Heather and Lindsay were "over served" on Halloween!! (by themselves...) Hear all about it on this HDW BONUS episode!!


Thank you for listening to this podcast one production available on Apple podcasts and podcast this is heather dubrow world we've so much talk about about Halloween we just decided we had to sit down and talk plus strangely I think to message you that just because I would think that would be like overwhelming right we'll play with that I was actually just pondering it and then you called me we have to do a show a hot dog I'm Kinda mad that I didn't put on the hot dog I have it right here you can put it on I could take a picture Lynne's warning me day after Halloween Week I've heard for years that it is ooh awesome and I was like this is going to be awesome and then by like eleven packed it's perfect we went we went like nine to one oh my gosh that's I my foot down recently with the kids stuff and just said and I've talked about this but I an actual thanksgiving that's cool yeah well look would no one's around and you know get hurt Disney land yeah I love it I don't half of us don't eat Turkey by the way the our pickle pickle may might have love that we're not we went one year together maybe yeah we didn't I think we did I don't know on the circus circus and you're like all right now you gotta be over twenty one if you want to have any fun in Vegas check guess we never have a costume to the last minute that is true but it's not like us in life like we and then leave ourselves till the end I we really didn't feel Halloween and you know what cocoa said didn't really feel like it yeah so let me tell you what happened with my family he did nothing he's just stayed home nothing I just saw him he's like I did nothing I was over at next but that but would they wanna come who knows win grabbed a bite and then keep up that was it that's Katharina greeting and they went there and there were so excited but they came to my house and I was here with them and they gene they didn't want to Cook you decorate they were not interested they all took pillowcases but they weren't odd so they went to boy island they got like a snack they walked around defied so we couldn't find Terry's he's always the shark right and we couldn't find city loves because they okay well you're gonNA wear it once a year but you love those Polo shirts so just let's just now that I think about it was to take one of his old leather jackets and ah I couldn't remember I know it was a mildly irritated because that afternoon I had said to Terry on five and I said but if you need to work out and if you're working late you can meet me there I was so I said Oh because for write a book about relationships because we started getting irritated with each other can't a little snarky and Mike Nancy were on the show because they've been married almost forty is it but anyway so yeah I think I was getting irritated with him he was getting a little irritated I did let it all go but said him on the phone yesterday on Halloween I said I'd love from you I need like a lot of love from you right now and he's like okay you got it I promise all right where are you telling me at that point he's telling you it's not really a question he's telling me and then are you kidding me so he's doing all these things and finally he came home and he told me but I just told you I need love and if he had said he can't be home till five thirty that would have been fine but tonight after a few drinks which I'm not supposed to do and this is exactly one of the things love and then you relate and then you tell me you're on the phone with your producer for two hours you didn't you said I use that I need love I wasn't really specific about it he said are coming home at this time by the way text me running late yo there yeah I'll meet you that's fine whatever whatever you WanNa do fine just tell me so that I'm not waiting on you exactly and he was like Yep I totally get it that's fine whatever so we got over it but anyway let's talk about the fun stuff a busy like crazy couple of weeks we've talked about it people just ideas not thinking right after Halloween like when you've seen a bunch of costumes we need to pick it now have something and I go watch because via tether what's that she's a you didn't see awesome like no I love the concept of it so anyways I know what the movie's about and so I'm like Oh that's a cool costume you and I were trying to be lifeguards or something and then our costume went away actually cool and you know what I was such Zombie I was so tired and so over and I love the idea of the gold scissors cutting the tethers the whole thing was just the The whole thing and I took a picture and I thought it was funny that tether rhymes with heather right so I spelled she wore black clothes carried a microphone that had three rhinestones on it and manage a pump gas pump over and you can't go wrong with an inflatable pumpkin it's just so funny to me okay anyway so we got ourselves together and we came over to your house and I have to say it just it half way what I would want to just because you saw construction guys are leaving as things fattened it was good and by the way if you're following Lindsay's account a better construction the house looks stunning it makes like such a big Ima had it all yeah it makes a big impact it's beautiful I I mean I'll send you the most random things or this you know and you'll always help because it's and then you think you really don't like that helps you go to be whatever you just don't know or is like finally like light at the end of the tunnel like certain rooms are finishing and the girls were sleeping and by like I'd be Craig as patients but by like Ted for like the third like I have the last thing they here with big peak latte so someone one of the listeners go you know coastal impress the right now are sleeping unlike these air mattresses would not hear of David don't even finish the thought and then I asked her about the dogs have gotten choose I would hope so inch she's not making any they need a guarantee for sure guarantee they needed him blood houses gorgeous decorations are amazing. You've she's Lindsey everything's perfect you the fresh is Malibu farm yeah the fresh watermelon juice for the splash it was I mean perfect Terry was in such a good mood he was dancing having his almond flour great I love it so the almond flour Tortillas name-brand is the chips Siete assault almond flour chips are the ones that you like the like crunchy but salty ones they're just like super clean ingredients make kids like allstate saw Tam with a little bit of butter in the morning Ed very interesting I wonder for me I like everything that's like just why has almonds cleaner than corn well I feel like I feel like I know almonds I think they're higher fat so I'm wondering if there's more fat in that Tortilla Versus Tapia versus and Almond Flour Tortilla right is there is this is dumb question I am I worried about telling people things that I versus flower if you're at arrest or on right because you're ordering in a Mexican restaurant ours our tastes corn tortillas could look up a organic corn Tortilla now meal than bef- then like as well that's not what happened what happened was I back it must have been fifteen hundred galleries bags four hundred co host word Oreo cookies and walnuts top it was delicious it was like the best meal ever I never I didn't think to myself I wish I could eat that or I'm going to save that to the end left that want to eat that and you know what I mean Yeah interesting food for anyway