. It'll be the owner, but it's quite fun. We get to couple of dinners, which is nice throughout the year kind of right right before the playoffs star dinners. We all go to you guys. Like when you when you start kind of like Tigers, obviously captain for presents Cup. Like when you start produ K, I wanna play with this guy wanna play with that guy. I don't care. It doesn't matter to me. Just kind of like the Rome. I don't really have. I don't have a partner I'll play with DJ quite a lot. But we don't have not played good together. This is not very good. What does that you guys like to watch like brothers or something? Yeah. I think sometimes you just with the same player pretty much both hit along we both really relaxed. And sometimes it kind of like a guy that gets excited. Like, I excited inside. I'm just not gonna show because I feel like then, you know, what's going on with me. I'm never gonna show you whether I'm excited mad, whatever it is. But I like a guy like when my first router Cup. I play with brand he was so pumped up. He at my hands, so hard. It was numb walking off like the third hole. I couldn't feel it. But I like a guy like that gets pumped up. He's all excited. He's into it. It gets me going Brian how they're like crying. And you're like, oh, sh is important. Yeah. Don't get emotional. But he wants to give pumped up. I'm all for it. Does that on purpose? Like when you look you look, so even keel out there you'll like nothing's phasing. You like are you suppressing ship when you do that? I just feel like I give somebody an advantage. If they know what I'm thinking when I look like like for example, twelfth at Augusta, right? A hit in the water. But also the guys behind me if they know. Maybe I didn't hit it exactly how I wanted to. But if I don't give them a reaction, and they think I flushed it they might go in the water to and then all of a sudden it becomes really tight race. Right. You'd never I just don't want to let anybody know what if the showers hit. Well, it's poor. I think there's certain ways you can probably look back on tape and figure out if it's if I hit a good shot or not. But I don't want to give them an advantage. Maybe all they gotta hit one more club. They might not you never know. I liked that. It's great. We get too much of this blow gamesmanship. So we get everybody's like, oh, we're always rooting for everybody did any advantage. You can get out there. Trying to win a goddamn golf there. And it's infuriating for the person. Who's either facing you or rooting against you for rooting for tiger? And we see Brooks capped out there just like nominated emotion just in. He's like the Terminator out. There doesn't care. It's like this guy's just out there. I'm gonna be staring at my TV fucking happy. Noche? Usually if I started walking after you know, it's good. Yeah. That's like a golfer thing. What it is. You get. I didn't start. Good. Yeah. That is a universal. Yeah. I liked I'll give the club twirled. But I'd have to give it to walk. How much do you like the team environment? Just kind of like being out there one of your guys. And I love it. I see I think it's the best week of the year. We kind of keep it like kind of a team environment. Especially like during the majors. I feel like the guys that we got around us, you know, the five or six of us that are altogether. It's kind of like a team the way it goes from everything, you know, we're always doing something together, you know, at the house, whether it be watching sports just talking it's playing cards doing whatever, I it's very I like to team atmosphere of it in golf you. Don't get that very much. No never has make fun of the Europeans. We make fun of everybody who make fun of myself to remember. PGA? I think they were roasted me one night, which is pretty good. We're at dinner we had a we had a good time. Everybody's taking shots at me. I think it was on Friday or Saturday night. He's pretty funny. What are they about everything you name it? There were making fun of me. I think for Brooks, you're looking. That was hard time. Shirts. So well, you would so many. He looks so good in white pants. Dan, that's such a lose one was Frankie Frankie has been thinking about that the white pants when he's been thinking about. Particular genie, James. He's got a great watch onto unreal. No one's ever been the less at quip to wear white pants. Then, you know, it's I'm so paid look like you're lost. Skin, tell his blue or not the blue is the islanders just got knocked out of the playoffs. Yeah. He was growing a playoff here. And it was really mad. It was like three or four days. This is. Yeah. This is like three days. Yeah. I had mustache hair going, they'll drop soon. It's like crazy. We're not even trying to like RoH smearing. Everybody comes on and rose. That's right. Yeah. There's berry. What do you do when you're knock off and go to like to go on the boat? Just hanging out if I'm home a lot of times, we'll just end up going on vacation somewhere to know pick a spot or my boys'll pick a spot, and we just go relaxed ticket and watch a ton of sports like when you're knock off in like, what's your favorite sport to watch baseball basketball? Uh-huh. Lakers, Lakers guy. Wow. But yeah. This year. Yeah. That's why we're not gonna talk. Hesitant talk about it. Yeah. Pakistan, big pack, really be Brett farve guy. Yeah, gunslinger. Yeah. Yeah. He was far was the fucking man. And then he went to the Vikings. When the best. How far is your stock seven hundred zero? Two hundred to five we're on what a joke. Probably crank it up to like two twenty one was cranking up me like adrenaline, just or you just rip it back to shed fits the cast after heart. You say too, hard rooks. Yeah. Yeah. We'll show off. Joke disaster. If I try to. It's the three what for me. And I gotta catch. How far how far could you be on a per five year? Like, I can get there. I usually try to give it a shot. No matter what. It doesn't matter. It does not a big fennel in up, man. I don't know where the chance I'm just going to give out the closer. You get a better off one paid better. See you absolutely roast went over the trees probably give it a shot. Love it. I love it. Do