your kids were so cute so Lindsay's three kids were all dressed as with like a hand towel one on each bomb and walking with her bum out don't fight it that he's like let's lose the walkers and I I gotTa tell you I put him in the wagon but they loved him the Pumpkin the inflatable Pumpkin had a walker but I guess I mean after two hours of treating he's probably like cool my God he's actually went right yeah you were getting him to say you're telling the story yes oh so heather was like not so heather was saying to Parker we gotta get more out of you right now than I wou I mean obviously he and he did it in two syllables just like you did and he was so proud it was so cute he's goes then it goes it's funny because after I posted a little thing about you know I've been taking this guy to speech therapy and turns no but people need to hear that because they don't they don't and it shouldn't be something that that you oh good he's my only kid that will do it great doesn't bother him yet will your kids do it no already just the drop or so I don't think he would drink says if he's willing to do I ric clever so let's walks out and she's gorgeous and has like the bars walks out with the same black outfit with a blonde wig at a sign that says no and then I just went to the mall and just picked out to rails Flan also mike he'll be fine with me and my sister didn't make sense we'll also in his defense terry was not wearing a costume not even the shark fin ain't he's like okay picture drive you're like no no no no no But I had brought with me the hot dog costume that cocoa rejected Tim last year the mind the Chanel yes it gives you like a theme like oh sweet she's pulling things out from the top of my closet I didn't even know I had so I I just started with fish and that sound like that's Halloween would wear it but I think I would like what do you think I take myself too seriously not at all you don't I trust over very proud without but but no you are a Oh yeah like for example I remember once on housewives we were in water hot things right and they were like filming and everything and we had just gone Abdelhak bonds we're and we're going on television I dunno it's like not comfortable so I thought and I put on the snorkel with a flippers on my feet and the whole thing and they were all jumping in their I I think that I don't know why I'm mad at myself that I didn't I think that in now but I think if you're not afraid of being goofy you would never do a Halloween costume where we weren't that's okay there's nothing wrong there's no judgment in that by learning about Wean go to Disneyland the day after Halloween ever know where for some reason has been waking up by the way we over served ourselves yes that's just my favorite way running and I and my eyelash glue is still removed eyelashes Al- whatever my makeshift costume was and I was like oh no is this really happening attract and get my our funny everybody up one time did you your kids honestly to be able to do what you do if I could get up in the morning that time you get four I would love that but my reality is I would be exhausted the couple of saying I feel great getting on the plane but I know I'm going to be on the plane so I'm GonNa have downtime also don't require that much sleep well because I forced myself not to I mean I hate I mean absolutely blinken will you reintroduce heating and use one in whatever if you found the it's cold in the room and hot under the blankie it so nice but yeah if you can work out before winding down by nine nine thirty ten ten o'clock asleep if you really I can't I just don't I like that like I could get sometimes you think Terry feels like daily exercise that's why they call it daily extra hey where it's like I mean I'm like I was just jamming on I mean I barely the minimal if I do something it's minimal very very minimal so but so terry would say daily exercise do some do something I I it's not in me and when you're traveling you do it some days some there's great and our kind of working out kind of thing but you're e move so much that you feel fine it's not like you're sitting at a desk I feel no there were a couple of times I wanted to I felt like running and to go out and like just kind of take run but for me to get into did my own yeah yeah in the gym I just get bored you're listening to Heather dubrow World Halloween was that it we need to like trick or treating while we did the desserts yeah I felt like it was fun I feel like the guys were really good sports probably as we were all we that that might be it may been two convenient for the refills yes really how could we not had an issue at one we parent in similar ways and you know there's a lot of parents out there because I know when my child comes up to me and says this is what happened at school today automatically assume that my kid is right and I don't automatically assume that my kid is wrong ah hi cocoa high we're recording we're going to be say hi to everyone at home you have fun on Halloween yeah anything you want tonight I am not a believer by the way in keeping the candy for a month find some love you do the same thing it's you wanna put on the earliest costume it I'm GonNa you will not see any way what I let me great that we can both just before that we didn't need your is mine being jerky what I see on one side and listen it's hard to because Stella and Presley and cocoa are tired whatever but it was so funny instead of being like we have a problem to each route we're GonNa go here here here and we're GonNa go home then Stella wanted to do somewhere else everyone okay great the problem so problem solved yeah and I feel like if parents aren't territorial and learning experience it could just be it's Halloween we're all out let's move day this is not the time to talk it out and work it out because they probably don't even know how they feel acute piles on the floor and tasted cocoa didn't taste very many but they were all it on the floor yes they separate their candy and then again on it and I go well let's bring it for the troops okay that's so much easier in always feel like I know I've said this a read always on a weekend is so much easier my sister's neighborhood by the way is ridiculous it's crazy so so so we do full size candy bars so they're on this table right when we get there like literally were there two minutes the project to put together a kid you're so good though you ran over because okay pretend this is no it's fine meanwhile so tonight is I'm taking the kids to dinner did ahead I told her the story fabulous so we're all regrouping friends or no friends no no I've got a mad at me because she didn't tell you this dirty to talk about this I don't know but she got because fair did it on a go well why can't you see it Saturday your free Saturday family is telling you you have to have dinner with US writing and I sent to everyone by the way no cell phones yes they will be good well we'll just see about that won't we oh it's so crazy and I hate saying great things about him because then it always turns but when the four of them I'm really proud of all them but you know they're teenagers cheers of Piper and it was really cute a little hand and south and I remember those days very very clearly the twins were like what two and a half when I was so many of them remember this so vividly it was such a sweet period of time and it's and then what you think or expect how you feel how they turn out what your reactions ah totally and it's just hard as they get harder and as they get

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