you watch any video about Bethpage or anything like that? Or you kind of just show up week show up a us probably Monday Monday and Tuesday have all the sight lines down figure out while the pin locations for each pin location where where the MRs and then go from there and just try to leave yourself with easiest we kind of simplify destroy to hit the middle. Really green? Just don't make bogey. Try not to miss a green. It's pretty simple from there. If if you are in trouble, make sure the worst score you're gonna make a bogey, and and just kind of forget about it. If you do we just played there. The other day trank and tell you all the crevices let me forty. Sean forty four every single part of this golf course. Overshot tried to read your emotion there, and you just didn't. You didn't leave the you actually admitted that? Yeah. Yeah. Got it every fourteen. Yeah. Some telling you we'd tee off right? Trent will go left into the fucking shit. Jacobs villain and all time. And then we wouldn't see transfer good twenty minutes. So we got on the green. And then sure enough he'd put out four or five times back and forth bought out while go to the exhibit. What'd you get? And he's like all on go through the following fourteen. I was so sore the next day walking through all that terrain walking. Oh, yeah. Yeah. These guys would go off. And I would be in an area of the golf course that you will never see. Just never see seventeen green. And we look back, and it's a scene out of a movies walking through the safari, and he's got his bag, and he's looking through the high fescue, and he's he hits it goes a little bit further, and we're like treatment tough. I tried my best Sean, no golf ball. We just saw hack been a bunch of pop up and then just lines up act took the point. Is you need to know the little, you know. Yeah. You got any questions? I'm the guy. No, Bethpage brain enough. Call you know, that how many you walk like nine miles to the rest of us were like five and a half miles and everybody else walked. You know, it wasn't great. I will say that. It was fun. Kind of had a good time. He did he kept. Money's worth. That's yeah. You got to keep a positive attitude out there adopting the Brooks company. He wasn't giving us anything. No energy. Lot of what's the most you've ever played for outside of a tournament round. I like play golf when I'm home. I don't play eighteen holes. Like, I've played with my dad, my brother, maybe three months ago, but other than that it was probably been like a like a year if I played eighteen at home. So when you go. You're not playing golf. No. Occasion to relax. I'm not going to play golf. I just wanna take some time off like I'd rather be mentally fresh. I'm going to turnament than be mentally tired in but playing well. So when you're out on the boat and all that when you're just like crusher Meg ultra Zoe do. Yeah. Unreas- having a good time. Sketches gonna show up. The Bethpage win. He's gonna win the goddamn to work this week on your like the way you go into these terms is blowing my mind, I love that. You're just relaxing. You're not thinking about and like you said you'd show up on Monday. Get your sight lines down just going after a major swing is going to change overnight. I've done it for twenty four years. Now, it's not just gonna leave me overnight. I'm picturing these guys like his on the fucking range for like a week and a half straight trying to pick up like ten yards, clerk and everything. He can Brooks just on his boat was up just flies kisses ball curry. Scurry our guys in the PGA. They're going to show that I've been thinking about that. I see for two three weeks, and you're just gonna show up and do you think just like to court? That's what he does. Just as his thing. What's what's the worst shot you ever hit and competition? I don't know there's one it was at the Honda. Classic was pretty bad. We're up against a tree. It's actually like on video. It took a swing and kinda Nicotrol coming down the polls here literally ball, just moved like two inches sideways. I know that. Yeah. Without the reach. It. There's just a massive Divet. And I was like so shocked by my caddie. I asked him before that show. How far we guys like one seventy five a hit it Mr. kind of went to. It's the right and just out of habit. I was like how far and he's like he's still got the same pink. I was just gonna say imagine that just no tree. And then just what threat does. It's always trying to feel your pain. There we go. I shank the Ryder Cup too. Pass. The best part about it. It was MC tiger walked up to me. You know, they all got the pieces or whatever. And he walked up, and he was like, hey, no big deal. Shake it off dislike I don't know. Ten ten million people watch you shank it. No big deal. It's like, thanks. I. He comes in any kind of gives them this ear piercings, like, no, no, no, no. They just got to watch ten million people just got to watch it in slo. Mo good. Good. I love that. It is what it is. All right. Well, oh your last question. Superstition? You have any golf superstitions. He's. I mean, I I wouldn't call it a superstition, but I always market heads up with us your. So if I move it I'm put a tails up, so I know if I look down and see tales sums wrong, but there's a little. I put my ball in the other pocket five or have to move. It says tipped although listen. Yeah. Tips analyze Ricky tips, that's like to give nicknames. He puts word after he tries to pass him. Just called me. Rikki tips. Do it yourself. I mean, that's not after when your guys back rigs kept interviewer. Breezy interviews, crush the interviews crushed as. I like to get myself coughing. Oh, three time. Major winner PJ championship coming up. We're not gonna root against your four. Now. Shirts shirts. Can't coca. You gotta get something better than the camp kept shirt. Very material. Yeah. The clown clowns. Good so. Yeah, we're big fans. We appreciate you doing. This was awesome. Good luck on four will be out there. Rooting for you bet. Thanks voice. Thanks. We made it. I didn't throw up. Yeah. We actually his grace for your office. True. Thanks, man. Hit it. No.

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